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DYK do you know

the obvious secrets to success Sometimes the greatest secrets to success are the obvious ones, but for some reason they remain hidden from our view. The answers can be right in front of us, but we are often to focused on the issues that we miss the answers.

Does this sound familiar?

I have more things to to do them in.

do than I have time

Has this thought entered your mind? Be honest. Although you might not want to admit it, most people in your position have this same feeling. There is more to do now and fewer hands to do it. The answer to this issue is obvious. Find a new team!

How can a new team help?

There are a few things taken off your plate.

There is a lot Ticor Title can do for you!

that can easily be

How? Let Ticor Title help!

We have the information you need to get

Market Analysis For Prospecting Ticor Title has the information you need to make marketing analysis for prospecting easy and effective. We off load this work by providing you: - Prospecting Work Books - Market Area Profiles - Labels - Single Line Prospecting Lists - Farms Downloaded to Disks (any format type) - Residential Transaction Studies - Area Demographics - School Statistics - Web Presence

qualified leads...

Pre-Listing Package & Property Research Looking for the right information can be a timely process. If you need more time in your schedule let the professionals do your research. At Ticor Title we can help you with all your property research needs. - Property Profile - Maps - Comps - Last Deed (Optional) - Residential Transaction Study (Optional) - CC&Rs - Easements - Road Maintenance - Well Agreements - Vesting Questions - Boundary Issues

How? Let Ticor Title help!

We can help build long short term results

Post Listing Package Circle Prospecting Let Ticor Title take care of the little things that make your day go sideways. Just imagine what you could do if we help you with: - Preliminary Title Reports - Homebooks - Just Listed Postcards - New Listing Flyers - Pre-Escrow Program - e-Listings - Open House Announcements to Neighborhoods - Follow Up Prospecting Phone List - Just Sold Postcards - Web Posting of Your Listing (through Listing Promoter)

s and long term relationships...

Post-Closing Marketing Ticor Title can even help you with everything you need to build long term relationships with your past clients. - Return Address Labels - Just Moved Postcards - 1 Month, 6 Month, and 1 Year Referral Letters - Settlement Statement with Letter - Happy Anniversary Program - Anniversary Greeting Cards - Residential Transaction Study & Comps

How? Let Ticor Title help!

We can help with marketing and commun

Sphere of Influence Marketing Programs Let us do the creating for you, so you can spend more time writing deals. - Quarterly Marketing Piece - Database Management - Greeting Card Program - Yearly Marketing Program


Internet Marketing More consumers are online looking for homes, shopping for agents, and checking out their real estate prospects. Let Ticor Title help you take advantage of the web and get to them before your competitors do. - Web Presence - Local Marketing on - Listing Promoter / Listing Web Sites - Internet-based Marketing Campaigns and Communication

How? Let Ticor Title help!

Ask Yourself...

What does your title a representative do for

and escrow you?

We can do a lot! For more information, please call: Mark Spurbeck Ticor Title 206.375.1142

Obvious Secrets to Success  

Ticor Title

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