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MCEP Firm-Level Application Assistance - Capital Investment


There remains an ongoing focus on supporting DCC member firms in relation to the Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP). MCEP is a Department of Trade and Industry (dti) incentive programme the objective of which is to promote enterprise competitiveness and job retention within the manufacturing industry. The grant amount that the DCC member firms can apply for is dependent on the total assets of the firm and their manufacturing value added (MVA). The DCC is assisting member firms to benefit from the capital investment portion of the programme, which falls under production incentive. The primary objective of this particular incentive is to support the investment in capital equipment upgrading and expansions within the manufacturing sector that will support not only the retention of existing jobs but also lead to the creation of new jobs. The support being offered through the DCC relates to (a) ensuring that firms are aware of the incentive programme, how it operates, what can be covered, and the value that they can obtain, (b) assisting firms with completing and submitting an application and the necessary supporting documentation, and (c) following up and engaging with the Department of Trade and Industry to ensure that applications are processed and that all necessary queries and concerns are addressed. In addition to assisting firms with individual applications, the cluster is also currently submitting a cluster MCEP application. A workshop was held on 04 March 2014 that included all the information on this application, and the benefits that firms can derive from joining. After meeting with individual firms to confirm participation in the MCEP cluster application, eight firms are committed to the MCEP cluster project.


Dcc newsletter aug '14  
Dcc newsletter aug '14