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Rockin’ the Kasbah

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Kalamansi Muffin

100 Bottles of

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FuturisMO Gaudi’s Barcelona

Tees to Please

Beach House 7107 cruise launch boracay new year’s eve

Bora c ay Won d e r land This Jan-Feb issue is a trip into the fantasy world of Boracay, where wishes & dreams can be had even for just 3days-2nights! We created pages of surreal stays, seemingly impossible gadgets, and future wishes of dreamy cruises. We might as well let our imagination run wild and dream big to usher in the New year! We offer our readers a free pass to build their castles in the air, an indulgent guilty pleasure that all of us need especially in these trying times! So sail away with us to Boracay’s Wonderland! Perry Lopez Jocson Editor-in-Chief EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & PUBLISHER: PERRY LOPEZ JOCSON associate editor: bennii obaÑa BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR: BEN SIDDHARTA TIGLAO PRINT & WEB DESIGN : AD JOC CREATIVES PUBLISHER: MINDBOX EDITORIAL INQUIRIES: EDITOR@BBORACAY.COM ADVERTISING INQUIRIES (PRINT): PRINTADS@BBORACAY.COM ADVERTISING INQUIRIES (WEB): WEBADS@BBORACAY.COM CONTACT: (02) 494-1300; (0915) 460-8888

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Photos by: Paolo Nacpil

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Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 03

Photos: Nami Press


The Hills of Nami Often, off the beaten track, away from the maddening crowd is where the view from the top can be found...

Price: Ambience: Service: Food: Room: NAMI PRIVATE VILLAS Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island Malay, Aklan, Philippines Tel: +63 36 288-6753, +63 2 489-8907 Email: Web: 04 | B Boracay magazine

That’s where Nami Resort and Spa in Boracay is positioned, perched on a cliff where all rooms enjoy a bird’s eye panorama over the sailboats, swimmers and sunbathers on the beach below. The resort’s intimate size allows for genuine, personalized service best represented by the Nami signature bow. When butlers greet guests with one hand over their chests and a deep bow, they are showing that they serve sincerely and wholeheartedly.

ROOM WITH A VIEW All rooms have their own balconies.

Visiting Nami provides a refined but authentic experience of Filipino hospitality. The Asian inspired comfort food has been commended by the Philippine Tatler’s Best Restaurants guide. The unmistakable magic in the air is supernaturally brewed out of the wide smiles, accommodating demeanor, selfless patience, intense faith and positive outlook of the unadulterated local culture. Nami strives to be more than just a picturesque place to stay; it strives to be a special haven, a secret hideaway, an indigenous castle in the clouds where lives are touched and amazing memories are created.

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 05

Photo: Roselle Tenefrancia


Rockin’ the Kasbah by Roselle Tenefrancia

In Boracay, the food fare has never ceased to be more adventurous over the years. Mediterranean dishes have been quite popular on the island, with hefty servings & an array of delectable spices. But Kasbah prides itself to be the one & only Moroccan restaurant on the island. Price: Ambience: Service: Food: KASBAH RESTAURANT Station 1, beside Discovery Shores Tel: +63 36 288-4790 Mobile: +63 920 920-0323 06 | B Boracay magazine

Kasbah specializes in Tagine, a traditional Moroccan dish of slow-cooked stew. Tagines are slowly cooked meat with flavorful spices tempered just right & not too spicy. Kasbah cooks its tagines in authentic tagine clay pots brought directly from Morocco. The Lamb Tagine (with prunes, honey and almonds) is a favorite while the Seafood Tagine (prawns, mussels and squid with chermoula and tomatoes) and the

Couscous Lamb Tagine (cooked with dates & traditionally served over almond couscous) are interesting must-try dishes. (Other tagines are with chicken, beef short ribs and seafood with saffron.) Mouth-watering Brochettes (Moroccan kebabs) come in hefty servings of meat pieces in four varieties: chicken, fish, prawns and lamb. Each order of brochette is cooked in flavourful & rich spices of cumin, coriander, lemon, garlic and black pepper, served with chermoula or harissa dips. While your palate takes pleasure in the savoury dishes & the specialty cocktails (Fez being one of the favorite Moroccan drinks) from the Kasbah menu, enjoy the loungy ambience of Moroccan dining al fresco by the powdery sand shores of Boracay’s white beach & treat your eyes to the soft lights of Kasbah’s Moroccan lamps and intricate ornaments.

Each order of brochette is cooked in flavourful & rich spices of cumin, coriander, lemon, garlic and black pepper, served with chermoula or harissa dips. So how is Moroccan dining by the beach? Visit & dine with your families and groups of friends at Kasbah which also serves kiddie meals, located at the quiet northern part of White Beach on Station 1 to experience for yourselves the enthralling ambience and romantic lights, inspiring couples to spend an amorous dinner under Boracay’s night skies.

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 07

Photos: Perry Jocson


Cruising Filipino Style by Roselle Tenefrancia

One ultimate travel luxury is going on a cruise. The Philippines, being an aggregate of islands, has great potential for cruising domestically. Traveling from one island to another by ship can be an exhilarating experience while viewing many small islands, clear waters, green terrain, & white or cream-colored beaches breaking the sea water scenery.

7107 Islands Management, Inc. Palawan Center, 2/F, 832 Arnaiz Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Phils. Tel: (+632) 887-7107 08 | B Boracay magazine

The maiden voyage of 7107 Islands Cruise was timely set for the year-end celebrations of 2008. Leaving Manila on December 26 for the party island of Boracay, the season beset with the local & foreign party crowd. The Cruise joined the party scene, beginning December27-31 with 3 bands

Making Tropical Lifestyles Happen!

Boracay Realty offers professional real estate services sales and lease of residential and commercial properties. Come & visit us! On the White Beach next to Crystal Sand & CafĂŠ del Mar Boracay Island, Malay Aklan, Philippines 5608 Tel.: (036) 288-5533; Fax: (036) 288-5565 Mobile: (0920) 919-6549 Email us: Visit us:

OPPOSITE Promenade Cabin THIS PAGE A rewarding view of the Coron bay & the Calamianes Islands on top of Mt. Tapyas BOTTOM Entrance to Twin Lakes Lagoon

on board performing nightly while docked on Boracay waters; Saber Latino kept guests in high dance spirits; Out of Body Special provided the hip-hop beat; & the show band Cruisers delivered classic hits & standard music for relaxation. A roster of party DJs were also ready to mix up music for the young party crowd. The ship also has 3 dining & entertainment areas: The Coron lounge is the biggest dining area where music performances are held, the Puerto Galera restaurant is for fine-dining & the Boracay lounge cum piano bar had light music for those who want to chill out. Buffet meals are served for the whole cruise, but ala carte dishes may also be ordered, with the bars offering cocktails &wine. The New Year’s party was held at the poolside bar while guests watched the spectacular fireworks display with a view of all the fireworks happening nearby on Boracay’s White Beach.

Stunning limestone sceneries welcomed as we approached the port of Coron with tour choices of trekking the 700 steps to Mt. Tapyas, soaking in the natural hot seawater spring in Maquinit springs, or snorkeling at Twin Lakes. 07 Press Photo: 71

10 | B Boracay magazine

Signaling the start of the “cruise triangle” route, the ship sailed from Boracay on January 1, heading for Coron & the Calamianes Islands in Palawan on January 2, then Puerto Galera in Mindoro Oriental on January 3. We entered the Calamianes islands at 2pm & cruised within the different small islands that jutted the northeast of the province for 2 hours. Stunning limestone sceneries welcomed as we approached the port of Coron with tour choices of trekking the 700 steps to Mt. Tapyas, soaking in the natural hot seawater spring in Maquinit springs, or snorkeling at Twin Lakes.

The 7107 Islands Cruise docked at Coron pier overnight for guests to enjoy the evening in any of the lounges or explore the city at night. A beach picnic the next day was held at Malcapuya island, one of the small islands in the Calamianes group with white beaches & clear waters for swimming & beach bumming.

cabins that range from quadruple sharing to executive suites at the Promenade & Bridge levels of the ship), with options for entertainment, relaxation (massage, gym, sauna & pool facilities) & games for kids, are to be had from the 7107 Islands Cruise around the magnificent Philippines.

We started cruising again out of the Calamianes Islands at 6:30pm heading north thru the South China Sea route. The virgin forests of Mindoro Occidental was a refreshing sight early the next morning, while high mountains & some snippets of white shores added to the experience of being on board.

Despite expected maiden voyage hitches, the quality of service at the restaurants, reception & housekeeping was not compromised. The ever warm & hospitality-conscious ship crew ensured that guests’ needs & safety concerns were addressed. Off-board tours gave guests the time to enjoy local activities & sights, while cruising romantically with a loved one, enjoying a wholesome family adventure with the children, partying with friends & meeting new people in the laid back atmosphere of the ship.

Puerto Galera in Mindoro Oriental was the next destination on the itinerary but wind conditions did not allow the ship to cruise at higher speeds. Batangas was chosen as the alternate destination. Nevertheless, the

great sunset experience facing the northern tip of Mindoro island & from the sun deck was a memorable experience. The final leg bound for Manila left at midnight. Another sunrise viewing opportunity came that morning showing breathtaking colors of the daybreak skies Spectacular sights, hefty buffet meals, nonstop partying & live band performances, choices of lux cabins or simple & comfortable rooms (total of 137

The cruise is a great experience among the many ways to explore the Philippines. On the 7107 Islands Cruise, safety is always a number one priority--allowing for changes in itinerary & schedules. One should always be open to adventure & the unexpected when traveling in this country of smooth & beautiful seas. In all, the phrase, “It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters,” sums up the 7107 Islands Cruise holiday experience. VISIT WWW.7107ISLANDSCRUISE.NET Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 11

Photo: Press


Kalamansi Muffin by Earl Buendia

Kalamansi is a native citrus that, for Filipino cuisine, what lemon is to the Western world. this tasty muffin, Paired with your favorite cup o’ joe or tea, is a glorious way to start any day!

Price: Ambience: Service: Food: STABLES REAL COFFEE & TEA CAFE Station1, near boat station 1 Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines Tel: +63 36 288-5340 12 | B Boracay magazine

Tucked inside a small alley near boat station 1, lies a quaint small place called Stables Real Coffee, famous for their all-day breakfast and also for their freshly baked goodies especially the Kalamansi Muffin. The Kalamansi Muffin is so delicious - you wouldn’t believe that something with kalamansi would be so good, but they are! The kalamansi gives a nice kick but it isn’t overpowering. It is so moist and not rubbery or chewy! A definite must try and enough to quell a sweet craving.


100 Beers on the Wall Words & Photos by Roselle Tenefrancia

“Here’s to a long life & a merry one. A quick death &an easy one. A pretty girl & an honest one. A cold pint & another one!” An Irish phrase that speaks of how the Irish people love life… & beer! Price: Ambience: Service: HOBBIT HOUSE BORACAY D’Mall, Station2, Balabag Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines Tel: +63 36 288-6687

D’ Hobbit House in D’Mall, an Irish inspired pub & restaurant, has introduced Boracay to all the beers this world has to offer. With a wide selection of beer from all over– a very good reason why beer lovers should raise their mugs or glasses & say, “Cheers!”, or in Irish, “Slainte!” (pronounced slawn-cha, meaning “to your health”). Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 13

To give an idea of how varied their selection is, D’ Hobbit House carries literally 100 brands of beer, ale & cider from 25 countries, including: the Philippines, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Czech Republic, Holland, Germany, South Africa, Japan, India &more. From local to imported, light to dark, strong to super forte, popular to the not-so-popular, the beer list goes on… The Guinness Draught (4.2% alc.vol., in 440ml can) is the all-time favorite beer from Ireland. Another bestseller is the Woodpecker cider from England. Others worth the trying are: Worthington’s Cream Flow from England, Kronenbourg 1664 from France, Marston’s Pedigree ale from England, Paradise from Belgium & Oettinger Super Forte from Germany. The pub-like ambiance of D’Hobbit House is a cozy respite for those who want to feel like they’re drinking in a traditional Irish pub, only with the tropical wind breezing in once in a while, accompanied by the appetizing smell of Filipino & Mexican dishes, among others. The highlight of the D’ Hobbit house are the ones who own, manage & staff the restaurant – the cheerful & helpful hobbits themselves, at your service! So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite beer with your favorite hobbit at D’ Hobbit House & “may you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience & enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint. Slainte!”

14 | B Boracay magazine

8 2 D ’ M ALL , S TAT I ON 1

w w ir b or a c ay.c om

Sweet Dreams

straight out of the oven!


nC LetsDream i

Patricia Erika Fortunado tel.: +632 807-1266 mobile: 0917 843-0915 email:

No two cakes alike... We make edible art for those extra special occasions!


Boracay’s Heiresses & Scions Digital Art & Photography: PERRY JOCSON Words: AJ


oracay’s Wonderland: featuring Boracay’s future scions & heiresses who grew up & lived on the island or are bi-coastal and who’ve made this place their own magical playground. Through these young eyes, we look at Boracay much like Alice in Wonderland would, a place of curiosity amidst natural & man-made wonders of beauty.

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 17

18 | B Boracay magazine

as Alice in Boracay’s wonderland, the Cocomangas Resort heiress, loves swimming & spending time with family & friends. She’s growing up to be as precocious & full of wonder as Alice, soon Boracay won’t be big enough for her to conquer.

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 19

as the lovable Chesire Cat lives on a cliff overlooking Boracay as his playground. He always has a smiling, mischievous grin while popping up everywhere on the island, just as his family’s Boracay Realty’s many property offerings.

20 | B Boracay magazine

as the White Rabbit, dashing here and there, very active & quick-witted Ino has all the time in the world, before he gets back to his second home, the beautiful Boracay Beach Resort. Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 21

22 | B Boracay magazine

as the Mad Hatter, singer, songwriter‌ an artist in his own right. The partying host of the 7107 Islands Cruise Ship & Boracay Terraces Resort is exhausted by the endless rounds of partying with friends & guests to keep him busy, and yet still maintains a laid-back, approachable & cool demeanor.

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 23

as Alice’s sister, the future successor to Bulabog Beach’s Hangin Windsurfing & Kitesurfing, as well as Boracay Beach Resort… Right now busily buried in her books in a swiss school, but she’ll always be in Boracay for her relaxed summers… 24 | B Boracay magazine

as the Queen of Hearts. Her dimply smile quickly won us over as she seems to be saying “Where are my tarts?!”, Manami restaurant’s delicious Mushroom tarts that is…while perched on top of Diniwid beach’s cliffside resort Nami.

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 25

26 | B Boracay magazine

Through the looking glass, Boracay Shores, the twins are always together, interchangeable in appearance, both intuitive and curious. They live in both Boracay & Iloilo, going back and forth for school & for fun!

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 27


FUTURISIMO The upgraded LG Prada Phone 2 (KF-900) paired with a Prada Link Watch (LGLBA-T950) with Bluetooth to see your texts & calls easily- elicits ‘Ooohhs’ for the phone’s 3G, 3” touch screen, slide qwerty pad, 7.2Mbps, 5mega pixel video/camera, Wi-fi, Html browser, TV-out & video calling & ‘Aahhs’ for exclusive Prada themes, wallpapers, videos, ringtones, and a zen black on white display. The watch’s style is 70s-era glam in its big boxy frame, Miuccia’s favorite watch shape, while the modern features of the phone brings us back to the future--THE überstylista must-have of 2009. 28 | B Boracay magazine

Photo: Santiago Cervino

ROAM ON B Mag travels to the most interesting & exotic places worth spending your time & money on! Welcome to “Roam On”!

SAGRADA FAMILIA one of Gaudi’s most famous works in Barcelona. The Church of the Holy Family has been under construction since 1882.

Gaudí’s Barcelona by AJ

This northern city of Spain is one of its gems, highlighted by the infusion of the greatest artists in the world such as Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and the city’s favorite Antonio Gaudi.

CALATRAVA TOWER A communications tower designed by Santiago Calatrava. The tower is visible from anywhere in Barcelona.

The second largest city in Spain and part of the exotic Catalonia region, Barcelona is a mustvisit. First get a taste of the Spanish Paella (rice cooked with chicken, seafoods, meats etc...) and drink Sangria (red wine with apples,lime, oranges, kiwi etc…) at a local “Tapas” (variety of appetizers using olives, squid, sardines, cheeses, breads etc..) bar. Don’t be confused by the Spanish inner clock though, they take their siestas anywhere from 2:00-5:00 in the afternoon. Then snack and drink around 6:00-8:00pm, which means dinner will only kick in around 10:00-12:00 midnight!! Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 29

30 | B Boracay magazine

Photo: Docman

Photo: Franz Stifter, Austria (

Photo: Marck from Belgium

Barcelona is a city for night owls and dancers. At any given time of the night, you may chance upon a “fiesta”/ party in one of the town squares or courtyards where Catalans dance the “Sardana”, where circles of people join their hands together and with them raised; dance with very small, precise steps, slowly round and round whilst people join to make the circle bigger. It’s a surreal site, given this century’s penchant for all things new and modern. The next day, make it a museum-tour with your first stop at Joan Miro museum. The obligatory Spanish National Museum can be enjoyed even outside as you walk a long garden and then up its grand steps. But inside the Miro museum, you will find dreamland. Giant sculptures of whimsical monsters that scale two floors in eye-popping colors of red, blue and yellow will usher you in through Joan Miro’s collection of abstract expressionist oil paintings in the same mesmerizing palette.


Plaça d’ España is one of Barcelona’s most important squares, built on the occasion of the 1929 International Exhibition, held at the foot of Montjuïc, in the Sants-Montjuïc district. The fountain at the centre of the square was designed by Josep Maria Jujol, a collaborator of Antoni Gaudí. street dancing „Park Güell Due to park Guell’s location and size you’ll need to schedule at least half a day for a visit to Güell park „but it will be well worth the visit. sculpture by Joan Miró The Fundació Joan Miró, Centre d’Estudis d’Art Contemporani (Joan Miró Foundation) is a museum of modern art honoring Joan Miró and located on Montjuïc in Barcelona, Catalonia. (Photo: Shpandrak)

His is a world filled with curious shapes, shades and ideas that are both child-like and ultra-modern at the same time. There are also an array of useful household and office items like cups& saucers, notebooks and the like to fulfill an artsy individual’s home from the museum’s gift shop.


After this heady experience, walk downtown to Barcelona’s famed thoroughfare “La Rambla” where an array quaint shops, cafés, restaurants, and street performers & golden human statues that move as you come closer, will keep you busy for half a day. The “Exotic” museum is an interesting stop for mature lovers and hedonists alike. Take a trip to the famed espadrille shoe-maker of Jackie Onassis, ‘La Manual Alpargatera on Avinyo’ and order a customized pair for about 20 euros. Then head on to Plaza Catalunya, the main square of Barcelona where you see all kinds of Spaniards at the crossroads, where all-black clad ‘policia’ beside their black vans with large German Sheperds patrolling and monitoring its citizens & demontrators. Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 31

Topping off your Barcelona adventure IS the Antonio Gaudi tour. Just walk around the city and once you find the most interesting & unusual structure, it is most likely Gaudi’s. The towering Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) cathedral is a monumental testament to his genius in making a church look like a wet Sandcastle dripping with turrets & towers. Another favorite & most-visited of his artworks is the Park Güell, featuring his fantasy-filled treasures of mosaic-tiled ceilings, gingerbread-style houses, giant gekkos and scattered colorful benches, pathways & tunnels. If there is one thing you must do in Barcelona, it is definitely to see this Barcelona National Artist’s work.

shopPING in las ramblas

Don’t forget to hit Barcelona’s beaches. The Barceloneta & Nova Icaria is perfect for your down time ,while people-watching, bar & restaurant hopping. Mar Bella and is for the sports-meisters with various water activities windsurfing, kayaks and hobie cats. Bogatell Beach is for land-lovers with its rollerbladers, cyclists and joggers. Whatever you fancy to do in, you can’t avoid the culture, art, food and lifestyle that is distinctly Catalonian. The people are friendly, laid-back, but very dignified in their manners & way of dressing, reminiscent of gentler times. When in Barcelona, enjoy a siesta right after lunch, stroll along the streets for shopping & tapas, dance the night away in the plazas or at the bars and sleep at the crack of dawn with dreams of Miro & Gaudi. 32 | B Boracay magazine

Photo: Klaus Dolle

After this heady experience, walk downtown to Barcelona’s famed thoroughfare “La Rambla” where an array quaint shops, cafés, restaurants, and street performers & golden human statues that move as you come closer, will keep you busy for half a day.

Photo: Ana Tomás


BEACH HOUSE With only the sparest of parts… a guitar, a keyboard, a voice and a drum machine, recorded onto a four-track… the Baltimore based duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally squeezed out fuzzy, creaky love songs that felt like being draped in a timeworn blanket or an elegant coat from long ago.

BEACH HOUSE – Devotion (2008) 34 | B Boracay magazine

On their 2nd album, “Devotion” (11 tracks, 44 min.), the band continues the dreamy sound (think The Cure, Cocteau Twins & Tones on Tail) they brought on the debut album. This is not for anyone in a hurry, but if you give yourself and the band the chance, the heavenly aural sensations will reward you with feeling of exhilaration, flight, discovery & delight. Go get “Devotion” now!


Tees to Please The requisite “vacation souvenir” is always a challenge for even the most jaded traveler. Here comes the BO-RA-CAY shirts to save us from tourist shopping hell… It doesn’t say “Been There, Done Than and all I got was this Tee” type of shirt, but it simply states one of the most beautiful places unique to the Philippines.

l’air BOUTIQUE is at 82 D’Mall, Boracay Cel.: +63 916 460-8888 Email: Web:

You’ll be hard-pressed to give this away to family & friends, as it is 100% hand-made in gold, silver & rainbow metallic foil. They’ll be scratching their heads trying to figure out where you got this one---simply say you found it at this small quaint shop in Boracay, —L’air Boutique, that is if they can still catch these limitededition fashion-insider favorite. Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 35




this new year marks a new era as the 7107 islands cruise ship is launched celebrating new year’s eve in boracay means another year of exploration, jetsetting & partying!

36 | B Boracay magazine

Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 37

STAY ALTA VISTA DE BORACAY Puka Beach, Yapak IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $88++ W: E: E +63 2 895-4801; +63 36 288-9888 ARTISTA BEACH VILLAS Diniwid Beach IN: 14:00 / OUT: 11:00 R: $150 - $175 PS; $95 - $110 LS W: E: E +63 36 288-5960 ASYA BORACAY RESORT Station 3 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P7,454 - P10,321 W: E: E +63 2 893-5276; +63 36 288-5875 BEACHCOMBER BEACH RESORT Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $80 - $150 PS; $65 - $115 LS W: E: E +63 36 288-4465 BLUE MANGO INN Station 3 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $72 - $165 PS; $38 - $84 LS W: E: E +63 2 288-5170; +63 36 288-5170 BLUEWAVES BEACH HOUSE Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P4,720 - P7,080 PS - P2,360 - P4,720 LS W: E: info@ E +63 36 288-6544 BORACAY BEACH RESORT Station 1 IN: 13:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: €56 - €200 38 | B Boracay magazine

W: E: E +63 36 288-3208, +63 36 288-4288 BORACAY MANDARIN HOTEL Station 2 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P8,800 - P30,800 PS; P8,000 - P28,000 LS W: E: E +63 2 567-1672; +63 36 288-3444 BORACAY REGENCY RESORT Station 2 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $129 - $513 W: E: E +63 2 523-1234, +63 36 288-6111 BORACAY SHORES Station 1, behind Seawind IN: 12:00 / OUT: 14:00 R: P2,800 PS - P2,500 LS E: E +63 36 288-3482 BORACAY TERRACES Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P6,000 - P7,000 PS; P5,000 - P6,000 LS W: E: E +63 36 288-4000 BORACAY TROPICS RESORT Station 2 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: US$90++ W: E: E +63 2 840-3153; +63 36 288-4034 BORACAY WEST COVE Diniwid Beach IN: 13:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P7,400 - P12,320 PS; P5,040 - P7,560 LS W: E: info@ E +63 2 721-9293; +63 36 288-4579 DAVE’S STRAW HAT INN

Station 3 IN: 13:30 / OUT: 12:00 R: P1,960 - P3,080 PS; P1,120 - P1,736 LS W: E: E +63 2 721-9293; +63 36 288-5465 DISCOVERY SHORES BORACAY Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P15,000 - P21,500 W: E: E +63 2 683-8222; +63 36 288-4500 ERUS SUITES HOTEL Sitio Ambolong, Manoc Manoc IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P4,000 - P4,500 PS; P3,500 - P3,800 LS W: E: E +63 36 288 3442 ESCONDIDO BEACH RESORT Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $70++ W: E: E +63 2 376-4535 FAIRWAYS AND BLUEWATER Newcoast IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R:$87++ W: E: E +63 2 633-1393; +63 36 288-5587 FRIDAYS BORACAY Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P14,500 - P18,000 PS; P10,000 - P14,000 LS W: E: E +63 2 892-9283; +63 36 288-6200 HEY! JUDE BORACAY RESORT D’Mall Station 2 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $52++ W:

E: E +63 2 487-3025; +63 36 288-5401 JONY’S BEACH RESORT Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $75++ W: E: E +63 36 288-6119 L’AIR GUESTHOUSE D’Mall Station 2 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 W: E: E +63 916 460-8888 LE SOLEIL DE BORACAY Station 2 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P5,750 - P13,750 PS; P5,200 - P12,500 LS W: E: E +63 2 895-1777; +63 36 288-6209 MANDALA SPA & VILLAS Station 3 IN: 13:00 / OUT: 11:00 R: P15,800++ PS; P14,500++ LS W: E: E +63 36 288-5858 MICROTEL INN & SUITES Diniwid Beach IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $78++ W: E: E +63 2 671-7171; + 63 36 288-4311 NAMI PRIVATE VILLAS Diniwid Beach IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: US$225++ W: E: E +63 2 489-8907; +63 36 288-6753 NIGI NIGI NOO NOOS Station 2, along White Beach path IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $59 - $112++ W: E: E +63 36 288-3101

ONEMGM BORACAY Station 3 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P6,100 - P23,300 W: E: E +63 2 634-3581; +63 36 288-3411

SUR BEACH RESORT Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: 4480 - 7840 W: E: E +63 36 288-6844

PATIO PACIFIC Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P7,999 - P9,999 PS; P6,000 - P8,500 LS W: E: E +63 2 845-2222, +63 36 288-3888

SURFSIDE BORACAY RESORT Angol Beach IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $80 - $180 W: E: E +63 2 338-6899; +63 36 288-5006

PEARL OF THE PACIFIC RESORT Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P14,200 - P19,600 W: E: E +63 2 926-0162; +63 36 288-3220

THE PANOLY RESORT HOTEL Punta Bunga Beach IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $140++ W: E: E +63 2 812-2233; +63 36 288-3011

PINJALO RESORT Station 1 IN: 13:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P14,200 - P19,600 W: E: E +63 36 288-3206

THE TIDES HOTEL D’Mall Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $140 - $140 W: E: E +63 2 725-3411; +63 36 288-4517

PUNTA ROSA BOUTIQUE HOTEL Station 1, near Boracay Terraces Resort IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $112 - $200 PS - $100 - $179 LS W: E: E +63 36 288-6740

TWO SEASONS BORACAY Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P9,000 - P32,000 PS; P7,000 - P24,000 W: E: E +63 2 415-4652; +63 36 288-4384

Red Coconut Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P4,920 - P10,800 PS; P4,100 - P9,000 LS W: E: E +63 2 852-7789; +63 36 288-3507

WALING-WALING BEACH HOTEL Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: $144 - $360 PS; $70 - $196 LS W: E: E +63 2 896-9456; +63 36 288-5555

SEA WIND RESORT Station 1 IN: 13:00/ OUT: 11:00 R: P9,100 - P12,000 PS; P6,700 - P8,900 LS W: E: E +63 2 416-4010; +63 36 288-3091

ZUZUNI BOUTIQUE HOTEL Station 1 IN: 14:00 / OUT: 12:00 R: P4,800 - P7,900 PS; P3,200 - P5,900 LS W: E: E +63 36 288-4477 Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 39

EAT ARIA ITALIAN RESTAURANT Italian *wood fired pizzas D'Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-5573

HAWAIIAN BAR-B-QUE Continental *baby back ribs, boracay’s own Station 1 E +63 36 260-2246

OLÉ TAPAS BAR Y RESTAURANT Spanish, Mexican, Cuban *chicken skewers D’Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-5940

BOLERO Mexican *Burrito Station 3, near Tourist Center E +63 36 288-5119

HOBBIT HOUSE Irish, Filipino *100 kinds of beer! D’Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-6687

PIKOY’S International *breakfast, beach front dinner buffet Station 1, at Seawind Resort E +63 36 288-3091

CAFE DEL SOL Coffee, Dessert, Breakfast *breakfast D’Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-5573

ISLAND CHICKEN INASAL Filipino *chicken oil, chicken inasal, kansi D'Mall Station 2; & infront Beachcomber E +63 36 288-5946

PRANA RESTAURANT Vegetarian *wasabi salad, eggplant mozzarella Station 3, Mandala Spa E +63 36 288-5856

CRAZY CREPES Dessert *apple cinnamon, mango almond D’Mall Station 2, near L’Air boutique E +63 36 288-4476

JAMMERS American *Monster Burger, 24hrs. D’Mall Station 2 E +

REAL COFFEE Coffee, Dessert, All-day Breakfast *cappuccino, kalamansi cup cake, pastries Station 1, near boat station 1 E +63 36 288-5340

CYMA Greek *lamb chops, chicken gyro D’Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-4283

KASBAH RESTAURANT Moroccan *mixed brochettes, tegines Station 1, beside Discovery Shores E +63 36 288-4790

SANDS RESTAURANT International *beach front dinner buffet Station 1, in Discovery Shores E +63 36 288-4500

DOS MESTIZOS RESTAURANT Spanish *paella, saturdays eat-all-you-can tapas Station 3, behind Tourist Center E +63 36 288-5786

LA RESERVE RESTAURANT French *Häagen-Dazs, crepes, Lavazza Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan E +63 36 288.3020

STEAKHOUSE International *Aussie beef Station 1 E +63 36 288-6120

FISH BAR UK *fish & chips D’Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-4062

LEMON i CAFÉ Mediterranean *tiramisu, ciabatta sandwiches D’Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-6781

TI BRAZ French Fusion *crepes, salad, french creole Station 1 E +63 909 784-5174

GASTHOF Grilled, German, Filipino *baby back ribs, prawn sinigang D’Mall Station 2 E +63 36 288-6473

MAÑANA RESTAURANT Mexican *homemade nachos, sizzling chicken Station 1 E +63 36 288-5435

TRUE FOOD Indian *rogan josh, Indian tea Station 2 E +63 36 288-3142

HALOWICH by RED BEAN Dessert *pocket sandwiches, wine ice D’Mall Station 2, near L’Air boutique E +63 36 288-6752

MANGO RAY BAR & RESTAURANT Swiss, International *raclette, soups Station 2 E +63 36 288-6129

ZUZUNI RESTAURANT Greek *chocolate sin (Boracay’s best dessert), souvlakis Station 1 E +63 36 288-4477

40 | B Boracay magazine

DRINK BEACHCOMBER BAR Station 1 E +63 36 2886237 BOM BOM *Reggae, Live Band Station 1 E +63 36 288-6139 BORACAY WEST COVE Diniwid Beach E +63 36 288-4279 CLUB PARAW Station 1 E +63 36 288-6151 COCOMANGAS SHOOTERS BAR *home of “fifteen and still standing” Station 1 E +63 36 288-6384 DANZKA BAR Station 1, Willy’s Hotel E +63 36 288-3395 GUILLY’S ISLAND RESTO-BAR Station 1 E +63 36 288-4647

HEY! JUDE *DJ D’Mall Station 1 E +63 36 288-5401 HOBBIT HOUSE *Live music; 100 kinds of beer!D’Mall Station 1 E +63 36 288-6687 JIMSTER RESTO BAR Diniwid Beach E +63 917 725-2155 JUICE BAR *DJ Plazoleta, Station 2 E +63 36 288-6917 MANGO RAY BAR Station 2 E +63 36 288-6129 RUMBA’S D’Mall Station 1 E +63 36 288-5971 SAMBA Station 1

E +63 36 288-4560 SEA BREEZE CAFÉ Station 2, Boracay Regency E +63 36 288-6111 SPORTS BAR Station 3 E +63 36 288-3206 SUMMER PLACE *DJ Station 2 E +63 36 288-3144 TIDES ROOFDECK *DJ D’Mall Station 1, Tides Hotel Rooftop E +63 36 288-4517 WAHINE BEACH CAFÉ & BAR Station 1 E +63 36 288-6288 WRECK BAR Station 3, inside Calypso Diving Center E +63 36 288-3206

PLAY Adventure HELICOPTER ADVENTURES Cagban Helipad, Manoc Manoc W: E: lionairinc@ E +63 36 288-4356 Diving AQUALIFE DIVERS ACADEMY Angol Point, Manoc Manoc W: E: E +63 36 288-3276 Diving BLUE MANGO DIVE CENTER Sitio Angol, Barangay Manoc Manoc Boracay Island

W: E: E +63 36 288-6954 Diving CALYPSO DIVING RESORT Station 1 W: E: E +63 36 288-3206 Diving NEW WAVE DIVERS Station 1 W: E: E +63 36 288-5265

Diving SEAGAIA DIVING Station 1 W: E: E +63 36 288-3661 Diving WATERCOLORS DIVE RESORT Station 1, near Willy’s rock W: E: E + 63 36 288-6745 Kiteboarding / Windsurfing HANGIN KITEBOARDING Station 1, c/o Boracay Beach Resort W: Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 41

E: E +63 36 288-3663 Sailing SASHA SAILING CLUB Diniwid Beach c/o Nami Boracay W: E: E +63 36 288-4032 Spa FOOTSIES & SBK SPA D’Mall Station 1 E +63 36 288-4264, 288-4443 Spa MANDALA SPA

Station 3 W: E: E +63 36 288-5858 Spa NAMI SPA Diniwid Beach W: E: E +63 36 288-6753 Spa NEO ISLAND SPA Pearl of the Pacific Resort, Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan W:

E: E +63 36 501-3636 Spa TIRTA SPA Sitio Malabunot, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island W: E: E +63 36 260-2488 Spa YASURAGI SPA Station 3, in Surfside Resort, Angol point W: E: E +63 36 288-5320

EMERGENCY Forex/Postal Service/Tours TOURIST CENTER W: E: E +63 2 751-5866; +63 36 288 3704 Health, Clinic/Hospital BORACAY HOSPITAL E +63 36 288-3401 ISLAND CLINIC & DIAGNOSTICS E +63 36 288-4280 FARMACIA ALENJEN DRUGSTORE E +63 288-6778

Local Government DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM D’Mall Station 1 E +63 36 288-3689 IMMIGRATION OFFICE E +63 36 288-5267 POLICE STATION E +63 36 288-3066 PROVINCIAL MUNICIPAL HALL E +63 36 268-5338

Salon ISLAND SALON Station 1, Pearl of the Pacific Resort W: E: danny, E +63 36 506-3088 Wedding BELLS AND BLOOMS D’Mall Station 1 W: E: E +63 36 288-6743

FLIGHT Cebu Pacific MNL - BOR: 05:30 06:30 08:25 09:25 11:20 11:55 14:15 15:00 16:50 BOR - MNL: 06:50 07:50 09:45 10:45 12:00 12:40 13:15 15:35 16:20 W: E +63 2 702-0888 (Manila); +63 36 288-7542 (Boracay)

Seair MNL - BOR: 05:40 07:00 08:00 08:20 09:30 10:00 10:20 10:30 13:30 14:30 15:00 15:10 15:30 16:00 BOR - MNL: 07:30 07:50 08:50 09:50 10:20 11:20 11:50 12:10 12:20 12:50 15:20 16:50 17:20 17:50 W: E +63 2 849-0100 (Manila); +63 36 288-5502 (Boracay)

Philippine Airlines / Air Philippines MNL - BOR: 05:30 05:50 06:30 08:45 09:05 09:45 12:05 12:30 15:20 15:45 BOR - MNL: 07:05 07:25 08:05 10:20 10:40 13:40 14:05 16:55 17:00 17:20 W: E +63 2 855-9999 (Manila); +63 36 288-7536 (Boracay)

Zest Airways (formerly Asian Spirit) MNL - BOR: 05:10 06:30 08:00 08:45 10:00 10:30 11:35 12:50 15:00 15:45 BOR - MNL: 06:30 09:20 10:05 11:20 14:10 15:10 15:50 16:30 17:10 W: E +63 2 855-3333 (Manila); +63 36 2885462 (Boracay)

42 | B Boracay magazine

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Taken by: Paolo D. Nacpil Camera: Canon 350D Shutter Speed: 1/500 Aperture: f/5.6 Sensitivity: ISO 100 Focal Length: 300mm



BMAG: Please explain how you captured this shot. I was sitting on the beach just enjoying the moment with my camera in hand when I saw this father carrying his son towards the seashore. With the way he held his son in his arms, I couldn’t help but feel the great love and affection present. I knew I just had to take a picture and capture the touching moment. BMAG: What camera did you use to capture this shot? I used a Canon 350D to capture this moment. It simply gets the job done every single time. Bmag jan-feb 2009 | 43

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B Boracay Magazine - Jan-Feb 2009  

January-February Issue of B Boracay Magazine | FEATURE: ALICE IN BORACAY WONDERLAND & 7107 ISLANDS CRUISE

B Boracay Magazine - Jan-Feb 2009  

January-February Issue of B Boracay Magazine | FEATURE: ALICE IN BORACAY WONDERLAND & 7107 ISLANDS CRUISE