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The infamous questions everybody is asking themselves and each other. The answer is simple; however the solutions are quite a bit more complicated. So, why are gas prices so high? Two reasons, supply and demand. Supply is increasing but not at the rate that it is being demanded. Unfortunately the times of cheap oil are quickly coming to an end, and will more than likely never return. So what's with the supply? The US is the number one consumer of gas and oil in the world. This fact hasn't changed. In fact oil demand is a direct result of the economic prowess an economy has. This leads to the biggest increase in demand for oil, growth of developed countries, and the very rapid growth of emerging economies, mainly China and India. The more they grow, the more energy they consume. Supply is also being purposefully limited by countries that can. Top oil producing countries are limiting the amount of oil they refine and produce. If a country's economy is dependent on oil exports, it is in THEIR best interests to keep supplies limited. Blame should not only fall on OPEC and oil companies. The United States is equally to blame for high oil prices due to their failure to act. Not only were refineries destroyed in hurricane Katrina, but they were not rebuilt. America has not built a new refinery in 30 years. Not to mention the fact that the United States refuses to drill for new sources of oil because it may negatively impact the ice pollywog, or some nonsense. What about demand. Short of putting an oil well in your back yard, it will be difficult for the average consumer to affect the supply side of the equation. Demand we can do something about. Everyone has heard for years all the little things we can do to decrease consumption. Drive less, carpool, use public transportation, etc. Sounds great but it is hardly feasible on a mass scale. The painful truth is the American people refuse to change their lives. They want, and will, go where they want, when they want, driving what they want. So, why are gas prices so high? Because of Americas unwillingness to change. If auto makers continue to produce inefficient cars, we will accept them and buy them, no questions asked. There are alternative energy cars available today and coming in the future. Today's hybrids are an excellent example. But they are expensive to produce and buy. The average consumer cannot afford to just go out and buy a new hybrid to save some gas. New alternative energy vehicles are

in the pipeline which promise some relief, like plug in hybrids, electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cells. The problem is these vehicles are still in development and are some years off. Another reason why gas prices are so high is people have become spoiled by technology. They like to get in their car start it and go, with as little required from them as possible. So, what can be done today? Today there are modifications you can make to your car based on 90 year old patents, which could increase fuel mileage by 30% to 80%. There is an alternative to high gas prices. There is something you can do today to make a difference. WARNING, it will require some time and effort to implement and maintain, but only a fraction of the cost of doing nothing. It is possible and doable for the average consumer to convert their present car to burn hydrogen ad gasoline at the same time.

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==== ==== Are gas prices getting too high? Take part in our survey and be eligible for a $500 gift card! ==== ====

Why Are Gas Prices So High  

Are gas prices getting too high? Take part in our survey and be eligible for a $500 gift card! Go here to collect YOUR gift card: http://biz...