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Ah The Force Unleashed II. A game that I've been waiting for since seeing the announcement back at E3. I've spent hours watching all the latest trailers and game play videos prior to release. I'm going to hit on some plot details below, so be wary of spoilers. The Force Unleashed II is pretty great. The graphics have been vastly improved, combat mechanics showcase a host of new force grab controls, and the controls are more responsive in general. The newly added force powers are awe inspiring to watch. It's great that Lucas Arts has also taken the time to iron out a lot of the bugs and problems that were seen in the original. One thing that I found frustrating was how each game difficulty was handled. Most games nowadays use different mechanics in their more difficult modes, such as additional enemy waves to defeat, only allowing use of certain items in battle, or increasing the complexity of the AI. Not in The Force Unleashed II. In the harder difficulties, even simple storm troopers can one shot Starkiller. This can be very frustrating for fans of the original who may be a bit rusty and out of practice. I started the game on hard difficulty and played for around 30 minutes before I had to switch over to medium just to get past the first few levels. Players will encounter massive groups of troopers with an insane damage to shot ratio, so be wary of the initial difficulty selected. The plot of The Force Unleashed II involves Starkiller's journey to uncover whether or not he has actually died. The game leads the player to believe this Starkiller is a clone of the original, but The Force Unleashed II continuously kept me guessing. Starkiller is occasionally haunted by visions that tie into the first game. This gives new players a nice introduction to the plot of the original and serves as a refresher for veterans. Scenes have Starkiller assisting General Kota with defeating a 100 foot tall Golorg, or battling in mid-air falling thousands of feet. The game has Starkiller helping the Rebel Alliance take on the Empire and bringing peace to the universe. This is all typical Star Wars fare. At the end of the game, after an awesomely epic and challenging boss fight, I was faced with a choice.... the dark side, or the light side. Both have alternate endings, which does add to the replayability of The Force Unleashed II somewhat, I'm not sure if that alone warrants a second playthrough. The Force Unleashed II is a huge improvement over the original, and overall a great Star Wars title from Lucas Arts. I did experience one glitch during my time with The Force Unleashed II. During the last boss fight, a weird clipping issue caused the game to crash. I was still able to access the XBM and the game continued to run, but I was unable to move Starkiller to attack the boss, forcing a restart of the game.

The biggest gripe I have about The Force Unleashed II is it's 6 hour length. Die hard Star Wars fans that actually spent their money to reserve and purchase The Force Unleashed II are going to be sorely disappointed. Similar to the original, there's no online play or honestly any kind of replay value other than a single alternate ending and potential DLC. This is a great game, don't get me wrong. Lucas Arts have made numerous improvements over the original, but a a short campaign, lack of replayablity, and no online play will make The Force Unleashed II a hard purchase to justify.

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==== ==== Win Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II & Game Console. ==== ====

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Review  

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