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I have just gotten a Pink MacBook Air to replace my ten month old MacBook Pro and I love it. So much in fact that I thought I'd do a quick review. I was always put off by the original MacBook Air, I think in the main due to its poor performance (compared with the Pro model) and commonly reported overheating issues. The old MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air comparison always, for me at least, fell in favour of the former machine. On looks alone the new model is a winner and even though my MacBook Pro was less than a year old I couldn't resist the new super-slim profile and more modern design of Apple's latest notebook. Pink MacBook Air You may have noticed that my new MacBook is Pink! This isn't a standard color, or even a color Apple offer on their website or in their stores. It is created by Colorware from a standard machine and given a bespoke (and beautiful) vibrant pink finish. This may not be a choice for those wanting to blend into the crowd, but it certainly gets plenty of comments and admiring looks. MacBook Air Power After only a few hours of use I knew that it wasn't just the great looks and stunning pink exterior that did it for me. This thing is fast, much faster than either what I expected and what the specification sheet told me. With an Intel Core 2 Duo Apple have avoided use of the much newer Core i3, i5 and i7 range of processors, which is a surprise to me as, due to their more efficient nature, they would generate less heat and use less battery power. Also, their integrated graphics chips would surely help with packaging in such a minuscule machine. Despite not having the latest generation hardware, this machine never feels lacking in power, something which could not always be said of the original Air. This really did surprise me, but I am coming straight from a 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo powered Pro model and the Air feels considerably faster, despite having the same chip clocked at the same speed. This goes to show that prospective buyers shouldn't let the specification page put you off as it is not all what is seems. Another thing to note is that the original Air ran under-clocked in order to try to alleviate the heat issues, so despite similar specification this may explain some of the leap in performance versus the original MacBook Air. MacBook Air RAM I have the standard 2GB of RAM in my Air. Although it is upgradeable to 4GB I left it as standard in order to keep costs down. I was a little worried about performance levels, but after a days use I knew that 2GB wouldn't be a problem, at least for me. If you are planning on going down the video editing or graphics processing route then I thick an upgrade to 4GB would be advisable. At the

time of writing the cost was around $100 (or Ă‚ÂŁ80). Pink MacBook Air SSD I think the real reason for the stunning performance is the SSD. This is not an upgrade from a lesser specification, but part of the standard specification. All MacBook Air's get an SSD of varying capacities starting from 64GB up to 256MB. Mine was 128GB which is plenty of storage space for my needs. I know Apple isn't renowned for giving things away for free, and the standard specification SSD is surely reflected in the retail price. Although, if you can get a free pink MacBook Air then this needn't be a worry, just look out for some of the offers you see kicking about. With no moving parts the machine boots from a cold start to ready-to-use in just fourteen seconds! My Pro took over a minute. I don't even need to put the machine to sleep anymore as it starts up from a complete shutdown so fast. Shutdown takes around three seconds. In fact the shutdown process is so quick I really struggled to measure it accurately! Once up and running the machine was a joy to use, with programmes and documents loading in an instant. One of these with the current generation of improved Intel processors would be formidable, but I support that's a specification for Apple's next model. For ease of reading I have split my review into two parts. This concludes the first part, look out for the second under my author link below.

Get a free Pink MacBook Air while stocks last. Not only will you have the best looking and best performing notebook computers available, the pink casing will really make you stand out from the crowd. If you want the stunning looks and quality of the MacBook Air, but require greater battery life and an integrated optical drive then get a free MacBook Pro without delay! Thanks for reading.

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==== ==== Get a free Macbook Air! Mobile optimized! ==== ====

Pink MacBook Air Review  

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