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Source: Accenture

Source: Time

Analysts estimate that 1 out of 4 malls in US could be out of business by 2022.

Retail sales

3,6 %


3,9 %


Source: Accenture


Source: Accenture

Source: Accenture

“The retail industry will change more in the next 10 years than they have over the past 40.”

Source: Accenture

“Online-first businesses such as Shoes of Prey, Warby Parker and Amazon have opened physical locations for the majority of customers who like to touch, feel and try on products before proceeding with a purchase.�

Source: Entrepreneur

“Retailers are, very consciously, promoting in-store experiences.” Source: Accenture

It’s a reaction to the fact that buying is now something that can be done anywhere, and that reaction can be detected in a linguistic shift.”

Source: The Atlantic

What are we doing?


How to influence used cars purchase proces in every stage of the customer journey, online & offline

Insights: • Buying a car is an important decision both on emotional and financial level • 81% of customers search for used cars information online

Goals: • Sell a car online • Increase website traffic and sales • Establish new store space in Velika Gorica as premium used cars shopping experience

Communication goals: • transparency • warranty • realibility • simplicity

„This Amazon like innovation in used cars purchase on a global level was launched by Croatian used cars dealer Auto Zubak for it’s Neostar brand”

„Buy a car while riding a tram”

05.04.2017. Ana pruchased a car in Croatia online, for the first time

We’ve built the first „omnichannel” used cars dealership in which online and offline work together Neostar Lab

Results: campaign

• Website visits + 150% • Organic visits+ 171% • Time on site: 03:30 min

Cars sold online Cars sold offline

• Cars sold offline +21% • Cars sold online + 4000% • 167 cars sold online by the end of 2017 Cars sold online + offline

Opening of the Nostar lab Velika Gorica

Cars sold – new Neostar Lab Velika Gorica

Challenge? Come up with a bank concept that can work inside a shopping mall Integrate Addiko’s simpe and straightforward no fuss banking into physical experience

Insights: People do not want 100% digital bank Bank branch cannot look like just another store inside a mall

Addiko bank advocates for clear, simple and straightforward banking, so we decited to create, a clear, simple and straight forward retail experience...

Features: • Open a new account in a flash • Rasie a loan by yourself in half an hour • Experience mobile and online banking

• Information about the services


• Using digital tools with a purpose – to make things accessible and quick • By making processes uncomplicated and transparent • By using simple and clear design • By having someone around to help

Results: 1. Increased customer satisfaction 2. Most profitable bank branch 3. Decreased marketing expenditure

4. Extension of online experience


How to tell a story of 133 years of history of Croatian biggest insurance company in a different way

Key takeaways •

Solve business problems first

Manage liquid expecations

Remove friction, simplify processes

Use digital tools with purpose

• No need to delight, just make it work well •

Above average CX = higher stock value