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Blythe Ely Designer

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My name is Blythe Ely and I am a current student enrolled in Miami University’s Architecture program. In addition to majoring in Architecture, I am also minoring in Art and Architecture History. My goal as a designer is to take on work that allows for a much needed creative outlet. I enjoy illustration, graphic design, painting, and much more.

Having a background in architecture and art and architecture history has opened up multiple fields of design to me that I have been exploring over the past years. This portfolio is meant to convey not only my strengthes and style but also my experimentation with different methods of design.



Colored pencil ad charcoal 8�x 13�

The Panel Chair was a project taken on outside of any studio. This piece was created in my own personal exploration of furniture design. The design was formed to provide a comfortable, practical, everyday chair for people to enjoy.

This project was logo design created for a vegan restaurant located in Jacksonville, Florida called “Dig Foods�. I designed a few logo concepts for the owner of the restaurant in order to advance the public appeal of the eating venue.


Carved linoleum print 4”x 6”

The “Place from Space� project surrounded to idea of community engagement within the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinatti, Ohio. My design was designed within a vacant lot in the neighborhood. The design transforms the pre-existing, run-down lot into a community space allowing space for community engagement. The sculpturaly form surrounding the perimeter of the lot was created to provide space for artists to express themselves through painting and drawing.

Place from Space

Design Portfolio  
Design Portfolio  

This portfolio was made to display a variety of design projects that I have taken on during the past few years. I love all forms of design a...