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Top Ten Reasons To Join Girl Scouts 1. 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts of the USA! For more than 100

years, Girl Scouts has done more than any other organization to provide leadership opportunities for girls. America’s most accomplished women in public service, business, science, education, the arts, and community life are Girl Scout alumnae. Join a sisterhood of more than 3.6 million Girl Scouts and more than 55 million Girl Scout alumnae!

2. Girl Scouts is for every girl grades K-12. That’s right EVERY GIRL – ADULTS TOO! We have a waiting list of girls looking for a mentor! You choose your time commitment and area of interest and we’ll help you find a volunteer opportunity that suits you. 3. New Badges! - In 2011, Girl Scouts introduced brand new badge books and themed Journeys. In addition to the social benefits girls experience in an all-girl organization, Girl Scout curriculum supports Nevada K-12 Education Content Standards supporting Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Most importantly – girls love it! 4. Cost – Girl Scout membership is only $12 a year…

only $1 a month! As a member, you can pay for all of your Girl Scout activities by participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program – the largest girl-led business in the nation! You’ll learn important decision making skills, goal setting, and money management… in fact, most business women will tell you, they made their first sale selling Girl Scout Cookies!

5. It’s flexible! – Sure, everybody knows about Girl Scout Troops, but did you know you don’t need to join a troop to be a Girl Scout? That’s right, membership is flexible! When you join Girl Scouts, you choose the activities and programs you want to participate in… including, but not limited to troops!

Great leaders start here! Register for Girl Scouts by June 21, and recieve a free t-shirt!

6. It’s fun! – Girl Scouts offers something for everyone. Like science? Join our Lego Robotics Team Robo Chix! Like the outdoors? Learn to canoe with our aquatics team. No matter what program activities you attend, you’re sure to find girls your age that share your interests! Or get the whole family involved in our special family events. 7. Summer camp – Did you know Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada has a summer camp just 45 minutes from Las Vegas? Situated in Lee Canyon, Camp Foxtail provides a unique opportunity for girls to gain independence and confidence in a cool, camp setting. 8. Travel – Girl Scouts are on the move! From Carson City to the Galapagos Islands and everywhere in between, Girl Scouts are going places. Travel opportunities are a great way for girls to see the world, explore other cultures, and learn how they can have an impact in their world by participating in a take action project along the way. And the best part…they can pay for all of it through participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program! 9. Scholarships – Looking for money for your postsecondary education? Girl Scout membership not only looks good on a scholarship application, many colleges and organizations offer scholarships specifically to Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada offers a scholarship opportunity to local Girl Scouts who complete their Girl Scout Gold Award. 10. Resume – Girl Scout membership looks great on a college application or resume. Girl Scouts provides girls with more ways to learn and lead than any other organization. The more you participate, the more you get out of the program. Build your resume by completing Girl Scout high honor awards or participating in Girl Scout take action projects. Complete your Girl Scout Gold Award and enter into any branch of the U.S. military at a higher service rank!

Community 10 Candy Schneider

Vice president of education and outreach for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

what’s inside ISSUE 32: FAMILY, KIDS & PETS

12 Christine Spadafor CEO of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children commits her expertise and passion

14 Foster Care Learn about the challenges foster kids face, and how you can help

18 Sin City Junior Rollers Roller derby league for girls ages 10-17

20 The Repro Men Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Daneshmand

22 Dog Parks

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Culture 26 A New Children’s Museum The DISCOVERY Museum gets a makeover

28 Event Etiquette

Ensure you’re a welcome member of the audience


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Fun for pets and owners alike

30 Roos-N-More

Design 40 Zen Zombie Dolls


© Kristina Fernandez

35 Upcoming Events

Kids can enjoy the world of the undead

44 Frankie Decker Jr.

18-year-old skateboarder and artist

46 Drive Safe Mode New app helps distracted teens & adults

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Exotic animal petting zoo

Flavor 50 Kid’s Quality Cuisine Kids and parents love it

52 Must Haves 54 Toy Shack

Johnny Jimenez loves his toys and it shows


An essay by Nate Tannenbaum

On the Cover

Drawing by local artist Raven Snow, age 11, while attending Art Classes for Kids. Photo:Talbot Snow



Letter from the publisher

If you choose not to succumb to the lazy days of summer and want to actually get out and do something, this issue of BLVDS covers a colorful array of things to engage in (see event listings on pages 35-36). You may also want to check out the BLVDS website event section which is loaded with a variety of arts

and community choices for the family. Whether you opt for a day indoors at the Children’s Discovery Museum, a visit to the Springs Preserve, a play or concert at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts or spending an evening with friends and family at Spring Mountain Ranch; all are fantastic experiences. If all of these leave you wanting something a little more unusual, plan a field trip out to Roos-N-More. With its many exotic animals, a marvelous adventure is within reach here, just a short drive out of town. Other outdoor fun can be had with a hike at Red Rock or a picnic on Mount Charleston. Fantastic shopping experiences with something for everyone are available at places like Town Square and Tivoli Village. If you are looking for a quick cultural get away, head on up to Southern Utah where entertainment and adventure abound with the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Tuacahn or the Tanner Amphitheater. While there you may as well take advantage of the area’s wondrous hiking and sightseeing opportunities. Wow, so much to do and only three months to do it in! See you out there.

P.S. Look for our next issue featuring local music and entertainment!

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Once again summer is upon us and it is a great time to enjoy our city! The days are longer and the weather… it’s hot. And yes, it really is a dry heat. As many of us natives know, growing up in Las Vegas used to be a bit of a challenge because of the lack of things for kids and families to do. Yet as I reflect upon my summers growing up here, that was the beauty of it: the lazy days, unwinding, with few expectations of the long slow season. Idle hours in the swimming pool, staying up late to watch old movies, sleeping in until noon (one of my favorite memories) and reading countless books, ahh! But our sleepy little city has grown up and now there are a myriad of activities for families to take advantage of that include choices for the kids, adults and even the family pet.

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Las Vegas, NV 89102

Child Focus at St. Jude’s Ranch. With help comes hope.

Child Focus and St. Jude’s Ranch work to transform the lives of abused and at-risk children, young adults and families by empowering them to create new chances, new choices and new hope in a caring community. Through multiple programs supporting children in foster care, like sibling preservation, and our new CROSSINGS program in Las Vegas for homesless 18 to 25 year olds, it is our Vision to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by mending spirits and renewing hope.

Visit or call 702.294.7102 to help make a difference.

Wells Fargo is proud to support Child Focus and St. Jude’s Ranch.

community people + places IN THIS SECTION 10 Candy Schneider A lifetime of experience in art and education makes her a perfect fit as vice president of education and outreach for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

12 Christine Spadafor Committing her expertise and passion to ensuring that disadvantaged kids have the happiest childhoods possible.

14 Foster Care Learn about the challenges these kids face, and how you can help.

18 Sin City Junior Rollers League for girls ages 10-17 builds confidence and toughness while being a whole lot of fun on wheels.

Š Photo: Talbot Snow

20 Repro Men Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Daneshmand are bringing new lives to Las Vegas.

22 Dog Parks Following a few rules of social behavior will guarantee a ball for all. < Drawing by Kallie, age 9, while attending Art Classes for Kids. For more information visit

the local spotlight COMMUNITY © Larissa Tarr 10


BLVDS Las Vegas

Staying Inspired Through a Lifetime in the Arts Candy Schneider is acutely aware of the ubiquity of art in everyday life. She says people make aesthetic choices from the moment they wake up to the minute they go to bed. But from her point of view, having an arts education offers so much more than the mere utility of making people into more savvy consumers. As she says, “For me the arts are part of who we are. Being able to be inspired by all art forms is something that fills your life with value and purpose, with depth and great experiences.” As vice president of education and outreach for The Smith Center, Schneider’s decisions are informed by a lifetime of arts education and experiences. There was, however, some small chance that if the ‘60s had been a less politically tumultuous time, generations of Las Vegas children may have never reaped the benefits of the work of Candy Schneider. They may never have had her as their middle school art teacher, been exposed to the traveling Kennedy Center workshops she helps facilitate, or been spirited away from their classrooms to see dynamic and inspiring performances at The Smith Center. But the ‘60s were a politically charged time and going to art school then, as Schneider did, meant being immersed in a culture where what an artist had to say politically held equal, if not more, importance than their aesthetic sensibility. As Schneider recalls, “I had no ax to grind and didn’t want to make a statement in my art. If it was simply an exploration of color or texture or line and shape, or creating what I enjoy as imagery, that wasn’t what they were after.” Instead of inspiring her to launch her own art career, the social environment helped to affirm her original intention of teaching. To be sure, she did have ambitions to create and show her own art. After getting married and teaching for a number of years, Schneider would find time to explore her own abilities. Her first solo show was in 1982 at a gallery in Las Vegas called Newsome which was near the Huntridge Theater. She would later show at Goldwaters in the Fashion Show Mall, and at galleries in Washington State, New Mexico and Texas.

On taking the job at The Smith Center she says, “This was just a natural step for me. I had worked with the organizations, resident companies and national organizations. It was just a perfect fit.”

Who have been your greatest influences? My favorite artist was always Marc Chagall; I really like the dream-like quality of his pieces, the freedom of imagery, the brilliant color.

Why do you feel the arts are so important to education? When you learn in the arts your entire body is engaged in that learning. In Pre-K that’s the way they learn, through dance and movement . . . I think we should admit that’s the way we all learn.

Why are the arts important to an increasingly global society? Most stories of societies are told to us through their arts. What better way to learn about people and culture?

On showing her art she says, it was an, “absolutely wonderful feeling, but I gave all that up to go into administration with the school district and from that point on I really didn’t have much time to create any more art.”

BLVDS Las Vegas



COMMUNITY the local spotlight

Candy Schneider


© Spencer Burton

© Checko Salgado

the local spotlight COMMUNITY

Chief Executive Champion for Happy Childhoods As part of a big Italian family, Christine Spadafor has fond memories of growing up with gleeful holidays spent with relatives and parents who were careful to give her what she calls an “ideal childhood.” As she says, “My parents loved me and my brother ferociously and we knew it.” She says her parents were generous with their time at home and in volunteer work for their community. They were great role models and imparted to Spadafor a perspective that guided her to find ways to share her gifts with others. Many years later, the Harvard and MITeducated attorney and chief executive officer of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (a foster care facility for abused, neglected and abandoned children) is fulfilling the promise of her youth in ways that border on the super heroic. But instead of X-ray vision or superhuman strength, Spadafor is armed with talent and expertise in law, effective policy development and a finely-honed business sense. Spadafor first arrived at St. Jude’s in an advisory role in 2005 before being asked to be it its CEO in 2006, and she found the ranch on the verge of bankruptcy. Within 18 months the facility was firmly stabilized. Under her leadership and in direct response to unmet community needs, over the next four and one half years St. Jude’s Ranch grew to include

impactful services to keep siblings together, assist children to catch up academically and house expectant or parenting teenage mothers. Her turnaround strategy was so effective, in fact, that her work at saving the Boulder City-based foster care facility is now part of the curriculum at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business’ MBA program. Having spent time as a nurse, an advocate for abused children in court and as an international business consultant, Spadafor’s unique skill set is put to good use at St. Jude’s Ranch. When it was time to execute corporate restructuring, the process was done internally. When therapeutic programs required an appreciation for practical clinical knowledge, Spadafor possessed more than your average bureaucrat. “I’m convinced that all of my professional experiences were really just preparation for this position.” Yet for all of the educational credentials and professional experience Spadafor can claim, much of what she’s accomplished at St. Jude’s Ranch seems more firmly rooted in the heart than in the boardroom. As she says, “I know what a great childhood looks like. We do our best to see that these kids get the best childhood they can because they deserve it.”

Other than your parents, who else has given you great guiding advice? A professor at MIT said, “If you really want to be effective with all this medical training and policy work you’ve done, to have the most impact on the greatest number of people, you should go to law school, not medical school.”

Would you say your skills as a lawyer are more valuable at St. Jude’s Ranch than your other skills? I get to use all the skills I have in my toolbox really. You don’t have to be a law yer to do this job but it does come in handy.

To what do you attribute your tenacity and positive outlook? When I was five my father told me, “You can do anything you want,“ and I believed him and just never let any potential obstacle get in the way.

BLVDS Las Vegas



COMMUNITY the local spotlight

CHristine Spadafor

Foster Care and Youth Homelessness in Southern Nevada by AMEY ESPARZA The sense of family-friendly community shared by valley residents is reaching something of a peak in 2012. Parks like the one at Town Square are filled each weekend with children running through the water while loving parents watch nearby, relaxing with friendly conversation and refreshing iced teas. After the sun sets, families can be found huddling on blankets in the grassy field, ready to watch screenings of ‘80s classics projected in the park while enjoying quality time together.

© Courtesy Child Focus

The valley has many offerings for families and kids, from children’s community theater to after-school programs offered by the City, County, and organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs. Despite many outsiders’ preconceptions, Las Vegas has nurtured a caring, familyoriented community for many years. It’s troubling then, to learn that each year; over 3,000 children are placed into foster care in Clark County. Of the 3,938 who entered in 2010, 381 have been adopted to date, according to the most current Department of Family Services Unity Report. Children in foster care face more obstacles and are at greater risk for all negative behaviors. They © Checko Salgado

the local spotlight COMMUNITY

It Takes a Community



BLVDS Las Vegas

We as a community can improve this situation and shine light into this somewhat dark corner of the state by expanding our actions beyond our nuclear families and the neighbors we see day-to-day, and by sharing our resources with those who are most vulnerable, but often least visible. Offering a child a permanent home is not going to be the step that most of us can take, but there are many areas of these young people’s lives that can be addressed without making that life changing commitment. Whether it is by sharing money, time or talent, there are options for anyone who wants to help improve the lives of children who have lost that most basic need- their own loving familywhether temporarily or permanently. One positive aspect of our area’s foster care and homeless youth situation

exemplary nonprofit organizations worthy of highlighting. St. Jude’s Ranch has been welcoming children into their group home camps for decades and has recently opened a second campus on Tropicana and McLeod dedicated exclusively to offering apartments to young adults who are homeless or have aged out of the foster care system but who are not yet equipped

seasonally appropriate clothing. Another organization called Child Focus helps to preserve sibling relationships for those in foster care. Through the Eyes of a Child Foundation helps provide cultural, athletic and educational experiences for children in the foster care system.

with the independent living skills needed to support themselves.

© Courtesy Boys Town

According to Christine Spadafor, chief executive officer of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, “The children that are coming to us have much higher needs than the kids six years ago. They are coming in with higher levels of traumas, physical abuse, sexual abuse, physical and medical neglect, and so the children that we are getting now have a much higher level of need than what we were getting.” St. Jude’s Ranch actively develops programs to meet these needs and is reporting success on many fronts.

is that there are numerous nonprofit organizations dedicated to making sure that as many children as possible have access to a safe shelter and basic survival needs. Groups like Street Teens and The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth do what they can to provide support services like assisting homeless teens in securing identification, food and

At a recent meeting of the Children’s Advocacy Alliance, a collaborative organization founded in 1997 to improve the child welfare system, representatives from healthcare, social services and judicial systems—diverse ends of the network—were on hand to brainstorm on improving the system and create action plans. In addition to the government and private sector entities working together to improve the system, there are several

Boys Town Nevada has five Family Homes on their campus where six youth live with a married couple and their children. Community members are invited to schedule a dinner visit to one of the family homes, which can be a fun and rewarding opportunity to interact with kids who can always use extra positive attention. If you feel the way you can help is through financial support, then giving to organizations like these ensures that they can continue or even add programs with proven track records for success. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada offers several opportunities to

BLVDS Las Vegas



COMMUNITY the local spotlight

have disproportionately high rates of physical, developmental and mental health problems resulting from the lack of a nurturing, stable environment during the early years of life. The last six years have seen an increase in the severity and frequency of these issues in Southern Nevada.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada (702) 731-2227

Boys and Girls Clubs of Las Vegas (702) 367-2582

Boys Town Nevada (702) 642-7070

Child Focus (702) 436-1624

For those who need a truly simple option, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada Texting for Textiles program is as easy as it gets. Simply text “DONATE” to 88704 and they will pick up used clothing and small household items from your home and turn those items into cash with one hundred percent of the net proceeds going to support community-based mentoring programs. To be sure, the foster care and homeless youth situations in Southern Nevada are problems too big for any one organization or institution to take on alone. But as shown here, collective endeavors and enterprises supported by the community can and do make huge differences in the lives of these young people across the valley.



Children’s Advocacy Alliance (702) 228-1869

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (702) 383-1332

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (702) 294-7102

Street Teens (702) 809-3585

© Courtesy Child Focus

the local spotlight COMMUNITY

make an impact for those who want hands-on involvement. If you have a few hours a month to give, becoming a “big” to a child living in foster care is an admirable and rewarding commitment. According to the study Vulnerable But Invincible: A Longitudinal Study of Resilient Children and Youth, “To develop into a psychologically healthy human being, a child must have a relationship with an adult who is nurturing, protective, and fosters trust and security.” Becoming the “big” in their life can make you one of, or possibly the only, stable, reliable influence in an otherwise challenging and everchanging world.

BLVDS Las Vegas

Through the Eyes of a Child Foundation (888) 654-3174

Toughen Up, Buttercup by HEIDI KYSER Chance Cody says she’s not nervous, but she looks it. The 14-year-old Las Vegan is about to start her first practice with the Fabulous Sin City Junior Rollers, a roller derby league for girls ages 10 to 17. The 20-plus other girls already in the league are whizzing by in a counter-clockwise loop, while Cody is having trouble staying upright.

Why did she come here? Her friend Noelle Long, known on the team by her roller derby moniker “Wolfy,” talked her into it. With long, diagonal brown bangs hanging out from under her helmet and a bulky black tee-shirt pulled down to her hips, Cody looks more like a punk guitarist than a jock. This is something Melanie Long, Noelle’s mom, loves about roller derby. “They don’t have to fit the mold of a sporty girl, or any of those stereotypes. This is where they come and be themselves, and be athletic doing it,” says Long, known as Stardust Dunes when she’s playing on the All Stars team of big sister league, the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls.

Stardust is the head coach of the junior league, and her passion for it shows in her willingness to trudge out to the indoor track near Cheyenne and Lamb for practice twice a week—as a volunteer. The Sin City Junior Rollers, like its big sister, is player-owned and operated. The $20 per month dues, along with all fundraiser revenue, goes back into the league. At 36, Stardust has only been skating for three years herself, but it didn’t take her long to realize the importance of a junior league. The adult league voted to pitch in funds and know-how to help launch the juniors, who got rolling in January.

© Ashley Sewall

entertainment & activities Culture

Sin City Junior Rollers



BLVDS Las Vegas

That shouldn’t be a problem, according to the WFTDA, flat track roller derby’s governing body, which claims the sport (not to be confused with its bank track counterpart) is the fastest-growing in the country. Ask the girls in the Las Vegas league what they like about it, and they’ll talk about the fun. “I absolutely love it. It’s my life,” Marley “Gnarley Marley” Harper, 14, says. Ask the parents what they like about it and they’ll talk about the social value: it’s the only full-contact sport for females; practically any girl, of any body type, can do it with enough practice; it teaches them to be active and confident with their bodies, rather than shameful or manipulative, attitudes more frequently learned at this age. “I think it teaches her to be tougher,” Alejandra Mayorga, mother of 11-year-old Alissa “Relentless” Mayorga says. “She’s the only girl in the family, and she has to hold her own.” The necessary toughness becomes apparent when the players begin drills. As they skate around in circles, the coach calls out certain girls who try to weave their way up to her while the rest of the team blocks their advance. It’s preparation for point scoring, which happens when an offensive player called the Jammer pushes her way past the opposing team’s defensive players, or Blockers. Periodically, Stardust calls for players to stop and drop for “mountain climbers,” like running push-ups on skates. All the while, she keeps Cody, now skating easily, close to her, making sure the new girl is okay. Roller derby’s not all hip checks; there’s teamwork too. Girls cheer for and highfive each other. Despite the fast pace, they’re mindful of what they’re doing. © Ashley Sewall

“It’s all about confidence,” Stardust says. “That’s the most important thing.” Just ask Chance, now known by her teammates as “Rush-In Roulette.”

BLVDS Las Vegas



COMMUNITY the local spotlight

“We want to ensure the sport has a future,” Stardust says.

the local spotlight COMMUNITY

REPRO MEN Doctors Shapiro and Daneshmand are at Your (Fertility) Service by Valerie Miller



BLVDS Las Vegas

become even safer and better understood in the relatively

it comes to finding the “right time” to have children, but Dr.

recent past.

Bruce Shapiro has worked at leveling the odds for Las Vegas women for more than two decades.

Dr. Shapiro explains: “For instance, we found that, by allowing the embryos to develop further in the laboratory, to the

Shapiro, a Yale University graduate, started The Fertility

blastocyst stage, we are able to pick out a fewer number

Center of Las Vegas in 1988. He arrived in Las Vegas a year

of embryos that are of quality. Now we only put one or

earlier to start the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology for

two embryos back into the uterus, so we have essentially

the University of Nevada School of Medicine. While Shapiro

prevented the occurrence of multiples.”

could have opted for a more cosmopolitan locale such as Los Angeles or New York – or even a medical hub like Chicago— the fertility expert saw a need, as well as an opportunity, here in Las Vegas. “When I got here, there were no reproductive endocrinologists,” he says. “Had I stayed back east, I would have been a specialist with other specialists around. It was more of a challenge for me to set up a practice in an area where I could take the expertise I’d garnered from the East Coast and bring state-of-the-art care to Nevada.”

Another misconception prospective patients have is that costs for IVF services are too high. Speaking to that issue Dr. Daneshmand explains, “We have specific financial programs where if patients make below a certain income level, we can decrease the costs of IVF significantly.” Many members of the staff at The Fertility Center have experienced fertility challenges and undergone treatment themselves. This helps them to empathize with their patients and makes the center a more warm and welcoming environment. Among the staff, Dr. Daneshmand has a

Dr. Said T. Daneshmand, a UCLA-trained physician, joined the

reputation for being the more straight-laced taskmaster, while

team at the Fertility Center in 1999. He is now the center’s

the bespectacled and bow-tied Dr. Shapiro is considered the

practice director.

free spirit.

“I chose to work here because of Dr. Shapiro,” says

Together they bring a balance to the center that helps patients

Daneshmand. “He truly is one of those people who inspires

feel they are in good hands, which is exactly what you want

you with his work ethic and creativity. He helps you to see

when trying to bring a new life into the world.

factors that maybe other people wouldn’t look at, and that can affect your patient’s pregnancy rates.” Creativity also helps the doctors to generate research, a practice neither of them is a stranger to, given the rigorous

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas 8851 W. Sahara Ave., Suite. 100

expectations to publish scientific papers in their field while still in school. “If you rest on your laurels and accomplishments, you don’t move forward,” says Dr. Daneshmand. “You have to continue to be able to do research in order to improve the science, safety and pregnancy rates for patients.” While the media frenzy surrounding the Octomom has given many a skewed view of fertility treatments, Dr. Shapiro seeks to assure the public that in-vitro fertilization (IVF) has

BLVDS Las Vegas



COMMUNITY the local spotlight

The deck may sometimes seem stacked against women when

the local spotlight COMMUNITY


The Unspoken Rules of the Dog Park by JILLIAN PLASTER The dog park can be a great place to let a dog run off leash and socialize with other four-leggeds, but it’s not without risks. It’s critical to maintain control over your dog’s behavior in order to avoid altercations that may lead to injury. Dogs’ personalities are as varied as people’s, so it is common for them to get along with some dogs and not others. To avoid an incident at the park or in other public areas, make sure you are being attentive toward your dog and its interactions. Following these simple guidelines can help:


It is fine to chat with other owners at the park, but conversations shouldn’t distract you from paying attention to your dogs. By being attentive, you can stay on top of any personality conflicts that may be brewing.


Don’t mistake aggressive behavior for friendliness. According to Dr. Steve Strobeck of Hualapai Animal Hospital, most owners misinterpret their dog’s behavior and this is why incidents occur.



A dog is not the only one who can instigate a conflict. Always ask permission before petting someone else’s dog, and when you do



Dogs need to play with dogs similar in size to ensure safety in public, so don’t go into a park designated for dogs that are a different size than yours. Even though a Lab may be as gentle as can be, the owner of a Chihuahua will resent its presence no matter what.


Always pick up after your dog. Just because it is a dog park or a pet-friendly place doesn’t mean others should be confronted with a mess.


Be aware of the invisible risks when going to a dog park. Parks can be breeding grounds for infectious diseases such as kennel cough, so dogs attending parks should always be vaccinated and puppies should stay away from them altogether.


Anywhere other than the dog park your pooch should be on leash. Even well-trained dogs can be unpredictable when something unfamiliar happens.


Don’t be oblivious to your dog’s “quirks,” or bad habits. Responsible pet owners understand that a dog may be better behaved and happier in familiar surroundings.

so, lower your hand below their chin and allow them to sniff you first. This is especially important for children, says trainer Geralynn Cada who teaches classes on “pet-iquette.”

BLVDS Las Vegas

helped make the dream of a world-class performing arts center a reality. As a catalyst of the economic revitalization of Las Vegas, The Smith Center project —

Revitalizing Las Vegas one performance at a time

from groundbreaking to completion — has created thousands of jobs. Future performances will continue to infuse our local economy with a projected $29 million annually. Bank of America is proud to be a member of the community of funders that Bank of America is proud to be a member of the community of funders that helped make the dream of a world-class performing arts center a reality. As a helped make the dream of a world-class performing arts center a reality. As a catalyst of the economic revitalization of Las Vegas, The Smith Center project — catalyst of the economic revitalization of Las Vegas, The Smith Center project — from groundbreaking to completion — has created thousands of jobs. Future from groundbreaking to completion — has created thousands of jobs. Future performances will continue to infuse our local economy with a projected performances will continue to infuse our local economy with a projected $29 million annually. $29 million annually.

Juan Mendez is one of the 2,600 people from Clark County employed by The Smith Center Juan Mendez is one of the 2,600 people from development project. Clark County employed by The Smith Center development project.

© 2012 Bank of America Corporation © 2012 Bank of America Corporation

Also playing in 2012 June 21 — October 20

The Merry Wives of Windsor Mary Stuart Titus Andronicus Scapin To Kill a Mockingbird Stones in His Pockets Hamlet Winner of 8 Tony Awards... Including Best Musical!

JUNe 5 - oct 20

Hilarious Tony Award Winning Musical! “Wonderfully Funny” New York Times

JUly 6 - AUg 11

Nov 16 - Dec 29


culture entertainment + activities IN THIS SECTION 26 DISCOVERY Children’s Museum The Children’s Museum will get a new name and a new home this fall when it relocates to downtown’s new cultural center at Symphony Park.

28 Event Etiquette With ever more cultural programs to choose from, following the etiquette of the event will ensure you’re a welcome member of the audience.

© Photo: Talbot Snow

30 Roos-N-More A fun and fascinating experience awaits just a short drive from Las Vegas at the exotic animal petting zoo, Roos-N-More.

< Drawing by Lily, age 3 while attending Art Classes for Kids. For more information visit

entertainment & activities Culture

Discovery Children’s Museum Finding a New Home in Symphony Park By Jarret Keene Giant bubbles. Indoor climbing. Stage props. “Family-friendly Vegas” returns, but this time, instead of on the Strip, it’s reborn downtown. This November, the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum moves into its new digs at the Donald W. Reynolds Discovery Center in Symphony Park in downtown Las Vegas. And if a just-announced pledge of $1 million from the Sands Foundation is any indication, this family-fun and educational institution will continue to enjoy valuable support from the community.



BLVDS Las Vegas

The currently-named Lied Discovery Children’s Museum (833 Las Vegas Blvd. N.) lives in the heart of the Cultural Corridor, a sixblock stretch of businesses and creative landmarks along Las Vegas Boulevard between Bonanza Road and Washington Avenue. Las Vegans and visiting-from-out-of-town families have enjoyed the museum for 22 years. This fall, everything changes. “Our mission always has been to design a dynamic environment to spark curiosity and inspire exploration, where children can begin a love of lifelong learning,” says Linda Quinn, CEO of DISCOVERY

Three stories tall and 58,000 square feet in size, the new, freestanding museum is twice as large as the Lied structure (housed in the Las Vegas Library). Upon moving next door to the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, the world-class facility will match and even outclass many children’s museums in cities as big as (or bigger than) Las Vegas. The new museum will have nine themed permanent galleries with a better-organized curriculum that continues to focus on arts, sciences and humanities. In an exhibit called Water World, kids experiment with water flow, then frolic in the neighboring Bubble Pavilion. The traveling exhibit gallery, found on the museum’s second floor, will boast three different exhibits for next spring, summer and fall.

“The additional space will allow us to bring in larger exhibits we haven’t been able to accommodate before,” says outgoing public relations director Brock Radke. “Also, not much from the current facility will be making the transition. Everything will be brand new.” Perhaps best of all the new exhibits will be The Summit, a 60-foot-tall climbing experience with an observation area on the roof. Kids will be able to climb all the way through this exhibit, which threads its way through the museum’s three floors. Don’t worry: parents can follow along. Situated right inside the front door, The Summit is the first thing families see, and it will take them a while to fully experience it. “A multi-level, multi-activity exhibit, The Summit is interactive, whimsical and sprawling,” says Radke. “Between levels, there will be stations for scientific exploration.” For the five-and-under set, there’s Toddler Town, and future Picassos will find plenty to do at the creative stations in Young at Art. Young thespians can command the stage, replete with castles, puppets and lights, at Fantasy Festival, a vast improvement on the museum’s current performing arts stage. “The idea is to introduce kids to the field of entertainment, an industry with thousands of jobs onstage and offstage,” says Radke. “Like Water World, Fantasy Festival is an exhibit that’s unique and especially suited to our area.”

© DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

A new parking garage situated next to the museum will provide easy access to the buildings in Symphony Park. It should be noted that the museum’s community campaign still seeks to raise $2.5 million to open its doors later this year, with two major naming opportunities available. While it’s true Vegas doesn’t have as many offerings when compared to similarly sized metro areas, things are changing. The Mob Museum is open, and the Neon Museum is renovating this fall. And in November, the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum will become a major part of our city’s cultural awakening. For more info on DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, visit or call 702-382-3445.

BLVDS Las Vegas



Culture entertainment & activities

Children’s Museum. “The incredible generosity of the Sands Foundation is essential in making that vision a reality.”

entertainment & activities Culture


Cultural Etiquette for the Everyman BY Hektor D. Esparza It can be a touchy subject but it’s actually a prescient topic in the valley’s presently expanding cultural scene. Just how are people supposed to behave at cultural events and performances? The standards for attending a UFC match are certainly different from what you would expect at a Las Vegas Philharmonic concert. You might think this goes without saying, but the guiding ethos for cultural etiquette may not be as obvious as it seems. In a recent interview with David Itkin, music director and conductor of the Las Vegas Philharmonic, he addressed the subject of when to applaud. He explained, “The idea that not clapping between movements is a hallowed tradition that goes back to Mozart’s day is completely wrong. It’s barely a century old. It’s becoming more common now in the U.S. for people to clap between movements than for them to not clap. There are times in specific pieces when I wish they wouldn’t, but overall it really doesn’t bother me.” At rock concerts, part of the local independent music scene, Neon Reverb music festival partner Jason Aragon says the top offenses include concertgoers who shout requests for other band’s songs, refuse to applaud, or are literally standoffish and don’t get close enough to the stage. Guidelines for etiquette come from considerate behavior in general for each specific event. Rather than being about snobbery it’s more about being thoughtful. All attendees should keep in mind that everyone else there expects a certain kind of experience and has usually paid for that experience.

© Checko Salgado

Anything that takes away from those expectations, be they for elegance or raucousness, can be considered uncouth. Wearing flip-flops and jeans to The Smith Center is generally a bad idea. Wearing too much perfume or otherwise offending in an olfactory manner can ruin an evening. Bringing children who are uncomfortable being quiet and respectful is a mistake on the chaperone’s part (not on the child’s).



BLVDS Las Vegas

Talking, texting or being engaged with electronic devices in any other way is also an all-too-common faux pas. Also, if you are too sick to go to work please don’t go to the theatre. Nobody wants to hear you wheeze, sneeze or cough, or run the risk of getting sick themselves. What most people in leadership positions at cultural institutions agree on is that the best way to find out how to behave, especially if you are a neophyte, is to go out, show up and observe. There is no need to be intimidated—no one is born with perfect manners.

DISCOVER the Best Birthday Party Place! Choose from three party rooms! Choose your favorite activity and party theme! We handle the cake, ice cream, and all set-up and clean-up! Experience the museum all day!



Two approaches.

Infinite possibilities. SALVADOR BRACAMONTES, 11TH GRADE

THE POWER OF HYBRID LEARNING. Through a unique combination of online coursework and personalized, in-depth classroom learning, Odyssey’s hybrid approach enables students to learn in an environment that is tailored, flexible and more personalized. We’ve put this model to work successfully for thousands of students – in fact, research by the Department of Education suggests that the hybrid approach is the most effective way of learning. WHEN YOU PUT TWO APPROACHES TOGETHER, IT ALL ADDS UP TO EXCELLENCE. JOIN US AT OUR NEXT OPEN HOUSE.


We teach. We lead. We believe. 702.257.0578

Š Spencer Burton

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Roos-N-More Zoo

An Ed-Zoo-Cational Experience 30


BLVDS Las Vegas

“It’s all about the experience,” says Valerie Holt, who makes up one-fourth of the family-run Roos-N- More zoo located in Moapa Town, Nevada, 60 miles outside of Las Vegas. Filling out this team of compassionate and enthusiastic zookeepers is husband Jay, daughter Hailey and son Zach. The petting zoo is home to over 160 different, mostly exotic, animals. The facility provides a very handson experience to those interested in interacting with, rather than just looking at, fun and amazing creatures. As Jay elaborates, “Our philosophy is if people can see them, touch them and get to know them, they will be motivated to respect and preserve them.”

The zoo’s namesake and main attraction are, of course, kangaroos. Australian reds, eastern greys, wallaroos and wallabies are all represented here. The boomers (adult males) and flyers (adult females) run loose in an enclosed area with muntjac deer, goats and other fauna such as the Black Sumatra jungle chicken and even a baby emu. Hanging out with these animals in this setting with a mountainous desert backdrop just over the campus walls, one wonders if the roos, known for their prodigious leaping ability, ever try to escape. Valerie’s answer: “There’s really no reason for them to try. They are perfectly happy here.” As charming and fascinating as the roos

are, many of this zoo’s other occupants vie for your attention with antics way too cute to ignore. A tiny Capuchin monkey hitches a ride on the back of a lemur. Another monkey tries to pick the lock on the bearcat’s enclosure. A screaming hairy armadillo, which looks like a creation straight out of a Jim Henson movie, simply has to curl up into a ball to upstage most everyone else. But perhaps some of the zoo’s most lovable, adorable and outright hilarious animals are the Asian small-clawed otters. These cuddly creatures are as social as puppies and as clever as ferrets. Roos-n-More is perhaps the only place in the world where members of the public can “walk with the otters” as the family/ staff calls the experience. People in groups of up to 15 are permitted to enter into the otter’s habitat and interact with them. The highly curious mammals bound right up

© Spencer Burton

Both Valerie and Jay are veterinarians and share a perspective that animals

properly acclimated to interacting with the public on a regular basis can enjoy stress-free lives, while simultaneously serving to educate people on the wonders of the animal kingdom.

BLVDS Las Vegas



Culture entertainment & activities

BY Hektor D. Esparza


Hedwig, an enormous European Eagle Owl, will most certainly appreciate your focused attention, as will Sayyid, a 2,250-pound camel that Zach Holt has trained not to spit and has a close relationship with, much like with a family dog. The zoo is open to the public only a few days a month. Jay and Valerie suggest booking private tours with groups of 25 or fewer to get a more intimate and one-on-one experience for about the same price.


For more information on open zoo days, visit





BLVDS Las Vegas

© Spencer Burton

entertainment & activities Culture

to visitors to untie shoelaces, reach for jewelry and generally explore a visitor’s personal space, as far as he or she is willing to let them go. They seem to especially love children, accepting them almost as one of their own. When the group leaves the habitat, the otters whimper and cry like puppies. Their yelps for attention are nearly irresistible, so it may be a good idea to save this experience for the end of the tour so that you are free to put your full attention on the zoo’s other animals without feeling guilty.




Tanner Amphitheater Summer 2012 Concert Series

A stunning 2000 seat outdoor amphitheater surrounded by the cliffs of Zion National Park SATURDAY, JUNE 9 LIETO! VOICES Southern Utah’s beloved ensembles with Broadway, Americana, and patriotic numbers. Tickets $10-8:00 p.m SATURDAY, JUNE 16 ST. GEORGE CONTEMPORARY COMPANY– "Moving bodies and moving souls.” Talented dancers from Southern Utah studios. Tickets $10-8:00 p.m. SATURDAY, JUNE 23 RANDY ANDERSON BAND The summer doesn’t get any better! Dancing and music all evening. Start time is 7:30 pm. tickets are $10 adults and available on site.

1 ne Ju


St. George Contemporary Dancers

SATURDAY, JULY 21 ALL-AMERICAN BOYS CHOIR Standing ovations all over the world and true musical ambassadors. Tickets $10-8:00 p.m. SATURDAY, JULY 28 MIKE AIKEN Mike has consistently had his songs on the Country/Roots and Americana charts in both the USA and Europe for the past four years. Tickets $10-8:00 p.m.

Mike Aiken

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11 ERIC DODGE UNPLUGGED JOURNEY Unplugged features modern country music with a classic old fashioned twist. Tickets $10. Start time: 8:00 p.m. SATURDAY, AUGUST 25 KID FIDDLERS They do more than just 'fiddle around'! They all play many instruments, sing and dance! This is a musical bonanza variety show that folks of all ages will fall in love with! Tickets $10-8:00 p.m SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 I LOVE ROCK N’ ROLL An evening of great music from classic rock to jazz featuring hits from Heart, Vixen, Joan Jett, Blondie and more.

All-American Boys Choir

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got you covered From farmers markets to outdoor concerts, BLVDS magazine is covering the wonderful things happening in your neighborhood. Stay informed and up to date on all the unique events your city has to offer. Sign Up for the Enewsletter with a robust calendar of events, email us at Call 386-6065 to Subscribe get 6 issues delivered to your home for just $15.


na you ca ext your no our event tite for webs e! fre

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JuNe 2012


lucy Woodward

June 9 – October 20 Tuacahn Amphitheatre

June 15 - June 16 The Smith Center

yellowjackets at Jazz in the Park

richel Kompst in Blame it on the Walleye

June 9 Clark County Government Center Amphitheater

June 16 Charleston Heights Performing Arts Center

lieto! voices Nathan Douglas & luis varela-rico Art exhibition Now - July 28 Brett Wesley

CAC Presents Noctilucent By Mark rumsey Now - June 16 Contemporary Arts Center

Bittersweet Harvest: the Bracero Program, 1942-1964


Now – July 30 Springs Preserve

June 10 The Smith Center

star Nursery Kids Gardening Club

Nevada school of the Arts string Camp

June 16 Star nursery

June 12 - June 17 The Smith Center

June 8 - June 10 Henderson events Plaza

Crazy for you

A Choreographers’ showcase June 9 - June 10 Viva eLVIS™ Theater ArIA™ resort & Casino CityCenter

utah shakespeare Festival

June 23 Ganesha Center

June 8 - June 9 The Smith Center

June 8 - June 17 Town Square Las Vegas

June 16 Tanner Amphitheater

Artist Montana Black Creates Healing space with her Art with intention™

emily Bergl – Kidding on the square

Barefoot in the Park

st George Contemporary Dancers

June 21 - October 21 Utah Shakespeare Festival

First Annual summerFest

June 13 - June 30 Super Summer Theatre

Don Giovanni June 15 - June 17 Opera Las Vegas

Cones of Fury June 26 - June 30 The Smith Center

“you are Here” exhibition

the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

idina Menzel

Million Dollar Quartet

June 24 The Smith Center

June 29 –September 2 City of Las Vegas

June 9 Tanner Amphitheater

June 11 - June 15 Historic Fifth Street School

Golden rainbow’s 26th ribbon of life

Djangovegas! June 23 Historic Fifth Street School

randy Anderson Band June 23 Tanner Amphitheater

June 29 - July1 The Smith Center

2nd Annual taking off the Mask Gala 2012 June 30 MeeT Las Vegas

star Nursery Kids Gardening Club June 30 Star nursery

July 2012 25th Annual Putnam County spelling Bee July 6 – July 11 Tuacahn Amphitheatre

First Friday July 6 18b Arts District

CtA featuring Danny seraphine July 6 - July 8 The Smith Center

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BLVDS Las Vegas

July 6 The Smith Center

Clint Holmes

star Nursery Kids Gardening Club July 14 Star nursery

July 6 The Smith Center

stephen sondheim, A life in the theater: An evening of Music and Conversation


July 14 The Smith Center

July 11 - July 28 Super Summer Theatre

Monkey Monkey Band July 18 Charleston Heights Performing Arts Center

Memphis July 18 -July 23 The Smith Center

the Paul Mesner Puppets: true story of 3 little Pigs by A. Wolf July 12 Historic Fifth Street School

2012 las vegas Film Festival July 19 -July 22 Las Vegas Hilton Hotel

k.d. lang and the siss Boom Bang July 13 The Smith Center

Defensive shooting Workshop July 14 Clark County Shooting Complex lvpistoltraining

Hope 5 - An Afternoon of Classical Ballet July 14 -July 15 CSn Performing Arts Center

Dance in the Desert Festival 2012

eric Dodge unplugged Journey

July 27 -July 28 CSn Performing Arts Center

August 11 Tanner Amphitheater

Diana Krall August 13 The Smith Center

Pia Zadora July 27 - July 28 The Smith Center

star Nursery Kids Gardening Club July 28 Star nursery

AuGust 2012

July 21 Tanner Amphitheater

Mike Aiken July 21 Tanner Amphitheater

Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band

la Cage Aux Folles August 14 - August 19 The Smith Center

steve Martin and the steep Canyon rangers – An evening of Bluegrass and Comedy August 22 The Smith Center

the Jungle Book August 1 Charleston Heights Performing Arts Center

symphonic rock show

First Friday

August 24 The Smith Center

August 3 18b Arts District

star Nursery Kids Gardening Club

Clint Holmes

All-American Boys Choir


Chris Botti

August 3 -August 4 The Smith Center

Joseph and the Amazing technicolor Dreamcoat August 8 -August 25 Super Summer Theatre

star Nursery Kids Gardening Club August 11 Star nursery

July 26 Historic Fifth Street School

August 25 Star nursery

Wicked August 29 -October 7 The Smith Center

sePteMBer 2012 rock Around the Clock September 1 Tanner Amphitheater

leader of the Pack Sept. 6 - Sept. 23 Super Summer Theatre

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Luxury furniture below wholesale






adj \' r-b n\ : noun \’ranch\ :


ur•ban ranch

of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city; a farm or area devoted to a particular specialty, typically in the Western U.S.; EXAMPLES OF USE: specializing in bringing hand-selected, artful and sustainable details for the urban ranch lifestyle, including, but not limited to, specialty door and cabinet hardware, lighting, custom wine cellars, gourmet food, candelabras, gifts and other decorative accessories, as well as personal adornments like jewelry and unique clothing; ORIGINS: 1610-20; <Latin urbanus, from urbs city and 1800-10, Americanism; <Spanish rancho rancho.




Plume features floor samples from many of the showrooms throughout the World Market Center. Open year-round, all of the floor samples are for sale and ready for immediate delivery. You’ll find pricing below retail and usually below wholesale!

INSIDE THE WORLD MARKET CENTER 455 S. Grand Central Parkway, C-140, Las Vegas, NV 89106 702-457-0500


Open Tues through Fri 10-6 and Sat 10-4 6985 W Sahara, Ste 105, Las Vegas, NV 89117 702.368.2601 | Formerly Durette Candito Design

design architecture + style IN THIS SECTION 40 Zen Zombie Dolls Now your kids can enjoy the world of the undead with these handmade dolls created by a local doll maker and her 5-year-old daughter.

44 Frankie Decker Jr. Meet Frankie Decker Jr., an 18-yearold skateboarder and artist who enjoys refining his skills both on the streets and on the sketch pad.

Š Photo: Talbot Snow

46 Drive Safe Mode A new innovative app helps solve the epidemic of distracted teen drivers.

< Drawing by Heather, age 15 while attending Art Classes for Kids. For more information visit

architecture & style Design

Zen Zombie Dolls The Only Zombies Who Have Achieved Inner Peace™

© Don Parnall




BLVDS Las Vegas


© Don Parnall

architecture & style

Looking for something fun and slightly creepy to give to your child? Look no further than Zen Zombie Dolls, the latest option in undead toys. Danyette Duarte is a third generation doll maker and produces these poppets with the help of her 5-year-old daughter, Aliciana, who draws the sketches on which the dolls are based.

“They’re made so that your kid can play and play with them and take them everywhere. You don’t have to be worried about them. The dolls that I make are constructed so your kid can drag them around for their entire childhood, go into a box, and then their kids drag them around for their whole childhood,” says Duarte.

At 14 inches high, Zen Zombie dolls look like something out of a Tim Burton movie. They are frizzy-haired and bug-eyed with thin arms and legs that extend far past their plush bodies. Adorable but also a little unnerving, the dolls are made from durable, washable cotton and are triplestitched using heavy duty embroidery floss.

The dolls are also purposefully made to look a little off in terms of clothing choices. “I’ll put things together and I’ll say, ‘Aliciana, what do you think about this?’ and she’ll go, ‘Oh Mommy, that’s too matchy-matchy. It’s not cool if it’s too matchy-matchy.’ She has a very distinct aesthetic and I have a stack of drawings

from her. If she quit drawing tomorrow, I could make dolls for the rest of my life. I get so much inspiration from her.” Duarte is planning to create a series based around a children’s story she tells entitled, “Nettie Spaghetti Brush Your Hair.” The dolls range in price from $20-$78 and are available on Etsy.

BLVDS Las Vegas



Fifi’s Finds For all your Atomic, Rockabilly Tiki & Mid-Century needs!



Our cool summer sessions can boost creativity and grow your business. We’ve coached designers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals, by tailoring programs to their specific business needs.


Come GROW & Learn with us! This Summer at Kids Garden Club & Dr. Q’s Seminars!

ganesha center Sanctuary for the Spirit

Upcoming Dates:

Classes | Café | Products | Services | Membership & Events

Reiki | Kangen Water | Sound Therapy | Essential Oils | Herbal Supplements

June: 9th, 23rd

3199 E. Warm Springs Rd. 702.485.4985

July: 7th, 21st

@ 9AM

Join us for FREE gardening fun!

Ages 3-11 welcome with Parent or Guardian

2012 SUMMER SEMINAR SCHEDULE • June 2 - Lawn Care & Maintenance • June 16 - Understanding Drip Systems • June 30 - Preparing for the Summer Stress • July 14 - Patio Gardening • July 28 - Colorful Plants that Love the Heat 10AM or 2PM @ All Star Nursery Locations

The Right Price...The Best Advice! 2600 7330 8170 9480 5380 8725 5340


216-STAR(7827) 253-STAR(7827) 360-STAR(7827) 278-STAR(7827) 444-STAR(7827) 333-STAR(7827) 456-8818

For more information visit us at:

BY DANIELLE KELLY At first glance Frankie Decker Jr.’s skateboard is almost unnoticeable, bundled with an easy grace under his arm like an extension of his body. Decker is a second generation Las Vegas skater. His father, Frank Sr., was one of an elite group of influential amateur skaters in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Conjuring a family dynasty, young Decker is sponsored locally by Let It Roll skate shop and nationally by Tum Yeto and Stussy, signaling the dawn of a promising skate career. But Decker’s creativity and style isn’t limited to a deck. When not busy tracing imaginary lines through Vegas’ mean streets, Decker focuses on tracing lines in charcoal, colored pencil and oil pastel. The 18 year old has spent the last four years refining his artistic skills at Las Vegas Academy and the hard work shows in the young artist’s penchant for flawlessly photorealistic drawings and paintings. Shifting seamlessly between classical, baroque-inflected rendering and symbol-laden graphics, the young artist’s keen sensitivity to the figure is a common theme throughout the work. Decker manages to deftly capture the complexity of the human condition while keeping a sharp eye on form and proportion. It’s all way more fun than it sounds. Decker relies heavily on sly humor to pull in the viewer while tackling serious topics like aging and family, fielding, fishing and false teeth with equal tongue-incheek aplomb. Decker sees similarities between his two chosen art forms: each embrace “independence and a variety of styles” while respecting fearlessness and failure as integral to success. With graduation pending, what’s next for Decker? Encouraged by the growth happening downtown and in the art community, he remains loyal to his hometown. “I want to see what I can offer the art scene [in Las Vegas] after high school.” It’s only the beginning for this young local talent.



BLVDS Las Vegas

© Logan Pochatko

architecture & style Design

Frankie Decker Jr. Carving a Future in the Las Vegas Art Scene

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Sustainable Indoor and Open Air Markets – LOCAL Seasonal Tree Ripened Produce – Handmade LOCAL Indie Artisans – Chef Demos – Special Events and FREE Kids Art Park – Pet Friendly – Be Green and Bring Your Reusable Bags

Create a personal pension for yourself or your employees. No employer contribution necessary. Affordable individual and group products available.

Call today Kelly Ware 702-275-0515

Fresh 52 Farmers & Artisan Market CA Ins. Lic. #OH24318 NV Inc. Lic. #646225

SAT: Tivoli Village, Alta & Rampart SUN: Sansone Park Place 9480 S. Eastern Coming soon to Town Square.

Make a Difference Nothing says love more than  a cold nose and wagging tail. You and your dog can become  pet therapy volunteers at  Nathan Adelson Hospice.  For more information contact  Lisa Browder 938-3961 or

It’s easiest to prevent the devastating effects of bullying when you can stop it at the source. So we have to rewrite the story from the beginning. Each of us is responsible for intervening in a bad situation. Sometimes it’s telling an adult and sometimes it’s acting like an adult. But it’s never to look the other way. Take the pledge today at

The Pet Therapy Program is part of the Bonnie  Schreck Memorial Complementary Therapies  program at Nathan Adelson Hospice

architecture & style Design


A New Solution to Protect Distracted Teen Drivers BY RACHEL LIPMAN In January, Nevada’s legislature passed a law making it illegal to text while driving. If caught, offenders face up to a $250 fine. However, the law’s monetary punishment hasn’t stopped everyone from checking their phone, answering calls, and responding to text messages while on the road.

The danger of distracted driving is a problem underscored by the amount of driver-related fatalities that occur each year. Teens, especially, tend to be more prone to distracted driving.

called Drive Safe Mode. Raster Media developed this application for their client, a parent concerned with his propensity for distracted driving. He wanted to set a good example for his children, ages 13 and 11.

The solution to keep young drivers and their loved ones safe comes in the form of an Android and iPhone application

Once installed on an Android phone, Drive Save Mode continuously runs in the background as a service and recognizes when the phone travels faster than 10 mph using the Location Services setting. As the car’s speed is detected, the application automatically activates and freezes all services on the phone, rendering it useless for calling, texting, and surfing the web. Even if a teen closes the app, it still prevents all use of the device. And, if a teen tries to uninstall the application, parents are automatically notified via email.

© Halie Scaletta

© Halie Scaletta

For now, the Android version of the app is more developed than its iPhone counterpart, simply because it overrides all services on the phone. The iPhone app is slightly more limited since it cannot override all services. To remedy this problem, Drive Safe Mode actively sends push alert warnings (think of continuous, persistent notification) to the teen or driver if they engage their phone.



BLVDS Las Vegas

A monthly subscription to Drive Safe Mode after the application is downloaded costs $2.99 for the Android platform and $1.99 for the iPhone.

JUNE 7 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; AUGUST 23 Movies in the Square will be shown every Thursday through August 25 in Town Square Park starting at sundown.

Open seating is available on a first-come basis and patrons are encouraged to bring blankets to sit on. Films will all be rated G or PG.

Movies in the Square is free to the public and children must be accompanied by an


Mars Needs Moms


The Muppets

JUNE 21 Cars 2


Puss in Boots


An American Tail


The Smurfs


Bedtime Stories

adult. All events are weather permitting and the schedule is subject to change.




Hoodwinked Too


Dolphin Tale


Alpha & Omega

AUGUST 23 The Lorax

Eat healthier for less with our new organic garden system • Taste the difference from your own garden • Studies show kids eat more when they grow their own • “Clean Eating”- no harmful pesticides, non-genetically modified • Install time less than two hours for our crew or yours • Our proven system keeps your kitchen stocked

Organic Vegetable Gardening made Easy

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Grow with our assistance

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(702)900-GROW • Learn more at: VegTip.Com

flavor dining + retail IN THIS SECTION 50 Quality Kid’s Cuisine Ordering from the kid’s menu doesn’t have to mean offering the little ones substandard fare. These restaurants have items on their kid’s menus that are fun as well as nutritious.

52 Must Haves In this issue’s Must Haves you will see fantastic finds for the kids, Fido and maybe even the perfect Father’s Day gift.

54 Toy Shack From retro-toy classics like G.I. Joe and Thundercats action figures to vintage die cast cars and collectables, Toy Shack is a treasure trove of memories.

© Photo: Talbot Snow

56 IMHO Nate Tannenbaum is a family man and ubiquitous media personality. He writes here about education, recreation and quality living in Southern Nevada.

< Drawing by Sean, age 7 while attending Art Classes for Kids. For more information visit

Dining Out, not Dumbing Down by HEKTOR D. ESPARZA and Jillian Plaster


needs. Studies show that eating habits learned as children are carried into adulthood. If we aim to teach our children to eat healthier, finding restaurants that put as much care into their kid’s menus as they do into the main menu may prove worth it at dinner tonight and in the long run. The following restaurants have received positive reviews by adult critics and feature kid’s menus with items that are easy to like and offer a greater diversity of ingredients and nutritional value at the same time.

© Cristian Cristian Torres © Torres

When dining out with the whole family, it’s hard not to notice that what often fills the pages of the kid’s menu is not up to par in quality or nutritional value with selections on the regular menu. Though it may be tempting to indulge our children’s fickle palates with standard kid’s fare such as chicken fingers and fries, with a little more effort put into finding the right restaurants, children can be introduced to a broader range of flavors that will satisfy both their taste buds and nutritional

© Greg Warden

dining & retail FLAVOR



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This franchise with a limited number of locations in Arizona, California and Nevada is known for Japanese food that is easy on the American palate. With that said, Kabuki is helmed by Executive Corporate Chef Masa Kurihara and Master Sake Sommelier Yuji Matsumoto, so there are items on the menu likely to sate even those well-versed in a cuisine which many foodies and chefs elevate to the level of high art. Each child’s entrée is served with salad and rice, adding nutritional value to anything the little ones may order. A definite crowd pleaser on the kid’s menu is Chicken Teriyaki with Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura. Another item with broad appeal is the Beef Yaki Soba, which comes with stir-fried noodles and a California Roll. Adventurous children may try the Kid’s Sushi Combo which comes with shrimp, egg and bean curd, as well as a California Roll. For the young carnivore, the Chicken Teriyaki and B.B.Q Beef Ribs should suffice. Kabuki (At Tivoli Village) 440 S. Rampart Blvd., Ste. 190 Las Vegas, NV 89145 - H.D.E.

It is hard to go wrong with Mexican food and Lindo Michoacán has been a Las Vegas favorite for decades. From fresh flour tortillas and guacamole made on site, to its wide range of chicken, pork, beef and seafood specialties, Lindo delivers authentic Mexican flavors. With an accommodating and attentive staff, just leaving this restaurant without being overstuffed is a real challenge to consider. While not overly ambitious, the kid’s menu here aims to please with familiar items like “La Chivita” which is enchiladas with choice of cheese, chicken or beef, “El Caballito” which is shredded beef or chicken tacos, or “El Burro,” chicken, beef or combination burritos. Adding fresh salsas, guacamole or plain avocado to any of these items gives them a healthy boost. Dining at Lindo is a very family friendly experience and is even more fun when there is a special young one’s birthday to celebrate as the whole restaurant seems to join in on the fun. Lindo Michoacán 2655 E. Desert Inn Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89121 - H.D.E.

Nordstrom Marketplace Café

Mint Indian Bistro

With an expansive menu that includes savory items from India, Nepal and countries in Southeast Asia, Mint Indian Bistro features an eclectic mix of dishes that offer something for most everyone. Meat eaters will enjoy dishes like the Lamb Lollipops, Chicken Chili and a variety of kabobs served with a mouth-watering selection of sauces. Regional chutneys paired with many vegetarian and vegan options definitely make Mint’s numerous items inclusive and intriguing to even picky eaters. The children’s menu here includes side dishes like the Cone Dosa which is a mixture of fermented rice and lentils formed into a spiraling cone and baked until crisp and crunchy. Served with ketchup, this side is a very passable stand-in for fries but is even more fun to eat. The Stuffed Naan, an ersatz pizza, is a warm and puffy flatbread dish which can be filled with any combination of pineapple, cheese or chicken breast and is served with a moderately sweet mango chutney. “Chau Chau” is an entree of pan-fried noodles served with your choice of chicken or vegetables. Upon request it can be served with little or no spice. Mint Indian Bistro - 730 E. Flamingo Rd., Ste. 10, Las Vegas, NV 89119 - H.D.E.

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Nordstrom Café fits the bill as a kid-friendly spot deserving credit for both their regular and children’s menu offerings. The kid’s grilled cheese is made with healthy whole wheat bread and is served with a bowl of their famous roma tomato basil soup. If your child doesn’t finish the soup, it’s guaranteed you will. Pizza and Macaroni and Cheese options are served with fresh fruit and there is a wholesome natural roasted turkey sandwich available as well. All meals include a beverage served in a souvenir cup and coloring placemats to keep your child occupied while you enjoy any of the café’s delicious grown-up dishes. The grilled shrimp, sweet corn and arugula salad accompanied by addictive polenta croutons is perfect for summer, as are just about any of their soups, salads, and sandwiches. Nordstrom Café prides itself on carefully sourcing its ingredients such as BGH-free milk and dairy products, cage-free eggs, and organic greens so you can feel great about feeding these foods to the most precious members of your family. Nordstrom Marketplace Café (Inside Fashion Show Mall) 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89109 - J.P.

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Lindo Michoacán

FLAVOR dining & retail



dining & retail FLAVOR

< Breedbaby A variety of infant and toddler clothes and accessories made of durable and thoughtfully selected fabrics. The line was created by indie designer Angie EslerWhelan and includes: bibs, burpcloths, reversible bodysuits, baby dresses, and shirts. Go baby!

Must Haves

Created or Cultivated by People who Live in Southern Nevada

This book written by artist and Tasty Space gallerist Dana Satterwhite and illustrated by artist Joseph Watson is an inspirational tale of a girl who is ready for just about anything. It could be subtitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Have Confidence, Will Travel.â&#x20AC;? Go Go Gretta is available at Tasty Space Gallery inside Emergency Arts, 520 Fremont Street, 89101 or online at



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< Go Go Gretta

Doggie Empire

Artist Sophie Duncan draws custom images of your dogs and then digitally illustrates them into pop-art style images that can be placed on items like t-shirts, water bottles, pillows, iPhone cases and coasters. Duncan also works with local and national dog rescues, taking images of successful rescues and producing items that can be sold with a portion of the proceeds going to help fund those rescues, visit

Looking for cool retro toys for your kids or a unique Father’s Day gift? Check out locally owned Toy Shack for die cast cars, retro toys and collectables. Items shown here: die cast ‘57 Chevy Cameo. 450 Fremont Street Ste. 117, 89101 (first floor, Neonopolis)

Red Carpet Chronicles: Mojave Desert Plants Reveal all to Terri Terrain



FLAVOR dining & retail

Toy Shack

This book written by elementary school teacher Becky Davis and illustrated by Tom Zilis helps kids learn about local plant life through interviews with the personified plants themselves. Red Carpet Chronicles is available at Winchester Cultural Center through the “Friends of Winchester.” Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 S. McLeod Drive, 89121


> Dog House

Studio 8 Ten

Back once again in the pages of BLVDS just because we love what they do, Studio 8 Ten has some of the neatest custom designed greeting cards, pet toys and accessories anywhere. Adding social value to cool objects, Studio 8 Ten provides adults with disabilities with meaningful work. 810 South Las Vegas Blvd., 89101

A doggie hot spot, the locally owned Dog House features a wide range of healthful foods and treats such as Doggie Truffles and Jilli’s Jerky by The Good Dog Food Company. It also has accessories for humans like “Awesome Cuffs” brand jewelry adorned with semiprecious stones and charms. For the dog lover’s home are paintings by local artist Bobbi Whittle which can be customized for any of your furry family members. 400 S. Rampart BLVD., Ste. 140, 89145 (at Tivoli Village) and 6569 Las Vegas Blvd., Ste.163, 89119 (at Town Square)

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dining & retail FLAVOR

More than Mere Amusement BY HEKTOR d. eSPARZA “I had no idea when I started it, if it would be successful or not,” says owner-operator Johnny Jimenez of Toy Shack, a retro toy store in Downtown Las Vegas. Started on a whim and built around his self-taught knowledge of vintage toys, the store specializes in Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, die-cast model cars from various manufacturers, and 1980s’ toys mostly based on cartoons from that era like G.I. Joe, Thundercats and Transformers. Oddities like a vintage Ronald Reagan doll or the Gilbert U-238 Atomic



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TOY SHACK Energy Lab can be found here as well. Jimenez says the Atomic Energy Lab originally came with plutonium and uranium and even a working Geiger counter. Produced in the early 1950s, he calls it, “the most dangerous toy ever made,” and says it would fetch $6,000 if he were to sell it today. There are sections in Toy Shack devoted to Batman, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings and toys associated with modern popular video games and sports stars as well. But watch anyone peruse the isles with looks of awe and delight on their face and you quickly realize that what this retro toy store really trades in is nostalgia. Visiting Toy Shack is a vivid sensory experience. The toy’s colors, forms and

BLVDS Las Vegas

textures, originally designed to appeal to children, have their entrancing powers increased exponentially when those kids now gazing upon them have been adults for decades. As Jimenez explains, “It’s almost a way to relive your own childhood through your kids and a lot of parents say it’s for their children buts it’s really for them. I have had moms come in looking for a toy that they may have thrown away, or at some Christmas they either couldn’t find or couldn’t afford at the time. You don’t forget those kinds of things.” Toy Shack Mon. - Thurs. 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Fri. - Sat. 10 a.m. - midnight Sun. 11 a.m - 9 p.m. 450 Fremont St., Suite 117 (Neonopolis) (702) 538-8600

BLVDS Marketplace Mikel Patrik

SLEEK SIMPLE SEXY Dramatic geometric abstract original paintings available from 5”x5” to over 60”x60”. Custom sizes and colors available upon request. Printed reproductions also available. Visit to explore the limitless opportunities. 520 E. Fremont St., Ste. 184 Las Vegas, NV 89101 622-0727


Solutions with choices are easy, just call. We offer Health Coverage ideal for: • Individuals without Group Coverage • Students • Self-Employed • Independent Contractors • Small Businesses • COBRA/Alternative Alexandra Nguyen 9133 W. Russell Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89148 702.417.9272


OB/GYN care with a personal touch

Dr. Haslett specializes in general Gynecology, General Obstetrics, Essure, Adolescent Gynecology, Abnormal Bleeding, Pelvic Pain, Abnormal PAPS, Menopause, Bioidenticals, Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Contraception, and educating women. Accepting most insurances. Katrina Haslett, MD, PC 6950 O’Bannon Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89117 243-0202

ATOMIC TESTING MUSEUM An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution

$2.00 OFF GENERAL ADMISSION Not to be combined with any other offer. An Affiliate of the

Miss Atomic Bomb


Smithsonian Institution Museum Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm Experience History and Science by the Megaton Sunday 12-5pm

Mon–Sat    9am–5pm  •  Sun 1pm–5pm 755 E. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89119 755 E. Flamingo Road 794-5161 (Just East of Paradise Road, South Side)   702-794-5161

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Nate Tannenbaum Muses on a Mixed Bag of Offerings for Families Living in Southern Nevada BY Nate Tannenbaum From Adult Disneyland to America’s Family Stay-&-Play Destination, we’ve had monikers, slogans and buzzwords of every ilk thrown at us through the decades. And that’s great. God bless each and every one of ’em and the crazy R&R and LVCVA cats who dreamt them up! But even as the Entertainment Capital of the World endures a plucky rebranding experiment from time to time, much remains the same for those of us engaged by the work-a-day rhythms of life as Las Vegans. So what has worked for the hundreds of thousands of us when it comes to raising our families in Southern Nevada? Let’s cover the basics: education, recreation and entertainment. Say what you want about the Clark County School District (oh man, haven’t we all done that?), but there are good educations to be had—if you’re an involved parent. You don’t have to necessarily become PTA President, but it is important to play the ol’ Empty the Backpack game with your kids on a regular basis and try not to wince too hard when the young’un blurts, “Oh



to keep your family’s collective mind happily stimulated. Whatever you’re into, it’s out there (or soon will be). Whatever you may want to challenge yourself to experience, check it out, it’s out there too. Just go. And do. Please?

There are also bunches of options to keep the learning and growing going for us oldsters too. Consider the many credit and non-credit continuing education classes at UNLV and CSN. And hey, did you ever finish that degree you kept meaning to polish off one day soon? There’s also no limit to the Pilates, yoga, zumba or exercise-flavor-ofthe-month option at the numerous city and county rec centers from the inner city to the outer ’burbs.

Isn’t there some cliché that says if one person in a community grows then we all grow? Well, before the schmaltz gets too thick, I’ll fall back on my stock phrase and say that it has been, and should continue to be, Mostly Sunny. Thanks for playing.

As for sports, there is something generically bonding for kids and parents through all the good and bad of baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse (or insert sport of choice here) that we’ve found so tearjerkingly endearing and frustratingly off-putting that we wouldn’t trade for anything. For entertainment, please keep the “there’s no culture here” jab in a quaint, distant, dustgathering time capsule and avail yourself of the true myriad of options

BLVDS Las Vegas

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dining & retail FLAVOR


yeah, I meant to tell you about that.” Stay on them, and their teachers. And make sure you click the ParentLink option that sends you an email every time there’s a grade change. This way you can say to the kid, “So. Tough Algebra quiz, eh?”

Help Us Accomplish Our Diamond Studded Goal

Visit www. to donate or find for more information. Or call our office: 702.644.9177

White Horse Youth Ranch (WHY Ranch) invites you to invest in our next season as we continue to offer Clark County’s only free specialized horsemanship and riding program called “Diamonds in the Rough.” This unique program provides hurting Las Vegas youth, ages 8-18, a rare opportunity to experience a safe, healing and inspirational environment where a horse becomes a trusted friend. Through the safe haven of Why Ranch, broken children experience healing by developing a passionate and connected relationship with their horse. Children are transformed through the application of the proven principles of respect, empathy and acceptance, ultimately empowering and inspiring children to become responsible and contributing citizens in their families and communities. We are developing our first mentor program and are currently receiving applications for our life-changing “Diamonds in the Rough” program. Because we are homeless and looking for our own ranch we currently contract with two host facilities; Cowboy Trail Rides, which is out at beautiful Red Rock State Park and Four Views Equestrian in the Gilcrease area. Each partner provides the location and the horses and we bring our unique program and life changing philosophical approach. We are looking for community minded individuals who can help us successfully complete our capital campaign, which will allow us to have our own ranch facility and horses! WHY Ranch’s vision is to offer our program to 100’s of children per month! Please contact us to find out more about our hope-infused program which offers children unique and valuable experiences that result in their hearts being healed, their minds being inspired and our western heritage being preserved. Visit WHY Ranch today at to donate or find more information. Or call our office at 702.644.9177. Thank you.


(702) 644-9177





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• Cue Driving Interface • Available Torque Vectoring All Wheel Drive • Plus all the luxurious details you’ve come to expect. • For the complete story check out the 2013 Cadillac XTS at

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– We don’t just sell luxury cars, we sell Cadillacs.

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BLVDS Family Kids Pets June July 2012  

BLVDS annual Family Kids and Pets issue.

BLVDS Family Kids Pets June July 2012  

BLVDS annual Family Kids and Pets issue.