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DESIGN architecture & style

time,” she says. “If they are looking to do anything

bust. The company now employs only 12 and has

architectural, why not consider green stone and

been able to survive because of the McCombs’

Realm of Design’s Morrow Royal Pavilion

help the recycling effort?”

foresight in having saved during the good years.

• 290,000 lbs. of recycled glass • 500,000 beer bottles • 132.5 barrels of oil saved • 404,100 cubic yards of landfill space saved

Just off a film segment with the DIY Network’s This

“Save for the winter,” Cindy says. “And winter is here.”

New House, Cindy McCombs is an advocate of buy-

The business celebrated its 20-year anniversary

local and USA-made products. She gets most excited

in February. Realm of Design began when Scott

about building custom fireplaces. Her family-owned

McCombs was building a custom home with

and run business just started offering the 99-percent

columns in Las Vegas. At the time, he noticed that

recycled product in August after Scott McCombs

there were few local companies doing similar

worked on the formula for four years.

work. Following that project, he was contacted

Realm of Design’s 2,500-square-foot showroom contains a fountain, moldings, a staircase, and entry ways. About 85 percent of everything in that

by American West Homes to build light-weight balusters. Their first order was for 1,500 units. From there, Realm of Design continued to grow.

room is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete.

The McCombs don’t see the recent downturn

But the company also designs with bronze,

as only having a negative impact. “It helps you

polyurethane, and pewter.

to think, what else can I do to enter into other

Like all things linked to home construction, Realm of Design saw a huge increase during Las Vegas’ construction boom; at the height it employed about 50 craftspeople. And then came the subsequent

b l vd s l v. c o m

Realm of Design 1188 Center Point Dr. Henderson 89074 566.1188

markets and do other things?” says Cindy. “We don’t want to stand still. People need to keep things going, and that’s why we built the green stone building,” she continues.

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