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THE Family, Kids, & Pets ISSUE COMMUNITY Love Dog Adventures inspires healing through interactive animal-assisted therapy.

ARTS Love of family, kids, and music inspire Las Vegas’s Hawaiian Elvis.

LIFESTYLE Tattered bunnies, bears, and blankets mean a lot to your child.

IMHO DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is a place for everyone.


The ADVENTURIST GUIDE aims to bring out the explorer in you. Get to know the individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs who have “bet it all� on downtown to create an incomparable urban experience for everyone. Look up restaurants that satisfy your culinary cravings. Shop the stores that offer novel fashions paired with great customer service. Experience the unique nightlife. Beautify your environment with art that amuses and delights. Be an adventurist!

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We our We our employee volunteers! volunteers! employee Cox Communications employees volunteered more than

13,000 HOURS in our community in 2014, helping to improve the lives of others through the support of education, families, children and diversity partnerships.

EDITORS’ LETTER can take your four-legged member of the family out for fun and dinner! One of my favorites is Jeanette Schneider’s story on “Loveys”—the stuffed animals that grow up with us and keep us safe from all the bad things we may encounter. In her story, “Baby Love,” she will take you on the adventure of her daughter Liv’s relationship with Baby Rabbit. I just love when I am out and about and see a little one with their treasured companion. And yes, I still have mine!

Welcome to our 50th issue! As we enter into our 9th year of publishing BLVDS Magazine, we wanted to look back on a selection of our magazine covers since we began in 2007 (See pages 24 and 25). It has been a fabulous first eight years filled with up and downs and endless publishing adventures, so most of all, I want to say thank you to our loyal readers and advertisers! In this issue of Family, Kids, and Pets, you will find our comprehensive calendar of family friendly events on pages 16 and 17, and you can find many more events on our website— We also have a large list of summer camps for you to explore. There is sure to be a camp to help you fill up your child’s summer with activities that are not only fun but also educational. Take a look at our summer book List for ideas for a good summer read, and check out the tips in the Flavor section for where you

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What is a summer without childhood treats? In our Flavor section we have a few kid friendly recipes to try out. My favorite is the Butter Beer recipe on page 42. It’s not just for witches and wizards anymore! Summer is the perfect time to take a long vacation, read wonderful books, and be a kid again. Barbeque anyone?

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The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 3


Jeanette Schneider loves to write and negotiate with her very busy two year old when not concentrating on her career in finance. Active in the community, she enjoys opportunities to marry her passion for Las Vegas with her love for the art of storytelling. She also blogs and has included “sell manuscript” to her Top Ten Things To Do Before I Die list.

Elaine & Scott Harris educate and produce interesting, informative articles, and videos about fine wine and fabulous food. They have received national recognition for their writing through their online publications, VinolasVegas and Cuisineist as well as contributors to several national media outlets from coast to coast.

Temple Kinyon moved to Las Vegas 11 years ago after enjoying life in rural Idaho. Embracing the diverse setting Las Vegas offered, she settled into her freelance writing life, pursuing both fiction and non-fiction. When she’s not writing, Temple creates with paper, paint, fabric and ink, and adores adventures with her husband and two ferociously funny bulldogs.

Debi Bonds is a native of Washington, taught counselor education and critical thinking in Nebraska. In her current writing, she seeks to give voice to her rich family history with empathy and compassion, qualities she believes are essential to our survival. She and her husband live in Henderson, Nevada.

Chris Cutler holds an MFA in creative writing from Murray State University (KY) which is appropriate since she loves to write. She believes everyone has a story to tell and founded The Las Vegas Memoir Project to help people write their stories. When she’s not working at BLVDS or teaching at UNLV, Chris travels. Discover her blog at coldpastaandredwine.

Siria L. Gutiérrez is an attorney with Lipson, Neilson, Cole, Seltzer & Garin, P.C. She practices civil litigation and has a personal passion for finance that she plans to incorporate into her practice. A reformed spender, she plans to blog about financial life lessons this year.

Brianna Soloski works in communications at the University of Nevada, Reno and owns a freelance writing business. An avid reader and writer, she’s self-published on Amazon. When she’s not working, you’ll find her with a book in hand. While she’s got her sights set on the fundraising/PR/marketing industry, for now she enjoys doing a little bit of everything.

Lea Lumba is a copywriter in constant search for any form of creativity that life has to offer. She enjoys museums, wine tastings, crafts, and she is a selfdescribed fashionista and gastronome who subscribes to the motto “Never stop learning.”

Sarah Vernetti loves to write. When she isn’t writing about travel and the family-friendly side of Las Vegas, she’s busy crafting short stories and flash fiction. Sarah holds a Master’s degree in Art History, which, quite frankly, doesn’t come in handy very often. Feel free to say hi to her on Twitter: @SarahVernetti.

Joy Bellis is a native Philadelphian who came to Las Vegas in 2002 after spending 15 years in Florida. An account executive in advertising and public relations, she has a penchant for the game of golf (and several championships under her belt). Although she’s a late bloomer in the field, she wants to be a writer when she grows up.

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C O N T E N T S | BLVDS LAS VEGAS | NO. 50 | May - June 2015



Putting The Love In Love Dog Adventures It’s well-known and scientifically proven that interacting with gentle, friendly pets benefits both our mental and physical health.


Katlyn Oaks Dream Weaver A teen struggling with her own health issues helps comfort children suffering from long-term illnesses.


Unplug, Grab a Good Book and Read! Summertime is reading time. We have book suggestions for all ages!


Art Galleries Theatre Listings Events Calendar



Vegas Enjoys Its Hawaiian Elvis Gary Haleamau combines his loves of music, family, and kids to enrich both his home and work life.


Vegas Creates

Kids, & Pets ISSUE


On The Ball In helping others succeed at bowling, Coach Phil has found his true calling.



Happiness is Calling Celebrate summer with a quick weekend get-away to San Diego.

Saving For College Investigate your options for saving for your child’s college.


Family Fun Activities Spend the summer checking out the plethora of family activities in the Las Vegas Valley.





Recipes to Get the Kids Off the Couch and Into the Kitchen Looking for fun recipes for the kid in all of us? We have three for you.


BLVDS Celebrates 50 Issues









Pets On The Go Before you take off with Fido in tow, check out our tips for bringing him along.

Food and Family What started out as a cookbook of family recipes eventually turned into a memoir.

Street Art Guerrilla Style Ruzo Logic gives artists an everchanging canvas.



IMHO DISCOVERY Children’s Museum President and CEO Tifferney White contemplates creating a “sense of place” leveraging the Children’s Museum as a hub of the village.

Baby Love Those tattered, beat-up bunnies, bears, and blankies are more than a toy to your child.

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 5

We got you, girl. A ridiculously fun blog for women by women.

SIP THE FINEST MARGARITA Experience the modern side of Mexican cuisine Savor fresh seafood, enchiladas and more with sauces made from scratch

Make a Difference Nothing says love more than  a cold nose and wagging tail. You and your dog can become  pet therapy volunteers at  Nathan Adelson Hospice.  For more information contact  Lisa Browder 938-3961 or

Join us for drinks, dinner, lunch or Sunday brunch

TIVOLI VILLAGE 702.202.4511

430 South Rampart Blvd.


The Pet Therapy Program is part of the Bonnie  Schreck Memorial Complementary Therapies  program at Nathan Adelson Hospice




LOVE DOG ADVENTURES pend time chatting with Sue Grundfest, founder of Love Dog Adventures, and you’ll see how passionate she is about her job. Love Dog Adventures, an affiliate of Pet Partners, trains dogs to provide therapy to kids and adults who are ill, have special needs, or need some extra love. Sue started Love Dog Adventures after facing her own lifethreatening illness 20 years ago. That illness brought Coco, a dog


Team Julian at the Autism Speaks Walk 8 |

Animal-assisted therapy brings joy to Las Vegans. Written by Brianna Soloski

with special needs, into her life. Coco ignited her passion, and Sue started Love Dog. While more than 20 dogs have been through the training program in Las Vegas, not all dogs are qualified to become Love Dogs. The dogs go through a rigorous training process to become certified, and their owners must also be prepared for the rigors

of having a therapy dog. People go through a training class without their pets to see if Love Dog Adventures is truly something they want to get involved in. This training helps them understand their pet and the role it will play as a therapy animal.

One of the most important things Sue focuses on in her program is making sure dog and human teams are matched appropriately to a situation. What a fouror five-pound Yorkshire Terrier can do is vastly different from what a 100-pound Newfoundland can do. The teams pride themselves on taking all factors of a situation into account. According to Sue, “Sometimes we discover the animal really does not like being put to these new challenges and is not appropriate for the program.” And that’s okay. It never reflects poorly on the dog or its owner.

engage with are so happy to see young people. Seeing our young volunteers shine and be empowered when around animals is such a joy.” Lindsay Pearlman saw firsthand the effect of therapy dogs when a family member underwent cancer treatment in New York. She was amazed by how gentle the dogs were with patients and knew she had to get involved somehow. When deciding on a dog of her own, she “chose a breed known for their sweet and gentle natures and their deep bond to humans,” Pearlman says. Lindsay’s dog, Atlas, is a two-and-ahalf year old male Newfoundland that suffers from elbow and hip dysplasia and has a congenital heart defect. Despite numerous surgeries and months of rehab, Atlas still struggles to live a regular dog’s life. Lindsay doesn’t know from one day to the next how Atlas will feel when he wakes up, so she takes his health into account when planning his therapy sessions. There were times when she wasn’t sure Atlas would be able to become a therapy dog, but with some extra patience and work, Atlas passed.

According to Lindsay, from puppyhood, “Atlas showed a deep desire to be with humans, an easy curiosity, and an absolute acceptance of being handled, petted, hugged.“ She knew he’d be a good candidate for Love Dog Adventures. And she was right Atlas has made an excellent therapy dog. Susan Pierce and Ginger, a yellow labrador retriever, also work with Love Dog Adventures. Pierce knew Ginger would be a good candidate for Love Dog when she saw how the dog interacted with people at the park. Pierce and Ginger initially joined another organization, but after realizing it wasn’t a good fit for either of them, Pierce turned to Love Dog Adventures, vetted through Pet Partners, the gold standard for canine therapy organizations. “I wanted to know that my dog and I were going to be trained properly so we’d know just what to do to bring love, compassion, and comfort to those we visit,” Pierce says. Ginger isn’t only helping others, she’s also helping her owner. Pierce suffers from mild anxiety, and having Ginger with her makes her feel immediately accepted wherever they go. “I don’t have to worry about people liking me or judging me. People like Ginger; therefore, people like me. It had done wonders for me, and I don’t feel nearly the kind of anxiety I used to. She’s made my world—and that of so many others—a better place to be. I don’t know where Ginger ends and I begin,” Pierce says.

Children age 10 and older can volunteer with Love Dog Adventures. Seeing children volunteering and feeling like they’re making a difference gives Sue a lot of pride. “So many of the people we Sue Grundfest, founder of Love Dog Adventures

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 9




ow many seven-year-old girls begin fundraising and go on to have a non-profit organization by the time they’re 17? Here’s one.

After a suffering from a long, undiagnosed illness that perplexed doctors locally, Katlyn Oaks received the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease on her tenth birthday. “Las Vegas doctors referred us to specialists in Los Angeles who diagnosed her. It was a relief to finally know,” Katlyn’s mom, Ruth, explained. Katlyn, her mom, and her dad, James, frequently stay at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in LA to be close to specialists. It was there that inspiration hit Katlyn. “Many children suffering

10 |

Katlyn’s Dream provides comfort to kids suffering from long-term illness. Written by Temple Kinyon

from long-term illness are from one- or no-income families because they require 24-hour care, like me,” Katlyn said. “A lot of families from Las Vegas stay at LA RMH, so I started raising money to help.” Katlyn’s first success was a 10’ U-Haul stuffed with toys for Summerlin Hospital. Her continual focus on “Walk for Kids” to raise money for the LA RMH allowed sponsorship of a suite there named in honor of Katlyn and her aunt. It also earned her Top Fundraiser award in 2013 and 2014. “People find it hard to say no to her,” Ruth said.

Last fall, Katlyn received a visitor while she was at Summerlin Hospital—County Commissioner Steve Sisolak “He kept asking what he could do for me, and I told him he could help me raise money,” Katlyn grinned. The combined efforts of Sisolak, former Sheriff Doug Gillespie, and businessmen Bob Ellis, Bill Marion, and George Kelessis made Katlyn’s non-profit a reality. “Katlyn’s Dream provides things for comfort, like birthday and holiday gifts, and for medical needs, like glasses for a two-year-old who lost an eye,” Katlyn said. Her fundraising total is $115,000 and continues to grow.

“You can cry about your situation or you can be proactive and make a negative situation into a learning experience.” ~ Katlyn Oaks “Katlyn’s Dream is the culmination of her hard work,” Ruth explained. “The only thing limiting her is money. It’s never for a lack of ideas.” You can be a part of Katlyn’s Dream at

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 11




It’s Not My Fault I Know Everything (Dear Dumb Diary #8) by Jim Benton Demco Media Eighth in Benton’s “Dear Dumb Diary’s” series, It’s Not My Fault I Know Everything is an entertaining look at Jamie Kelly’s life during a month in which her class is doing a lesson on journal writing, someone finds a journal they shouldn’t, the dogs owned by Jamie and her arch-nemesis, Angelina, have a litter of puppies, and Angelina is becoming friends with Isabelle. Horrors!

Granny McFanny by Lewis Kimberly Illustrations by Polanco Stephens Press LLC Lewis Kimberly’s book, Granny McFanny, is a fun romp with Granny from a party to the circus to the sea. Your kids will enjoy Granny’s adventures dancing the salsa, pulling rabbits from her hat, joins the circus, and runs for president. Polanco’s poetic verse and Polanco’s whimsical illustrations will delight kids of all ages. More books for elementary-schoolers: Boats Float by George Ella Lyon Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins The Seven Silly Eaters by Ann Hoberman Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans The Pigeon Needs a Bath! by Mo Willems Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet A Perfectly Messed-Up Story by Patrick McDonnell

12 |

More books for middle-schoolers: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney Built to Last by David MacCaulay Wonder by R.J. Palacio Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm Greenglass House by Kate Milford and Jaime Zollars The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson

The Writer’s Block BooksOrBooks Amber Unicorn Books Bauman Rare Books Barnes & Noble Great Wall Bookstore

The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew by Sue William Silverman Nonfiction - University of Nebraska Press A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle Square Fish We can all identify with charting the unknown world of high school and adolescence. L’Engle’s classic coming of age story deals with the awkwardness and insecurity felt by Meg Wallace as she and her brother deal with the town’s rumors about them and their family. This fantasy story highlights the importance of courage, resourcefulness, and—especially—family in overcoming life’s tribulations.

In this collection of essays, Silverman takes the reader through her search for who she really is. As a teen, she worshipped Pat Boone, that rock of morality, family values, and virtue—things she didn’t fi nd in her own father. This series of essays, written in a variety of points of view and formats, takes the reader through Silverman’s adolescence when she was the only Jew in a school where everyone else was a WASP, through the abuse she endured at the hands of her father, through her marriages, addictions, and recovery. She touches on some very delicate subjects but handles them with a perfect mix of intelligence, compassion, anger, and humor. More books for you:

More books for high-schoolers:

Still Life With Breadcrumbs by Anna Quindlen

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

Leaving Time by Jodi Piccoult

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

The Underground Girls of Kabul by Jenny Nordberg

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Sum of Our Days by Isabel Allende

Stitches, A Memoir by David Small Looking for Alaska by John Green

The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother, and Me by Sofka Zinovieff

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Light of the World by Elizabeth Alexander

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 13


ART GALLERIES DOWNTOWN ART SQUARE 1017-1025 First Street Galleries include: BRETT WESLEY GALLERY Suite 150 | 702.433.4433 NEVADA HUMANITIES Suite 190 | 702.800.4670 THE STUDIO Suite 135 | LAS VEGAS CAMERA CLUB Suite 185 | 702.281.7810 ARTS FACTORY 107 E. Charleston Blvd. Galleries include: 8 MARTINIS GALLERY Suite 205 | 303 NORTH STUDIO Suite 115 | facebook. com/303NorthStudio CRICKET STUDIO & FACEUP GALLERY Suite 210 | HAPPY PANDA TOYS Suite 120B | 702.516.3432 HIPTAZMIC STUDIO Suite 105C JAIKOWSKI STUDIOS Suite 115 JANA’S REDROOM Suite 160 |

14 |

JERRY MISKO Suite 220 | JOSEPH WATSON COLLECTION Suite 115 PEACENART STUDIO Suite 230 R SPACE Suite 125 SIN CITY GALLERY Suite 100 | BLACKBIRD STUDIOS 1551 S. Commerce St. 702.782.0319 B SIDE GALLERY BLVDS HOUSE 509 S. 7th Street 702.386.6065 | CITY OF THE WORLD GALLERY 1229 Casino Center Blvd. 702.523.5306 CLARK COUNTY GOVERNMENT CENTER ROTUNDA 500 Grand Central Pkwy. 702.455.7030 CLAY ARTS VEGAS 1511 S. Main St. 702.375.4147 COB4LT BLU3 STUDIO GALLERY 1400 S. 3rd St. 702.771.0032 | CORNERSTONE ART GALLERY 201 E. Colorado St. 702.238.5894

EMERGENCY ARTS 520 Fremont St. 702.686.3164 Galleries include: DIFFERENT STROKES GALLERY Suite 212 DOBEZ DESIGNZ V3 ARTS Suite 166 GAINSBURG STUDIO 1533 W. Oakey Blvd. 702.249.3200 THE HIGH POINTS 707 Fremont St. #2240 LEFT OF CENTER GALLERY 2207 W. Gowan Rd. 702.712.1708 LIL’ ART BODEGA 707 Fremont St. #2230 702.647.7378 | MICHELLE C. QUINN FINE ART ADVISORY 620 S. 7th St. 702.366.9339 | PHOTO BANG BANG 224 E. Imperial Ave. 702.527.2264 PORARY ART 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.769.6036 SOUTHERN NEVADA CENTER FOR THE ARTS 1310 S. 3rd St. 702.888.3400

SOUTHERN NEVADA MUSEUM OF FINE ART 450 Fremont St., Suite 280 702.382.2926 | THE ARTISTIC ARMORY 5087 S. Arville St. 702.574.9005 WASTELAND GALLERY 1800 Industrial Rd. #104A

AROUND TOWN ART ENCOUNTER 3500 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.733.2000 ARTISTICLIFESTYLES 2758 S. Highland Dr., Suite B 702.754.3355 BELLAGIO GALLERY OF FINE ART 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. 702.693.7871 CITY CENTER FINE ART COLLECTION 3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 702.590.7111 DONNA BEAM FINE ART GALLERY 4505 S. Maryland Pky. 702.895.3893 KUSH FINE ART GALLERY 3500 Las Vegas Blvd S. # G27 702.650.3444 MARJORIE BARRICK MUSEUM 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy. 702.895.3381 MARTIN LAWRENCE GALLERIES 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. 702.991.5990 P3 STUDIO 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S. 702.698.7000

THEATRES ART SQUARE THEATRE 1025 S. First St. #110, Las Vegas 702.818.3422 BAOBAB THEATRE 6605 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas 702.269.5000 COCKROACH THEATRE 1025 S. First St. #110, Las Vegas 702.743.3839 CSN PERFORMING ARTS CENTER 3200 E. Cheyenne Ave. 702.651.5483 FAITH LUTHERAN THEATRE COMPANY 2015 S Hualapai Way, Las Vegas 702.804.4400

RAINBOW THEATRE COMPANY 800 S. Brush St., Las Vegas 702.229.6553

THEATRE IN THE VALLEY 200 S. Water St., Henderson 702.558.7275

THE LAS VEGAS SHAKESPEARE COMPANY 821 Las Vegas Blvd. N., Las Vegas 702.229.6211

THE INSPIRE THEATRE 501 Fremont St., Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 89101 702.910.2388

THE SMITH CENTER 361 Symphony Park Ave., Las Vegas 702.930.8113

UNLV PERFORMING ARTS CENTER 4505 Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas 702.895.2787

SUMMERLIN LIBRARY & PERFORMING ARTS CENTER 1771 Inner Circle Dr., Las Vegas 702.507.3860 SUPER SUMMER THEATRE Spring Mountain Ranch State Park Highway 159, Blue Diamond 702.736.4744

We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open ~ Harry Edwards

LAS VEGAS ACADEMY THEATRE 315 S. 7th St., Las Vegas 702.799.7800 LAS VEGAS LITTLE THEATRE 3920 Schiff Dr., Las Vegas 702.362.7996 NEVADA BALLET THEATRE 1651 Inner Circle, Las Vegas 702.243.2623 NEVADA CONSERVAOTRY THEATRE 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas 702.895.3011 ONYX THEATRE 953 E. Sahara Ave., Suite 16B, Las Vegas 702.732.7225 NEVADA BALLET THEATRE

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 15



DIFFERENT Explore the sights and sounds of our great city! Springs Preserve Photo Contest Exhibit

Every Friday 9AM - 3PM

Through June 21 Springs Preserve

Fresh 52 Farmers & Artisan Market

If 6 Turned Out to be 9

at Tivoli Village Every Sunday 9AM - 2PM

Through June 30 Marjorie Barrick Museum

Fresh 52 Farmers & Artisan Market

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

at Sansone Park Place Every Sunday 9AM -2PM

Thursdays through July 16 Onyx Theatre

The Get Fridays through July 17 Onyx Theatre

APRIL 2015 Cinderella

Member Exhibit

Discovering Italy A Cultural Perspective

Tuesdays through June 9 The Smith Center

May 7 Sahara West Library

MAY 2015

ONGOING The Downtown 3rd Farmers Market

Frankie Moreno: Under The Influence

April 30 - May 3 Smith Center

All New People May 1 - 17 Las Vegas Little Theatre

First Friday Art Celebration May 1 Downtown Las Vegas

United Way YPS Derby Day May 2 Downtown Las Vegas

Fiesta del Mariachi – Mariachi Celebration Concerta May 2 West Las Vegas Library

Prescription Murder May 8 - 24 Henderson Theatre in the Valley

Ohana Festival May 9 Springs Preserve

Giselle May 9 - 10 Nevada Ballet Theater The Smith Center

Tears of Joy Theatre: When Animals Were People May 13 - 15 Various Libraries

UNLV Jazz Concert Series Featuring Vocalists and Small Combos

Ongoing City Lights Art Gallery, Henderson

May 13 Clark County Library Main Theater

Faberge Revealed

36th Annual San Gennaro Festival

Through May 25 Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts

Yesterday & Today Collection

Boulder City Spring Jamboree Adam Caldwell

Through May 30 Marjorie Barrick Museum

April 30 - May 30 Brett Wesley Gallery

Kennedy Obsession

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition 2015

Through June 6 Marjorie Barrick Museum

16 |

May 1 - 30 Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery exhibitions

May 2 - 3

May 6 - 10 Grand Canyon Shopping Center

Walter Mosley

Best Dam Wine Walk

May 7 Black Mountain Institute

Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) May 7 - 23 Onyx Theatre

May 8 Boulder City

Soul Men & Lady Soul May 8 - 10 The Smith Center

Boulder City Relay For Life Event 2015 May 9 Boulder City


The Asylum Theatre presents Veils

Through May 16 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

June 4 - 20 Onyx Theatre

Agassi Prep Dance Concert May 18 West Las Vegas Library

Japanese American Internment of WWII with Rare Historical Photos Art Festival of Henderson May 9 - 10 Water Street, Henderson

Hats Off To Dance May 9, 10, 16, 17 Starbright Theatre starbrighttheatre.htm

May 19 Rainbow Library

Grill Me: B&W Photos of Car Grills 1950-1960s May 19-July 17 West Las Vegas Library

All About Clay: Exhibit by Nevada Clay Guild May 21-July 21 Sahara West Library

Desert Author Series Stephen Murray May 16 Sahara West Library

Four by Four: Music of the Beach Boys, Beatles, Bee Gees & Motown May 30 Starbright Theatre

Lights! Camera! Action! May 30 - 31 Boulder Theatre

June 5 LV Natural History Museum

Southern Comforts June 5 - 21 Henderson Theatre in the Valley

The Chosen – A Musical Theatre Youth Performance Presentation June 6 - 7 West Las Vegas Library

Rat Pack Live

Boulder City May 22-23

Las Vegas Brass Band Summertime Concert Dances of India May 31 Sahara West Library

JUNE 2015

Dinosaur Revolution Traveling Exhibit LV Natural History Museum

May 16 The National Atomic Testing Museum

May 30 Springs Preserve

June 6 Starbright Theatre

May 13 The Smith Center

In The Beginning... A Conversation with Museum Founders

Brews & Blues

11th Annual Best Dam Barbecue Challenge

Boz Scaggs

Opens May 16

Sundown in Downtown A Night At The Museum Under the Stars

Ice Cream Festival May 23 Springs Preserve

Fly Willie; A Zany New Comedy May 23 Summerlin Library

Annie May 26-31 The Smith Center

Discovering Italy A Cultural Perspective June 4 Sahara West Library

Laurie Berkner in Concert June 4 Clark County Library

Las Vegas Stories: The Mob’s Hidden Hand in Las Vegas June 4 Clark County Library

June 7 Clark County Library

24th Anniversary Celebration LV Natural History Museum June 11

Native Speech June 12 - 28 Cockroach Theatre Company

Las Vegas Ballet Company Presents Swan Lake June 13 Summerlin Library

The Desert Tenors June 14 Starbright Theatre

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 17


Your Festival Experience


B A R D . O R G


# u t a h s h a k e s

8 0 0 - P L AY T I X Photos, top to bottom: Cedar Breaks National Monument; and a scene from Henry IV Part One, 2014.

Blaze Brooks (left) and Macy Monroe Kearney work away on their Guerrilla Kage during First Friday.



11year-old rock star


HAWAIIAN ELVIS Gary Haleamau changes lives of children with his Hawaiian rock star status.

Written by Temple Kinyon Photography by Talbot Snow

s director of exhibits and facilities at Discovery Children’s Museum, Gary Haleamau interacts daily in the lives of kids, from his student interns to the hundreds of eager young museum visitors. It’s his perfect job, he says. “It’s a blessing to be here to touch the lives of kids through the exhibits. I love what I do.”


His passions for music and Hawaiian culture and love of kids and family all come together in Haleamau’s museum work and personal life. He and his wife, Sheldeen, own a successful hula school centered around community outreach. “We focus on love and encouragement for kids and adults. The kids are what it’s all about,” Haleamau adds. The school brings together her award-winning hula and his musical talent. Haleamau grew up in Hawaii, enjoying rock star status with his amazing slack-key guitar talent. “At age 11, I got second place in a talent contest, and the record producer gave me a 45rpm contract. I thought I was Elvis.”

20 |

Haleamau credits his dad for his musical interests. “Dad’s family gathered all the time, and everyone always brought instruments. I watched them play and experienced the sound and music. I learned by watching, so I’m basically self-taught.” From mastering ukulele at age three, starting a band in elementary school, playing professionally at age eight, winning a plethora of contests, and scoring a club gig with bandmates Charlie and Smitty in college, Haleamau admits, “I had no idea how far this would go.” Haleamau has numerous albums, his latest winning the Nã Hõk˜ u Hanohano Awards Religious Album of the Year. He’s played as guest artist for a variety of musicians and still tours, schedule permitting. “As long as I can go and as long as they’ll have me, I’ll keep playing.” Haleamau’s band, “Kawili”, plays locally most Friday nights at Island Flavor. Find his albums at

Haleamau’s band, “Kawili”, plays locally most Friday nights at Island Flavor in the Windmill Plaza, 8090 S Durango Drive.

Kurin, Sheldeen and Gary Haleamau The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 21






Showcasing every aspect of art and design from the talented and eclectic mix of people who make Las Vegas home.


City of the World Gallery is dedicated to educating, producing, marketing and celebrating the arts. Disney Teacher of the Year and Wonder of Life Award winner Roz Knight founded City of the World to provide an enriching environment and artistic service to the community. At any given time, the work of over 30 artists and artisans are on display in the gallery. Be sure to check out their 2nd Annual Artz-to-Go Fundraiser. The event will have awesome art, Mother’s Day gifts, a pet fashion show, kid’s zone with jumpies and food trucks, May 9th, 10am-4pm at Bill Briare Park 650 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas. |

New to the Fremont East District Downtown, PublicUs is a canteen-style restaurant and coffee bar. Whenever possible, they partner with local food purveyors to supply the freshest ingredients for the restaurant. A wonderful enhancement to the Fremont East neighborhood and an inspiring space for meeting, eating, and relaxing with friends and family. We especially enjoy coffee under the tree tables. |



Helen Journal - Named for Helen Stewart, the “First Lady of Las Vegas,” Helen is an arts and literary magazine published biannually in print and digital media. Jocelyn Paige Kelly, founder and publisher, says Helen spotlights the local and diverse talent living in Las Vegas. Each themed issue contains both print and digital material and features poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, comic, photography, short film, and the spoken word. | 22 |

Tony Milici - Mixed media artist and glass sculptor Tony Milici combines rock, marble, and steel with glass to create dynamic works of art. He uses contrasting textures of polished, sculpted, and faceted glass highlight a natural movement in form and dimension. Because of the versatility of glass, he has created and installed sculptures both indoors and outdoors. |


Heather Vanek grew up in a family of photographers but never saw herself as one until she decided too many professional photos were lacking emotion. She uses few props preferring to concentrate on the babies, the children, the families so that their personalities are the focal point of each photo. |


For over two decades, the Art Classes for Kids staff have inspired and nurtured the creative talents of Vegas valley children and teens. Through art classes, private lessons, art parties, and camps, they bring drawing, painting, and sculpting to kids ages 3-15. Founded by Kim Bavington, Art Classes for Kids is the great for art education while having fun. Check their website for the 2015 Summer Art Camp, classes fill fast! |

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 23


BLVDS LV Magazine is proud to be a part of this amazing community and celebrate our 50th magazine issue. In every issue we strive to bring you the culture, people, and flavor that make Las Vegas a great place to live.

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The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 25


33 panels


Left to Right: Kim Johnson, Marc Abelman, John the Painter, Ruzo Logic, Eden Pastor, Ras One, Nate Murray. Photo by Kira Weisz

Photo by Ruzo Logic

Ruzo Logic wandered the Las Vegas Arts District a few years ago wondering how and where artists could legally show their work in an urban setting. He soon founded the Guerrilla Kage which allows artists to create large-scale pieces on canvas. The three-sided pieces (aka “kages�) adorn the CharlestonCasino Center area and constantly change giving First Friday attendees a fresh, everchanging outdoor art exhibit to enjoy. Follow them on Facebook searching Guerrilla Kage. Photo by Ruzo Logic 26 |




New Summer Kids Schedule! Beginning June 1

6:00 AM Clifford the Big Red Dog 6:30 AM Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot about That! 7:00 AM Martha Speaks 7:30 AM Wild Kratts 8:00 AM Curious George 8:30 AM Curious George 9:00 AM Sesame Street 10:00 AM Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood 10:30 AM Peg + Cat 11:00 AM Thomas & Friends 11:30 AM Signing Time!

12:00 PM 12:30 PM 1:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:00 PM 2:30 PM 3:00 PM 3:30 PM 4:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM

WordGirl Odd Squad Arthur Wild Kratts Wild Kratts Dinosaur Train Peg + Cat Super WHY! Curious George Curious George Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Every Weekday on Vegas PBS Channel 10 • 702-799-1010

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SATURDAY, MAY 16TH SOUTHWEST SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Patriotic pop tunes under the stars

SATURDAY, JUNE 6TH LYNDY BUTLER A little bit country, a little bit pop ‘n’ roll

SATURDAY, MAY 23RD LAWN DARTS Country, rock, religious—a little bit of everything

SATURDAY, JUNE 13TH RANDY ANDERSON BAND Energetic and swinging country show



FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH YAZ BENEFIT CONCERT ZION CANYON MUSIC FESTIVAL SATURDAY, JUNE 20TH RIRIE-WOODBURY DANCE COMPANY Compelling dance, incredible movement SATURDAY, JUNE 27TH LAO TIZER Jazz, rock and classical music with jam-band and Afro-Cuban influences



Jeanette Schneider writes about our babies’ favorite toys with firsthand experience with her sweet little girl, Liv.

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 29



special lovey


LOVE Written by Jeanette Schneider Photography by Nicole Dake

f you Google the word “lovey,” you will find a plethora of sites either enabling your need to find the most perfect “comfort object” for your little one or to understand why your child has developed an almost obsessive connection to a piece of fuzz and eyeballs. The broader psychological communities respond to the inconvenience that is a ratty, possibly even stinky, spat upon, and unconditionally loved piece of cloth with boundaries and clinical speak. One moment they suggest it is an item of comfort, and in the next breath. They surround you with soft-sounding words to alleviate your concerns that your child will be 30 with a smelly bear tucked into their weekender bag.


I am no psychologist, but I am a mom and an observer of life. I can only share my own experience and the experiences of those who are close to me. My very formal, very unprofessional opinion? Let them have their babies. My daughter selected her lovey when she was about five months old, and it was simply in a pile of other babies I put in her crib. There was nothing special about it, but the ears were especially chewable and the body was perfect for yanking. Soon that little 30 |

Do your children drag around the same shabby stuffed toys for years? They’re not alone.

rabbit was a big part of the family. Liv carried Baby Rabbit with her everywhere, and shortly after she started saying “Mama” she started saying “Buh.” She taught her Buh all the new words she’d learn, and I’d hear her in her crib working out the happenings of the day. If she got in trouble for hitting the dog, Buh got in trouble for hitting another baby in her crib. Buh went along with Liv to preschool. I realized that she definitely made an impression when teachers I did not know

said, “Good morning” to both Liv and Baby Rabbit when I dropped them off. I never once discussed when we would end their relationship, and not one person ever recommended a break up. If Liv had a particularly tough day, her teacher would suggest she and Buh go snuggle on a frog pillow placed in the corner of the room for a few moments. We bought Buhs in mass quantity and were nervous that if she found the drawer full of Buhs she’d become psychologically scarred. The day she found the stack, she squealed with delight, “Babies!”

A lovey helps your child self-calm and self-soothe and provides a positive sleep association. When my husband and I went through our divorce, I heard Liv talking about how Buh had a crib at daddy’s house, too. Buh suddenly had her own babies, and Liv helped her raise them as the older, wiser maternal figure in their crib. When I’d haphazardly notice Liv selecting other babies to sleep with, I found my chest get a little tight. I knew she would eventually grow out of Baby Rabbit, but this very specific transition made me a little sad. My baby was growing up. I asked her about it one night. “Liv, do you still need Baby Rabbit?” She got a very sweet and nurturing expression on her wise little face. “I love Baby Rabbit the most. I’m her mommy, but I’m a big girl. She likes to stay home some days.” At four, Liv is her own little person and is taking steps away from the baby I still imagine her to be. She doesn’t always ask for babies to nap with, nor does she immediately grab anything in particular when she cries. I can’t help but notice, however, that no matter which babies, dolls, and fuzzy animals end up on the floor in her room, her Buh always has a spot on her bed and in her little heart.

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 31



year difference

Written by Debi Bonds Photography by Kira Weisz

owling ball in hand, Noah stares down the gleaming lane at the Sunset Station Strike Zone as his coach, Phil Del Monte, gently corrects his approach. Although at nine pounds the ball is one fifth of his weight, Noah rolls it with the grace of a gymnast. His follow-through ends like a bird taking flight. The ball skirts the gutter before curving toward the pocket. Strike! To the clatter of falling pins Noah turns toward his coach, arms raised in triumph to give him a double high-five.


They make quite a pair: Phil is 81, and Noah is 8. “Coach Pill,” as Noah calls him, remains patient throughout the lesson even when Noah flops onto the floor after a gutter ball or races around following a spare. Phil works hard to guide Noah’s “wildhorse” energy toward the movements leading up to the ball’s release. They are making progress. Phil began bowling when he was in his teens over 60 years ago. After seeing the legendary Andy Varipapa perform incredible bowling stunts, Phil was hooked. A fast learner, Phil soon found he could compete with anyone. He rolled his first 300 game in his second year. When I asked what he remembers about it, he said, “The smell of the paper on which I recorded the score!” But Phil’s life changed in the 1970s when he moved to Hawaii and began coaching young bowlers. In helping others achieve, he had found his true calling. Coach Phil considers himself a “tool” who guides bowlers in the direction of improvement. “My focus has to be on them,” he says. He mentions the benefits of grandparent participation adding, “Bowling is an unusual sport in which different

32 |

Rolling with Coach Phil—In helping others achieve, he had found his true calling.

generations can often perform equally well.” But as Noah’s grandmother, I predict that the equalizing aspect of the game will disappear as Noah advances. With “Coach Pill’s” help, Noah will soon be out of my league.


pet travel tips

PETS ON THE GO Written by Sarah Vernetti


lenty of preparation goes into the typical family vacation, but that planning is even more important when you’re bringing along your pets. These tips will help ensure that you’re prepared for life on the road with your dog or cat.


Research accommodation options before you leave home. It seems like every hotel has a different pet policy. While some have no extra fees or restrictions, others charge a nonrefundable deposit or put limits on the number and size of pets that can accompany guests. When in doubt, call the hotel to verify their pet policy before booking your stay.


Research pet-friendly activities before your trip. Rather than leaving your dog or cat alone in a strange hotel room once you arrive at your destination, take them along on your adventures. Look for active, outdoor things to do, like hiking or visiting the beach. Not only will your pet have fun, but the exercise will help stave off any anxiety that they are feeling while they’re away from home.


Make sure to address any health concerns before you hit the road by scheduling a check-up with your pet’s veterinarian. Once your pet is fully vaccinated, make sure to bring documentation with you on your trip. Kurt Williams, owner and operator of A-VIP Pet Resort, suggests, “Make sure you have a couple of copies, and email a copy to your phone.”


Keep your pet at ease in unfamiliar surroundings. While humans love excitement and variety, pets tend to be creatures of habit. Williams suggests bringing familiar items from home to help comfort your dog or cat. “Bring a favorite blanket or a favorite toy that is going to keep them preoccupied during the time you’re traveling and in the hotel room.”

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 33


COOL CAMPS DURING THE HOT SUMMER BOULDER CITY Summer Parks Recreation Center Complex June 8-August 21 900 Arizona Street Boulder City, NV 702.293.9256 |

Recreation Centers Summer Day Camp All loactions June 8-August 21 Cambridge Recreation Center 3930 Cambridge St., 702.455.7169

HENDERSON USA Chess Camp DeVry University June 29-July 3 Kodu Video Game Creation DeVry University Henderson June 29-July 3 2490 Paseo Verde Pkwy. Henderson | 888.652.4377

Bob Price Recreation Center 2050 Bonnie Lane, Las Vegas | 702.455.7600

Fitness and Weight Loss Camp Debra Stefan Fitness Home June 7-August 22 Henderson | 800.930.5947 NORTH LAS VEGAS Learn to Swim 2015 Doolittle Community Center June 8-August 21 1950 N. J St., | 702.229.6374 LAS VEGAS AREA Shining Stars Camp June 22-26 Classic Camp | June 15-19 The Smith Center 361 Symphony Park Avenue Las Vegas | 800.326.6868 34 |

Cimarron Rose Community Center 5591 N. Cimarron Road Hollywood Recreation & Community Services Center 1650 Hollywood Blvd., Las Vegas 702.455.0566 Paradise Recreation Center 4775 McLeod, Las Vegas 702.455.7513 Parkdale Recreation Center 3200 Ferndale St, Las Vegas 702.455.7517 Walnut Recreation Center 3075 N. Walnut. Las Vegas 702.455.8402 City of Las Vegas Summer Camp and Learn to Swim 2014 702.229.6297

Summer Art Camp Art Classes for Kids June 15-July 17 Downtown & Summerlin 702.678.6777

Camp Kidville Tivoli Village May 11-August 28 420 S. Rampart Blvd, #130 Las Vegas | 702.233.9253

Summer Camp 2015 DISCOVERY Children’s Museum | July 6-31 360 Promenade Place, Las Vegas | 702.382.3445

Summer Camp Darling Tennis Center June 8-August 14 7901 W Washington Ave, Las Vegas | 702.229.2100

iD Tech Summer Computer Day Camps | UNLV June 15-July 24 4505 S. Maryland Parkway Las Vegas | 408.871.2227

Summer Fun Camp Springs Preserve June 8-August 21 333 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas | 702.822.7700

Invent Now Summer Camp Seven different elementary schools in Las Vegas 800.968.4332

Performing Arts Camp Las Vegas Performing Arts Initiative June 29-July17 Art Square Theatre, Las Vegas 702.375.2028 |

Nike Basketball Camp June 8-11, June 15-18 7100 W Dewey Dr, Las Vegas | 800.645.3226 Ball Handling & Basketball Shooting Camp Tarkanian Basketball Academy | June 15-17 2730 S Rancho, Las Vegas 425.670.8877

MOUNT CHARLESTON June 14-26 Camp Lee Canyon Youth Resident Camps 6201 Lee Canyon Rd., Las Vegas | 702.455.7072


SPRING INTO THE SPRINGS PRESERVE. Open daily. 702-822-7700 U.S. 95 and Valley View Blvd.



Weekend brunch at the Divine Café makes for a delicious adventure. From frittatas to filets, a kids’ meal and more, the menu is as delightful as the surroundings. Dine comfortably indoors or alfresco on the patio – the stunning view of the Strip is included. Saturdays & Sundays Brunch opens at 10 a.m.

Back by popular demand! A live, interactive show where mad scientists invite you into their “lab” for wild, weird and wonderful science fun. New experiments and “explosive” antics every month. Saturdays and Sundays, holidays 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Through May 31 • Free with admission

For our calendar of events and pricing, visit

BREWS AND BLUES FESTIVAL Enjoy red-hot blues and cold handcrafted brews during our sixth annual Brews & Blues Festival. Sample beers from around the world and groove to some of the best live blues jams. Open to guests 21 and older. Saturday, May 30 • 4-8 p.m.

What makes this ice cream festival so sweet and creamy? How about all-you-can-eat sundaes, root beer floats and ice cream novelties of all kinds! And the fun is nonstop too, with airbrush tattoos, a photo booth and more. Saturday, May 23 • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. $10 adults, $8 for children 5–12

$75 VIP, $35 in advance $40 at the gate Members receive $5 discount

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Come Play and Learn With Us This Summer!

July 6 – 31

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hour drive



Celebrate summer with a long weekend get-away to San Diego.

Written by Sarah Vernetti

ith its beautiful beaches, unique museums, and a world-class zoo, San Diego is an ideal weekend escape for Las Vegas families. Hit the road this summer and explore San Diego’s kid-friendly side.


Perhaps the best place to start a San Diego adventure is at the famous San Diego Zoo. Home to over 650 species of animals—including elephants, giraffes, tigers, and the must-see Giant Pandas— the zoo provides a full day of entertainment for families. Be sure to ride the aerial tram and enjoy views of the zoo and surrounding Balboa Park. One-day passes to the San Diego Zoo are $38 for kids and $48 for adults. Children age 3 and younger receive free admission. Next, take a self-guided tour of the USS Midway Museum. Kids will love getting an up-close look at a real aircraft carrier, which includes exhibits, restored airplanes, and two flight simulators. A highlight of the USS Midway is its flight deck where families will see several retired aircraft and sweeping views of the bay. Admission to the museum is $18 for adults and $8 for kids ages 6 to 12. For additional nautical fun, visit the nearby Maritime Museum of San Diego where you’ll find restored sailing ships and exhibits on seafaring history. When you need to refuel after your downtown San Diego sightseeing, head to the city’s Gaslamp Quarter. This part of town, between Broadway and L Street, is where travelers will find a wide variety of restaurants. For casual, kid-friendly fare, try Burger Lounge which serves grass-fed burgers, healthy salads, and budget-friendly kids meals. If your family is in the mood for a nice dinner with white tablecloths, opt for fresh seafood at the popular Blue Point Coastal Cuisine. 36 |

Rent a sail boat and spend the day relaxing on the ocean.

Mother panda Bai Yun and baby Yun Zi playing at the San Diego Zoo.

No trip to San Diego is complete without a visit to the beach. Drive over the impressively large bridge to Coronado Island. Visit Coronado Beach and frolic in the waves. This wide, peaceful beach is perfect for sandcastle building. Before you leave, be sure to admire the historic Hotel Del Coronado, a great accommodation option for families looking to splurge.



Coronado’s downtown district feels like a different world compared to San Diego’s skyscraper-filled urban core. Coronado is home to unique shops, restaurants with patios for outdoor dining, and beautiful homes with carefully manicured gardens. Take your time and explore the neighborhood before retreating back to reality and ending your trip.

Outside Las Vegas Foundation has guided walking and activity on trails throughout Southern Nevada. Explore our great trail system, help keep it safe and clean, while staying active. Join us! We have 2, 3, and 6 miles loop trails to show you, your family and friends that Southern Nevada is walkable!

Old town entertainment in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Join our walking groups to meet your neighbors, discover our trails, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

For more information contact Outside Las Vegas Foundation | 702.997.3350

Pacific Beach boardwalk great for a family cycling day. Photography by San Diego Tourism Authority






Saving for your child’s college is an important part of financial planning that you must consider along with saving for retirement and other financial goals.

Written by Siria L. Gutiérrez

s soon as your little bundle of joy gets a social security card, you can start saving for college. Saving for college is an important part of financial planning, which must be considered along with saving for retirement and other financial goals. Remember, you can always borrow for college, but you cannot borrow for retirement. College 529 plans grow tax free, and every state has at least one 529 option.


According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a year’s total average tuition, fees, and room and board for a full-time undergraduate student in 1981-1982 at a 4-year institution was $9,554; in 2011-2012, the cost was $23,066.

Nevada’s pre-paid tuition program Nevada’s program allows you to purchase one of five college plans for a set amount of credits at today’s tuition rates, ranging from 120 credits at a four-year Nevada university to 60 credits at a community college. You can enroll your child for a $100 fee during open enrollment. The program offers flexible payment options too. Plus, the earlier you enroll, the lower your monthly payments. This program, however, only covers tuition. If your child decides to go to an out-ofstate school, the program will pay for credits at that year’s Nevada tuition rate. Be aware that the rate may not cover the full bill. Learn more—including when open enrollment starts—at

College Savings Plans If you want to save for more than just tuition, a college savings plan account with an investment company might be a better fit. This plan allows you to save for tuition and all qualified higher education expenses. You can use the money you withdraw only for qualified expenses, so you’ll want to follow the rules to avoid any tax penalties. While flexible, this plan does not provide the benefit of the locked-in tuition rate, but you can save more money. Make sure you understand all the associated fees too. Can’t decide between the programs? You can do both, just make sure it fits with the rest of your financial plan.

38 |

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that enrollment in postsecondary degree-granting institutions will increase 15 percent between fall 2010 and fall 2021.


fun ideas

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum just turned two! If you have not been there yet, now is the time. The DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is a three-story building containing nine-themed exhibition halls filled with interactive exhibits. The 5,000-square-feet Featured Exhibitions Gallery is large enough to accommodate major exhibits from the nation’s leading museums. Located on the grounds of the Smith Center, the museum offers visitors a fun, educational experience.

Springs Preserve sits on 180 acres filled with desert botanical gardens, walking trails, a wetland park, galleries, an indoor theater, and an outdoor concert venue. Located across from Meadows Mall, the Preserve offers a variety of events each month.

Located in North Las Vegas, Aliante Nature Discovery Park—aka Dinosaur Park—offers a variety of activities for children of all ages. Kids can spend time playing in the sand box, climbing the dinosaur “fossils,” enjoying the slides on the playground, or splashing around on the water pad. There are also a manmade lake complete with waterfalls, bridges, and ducks.

Enjoy a ride on the Nevada Southern Railway excursion train! You and your kids can ride along the lines Union Pacific constructed in the 30s in either an openair or an air-conditioned/heated Pullman coach. Located in Boulder City, the railway offers the 35-minute rides on Saturdays and Sundays (10:00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30).

Located at the entrance to the Mountain’s Edge community, Exploration Peak Park covers 80 acres at the base of the mountain. It offers numerous walking and biking trails that will take you to the top of Exploration Peak. In addition to the outdoor amphitheater and picnic and playground areas, you can enjoy wandering recreations of a western town and Indian village and an archeological dig site. exploration-peak-exploration-park The Family Fun Check List q Red Rock Canyon q Valley of Fire State Park q Lake Mead q Mount Charleston q Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs q Bonnie Springs Old Nevada q Wetlands Park q Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex q Rafting Trip down the Colorado River q Roos-N-More Zoo q Rhyolite Ghost Town q Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary q Shark Reef Aquarium q Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat q Chuck Jones Experience q Madame Tussauds q Wet’n’Wild q Cowabunga Bay q Pinball Hall of Fame Museum q Ethel M. Chocolate Factory & Cactus Museum q Pole Position Raceway Go Karts q Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

q Red Rock Climbing Center q Marjorie Barrick Museum q Neon Museum

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 39

MAY 29 – OCT 17


JUNE 5 – OCT 16


JULY 31 – OCT 15


TUACAHN.ORG | (866) 321-5065 *Limited time only, restrictions apply.




Mingo Kitchen and Lounge is a downtown favorite located in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District. Shown here is the Rib Eye #RARENJUICY with caramelized cipollini onions, roasted potatoes, and balsamic soy glaze. Is your mouth watering?




kid friendly recipes


f your child is a Harry Potter fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Butterbeer, a staple in the Wizard World. Students at Hogwarts enjoy the beverage regularly. When the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal’s Orlando Resort, butterbeer was on the menu with JK Rowling’s stamp of approval.


You’ll find a plethora of butterbeer recipes online. Most of them use cream soda as the “beer” base, and they tend to be a little too sweet. I find using a good ginger ale cuts the sweetness. In a pinch, you could use butterscotch ice cream sauce.

Cold Butterbeer Serves 8

Butterscotch mixture: 1 T salted butter (not oleo or margarine) 2 T brown sugar 1/2 t cinnamon 4 c ginger ale (or cream soda) Melt the butter in a pan and add brown sugar and cinnamon. Let mixture cool. Stir mixture into the ginger ale and divide between 4 mugs. You can add a layer of “foam” by adding a dollop of whipped cream flavored with butter vanilla or toffee flavoring or a scoop of vanilla, toffee, or butterscotch ice cream.

42 |

Peanut Butter & Jelly Soup We lived in Nashville for 14 years, and one of our favorite things was Soup Sunday, an annual soup-tasting event that benefitted Our Kids, a local a nonprofit organization. The more than 50 restaurants that participate offer up everything from a crab bisque or corn chowder to pepperoni pizza or peanut butter and jelly soup. The PB&J has remained my favorite, and this is as close as I can get to recreating the taste. 3 T peanut or almond butter 3 T jelly (grape, strawberry, raspberry, or cherry) 1 C lowfat milk 1/2 t vanilla extract 4-6 ice cubes (Optional) Blend milk and vanilla in a blender until smooth (30-45 seconds). Add the peanut butter and jelly and blend for an additional 30 seconds. If you want a creamier soup or a shake, add the ice cubes and blend until smooth.

Kid Kabobs While these kabobs are a fun way to get kids to eat fruit, they are also a fresh and tasty treat for adults, too. apples bananas pears strawberries seedless grapes (red and/or green) fresh pineapple skewers

Cut all of the fruit except grapes and strawberries into chunks. Slide fruit chunks onto skewers alternating the fruits and colors. Roll the finished kabobs in yogurt and then in the coconut. For a more decadent (adult) dessert, melt dark chocolate chips and drizzle over the fruit.

1 cup nonfat yogurt 1/4 c. dried coconut, shredded

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 43





ve collected so many recipes through the years that my file was full, my ring binder couldn’t hold more pages, and the newspaper clippings were turning brown with neglect. The spine of the ring binder announced in bold letters, “Some Day I’m Gonna Write My Own.” Writing my own cookbook was my intention after the first time a friend asked me for a recipe.


My daughter, Jody, bought me an early edition of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking as soon as it came out. I was thrilled, bought some kitchen twine to wrap herb bundles, and even considered buying a real chef’s mandoline. I actually made a couple of Julia’s detailed preparations, and they turned out perfectly delicious, but I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have the time, nor inclination, to cook in that manner regularly. I knew that any cookbook I might put together could not live up to the standards of Julia and James, those masters I so respected. But, I learned an important lesson: If you set such insurmountable goals, you won’t even have to try to reach them. That can save you a lot of useless labor. So the recipes kept piling up while I learned to replace the Campbell’s soup with quickly prepared sauces, learned what spices did to enhance my food, and found that frozen puff pastry would suffice in place of that pound of butter, cups of flour, and a day of rolling and folding.

Writing my memoir about food, family, and fun. Written by Joy Bellis from a series of essays that I wrote for the classes I attend at Las Vegas Memoir Project, for people who don’t know any of the characters I’ve written about. As I approached completion of the book, I wondered whether my experiences would be of interest to anyone other than my family. By self-publishing it, I could distribute it immediately to my family and a few friends who were interested in what I was doing. I discovered that a print-on-demand service, the Espresso Book Machine, was available in Las Vegas. My son, Jack, a professional in the publishing world, had already seen the Espresso Book Machine (located in the Writers Block) and assured me that it was the proper route for the short run I wanted. Scott and Drew, operators of the book machine, were very attentive and their service was reasonably priced. Very quickly, I received copies of my book and became a published author. I hope my recipes and my stories enhance everyone’s appetite for life’s meals.

But what about the cookbook? I really intended it to be a souvenir of my life for my children and grandchildren—a reminder of my life, and my mother’s—when I am gone. I started to write about how one food preference led to a long search for the ideal recipe for a Bolognese sauce for pasta and where we found it. That suggested a pattern to follow. Where did we go to eat what and whom were we with? As I pursued that course, the book began to take its final form. I amazed myself when I started to record our travels and to recall some unique experiences. My original intention was that no one other than my immediate family would read my. Much of the material in the book comes

44 |

Joy’s mother (Dottie) and her aunt (Pearl) in the kitchen, circa 1972.




t is no secret that Las Vegas is a culinary epicenter that attracts guests from all over the world. But many don’t realize dining venues in this gastronomic city offer bites for every member of the family, including your fury ones.


Downtown Las Vegas offers a plethora of choices. Enjoy a tasty meal at Park on Fremont. If you’re in the mood for Mexican why not dine at La Comida. Carson Kitchen’s upstairs patio is a personal favorite of ours for great food, service, and views. Share the fun with your family members at Downtown Container Park and sample its numerous dining choices with al fresco seating. For the artistic types, bring your fury friends to Bar & Bistro in the Arts District.

Written by Elaine & Scott Harris

excellent place to spend the day exploring and sampling its many quaint shops and restaurants. It’s important to share quality time with all of your loved ones and family members. From Mt. Charleston to Boulder City, there are many choices to play, shop, and dine with your pet. So the next time you’re heading out for a bite, don’t leave anyone behind.

Not to be out done, Downtown Summerlin has many venues with outside seating. Enjoy a meal and a day of shopping at this brand new hot spot in Las Vegas. Of course Lazy Dog Restaurant is a must visit for your four-legged friend. Also in Summerlin, don’t miss Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs, Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Bar, Grape Street Café, and Honey Salt. Even the famed Las Vegas Strip offers some great places to dine with your pet. Todd English Pub is a lovely place to people and pet watch while dining on some tasty treats from a celebrity chef. Mon Ami Gabi and Pink’s Hot Dogs are also great choices to dine under the neon. Tivoli Village near Boca Park is a great place to walk, shop and dine with your pet. Made LV has a nice patio complete with water bowls. Echo and Rig is perfect place to enjoy Happy Hour with your best friend as well. In fact, all of Tivoli’s venues with patios are very suitable to spend quality time with all members of your family. In addition to Tivoli Village, The District in Green Valley and Town Square on Las Vegas Boulevard both offer many options to shop and dine with your pet. Further south, Boulder City is an

Bring the pooch to Container Park and enjoy its numerous dining choices.

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IT TAKES A VILLAGE s a child, I remember how the neighborhood adults looked out for me as I played, always inquiring how I was doing in school and even providing guidance that shaped and encouraged desirable behaviors. They looked out not only for me but also for all of the children. My parents were not only supportive of this neighborhood approach to child rearing, but they depended on it. And now more than ever, I understand why—because it takes a village.


Children are our community’s most precious resource. This is why children’s museums are such an important entity in cities across our country and world. Children’s museums contribute to local economies and reduce economic barriers. More than 30 percent are part of downtown revitalization projects, and over 30 million individuals annually visit children’s museums around the world. These valuable institutions help visitors develop essential foundational skills all while thinking they are “just having fun.”

Children are our community’s most precious resource, and it takes a village to make sure they are successful. Neuroscience has confirmed what social science has long contended— that the first years of life are essential to future learning. Children’s museums are grounded in well-established pedagogy and lead the movement for combining specific learning objectives with play (a child’s work) in informal learning environments. As multidisciplinary institutions, children’s museums are defining how to teach arts, humanities, sciences, mathematics, engineering, technology, literacy, and human relations across generations. Children’s museums also serve as town squares and build social capital strengthening community resources that educate and care for children – helping school systems by bringing to life experiences that compliment what students are learning in their classrooms.

Written by Tifferney White CEO /President DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

And guess what folks! Right here in downtown Las Vegas we have a brand new state-of-the-art, world-class children’s museum anchored by a world-class performing arts center. We know from experience that DISCOVERY Children’s museum is an important part of the Las Vegas community. We know that because through our exhibits and programs, we have witnessed the youngest visitor leave enamored with the possibilities of science and determined to become a teacher so she could bring her students to the museum to learn the science. We have worked with at-risk high school students through our YouthWorks program and have seen them transform before our eyes by developing the desire to apply to and graduate from college when, prior to entering our program, that desire was inconceivable. As a young city, Las Vegas is in a unique position of building a “sense of place” that already exists in other cities. Building a sense of place is exciting work; however, it is not something one can accomplish alone. It takes a concerted and intentional effort of the entire village, and I challenge you to think of the Children’s Museum as the “hub” of that village. Also important are businesses/corporations interested in ensuring a dynamic future workforce, philanthropists with valuable resources to contribute, nonprofits serving children and families of Southern Nevada, the schools holding the capacity to positively affect each and every family in the valley. Children are our community’s most precious resource, and it takes a village to make sure they are successful.

The Family, Kids, & Pets Issue | May - June 2015 | 47


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BLVDS LV "Family, Kids, & Pets" May/Jun 2015  
BLVDS LV "Family, Kids, & Pets" May/Jun 2015