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Hot-diggity dog, Dachshunds are adorable!

Written by Temple Kinyon

through all the ‘what-ifs,’ every step of the process. I don’t care about costs. I want rescued dachshunds to have the best care, training, food, and environment so they thrive.”

ometimes in life, one person’s vision—a spark of an idea—comes to fruition and makes a monumental difference in the community and lives of others. Almost 10 years ago, Leilani Ehlers had a notion to form a group of like-minded dachshund lovers, and she created the Las Vegas Hot-Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue (LVHDDCR). “It was initially only a social group,” Ehlers explained. “We wanted our dachshunds to play together.”


After running the club for a short time, Ehlers recognized a need for a dachshund-specific rescue. She educated herself and learned through her experiences, adding loving volunteers along the way. She established the dachshund rescue based on the belief that it’s all about the happiness and comfort of the dachshund. “With the rescue, I went

LVHDDCR’s adoption process is thorough, benefiting both the dachshund and the new owner. To learn the surrendered dachshund’s history, volunteers interview the people surrendering the dog. “We get to know the dachshunds so we can place them with the perfect new owner,” Ehlers emphasized. All potential new owners submit to an interview, home inspection, and meetn-greet to ensure the best possible fit. “We have a very low return rate because of the care we take,” she adds. LVHDDCR hosts pet adoptions throughout the year, along with several fund-raising events which include their annual “Santa Paws” donation drive November 15-December 13. You can donate new dog items—beds, toys, food, and leashes— at collection locations around the valley. “We divvy up all donations and share with other smaller rescues in town,” Ehlers said. You can also send monetary donations to: LVHDDCR, 5840 W. Craig Road 120-287, Las Vegas, NV 89130. Visit for more information.

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