BLVDS LV 47 "Giving" Nov/Dec 2014

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HIGH SCHOOL IS TOUGH ENOUGH magine the typical challenges of high school and now add not knowing where your next meal will come from, if you will have a jacket when the weather turns chilly and where you will sleep at night…it becomes an equation many would find tougher than a difficult algebra problem. Enter Project 150 in the equation and it is becomes a bit simpler for those students who are homeless, displaced or otherwise disadvantaged.


“We want them to stay and school and If we can eliminate obstacles by providing basic essentials—food, clothing, school supplies and toiletries we increase the chance that they

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Project 150 helps solve the equation for Las Vegas’s homeless teens.

Written by Andi Breesha

will graduate,” said co-founder Patrick Spargur. Through resource centers at high schools and the Project 150 Free Shopping Days students have access to the basics most take for granted.

expanded organically, and through a partnership with CCSD and the Title I Hope Program, Project 150 now serves 36 schools in the Las Vegas Valley and four in Reno.

Founded in December 2011 when Spargur, a 1983 Clark High School graduate, saw a news story about 150 homeless students at Rancho High School and shared it on Facebook. Connecting with other Valley area alumni through their networks, both online and in person, the founders were able to provide gift cards for food, warm clothes and blankets for the students at Rancho. As they heard story after story of students who wanted to stay in school, their reach

Project 150’s goal is to make sure homeless students get a diploma and have a better chance at succeeding in life. “If a high school student stays in school through their junior year the chance of graduating increases substantially,” explained Spargur. Through donations, corporate sponsors and volunteers, the organization is able to give back with the hope that the students may be able to do the same one day.