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Global Inclusion and Diversity Office Q2 2010 Newsletter

Global Inclusion: A critical business imperative and competitive advantage Greg Brown and Dr. Sanjay Jha discuss the importance of inclusion and diversity at Motorola On 21 June, the Global Inclusion and Diversity team hosted a Motorolawide town hall featuring Co-CEO’s Greg Brown and Dr. Sanjay Jha. During this event, Greg and Sanjay discussed how inclusion and diversity is a critical imperative and competitive advantage – and one that’s not optional at Motorola. We are in the process of creating, for both Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, an environment where diversity of ideas and diversity of thought can prevail. This culture will value the differences and contributions everyone can make, regardless of the demographic differences they bring to the workforce. “I anticipate the Separation will have no impact on either of our (Greg Brown) thinking,” said Sanjay Both businesses will continue to need the things that have made us successful in the past. Furthermore, I like the battle of ideas regardless of your rank or position in the organization. It is the quality of ideas that matter, not where the idea comes from. We need to create that environment and I think inclusion and diversity is central to that.” Greg concurred with Sanjay. He said, “I don’t think Separation changes anything as it relates to inclusion and diversity. We have 50,000+ employees at Motorola and 30,000 are outside the U.S. So diversity is

Greg Brown

Experience Inclusion:

Workplace. Marketplace. Workforce.

“As a global company, we not only embrace and value diverse individuals, opinions, cultures and abilities, but also actively seek them. It is the unique perspectives and experiences of our employees that enable Motorola to pioneer so many innovative products and technologies.” Greg Brown

Co-CEO, Motorola CEO, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks

Sanjay Jha the battle of ideas; it’s U.S. versus nonU.S., it’s women, it’s people of color, it’s diversity of thought, it’s people inside Motorola, and outside from other firms. I think Sanjay and I have been and will remain committed to building as diverse, competent and capable teams as we respectively can in both organizations.” Learn more about Motorola’s journey to cultivate a workplace that ensures all voices and points of view are valued and respected at inclusion. It’s smart business...AND it’s the right thing to do. You can watch a replay of this town hall at

“When I think about diversity, I think of a stimulating and impassioned dialogue among people with varying backgrounds, distinct opinions and strong belief systems where viewpoints are openly challenged in what I would depict as a battle of ideas. Ultimately, this exercise culminates in the development of innovative products and experiences for our diverse customers.” Sanjay Jha

Co-CEO, Motorola CEO, Mobile Devices and Home

Experience Inclusion: Workplace. Marketplace. Workforce.

Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

2009 Global Inclusion and Diversity Awards Individual Award Winners On Monday, 21 June, Co-CEOs Greg Brown and Sanjay Jha recognized employees who have gone above and beyond to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace, marketplace and workforce. Here are the award winners.

Marcela Darras Sr. Admin. Assistant, Corporate Law Schaumburg, Ill., USA

Mayur Shah Systems Engineering Consultant Mobile Devices and Home Libertyville, Ill., USA 2

Q2 2010 Newsletter

Ali Amer Vice President, Sales Networks – Dubai, UAE

Lorenzo Cruger Director, Engineering Enterprise Mobility Solutions Plantation, Fla., USA

Zenita Henderson Marketing Planning Specialist Corporate – Horsham, Pa., USA

Carlos Olmedo Staff Engineer, Sr. Enterprise Mobility Solutions Plantation, Fla., USA

Nick Shyamani Senior Black Belt Enterprise Mobility Solutions Schaumburg, Ill., USA

Individual awards were also presented to Ishak Mogal, Customer Support Manager, Networks – Swindon, U.K.; and Arati Mukerji, India Public Relations Manager, Corporate – Bombay, India, who were unable to attend the awards ceremony.

Global Inclusion and Diversity Office Group Award Winners

Why we recognize global inclusion and diversity achievers The purpose of the Global Inclusion and Diversity Awards is to recognize individuals or groups who have gone beyond the call of duty to integrate workplace, marketplace and/or workforce initiatives.

Global Communications Jeff Madsen, Mandy Bosco, and Chantal Montsion (Not pictured: Peter Hur, Brenda Luterbach and Lee Turman)

Each year, employees around the world are asked to nominate individuals or groups of employees who have demonstrated their support for inclusion and diversity through daily interactions or organized efforts that help make Motorola a great place to work. These awards are presented each year during the Global Inclusion and Diversity town hall.

Nomination Process Global Women’s Business Council Leslie Jones, Angela McKeirnan, Carey Dassatti and Ronna Smith-Zahner

The 2010 nomination process will be held from 22 November through 31 December. We encourage employees to participate by nominating the person, group or organization of their choice. For more information on the global inclusion strategy, please go to

Women’s Business Council of India Soumya Lakshmi V (Not pictured: Sammy Sana) Q2 2010 Newsletter


Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

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“At Motorola, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace where all voices are heard and all points of view are valued and respected. With the global society becoming more diverse each day, any business that fails to implement an inclusive workforce will be at a disadvantage. “Diversity and inclusion are embedded into Motorola’s culture as key components of our overarching business strategy, which will help us achieve our most important goal: Delivering exceptional products for our customers around the world.”

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2010 business council leadership Asian Business Council Sanjay Goel, Lynn Qian, Nick Shyamani Black Business Council Lewis Steverson Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Business Council Keith England, Dan McCurdy, Kyle Spainhour

Latino Business Council Eduardo Conrado, Oscar Rojas Women’s Business Council Angela McKeirnan, Ronna Smith-Zahner People with Disabilities Business Council Kevin Foster

Jeanette Kilo-Smith

Vice President Global Inclusion and Diversity

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Q2 2010 Newsletter

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