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Global Inclusion and Diversity Office Q2 2009 Newsletter

Global Inclusion: A critical business imperative and competitive advantage Experience Inclusion:

More than 700 Motorolans participate in a diversity discussion with Greg Lee

Workplace. Marketplace. Workforce.

Greg Lee, senior vice president, Human Resources, discussed the importance of diversity as keynote speaker at the “Understanding the Impact of the Economy in the Workplace” meeting held on 23 June. This event was sponsored by Motorola’s Office of Global Inclusion and Diversity and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Business Council (GLBT).

“As a global company, we not only embrace and value diverse individuals, opinions, cultures and abilities, but we also actively seek them. It is the unique perspectives and experiences of our employees that enable Motorola to pioneer so many innovative products and technologies.”

“To us, diversity is an attribute that makes an individual unique,” Greg said. “Fostering diversity at Motorola isn’t a program or a campaign; it remains a core value that we integrate into every area of our company. Regardless of the current economic climate, curtailing our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not an option for us.”

Greg Brown education and life experiences.

Greg noted that diversity remains a priority at Motorola and that the company defines diversity as individuality. This individuality includes a wide spectrum of attributes such as age, race, ethnicity, personal style, sexual orientation, language, physical ability, religion, socioeconomic circumstances,

Motorola has successfully embedded diversity and inclusion into its culture which has given us the competitive advantage and strengths needed in today’s business climate. Our unwavering commitment to maintain an inclusive culture will contribute to greater achievements, and allow us to serve our customers better. All of this will ultimately fuel innovation and build a stronger company. You can watch a replay of this town hall at HR/20090623-2

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Business Council

For more information about the GLBT and other business councils, visit their website at

President & Co-CEO, Motorola, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Broadband Mobility Solutions

“When I think about diversity, I think of a stimulating and impassioned dialogue among people with varying backgrounds, distinct opinions and strong belief systems where viewpoints are openly challenged in what I would depict as a battle of ideas. Ultimately, this exercise culminates in the development of innovative products and experiences for our diverse customers.” Sanjay Jha

Co-CEO, Motorola, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Devices

Experience Inclusion: Workplace. Marketplace. Workforce.

Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

Inclusion Around the World Gene Delaney advises Motorolans on how to align their careers for success Gene Delaney, president, Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS)

Black Business Council team members

Gene Delaney, president, Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS), was the keynote speaker at the “Align Your Career for Success” global seminar on 21 April. This event was hosted by Motorola’s Office of Global Inclusion and Diversity and the Black Business Council (BBC). Gene, who joined Motorola in 1978, shared his views on how successful careers are built. “The thing you need to understand about a career is that it’s not a straight line,” he said. “You will hit some slow patches; or you may even determine that you have been in a job too long. You should think about

your career and leadership attributes in the totality of a career. If you stay authentic, if you inspire and stay engaged, good things will happen.” Gene, executive sponsor of the BBC, was joined for this discussion on diversity and career advancement by Eduardo Conrado, chief marketing officer, Broadband Mobility Solutions Global Marketing; Lewis Steverson, corporate vice president, Law Department, Broadband Mobility Solutions; and BBC leader Catherine Smith, vice president and lead counsel, Law Department, Mobile Devices.

Motorolans play prominent roles at the RainbowPUSH Coalition Conference

Motorola participants in the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference included (front row, left to right) Toni Carter, Gail Berrier, Jeanette Kilo-Smith, John Santeler, Sharon Clermont, Lewis Steverson; (second row, left to right) Tavius Jackson, Sonia Waiters, Marie White, Henry Pierce, Terry Bell, Victoria Stewart, Carol Tate, Chris Russell, Georgia Vlamis, Yvonne Nowak and Ric Blackwell.


Q2 2009 Newsletter

Motorolans Lewis Steverson and Jeanette Kilo-Smith participated in the 38th annual RainbowPUSH Coalition and Citizen Education Fund conference, which ended on 1 July in Chicago. This year’s theme – “A More Perfect Union: Targeted Stimulus, the Key to Reconstruction” – spoke to the challenges of confronting the global economic downturn and turning it into new opportunities. Lewis, corporate vice president, Law Department, Broadband Mobility Solutions, served as keynote speaker for the conference’s international luncheon. His remarks focused on the business realities of the global recession and how Motorola and other technology companies are critical to drive bold, comprehensive

and coordinated action that will spur economic recovery. “Motorola sees an opportunity to define and negotiate what we call ‘international digital economy agreements,’” he said. “This reflects the convergence of goods, services and technology while appealing to a broad range of countries, thus creating a new negotiating dynamic that could enable the successful conclusion of these agreements and the continued growth of e-commerce.” Jeanette, vice president of the Global Inclusion & Diversity office within Human Resources, participated in the PUSH Scholarship Awards Gala and presented scholarships to two students majoring in engineering.

Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

The European Commission and Motorola partner to encourage young women to become interested in information technology Motorola participated in the European Commission’s (EC) “Cyberellas are IT!” conference hosted on 3 March in Brussels, Belgium. Due to the declining number of women in information and communication technologies (ITC) careers, the EC has taken action to increase young women’s interest in the field. “Getting more women into information and ITC careers would be a force for change and a major boost for this key economic sector,” said Viviane Reding, the European Union commissioner for

telecoms and media. During the event, she encouraged companies to sign a Code of Best Practices for Women in information and communication technologies. Karen Tandy, senior vice president for Public Affairs and Communications, signed the code on behalf of Motorola. Motorola also was featured in an event video called “IT is Wicked!” You can view the video and learn more about the Code of Best Practices for Women in ICT by visiting:

Viviane Reding, the European Union commissioner for telecoms and media

Motorola to receive Point Inspiration Award At its annual gala in Los Angeles on 26 September, the Point Foundation will honor Motorola for its outstanding contributions to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community with the Point Inspiration Award. The award recognizes corporations that champion respect and inclusion of the GLBT community, and operates with the vision that the success achieved by talented young people is limited only by the resources and opportunities they are given to help them fulfill their potential. “Motorola’s commitment to the GLBT community, as well as their unfailing support of Point Foundation’s leadership conferences and events, continues to inspire and motivate other corporations and individuals to invest in the future through the education

of our young people,” said Jorge Valencia, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Point Foundation. “We’re excited to recognize their achievements on behalf of the community.” “Motorola is honored to be recognized by the Point Foundation in its receipt of the Point Inspiration Award,” said Greg Lee, senior vice president of Human Resources. “We are proud of our continued involvement with the Point Foundation and support its mission through our commitment to fostering diversity, encouraging talent, and building a culture that thrives on inclusion and respect.” You can learn more about the Point Foundation at

Q2 2009 Newsletter


Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

Global Awards Motorola recognized as Top Diverse Employer

Workforce Diversity for Engineering & IT Professionals magazine

Motorola has once again been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Employers” by Workforce Diversity for Engineering & IT Professionals magazine. Diverse professionals were surveyed to rank the companies and government agencies where they would most like to work or that they believe would provide a positive working environment for members of minority groups.

Motorola ranked as #12 out of 50 listed companies. Workforce Diversity for Engineering & IT Professionals is read by more than 60,000 professional engineers who are members of minority groups. The publication is also sent to all engineering schools offering advanced degrees and related professional associations and societies.

Motorola MC75 wins best wireless equipment Product Award from Utilities Telecom Council The Utilities Telecom Council (UTC), a global trade association, is dedicated to advancing technology and critical communications for utilities organizations.

Motorola MC75

During its annual event in June in Las Vegas, Nev., Motorola’s MC75 won the Product Award in the category of best wireless equipment – receiving top honors from more than 140 entries. The MC75 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) is an ideal solution for mobilizing field


Q2 2009 Newsletter

workforce within a utility enterprise. It features a rugged, lightweight design, a powerful microprocessor, increased interoperability and improved mobile messaging, with integrated voice and data capabilities.

Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

Motorola wins four awards at CTIA Wireless 2009 The CTIA Emerging Technology Awards were announced at the international CTIA Wireless 2009 event on 2 April in Las Vegas, Nev. The program is designed to give industry recognition and exposure to the best wireless products and services in the areas of mobile consumer electronics and applications; enterprise and vertical market technology; 4G and network infrastructure; and environmentally friendly hardware and services. The LAPTOP award recognizes groundbreaking products that enhance the end user’s mobile experience through innovative design and functionality. Motorola won awards in the following categories: E-Tech: Network Infrastructure – In-Building/Local Area Network Solution First place: Motorola CDMA 9100 Series KeepMeConnected™ Femtocell The KeepMeConnected features an integrated touch-screen digital picture frame with a built-in femtocell. This is the second award for this innovative product. It also was selected as an honoree of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Awards.

E-Tech: Green – Consumer Hardware First place: MOTO™ W233 Renew MOTO™ W233 Renew is the world’s first mobile phone made

using plastics comprised of recycled water bottles. The environmentally responsible Renew offers the first certified Carbonfree® alternative to conventional mobile phones. It delivers the expected quality of a Motorola device at an affordable price, while empowering consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Motorola CDMA 9100 Series KeepMeConnected™ Femtocell

E-Tech: 4G – Service Management Third place: Motorola LTE Self Organizing Networks (SON) solution A typical LTE network has thousands of base stations spread across different markets. Motorola’s advanced SON is well suited for such a complex network. This solution reduces cost of operations by automatically extending, changing, configuring and optimizing the networks’ topology, coverage, capacity, cell size, and channel allocation based on changes in location, traffic pattern, interference and the situation/environment.

MOTO™ W233 Renew

LAPTOP: Accessory MOTOROKR S305 Wireless Stereo Headphones Wireless music rocks on MOTOROKR S305 headphones, with dynamic speakers delivering strong bass and a rich, full-range listening experience. The S305 is comfortable and lightweight, making it easy to wear all day without feeling weighted down. Controlling music and phone calls is a breeze with one-touch controls that keep consumers connected to music, family and friends.

Mobile World Congress 2009 Motorola LTE drive tour van

MOTOROKR S305 Wireless Stereo Headphones Q2 2009 Newsletter


Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

Business Council Updates Asian Business Council (ABC)

ABC hosts a cultural symposium in Libertyville, Ill.

Members of the Asian Business Council team hosted a cultural symposium in Libertyville, Ill.

To celebrate Asian Heritage month, the Asian Business Forum team hosted a cultural symposium in Libertyville on 29 May. The symposium showcased various Asian cultures and provided an educational and entertaining event for Motorolans. Thirteen Asian countries were represented.

Attendees learned about business etiquette in different regions, and viewed local costumes and artifacts. The event fostered dialogue and informed Motorolans about protocols that need to be adhered to while communicating with their Mobile Devices counterparts in Asia.

Black Business Council (BBC)

Motorola sponsors the Jobs for Youth annual fundraiser Motorola was a corporate sponsor at the Jobs for Youth (JFY) annual fundraiser on 20 June in Chicago. We contributed Mobile Devices products for a silent auction and advertised the MotoNav, Motorola’s GPS system, in the event program. The event raised a record $197,000 to help Chicago area youth from low-income families find employment. Founded in 1979, JFY has helped more than 13,000 Chicago area

Finding new ways to communication hidden value

People with Disabilities Business Council (PWDBC)

Announcing the launch of the Motorola Accessibility website More than 54 million people in the U.S. have some kind of disability. Motorola’s new Accessibility/Disability Business Council website provides Motorolans with key information such


Q2 2009 Newsletter

youth from low-income families and has placed 21,000 job seekers. All participants must complete the Work Readiness Program which includes educational programs on resume writing, interviewing skills, the power of networking, and computer training. The organization also maintains a professional clothing closet that is primarily stocked with donations from Motorolans. To learn more, visit

as accessible products, events, resources and voice of customer feedback. Check it out at: imoto/

Global Inclusion and Diversity Office Women’s Business Council (WBC)

Clone these ideas! Around the world, the Women’s Business Council continues to create programming that helps to enhance the leadership skills of its members and build a pipeline of Motorolans ready for the next challenge. This quarter, we highlight two types of

programs – mentoring and smallgroup “Get to Know” sessions – that are inspirational, engaging and cost-effective. They also can be implemented anywhere. Learn more about these sessions at:

Successful mentoring program launched by the Schaumburg WBC All Motorola senior leaders are encouraged to “share the wealth” and mentor at least one person. Many Motorolans take the initiative and request informal mentoring from a leader who can provide insight into how to grow a skill or achieve a goal. Recently, the Schaumburg, Ill. WBC took the lead in mentoring by launching a formal pilot program based on a successful approach used in Motorola business units. The mentoring leadership team created an online survey to develop a knowledge base of interested individuals. Mentees and mentors

were matched based on skill sets and goals. They participated in training sessions that provided tools to get the most out of their time together. We are thrilled that 46 pairs are participating in this mentoring process. Thus far, the feedback has indicated that the teams were making progress on their goals as both mentees and mentors gained value from the relationships.

“Diversity and inclusiveness has to be embedded in everything we do. We have to embrace it. We have to value it.” Greg Lee

Senior Vice President Human Resources

Congratulations to the mentoring leadership team: Terry Koncel, Theresa Marchese, Kelly Miller and Varsha Shah.

Get to know Motorola women leaders Many WBC sites around the world have instituted “Get to Know” or “Let’s Chat” sessions that bring senior Motorola women together with a small group of Motorolans for an informal discussion. This deceptively simple format creates multiple benefits for all participants.

any other topics that emerge. Second, all the participants get to network with one another and often leave with a new connection to someone they want to know. Third, the senior leader gets to hear what is on the minds of up to 20 people outside her normal circle of contacts.

First, the small-group setting allows for a real dialogue with a senior leader who provides insight for participants into how the leader thinks about business, career advancement, decision-making and

Debora Courtright, vice president, Government and Public Safety, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, said, “I don’t think the participants realized that I was having as much fun as they ... continued on next page

Women’s Business Council

Q2 2009 Newsletter


Global Inclusion and Diversity Office

Get to know Motorola women leaders ... continued from page 7

“At Motorola, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace where all voices are heard and points of views are valued and respected. With the global society becoming more diverse each day, any business that fails to implement an inclusive workforce will be at a disadvantage. “Diversity and Inclusion is embedded into Motorola’s culture and is a key component of our overarching business strategy which will help us achieve our most important goal: Delivering exceptional products for our customers around the world.”

were. I loved hearing what they had to say.”

being with senior leaders; and the value is reciprocal.”

WBC Networking Committee member Sandra Ficke-Bradford, said, “Employees have been very appreciative of these sessions and have taken away a lot of value from

There are many WBC activities ongoing globally. Get involved by registering for the WBC at All WBC events are open to all Motorolans.

Upcoming Events August & September

Inclusion and Diversity Focus Groups Motorolans will receive invitations to participate from the HR Office of Global Inclusion and Diversity


Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrate Latin America

2009 business council leadership Welcome Jim Wicks, the new executive sponsor of the Asian Business Council

Jeanette Kilo-Smith Vice President Global Inclusion and Diversity

Asian Business Council Sanjay Goel, Lynn Qian, Nick Shyamani Black Business Council Catherine Smith



wo 8

Q2 2009 Newsletter

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Business Council Keith England, Dan McCurdy, Kyle Spainhour

Women’s Business Council Angela McKeiman, Ronna Smith-Zahner People with Disabilities Business Council Kevin Foster


work p


fo r c e


etp ark lac m

Latino Business Council Eduardo Conrado, Shelly Carlin

Global Inclusion and Diversity contacts Jeanette Kilo-Smith

Toni Carter

Motorola Global Diversity Newsletter Q2 2009  

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