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project facilitation by BluSky Strategy


team win project facilitation

What Team Win


is a workshop-based methodology

to mobilise teams, projects and strategic initiatives BluSky Strategy • is the strategic arm of BluSky Marketing Limited • leverages the Team Win

methodology to assist

organisations accelerate the implementation of business critical projects or strategic initiatives • provides independent facilitators with international experience to achieve desired outcomes • utilises collaborative technology

(1. TEAMWIN is a registered trademark of Beechwood International Ltd.)


team win project facilitation

Why Business critical cross functional teams require: • knowledge transfer • problem solving • action planning • team work & leadership • relationships at key interfaces Engaged cross functional teams: • focus on & address core business issue(s) • ensure project delivery success • maximise time to market/project completion • project sustainability


team win project facilitation

How An action framework to help… • position the initiative within the bigger picture for coherence across all levels/units • set priorities within “co-ordinates” of a compelling vision and compelling need • optimise resource allocation… A process to help… • sustain planning/implementation cycle by breaking challenge into manageable steps • stretch and challenge • convert ideas into action A philosophy to help… • connect the business-of-the-business with the underlying human factors (values/behaviours) • balance inspiration/perspiration, control/freedom, diversity/unity, individual/team • make each day a better day

There What & Why? When?

How & Who?

Here 4

team win project facilitation

Collaborative Technology Innovative software expedites… • the creative process – brainstorming, categorising, synthesising, distilling, prioritising • ambitious goal setting and commitment • open and constructive exchange of views as all contributions are anonymous • transfer/clarification of knowledge – equal opportunity to capture questions and comments during workshop for facilitators to sort for verbal and/or written reply • involvement for non-native English speakers • reporting – a transcript is produced in real time Facilitators use novel devices to… • model external customer relationships and intra/interteam dynamics for parties at key internal interfaces • encourage participants to discover for themselves fresh insights into high performance teamwork and leadership • ensure workshops and conferences are highly enjoyable and memorable


team win project facilitation

Pedigree Some end-users around the world‌

Sue Braithwaite, BluSky Strategy Associate, has first hand experience with above companies using TEAMWIN methodology


team win project facilitation

Contact For more information or to organise a meeting, please contact either: Chris Larsen, Managing Director, or Sue Braithwaite, BluSky Strategy Associate, BluSky Strategy* The Old Doctor’s Surgery 4 West End Exton, Oakham Rutland, LE15 8BD T: +44 (0)1572 420 012 F: +44 (0)1572 812 705 E: W: (* BluSky Strategy is the strategic trading name BluSky Marketing Limited)


BluSky Strategy TEAM WIN Introduction 2010  

TEAMWIN is a workshop-based methodology to mobilise teams, projects and strategic initiatives.

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