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E by: Najla Written

Beach Hair Apply Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray ($29.50) to dry hair and style with fingers; you’ll instantly have sexy, wavy beach hair. Perfect for your honeymoon or just to get that summer-day look. Bumble & Bumble can be found at Mousy Brown’s, located at 10240-124 Street. For great tips and last-minute deals, join Mousy Brown’s Salon on Facebook.

Luxury Lips Get perfect, soft lips with Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($24). Its exfoliating sugar base rids your lips of dry, flaky skin, while natural plant extracts work to make your lips silky smooth. A celebrity favourite, Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub can be purchased online or found at local Edmonton beauty shops. Visit for more info.

Moroccan Miracle Nourish, soften, and strengthen your dry, dull hair with Moroccan Oil Serum ($37). The entire Moroccan Oil line will create instant results you will fall in love with. Visit to locate a salon in your area that carries this lovely product.

Solar Defense Wipes These individual towelettes provide SPF 15 protection for your face and body. Conveniently packaged so you don’t have to worry about any of your liquids leaking while you travel. Can be found at for $22.

Here Comes the Princess Cinderella ($260), named after one of Disney’s most famous princesses, is made by Swarovski and makes you feel nothing short of royal. Visit to locate the store nearest you, or shop online.


atherine Lomax, the Owner and Creative Director of Elegant Touches, is big on lighting. She is also big on perfection, and getting it right down to the last detail. Fourteen years of décor and event planning will do that to a person, especially when executing large-scale, décor-heavy functions like the Junos. Tip-toeing around Katherine’s respect for the unwritten nondisclosure agreements that bring her repeat business, Blush talks to her about timing, budget, and finally: how she can make it happen for you. Here’s an example of her work. The groom is about food and wine, and the bride is a little bit rock ‘n roll. The result? Startlingly beautiful centrepieces filled with corks and a lovely single bloom tinted to the bride’s particular shade of purple. It was a modern, eye-catching piece that engaged guests and reflected the couple. Katherine is all about customizing. Given the right conditions, her intuitive talents create a physical manifestation of the couple’s personalities, which wins her the trust and respect of her clients. Another wedding had 800 silk roses suspended from the ceiling, requiring a 3-day, labour-intensive installation process. The bride, putting full faith in Katherine and her team, opted to be surprised rather than seeing the ballroom beforehand. The result? Tears of joy. Katherine modestly explains that “because [she] cares so much about the client being

Photo: Buffy Goodman Photography


Show Room

Photo: Cindy Gannon Photography happy”, she will go the extra mile every single time. “We only have one chance to make it perfect,” she says. It is this dedication that allows couples and venues alike to have complete confidence in Katherine and her team. Elegant Touches sees clients by appointment only, to ensure their 2,500-square-foot showroom is privately reserved for every prospective client. Every couple is given free rein of the showroom, and they are provided with one-onone service. Katherine explains that because Elegant Touches “specializes in out-of-this-world types of events”, each couple must be given undiverted attention and complete privacy. One wedding she did replicated a royal wedding featured in Hello Magazine, and it took a full three days to set up. The décor included waterfalls, trees, and flowers: an outdoor garden transported indoors. With respect to her clients, Katherine is “able to pinpoint their tastes quickly” and prides herself on “reading people well”. Highly observant and also quite modest, Katherine avoids décor for the sake of décor and instead focuses only on what a couple needs and wants. A gorgeously outfitted event at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel displays Katherine’s unique ability to make the venue the focus, allowing the grand height and superior craftsmanship of the fortress to enhance the luxurious décor of the event. But couples don’t need to worry about being décor savvy to work with Katherine. Reassuringly she states

that when hiring Elegant Touches, there is “no learning curve to worry about”, because Elegant Touches has an “excellent working relationship with all the venues” in Alberta. Katherine then proves her in-depth knowledge of event-planning intricacies, describing which halls have more difficult loading docks and how details of logistics and timing can make all the difference to creating a great wedding décor. “A massive décor plan must be done in the correct sequence,” she explains. “Dripping orchids from crystal chandeliers” and a “Chicago city skyline in the Westin” are some of the creations that come from the imagination and skill of Elegant Touches. “I try to make an effort to see the best designers in the world,” she says when asked how she finds the inspirations that make her events so fresh and unique. Katherine admits that “every year during wedding season [they] field tons of panic calls” from venues and clients looking to avert a last-minute wedding disaster. Why Elegant Touches? “They know we’re reliable and they won’t have to worry,” Katherine says simply.

p: 780.414.0088 Showroom viewings by appointment


d’vinely different. definitely d’lectable. it’s d’Lish.

 exquisite event catering  stylish showers & stagettes  MAKE YOUR DAY TRULY MEMORABLE. MAKE IT POSITIVELY D’LISH.

d’Lish Urban Kitchen 780.482.2242  10418-124 st  fresh fare lunches

fresh-to-go meals

visit us @


n more tshtain . . . s n o i t a t i v ju


J Photo



4. Dance Floor Decal

s Infused Studio

Add some pizazz to your dance floor by using a decal with your wedding graphics. These pieces are a sure way to impress your guests!

These hard-cover guest books are a great choice if you have amazing engagement photos to display for all your guests. Creating a custom guest book also allows you to use creative message prompts such as: “best wishes for the couple”, “advice for the happy couple”, or favorite memory of the couple.

Infused Studios

5. Guestbook

Infused Studios

2. Thank You Card Folder

3. Banner Don’t forget that your wedding is an event and event signs always set the tone for guest as they arrive. Incorporate your wedding graphics with these banners that can be placed at the sign-in table or entrance to the church or reception venue.

A unique way to include your wedding photo in your thank you card. Die-cut photo corners allow you to display your photo on the right side of the card and write a personal message on the left!

7. Custom Projects Pinkpolka Wedding Design can accommodate any idea you have. Book a free consultation and share your idea to get the best advice and expertise on how to make your project come to life. Some examples of custom projects include stagette t-shirts, wine base place cards, and CD graphics.


6. Door Vinyl Door and window vinyl is another way to set the tone for your wedding to be a branded event. A monogram is a popular choice, but they can be designed in any shape you desire!

1. Laser Cut Invitations

Pinkpolka Wedding Design now offers luxurious laser-cut invitations. Incredibly detailed and precise paper cuts make these invitations truly unique.

graphy at Photo asions h T re Pictu ce Occ & Nuan

Pinkpolka Design | | p: 780.643.0404 | e:


Photos by: Cindy Gannon Photography

hen When Lillian Bowdring opened The Bridal

beautiful, but do you really feel it? If you aren’t feeling

Boutique, she was aiming to create an

beautiful, then it isn’t The One,” she says. Emphasizing the

intimate setting. She wanted to project an

need to feel every bridal choice, Lillian always comes back

atmosphere of warmth. Walking into The

to the same idea: Instinctually choosing the right gown for

Bridal Boutique, you are first greeted, then

you, not just for the setting, and certainly not for aesthetic

invited inside, as though you are being

reasons only.

welcomed into your own private space. Blush experienced Lillian’s special relationship with her clients firsthand, a relationship that is all about

Lillian’s personal charm and grace are reflected in her choice of designers and the entire vibe of The Bridal Boutique. Her staff is patient

contemporary elegance and

and decorous, and Blush was

gentle guidance.

happy to note the absence

“Brides should be comfortable


and relaxed,” Lillian says. Lillian

often create a sterile, cold




herself has an effortless style about her. Wearing a Bridal

environment. Here we were encouraged to stroke fabric,

Classics piece on her neck and charcoal-embellished

touch Swarovski inlay, and try on the pillbox

stilettos that compliment her trim, black suit, she is

birdcage veil that seemed almost too chic

attractive and well put together.

to be accessible. “The most important thing

Lillian suggests that a wedding gown does not have to cost a lot to look amazing. “Budget is never an issue. We cater to everyone. A bride might enter thinking she has

is listening to your needs,” Lillian says as she presents a carefully chosen piece from the showcase.

her mind set on a designer and then choose something

Appointment and walk-in clients are both

completely different.” It’s all about finding the perfect

accepted. “We’re happy to welcome everyone.”

gown for the most important day of your life. She is so

This is certainly a refreshing feeling for

set on her clients finding their very own special gown that

brides, who often feel rushed by the wedding

she asks each bride, “Is it The One?”, and if it isn’t, then

industry and undervalued as clientele. Boasting

a whole slew of new gowns is brought out. “You can look

designers such as the ground-breaking ADK,

11 the very girly Christina Wu, and the traditional Caramia,

of the bride should exude “class and comfort”, eschewing

The Bridal Boutique addresses brides at every budget, and

the trendy for the timeless. Lillian presents several options,

also brides with every kind of style. Peek-a-boo lace was

noting that one could be shortened for multiple occasions,

shown on one gown, and rouching on another. Once you

and that another has a lovely, removable lace throw that

enter The Bridal Boutique, you instantly

allows for a more conservative wear. Putting

become part of the fantasy.




Lillian’s capable

Making quick eye measurements on the spot, Lillian is able to show a gown to taste and size almost immediately, with






little effort. “This Bellissima Couture is one



hundred percent raw silk,” she says as she


cradles it lovingly. All her gowns are dear


options that the

to her, so much so that she highlights the

bride might not

best features of each quickly, and with pleasure. Carrying gowns ranging from $600 to $3,000, and in an impressive range of sizes from petite to plus, The Bridal Boutique really does want to accommodate everyone. Lillian has done extremely well since her grand opening in West Edmonton Mall in December. “I’m very happy with it,” she says, but her passion for the gowns overtakes the conversation again immediately: “But you must see this one, it is good quality, affordable, and has a great fit; all Jacqueline and Christina Wu gowns are that way.” Hoping to expand her bridal selection to include Maggie Sottero, she again reminds me that design does not dictate it being

have necessarily considered before become realistic at The Bridal Boutique: Lillian presents a floor-length white cloak previously used in Bridal Fantasy, coupled with a fur shrug carefully matched to a striking ADK gown. On the spot, Lillian instantly rattles off the absolute best in each category. Best cathedral trains? “Caramia.” And with this silhouette? Lillian expertly lists the most flattering styles for every body type, pulling gowns for examples. Having been featured on television for her bridal bodytyping skills, Lillian discusses how the right gown can give anyone a proportional-looking body.

The One; rather, the feeling is what will carry it off, despite

Optimal presentation dictates satin, which can hide any

the bride’s initial planning. Lillian tells of one of her recent

bridesmaid’s flaws. She confidentially shares that chiffon

brides who wanted a classic style and left with a very sexy

is not an ideal choice for a bridal party that ranges

gown featuring an almost completely lace bodice and an

between size 2 to 10. Drawing out a particularly lovely

exposed midriff. A great selection of


gown, she explains that a “fabric that flows away from the body” is flattering, and that that particular fabric comes in a magnificent selection of one hundred shades.

the-bride pieces

What feeling should resonate with the bride once she tries

is also available

on The One? Lillian pauses a moment before she answers


with a happy smile, “To feel beautiful.”



Boutique, Lillian

and deftly

points out the advantages


choosing each piece.


The Bridal Boutique West Edmonton Mall - Phase One p: 780.930.1505


Creates the perfect candlelight glow while making everyone’s complexion look great. This creates a more dramatic romance for your night.

TEXTURED LIGHTING - Can also be used to dress up a backdrop or as a creative dimension when splashed on the tabletops. With hundreds of texture options available, you can most certainly use lighting to play with monograms, theme designs, and so much more. LEAVE LIGHTING TO THE PROFESSIONALS - Electrical requirements, heat allowance, trussing, and stands all

Creates a fun atmosphere for your event. It can add drama and spark to the mood.

Nuance Occasions | Lighting & Design Elegant Touches | DĂŠcor & Draping Cindy Gannon Photography | Photos


Creates a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. It takes a room from nice to simply stunning.

Lighting is an element that is often overlooked when planning a wedding, but it is the one facet of your reception that will draw the most reactions. Lighting provides the “wow” factor for the event. Jolyn Saramaga with Nuance Occasions explains the strikingly different moods lighting can create.

need to be carefully planned when bringing lighting design into a space, and for the sake of safety, you should let a pro handle this. COLOURS TO AVOID -Care should be taken to find the perfect lighting colour for you - colours such as red and green are simply never used for events because of how they change your guests’ complexions.

Keeps the colours of your venue and décor true while adding some visual highlights to fabrics and wall features.

Jolyn Saramaga | Lifestyle Wedding Planner & Designer Nuance Occasions | e: p: 780.628.6457 |



chieving healthy skin and a shapely figure for your big day is a long-term commitment. Special treatment regimes are very important additions to your basic cleanse, tone, and moisturizer routines. Facial and body treatments that combine new technology with effective active ingredients can make a world of difference. Since a wedding day is the most heavily photographed event of most women’s lifetimes, the skin must be in top shape. Then, following on the heels of the wedding is the honeymoon, at which time most brides feel the pressure of cellulite and a silhouette that is not as shapely as they would like. To allow enough time to prepare, the bridal timeline should begin six months prior to the wedding. That will allow you to consult with industry professionals as to how and where to begin your image update. Divine Body Spa suggests a number of treatments brides can take advantage of to put their best foot forward. Facials may be done to purify, hydrate, detoxify, and brighten. The Intraceutical Facial, at Divine Body Spa, gives the instant lifting, firming, radiant, and smoothing effect so desired in bridal photographs,

because it creates a visible reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines, unlike so many cosmetic products out there. The favourite of many high-profile celebrities, the Intraceutical Facial is a globally recognized treatment. Madonna does it the night before her concerts, so she can project a glowing skin on stage. For best results, a series of six treatments, each a week apart, is recommended. You can also add on the special Atoxelene option, which gives Botox-like, line-diminishing results. The muscles are inhibited from contracting, and lines are smoothed without any undesirable stiffness of expression. Utilizing a low-weight version of hyaluronic acid, which easily penetrates the skin and holds 1000 times its weight in water, the Intraceutical Facial leaves the skin hydrated and plumped. The Intraceutical Facial is based in science and uses the best ingredients available in skincare today. Containing vitamins A, C, and E; green tea as an anti-aging antioxidant; and soothing aloe vera, the Intraceutical Facial addresses many skincare concerns, including unevenly pigmented skin or acneic skin. A beach-ready body includes hair removal and minimizing problem areas. The most common

15 Photos: Cindy Gannon Photography

complaints include cellulite and an undefined silhouette. Begin with hair removal either through waxing or by using the most enduring option, laser hair removal. With laser hair removal, brides are encouraged to begin approximately six months prior to the wedding, with a course of four to six treatments a month apart. Laser hair removal guarantees smooth skin without the messiness of ingrown hairs and unsightly reactions such as razor burn and uncomfortable regrowth. Divine Spa offers a free consultation to determine all your body skin needs and how they can be best achieved within your budget. Advancements such as the WAVE Pro Elite, a whole-body vibration machine, and the Lapex 2000 BCS LipoLaser allow for spot targeting of problem areas and a more contoured silhouette. Significant inch loss through exercise alone is difficult to achieve, and both of these treatment courses are proven and effective. Sauna treatments help to detoxify skin, but a regular steam sauna session of 30 minutes sheds about 97 percent water and only 2 to 3 percent toxins. Instead, try Divine Body Spa’s Infrared Sauna, which extracts an astounding 23 percent toxins and 300 to 600 calories per session. Finally, choose airbrush makeup artistry for the big day. Divine Body Spa’s airbrush specialist suggests a trial 3 to 4 weeks prior to the event. Humidity and sweat resistant, airbrush makeup in tandem with mineral makeup will give the most flattering result. Providing the finest texture available and the longest wear time, brides may choose to airbrush foundation, concealer, and blush, and the remaining mineral products can be applied later for the best photographic results. For a special touch, ask for highlighting shimmers, also available in airbrushing. All products are non-comedogenic and crease proof. For the bride looking to cover a tattoo or a birthmark, a heavier, completely waterproof version of airbrush makeup is available, and don’t worry, it doesn’t transfer onto clothing. Airbrush makeup can range in style from dewy and natural to the super dramatic, depending on the bride’s desired look. Divine Body Spa 17026 95 Ave - Edmonton Located in the Terra Losa Shopping Centre p: 780 481 9SPA (481 9772) e:




Model Katherine Bell with Deja Vu Modelling Fashion Stylist Tiffany Jackson Inc Photography Ashley Champagne


Gown The Bridal Boutique Hair & Make Up Modern Urban Designers Jewellery Gabriella & Gaetano by Shirley Zago


Model Katherine Bell with Deja Vu Modelling Fashion Stylist Tiffany Jackson Inc Photography Ashley Champagne


Gown The Bridal Boutique Hair & Make Up Modern Urban Designers Jewellery Gabriella & Gaetano by Shirley Zago


Model Katherine Bell with Deja Vu Modelling Fashion Stylist Tiffany Jackson Inc Photography Ashley Champagne Gown The Bridal Boutique Hair & Make Up Modern Urban Designers Jewellery Gabriella & Gaetano by Shirley Zago


> “Kimpton’s Hotel Solamar, a hip luxury hotel immersed in the dynamic energy of downtown San Diego, is the perfect contemporary setting for the vibrant sun-and-sea attitudes that define California’s second largest city. With 235 guestrooms and suites, there are 8 choices of room layouts—just about anyone can find a room to fit their needs. This boutique hotel is located in the heart of fine dining, shopping, art, museums and plenty of sun to keep you warm. On the 4th floor of the hotel you’ll find the Solamar Terrace, with a year-round heated pool surrounded by private cabanas, a lively lounge, fitness centre, and a simply stunning view. This is the ideal place for those looking for a chic hotel in one of North America’s favourite destinations. Hotel Solamar |


Place d’Armes Hôtel & Suites, located in Old Montréal, brings European flair to one of Canada’s best cities. This attractive hotel was awarded # 2 best value and # 3 overall value in North America by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Featuring contemporary yet classic design, Place d’Armes welcomes you to a well-known neighbourhood where historic architecture from the late 19th century and modern luxury blend harmoniously. Place d’Armes offers 135 rooms, including suites and penthouses. The hotel also features an urban spa called the Rainspa, which provides a full line of treatments and medical aesthetics. Especially popular at the Rainspa is its Hammam Experience, based on the fragrant vapours of a traditional Middle Eastern bath. The Place d’Armes Hôtel & Suites is the ideal place for those looking to take a romantic, historical getaway while relaxing in modern luxury. PLACE D’ARMES HOTEL & SUITES |

> The Cristal Champs-Elysées is a new, exclusive hotel in the heart of Paris, designed by Mattia Bonetti, who is known for his elegant, bright, and comfortable interiors. This 19th-century building has been transformed into a luxurious, modern hotel with 25 rooms and 1 suite. Located in the heart of a lively neighbourhood, this still relatively secret hotel boasts plenty of natural light. Each room has been designed with a unique layout, dispersed over five levels around a curving staircase that forms the hotel’s backbone. Situated in a central location, this hotel updates the notion of timeless luxury by infusing it with contemporary, tailored intimacy. The Cristal Champs-Elysées is the ideal place for those wishing to avoid bland, ostentatious hotels while still remaining in the heart of Paris’s golden triangle. Cristal Champs-Elysées |


with Elegant Touches


ASK THE EXPERT - Blush talks to Katherine Lomax of Elegant Touches about the how to maximize your décor.

Q: What are some preventative measures? What should you NOT do? A: Brides should not make assu mptions. For exa mple, don’t order a chair cover assu ming it will fit. Many venues need customs covers. Don’t micromanage. It affects creativity negatively. The best wedding décor comes from the couple who shares their tastes and interests and views their wedding as a blank slate. Don’t fall for the Martha Stewart look. What may look extra-simple and easy may be very labour intensive and require intricate stages of work over a several day period. Don’t assu me your venue will guarantee several days for setup. In this regard, time limitations and a one-year period for booking your event is key. Q: What should brides focus on first? A: K now your venue. We can’t go beyond linens until we know

your venue. Bring in pictures, tear out anything that appeals to you. Décor should compliment, not detract. I have dissuaded brides from going overboard because sometimes their venue doesn’t need it.

Q: Best venue from a wedding décor perspective? What are some key factors in venue and décor? A: A place with high ceilings and neutral tones. Ceiling height can change everything. We can make things

lower down and closer, make them seem more fresh, and also make things go higher up. This way, we are able to take a more cost-effective route. Lighting is very important. Something as simple as uplighting around the perimeter of the room can make it feel special and warmer. Uplighting foliage definitely gives impact. If you are able to do ceiling enhancements, and really commit to them, they draw the eye up. Make it worth it by putting the time and money into maximizing any space. Q: Where should a bride spend the majority of her budget? A: When a wedding planner or décor

specialist refers you, vendors really take care of you. That in itself is cost effective. We have a roster of event specialists who are tried and true. Think on your range and type of flowers. An orchid stem arranged creatively can be impactful. Raw silks, velvets, and taffetas are the best fabrics, but when working with standardized fabrics, lighting can be used to change it and flatter it. There is always a way to come up with something elegant and personalized no matter the budget. Q: What are some tricks for great décor? A: Double

linens that have been scalloped are the standard head table treatment that we recommend. We approach décor differently than other companies; we try to be the ones setting the trend rather than following it. I suggest lots of candlelight to create a mbience. For a less than optimal setting, we can dim the lighting and create focal points with fabric treatments to detract from the negative. Elegant Touches also does a certain a mount of personal shopping for our clients. We do international shopping trips to bring in the new and unexpected. See Page 07 for Elegant Touches Contact Info


Autumn’s Biggest & Most Elegant Bridal Show

Sunday, October 3, 2010 Shaw Conference Centre Exhibition Hours:

Everything you need in one show:

Two New York-inspired Fashion Shows Live Entertainment Destination Lane Groom’s Room Over $20,000 in Prizes & Giveaways

10:00am - 4:00pm


Tickets available online at Follow us on Facebook & Twitter



Models: Michele Smith, Trent Diehl, Natasha Goodyear, Michelle Gibson, Heather Turner, Gayla Peterson Wedding Gown: The Bridal Debut Formal Gowns: Jessica Halabi Fashion Suit: Derks Formal Headpieces: Oh Dina Hair: Modern Urban Designers Hair & Body Make Up: Nicola Gavins Jewellery: Gabriella & Gaetano by Shirley Zago Fashion Stylist: Tiffany Jackson Photography: Ashley Champagne Photography

28 she has to come begging.


Curb your

For Poorer


Dr. Barton Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy and Emotional Fitness for Couples


A good rule to live by before buying anything substantial


simply to ask,

Recent surveys say that money issues cause about 30 percent of divorces. To avoid this pitfall, here are some tools to help you manage the money side of your marriage.


Share your dreams. Perhaps you want to be debt free or buy a

villa in Tuscany. Whatever your goal, working on it together will keep you focused, and it will strengthen your bond as a couple.







spend. Everyone needs some cash in his or her wallet to deal with life’s little emergencies. Having the freedom to buy an occasional magazine or a latte is part of the American dream.





spending limit. Couples should

agree to discuss purchases they’d like to make ahead of time, if they expect to spend more than a certain amount.


“Is this a need or a want?” If you’re in

your mistakes is financial infidelity; it

debt, go on a spending moratorium

will make you look less trustworthy,

for at least a month and pay off those

and because of that loss of trust, the

credit cards.

financial mistakes you made will take


It may be easier to make more

longer to heal.


than to save more. Starting a

Agree the









small family business, like selling



stuff at a swap meet or on eBay, can


do more than help you live a nicer


everything into “the pot”, while

lifestyle, it can also bring you closer.

others have a yours, mine, and ours


system. There is no right or wrong way. What’s important is to decide

account for every penny you


clean sooner rather than later. Hiding

Full disclosure is a must. If you have run up credit cards or

spent your nest egg, it’s best to come

Stick to your agreements. If you have both agreed to

on a method that works for you and

work, and one of you decides not

to stick to it.

to, it can wreck your plans and your


ability to enjoy your relationship. Deal




If you need to quit your job, or you

windfall. If one of you gets some

want to change the nature of how

unexpected money, it makes sense to

money is earned, you must talk about

discuss what you’d like/need to do

it and both agree before making the

with it. If you have vastly differing


ideas, it could cause a rift in your relationship if you don’t discuss it.






control. If one of you is the

money manager or bread winner and doles out an allowance to the other partner, the provider needs to make sure the other doesn’t feel like he or

Financial inappropriateness can break the bond a couple has worked for years to build. Remember that no material thing can replace or be as valuable as the trust between you.

Named by Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of America’s top relationship experts, award-winning psychotherapist, syndicated columnist, and radio host Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized counsellor, author, and speaker.


30 Written by: Shandro Photo

Gone are the days of stiff portraits after a traditional ceremony. Many brides now want documentary-style coverage of their weddings. However, not everyone wants photos of themselves getting ready, or doing other preparatory tasks. Or, your budget might not allow for hiring a pro for the whole day. Rather than hiring a mediocre photographer for the whole day, consider spending a bit extra and hiring a professional for less time.

One of the biggest decisions that every bride faces is how to budget for her big day. Websites and magazines provide checklists to help you allocate your budget, and every one of your married friends will also be more than happy to give you wedding planning advice. While these budgets can be a great place to start, nothing is set in stone, and you have to decide what is most important for your wedding. For many brides, photography is the most important element of their

To some brides a disc is important, to some it is not. If you are a bride who values having a digital archive of your photos and the ability to print what you want, check to see if a disc is included, or if there is an extra charge. If the initial package price is low but there are fees after the fact, this may affect how a photographer will fit into your budget. Also, understand that there is a difference between a disc of high-resolution files, which you can print to a large size, and downsized files (or low resolution) that can only be used for the web or small prints.

weddings, because the photos are often the only permanent record of the wedding day. Here are a few tips to help ensure you have budgeted enough for your wedding photography.

“My uncle can do it for me. These days, anyone with a camera thinks they are a photographer, but a professional has the experience, equipment, personality, and backup equipment to ensure that your photos are stunning and nothing can go wrong.

A few years ago, you could hire a great wedding photographer for $2,000–3,000. These days, people are spending more on their photographers, and it’s not unusual to pay $5,000 or more for full-day coverage by an amazing professional photographer, with an album and a disc provided after. Why is it “so expensive”? There is a difference between amazing photography and poor photography. The talent of a true professional photographer can be the difference between ho-hum photos and stunning images of your most important day. Wedding photography is one field where you do get what you pay for.

You may have intentions of printing off wedding photos for your friends and family, or putting together your own wedding album. However, many brides find that after the wedding, life gets busy, priorities shift, and the disc of wedding images gets put on the shelf. Also, technologies change and that disc will eventually become obsolete or may deteriorate. A good-quality album will safeguard your memories for years. You should ensure your budget has enough room for a professional wedding album.

You can combine other items from your wedding, such as a guestbook, thank-you cards, and even invitations into your photography budget. Ask your photographer to do custom extras with your engagement and wedding photos.

A photographer works just as hard on a Saturday in the summer as on a Sunday in December. You shouldn’t necessarily expect a discount just because you’re not getting married on a Saturday.

w: b: p: 780.423.1816



Location: Beirut, Lebanon Venue: Pleine Nature Wedding Planner: Welcome Agency Cake & Cuisine: Chef Ramzi Violinist: Jihad Akl Gown: Jamil Khansa Hair & Make Up: AR Verdun Salon Photography: Toubia Photography


Fida Chaaban

When Ottawa native Noura Charaf decided to check out Dubai after university, she didn’t think it would lead to a whirlwind romance, much less an international wedding that brought her friends and family halfway across the world. Enter Mohamad Adbelghani, an intense romance, and a quick proposal a few short months later. Amidst friends, they celebrated their engagement in Dubai in the opulent style the United Arab Emirates has become known for. But that was the easy part. Now try planning an elaborate wedding in Beirut, the city that the New York Times recently named the “party city of the year�, and making all the arrangements remotely.


Noura admitted her first “priority was to find a topnotch wedding planner. I really needed someone who knew Beirut backward and forward.” Since Mohamad had given her the green light to spare no expense, Noura’s wedding was to be a sunset extravaganza under the guidance of Raya Abi Aad of the Welcome Agency, Beirut’s premier wedding experts. With a roster of 400 guests spanning 3 continents, the logistics of arranging travel was “definitely the toughest. We had to figure out who was coming from what country, and when,” Mohamad explained. Even just flying in the parents of the bride and groom involved coordinating travel from three different countries, not to mention the arrangements for the bevy of guests!

Noura and Mohamad entered Pleine Nature, the venue for the reception, at 6:00 pm, accompanied by a traditional Arab troupe of performing artists, including 15 dancers and even a fire blower. Entering with her father, she met Mohamad at the top of the twolevel outdoor venue, walking down stairs adorned on either side by electric lights shooting up into the night sky. “It was the most romantic moment of my entire life,” she said.


On the day of the wedding, Noura’s replica of Donald Trump’s famous wedding cake was carefully delivered to the venue. “My theme was flowers, so I asked Chef Ramzi to do something like it. It just fit so well with the outdoor setting and my motif.” Chef Ramzi, who has been called the top chef working in the Middle East today, agreed to cater the wedding, an unheard-of coup for the couple. Under a rainstorm of fireworks, the couple used a silver sword to make the first cut in the elaborate confection. Other fare included an extensive dinner and desert buffet choreographed by six sous chefs. The service staff of 75 waiters tended the 40 tables flawlessly, ensuring not a single guest was left wanting for more—not a guest, that is, except for the bride and groom. “We were too excited to eat!”, Noura explained, laughing.

In addition to culinary star Chef Ramzi, a world-class violinist was brought in. Mohamad and Noura spent their first romantic Valentine’s Day as a couple in Dubai listening to Jihad Akl, the most renowned violinist in the Middle East, and so, “We just thought it would be amazing to have him play at our wedding. It was kind of an idea we had but we never thought it could happen.” But happen it did, and the bride and groom’s first dance was Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love”, in violin rendition by Jihad Akl accompanied by a full band. Noura chose the Leonard Cohen classic because of her Canadian roots. After that, Jihad Akl played for a full hour and a half, followed by the band doing a few numbers on its own, and then by a DJ spinning Top 40 hits in 4 languages late into the night.


Noura’s gown was a haute couture creation by Jamil Khansa, winner of the New York International Designer of the Year Award. The gown was created over a lengthy six-month period, with many quick flights to Beirut for fittings. He also created a one-of-a-kind emerald green gown for the mother of the bride, the final fitting taking place only two days before the wedding! Hair, makeup, and other aesthetic preparations for the whole travelling entourage of family and friends were undertaken by Beirut’s prestigious AR Verdun salon. The groom was dressed by a Dubai designer in a sharp, modern take on the traditional tuxedo.


Toubia Photography provided a team of specialist photographers and videographers for the event, and they took an unprecedented 7000 shots of the wedding. Charbel Toubia, the head of operation, attended the wedding himself to ensure every aspect of the evening was captured perfectly. No mean feat for an event at a two-level venue with a number of lighting effects that are difficult to capture on camera and video. In addition, a large, stadium-style screen was built on the upper level so that guests would be able to view the entire panorama without leaving their seats. “I looked up at the screen a couple of times and it was like watching a fairytale,” Noura said. To remember the event, Mohamad and Noura wanted more than a standard guest book. A Polaroid camera and a team of hostesses was commissioned to photograph guests as they entered, placing their pictures and well wishes on each page. “I think the guest book was the best part,” said Mohamad.

A special, Dubai-based sketch artist was commissioned to create the name placards for the tables and seating arrangement. Each table was named after a flower, and the sketch artist created 40 different images of flowers bearing the image and the meaning of each flower. A team of 10 hostesses was on hand to greet the guests, escorting them to their tables with flower cards in hand.


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Blush chats with Dana Metcalfe, Owner and Stylist at Modern Urban Designers Hair & Body Studio. Dana answers all your bridal hair and makeup questions.

Q: I want long hair for my wedding, what is my best option? A: There are four options for long hair on

that special day. Y ou can grow your hair if there is a mple time. Y ou can invest in professionally applied euro locks that last up to a year—these can be pricey but worth every penny. Y ou can have temporary weaves put in, just to last the day, but you may need professional removal assistance afterward. Last but not least, you can use a clip-in extension, which is reusable and fun to have for romantic nights or parties in the future. These options should be discussed with your stylist no later than a month before the wedding, as preparation may be required.

Q: How soon before my wedding do I schedule my trial hair and makeup appointment? A: Approximately 30 days in advance, so there is time to make changes if necessary. Q: I want my wedding day to be a fun experience for me, my bridesmaids, and both mothers. What size of a bridal party can you accommodate? A: With proper notice, because MUD is a very established

studio, our staff can host around 16–20 people.

Q: I want my hair up during the ceremony and down for my reception. Can your studio accommodate that? A: We have done many weddings where that has been requested. Depending on what’s required, we

can have someone on site for your wedding, or if it’s something simple like removing a few pins or a veil, we can give a crash course to one of the bridesmaids.

Q: What is the current trend in hair, updos or down? A: There is no specific trend. We like to treat

everyone as their own private runway star, so your look is as individual as you are. That said, recently brides have been choosing more of a free, wavy, or loose style that isn’t overdone.

Q: Flawless skin and a good makeup application are crucial for my wedding photos. What can MUD do to help me with this? A: MUD takes weddings and skin very seriously because I’m not only

the owner, but also a stylist and a photographer. I have searched for the ultimate solution and found that airbrushing usually gives the best result: a flawless, clean, light finish. MUD also offers makeup trials as an option, using our exclusive WarPaint Modern Urban Designers makeup line. 12403 Stony Plain Road p: 780 482 2004


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Blush Magazine: Fall Winter 2010  

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Blush Magazine: Fall Winter 2010  

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