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• The era when marketer could think social media doesn't exists anymore. • 2018 demands much more than that! • Social Media Platforms become a least requirement in digital marketing strategies of various companies.

• Which platforms should you be active on?

• What are the buzzing social media platforms you should know about?

• These questions certainly plague such marketers who find it difficult to decide what they should be doing based on their industry and marketing goals.

• Marketers don't focus on the platforms which relevant to their business.

• To avoid missing out any big opportunity they touch every social media platforms.

Because of these such a rush, they aren't able to pay attention to the platforms which actually matter for them.

Facebook: •79% of Facebook.

Twitter: people



• Daily Facebook use: 76% •Facebook sends 82% of social media traffic to longer stories and 84% of social traffic to shorter news articles. •As of June 2018, Facebook had 1.47 billion daily active users and 2.23 billion monthly active users.

•81% of millennials check Twitter at least once per day. •29% of Internet users with college degrees are on Twitter.

•Twitter accounts for 16% of referrals to longer articles from social sites and 14% for shorter news articles. •There are 369 million monthly active Twitter users as of 2018.

• These are the following strides to prioritize the social media strategies so that you can achieve your business goals flawlessly.


Surveying internal content generating range


Recognize your goals


Understand the contrast between social media platforms


Know the concept of organic posting vs promoted posting


Choose the social media platform as per your business

• Understand how to create and post the contents on social media plateforms. • Unaderstand what you are capable of doing • Focus on the area you want to improve • Make the perfect contents for those platforms that you want to target.

• You have to devote significant amount of time to figure out the contrast between social media platforms. • Most buzzing Social Media Platforms: ✓ Facebook ✓ Twitters

• Facebook is casting the widest extent of net possible. • Organic posting seems to be a challenge with constant changes in the algorithm of its Newsfeed. • Posting the video content on Facebook would be great as it will continue to grow its video platform in the near future.

• Twitter is the most favorite platform for social media marketers. • It's an amazing and powerful tool for promoting your brand and content. • Twitter is the direct communication with other users, so you should get out there, go social, and engage with more and more folks.

Organic Posting •Using free tools provided by each social network(Facebook/Twitter) to build a social community and interact with it, sharing posts and responding to customer comments •Disadvantage is that sometimes your posts have got minimal views. •People don't pay attention on organic post.

Promoted Posting •Promoted posting in social media is influenced by advertising dollars spent.

•Any post in your news feed that has the “Sponsored” tag is paid social media. •If you then “like” that post, that is considered a paid reaction. •Paid social media includes boosted posts, ads optimized for clicks, lead generation forms, video ads, among other objectives, and can be targeted by a variety of demographic and behavioral factors. In social media you need to balance between posting organically and understand the fact when it would be advantageous to post social ads.

• Find out which channels go for better engagement?

• For prioritizing the social channels then consider the following factors: ➢ Time to get engaged.

➢ Platforms which have the highest engagement. ➢ Resources and time to curate posts.

At the end, everything is depend on: ✓ what is the niche of your business? ✓ what is the quality of content that you can create? ✓ a deep insight of knowing about your ideal type of customers ✓ what extent they use social media?

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How To Prioritize Social Media Efforts?  

When marketers could think to ignore the shiny new ball of social media doesn’t exist anymore, but 2018 demands much more than that! To usin...

How To Prioritize Social Media Efforts?  

When marketers could think to ignore the shiny new ball of social media doesn’t exist anymore, but 2018 demands much more than that! To usin...