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DILLON OJO Interview by Leepipes

You said you lost your V-card at 17, aren’t you 17 right now? Yep. Is this so fresh you still haven’t washed off the smell?
 Haha nah, not that fresh.

 Whistler girls couldn’t resist an under age black French kid in the bar? With no shirt? Hahaha, no I was 16 last summer and unfortunately wasn’t able to wheel in any chicks at the bar. They probably couldn’t handle all of that shirtless black Quebexican heat. No doubt, Cody has some pretty amazing pics of a bunch of underage idiots in the back bar.

 Back bar gets wild, and Cody pretty much runs

“I was 16 last summer and unfortunately wasn’t able to wheel in any chicks at the bar” it back there so I wouldn’t even be surprised.

 Your right, I think he has a tunnel from his house to the back bar any ways, do you even know what anteater or apple means? Don’t Google it. I know what an anteater is and an what an apple is.

 Just wanted to clarify, so are you in Stathis’s gang, The Sleeves?

 Nope, I didn’t even know he ran a gang.

 He’ll be hyped your repin’ the anteaters, incentives count as getting paid. Sweet. Yeah I guess it counts.

What about winning Shakedown this year? That was legit?
 Yeah super stoked on that! Except I already blew it all. You don’t say, after you won, your Instagram was my favorite for sure, $5000 x 16 years old = Comedy.

 Mom was proud, haha. Ten years ago you were 7, so I’ll let it slide that you said you were down with Shaun White, but times change, who’s on your radar these days?

 Even though Shaun White isn’t who I look up to anymore, meeting him one day would be pretty dope. These days I mostly look up to the homies I ride

with because they are the ones who get me hyped the most. If I had to choose outside my crew, I get stoked on the guys out of Whistler, sooo much style and talent.

 Lots of talent out there, I’m sure the whistler cats would say the same thing about what’s happening out in QC, what are you saying for this winter, plans?

 Snowboard as much as I can. I took the winter off school so that I can concentrate on filming for the Nowamean and Brothers Factory movies. Last year was my first part and this year I can hopefully put together something good with the extra time I have.

That sounds a pretty solid plan, nothing but good stuff coming from both those crews.
 Yeah both crews are real sick to shoot with and both have there own style which is cool because I get a taste of both. K, I gotta roll for now, thanks. Cool. pce mane.


PARKER WORTHEN Interview by Leepipes

First paycheck for snowboarding? Wait, there’s money in snowboarding? You don’t count winning money at contests as getting paid? Oh yeah, forgot about that. I’ll count it as that I suppose. Whats the most you’ve won? Little under $3,800, that was tight. You blow that shit? Hahaha, hell fuckin yeah I blew it! Computer, tattoo and fly fishing shit. Since fishing is the new owning a motorbike again in snowboarding, what’s up with the Brighton Anglers? Haha, that’s true. All these fools are getting into it these days. Well, Brighton Anglers is pretty much a group of homies that I snowboard/work with at Brighton. We all go fishing together all the time, and it’s always a good ol’ time. Beers, friends, rods and the river. It’s great. When your talking to the ladies, does the fisherman, or the boarder have more luck? Oh God, neither probably. I bet the fisherman would win. Maybe. I’m not famous or anything, so I don’t think the boarder thing would work. I’m in Utah, everybody does it. Speaking of Utah, with such a deep history of solid riders coming out of there, do you think its easier or harder, for the next generation to make a name for yourself in snowboarding? Damn good question. It seems everyone thinks it’s easier, due to the fact that everyone and their God damn dog has moved out here. Well at least it seems that way. I think that it’s just easier to get exposure out here, rather than Tahoe or the midwest. There’s so much online content being pushed out from Utah lately, whether it be from Bone Zone, Brighton, and even Park City. And of course the Rail Gardens. People are realizing how fucking rad Utah is, and flocking out here. I say get the fuck out. haha. Sounds like its harder, what are your plans this season to rise to the top. Yeah, you could say that, haha. Fuck, I guess I’m just going to do some boardin. My homie and myself bought some cameras this last year, so we’ve been out filming any chance we get really. It’s been fun, and there’s still snow here. As far as the footy goes, i have no idea where it’s going. haha. That’s how I roll I guess. Worst snowboard related injury? When I got cut up in bear last year. Ya’ll remember that? I’m thankful that that’s the worst one. Riders you looked up to 10 years ago? JP, Jeremy. Lines brothers. And Travis Parker for sure. Riders you look up to now? All you damn Canadians. Seriously, there’s something in your genetics that makes y’all fuckin retardedly good at boardin. Biggest mistake of your life? Not slaying as many females while in high school. But hey, now I’m in college! Still blowing it. Longest you have worn one pair of underwear for without changing them out? Probly a week. Maybe 5 days. I’ll round up.

“Brighton Anglers is pretty much a group of homies that I snowboard/work with at Brighton.”



TIMMY RONAN Interview by Leepipes

First paycheck for snowboarding, from who and how much? Ha! Yeah right. Worst snowboard related injury? ACL and meniscus tear. Seems like everyone who boards ends up with shitty knees, I’ve done mine, would you consider that a big set back? Or just annoying? Just bad timing, I guess there’s never a good time to get hurt, but it was the first week of January filming for the first Givin vid and I was real jacked up to film the best part possible and we had a ton of snow. Felt super comfortable on a snowboard and that shit happened, really put a damper on things. Seems like things are good now, how’s your season so far? Ya the knee feels real good, we’ve had a lot of snow early on in the mountains and the BoneZone was firing off. Then we got some snow in the city and a few weeks ago got some more and it’s stayed cold so we’ve been able to get after it more so in the past so its been real good so far. I think I’ve only been to the resort twice maybe all year which kinda sucks but it’s a good thing too I guess. Sounds like the exact opposite of last season in SLC, that BoneZone movie was a real nice treat right before we got psyched on the end of the world. What’s the difference between the BoneZone and The Spot? Probably the 50 people at the BoneZone, compared to 5 people at the spot every day. Is there a skier version of either? Seems like the skiers really have their panties in a bunch over the Spot. Is there spot beef in SLC, or is it just internet banter. Fuck skiers that hit rails. Never really heard of any spot beef, I try to stay outta that bullshit anyway. Longest you have worn one pair of underwear for without changing them out? Probably a couple days, three at the max. Definitely thrown on a pair of dirty ones thinking I was switching out for clean ones, so its probably been long just doesn’t feel like it. What about shitting your pants at rail gardens last year? Yup, fully shit myself. How many days worth of dirty undies would that count for? To my defense I was coming down with something. I had to borrow a pair from Bob cause I had to drive to his house to clean myself, so that must count for something. I was real impressed at how quick he was to accommodate a dude in his house with poop in his pants. Ya he was looking out for his clients. Bob’s my agent, He’s probably the radest dude on the planet. Any man with a pool table in the entryway to his home is aok in my books. [o] LEEPIPES

Priorities. Who’s got you fired up to board these days? Shit everybody, I saw dope III a couple weeks ago and that shit got me real fired up. The shit E-man does with that aggressive style is all time, it’s the whole crew that gets me fired Up. All my homies out here, Grenier, Bode, Scotty Stevens, Beresford, Granger, too many to name, all get me hyped and good times when boarding with these guys. I’d really like to link up with Stathis and Layne cause those dudes seem outta their fucking minds. Sometimes I’ll think twice about suggesting a spot, even if its a joke spot, you never know with those dudes. Ya they like to get loose, I’m fucking down. Seems like you guys have a similar vibe going on in SLC, there’s always been next level shit coming out of Salt Lake. How has it been going on for so many years? I guess this is just where everybody flocks to, it just keeps getting crazier and crazier every year. These hungry kids keep coming in and getting after it and just makes everybody just try crazy ass shit. I feel like its almost getting outta hand. You go looking for spots here now and everybody is just looking up at spots on roofs and buildings and shit, its getting pretty nuts. Best Snowboard Movie of all time? Dope III suckas. Seriously my favorite shit right now. All time I don’t know, too tough a question, I watched a lot of Whitey and MackDawg films when I was younger, those old Shorty’s vids were all time too, really like LoveHate and Burning Bridges. Can’t really put a label as best all time. Best snowboard part of all time? Lucas Huffman Happy Hour, love that part. Bad Habits? I got it down to just drinking these days. We can call that a good habit. Isn’t Salt Lake booze only 3%? Probly less then cough syrup. That’s why I drink a bottle of Robotusin before I go out at night, no that’s a myth pal. Our beer is like your light beer, Mormons like to watch their weight. I didn’t know you were Mormon, how many wives you got? Seven. Nah Irish catholic fool. Thats right, your a transplant, Boston boy. Fuckin a pal. Gettin wicked pissed wit da boys. Hah. Wicked Guy, Wicked pissaahh.

“I got a call from Timbo asking if he could come over to my house. He was at rail gardens which is a few blocks from my place. Hey came walking in and I asked “Do you need to take a shit or something?” He simply replied “I’m pretty sure I shit my pants.” Low and behold Timbo shit his pants at rail gardens... HAHA” - Bob Plumb




LAYNE TREETER “No regrets”


Interview by Leepipes Longest you have worn one pair of underwear for without changing them out? 4 days or maybe a week but who’s counting. A week is mellow, We heard a rumor you lost your V-card when you were 13? Fuck, I hope she was older then you. Haha. Yeah, it’s way to young when i think of it now and I don’t suggest it but when it happened it was the right girl at the right time I guess. It was kinda crazy but it happened all on its own. I’m still good friends with her, shes really dope. It was fucked, her parents almost walked in on us once but somehow her friend was over and saved us, I don’t think I’d be alive if they did. First paycheck for snowboarding? $300 from 32 for video incentives. Worst snowboard related injury? Staff infection in my knee. Was that the one last year, where you told me the doctor in Whistler said it was cool to drink beers on antibiotics? Yeah, last year in march, I cut my knee open. It didn’t seem that bad, got it stitched up but then it started to get pussy and ripped back open. I went back to the doctor and they said I had a staff infection. I’ve had a few breaks and some major sprains but this injury was the most needy, cleaning and changing the bandages everyday for 6 weeks. At first I thought it would take a few weeks to heal but it ended up taking 3 months before my knee felt normal. What an ordeal. At least it wasn’t from something stupid. The trick from where you bailed, ended up being your ender didn’t it? No, it was the same spot, I wanted to go boardslide gap boardslide and was warming up with the 50-50 gap out. I was trying the boardslide, made it off the end once and fell, next attempt I smashed my knee off the side of the rail and that was the end of that. Riders you looked up to 10 years ago? The forum eight.

Beers, sleep on floor, antibiotics, repeat.


Follow the Treeter way for a speedy 3month healing process.

“These girls were losing it and I was

Who’s getting you hyped now? Andrew Geeves has been getting me hyped, his abundant energy and passion for snowboarding is inspiring. Also, the Deja-vu guys are killing it and dominating the streets, sick to see a group of homies do it properly. The excursion that Xavier Delarue and Lucas Debari went on in December was insane. So many people are pushing it, Keegan, Forest, E-man, Stathis, Jed, Jake and all my homies, too many people. Biggest mistake of your life? No regrets. Anteater or Apple? Sleeves Last time you were in jail? Never been. Girlfriend? No. Longest Relationship? Almost 3 years. Bad Habits? Picking scabs. Lamest thing in snowboarding right now? Bobcats in the street. Best Snowboard Movie of all time? Love Hate. You rolled with the boys and partied in Plymouth NH, last season, I know E-man hated it and went home early, but what are your thoughts on shaking it up with the Loon kids in a little college town? Plymouth was awesome, every second

house was a raging party with kids flooding the street. Yeah E was outta there early, but I think we were at these girls sorority house and they were trying to kick everyone out, people were going off in this place and then out of the roar someone starts a “NO MEANS YES, AND YES MEANS ANAL” chant, then everyone starts chanting it. These girls were losing it and I was just there watching this all go down, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it was fucked. Hands down the funniest chant I’ve ever heard in a sorority house, I think there’s footy of Sthathis rap battling the chicks and then them crying, that hockey frat house was fucked too. It was outta control, the hockey house was a bunch of dudes passing around a big hockey trophy full of booze. Every house had a theme party in it, the dirt house down by the river where Alex rap battled the chicks was by far the best. I’m pretty sure Ian Hart slept through that entire party on the floor. Floor was soaked with cardboard laid down everywhere, and the stove was on full blast cause the heat was shut off in the house, see you next year Plymouth.

just there watching this all go down�



“Do you actually get e-mail about my pants?”


Interview by Leepipes Dude, your on the internet, good to have you back. Its good man, 2 weeks strong. Is not using the internet for awhile the same as not plowing for awhile? Hahahah no way dude not having the internet is mellow but not have sex for a while is brutal and you get made fun of, its no good. Oh, so you don’t get over excited about all the fresh web edits? Hahah nope, I do enjoy all the web edits, the internet is like a car its nice to have but you don’t need it. We asked all the young-ins about “anteater or apple”, I swear they have no idea what we are talking about. What’s up with the SLEEVES? I feel bad for the youth of today, SLEEVES is a big part of my life I thank my parents everyday for not putting me

under the knife. Sleeves is a gang of people who are normal and did not get sliced when they were infants because apparently foreskin was weird? I don’t really understand and so does 90 percent of the worlds population. In some places if you even mention circumcision they’ll scrap you out . If it ain’t wrong don’t fix it SLEEVES ON TILL I DIE. Not like chicks are getting cut. Doctors just wanted to touch little boys pins that’s how it all began. I hear that, I’m repping SLEEVES, fuck those priests or doctors, or who ever started that shit. Do you think anyone reading this wants to hear about your pin, or are they more interested in your pants? Do you know we get mail about your pants? I don’t think people wanna hear about my pin hahahaha, maybe the pants? Do you actually get e-mail about my pants?

“Do you know that all the photos we have


for this interview are no shirt, khakis?�

“I got a splitboard and skins last night�

Alex has his own special way of doing just about everything, including how to take a pee mid bike ride in the city.


“All you gotta watch is Nicolas Muller” Yeah man, people cant figure out how you seemingly went 2 full seasons in the same khakis. I tell the story about how your boss was gonna toss away the same ones. Hahhah that’s awesome, yeah I thought I was never going to get those pants back after they got cut off and they stopped making them but it was fate that I got them back it was meant to be. Do you know that all the photos we have for this interview are no shirt, khakis? Which is pretty funny, cause we talked about this last year in Blunter. Yeah, that’s amazing I’m stoked we made talk a reality. I would like to have gotten way more tho but you know its gets a little cold out there. Well, no shirt seemed to pay off, you locked down the opener in GIVIN’s TOO this year. Congrats. Hahah yee, thanks dog GIVIN is the goods stoked to have been apart of it. That movie gets me hyped on pow, so

much pow this season already. I know you’ve been out piggin’, you filming an all pow part this year? Dude, I wanna film pow shit so bad everyone thinks you need a sled to go film pow shots, but the resorts we have around here have all the physco shit you could imagine and all you need is a lift ticket. Definitely going to be out there this year, I have never ridden as much pow as I have this year. It’s January 16 and yesterday was the first day in so long I’ve hit rails. It’s just been so deep for so long. I started getting all the goods to, I got a split board and skins last night and got a beacon so all I need is my avy course, a probe and a shovel and I’m going to be getting deeper. Deeper, shit man, are you going to finally go TOO DEEP? Hahah I don’t wanna go too deep yet I need that experience first but being out in those mountains is my favorite thing in life. I’m just so stoked that I finally got all the goods to do it split board style cause a sled is not for me,

well maybe one day but I don’t have anywhere close to the money to go do that and as fun as having one would be, once you get your split board set up its all free. Weird how very few people are hiking, look at how many amazing spots Wittlake hit back in the day, and they were all by hiking. I know dude, it’s nuts all you gotta watch is Nicolas Muller, best boarder in the world and tons of his footy in his parts is all on resorts. Yo, but I’m going up the mountain. Later man.

Again, his own way of doing things. I guess this is your only option when you think you only need one pair of pants for 3 weeks on the road.


JORDAN SMALL Interview by Leepipes

Age when you lost your virginity? Sophomore year. First paycheck for snowboarding? Thirtytwo - $1000 Sick, a crisp G is always nice to come up on, What’d you blow it on?

 Well of course I went out and partied with my friends, but then I saved what I could for car insurance money, the whole not having a job thing made me save it. Some party with a dash of responsibility, nothing wrong with that, what kinda car you running? Subaru WRX 2002, it’s in the shop getting fixed cause some retard in a jeep ran into me a month ago. Oh, Subaru club, sounds like you should be living at Mt. Baker? Haha, I think the Subaru club is in any mtn town, but I do love that vehicle. Did you pump your sophomore bird in it?
 You know it! That car has seen a few ladies in its time. I bet, you got the ladies waiting in the parking lot at bear? Haha I wish, but lets just say the talent up here is nothing like down the hill, but there’s some cool girls up here still.
 Classic mountain style, what’s up with your bear house? It’s sick! It’s me, Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga and Oliver Dixon living as one big family, Active is paying for our rent to make the Heavy Quitter edits and be productive. Worst snowboard related injury? Broken shoulder in Mammoth. Riders you looked up to 10 years ago? I would say all the dudes who rode bear at the time, I never watched much snowboard videos when I was that young but my brother had Decade so watched that a bunch and I was hyped on everyone in that. Riders you look up to now? I love watching Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Louif Paradis and so many others, I could never choose a favorite snowboarder cause I like so many different riders. Biggest mistake of your life? Probably almost getting a DUI, luckily got off of it in court, I definitely never even think about driving after drinking anymore. Longest you have worn one pair of underwear for without changing them out? I think 4 days in Oregon. Anteater or Apple? I have no idea what this means haha. Last time you were in jail? Never been, I plan on never going. Bad Habits? I’m pretty good at procrastinating which isn’t good, and I snore sometimes which I hate. Best Snowboard Movie of all time? VG 1 Best snowboard part of all time? I would have to say just about any Scott Stevens part would do.

Anteater or Apple? I have no idea what this means haha. [o] CAMERON STRAND


“This interview is going to ruin my club scene you should blur my age.” Interview by Leepipes

So, may as well start with the obvious, you’ve been sitting on your ass for a bit, what happened? The 5th day the mountain was open I was coming out of VD trees just before the cat track. I hit a log my feet flew out from underneath me and landed on another log on my ass and broke my back. Brutal, was hitting your back on the log worse then sitting there waiting for patrol? It definitely hurt alot but I had to wait for an hour in the most uncomfortable position, for these guys to show up and put me on the spine board They were probably hatin on you cause I bet you were ducking ropes like some hoodlum. Yeah probably because they tried to ski me out to the bottom where there is no snow so they put me in a truck and I could feel every single little bump, when they could have easily put me in the gondola. First timers. So, a bunch of people thought you were paralysed, due to word of mouth and that you were getting spinal surgery. Are you going to get a reality TV show about your comeback? Probably not, maybe have a party. I’d say a party is key, whistler has had too many TV shows. So your legs work, everything else down there still working, or you giving the girls the wet noodle? Hahha , non existent, lost. Haven’t shaved in a while so I cant find it currently. Like my grades.... Below average. There’s cob webs down there I need a lady to dust em off. You should find another girl with a million views on youtube to rub you down. I’m currently in the market for a massuese so I can get back rubs all the time with happy endings. You keep sending me photos from the back bar, and Ojo is saying that your the mayor of the back bar, how does a 17 year old shit get that status? As soon as I get the booze in me I’m “old enough”. #blackparknohelmetmomspissed Mandatory shirts off! Didn’t you break your foot in the back bar? What happened there? Shit just got crazy in the black bar. I don’t even go to the bars in Whistler that much anymore. I need to get a new fake id maybe the L-Sho will give me his old one. This interview is going to ruin my club scene. You should blur my age. Never. Is it weird to go to Stathis’ house now that him and Keenan are roommates? Didn’t he break your toe, bang your girl, and has a better 1080 then you? Nope. I was over that a long time ago. Kids one of my best homies even though he’s fat and better than me at jumping and he gets all my sloppy seconds. Your seconds? Dude she’s got a million views on youtube!!!!!!!! I’m going to the beach to talk to the surfer babes. Well have fun “rehabbing” your back in Maui.





Age when you lost your virginity? Lost it when i was 17. First pay cheque from snowboarding? Never got paid from snowboarding, won some contest money that’s about it. How much? Not enough, it got spent in one night. Worst injury? I gapped like ten feet and folded my back over a down bar in Whis park. I just bruised the muscles in my lower back but it kept me lying in bed for 2 weeks and off my board for well over a month it was nothing to serious but defiantly the most pain I have been in. Sounds like an excuse to play COD, Biggest mistake of your life? Maybe knocking my front teeth out on a tile floor at new years would be pretty high up there. That’s always fun. Longest time you’ve worn the same underwear without changing? I have no idea. Sounds like long enough you shouldn’t say. Ha ya its probably better that way. Anteater or apple? Apple?

You don’t know? haha. sleeves or helmet? Oh now i see what’s happening, helmet. Have you ever been in jail? I have never been to jail but I have spent a few nights in the drunk tank. Girlfriend? Ya I am living with her in Vancouver this winter. Live in, no way, should get her trained so you don’t have skid marks for months on end. Got any bad habits? Too much fast food and raw cookie dough Raw cookie dough? Sounds like laziness is the bad habit. Who did you look up to in snowboarding 10 years ago, and why? I was probably looking up to my older brother and his friends cause they had real boards and i was on one of those plastic boards you slide your feet into. Who is getting you hyped these days? Layne Treeter, Alex Stathis, Steve Cartwright, Adam Franks, Hamblys or pretty much anyone having a good time. You moved from whistler to Vancouver, seems like more and more people are making the move. Why? I moved here because it was somewhere that my girlfriend and I were both happy with living. I think a lot of people make the move from Whis because you can live the big city life and still go board a really good park with minimal effort. So your whipped. haha no way its just a good place to live. I think we’ll leave it on your whipped.


Longest you have worn one pair of underwear for without changing them out? Maybe like 3 or 4 days in camping but we we’re at a lake so every time I jumped in water was like a cleaning time I guess. Anteater or Apple? Anteater for sure. I prefer to eat than to be eaten.


Worst snowboard related injury? I fucked up my right heel 3 years ago on a jump at super park. It ruined my trip and the end off my season. Age when you lost your virginity? haha, Not really sure about that. maybe 15 or 16. First paycheck for snowboarding? Incentive check from the man Birnie Worst snowboard related injury? I fucked up my right heel 3 years ago on a jump at super park. It ruined my trip and the end off my season. Riders you looked up to 10 years ago? JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and all these guys who are their since the beginning. Have you hit any of JP and Jeremy’s old spots from back then, tried to step it up? I wasn’t really riding ten years ago. But yeah, since I started watching video parts I went to those spots to try to step the game up. But it’s crazy how they made their way and they still have some old shots that are still up to date! Totally, there’s a big gap in what people have seen, pre and post internet and that nobody has put up all the old videos onto one site yet. Its like the next generations is oblivious to a lot of heavy shit thats gone down. Who are you into now? All the Déjà Vu & Videograss crews. These guys are crazy. What’s up with the VG and Dejavu crews that’s got you hyped. Man, these guys are awesome. I look up to the Déjà vu crew who’s originally from where I’m from and think it’s really dope how they made themselves noticed over

the world and how their pushing the limits of the sport. I think it joined me more because they from here and i was looking at them since I started. Local boys do good. How many people do you think have actually seen bandwagon? I think bandwagon is underrated( not enough watch). Older film like love/hate and bandwagon should be on the net to get noticed more then they are. With so many top level riders coming out of Quebec, is it easier for the next generation of french riders, or even harder to make a name for yourself in snowboarding. I cant really tell you if it’s easier or harder but i think it’s a good window for us to get noticed because some people from here did it and they are now at the top. But at the same time, they are too fucking good so it put the standard higher every year. What are you working on this season? I’m trying to push my limits with getting a better style in every thing I do. I’m also trying to bring some new tricks that have never been seen. Some funny funky shit and also some bad ass banger on new spots. I’ll come to whistler in like 1 month to shred pow and try to get couple shots. I’m also filming for a tv show called 8 chapters, who show the Quebec tv spectator 8 different aspect of the snowboarding. That sounds like it could be real cool, or be really bad. Where can people see your part this year? In the next Nowamean movie for sure.




BARELY PRO Interview by Leepipes

Can you list your injuries leading up to getting your board? Lots of concussions, broken knee cap, fractured humerus, broke my collar bone a couple times, broke my nose a bunch of times, dislocated thumb a dozen times, and just recently broke my face (maxilla for you medical geeks) in 6 place, And a bunch of other more minor stuff. So you’ve spent your fair share of time in hospitals, any good nurse stories? No good stories. Hospitals are shitty but I’d most likely be dead by now if it wasn’t for those damn things so I’m down.

“I fall into the Anderson rage stereotype. What’s a ginger?”


Since you were in the hospital, I’ve gathered that you’ve had a lot of time to chill, think, and re-assess your priorities. Where has this led you so far? What’s changed? Well, I know that I don’t ever wanna spend a night in hospital again and that I’d like to try and film a backcountry part next year but other then that I’m still all over the place. If your filming a backcountry part, are you going to get a sled trailer for the enduro? Ha. I should. I’m actually gonna try and find a canoe trailer for my bike this summer. Google motorcycle canoe trailers, it’s hilarious. Would you say you fall into the ginger rage stereotype? No. I fall into the Anderson rage stereotype. What’s a ginger?

Anderson rage? This sounds like its been going on for generations? Haha. Yeah. My dad, my brothers and myself all have real quick tempers. My mom is so chill though. We were cooking breakfast for all the piles, and I thought the oven was going to blow up, then it started leaking out the bottom. Any comments on this scenario? Haha. I Stashed some beers in the oven when I was wasted drunk the night before. Though it was a good idea at the time. SLC trip, no snow, BBQ, Bonezone, Club Boya, Rail Gardens, J2 , for the 4 days we spent there, there is some pretty funny photos and no snowboarding. Any highlights? I’ve never been so sick off of beer. Weird

ass Utah beer doesn’t even have percentage written on the bottle. I probably drank a 24 of Highlife that one night. All the homies at Club Boya where nice as fuck for hookin up the couches to sleep on. We rode the rail gardens which is a dream come true and saw J2 dj-ing one night. J2 had those 2 chicks up in the DJ booth with him, 3 way kiss jersey shore style, haha. Speaking of big nights, Do you like Plymouth NH? I personally hated that place. Bunch of American college kids getting fucked up. It was like I went back to grade 7. I walked like 5 km to get back to the motel cause there’s no buses or cabs there. I was so pissed when you guys came in later and woke me up. I think I tried scrapping you guys. Fuck that place!!

“Any J2 part is the best.”




What about 1 night only in Montreal? I’ll air out myself that I puked on the floor mid dance off, the rest is up to you. Hahahaha. You were killing it that night!! We all were. I fucked my hand up so bad beating the shit out of that pretty boy with the pee coat. He really did deserve it. He was picking on homeless people and when I told him to leave, he sucker punched me so I had to take him down and smash him around. The next morning was interesting. Almost missed that flight home. We literally made it by 2 minutes. Worst flight of my life. Lets go quickfire, Age when you lost your virginity? I’m still a virgin. Haha First paycheck for snowboarding? 200 bucks from session in 2010. Worst snowboard related injury? Fractured my maxilla in 6 places along with my nose. Riders you looked up to 10 years ago? Brian Mcclatchy, Graydon kavanagh and Matt Ingles. Riders you look up to now? Layne and Stathis. Biggest mistake of your life? Riding for Stepchild. Longest you have worn one pair of underwear for without changing them out? I dunno. Maybe about 3 or 4 days then maybe flip em and another 3 or 4. Anteater or Apple? Fuck off Last time you were in jail? About 3 or 4 years ago. I was in there with Brocklebank for choking out a bouncer. Girlfriend? Yeah, she’s hot. Longest Relationship? About a year. Bad Habits? Drinkin, Smokin, Straight West Coastin. Lamest thing in snowboarding right now? Wakeboard stylez . Last time you lied? Can’t remember Best Snowboard Movie of all time? Dope lll Best snowboard part of all time? Any J2 part is the best.




Blunter Vol 4 Issue 4 - The AM issue  

am issue with alex stathis, layne treeter timmy ronan. Barely pro with Eman anderson. bunch of rookie shits

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