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Speed The new TAC5 Mobile Tactical Computer. Powerfully fast connectivity when you need it most.

On the job, police officers can’t afford to wait for answers. Lives may depend on the speed of their actions. They need critical data—data that drives better-informed decisions—now! Enter the new TAC5 Mobile Tactical Computer™ .



Faster answers for better decisions Proudly designed and built in the U.S.A. the TAC5 delivers all the robust power, connectivity, adjustability, speed and rugged performance that mobile law enforcement needs to effectively do its job. In developing the TAC5, OEM worked directly with police departments to gain critical insight into the features and functionality most needed and valued by a mobile police force. The result is a comprehensive mobile computer system that delivers reliable performance, exceptional versatility and blazing fast connectivity.

The TAC5 also provides exceptional standard connectivity, including 4 USB2 ports, 3 USB3 ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, an HDMI port for a separate monitor, Mic in and Audio out, and optional 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.


Universal mount Product highlights

This TAC5 is even more versatile when mounted to OEM Micro’s universal dash mount, which can be attached to virtually any center radio console.


New, compact, one-piece design incorporates the

The universal dash mount allows the

CPU mounted behind the LCD display for easier

monitor to pivot back and forth as well

installation and service and optimal cooling of

as tilt up and down for optimal user

critical components

visibility and access. The keyboard


Large, easy-to-read 12” and 15” LCD monitors


System is fully compatible with all Windowsbased software


is on its own articulating arm, which allows it to tilt and rotate, and pivot out of the way for use of the console components. The CPU/Display can swing toward the passenger side to

Backlit and water-resistant keyboard delivers

allow easy access to the radio, HVAC

better, more reliable performance

controls, or any other dash controls. Superior usability, convenience and



Keyboard can be mounted separately from the

safety are all advantages of the OEM

computer for easier operation

Micro Universal Dash Mount.

Larger tactical control buttons on front of display for easier readability


Better screen brightness for improved visibility in all light conditions


More USB and other ports for greater versatility


Enhanced connectivity options, including Bluetooth, GPS, cellular and Ethernet


A patented universal mounting system provides more room to work within a limited space and has access from the driver’s or passenger’s side


A comprehensive 3-year warranty with optional 4- and 5-year warranties


Why oem micro solutions? At OEM Micro Solutions, we do more than deliver innovative products. We stand behind our promise of exemplary service. For over 17 years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Public Safety departments and officers to gain their knowledge, insights and trust. In the process, we have forged a relationship that goes far beyond that of a typical vendor. We’re a valued partner, with a unique insight into the needs of today’s mobile law enforcement workforce. In short, we are completely committed to the products we develop, the police officers we serve, and the lives and communities they protect.


Our story

Formed in 2001, OEM Micro Solutions

special bond with the departments and

was approached early on by a

officers we serve. We’ve come to a deep

Midwestern Police Department with

appreciation for what they put on the

a very real problem. The in-car police

line every day. Every time they step out

computers on the market at that

of their vehicle to answer the call of duty.

time couldn’t meet their demand for

It’s their dedication to their profession

information or officer usability—job-

and communities that drives us to be

critical features that drove their decision

just as committed to the technology we

making out in the field and on the road.

put in their hands every day. Technology

They needed a solution…fast! After

that delivers the critical data they need

numerous conversations—meaningful,

faster. So they can make better informed

open discussions about what they really

decisions. Split-second decisions that

needed to do their jobs effectively—

can mean the difference between life and

we developed a computer system that

death. Decisions that impact lives and

delivered exactly what they needed,

safeguard our communities.

when and where they need it most. Yes, even heroes need help. And with our Since that time, we have focused our

unique understanding and commitment,

business specifically on the Public Safety

OEM Micro Solutions will always be there

sector. In so doing, we’ve developed a

when they call.

 e are very pleased with OEM Micro Solutions. Their products W have performed well and are extremely reliable. Our officers enjoy the ease of use and functionality of the equipment. Our system administrators have been very satisfied with the prompt and courteous customer service.

CHIEF CONRAD A. STRAUBE Chief of Police | Willoughby Police Department

” 7



Enhanced cpu module ??

Intel i5-6300U Skylake ULT, 6th Generation, Up to 3.0 GHz, Dual-Core, 3MB SmartCache. Features 14nm technology, 64-bit support, Hyper-Threading, Virtualization Technology, integrated Intel HD Graphics, or choose Optional Intel i7-6600U processor

controls ??

Larger front panel pushbuttons, with tactile response, for Power, LCD brightness, Volume Control, and status indicating LEDs (SSD activity and battery charging) on front panel


LCD display dimmable from full bright to off; switch backlight on/off at any brightness level


Heatsink technology assures optimal CPU and Chipset cooling directly to outside



4 GB DDR4 SDRAM standard, upgradeable to as much 32 GB

Auto “ON” with IGN on; user adj. time delay to soft shutdown (10 sec to 2hrs) with IGN off



128 GB SSD Drive, upgradeable to 512GB


Includes Windows10 (32bit or 64bit), or optional Windows 7

OEM Micro “LaunchPadz” TM software is included, provides user programmable touch-screen soft-keys to run programs, search databases, hot-key features, etc.


CPU Module integrated to back of LCD module for an extremely compact system


10.6Ah Internal Lithium-Ion Battery, up to 5 hours of operation if no vehicle power

High Resolution LCD Monitor ??

LCD 1024 X 768 Resolution (XGA)


12.1” or 15.0” w/ LED backlight @ 1300nits, 1:700 Contrast


LCD Brightness is adjustable full bright to off


Projected Capacitive Touchscreen is now standard

I/O Connectivity

Environment, Construction, Mounting ??

-20o C to +65o C Operating Temperature; -30o C to +70oo C Storage Temperature


Physical (CPU/LCD Module):


TAC5 - 12: 9.63”H x 11.50”W x 1.50”D, 5.0 lbs.


TAC5 - 15: 11.33”H x 13.5”W x 1.75”D, 7.0 lbs.


Keyboard Tray, Keyboard & Hinges: 1.9”H x 11.8”W x 8.8”D, 5.9 lbs.


One-Piece Assembly provides very easy installation and removal


Smaller, thinner, rugged, welded Aluminum enclosure for LCD and CPU, powder-coated finish


Removable rear panels allows access to Main Battery, CMOS Battery, Cellular SIM Card, if installed, and SSD


Adjustable Keyboard Tray is now standard, and allows keyboard to tilt and move closer to driver, and provides extremely sturdy mounting base, powder-coated


(4) USB 2.0 external ports (High Retention); (3) USB 3.0 external ports


(2) 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet


(1) HDMI Port for remote monitor


(1) Audio input, (1) Stereo L/R Audio Line out



Integrated Stereo Amplifier for internal two-speaker HD audio, with improved audio quality and higher volume capacity

Easily mount or remove the TAC5 from vehicle in as little as one minute


Optional Universal Dash Mount, or others

Options include ??

Internal 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Intel 7820, 2x2 Antenna, 867 Mbps Max Speed, 802.11ac Wi-Fi Certified, with Bluetooth 4.2 +EDR transceiver, 128bit encryption


4G LTE Cellular Modem, Verizon or AT&T


Internal GPS SIRFIV, with external antenna


OEM Micro Universal Dash Mount, with Tilt/Pivot and Adjustable Keyboard support arm

Keyboard / Touchpad ??

Full-travel water-resistant 88-key keyboard, integrated touchpad, USB interface, adjustable brightness backlit keys


Easily removable for lap use, featuring spring loaded latching mechanism

Warranty / Tech Support ??

Three-year Standard Warranty, with Optional Extended Warranty for years 4 & 5, Covers failures under normal use


Optional Limited No Fault Coverage, only available for years covered by Standard or Extended Warranty. See specification for this coverage.


Complete Installation available


No Charge software duplication from Customer supplied master drive (prior to initial shipment only)


Designed, assembled, tested, shipped and serviced from our facility in Farmington Hills, MI


Most warranty repairs are shipped within 24 hours of receipt at our facility


Knowledgeable Tech Support Staff readily available 248.474.7600 X239

37840 Interchange Drive | Farmington Hills, MI 48335 | 248.474.7600 | |


Powerfully fast connectivity when you need it most. On the job, police officers can't afford to wait for answers. Lives may depend on the sp...


Powerfully fast connectivity when you need it most. On the job, police officers can't afford to wait for answers. Lives may depend on the sp...