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Serving the Mechanical-Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning-Electrical-Refrigeration and Sheet Metal Industry of Virginia Volume 78 Number 4 Winter 2013

It’s your government...


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INSIDE THIS ISSUE Chairman’s Report - Jim Steinle 4

Plumbing & Mechanical Professionals of Virginia Chairman James S. Steinle Atomic Plumbing 1377 London Bridge Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23453 757-464-2934; Fax 757-363-8403

Vice Chair Michael Hurt Long’s Corporation 11215-G Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22030 703-323-1776; Fax 703-385-7446

Past Chair Theresa Dagenhart Long’s Corporation 11215-G Lee Hwy Fairfax, VA 22030 703-323-1776; Fax 703-385-7446

Committee Chairs Laurie C. Crigler L & D Associates, Inc. 935 Good Hope Church Rd Aroda, VA 22709 540-948-6230; Fax 540-948-5617

Jason Richard Parrish Services 7865 Coppermine Drive Manasass, VA 20109 703-656-2008; Fax 703-656-2006

Randy Baldwin Frugal Rooter, LLC 10476 Business Center Ct. Manassas, VA 20110 703-580-5325; Fax 703-392-6343

Dan Foley Foley Mechanical, Inc. 8390 Terminal Rd., Unit 1 Lorton, VA 22079 703-339-8030; Fax 703-339-8031

Matthew Kemp Aireco, Inc P.O. Box 414 Savage, MD 20763 703-209-7386; Fax 301-953-1962

Executive Director Susan Milhoan PMPV-VAPHCC P.O. Box 11128 Norfolk, VA 23517 800-947-7450; Fax 800-947-7415


Volume 78 Number 4 Winter 2013

Serving the Mechanical-Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning-Electrical-Refrigeration and Sheet Metal Industry of Virginia


PMPV Committee Reports Laurie C. Crigler, Legislative Chair


Virginia Apprentices Make Us Proud


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WINTER 2013 Volume 78 / Number 4 Senior Editor - Susan Milhoan

It’s your government...

Executive Director Report - Susan Milhoan 6

Image is the official magazine of the Plumbing & Mechanical Professionals of Virginia and is published four times annually. PMPV does not necessarily endorse any of the companies advertising in this publication or the views of its writers. Image is designed and published by Blue Water Publishers, LLC. Articles and information published in this magazine may not be reproduced without written consent of the PMPV or Blue Water Publishers, LLC. The publisher cannot assume responsibility for claims made by advertisers and is not responsible for the opinions expressed by contributing authors. For more information on advertising, contact Jim Aitkins, Blue Water Publishers, LLC, 22727 - 161st Avenue SE, Monroe, WA 98272 360-805-6474 / fax: 360-805-6475 /

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Jim Steinle Chairman


here are a handful of things most people are anxious about: speaking in front of groups, going to the dentist and death, to name the top three. After several years working with this organization I know of another common anxiety: fear and intimidation about getting involved in the legislative process. It is understandable: election season is generally filled with mudslinging, pointed advertisements and hard-fought debates. If you are uncomfortable with conflict, you might be tempted to hide

in the house with the television off during the months preceding a major election. But “politicophobia” can be addressed. We’re not talking about running for office, but about the simple act of sharing information, expressing an opinion or making a request to elected officials. To be honest, I have found that the anticipation of lobbying is far worse than actually doing it. I was not terribly comfortable the first time I attended a PMPV/PHCC-VA lobbying event, until I realized these people work for us! Besides, they need input in order to make informed decisions. We the people are not a contingent to be tolerated, but an important part of the legislative process. We are fortunate to have some incredibly talented and dedicated advocates among our membership. Through their efforts we have represented our industry and advanced our trades. But the voices of one or two people are not as compelling as the voices of many. Elected officials need detailed information to guide their actions; they also want to know they are speaking for their constituents. Each year PMPV/PHCC-VA conducts a legislative visit in Richmond. We visit every legislator and make them aware of our challenges and issues. Our visits are usually informational, and the legislators appreciate the opportunity. If you have any interest in learning more about the legislative process or getting involved in advocating for our industries, this January 8, 2014 event is a great introduction. All participants are provided information and support and veteran volunteers help steer the process. Somebody famous once said “if you fail to get involved, you deserve the government you get.” We all deserve to be adequately represented…this is an opportunity to help determine our futures.

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Change your wishes to actions through involvement

Susan Milhoan Executive Director

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his issue of IMAGE brings you information about the 2014 General Assembly session and the ongoing effort to protect continuing education for Virginia tradesmen. Both of those topics involve developing a particular mindset: that each of us can make a difference. Plenty of people can wish for change, but success usually belongs to those willing to work for their wishes. According to experts, the simple act of deciding to take action immediately changes you from a “wisher” to a “doer.” Like the famous footwear slogan “Just do it,” it sounds simple, but it’s not. The first step in converting hopes to actions is the hardest. You have to believe you have the time, the tools, the motivation, the support and the enjoyment to get the ball rolling. If missing, the lack of any of these components can sabotage your efforts. As a professional, you know the value of goal setting or you wouldn’t be where you are today. Looking back, your achievements are interwoven with a determination to attain an objective, a commitment to devote the time necessary, availability of resources and tools, support from family or coworkers and satisfaction with your accomplishment. In the case of changing the working environment, success is rarely the result of a single individual’s action. It requires a team effort. One of the remarkable benefits of this organization – through its January Legislative event – is delivering the components you need to feel comfortable playing a role in the legislative process. Explaining issues helps provide motivation to take action, the organizational effort optimizes your investment of time, provides you with the resources necessary for action and the support/appreciation for your involvement. And, interacting with peers adds a level of enjoyment and satisfaction. We hope 2014 will be the year you stop wishing you could make a difference and take steps to do so. There is no failure in the equation. As Jedi Master Yoda explained, “No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”


Uncover a wealth of possibilities

Inspired by turn-of-the-century charm, each piece in the Ar�facts collec�on is like a vintage treasure rediscovered. Ar�facts is at home in any dećor, giving you the freedom to interpret the collec�on any way you want.


Falls Church 6535 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, VA 22042 P: 703-584-1500

Richmond 2120 Maywill St. Richmond, VA 23230 P: 804-325-8554

Chevy Chase 8530 Connecticut Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20815 P: 301-215-6310

Rockville 15815 Frederick Rd. Rockville, MD 20855 P: 301-795-4700 Winter 2013 | IMAGE


COMMITTEE REPORT: Legislative Committee By Chairwoman, Laurie Crigler

CEU’S & HB1645


MPV/VAPHCC and several other wonderful organizations (VPMIA & VBCOA, to name just a couple) have been concentrating their efforts for the past few months on maintaining the continuing education program that currently exists. Unless you have had your head in the sand, and you have not paid attention to all the e-mails, legislative alerts and requests by these organizations to submit testimony, you know this has been a battle. To refresh your memory…there is a potential regulatory change. The “Proposed Regulatory Change” will eliminate the CEU programs for all trades except “water-well drillers” and “elevator mechanics” (and that is because their CEU’s were written into the law when they got their licensing passed by the General Assembly a couple of years ago). What has transpired over the past few months is worthy of many adjectives…frustrating, awe-inspiring, educational, heart-warming (and a few others that I will not use). Never before have I seen the industry rally around an issue….not just contractors…. but inspectors, code officials, past DPOR board members, fire officials, well-drillers, elevator mechanics, tradesmen, builders, educational providers, community college professionals, lawyers, association managers and MANY others. They all took time out of their busy lives to express their thoughts in person, at hearings, and in writing to the DPOR Board about how they feel and the potential ramifications of the possible elimination of the continuing education program for Tradesmen. I am forever grateful to those who have done this, regardless of their “side” in the issue. It makes me feel good that there are so many out there who really do care. At the October Tradesmen Committee meeting (and subsequently at the full Board meeting the next day) it was announced that after three public hearings (and the Northern Virginia and Bristol hearings were still to follow) over 700 pages of testimony resulted from all of the above professionals that the full Board will have to read and condense in order to vote in December. In addition, the Board will be dealing with HB1645 and the gubernatorial request to “evaluate continuing education requirements for tradesmen including curriculum standards, corresponding updates to the Uniform Statewide Building Code, effectiveness in protecting the public, and the cost to [ 8 ] IMAGE | Winter 2013

regulants, and initiate regulatory action to reduce any unnecessary burdens”. These two issues are going hand-in-hand and much of the testimony has presented ideas to the Board to help them evaluate continuing education per the Governor’s request. Several of the alternatives the Board will “ponder” and “evaluate” are as follows: 1. Tradesmen license renewal every 3 years to coincide with the code cycle. 2. Requiring a ‘licensed tradesman” on every job 3. Discontinue the CEU program and require an exam for renewal (without taking a class) 4. Form a committee to review all of these to make sound proposals (or host a workshop) 5. Leave it alone Each of these suggestions has a preponderance of pros and cons and it will be interesting to see how our regulatory board (Board for Contractors) approaches these. If you have thoughts on any of these, please feel free to contact Eric Olson at DPOR and give him your thoughts. The next Tradesmen Committee meeting and Board for Contractors meeting are scheduled for Dec. 16/17 at 2pm and 9am, respectively. It would behoove you to attend and see the workings of our regulatory board and find out what they have ultimately decided our fate to be. I will report, in the next issue, the outcome of that decision. In the meantime, I want to express my thanks to ALL of you who wrote, called, testified and e-mailed about this issue (regardless if it was pro or con). I am impressed and grateful to see the outpouring from the industry. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, AND MORE THANKS!!!!!!! Remember to join PMPV/VAPHCC, a professional organization which looks out for the public AND the industry and be part of the solution! Laurie C. Crigler Legislative Chair, PMPV 540-948-6230 (Office) 540-718-3000 (Cell)

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Virginia Apprentices Make Us



uring the October Plumbing Hearing Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Convention, 24 apprentices competed for prizes and a national title in the PHCC Education Foundation’s plumbing and HVAC apprentice contests. Most apprentices already won contests at the state or local level and were ready for the contest in Las Vegas. Virginia was represented in plumbing by William Skelsey (Cameron Plumbing, Manassas, VA) and in HVAC by Mike Deeben (M.E. Flow, Leesburg, VA). This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity for the apprentices and, according to the PHCC, an experience like this can shape an apprentice’s entire career. Plumbing apprentices installed a basic threepiece bathroom: a toilet, sink with faucet and shower valve, while the HVAC contestants completed a brazing project, demonstrated pressure testing and refrigerant recovery, completed a wiring project, and took readings on a functional package unit. From among seven HVAC contestants, Deeben was awarded second place. Although he was not a top finisher, Skelsey did score in the top 50% among 17 plumbing contestants. Contest headline sponsors were A.O. Smith, BrassCraft, Channellock, Copper Development Association, Delta Faucet Company, RIDGID and Viega. Contestant Sponsors were AHRI, A.O. Smith, College of Southern Nevada, Kohler, Legend Valve, NATE and NIBCO. The Virginia apprentice competitions will take place at the PMPV/ PHCC-VA tradeshow on April 10, 2014 in Fairfax, Virginia. [ 10 ] IMAGE | Winter 2013

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Trade Shows Deliver! An industry-specific trade show is an opportunity for lots of things, all of which are positive: •

Get acquainted with new products

Vendors and customers make connections

Interaction with peers

Get up-to-speed on the state of the industry



The April 10, 2014 Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals of Virginia Roadmap to Success trade show promises to deliver on all that and more! Situated at the Hyatt Fair Lakes in Fairfax, Virginia, the venue was selected to provide maximum accessibility to PMPV members and vendors. The program provides a showcase for the annual plumbing apprentice competition and exhibition space includes 70 booth spaces. Eight or more seminars are being scheduled on topics such as social media and marketing to water heater standards and HVAC manual training. Best of all, attendees get in free! From the perspective of a vendor, there are some very good reasons to consider participating. According to data from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 88 percent of the attendees at a trade show usually haven’t been seen by a member of your company’s sales staff in the past year, and 70 percent plan to buy one or more products. On average, 76 percent of attendees ask for quotes and 26 percent end up signing purchase orders. Seventy-two percent of visitors say the show itself influences their buying decisions. If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, use these documents or visit the PMPV website www. - Early bird pricing ends December 31, so act now! [ 12 ] IMAGE | Winter 2013

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New Members Welcome these members who have joined since the last edition of IMAGE:

CONTRACTORS: National Indoor Climate Expert (NICE) Craig Elliott 8002 Haute Ct Unit A Springfield, VA 22150-2215 (703)634-5404 (101); (703)546-1093 Paramount Mechanical Corp. Mark P. Cronin 7053 Gate Way Court Manassas, VA 20109 (703)369-1750; (703)369-3353

INDUSTRY PARTNERS: ServPro of Virginia Beach Justin Johnson 2633 Production Road Virginia Beach, VA 23454 (757) 431-1400; (757) 431-1516

Several PMPV/PHCC Virginia members attended the October PHCC Convention in Las Vegas. Interspersed among the trade show and the educational activities, PMPV Legislative Chair Laurie Crigler (right inset) was installed as national secretary.  Michel Deeben (M.E. Flow of Leesburg, VA), place second in the national HVAC apprentice competition and William Skelsey (Cameron Plumbing of Manassas, VA) was among top performers in the plumbing apprentice competition. [ 14 ] IMAGE | Winter 2013

PMPV Donates Toiletries Members of the Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals of Virginia donated almost 20 pounds of individual toiletries to the Ronald McDonald House in Norfolk. The items have been collected from members who saved them from trips; they will be made available to families staying in Ronald McDonald House while children undergo treatment at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters and other local facilities. Throughout the coming year hotel toiletries will be collected for subsequent donation, so bring them to a meeting or the April trade show!


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It’s Your Government…

Use It!

Whatever the quality of government, it belongs fully to the citizens. Like any good owner, it is the responsibility of citizens to participate in its life. As Virginian Thomas Jefferson suggested, “A nation that rests on the will of the people must also depend on individuals to support its institutions in whatever ways are appropriate if it is to flourish.” That is the premise behind the annual Legislative Day coordinated by the Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals of Virginia (PMPV). For one day – this year on Thursday, January 9, 2014 -- members of PMPV spend several hours discussing their trade with elected officials. If members of the General Assembly are informed about the issues impacting those involved in plumbing, HVAC and gas fitting, they are more likely to act from a position of knowledge. Elected officials enjoy meeting constituents and depend on them to provide insight and depth to the legislative conversation. Members attending Legislative Day are paired with other members to make the visits, so the experience is comfortable and easy. The discussions are not complicated and focus of what you know and what you need. There are no scripts or things to be memorized. In exchange for your time and expertise, you will gain a new appreciation for the legislative process and an inside look at the wheels of government. If you would like to participate, please contact Legislative Chair, Laurie Crigler, at

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PMPV 2014 CALENDAR January 8-10 January 15 January 17-19 February 12 March 12 March 14-16 April 9 April 9 April 10 April 11 April 16 May 7 May 14 May 16-18 June 11 July 18-20 September 10 September 17 September 19-21 October 8 October 8-10 November 12 November 14-16 December 3 December 10

State Board Meeting and Legislative Visit, Richmond PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting Backflow at ServPro PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting, sponsored by TradeWraps; Coscia class at Servpro, Manassas, VA. Backflow at ServPro PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting PHCC-NV Texas Hold ‘em, Hyatt Fair Lakes, Fairfax Roadmap to Success Trade Show, Hyatt Fair Lakes, Fairfax State Board Meeting, Hyatt Fair Lakes, Fairfax PMPV Hampton Roads Chapter Meeting PMPV Hampton Roads Golf Outing, Kempsville Greens, Virginia Beach PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting Backflow at ServPro PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting Backflow at ServPro PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting PMPV Hampton Roads Chapter Meeting Backflow at ServPro PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting PHCC CONNECT (New Orleans) PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting Backflow at ServPro PMPV Hampton Roads Chapter Meeting PHCC-NV Chapter Meeting

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4/2/13 2:34 PM

You have to be kidding!


t the October PHCC CONNECT event in Las Vegas a small group of contractors exchanged “horror stories” about installations they have encountered in the field. They laughed about what they had encountered, but at some point someone thought the installation was proper. Installation and repair failures happen. Adherence to code updates can help Virginia trade professionals avoid frightening consequences, but untrained homeowners and others can still make mistakes. In your experience you have probably seen many such flaws, both subtle and glaring. Some errors are committed by amateurs; some by professionals. Some are even laughable. In a new feature, we ask you to send us photos of what you’ve seen in the field in two categories: • installation or repair flaws that can be identified in a photo (such as an upside down joint), and • blatant laughable disasters. We want to share these images with readers, both for the educational value and humor. Each issue will include such photos and readers submitting correct diagnosis of flaws can win prizes! Those submitting photos that are subsequently included in an issue of IMAGE will earn the sender a copy of the current PMPV Lottery Calendar (a $20 value that could pay big bucks). From among those submitting correct diagnoses a winner will be selected and awarded a calendar. IMAGE will not reveal the identities of those who committed the errors. The above photo should give you an idea of what to expect. Submit photos to or send to PMPV, PO Box 11128, Norfolk, VA 23517. Winter 2013 | IMAGE

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Use Your Advantage! Members of PMPV/PHCC-VA appreciate meeting with their peers and utilizing training programs. At a recent Northern Virginia Chapter meeting it became apparent that a great many members are unaware of the tangible benefits available. These include: Aramark Work Apparel and Uniform Services. Save 25% on work clothes that promote your business from ARAMARK Work Apparel and Uniform Services. Outfit your employees for comfort and style while you build your business with custom-embroidered clothing. Build relationships with your customers by displaying employee names and your company logo on work apparel. ExxonMobil Fleet Card. Save $.05 per gallon with the ExxonMobil Fleet Card—and enroll for free. Take your ExxonMobil Fleet Card to more than 14,000 ExxonMobil stations nationwide and save $.05 per gallon on gasoline. Sign up for customized online reports to better manage your fleet costs. Extra bonus: The one-time enrollment fee of $50 is waived for PHCC members. And when you purchase more than 1,200 gallons per month the $10 accounting fee is also waived. Bank of America Credit Card. Set up a complete payment processing program for your business from Bank of America and cut your administrative expenses. PHCC members pay the wholesale processing rate plus $.10 per key entered transaction. Additional benefits include: no leases or equipment deposits; free paper, ribbon and supplies; 24/7 customer support; and no annual membership fee. Plus your funds will be deposited into your current bank account within 24 hours and fees will be withdrawn at month end, not daily or weekly. Hudson Ink Marketing Services. Generate more leads and stand out from the competition with Hudson Ink’s Marketing Services. Hudson Ink is a leading provider of marketing services for contractors offering customer retention newsletters, lead-generating yellow page ads and turn-key marketing packages. [ 20 ] IMAGE | Winter 2013

ConsensusDocs. ConsensusDocs contracts are the only industry standard contracts written by 39 leading design and construction industry organizations. Offering a catalog of 90+ contract documents covering all methods of project delivery, ConsensusDocs contracts incorporate fair risk allocation and best practices to represent the project’s best interests. Coalition Members represent Designers, Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors and Sureties (DOCS). For more information, please visit www. Federated Insurance. Protect your Business and yourself with Federated Insurance plans, your one-stop source for just about all of your business insurance needs. Federated representatives are located nearby for local answers, information and support. Federated offers business owners estate protection strategies, succession planning, safety, risk management and loss prevention services. Enterprise Fleet Services. Enterprise Fleet Management provides PHCC members cost-effective and comprehensive fleet management solutions in the areas of: vehicle acquisition, maintenance management, insurance programs, vehicle disposal, fuel programs, license and title renewals, and monthly reporting. If your business has between 15 and 125 vehicles, call Enterprise Fleet Management today to find out how you can start improving your cash flow. Chrysler Group Incentive Program. Chrysler Group provides a special $500 cash allowance toward the purchase or lease of many vehicles, including new Ram vehicles, for PHCC members and their employees for day-to-day business use. Combined with ON THE JOB allowances and stackable with current retail incentive, this offer is worth up to $1,500 or more, which provides a significant cost reduction that contributes directly to your bottom line. Plus, same household family members and PHCC National or Chapter employees can also receive the special $500 cash allowance toward the purchase of a vehicle for personal use.

Partners for Professionalism. Give your customers professional grade products that you can install with confidence. PHCC’s Partners For Professionalism offer members co-branded products that are distributed exclusively through the traditional supply channel and include enhanced features, benefits or warranties to help you better serve your customers. Marketing Hardware Web Design. As a member, you are entitled to a free 30-minute website evaluation and web marketing consultations.  Even if you love your current website – or your rank on Google – you should take advantage of this insightful, no-obligation benefit.  We provide a full suite of Website design services, “Starter” to  “Leadership Circle.”  We also offer a full menu of Search Engine Marketing services: Paid Search, Local Search and SEO. 


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In October, PHCC welcomed PayAnywhere a point-of-sale credit card processing service, as a Preferred Service Provider. Members can now accept credit cards on the spot (including American Express) for the low swipe rate of 2.69 percent.  There is no set-up fee, no monthly fee, no minimum fee, or any other fee.  The service supports Apple, Android and Blackberry smart phones and tablets across all carriers. The secure card reader and application are also free. Live customer support is available seven days a week.  PMPV also offers Constant Contact email services at a discount to members.

Winter 2013 | IMAGE

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Natural Gas. Efficient by Nature.

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Announcing rebates for residential and commercial customers in Virginia.

The PMPV Pick Three Lottery Calendar is a project that makes a lot of people happy. Just 1000 calendars are printed each year and each calendar bears a three digit number. Every day bears a cash award amount. If your number is selected in the Virginia Lottery Pick Three, you win the cash amount for that day. All for an investment of just $20 ($40 to double your chances by adding the midday Pick Three).

The Washington Gas Energy Efficiency Program is offering substantial rebates on select natural gas products to homeowners and businesses in Virginia. It’s a terrific

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