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Current State of Social Media in the Workplace Maryland: California on the Chesapeake? Graduating Class of 2013 Maryland PHCC Plumbing Apprenticeship School State Adopts New Plumbing & Gas Codes




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Summer 2013

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Senior Editor - Diane P. Kastner Maryland PHCC Contractor Magazine is the official magazine of The Maryland Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors and is published four times annually. The Maryland PHCC does not necessarily endorse any of the companies advertising in this publication or the views of its writers. Maryland PHCC Contractor Magazine is designed and published by Blue Water Publishers, LLC. Articles and information published in this magazine may not be reproduced without written consent of The Maryland PHCC or Blue Water Publishers, LLC. The publisher cannot assume responsibility for claims made by advertisers and is not responsible for the opinions expressed by contributing authors. For more information on advertising, contact Jim Aitkins Blue Water Publishers, LLC 22727 - 161st Avenue SE, Monroe, WA 98272 360-805-6474 / fax: 360-805-6475 jima@bluewaterpublishers.com

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Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor


Make a Difference in Your Business Take Advantage of all PHCC Offers! By Gerry Kennedy PHCC National Association Executive Vice President


s your business partner, we want to see you succeed. Our goal is to make a difference in your business by providing the educational, training and networking resources that will help you grow your business, save you money and protect your livelihood. Grow Your Business The best way to move past your competitors is to be the most educated contractor in your area. PHCC is your source for the types of education and training you and your employees need to stay a step ahead. If you prefer in-person education, PHCC offers many opportunities at the national, state and local levels, all concentrating on the types of “hot” topics that you need to know. For example, the PHCC Educational Foundation is sponsoring timely state chapter seminars on how to comply with the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act that goes into effect in January 2014. And, recognizing that innovation is key to success these days, the programming at the Oct. 16-19 PHCC annual convention, CONNECT 2013 in Las Vegas, will focus on upand-coming business practices and technology that can take your company to the next level. PHCC members also have access to extensive webbased training that is available when it is convenient for you. For example, you and your employees can participate for free in the PHCC Educational Foundation’s webinar series on timely business management and technical topics. You also can receive discounts on the Foundation’s Virtual University courses that can be eligible for various continuing education credits. OSHA’s 10- and 30-hour required training also is part of the University’s offerings. Be sure to check out the Education and Events section of our website, www.phccweb.org, to see examples of what is offered. Save You Money Through PHCC, you are eligible for exclusive member discounts—some offering up to a 50 percent savings!—on some of your biggest business expenses, including fleet


Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

services and fuel, uniforms, web sites, employment services, credit card processing and business forms. The full list is available in the “Member Center” section of www.phccweb. org. The most recent example: The new Chrysler incentive is one of the most popular benefits PHCC has offered in recent years, based on activity in just the last three months. Chrysler Group LLC is offering PHCC members, your employees and your families a special $500 cash allowance toward the purchase or lease of many Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles. The incentive includes a $1,000 upfit on business vehicles and is stackable with current retail incentives, so your savings can be as much as $1,500 or more! For all the program details, including eligibility and available models, visit www.phcc.org/chrysler. Protect Your Interests One service PHCC provides is crucial for the future of all p-h-c businesses: Strong representation in Washington. We all know how unfavorable laws and regulations can quickly stall business growth—especially for the small businesses that are the backbone of this country. PHCC’s job is to ensure that the laws and rules affecting you are practical and necessary. On current issues like health care reform, estate tax and immigration reform, we’ve “got your back.” Our activity has accelerated in the regulatory arena, where we are representing your interests in the proposed expansion of lead in paint regulations to public and commercial buildings, and making sure you know of how you could be affected by the final rule on high energy efficient furnaces and the workforce guidelines of the federal weatherization assistance program. You can have a direct voice in this process by taking part in our grassroots efforts that recently have generated more than 4,600 letters to lawmakers and regulators in Washington. The more people who participate in this process, the more influence we’ll have on our issues. As we move forward—together—we hope you will take advantage of all PHCC has to offer. Let us help you make a difference in your business!

Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor




CALIFORNIA ON THE CHESAPEAKE Gil Genn Capitol Hill Strategic Advocates Contract Lobbyist, MDPHCC


he end of the 2013 Maryland Legislative Session came to an end at midnight April 8th and left behind a legacy of one of the most socially progressive sessions in recent memory; major legislation on guns, death penalty and marijuana all passed. However, progress was not made on one of our priorities SB 77, “Board of Plumbing, Continuing Professional Competency, Master Plumbers and Master Natural Gas Fitters.” This departmental bill required the State Board of Plumbing to establish, by regulation, continuing professional competency requirements for licensed master plumbers and licensed master natural gas fitters. Licensees must complete 16 educational hours as a condition of each license renewal beyond the first. The requirement would have been phased in for specified licensees whose license expires before October 1, 2016. The bill passed the Senate but lost by one vote in the House. If Cosmetologists require competency testing, certainly a major component of public health should be held to competency standards as well. Senate Bill 350 passed to generally require a county or local government to employ licensed or recently licensed master electricians as electrical inspectors and licensed master plumbers as plumbing inspectors, subject to certain exceptions. This requirement applies only to electrical and plumbing inspectors hired after January 1, 2014, when the bills take effect. For the third consecutive year, the General Assembly considered legislation proposed by the Administration to develop an offshore wind farm in the waters off the coast of the State. House Bill 226 (Ch. 3) supports a substantially smaller project than that originally proposed in 2011 – now approximately 200 megawatts. Under the Act, State electricity sales must include an amount derived from offshore wind energy beginning in 2017. The amount will be set by the Public Service Commission (PSC) [6]

Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

each year based on the projected annual creation of offshore wind renewable energy credits (ORECs) by qualified offshore wind projects and may not exceed 2.5% of total retail sales. An offshore wind farm of a size consistent with the rate-cost caps in the Act has the potential to produce each year between 5.0% and 8.5% of the renewable energy necessary for renewable portfolio compliance. The Act establishes other conditions; the PSC may not approve a plan for a proposed offshore wind project unless the projected maximum rate impacts for both residential and nonresidential electric customers are no more than $1.50 per month for an average residential customer and 1.5% for a nonresidential customer. Further, the application must include a decommissioning plan for the project, a plan for engaging small businesses through June 2016, a commitment to abide by specified minority business requirements, and a commitment to deposit at least $6.0 million into the Maryland Offshore Wind Business Development Fund. After several years of a de facto ban on the death penalty because the State never finally approved health department regulations for lethal injection, the legislature voted to eliminate the death penalty in all cases. Senate Bill 276, passed, repeals the death penalty and all provisions relating to it and requires a person found guilty of murder in the first degree to be sentenced to imprisonment for life or imprisonment for life without the possibility of parole. In addition, the bill specifies that the Governor may change a sentence of death into a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. In 2012, a series of mass killings shocked the nation. Among those horrific events were two of the deadliest shootings in United States history: the July 20 incident in an [continued on page 8]

Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor


Aurora, Colorado movie theater, in which 12 people died and 70 people were injured; and the December 14 massacre of 20 children and 6 adults at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. In response, several states, including Maryland, New York, Connecticut, and Colorado passed sweeping gun control legislation. Senate Bill 281 (passed) is Maryland’s most far-reaching package of gun control measures in several years. The numerous provisions of the bill are distilled from more than three dozen gun control proposals that were introduced in the General Assembly. The bill creates a definition of “assault weapon,” encompassing assault pistols, assault long guns, and copycat weapons. “Assault pistol” is already defined under the Public Safety Article. An “assault long gun” is defined as any of 45 specific assault weapons regulated under the Public Safety Article. Finally, the bill defines “copycat weapon” as a weapon that is a semiautomatic pistol, semiautomatic center-fire rifle, or semiautomatic shotgun and that has specified features. Thus, with certain exceptions, the bill prohibits the transporting, possessing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, purchasing, or receiving any assault weapon. The bill allows a person who lawfully possessed, has a purchase order for, or completed an application to purchase an assault long gun or a copycat weapon before October 1, 2013, to continue to possess and transport the assault long gun or copycat weapon or, if carrying a court order requiring surrender of the weapon, transport the unloaded weapon directly to a law enforcement unit, having notified the unit of the transport. A number of persons and circumstances are exempted from the prohibitions related to the possession of assault weapons and detachable magazines. Assault weapon possession prohibitions do not apply to those received by inheritance, if the inheriting person is not otherwise disqualified from possessing a regulated firearm. The bill also includes within the definition of “convicted of a disqualifying crime” a case in which a person received probation before judgment for a crime of violence or a domestically related crime. The bill reduces the allowable detachable magazine capacity for the manufacture, sale, purchase, receipt, or transfer in the State from 20 to 10 rounds of ammunition for a firearm. The bill similarly reduces referenced limits on magazine capacities under penalty provisions applicable to use of an assault weapon in the commission of a felony or crime of violence. The bill prohibits a person, during and in relation to the commission of a crime of violence, from possessing or using “restricted firearm ammunition.” (sometimes called ‘cop killer bullets’) during or in relation to the commission of a crime of violence. A new licensing scheme for handguns under the licensing authority of the Department of State Police (DSP) is established. A “handgun qualification license” authorizes a person to purchase, rent, or receive a handgun. A licensed firearms manufacturer, a specified active or retired law enforcement officer, a member or retired member of the U.S. Armed Forces, or the National Guard, and a person purchasing, renting, or receiving an antique, curio, or relic firearm (as defined under federal law) are exempt from the requirements of the licensing provisions. The Secretary of State Police is also required to apply for [8]

Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

a State and national criminal history records check on behalf of each handgun applicant. As part of the application for a criminal history records check, the Secretary must submit one complete set of fingerprints of the applicant. The application fee for a handgun qualification license is to cover administrative costs and may be up to $50. The term of the license is 10 years. License renewal fees are set at up to $20. Among other requirements, an applicant must show proof of completion of an approved firearms safety training course. An applicant, however, is exempt from this requirement if the applicant has previously completed a certified firearms training course, has completed a hunting safety course prescribed by the Department of Natural Resources, is a certified firearms instructor, is an honorably discharged member of the U.S. Armed Forces or the National Guard, is a certain employee of an armored car company, or lawfully owns a regulated firearm. A person may not possess a regulated firearm, rifle, or shotgun if the person suffers from a mental disorder as defined in § 10-101(f)(2) of the Health–General Article and has a history of violent behavior against the person or another; has been found incompetent to stand trial or not criminally responsible in a criminal case; has been voluntarily admitted for more than 30 consecutive days to a facility (i.e., a public or private clinic, hospital or other institution that treats individuals who have mental disorders); has been involuntarily committed to a facility; or is under the protection of a court-appointed guardian of the property or guardian of the person, except for cases in which the appointment of a guardian is solely a result of a physical

disability. There is a due process procedure to seek a license if the disability has disappeared. A physician who acts in good faith and with reasonable grounds in providing the statements and opinions required by the restoration process may not be held civilly or criminally liable for those actions. If a firearm is lost or stolen, the owner of the firearm must report the loss or theft to the local law enforcement agency within 72 hours after the owner first discovers the loss or theft. The bill exempts from the prohibition against carrying a firearm, knife, or other deadly weapon on public school property an off-duty law enforcement officer who is a parent, guardian, or visitor of a student attending the school, provided that the officer is displaying the officer’s badge or credential, and the weapon is concealed. In 1996, California became the first state to allow the medical use of marijuana. Since then, 17 other states, as well as the District of Columbia, have enacted similar laws. States with medical marijuana laws generally have some form of patient registry and provide protection from arrest for possession of up to a certain amount of marijuana for medical use. In Maryland, State law has allowed for medical necessity as an affirmative defense, but it has not provided a means for patients to actually obtain marijuana. House Bill 1101, passed, allows for the investigational use of marijuana for medical purposes. Specifically, the bill establishes, as an independent commission within the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana

Commission to (1) develop requests for applications for academic medical centers to operate programs in the State; (2) approve or deny initial and renewal program applications; and (3) monitor and oversee programs approved for operation. The bill also establishes the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission Fund which consists of any money appropriated in the State budget to the fund and any other money from any other source accepted for the benefit of the fund in accordance with any conditions adopted by the commission. The commission must, during fiscal 2014, develop specified policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines for the bill’s implementation. Politically, this was a Blue State responding to the changing social tide. In June, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown announced he is running for Governor and selected Howard County Executive, Ken Ulman to be his running mate. It is a formidable ticket and they are running on the specific accomplishments of their respective administrations. State Attorney General Doug Gansler is poised to jump into the race on the Democratic side and is looking to Baltimore to fill out his ticket. On the Republican side, Harford County Executive Attorney David Craig has announced he is all in for Governor and other likely Republicans to enter include former Lt. Governor and now MSNBC commentator Michael Steele. There will be more and there might be as many as will be at the starting gate at the 2014 Preakness race. Keep your scorecards ready and we will help you handicap the 2014 race. Have a great and safe summer!

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With new national lead-free legislation taking effect in 2014, there’s been a lot of talk about making the switch. Here’s the truth: T&S was the first fixture, faucet and fitting manufacturer to convert its entire line to lead-free alloys back in 2010. So when you purchase a T&S faucet today, you’re already lead-free compliant. No worries. No hassle.

Visit tsbrass.com/literature to download a free brochure about our lead-free products, or contact your local T&S rep for more information.

T&S plumbing products represented in Maryland by: S.E. Taylor & Associates - 410-255-7620 TSB-615 2013 Lead-Free PHCC Pubs.indd 6

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Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor


Prepared for the PHCC Educational Foundation by TPO, Inc.

Current State of Social Media in the Workplace


n 2012 we spent 74 billion minutes on social media sites. That sounds like a lot and it was; 20 percent of our time and most of that time during work hours. With the pace of social media change and the continued rise in adoption of social media, can we as employers ignore it & hope it will just pass as a fad? Not a chance. Facebook now has over 1 billion active users a day, YouTube has 1 billion unique users monthly and Twitter has grown to 500 million users.   These giants share incredible user communities, but they don’t stop smaller players from growing: Tumblr – 30.8 million visitors – up 64%  year on year Pinterest – 28.9 million visitors – up 284%  year on year Instagram – 27.4 million visitors – up 284%  year on year (Tumblr is a site that “effortlessly lets you share anything”, by the way!) Okay, now that we know that there is no stopping the social media universe; certainly we can put a stop to social networking in our workplaces with a strict social media policy. Right? Not exactly. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is stepping up their role and establishing new rules as we speak and many states have set new regulations. Companies that have labored over the creation of policies to govern the use of social media, are retrenching and reconsidering now that the NLRB has concluded that many companies’ social media policies illegally hinder workers’ exercise of their rights. With new NLBR rules in place, it should be easier to put together a company policy that establishes clear limits. Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of uncertainty.  Defining clear limits on social media posts, for example, without crossing the legal limits, remains difficult. As confusing and evolving as this topic is becoming, it really is tempting to stick your head in the sand & ignore it! Instead, think through your need for a social media policy and consult with your labor attorney.

[ 10 ]

Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

Becoming proactive in regards to social media in your workplace is challenging, but there are things that you can do. Based on all the statistics, your workforce is social media savvy, particularly your employees aged 25-34 who are most likely to use social media. Thirty-three percent of your 18-24 year-olds have used social media in the bathroom! As savvy as they are, your employees will benefit from the following reminders: •

Deciphering Is Hard, But the New York Times Test Is Easy. When it comes to the online world, things can be difficult to decipher and feelings and intent can be misunderstood. Often times, people will write something online, and because of the absence of body language and voice inflection, people can easily misunderstand what the person is saying. This can lead to hard feelings, as well as problems between employees. Before writing anything to anyone, publicly or privately, ask yourself if you’d mind seeing it on the front page of the New York Times. Or better yet, would you say this to your company’s president?

Social Media Is Not Anonymous. Many people mistakenly believe that the Internet provides anonymity, but that’s just not the case. There are ways to track down the information to find the source from where comments originated.

Always Use Good Judgment and Make A Good Impression. It’s important to always use good judgment when using social media tools. This goes for whether you are acting as an individual or on behalf of the company. Keep things in mind like any photos posted and comments made. In other words, you may want to skip the pictures of you partying down on a Saturday night.

Freedom Of Speech May Not Be So Free. Although freedom of speech exists and some people may feel they can make comments about their employer, boss, or co-workers, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any repercussions. In all likelihood, there will be some problems that arise if you do engage in writing negative or hurtful things. Even if they cannot outright let you go for what you said, it could mean you will get passed up for possible promotions or there may just be bad feelings with co-workers.

Know Copyright Laws. It’s important to always know copyright laws. Once you know what you can use, borrow, and need to pay for, always be sure to follow it in order to keep yourself out of trouble. Copyright laws cover both images used online, as well as verbiage.

Maintain Confidentiality. Another issue that many people like employees to keep in mind is that they should maintain confidentiality about their work and fellow employees. This means they should not post photos of the people without their permission.

Own It. Always take responsibility for what it is that you put online through the use of social media. If you used poor judgment and put something on there that you shouldn’t have, own up to it and apologize. You should also do what you can to remove it.

Protocols Exist For a Reason. If you are using social media for work purposes, you will most likely have additional rules you will need to follow. These may include everything from how your boss prefers things be written, to image usage, and how often they would like things posted. Be sure to know and follow these protocols. If you feel there is a problem with one of them, or have an idea for something better, be sure to discuss it with those in charge.

Transparency Is King. Always be transparent when you are using social media, especially if you are doing so for your job. Let people know who you are and where you work. If you are responding to something outside of work that people may confuse for a work related position, add a short disclaimer that states your opinion is no reflection upon or is not associated with your job.

Time Honored Golden Rule. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Treat your colleagues the way you’d want to be treated at work. Ask yourself, “Would I want to be on a job with myself? What about grab lunch?” Don’t be the employee who publicly shames a co-worker to coerce him into action. Don’t go directly to someone’s boss instead of addressing that employee first. Never write something out of anger, spite or personal vendetta. Basically, don’t overstep your boundaries.

Keeping pace with social media as it relates to the workplace is demanding, even daunting. Use your attorney to guide you through the policy side of the equation and your people as multipliers. They both will help you get to the right answers. This content was developed for the PHCC Educational Foundation by TPO, Inc. www.tpo-inc.com. Please consult your HR professional or attorney for further advice, as laws may differ in each state. Laws continue to evolve; the information presented is as of May 2013. Any omission or inclusion of incorrect data is unintentional. Please note this article is not intended to provide legal advice or to substitute for supervisor employment law training.


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[ 11 ]

Graduating Class of 2013 Maryland PHCC Plumbing Apprenticeship School


he Maryland Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Plumbing Apprenticeship graduation took place on April 29, 2013 at the Center of Applied Technology, North in Severn, Maryland and on April 30, 2013 at the Essex Community College in Baltimore, MD. The following individuals were awarded Graduation Diplomas for successfully completing the four year program at Essex Community College: • • • • • • •

Christopher Buynak sponsored by Lloyd Plumbing Corporation Timothy Cummings sponsored by L. J. Brossoit & Sons, Inc. Seth Ensor sponsored by Roger L. Ensor, Inc. William Grizzard sponsored by Maryland Mechanical Systems, Inc. John Haislip sponsored by Baldwin Mechanical, Inc. Brett Smith sponsored by J. A. Smith & Co., Inc. Joshua Wyczawski sponsored by Emjay Engineering, Inc.

Each graduate will receive 24 Continuing Education credits awarded by the Essex Community College for completion of the program. Backflow Certificates were awarded to those graduates who successfully completed the 32 hour Backflow Certification course. The Maryland State Board of Plumbing requires the successful completion of a 32 hour Backflow course as a pre requisite for the journey plumbing examination. Certificates of Completion were also awarded to the first, second and third year apprentices who achieved a passing grade. [ 12 ]

Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

Congratulations to our third year apprentices who passed the gas fitters training course and were awarded Gas Fitter Training Certificates in addition to their Completion Certificates. The gas course includes 2PSI system, the installation, operation and maintenance of gas piping, gas appliances and gas utilization equipment. At the conclusion of the six week gas fitters training course apprentices were required to pass both a hands on and a written examination. The Robert McLaughlin Awards for outstanding Academic Achievement were presented by Steve Schaefer, Administrative Chairman. The recipients at the Essex Community College and the Center of Applied Technology, North of this award were: : 1st year Dalton Bauer 2nd year Dale Eger 3rd year Kevin Zerhusen 4th year Brett Smith 1st year Charles Elliott We wish to acknowledge and thank our Instructors at Essex Community College and the Center of Applied Technology, North. 1st year George Malone 2nd year Ron Hebb 3rd year Bryon Harris 4th year Charles Chalk 1st year Gary Coombe Special thanks to the members of the Apprenticeship Education Council for their dedication to the program: Steve Schaefer, Administrative Chairman and committee members Ralph Vitale, Sr., Ed Zepp, IV, Jim Berndt, Vernon Gauss, Ron Stiegler and Kathy Stradley.

Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor

[ 13 ]

Taking Time to


That Train Has Left the Station

Prepared for the PHCC Educational Foundation by TPO, Inc.


ny question or debate over whether or not to invest time and money in employee training is over. There is a national skills deficit that is made worse both by baby boomer retirements and young people not pursuing the professional skills that are in demand; with plumbing and heating skills on the “hot skills” list. As a result: • Your employees and potential employees will demand more from you and training and lifelong learning will be among their demands. • When you invest in your employees and their development, they return that investment many times over. • You will improve retention. Given the looming skill shortage, you cannot ignore attracting and retaining talent and the role that training plays. • Productivity increases as a result of training and development are well researched. Some companies see productivity increases by up to 230%! • Knowledgeable employees improve service which in turn makes happier customers. • Trained employees are more versatile and flexible - they can take the tools they use and bend them to their needs which will make them more adaptable to your evolving business needs. [ 14 ]

Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

[continued on page 16]

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Now that we are on the train, let’s explore ways to build in time for the training and development of your staff and how to make the most out of the time you spend. Optimize On-The-Job Training Most training, and the most effective training, happens on the job. The apprenticeship model fully leveraged by the plumbing and heating trades is a prime example of on-the-job training with its primary goal of teaching job specific skills. Done well, on-the-job training will also transfer valuable knowledge about the culture of your organization as well as the performance expectations that you have for your workers. Some ways to think more broadly about on-the job-training include: • Start a mentoring program as a way to develop technical and managerial skills. A best practice is to allow your staff to choose a mentor rather than assigning one. • Implement a book club concept by asking all employees to take the same on-line training, attend the same webinar, etc., and then discuss the content as a group. • Promote from within and take advantage of the training and development investments you have already made in the staff you have. You will also have a positive effect on the morale. • Similar to promotions, look for internal transfer opportunities for your people. Re-training and re-tooling

is a great way to inspire your people and keep them from leaving when they need a growth opportunity. Learn From Each Other • Support job shadowing which allows an employee to learn about and benefit from brief stints of job training while the employee observes and participates in the work of another employee. • Ask employees to teach other employees. Identify areas of expertise in your employees and ask then to train others. • Establish a company norm for when an employee attends an external seminar, training session, or conference. Expect the employee to magnify their experience for the company by training other employees. This practice is cost-effective, circulates new ideas, and develops a sense of shared ownership for employee development. Go Big and Begin Building a Learning Organization A learning organization is characterized by workers who are continuously encouraged to improve their practices and processes and are given the support they need to do so. Learning organizations take time for training every day; it becomes imbued in their cultures and ways of operating. As a result, just like a high speed train, they get where they want and need to go faster and enjoy ever increasing productivity levels.


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Here are three ways to start building a learning environment: 1. Get rid of change resistant language. Teach your employees and management teams to ask “Why” a lot; especially when you hear, “This is the way we’ve always done it”. You will open the doors to new thinking and better ways of operating. 2. Include all levels of your staff. In a true learning organization, all levels get involved. Who understands best, for example, what works and doesn’t than your experts in the field who interact and troubleshoot with your customers every day. Find regular opportunities to involve all staff in improving your business. 3. Make change a part of your culture. Managing change is one of the hardest aspects of running any organization, especially change that affects everyone in the company. Some employees will resist any change; others will actively look for ways to make the change into the problem, rather than truly analyzing the results of the change. Communicate to your team that change is a fact of life – that things WILL change. Invite them to become a part of the change in a positive way.

are committed to their growth and development. In turn, your employees will be more productive, motivated, and loyal. As an organization, you will be amazed at how quickly and nimbly you can manage the twists and turns that your daily tracks present you when you commit to a learning environment that invites all of your people be part of your solutions. This content was developed for the PHCC Educational Foundation by TPO, Inc. (www.tpo-inc.com). Please consult your HR professional or attorney for further advice, as laws may differ in each state. Laws continue to evolve; the information presented is as of February 2013. Any omission or inclusion of incorrect data is unintentional. Please note this article is not intended to provide legal advice or to substitute for supervisor employment law training. The PHCC Educational Foundation, a partnership of contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers was founded in 1987 to serve the plumbingheating-cooling industry by preparing contractors and their employees to meet the challenges of a constantly changing marketplace. If you found this article helpful, please consider supporting the Foundation by making a contribution at http:// www.phccfoundation.org.

Train Wrecks Averted You can and will avoid train wrecks by taking the time to train your employees. When you do, you demonstrate that you

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Also available as a duplex system

SANICUBIC 1® simplex system


Pre-assembled simplex and duplex grinder systems Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor

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Maryland and Virginia Listing Zoeller: Sump, Sewage, Grinder Pumps up to 7.5 HP, Basins, Controls & Accessories Zoeller Engineer Pumps: Sump, Sewage, Grinder Pumps and Pumping Stations up to 100 HP, Basins, Controls & Accessories Flint & Walling: Submersible & Jet Pumps for wells. Constant Pressure & Booster Pumps Clarus: Advanced Treatment Systems, Effluent Pumps, Septic Tanks Filters, Recirculating Media Filters, Controls & Accessories Mustee: Shower Bases, Laundry Tubs, Mop Sinks, Tub/Shower Wall Kits, ADA Grab Bar & Fold-up Seats Schier:

The Maryland Plumbing-HeatingCooling Contractors Education Council is currently accepting applications for Instructors to teach in our Plumbing Apprenticeship school. Classes are held September through April, two nights per week 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Anne Arundel County -- Center of Applied Technology, 800 Stevenson Road, Severn, MD. Classes at this location are on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Position open for a Second year instructor.. Baltimore County -- Essex Community College, 7201 Rossville Blvd., Baltimore, MD. Classes at this location are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Position open for a Fourth year instructor. Qualifications: • •

Prior teaching experience is preferred, but not required. A Master Plumber/Master Inspector or Journey License is essential. Four years trade experience is acceptable, yet a minimum of six years is preferred.

To apply you call the Maryland PHCC office (410) 461-5977 for an application..

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Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

Grease Interceptors, Oil Separators, Solid Interceptors, Acid Neutralization Tanks Custom Process Systems Quick Fittings/ProBite: Push to Connect Fittings. No-lead, Low Lead and Copper Outdoor Shower Company: Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers Systems & Accessories

Virginia Only Listing State Water Heaters, Symmons, Insinkerator, Chicago Faucets, Accor, Guardian, Oatey SCS, Harvey, and Woodford Praxis Industries: Aquarius, American Whirlpool & Comfort Design

Please see Web Site for Links to all Factories and full list of Associates Web: www.virginiamarketingassociates.com MD PH: 1-301-432-5028 F: 1-301-432-5721 | VA PH: 1-804-569-0360 F: 1-804-569-0361 Email: jcvamarketing@verizon.net | cjvamarketing@gmail.com

Maryland PHCC Presents 2013 TRADE SHOW & SEMINARS Thursday, September 19, 2013

State Plumbing Code On April 18, 2013, the State Board of Plumbing Adopted amendments to Regulations .01 and .02 and new Regulation .04 under COMAR 09.20.01 State Plumbing Code. The 2012 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated, the 2012 National Fuel Gas Code (ANSI Z223.1, NFPA 54), and the 2011 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code (NFPA 58) and revised Maryland modifications to the National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated and the National Fuel Gas Code. Effective Date: May 13, 2013.


ROI Parts Depot

Howard County Fairgrounds 2210 Fairgrounds Road West Friendship, MD Show Hours: Noon – 6:00 p.m. FREE ADMISSION TO SHOW • Come See the Latest in Technology • New Products • Heavy Equipment & Trucks • Antique Cars on Display Seminars offered 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Registration required for Seminars) For information on the Seminars call the MPHCC office (410) 461-5977 or visit us on line www.marylandphcc.org


The ROI Parts Depot stocks residential and commercial water heater repair parts allowing contractors the ability to provide faster service on State water heaters and those AO Smith water heaters having parts in common with State models.

Over 1200 Parts in STOCK! NOW IT’S FASTER THAN EVER TO RECEIVE REPAIR PARTS FOR STATE WATER HEATERS New ROI Training Center (ROITC) Training on "live fire" residential and commercial heaters, tankless water heaters and boilers. Please review the class schedule at www.roimkt.com For more information Contact Contact Chris Kidwell for ROI Marketing after-hour emergency parts 1-800-441-8188 (410)-703-1790 *Additional fee for after-hour pick-ups

NEW LOCATION 733 Generals Highway, Millersville, MD 21108.

Operating Hours are M-F, 7 A.M-5 P.M

Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor

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Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

Summer 2013 | Maryland PHCC Contractor

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Maryland PHCC Contractor | Summer 2013

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Maryland PHCC Contractor, Summer 2013  


Maryland PHCC Contractor, Summer 2013