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Message from the Chairman of the Board: Step into 21st Century Insurance Education


Message from the National Director: Are you “next-year people”?



G. Frank Sheppard, AAI President ext. 1239,

The Affordable Care Act - Update and Supreme Court’s Impact 11 114th Annual Convention Report 13

Rebecca H. McCormack, CPCU, CIC, AAI, CPIW Vice President ext. 1238,

Does Being a Great Agent Make You a Great Manager? 16 2013 Big “I” Spring Conference 18

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CISR Program Expands Choices 22 2013 AIAM Course Calendar 25

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South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

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Cover credit: (© 3ddock | Our education and professional development programs offer the programs you need to advance your career in the New Year. Featured in this edition are our webinar/ webcast and self study programs, our new healthcare reform webcast and executive leadership program, CISR program expansion, and AIAM designation courses.

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IIABSC Chairman of the Board Ashley Brady, CIC


Step into 21st Century Insurance Education

dvances in technology and related changes in learning preferences are changing the face of professional development and continuing education. IIABSC’s diamond-award-winning Education Department has been working hard the past couple of years to adapt to these preferences while maintaining the highest quality professional development possible. As we step into the 21st Century of insurance education, one of the things most misunderstood by members is that our new webinar and webcast courses do not require a test or a proctor to earn CE credit. No travel required, you only need a computer with a good internet connection to earn CE credit on topics such as bonds, building codes, business income, certificates of insurance, condos, estate planning, flood, home-bases businesses, indemnity agreements, life insurance, retirement planning, property leases, property risk characteristics, teenager driver risks and workers comp. Another thing often misunderstood is the difference between a webinar and a webcast. A webinar generally means a video broadcast of Powerpoint slides with audio of the instructor. A webcast, however, offers high-quality, fullmotion video of the instructor for a more engaging learning experience. But for many, the whole instructor-led learning environment is being replaced by a new model called self-teaching education. Though not a new concept, selfteaching now is employing new tools to enhance the learning experience. This changing educational landscape brings with it tremendous benefits for students: · Enhanced access to outstanding instructors. ·


A more diverse offering and greater number of courses.

South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013


The ability to delve deeper into topics and follow course progression at your own pace.


An enhanced ability to balance educational needs and work productivity (i.e. more time for sales).


A laser-like approach to education, allowing users to zero in on what they need when they need it.


Greater involvement in “classroom” activities.


Transforms learning into a process instead of an event.

The Big “I” Virtual University through our national association is at the forefront of this change in our industry. If your staff needs specific training and you don’t need CE credit, then you don’t need to wait for a classroom course to be made available in your area. Instead the VU provides users access to a comprehensive curriculum of self-study sales, customer service and agency management courses; as well as the Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR) designation program. All are developed by the top insurance educators and organizations. Additionally, IIABSC has partnered with to provide engaging, user-friendly, self-taught online courses for CE credit at a 35 percent discount. Available to IIABSC agency or corporate associate members, register through No matter what way you go, a new age of insurance education awaits you, and your association offers professional development for your entire staff. Contact us or visit our website,, to learn what we have available for your team.


For nearly 30 years, Builders Mutual速 has been exclusively dedicated to the construction industry. Risk management consultants and Builders University速 courses are available to help your customers protect their bottom line. When you combine our industry expertise with time saving tools like BOB 2.0, the insurance choice is simple.

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National Director Jon A. Jensen, AAI, AIP


ne Sunday evening in November I was flipping through channels and just before I decided to turn the TV completely off, I stumbled upon a documentary on PBS called The Dust Bowl. As you can probably guess, it focused on the people of the Midwest during the Great Depression who suffered through intense drought and blizzards of fine black dust. The history lesson was no doubt intended to stimulate thought about environmental policy and the government’s role in rebuilding a nation’s economy, but what I found most interesting was the concept of “next-year people.” Just a quick review: during World War I Germans blocked access to Russian wheat, so U.S. farmers made up the difference and made a lot of money doing it. People were coming into the Midwest from all over just to farm wheat. But once the war was over, the stock market crashed and the price of wheat tanked. In response farmers produced even more wheat to make up the profit difference, which drove prices down even lower. The historians being interviewed kept referring to the farmers who persevered the Great Depression and Dust Bowl as being “the ultimate next-year people,” meaning they never gave up hope that next year would be better. Next year it would rain; next year the price of wheat would increase; and next year their work would be profitable again. Sound familiar? The fact is that while many people gave up and left, more than 70 percent of the Midwestern farmers waited out the Dust Bowl, which lasted a decade. The film gave all kinds of reasons, the strongest being the fact that most Midwesterners had never owned their own land before so giving it up willingly was not an option. Sounds like almost every small business owner I know. Here’s the thing. I can’t decide whether that kind of perseverance is admirable or just plain crazy. Can you imagine?! In current terms: the subprime mortgage markets


South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

Are you “Next-Year People”?

tanked in the fall of 2008, which was four years ago. While our “hard times” aren’t nearly at the scale of the Great Depression, imagine if things for us got worse than even the worst of the past four years, and that continued for another six years. What would you do? Would you keep doing business the way you did when times were good and just hope for it to get good again, or would you be ready to make some changes? Part two of the film described some of the changes that farmers were encouraged to make in order to make the most of rain that did occur. So the drought raged on, but thanks to new farming techniques the amount of dangerously eroded land was reduced by half in only three years’ time. Pretty remarkable if you think about it. If you are looking to make some changes in your agency, then our association has its version of new farming techniques, which is the recently released Best Practices Study 2012 Update. Association membership unites an industry, creating a collective voice in matters of regulation, consumer branding and in this instance, collective learning. Association membership is our mechanism for working together, but we should also be learning from each other. The Best Practices program examines top performing agencies of all sizes across the country. It compiles operating statistics to provide benchmarks and operational information on growth, profitability, productivity and financial stability. In order for users to move beyond theory and into practice, Best Practices also offers practical tools for you to create and duplicate the determined best practices in your own agency. For more information, visit the national association website, and click on “Best Practices” under the Resources menu. Good luck, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.


a Berkshire Hathaway company A strong company just got stronger!

We are proud to have joined the Berkshire Hathaway Group – and give you one more reason to consider requesting a GUARD agency appointment. Visit or call 800-673-2465, ext. 4567! Property and casualty insurance for small- to mid-sized employers – workers’ compensation coverage is our traditional specialty. 1-864-541-0168 *Insurance Journal’s “Top 100 of 2011”

Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent & Broker


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to begin the registration process and start quoting in minutes!

The Affordable Care Act –

Update and Supreme Court’s Impact

By Jerry Rhinehart, CIC, CLU, ChFC, RHU


n June 28, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as constitutional, and it will be implemented as written – unless there is future legislative action that changes, or rescinds the law. The court did rule on a course change for some provisions (primarily the expansion of Medicaid and the role the states will play) but the key components of the ACA remains intact. The major provisions of the law will be effective in 2014. Everyone, with minor exceptions, will be required to be covered by a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) in 2014. Most of us will continue to be insured by an employer-sponsored plan. The premiums paid by the employer will continue to be tax deductible and those employer-paid premiums will continue to be “not reported” to the employees. How will the law affect you, your family, your employer, employers you know or those you insure? First, several noteworthy provisions have already been implemented: • Pre-Existing Conditions: All group and individual health plans, including self-insured plans, now have to cover pre-existing conditions for children up to age 19. Starting in 2014, insurance companies cannot deny coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition. • Prohibition of Coverage Limits: No carrier may impose a Lifetime Limit for any fully insured group, self-insured group nor individual plan. Annual limits will be allowed until January 1, 2014, but only on non-essential benefits**, and after that there will be

no annual policy cap. The minimum mandated “annual limit” that every plan must provide in 2012 is $1.25 million in coverage. Note that a number of businesses (almost 1,500) did receive a “waiver” to this “annual limit” rule and can currently provide coverage with less than this limit. In 2014, the waivers go away and everyone who purchases or is provided a QHP will have no dollar cap on coverage. • Dependent Coverage to age 26: All plans now must cover dependents up to age 26. Yes, this includes adult children who no longer attend college, are not living with their parents and even those adult children who are married (if married, this provision does not extend to the spouse or any children of the adult child). This provision only applies to plans that already offer dependent coverage and election to this provision does have some exceptions. • Certain mandated preventive care services with no cost sharing: All group and individual health plans, including self-insured plans, will have to cover specific preventive-care services with no cost sharing. They will also have to cover emergency services at the in-network level regardless of provider. Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent & Broker


There are several key provisions that are scheduled in future years: • (2013) Increased Medicare tax on high-income individuals: Raises the Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) on wages by 0.9 percent on earnings over $200,000 for individual taxpayers and $250,000 for married couples filing jointly. There would also be a 3.8% assessment on “unearned income” for these highincome taxpayers. The law defines “unearned income” as interest, dividends, capital gains, annuities, royalties, and rents. Tax-exempt interest won’t be included, nor will income from qualified retirement accounts. • (2013) Contributions to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for medical expenses will be limited to $2,500 per year, increasing annually by the cost of living. • (2014) A QHP will be required to be carried by all U.S Citizens and legal residents. Exceptions do apply. There would be a phased-in tax penalty for those without coverage, starting at the greater of $95 annually or 1 percent of gross income, in 2014, and rising to the greater of $695 annually or 2.5 percent of gross income in 2016. • (2014) Potential Penalties on Employers with 50 or more full-time workers (defined as a “Large Employer”) that DO NOT provide a QHP to its employees. The penalty would equal $2,000 per worker, although the first 30 workers would not be counted. The penalty would only be assessed if ANY full-time employee (defined as working 30 or more hours per week) receives a federal subsidy to purchase a QHP. The subsidy is available if the income (individual or family) is below a certain federal poverty level, currently about $89,000 annually for a family of four. The QHP must be purchased through the state’s Health Insurance Exchange for the applicant to receive the premium subsidy. The definition goes farther to include the possibility of a penalty to a “Large Employer” even if they DO provide a QHP. This potential penalty would be $3,000 for every full-time employee that receives a premium subsidy through the 12

South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

Exchange. The penalties, calculations, definitions and exception are very complicated with many variables to consider. The areas discussed above are a fraction of the law’s vast impact. In addition to individuals, families and business owners, the law will also greatly affect your state’s budget, health insurance companies, physicians, hospitals and even nutritionalcontent disclosure. Almost every aspect of daily life will have some brush with this law. If you would like to hear any of these bullet points in depth I suggest participating in one of my two-hour webcasts on the Affordable Care Act through IIABSC partner network ABEN in 2013. Each are approved for 2 hrs. L&H credit in South Carolina (and possibly other ABEN-partner states) and like all of IIABSC’s webinars and webcasts, there is NO TEST or PROCTOR required for CE credit. Visit IIABSC’s online education calendar for course dates, course descriptions and to register. Jerry Rhinehardt, CIC, CLU, ChFC, RHU is a national faculty member for the Society of CIC and is recognized as one of the top life & health instructors in the country. He has been in the industry for more than 30 years and owns his own agency in Panama City, Fl.

114th Annual Convention Report Held October 28–30, Westin Savannah Harbor, Savannah, Ga. IIABA Chairman-elect Tom Minkler delivered the oath of office to the incoming Board of Directors during installation at the 114th Annual Convention held Oct. 28-30 in Savannah, Ga. Ashley Brady, CIC of First Charter Insurance in Marion was elected Chairman of the Board by the general membership during the annual meeting. Ken Finch, CPCU, CIC, CRM, AAI of Countybanc Insurance in Greenwood was elected Chairman-Elect and Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Three new directors were also elected to three-year terms on the Board of Directors beginning Jan. 1, 2013: Stephen B. Cannon, PhD, CPCU of Law Insurance Agency in Spartanburg, Harrison G. Cline, CIC, AIP, of The Furman Co. Insurance Agency in Greenville and Dana D. Groome, CIC, CPCU, CISR, ACSR of Peoples Underwriters in Conway. Retiring directors Tom M. Bates, Jr. of Herlong Bates Burnett in Greenville and David A. Cyphers, CIC, AAI of Sifford-Stine Insurance in Clover were recognized for their service and dedication to the association in the past three years.

Agent of the Year

Jules J. Anderson, AAI of Anderson Insurance Agency in Charleston has been named the 2012 Hayne P. Glover, Jr. Agent of the Year in recognition for outstanding community service and contributing to the betterment of the insurance industry. Jules has been active in the association for many years including serving on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Board. He has also served on the convention committee, Benefits and Services and the Property Insurance task force. He has been a valuable resource and leader on agent issues, especially regarding coastal property insurance. On a national level he serves on the Big “I” Committee for Best Practices. His agency has been a Best Practices Agency for the past nine years. Active in his community, Jules is well known among community leaders and legislators. He is a fixture at First Scots Presbyterian Church in Charleston, holding all of the leadership positions there at one time or another. The Agent of the Year is named for Hayne P. Glover, Jr. to honor his many years of dedicated service to the Big “I” state and national associations. Glover was from Greenville and is the only South Carolinian so far to serve as the national association president. Glover was an outstanding example of service to his community as well as the industry, which are the criteria used to evaluate nominees for this award. The award

is sponsored by AFCO/ Prime Rate Premium Finance in Florence.

Young Agent of the Year

Upstate insurance executive Robert W. Hammett, AIP of CWS Insurance in Spartanburg has been named the 2012 Young Agent of the Year. Rob graduated from Wofford College and started with CWS Agency in 2004, working his way to agency partner five years later. Along the way he: earned his AIP designation, was named Executive of the Year by the Spartanburg Association of Insurance Professionals, went through the officer positions of the Spartanburg independent agents association, joined the SC delegation at the 2008 Big “I” legislative conference in Washington, D.C. and has been an active member of the IIABSC Young Agents Committee. In his community he is in the Leadership Spartanburg alumni association, an inaugural board member for Spartanburg Young Professionals, a board member for the Converse Heights neighborhood association and an active member and leader at First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg.

The Young Agent of the Year award is given to an independent insurance agent age 40 or younger for outstanding service to his or her community outside the field of insurance and has contributed to the betterment of the industry. It is sponsored by AFCO/ Prime Rate Premium Finance in Florence.

Industry Person of the Year

J. Smith Harrison, Jr., CPCU of the SC Wind & Hail Underwriting Association and the SC Guaranty Association both in Columbia, SC, has been named the 2012 Industry Person of the Year. The award recognizes industry representatives other than independent insurance agents who have contributed greatly to the insurance industry in South Carolina. As executive director of the wind pool, Smitty has worked with independent agents to make it much more user friendly. He has also led efforts to make the wind pool more financially stable, turning it into a model for other states to follow, as keeping the wind pool assessment potential low attracts new property markets to our state.

Board of Directors take Oath of Office

Outgoing Director

Agent of the Year


Outstanding Committee Chairperson

Young Agent of the Year

Greenwood insurance executive Ken Finch, CPCU, CIC, CRM, AAI of Countybanc Insurance has been recognized for his outstanding service to IIABSC by being named the Committee Chairperson of the Year. Finch, who is also Chairman-Elect of the IIABSC Board of Directors, chairs the state InsurPAC committee. Under his leadership, our state association won its seventh consecutive Eagle Award for InsurPAC support. The award is sponsored by the American Association of Managing General Agents.

Outstanding CSR of the Year

Outstanding Committee Chairperson

Kelly Frontroth, API, AAI, CPIW of Hutson Etherredge Companies in Aiken was recognized as the 2012 Outstanding CSR of the Year. This award recognizes those who demonstrate exceptional customer service on a daily basis. Nominations are submitted to us early in the year, and nominees are then asked to submit materials to show their commitment to the industry through education, involvement and peer recommendations in addition to writing an essay in response to a relevant issue for our industry. A client said this about Kelly in the nomination process: “She takes responsibility for her clients very seriously, going the extra mile to see that their needs are met... On a personal level, Kelly is incredibly active in the community. She spends a majority of her volunteer time with her church youth group and mentoring other teenagers.” That is exactly what customer service, and being an independent agent, is all about.

Additional Recognition

Outstanding CSR of the Year


South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

Lee P. Ellis, CPCU, CIC, AAI of Ellis Realty & Insurance Agency in Hampton, Tom M. Bates, Jr. of Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance in Greenville, Jeanette Bloss of IIABSC in Columbia, Mary Ellis of IIABSC in Columbia and Becky McCormack of IIABSC in Columbia were recognized for their service to IIABSC with Chairman’s Citations from Ashley Brady, CIC.

The Henry G. Turner Golf Tournament was held at the Westin Course. Cash prizes and golf clubs were awarded to the winners, which are as follows: •

3rd low team: Jimmy Cannizzaro, Jay Conneley, Wes Flowers, Chase Warrington

2nd low team: Bobby Bryant, Ed Ennis, Brian Fisher, Mike Greenhall

Low team: Pete Deyo, Tom Minkler, Jay Williams, Frank Sheppard

Long-drive winners: Jay Conneley, Ken Dunnett

Closest-to-the-pin: Anna Bailey, Ken Dunnett

Grange Insurance won “Elly Packy Derm” the Golden Elephant, awarded to our exhibitor named “Best Booth” overall by a panel of judges during our trade show. It was an extremely tight race, but Chase Warrington of Johnson & Johnson was awarded “Best Exhibitor Costume.” Door prizes were awarded to Deborah E. Allen of Smart Choice Agents of SC, Leah Beaulieu of W.C. Wilbur & Company, Phyllis D. Brockington of ProCure Insurance, Matthew E. Copeland of C2G Capital Management, Tom Copeland of C2G Capital Management, Paul Durban of Durban Laird’s, James B. Galloway of Peoples First Insurance, Gail Graham of Anderson Insurance, Dana Groome of Peoples Underwriters, Tonya S. Thomason of David A. Crotts & Associates and Richard Walker of Cormell Streett & Patterson. Stephen B. Cannon won the first timers drawing. Will Bowers won the agent referral drawing. Cooper Carter won the online registration drawing. Ben Myers won the full agents drawing. Bryan F. Hatfield won the second chance agents drawing. Susan Mappus won the spouses drawing. Gus Brabham and Chris Tidwell won the InsurPAC drawings.

for more photos, visit:

Does Being a Great Agent Make You a Great Manager?


By Christina Barker, Executive Leadership Solutions

oes being a great agent automatically make you a good manager? I’d have to say no. But how often do we promote our stand-out agents to leadership and management roles within our agencies, expecting them to transfer their talents from one area to the other seamlessly and without snafus? The answer is “all the time.” In fact, this may be one of the most common errors made in the management of the internal workings of our agencies. Just because someone is excellent technically does not mean they have the soft skills required to smoothly dance the management tango. And do you really want to take your highest grossing producer and divert his or her attention from the profitable activities that bring the agency revenue? But you still need someone to handle all the items that a manager juggles. Without management in all the right places, you become a group of people working in individual silos, perhaps holding each other accountable for results, but probably not; perhaps working toward goals that align with the goals of the agency, but probably not; perhaps communicating key information effectively, but probably not. If you want to take your agency to the next level, both in terms of profitability and workplace excellence, you must have visionary leadership beginning with solid management skills. In order to help you practice and develop those skills, your association is introducing the Executive Leadership Program for member agencies. The program combines one-on-one coaching and leadership training with problem-solving techniques around management-related issues. The training component is conducted in a roundtable setting and limited to 10 participants. The group meets in four monthly four-hour sessions. In between sessions, participants may opt for a one-on-one coaching session with the program facilitator, who holds each participant accountable for trying out strategies and problem-solving techniques discussed in the training.

Participants learn to: • Understand their individual management profile and what employees expect and respect in a leader. • Hold a strategic planning meeting with their team that motivates and reconnects the team to their performance expectations. • Develop productivity standards that measure individual and team performance through goal planning and the “results to resources ratio” scorekeeping method. • Build a unified and cohesive team through improved team trust, communication, and accountability. • Identify their “high pay-off” activities, and begin to delegate and manage their time more effectively. • Maximize leadership opportunities through organizational change and economic uncertainty. • Encourage employees by understanding their motivational styles and preferences and eliminate actions that demotivate employees. • Identify their unique challenges to managing others effectively with tips and techniques provided by their individual coach. • Cultivate a positive attitude while improving on their professional development. There’s no greater investment than a well-trained, superbly developed management team to lead your efforts into tomorrow. Send us your supervisors, managers and young agents and we’ll send you back leaders! About the author: Christina Barker is the leadership facilitator and coach for the IIABSC Executive Leadership program. She entered the industry in 1993 as a Personal Lines agent for Coastal Plains Insurance in Hilton Head Island, SC. Over time, she became the Personal Lines manager and then the Commercial Lines manager. Eventually taking the helm as Agency Manager, she and her husband bought the agency and became Agency Principals. The agency grew in revenue three times over from purchasing in 2001 to selling in 2010.

When: 16

South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

Third Wednesday of the month, February-May

IIABSC Executive Leadership Program A professional development program combining leadership training and development with problem-solving techniques for managementrelated issues. Perfect for all agency owners and managers or even young agents needing to practice their leadership skills. Hours: Cost: Where:

10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. $250 per module or $900 for all four modules IIABSC office in Columbia, SC (800 Gracern Rd; Columbia, SC 29210)

Module One - Wednesday, February 20 The responsibility of a leader • • • • • • •

Good and bad bosses The three roles of a manager Success and motivation Influencing behavior Understanding the 21st century worker Leadership self-assessment Review of the ProfileXT results

Results: • Participants buy in to the development program, recognizing that training should result in behavior change, and that they are responsible for implementing one change from each session. • Managers learn to recognize their responsibility for the performance of their team and are able to compare their leadership style differences to those of other managers. Module Two - Wednesday, March 20 Planning and managing tasks and responsibilities • • • • • • • •

Creating and analyzing the vision, mission, goals and objectives Developing plans to accomplish goals Improving planning skills Developing systems and processes Priorities and time management Time Robbers – dealing with time wasters Overcoming procrastination Developing delegation skills

Results: • Using the Management Planner provided. Managers go through a strategic planning process for the department and create a plan they will develop and communicate with their team. • Managers identify high pay-off activities, and through the process of analyzing their time, begin to delegate and manage their time more effectively.

Module Three – Wednesday, April 17 Understanding human behavior and motivating people • Self-image and success • Understanding motivational needs • Employee requirements and motivation • Understanding personality differences • Understanding differences in values • Motivation in sports • If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it • Communication and feedback • Identifying de-motivators • Rewards and recognition Results: • Through a values and personality exercise implemented with their staff, managers begin flexing their communication and management styles to the needs of their staff. • Managers will learn the different motivation styles of their people and develop a motivation plan for each direct report recognizing their individual goals and needs. Module Four - Wednesday, May 15 Coaching for Improvement • Influence vs. authority • Addressing employee performance problems • The difference between coaching and counseling • Coaching and performance reviews • Knowing what to evaluate and measure Results: • Managers will learn when, how, and why to coach employees to improve. By role-playing new coaching techniques in a variety of situations, managers will become more confident and skilled. • Managers will provide coaching and feedback to each other around strengths, weaknesses, and employee problems to better understand the group coaching process and to value from peer feedback. Register now at

Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent & Broker


2013 Big “I” SC

Spring Conference March 13 – 14 Embassy Suites, Columbia, SC

Exhibit Hall open all day Wednesday, with: Legislative and Industry Issues panel

Newly appointed SCDOI Director Ray Farmer and Workers Comp Commission Executive Director Gary Cannon have been invited to bring attendees up to date on various issues and proposed legislation facing the SC insurance industry today.

Next Generation Social Media

Knowing how to use social media to promote your business is more important than ever, as it is the dominant means of communication among the next generation of up-and-coming professionals. Hear from national Young Agents Committee Chairman Jason Cass and Young Agent Ryan Hanley, who has had much success using these tools to generate business in his agency.

Ethics hours to meet CE requirements

Those that are required to meet continuing education requirements must complete three hours of Ethics approved by the SC Dept. of Insurance. Ethics hours are the only type of CE than cannot be carried over to new CE cycles. Now that CE cycles are on birth year and month, whose renewals in your agency are due this year? Check website for up-to-date agenda and registration information.

Wednesday 8:00–11:00 am

Early-Bird CE session filed for 3 hrs. Ethics 11:00 am–6:30 pm

Exhibit Hall open 11:30 am–1:00 pm

Lunch with Exhibitors 1:15–3:00 pm

Next Gen Social Media 3:30–5:15 pm

Legislative & Industry Issues Panel 5:15–6:30 pm

Exhibitor Appreciation Reception

Thursday 8:00 am

Continental Breakfast 9:00 am–11:00 am

Closing General Session, TBD agenda updates at

CE Credits...

Legislators... event also planned!


... and PRIZES! 18

South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

Up-to-date schedule and attendee/exhibitor/sponsorship registration available at

In need of a Surety bond? Our experienced team of underwriters can engineer a solution to suit your clients needs. “A” Rated / T-Listed Offices nationwide

Deal directly with the decision makers Prompt, professional, courteous service

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New this Year:


CISR Program

Expands Choices

he Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR) Program has announced new course offerings for the designation. These additional courses along with the revision of existing courses allow participants to select from a wider variety of topics based on their personal preference to earn the designation. The new options give participants the opportunity to choose five of the nine courses to specialize in a certain area or mix and match courses to further diversify their learning. All nine courses are: Commercial Casualty I – CGL and Additional Insureds (expanded course) Commercial Casualty II - BAP, WC, Excess (expanded course) Insuring Commercial Property (revised) Insuring Personal Auto Exposures (revised) Insuring Personal Residential Property (revised) Personal Lines Miscellaneous (new course) Agency Operations (revised) Life & Health Essentials (new course) Elements of Risk Management (new course) COMMERCIAL LINES TOPICS Commercial Casualty I (expanded) The focus of this course is the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form. It will improve your understanding of legal liability and what creates liability exposures. It also addresses additional insured exposures and the coverage available to meet these needs. Topics Include: • Essentials of Legal Liability • CGL Introduction • Commercial General Liability Coverage Parts • CGL Other Provisions • Additional Insureds Commercial Casualty II (expanded) The focus of this course is the Business Auto Policy, the Workers Compensation Policy and Excess Liability Policies.  You will improve your understanding in each of these areas. Topics Include: • Business Auto Exposures and Coverages • Workers Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance Policy  • Commercial Umbrella and Excess Liability Policies


South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

Insuring Commercial Property (revised) Improve your cross-selling abilities and reduce E&O exposures with up-to-date knowledge of commercial property coverage, which is one of our business customers’ greatest concerns. Topics Include: • Fundamentals of Commercial Property Insurance • Building and Personal Property Coverage Form • Causes of Loss Forms • Basics of Time Element Insurance • Basics of Commercial Inland Marine Insurance PERSONAL LINES TOPICS Insuring Personal Auto Exposures (revised) This course has been revised to make participants even more effective in identifying exposures and more effectively advising in the processes of analyzing, obtaining and modifying personal auto policies. Topics Include: • Introduction to the Personal Auto Policy • Liability Coverages • Medical Payments Coverage • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage • Coverage for Damage to Your Auto • Provisions Insuring Personal Residential Property (revised) Purchasing homeowners insurance is often a complex and confusing process for clients. This course has been revised to make participants even more effective in helping them make decisions to insure their most valuable assets. Topics Include: • Introduction to the Homeowners Policy • Homeowners Policy Section I • Homeowners Policy Section II • Tenants, Unit-Owners, and the Dwelling Policy Personal Lines Miscellaneous (new course) This course addresses the exposures created by watercraft, recreational vehicles and business activities often encountered when working with personal lines clients.  ISO Homeowners and ISO Personal Auto Programs provide only very limited coverage. Participants will be better able to design the appropriate coverage for these exposures.  The course will also provide an analysis of the important coverage offered through personal umbrella or excess liability policies.

Our cOmprehensive mOBiLe hOmeOWners insurance • 15% New Business Commission • Partnership Profit Sharing • 100,000 Maximum Policy Limits • 50+ Age Of Insured Discounts • Newer Home Discounts • Fast Online Quotes, Policies And Endorsements

reWarDs Our agents. National Security strives to provide competitive, affordable insurance for policyholders, but we also reward our agents with some of the highest commissions in the industry, a partnership profit sharing program and an award-winning web site that provides fast online quotes, policies, and endorsements. Find out more by calling 1-800-239-2358 x213 or visit us on the web at

Elba, Alabama • 800-239-2358

Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent & Broker


Topics Include: • Watercraft Exposures & Coverages • Recreational Vehicles • Business Activities of Personal Lines Clients • Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability RELATED PROFESSIONAL TOPICS Agency Operations (revised) This course helps make you an indispensable team player in any insurance agency. As you work with colleagues and customers, you will do so with enhanced self-assurance and a greater understanding of the dynamics within insurance organizations. Also, understanding how agencies operate is essential training for both agency and company personnel. Topics Include: • Legal & Ethical Requirements • The Insurance Agency • The Insurance Industry and Marketplace • Communication • Agency Workflow • Account Management • Errors & Omissions Life & Health Essentials (new course) Explaining the benefits of having the proper life and health insurance is key to the financial wellbeing of your clients’ families and businesses. Be better prepared to answer questions about analyzing the need for


South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

and placement of life insurance. Health insurance includes a diverse assortment of policies, from medical expense coverage to vision care and dental coverage, plus a variety of delivery systems and health plans designed to manage the high cost of care. Topics Include: • Introduction to Life Insurance • Term Insurance • Permanent Life Insurance • Health Insurance Concepts • Regulation & Consumer Driven Plans Elements of Risk Management (new course) Insurance professionals need training in the whole risk management process because insurance is such an integral part of their client’s overall risk management program and are often significant items in the organization’s cost of risk. In this eight-hour course each of the five powerful steps in this process of protecting not only the organization’s assets, but also its mission and brand. Topics Include: • The Risk Management Process • Risk Terms • Risk Identification • Risk Analysis • Risk Control • Risk Finance • Risk Administration

“Excellence through Education”

A designation program for non-technical skills important in providing excellent customer service

2013 Course Calendar DAY 1


Understanding Insurance Consumer Needs

How Not to Get In Trouble With Your Mouth

Jan. 29, Columbia; Feb. 21, Hilton Head; Sept. 11, Greenville

July 25, Columbia; Sept. 24, Charleston

Examine how personalities affect the office, how to recognize your co-workers’ and customers’ personality and communications styles so that you can increase effectiveness in service provided. 3 hours P&C

Learn how to reduce the chance of an E&O claim by analyzing the causes of loss and implementing changes to prevent loss. 4 hrs. Ethics

Best Practices in Customer Service

Why service matters, and why it is never enough. Participants will learn how to build and maintain efficient and effective levels of service. 4 hrs. P&C

Proper grammar and style in all written forms reflects the overall professionalism of the agency, and one wrong or misplaced comma may give an entirely different meaning than the author intended. 2 hrs. P&C



Mastering Time

Regulation, Politics and Polish

Most of us need better control of our time. It is our most precious resource, but one that is often wasted. Participants will complete an in-depth time management profile and learn how to take better control of their time in order to be more productive both professionally and personally. 4 hrs. P&C

Our industry is one of the most regulated around, and many agents are not familiar with the laws that affect their very livelihood. Learn why involvement in political action is important and some of the important business etiquette skills that are crucial for today’s professionals. 4 hrs. P&C

Organizational Workflow

Leadership is Everyone’s Job

Organized and efficient workflow is essential to an agency’s survival. Good workflows will protect against E&O claims, provide better customer service to insureds, and streamline processes. 2 hrs. P&C

Everyone needs to have basic leadership skills. Learn how the Best Practices materials go beyond supervision to show you how leadership can make a difference every day. 2 hrs. P&C



Negotiating Conflict

This course will discuss where the study of ethics originated along with ethical situations that affect us today as insurance professionals. Also looks at state and federal laws affecting our industry’s ethical behavior, the costs of unethical behavior and various approaches to ethical behavior. 3 hrs. Ethics

March 7, Charleston; March 26, Columbia

May 21, Columbia; July 16, Charleston Learn how to negotiate well with clients and co-workers. Determine how to prevent conflict before it starts, work well with others, and understand both sides of the story. 3 hrs. P&C

Professional Relationships in the Agency

As an insurance professional, you make a difference to your clients, underwriters and co-workers. Learn how to develop relationships and how they improve the effectiveness and success of the agency. 3 hrs. P&C

The Write Stuff

Feb. 12, Greenville; Aug. 14, Hilton Head; Sept. 5, Columbia

June 12, Greenville; Nov. 21, Columbia

Ethics, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Changing Attitudes/Creating Opportunities

This course will examine the various approaches to stress and how to determine which approach to use in each situation to reduce overall conflict. 2 hrs. P&C


Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of SC

Palmetto Partners Program IIABSC offers a special thanks to our 2013 Palmetto Partners* The program was created as a simplified way for companies, brokers and vendors to support the association and all our major conferences and events on an ongoing basis.

Diamond Level

Johnson & Johnson United Property & Casualty IIABSC Agency

Platinum Level Bankers Insurance

Gold Level

Jackson Sumner & Associates St. Johns Insurance Company

Silver Level

American Strategic Insurance Builders Insurance Group Frontline Homeowners Insurance National Security Fire & Casualty Preferred Specialty, LLC RPS Continental Southern Cross Underwriters Travelers

Bronze Level

AFCO/ Prime Rate Premium Finance Corp. Auto-owners Insurance Company Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group, LLC Capitol Preferred Insurance

FirstComp J.M. Wilson Mid-Continent Group Phenix Mutual Fire Ins. Co. State Auto Insurance Companies Tapco Underwriters

* Pledged partners as of Dec. 1, 2012 View full list at 26

Download forms and program benefits at:


“My 20 years of experience in the insurance industry combined with J. M. Wilson’s 90 years of top-rated service equals one thing— proven success.” T-Shirt by HopeDreamsDesigns.Com

To learn more about how Iroquois could further strengthen your agency, contact Jack O'Connell at 704-340-3768 or and visit our website at

Debbie Martinez Underwriter & Sales Manager, Southern Region— and feisty cancer survivor Connect with Debbie on LinkedIn!

PIA National 2011 MGA of the Year Property/Casualty • Professional Liability • Surety Commercial Transportation • Personal Lines • Premium Finance


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Keeping Agency Da


South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

ata Secure B

In light of SC Dept. of Revenue’s recent data breach, here are nine tips for your agency to follow in order to protect against data breaches, which could destroy your agency’s reputation and cost big money to fix. The authors seek to simplify an increasingly complex subject into a series of manageable steps so agencies can take action now to bolster their current procedures where needed.

By Kate Gluck & Paul Fuller, Strategic Insurance Software

enjamin Franklin once said that distrust and caution are the parents of security. The expression seems remarkably fresh and relevant in today’s world, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive client data. In fact, this caution is becoming more and more necessary. In an age of highly portable data (and of increasing identity theft)1, independent agents have an ever-increasing responsibility to keep a lock on their client data. In an attempt to simplify a complex area, this article will touch on nine things, some basic and some not-so-basic, that an agency can do to mitigate risk of a data security breach. Keep data in a password-protected, encrypted space The downside of increased mobility is the danger of our devices being lost or stolen. Precautions must be taken to store client data in a way that is inaccessible to unauthorized users. The best way to do that is to encrypt and password protect it. There are three easy ways to do this: 1. Store data in your agency management system – Because your agency management system is password protected, and data it sends can be encrypted, data that is saved in your system or sent via Real Time, secure email or a Virtual Private Network has some measure of safety from prying eyes as long as the proper protocols are followed. Data retained on most agency management systems, however, is not encrypted, so it is extremely important to keep your server in a secure location (if housed within your agency), or to have confidence in the security measures practiced by your vendor (if you use your vendor’s online system).

2. Encrypt a folder on your hard drive – We recommend strictly limiting the instances where client personal data is allowed to be saved outside the agency management system (such as on a laptop or USB drive) and that it is specific-use only, meaning data is deleted from devices after each specific use. In addition, this data must be kept secure. One option is to encrypt space on your hard drive, which is essentially a password-protected folder you can save files to “on the fly.” While this may sound complicated, in reality it is rather simple using the very good (and free) TrueCrypt open-source software, available for download at (www.truecrypt .org/), with a step-by-step beginner’s tutorial on how to create and use a TrueCrypt container (www Once you get the system installed and in use, the beauty of encrypted space is fourfold. One, in many cases it’s free. Two, it provides an added layer of protection because you alone decide where you want to file your encrypted folder; anyone trying to gain access would not only need to know the password, but where to look. Third, it’s mobile. You can copy and backup anywhere. Lastly, it won’t slow down your machine. 3. Encrypt entire hard drive – Another strong option is to encrypt your entire hard drive. From a user standpoint, all this means is an extra login. From a security standpoint, it is about as secure as you can achieve short of prohibiting data be kept on portable devices. So secure, in fact, that if you were to forget Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent & Broker


your password, the likelihood you’d even be able to get back in is slim (one downside to consider, another is that sometimes it slows your machine’s performance). One option to do this is BitLocker, (technet, available in the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7 and Vista and in the Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 8. Another is the aforementioned TrueCrypt ( 4. Notes on smart phones and tablets – Agent use of smartphones and tablets is growing exponentially, and they pose additional security risks. Agents should take care to delete promptly all emails containing client personal data and not transmit sensitive data from these devices via unsecure email. In addition, employees should activate password protection on these devices and employ a remote wiping technology so that if the device is lost or misplaced, it can be restored to its original manufactured state, removing all data. In addition, some larger agencies are starting to employ software on the mobile device that walls off and secures business applications and data. Create “Strong” passwords and keep them secure A password is the first line of defense in preventing unauthorized access whether to your agency management system or encrypted files/hard drive), it is important to create strong passwords and store them in a safe place. Best-case scenario would be not to write them down at all. But if you must write them down, don’t carry them around with you or leave them in an easily accessible place. Microsoft offers the following tips for creating a strong password2. Make sure it: • is at least 8 characters long • does not contain your user name, real name, or company name • does not contain a complete word • is significantly different from other passwords you have used • contains at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter, one number and one symbol. Change passwords often There are different expert opinions on how often passwords should be changed (monthly, quarterly, twice a year). Our advice is to set a standard and enforce it agency-wide. Of course, if you ever think your password has been compromised, it should be changed immediately. Many systems require this, and for good reason. It adds a 30

South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

level of complexity for hackers that can be both a deterrent and a safeguard if there is a breach. As you know, carrier portals continually request password changes from all of their users to ensure fraudulent access is minimized. Make sure your agency management system has password management capabilities so when you change your password on the carrier site, you can change your password in the agency management system and retain your Real Time access. Changing these passwords for multiple employees and carriers is cumbersome. The good news is that there is an industry movement underway to streamline these processes. The ID Federation ( is a not-for-profit group dedicated to creating the Trust Framework to enable agencies to use a digital identity provided by a trusted Identity Provider to authenticate themselves with carriers and other business partners in place of passwords. Look in the coming year for vendors providing these digital identities. Keep user permissions tightly controlled Unfortunately, one of the biggest password-related problems we’ve seen across the board is agencies not only sharing their agency management system passwords among staff, but leaving user permissions wide open. The only ones who should have access to sensitive data are those who use it day in and day out. For example, many agency systems have permissions to dictate who can pull data in a mass fashion from your system. Do your producers need to be able to export a client list with sensitive data? Do your CSRs? If not, consider restricting their ability to do so. Use your user permissions well. The better systems will have fairly comprehensive permission lists that are assignable by individual user. Make sure you: • Understand the permission levels that can be set. • Understand the access each user needs to perform their job optimally. • Implement based on your agency’s best practices. • Make sure employees understand they should not share passwords with any other person. Remember to log out While it may seem simple, remembering to log out is one of the more important steps in keeping data secure. If you are still signed in, it doesn’t matter how many layers of security you have or how good your password is, anyone with their hands on your computer or mobile device can access your data. Most systems have an automatic logout feature that you can set. Make sure you are using this effectively. If you walk away from your office with your system left open and this auto logout feature is not active, you essentially give the keys to the kingdom to anyone who walks in the door.

Protect outbound data While everything discussed up until this point has related to the data residing on your computer, protecting outbound data is just as essential, if not more so. Here are a few quick tips: •

Use Real Time. Real Time offers a much more efficient and secure method to handle carrier transactions than email. When sending a file using Real Time, communications are automatically encrypted and kept within both the agency’s and carrier’s management systems.3 Secure your email with TLS (Transport Layer Security) email encryption. ACT has published a number of articles outlining the basics of TLS encryption. Rather than duplicate these efforts, we suggest searching TLS encryption on their website, /act. TLS is the industry recommended secure email solution for business partners where there are frequent email communications going back and forth, such as between agencies and carriers. TLS is an open standard that is transparent to end users, but it requires activation in the email servers of both partners. Most agencies are also likely to need to employ a proprietary email solution for use with their clients (or set up a secure client portal on the agency website), for those instances when sensitive personal data is transmitted to the client, within policies. Remove sensitive files from email application. When storing client emails, attach them to files within your password-protected agency management system instead of in the Outlook application.

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Co m Q1 ing S 20 oon 13 !

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Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent &11/28/12 Broker9:27 PM 31

Use security software If you are using a reputable online hosted agency management system, the data in your system should be protected with Internet and server firewall data protection, malware and antivirus protection as well as with weekly security patch updates to Windows and Internet and server firewall data protection. You should be receiving maintenance updates from your agency management system provider that say these things are being kept up-to-date. If your agency management system is housed within the agency, you should make sure similar security hardware and software are employed. To protect data saved outside your agency management system, we also recommend that you use an antivirus program and spyware scanner regularly and keep your PDF reader (usually Adobe Acrobat Reader) updated and on the latest version. There are a number of vendors that supply both a standalone anti-virus package or a suite of security software for your machine. In addition, it is recommended that your Microsoft operating system stay updated with the latest patch levels on your machine. To check for the latest patch levels for your operating system, visit Be Careful when using public Wi-Fi While free public Wi-Fi is certainly convenient, if you don’t protect yourself against data thieves and hackers, it could well

come at a price. Steve Anderson put it quite succinctly in his Tech Tips article “Free, Public Wi-Fi Can Be Dangerous to Your Health” when he wrote, “You go to an airport or other hot spot and fire up your PC, hoping to find a free hot spot. You see one that calls itself “Free Wi-Fi” or a similar name. You connect. Bingo -- you›ve been had! The problem is that it›s not really a hot spot. Instead, it›s an ad hoc, peer-to-peer network…”4 Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your data, yet still access the Internet while you are on the road. Here are a few suggestions: •

NEVER pick a “free” wireless network that is not identified clearly as a usable network by the provider. For example, most hotels and all Panera restaurants have clearly named networks and written instructions for accessing. Be careful not to use the network that advertises itself only as “FREE-WIFI!”

ALWAYS select the Public Network option when prompted. This uses Windows technology to make your device as undiscoverable as possible on the network. It still can be hacked, but it is a critical first step.

Read the terms and conditions that come up if prompted (e.g., at Panera); make sure you are familiar with the security the specific Wi-Fi network is offering, and the associated liabilities.

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South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

• Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing your agency’s system. A VPN is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure secure online access wherever you are. Three examples of providers offering VPN solutions designed to provide a secure online experience – even in a free public Wi-Fi environment include: HotSpot Shield (www.hotspotshield .com); GoTrusted ( and Witopia ( • Purchase and use a Wireless Internet Card. In very non-technical terms, it is a small device on your computer that provides Internet access over a wireless carrier’s cellular network. These are available, for a fee, from the major cellular providers. Many 3G and 4G smartphones can also substitute for the wireless card for a small extra fee per month, and data charges.

Create a security-minded agency culture You need a clear understanding throughout the agency as to the major data security risks facing your firm, grounded in a written security plan and written procedures implementing the plan that are consistently applied. It is also critical to have a good understanding of state and federal data security requirements as well as applicable privacy and data breach notification laws and regulations. A common requirement of these laws in addition to having and implementing a written security plan, is to appoint a Security Coordinator who takes ownership of data security issue within the agency. Most important of all, it is essential to train employees so that in the words of Franklin, they have a healthy sense of “distrust and caution.” It is being reported that SC’s recent major data breach that compromised the tax returns of 3.8 million state residents and 700,000 businesses happened when a state employee clicked on a link in a phishing email that installed malware on their computer. Many other avoidable security breaches result directly from employee mistakes, because they are unaware of the risks. Agencies should ask their employees to commit to the requirements of the data security plan and procedures, and the agency should regularly audit for compliance. ACT has created a prototype agency information security plan that agencies can use as a starting point in creating their own plan. In addition, see the Security & Privacy section of the ACT website ( for a wealth of additional security-related information. Note: products mentioned in the above article should not be considered product endorsements, just suggestions for where you can go to learn more. This article was written for ACT by Kate Gluck, Director of Marketing, and Paul Fuller, EVP – Product Management, of Strategic Insurance Software (SIS). Kate and Paul can be reached at and pfuller@sisware .com. This article reflects the views of the authors and should not be construed as an official statement by ACT. 1




Kristin, Finklea M. “Identity Theft: Trends and Issues.” Federation of American Scientists. Congressional Research Service, Feb. Web. 22 Oct. 2012. “Tips for Creating a Strong Password.” Windows. Microsoft, n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2012. Tips-for-creating-a-strong-password . Yates, Jeff. “Agency Strategies to Send & Receive Personal Data Securely.” Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America. ACT, Agents Council for Technology, n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2012. Anderson, Steve. “Free, Public Wi-Fi Can Be Dangerous to Your Health.” Steve Tech Tips. Ed. Steve Anderson. n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2012.

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Don’t forget Don’t forget your helmet. your helmet. The Big “I” Professional Liability Program Prevent.

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South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

Member News

Welcome New Members

In Memorium

NEW AGENCY MEMBERS: Giles Insurance Agency Columbia Insurance & Financial Services, LLC Florence Insurance Management Group Columbia Phoenix & Associates Walterboro Southern Risk Insurance Anderson NEW CORPORATE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Allstate Insurance Co. Greenville

Kia Brown, Assistant Marketing Manager at Keenan Suggs in Columbia, won first place in both her category (Decorated Cookies) and the entire division of Amateur Decorated Cakes & Cookies competitions at the SC State Fair in October. Kia says her sugar cookies are a friend of the family’s family recipe. A Charleston-area native who came to the Midlands to attend the University of South Carolina, Kia said she tried to convey what South Carolina meant to her and came up with (as pictured): a palmetto tree, state flag, Rainbow Row, state shape, crab and USC football helmet. Her first endeavor into that style of baking was her son’s 1st birthday cake in the shape of a bear and branched out to cookies for the detail they allow in decoration.

Member agency Performance Insurance Agency in Lexington broke ground on a new building on November 27. Agency principal Brett Poston says the all lines agency, in business since 2004, has been at their current location for the past five years.

James D. Mathews, Sr. 01/15/1931 ~ 10/29/2012 James Downing Mathews, Sr., passed away on October 29, 2012, at the Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Beaufort, SC, after a long illness. Jim served in the US Army infantry with the 101st Airborne during the Korean conflict. In civilian life, Jim opened his own auto dealership, Jim Mathews Motors, and was active in the Georgia Independent Auto Dealers Association, serving on its board. During that time he worked hard to develop the first bonding law for auto dealers in the state of Georgia which led the way for other states to soon follow. He later moved to Columbia, SC, where he started the Jim Mathews Insurance Agency. In semi-retirement he moved to Beaufort, where he worked as a Commercial Insurance Broker with Statewide Insurance Group.

IIABSC member, Frank E. Gibson, III, CIC of Lowcountry Insurance Services in Beaufort has been elected President of the Citadel Alumni Association. He also serves as Trustee on the Board of Visitors and The Citadel Foundation.

Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent & Broker


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CISR: Commercial Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Columbia Business Auto Claims That Cause Problems, 2 hrs. P&C CIC - Commercial Casualty, 20 hrs. P&C, Columbia Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 2 hrs. Ethics Insurance and the Property Lease, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: Commercial Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Greenville CISR: Personal Auto, 7 hrs. P&C, Myrtle Beach Those Kids and Their Cars, 2 hrs. P&C AIAM Day 1, 7 hrs. P&C, Columbia CISR: Agency Operations, 6 hrs. P&C or L&H & 1 hr. Ethics, Hilton Head

February 5 5 7 7 7 12 12 13 13 13 13 14 14 20 21 21 25 26

Surplus Lines Markets & Practices, 6 hrs. P&C, Columbia Liability Issues to Worry About, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: Commercial Casualty 2, 7 hrs. P&C, Charleston CISR: Personal Residential, 7 hrs. P&C, Rock Hill Retirement Planning and Annuities, 2 hrs. L&H AIAM Day 5, 6 hrs. P&C, Greenville E&O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Columbia CISR: William T. Hold Seminar, 8 hrs. P&C, Greenville Certificates of Insurance, 3 hrs. P&C COPE: Property Underwriting & Effective Loss Control, 2 hrs. P&C Building Codes are BAD for Your Insureds, 2 hrs. P&C Top 5 Uses for Life Insurance, 2 hrs. L&H Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics IIABSC Executive Leadership Program, Columbia AIAM Day 1, 7 hrs. P&C, Hilton Head Est. Planning Techniques: Gifts Trusts & Life Ins, 2 hrs. L&H Hot Topics in Personal Lines, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: William T. Hold Seminar, 8 hrs. P&C, Columbia

March 4 5 6 6-8 7 12 12 13


Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, 2 hrs. P&C Business Auto Claims that Cause Problems, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: Personal Auto, 7 hrs. P&C, Charleston CIC: Commercial Property, 20 hrs. P&C, Greenville AIAM Day 2, 6 hrs. P&C, Charleston CISR: Commercial Casualty-1, 7 hrs. P&C, Florence Insurance and the Property Lease, 2 hrs. P&C Certificates of Insurance, 3 hrs. P&C

South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

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Business Income - Beyond the Basics, 3 hrs. P&C Workers Comp - Beyond the Basics, 3 hrs. P&C IIABSC Spring Conference, Columbia CISR: Commercial Casualty-1, Columbia Those Kids and Their Cars, 2 hrs. P&C Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics CISR: Personal Residential Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Hilton Head IIABSC Executive Leadership Program, Columbia E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Charleston AIAM Day 2, 6 hrs. P&C, Columbia

April 1 2 4 10 11 16 17 17 17 17 17-18 18 18 25 25

Hot Topics in Personal Lines, 2 hrs. P&C Liability Issues to Worry About, 2 hrs. P&C E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Rock Hill CISR: Personal Residential Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Columbia Retirement Planning and Annuities, 2 hrs. L&H CISR: Commercial Casualty-1, 7 hrs. P&C, Myrtle Beach IIABSC Executive Leadership Program, Columbia Certificates of Insurance, 3 hrs. P&C COPE: Property Underwriting & Effective Loss Control, 2 hrs. P&C Building Codes are BAD for Your Insureds, 2 hrs. P&C CIC: James K. Ruble Graduate Seminars, TBD, Myrtle Beach Top 5 Uses for Life Insurance, 2 hrs. L&H Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics CISR: Personal Residential Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Greenville Est. Planning Techniques: Gifts Trusts & Life Ins., 2 hrs. L&H

May 2 7 8 14 14 14 15 15 16 21 21 22-23

CISR: Commercial Property, 7 P&C, Rock Hill Business Auto Claims That Cause Problems, 2 P&C CISR: Elements of Risk Management, 7 hrs. P&C, Charleston E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Greenville Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics Insurance and the Property Lease, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: Commercial Casualty 2, 7 hrs. P&C, Greenville IIABSC Executive Leadership Program, Columbia E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Myrtle Beach AIAM Day 3, 6 hrs. P&C, Columbia Those Kids and Their Cars, 2 hrs. P&C Commercial Lines Nuts & Bolts, 12 hrs. P&C, Columbia

June 5 CISR: Elements of Risk Management, 7 hrs. P&C, Hilton Head 6 Retirement Planning and Annuities, 2 hrs. L&H 11 Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics 12 AIAM Day 6, 2 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Greenville 13 Top 5 Uses for Life Insurance, 2 hrs. L&H 19 Agency Internet Bootcamp, Columbia 19-21 CIC: Agency Management, 16 hrs. P&C or L&H & 4 hrs. Ethics, Charleston 20 Est. Planning Techniques: Gifts Trusts & Life Ins., 2 hrs. L&H 25 E&O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Florence 26 CISR: Agency Operations, 6 hrs. P&C or L&H, 1 hr. Ethics, Columbia

July 9 10 10 16 17 17 18 23 23 25 25 30

Business Auto Claims That Cause Problems, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: Insuring Commercial Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Charleston CISR: Personal Lines – Miscellaneous, 7 hrs. P&C, Greenville AIAM Day 3, 6 hrs. P&C, Charleston CISR: Elements of Risk Management, 7 hrs. P&C, Myrtle Beach E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Columbia CISR: Personal Residential Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Florence CISR: Personal Lines – Miscellaneous, 7 hrs. P&C, Columbia Those Kids and Their Cars, 2 hrs. P&C AIAM Day 4, 4 hrs. Ethics, 2 hrs. P&C, Columbia Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics Insurance and the Property Lease, 2 hrs. P&C

August 1 8 8-11 14 15 15 19-23 20 22

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CISR: William T. Hold Seminar, 8 hrs. P&C, Florence Top 5 Uses for Life Insurance, 2 hrs. L&H CISR: Elements of Risk Management, 7 hrs. P&C, Columbia Personal Lines Nuts & Bolts, 12 hrs. P&C, Columbia Est. Planning Techniques: Gifts Trusts & Life Ins, 2 hrs. L&H E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Charleston

November 5 5 6 6 6-8 12 12 12 13 19 19 21

CISR: William T. Hold Seminar, 8 hrs. P&C, Rock Hill Business Auto Claims That Cause Problems, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: Commercial Casualty-1, 7 hrs. P&C, Greenville CISR: Commercial Casualty-2, 7 hrs. P&C, Columbia CIC: Commercial Casualty, 20 hrs. P&C, Hilton Head CISR: Commercial Casualty-1, 7 hrs. P&C, Charleston Insurance and the Property Lease, 2 hrs. P&C Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics CISR: Personal Lines – Miscellanous, 7 hrs. P&C, Myrtle Beach E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Greenville Those Kids and Their Cars, 2 hrs. P&C AIAM Day 6, 2 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Columbia

December 5 5 11 12 17 19

CISR: Agency Operations, 6 hrs. P&C or L&H & 1 hr. Ethics, Greenville Retirement Planning and Annuities, 2 hrs. L&H CISR: Agency Operations, 6 hrs. P&C or L&H & 1 hr. Ethics, Charleston Top 5 Uses for Life Insurance, 2 hrs. L&H Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics Est. Planning Techniques: Gifts Trusts & Life Ins, 2 hrs. L&H

CISR: Personal Lines Miscellaneous, 7 hrs. P&C, Rock Hill Retirement Planning and Annuities, 2 hrs. L&H IIABSC Young Agents Conference, Myrtle Beach AIAM Day 5, 6 hrs. P&C, Hilton Head CISR: Personal Residential Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Charleston Top 5 Uses for Life Insurance, 2 hrs. L&H Life & Health Roadshow Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 Ethics Est. Planning Techniques: Gifts Trusts & Life Ins, 2 L&H

September 5 5 10 11 11 17 18 19 24 24 24 25

CISR: Personal Auto, 7 hrs. P&C , Greenville AIAM Day 5, 6 hrs. P&C, Columbia Business Auto Claims That Cause Problems, 2 hrs. P&C CISR: Personal Auto, 7 hrs. P&C , Columbia AIAM Day 1, 7 hrs. P&C, Greenville Insurance and the Property Lease, 2 hrs. P&C E & O Risk Management, 3 hrs. P&C & 3 hrs. Ethics, Hilton Head CISR: Commercial Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Hilton Head AIAM Day 4, 4 hrs. Ethics, 2 hrs P&C, Charleston Those Kids and Their Cars, 2 hrs. P&C Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron?, 3 hrs. Ethics CISR: William T. Hold Seminar, 8 hrs. P&C, Charleston

October 1 2-4 8 10 13-15

CISR: Insuring Commercial Property, 7 hrs. P&C, Myrtle Beach CIC: Life & Health, 20 hrs. L&H, Myrtle Beach Ethics & Business: Is This an Oxymoron, 3 hrs. Ethics Retirement Planning and Annuities, 2 hrs. L&H IIABSC Annual Convention, Asheville, NC

Winter 2013 • South Carolina Agent & Broker


2013 Board of Directors Executive Committee Chairman Ashley Brady, CIC First Charter Co., Inc Marion, SC

National Director Jon A. Jensen, AAI, AIP Correll Insurance Group Spartanburg, SC

Chairman Elect/ Treasurer Kenneth A. “Ken” Finch, CPCU, CIC, CRM, AAI Countybanc Insurance Greenwood, SC

Immediate Past Chairman Kathy D. McKay, CIC, CPIW McKay Insurance Mt. Pleasant, SC

Directors William J. Bowers, AIP (Will) Russell Massey & Co., Inc. Columbia, SC

Kimberly J. Gore, CIC (Kim) HUB International Southeast Myrtle Beach, SC

Angus M. Brabham, IV, CIC (Gus) Frank B. Norris & Co. Columbia, SC

Dana D. Groome, CIC, CPCU, CISR, ACSR Peoples Underwriters Inc. Conway, SC

J. Robert Bryant, Jr. (Bobby) Robert Bryant & Son, Inc. Orangeburg, SC

Secretary R. Scott Moseley Irmo Insurance Agency Irmo, SC

Willard A. Silcox, III, ACSR (Bill) C.T. Lowndes & Company Mt. Pleasant, SC

Stephen B. Cannon, PhD, CPCU (Steve) Law Insurance Agency, Inc Spartanburg, SC Harrison G. Cline, CIC, AIP The Furman Co. Insurance Agency Greenville, SC AM South Carolina ad.pdf

Richard L. Walker, CIC Cormell Street & Patterson Florence, SC



4:40 PM

One Submission – Multiple Markets.SM Endorsed by IIABA

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A New Year brings opportunities

A New Year brings opportunities

to work with old friends and

to work with old friends and

make new ones. We’re family-

make new ones. We’re familyC

owned, and we pride ourselves


owned, and we pride ourselves

companies that we represent. We provide competitive

Personal Umbrella Specialists for strong relationships with our agents and the South Carolina Producers companies that we represent. We provide competitive

pricing, important coverage, and quality service. As a

pricing, important coverage, and quality service. As a

on building and maintaining strong relationships with our agents and the






local wholesaler doing business with friends and


on building and maintaining

local wholesaler doing business with friends and

neighbors, we look forward to working with you in

On-Line Rate, Quote, Apply and Request neighbors, we look forward to working with you in



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South Carolina Agent & Broker • Winter 2013

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SC Agent & Broker Winter 2013  

IIABSC Winter 2013 mag

SC Agent & Broker Winter 2013  

IIABSC Winter 2013 mag