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The new generation of diamond reinforced nonstick cookware with an additional application of diamonds for extreme durability.

Select a Diamond for better heat distribution—now with an induction capable stainless steel base. German engineered, patented application bonds a stainless steel bottom to an already great pan. Combining its patent pending diamond reinforced nonstick cooking surface for effortless release of food, with no oils or fats and is perfect for browning, searing and deglazing. PFOA free, metal dishwasher and oven safe with a limited lifetime warranty. Makes it the perfect pan for all types of cooking surfaces, induction, electric and gas. Made in Germany. Open Fry Pans 8"— $89.99 Special $69.99 9.5"— $121.99 Special $99.99 11"—$135.99 Special $109.99

also available: 11" Covered Fry Pan $159.99 Special $134.99

• Professional wei t of the 7.5mm st aluminum bodies distrib tes heat e nly witho ot spots, guaran ed not warp.


• The ultra hard patent pending co ki g surface is reinforced with diamonds d possess outstanding nonstick prop ties. Allows fo healthy low fat cooking, id l for browning, searing and deglazing and ea clean up.


• Robo c and comp terized nan technology ap ation process g rant s no cracking, ister bubbling or p ng of the diamond reinforce ooking surface. Oven safe up

260°C / 500°F

al utensil and dishwasher safe

• PFOA ee


• Perfectly flat induction capable stainless steel base for use on all gas, ceramic, glass, electric and induction cook tops

9.5" Covered Sauté Pan $199.99 Special $149.99

• Comfortable and safe ergonomic handles with cast-in inserts eliminates loose handle problems. • Limited Lifetime Warranty • Made in Germany




11" Covered Sauté Pan $183.99 Special $159.99

• Optional vented safety glass covers with stainless steel rims are available

Diamond Plus 10 piece set includes: 8" Fry Pan, 9.5" Fry Pan, 2.1 qt. Covered Sauce Pan with pouring spouts, 3.2 qt. Covered Sauce Pot, 5.5 qt. Covered Stock Pot, 11" Covered Sauté Pan $777.99 Special $499.99


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