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To Rent or to Buy Equipment - The Big Question! One of the common dilemmas of people everywhere is whether to buy or rent equipment. Today our lives revolve around different kinds of gadgets and devices. If you do not have the available budget to buy something renting surely offers a good option. However, this can never be the same as complete ownership. Many people go for air conditioner rental especially when purchase seems out of the question in a particular scenario. From personal lifts and spot-cooling equipment, to specialized generators and ground equipment, engineering and maintenance departments and even individuals depend upon renting. Rentals no doubt are your ideal options when you have infrequent or unplanned demands to meet as fast as possible. So, where does purchase of equipment come into play? This happens when rental needs turn frequent and long term planning becomes a necessity. For individuals or managers it is a challenge to make the purchase decisions and to stop renting. It is important to make knowledgeable choices and in order to do that one needs to consider key components related to both renting and buying and then decide. The main consideration naturally is saving money as much as possible in both personal and commercial scenarios. Some of the questions to ask include, ‘How frequently do I need the particular equipment?’ or ‘How much versatility am I seeking?’ High frequency use relates to paybacks. If someone needs particular equipment on a regular basis, which is enough over useful estimated life to pay the hiring costs, purchasing it surely makes sense. Similarly, if generator rentals as an example costs high on equal compared to ownership, purchasing again seems ideal. This will prove to be beneficial and help you to save associated incremental costs completely. Mainly the decision between buying and renting depends upon the projected cost of the equipment and this ultimately guides your choices. Thorough and careful planning is necessary and important information to consider includes study of the patterns related to past use and future use estimation successfully. Those who want to justify the purchase of specific equipment need to concentrate on the versatility factor. If an item seems capable of handling a wide variety of applications then it surely makes sense to choose buying. In a commercial scenario, it depends upon the vision and capabilities of the management team to ensure multiple uses to justify investment in equipment purchase. No wonder, if versatility does not come into play in case of particular equipment, this signifies that it is not going to be used frequently. In such cases, one can consider renting of equipment as opposed to purchase. However, in this discussion one cannot rule out the possibility of emergency use. This is extremely valid in the case of business houses and commercial scenarios where such situations are quite common. For example, backup using emergency generators during power outages or presence of portable coolers for dealing with data-center equipment running seems crucial. When it comes to emergencies, you cannot depend upon rental agencies to provide such equipment at extremely short notices. Also, you cannot afford loss of data or vital information. Therefore, in such scenarios, going to generator sales for purchase is the only way out.

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Blue- Stream Services offers a wide range of specialized rental generators to meet the needs of the customers, including Ingersoll Rand’s “P...

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