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CONTROL PERFECTED. Your entire operation at your fingertips.

Take control to the next level! Get all the details at

Being able to regulate every aspect of your operation is the key to maximizing efficiency. From our cutting-edge pump control systems to our hose carts and flexible pipelines, Puck products are built with the user in mind. We put our customers in command, with an elevated level of precision control and measurement, to deliver unsurpassed results.






LIGHTSPEED™ PRO  Near-instant pump control, accessible

anywhere from nearly any device  99 percent uptime guarantee  Now with improved, user-friendly navigation  Full site-mapping and detailed pump diagnostics  Most robust wireless pump control on the market

LIGHTSPEED™ IQ  Modernized, revamped

local control platform  Comes standard on all Puck pumps  Captures detailed pump info,

identifies problems immediately  Helps you remedy situations as they arise

EFFICIENCY EXPANDED. IndustryLeading Technology

Bringing you automated pump control, in-depth monitoring and diagnostics with instant pump response, LightSpeed Pro is accessible from any device via an internet connection. Designed in-house by Puck’s expert team, LightSpeed Pro includes simple navigation, streamlined pump control, full site-mapping capabilities, and asset reporting. The detailed diagnostics ensure you can address pump problems as they arise, and the control helps bring you unparalleled efficiency and command on the job. It also makes a great training tool and an easy way to validate your processes.

CAPABILITY BOOSTED. Move more gallons per gallon.

We design our booster pumps to keep you moving in the right direction. Available in multiple configurations to meet your needs, our booster pumps will crank up your operation’s production capabilities. Set your operating parameters and LightSpeed™ IQ will automatically adjust the pump throttle for optimal performance, to help maximize your gallons-per-minute and get the most out of every drop of fuel. Pair that with the industry-leading wireless control of LightSpeed™ Pro and increased efficiency is at your fingertips.

WARTHOG FEATURES  3,000+ gallon per minute

 LightSpeed™ IQ control panel

 Works as a Booster Pump

pump capacities  Compact design

 LightSpeed Pro™ ready

 Allows for extra distance

 Operates the Lagoon Feeder

BOOSTER FEATURES  Quick set changes: pig the

 Finish with full bypass

line from the bypass  High flow, high efficiency pumps

operation from LightSpeed  More gallons pumped per gallon of diesel fuel consumed

 Increased safety, decreased

time on equipment/pump units

PUCK TURN TABLE REEL AND HOSE CART FEATURES  Two-way hydraulic roll – power on/power off  Hydraulically articulated tongue to wind hose side to side  Leaf spring suspension  Arch guard to keep hose on reel  Full control from inside vehicle; one person operation  No level wind to cause hose or coupler damage  Easy to lay out and leave slack to

maneuver around obstacles  Inching valve for feeding hose behind cart  425 or 700 tires  Up to 120-degree (TTR-20) and 140-degree

(TTR-30) turning capacities  Tandem axle for weight limits (TTR20 only)


6 IN CAPACITY 8 Lengths · 1 Mi. 11 Lengths · 1³⁄8 Mi. 16 Lengths · 2 Mi.

8 IN CAPACITY 4 Lengths · ¹⁄2 Mi. 6 Lengths · ³⁄4 Mi. 8 Lengths · 1 Mi.


8 IN CAPACITY 10 Lengths · 1¹⁄4 Mi. 16 Lengths · 2 Mi. 22 Lengths · 2³⁄4 Mi.

10 IN CAPACITY 6 Lengths · ³⁄4 Mi. 9 Lengths · 1¹⁄8 Mi. 12 Lengths · 1¹⁄2 Mi.

DISTANCE STRETCHED. Premium hose carts that deliver results.

Made to deliver hose for slurry, water, or other liquids. Large enough to move high volumes of hose and robust enough to easily maneuver, Puck Hose Carts are made to handle the toughest terrain, maximize hose life and allow for faster cycle times.

ENDURANCE TESTED. Designed for long life in the harshest environments.

Review the full specs for BullDog Oil and Gas Hoses!

Designed for both continuous and intermittent operation at high working pressures. BullDog’s TPU through-the-weave manufacturing technique prevents delamination and results in a much lower friction loss than aluminum or PVC pipe, reducing pumping costs. Swells in diameter enabling fluids to be pumped further and at higher flow rates. Raw materials, components and finished products are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure excellent product reliability.

Aqua Guard™

Drag Hose™

BULLDOG TPU HOSE FEATURES  Eliminates need for rigid metal

 Reduces pumping costs

pipelines, path-cutting, or road tankers, saving time and money  Higher flow rates and further pumping distance  Lower friction loss

 Fast deployment and retrieval  Long lengths require

fewer couplings reducing the risk of leaks Mainline™



BullDog, the hose of choice for the many industries throughout the USA and abroad, has come to stand for high performance, durability and safety, with American-made products that are built to last.

Red Chief ®

Armour Guard® LDH

BULLDOG RUBBER HOSE FEATURES  Ozone and ultraviolet resistance  Unsurpassed abrasion resistance  Superior kink resistance  Low drag resistance  Compact and lightweight



 High heat resistance

STANDARDS EXCEEDED. Manufactured for maximum resistance to chemicals, fuels and oils.

The fuel industry depends on a strong, reliable flow of water and BullDog products are designed for those who want the best. Many of BullDog’s premium nitrile-rubber hoses are manufactured to exceed the NFPA 1961 standard, provide the very best in ozone and ultraviolet resistance and boast unsurpassed abrasion resistance—ensuring that your hose will last longer than any other in the marketplace.


Maintenance keeps the hose flow stronger.

Regular upkeep and maintenance are vital to ensuring your hoses are long-lasting and stay in peak condition. Cleaning out the line is the best practice for proper hose care—it makes rolling hose back onto carts easier and causes less wear and tear. Puck stocks all the essential accessories and parts you need to maintain your hoses’ performance and keep your operation flowing.



When you need to make a repair or tend to a hose, these hose pinchers make the task easier. Designed to cut off flow in low-pressure situations, they allow you to get the job done.

This lightweight aluminum tool makes it safer and easier to remove kinks in hoses — keeping the liquid flowing and preventing your hands from getting caught.

FOAM PIGGING BULLETS & BALLS Available for all hose sizes and types, these foam pigging bullets and balls will keep your line clean and running smoothly.

PORTABLE PIG LAUNCHERS Can be connected directly at any hose coupling point to clean out your line and maintain a high level of performance, no matter where the hose is at in the field.

EFFICIENCY Leading the industry in liquid delivery technology.

DELIVERED. Higher flow rates. Less downtime. More control. Greater precision. We don’t boast about the tireless performance or consistently dependable results that you get with our equipment. The numbers speak for themselves. Our commitment to innovation is rivaled only by our dedication to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

BUILT TO LEAD. Every day, we push the boundaries of possibility.

Meeting the needs of our customers requires going above and beyond what they need today; it means looking ahead to see what will serve them best in the days, months, and years to come. It’s this vision for the future that fuels the Puck Enterprises spirit of innovation, and drives us to create the equipment and technology that defines the standard of tomorrow.

Boost your production and profits with Puck, connect today! ¡ 833.655.9200

PUCK ENTERPRISES 1110 100th Street Manning, Iowa 51455 833.655.9200 19-0321

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