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The Principle for Veal The Principle for Veal

The Peter’s farm Principle is a unique production method for veal. There are around 60 calves in each Peter’s Farm herd. Their natural herding tendency, combined with the use of modern computer technology, ensures maximum attention and care for each calf. Peter’s Farm B.V., established in 1997, is a subsidiary of the Alpuro Group. Peter’s Farm® Veal products are sold exclusively under the Peter’s Farm label. Butchers and top restaurants (catering wholesalers), caterers and supermarket chains, both national and international, are our main customers. In this brochure you can find out more about the five key elements of the Peter’s Farm Principle: Quality, Animal Welfare, Traceability, Safety and Open Information.


The standard of animal welfare and the freedom and rest enjoyed by the calves are reflected in the quality and flavour of Peter’s Farm® Veal products. we offer you the highest quality in terms of both flavour and tenderness. The Centre for Taste Research (CSO) has conducted independent scientific consumer research and came to the following conclusion: “Peter’s Farm® Veal is more tender, tastes better and is more highly rated than ordinary veal.” Peter’s Farm® Veal has a refined flavour because it has a fine texture and is tender, succulent and lean. It is also highly nutritious, low in sodium and easily digested.

Animal Welfare

Peter’s Farm calves have the freedom to choose when and how much they want to eat and weather they wish to move about, stand, lie down, play or sleep. The pens have hanging balls and car tyres for the calves to play with and brushes for self-grooming. Wageningen University and Research Centre has scientifically researched the natural behaviour of the calves. It concluded that the calves on a Peter’s Fearm are raised under more animal welfare-friendly conditions compared with calves living in group housing system. The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals is also very positive about Peter’s Farm. In the Peter’s Farm system every caf has its own electronic chip, which means that it is left to the individual calf to decide when to eat an drink. Now that’s freedom.


At all purchases can be traced back to an individual farm. You can even trace your Peter’s Farm® Veal while you are in the supermarket via on nyour mobile phone. By typing in the “Peter’s Farmcode” that can be found on the packaging, you will be linked through to the farm and can find out about the farmer and his family who raised the calves. You can also get more information about feed and an explanation of the husbandry system. The website also gives you the chance to look at ‘live’ webcam images of the calves in one of the Peter’s Farm pens.


All ingredients used in the production of both multi-grain feed and milk feed are continuosly monitored. Each feed ingredient is sampled, checked, sealed and stored. This procedure guarantees the purity of the feed mixes and maximises food safety. Our entire production chain possesses numerour quality certificates, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, BRC, PVE/IKB, QS, GMP+, GVP and the DNA Guarantee programme. The result is maximum food safety and full traceability with a guaranteed 100% accuracy. Peter’s Farm® Veal is also Halal. Trade buyers of Peter’s Farm® Veal have access to the IVI®-system (Integrated Veal Information). With their user name and password, buyers can get detailed information about the products they have recieved and about the internal and external quality controls conducted at Peter’s Farm.

Open Information

Open information is very important to Peter’s farm and is therefore one of its principles. We provide user-friendly, accessible information about Peter’s Farm and is therefore one of its principles. We provide user-friendly, accessible information about Peter’s Farm on our website at Take a look behind the scenes and ask any questions you may have. If you would like to experience Peter’s Farm at first hand, click on “Peter’s Farm Live”. This is where new pictures of the calves are directly dowloaded on the site. You also can pay an electronic visit to a Peter’s Farm. In addition, Peter’s Farm regularly organises tours. Please check our site for the upcoming dates.

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Known to many as Malta’s first original wine bar, Trabuxu needs no introduction, having cultivated a great reputation over the years for its cosy atmosphere and excellent service amongst wine buffs and culture revellers alike. Set in an underground cellar built over 350 years ago by the Knights of St John, off the first few steps of Malta’s famous Strait Street in Valletta. Trabuxu boasts a selection of over 200 quality wines of different vintages and world renowned chateaux, which can either be enjoyed on the premises or to take away.

Trabuxu, 1, Strait Street, Valletta. tel 2122 3036 email website Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 7pm till late Specialises in platters and wines

features in this issue

Welcome to catering news SOWHAT AREWE IN FOR? According to the prophets of doom and gloom, this year is not going to be so hot in terms of tourist arrival figures. This follows what is being referred to as 2008 being the best-ever tourism year. According to the UN World Tourism Organization (report in Sunday Times, 1st February), worldwide tourism figures are expected to fall this year for the first time since 2003, and Europe will be the worst effected region. Let’s put it this way. If I lived somewhere in Central Europe, I would probably save money by choosing to holiday at home, or perhaps in some neighbouring country offering lovely scenery, splendid amenities and easily accessible by car. Unless, of course, I use lowcost airlines.


What the visitors say...


What the tour operators expect


Barcelona City of my dreams.

A lot has been written about decreased lengths of stay, drops in the numbers of British tourists, market exposure and other factors. At the end of the day, delivering a good product is equally important. Which means that if all the players put their heads together and worked with a determination towards making sure that visitors are not fleeced – by restaurants, taxis, public transport, souvenir shops and the like – and if the authorities and the operators work together to give the islands a good clean-up followed by a muchneeded face lift, the word will get around that YES, MALTA OFFERS VALUE FOR MONEY.

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oddsandends Have you just taken on a new chef whose name is a by-word in catering circles? Are you planning regular exhibitions of works by local artists in your reception area or restaurant, with monthly rotation? Have you just introduced, or are you planning to include some tasty items on your menu? Has your restaurant/eatery just been redecorated, or undergone an extensive facelift? Are you thinking of going for a Buffet-style lunch or dinner service on weekdays? Whatever it is you’re planning, or have undertaken, we would love to hear from you. Just write or email us and we will make sure that the word gets around. Just remember that catering news will reach a wide circulation. The people that will be reading it MATTER. Which means you just cannot afford to be left out.

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Airconditioner Infrared Motor Thermometer

Aspera Compressor


Gaskets Polar Services Ltd provides friendly, expert consultation on all aspects of refrigeration and environmental solutions. Our aim is to provide clients with high quality design solutions by offering services from concept through to procurement, project management, commissioning and beyond. Our practice tailors engineering packages for modest commercial schemes through to large industrial developments.

Fan motor

Engineering design are produced using AutoCAD, which is professionally applied to provide detailed design schemes, which are easily integrated into associated mechanical and electrical packages.

Polar Services Ltd represents the client and provides a one stop fully inclusive solution for all refrigeration and environmental needs. The client can be assured that their brief will be completely fulfilled to the highest possible standards and that the practice will act in their best interest. Polar Services Ltd refrigeration consultants and engineers are highly qualified and experienced. They have an expert knowledge of their field, which enables them to find the right solution to meet your needs.

Services We can offer advice and on existing refrigeration systems, Old and even new systems may be expensive to run or unreliable. You can arrange for us to visit your facilities and evaluate your refrigerating systems. We will then report back to you on the required modifications to improve reliability and the all important energy consumption cost.

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Polar Services Ltd are conversant with all aspects of new regulations effecting existing refrigeration and plant. We can offer advice on how these regulations will affect you and guidance with the way forward

Benefits of our one stop solution Put simply, we take the pressure off you. We are experts, by putting us in the driving seat you will have peace of mind that you will obtain your exact requirements at the best price possible. You can also rely on our knowledge and experience to project manage the contract, leaving you free to get on with your normal business while we get with ours.

POLAR SERVICES LTD., Mimosa Street, Hamrun HMR 1561 (Top end of St. Luke’s Road) tel: 21248523 fax: 21248052 mob: 9942 3469, 99451933 | email:


Dorin semi-hermetic compressor

catering news features

What the visitors say... and what the tour operators expect What do visitors to our islands expect to find once they arrive for a first visit? Equally important, are they satisfied, unhappy, glad they chose Malta? Did the islands live up to their expectations? Or will it be a case of never again? What did they particularly like? What did they not like? What would they want to find on their next visit? CATERING NEWS went out on the streets and visited hotels and self-catering apartments to find out exactly what visitors thought of their choice of holiday venue. And we didn’t just aim for British tourists. We spoke to visitors from different countries and different cultures. Included in our survey results are the views of visitors from Athens in Greece, Tallin in Estonia, Padova in Italy and Caltanissetta in Sicily, and

others from Sheffield, Manchester and Edinburgh in the UK. These are the results. Data Protection will not allow us to publish the names and other details, but these are known to us and available for inspection at our offices. Asked about how they had found out about Malta, the majority ticked off television and magazine advertising, which points towards the effectiveness of the MTA’s various campaigns. Through friends also featured considerably in the replies, indicating that word of mouth works wonders. Bad mouthing has the opposite effect, of course. Funnily enough, only one respondent replied that Malta had been recommended by a travel agent, which points towards a gap in

Now for the comments… We are printing these verbatim, as they are all self-explanatory.

“Gozo tours left much to be desired. We were not taken to all the places promised in the brochure” “Timeshare touts at our hotel pestered us all the time, even though we made it clear we were simply not interested” “Paceville provided good entertainment. We also enjoyed visiting a number of historical sites” “We certainly expected more countryside. Our first impression was that Malta is all built up.” “Better road signage would help. Also, no signage at the airport leading to buses.” catering news issue 4 • 7

Maestro é Fresco 8/9, South Street, Valletta. tel: 2122 0357 Opening Hours Monday to Friday 11 am till late Saturday and Sunday 6.30pm till late

The newly refurbished Maestro é Fresco needs no introduction other than that of being the capital’s favourite cafe/bar. The venue is a popular choice for chilled evenings with a modern ambience which promotes relaxing on the couches for hours on end. Friday nights are slightly more upbeat with a live band taking centre stage and taking the cafe/bar to a whole new level. The menu is a cafe/bistro blend with choices ranging from paté, dips and cheese fondue to baguettes, wraps and salads making it the ideal venue for quick lunches. And what’s more, you can watch live concerts and football matches projected on the walls while snacking. When in Valletta, Maestro is definitely worth a visit, be it for a quick lunch break or for a lingering bottle of wine in the evenings.

catering news features

“Gozo ferry service excellent, and operates to high standards. However, overall cost of living rather high.” “We simply loved the architecture!” “Most hotels do not have a website for making reservations.” “Not enough Maltese dishes on offer. However, we did manage to find some restaurants offering local dishes in the Sliema area.” the system. Perhaps the MTA could tackle this. Another interesting point… no one ticked DOCUMENTARY, which means this source of information appears to be totally ineffective. Next question related to which airlines were used. As expected, Air Malta and RyanAir featured heavily, followed closely by Alitalia. Nothing much to add here, except that travelers will opt for the cheapest and most convenient connections in order to reach their preferred destination. Asked to rate their accommodation, all respondents ticked the GOOD box out of a selection ranging from VERY GOOD to BAD. Only two respondents, both British, ticked VERY GOOD. Amazingly, all respondents described Malta as being FAIRLY CLEAN, with just one, an Italian visitor, saying it was VERY CLEAN. Unbelievable, or else these visitors must have been in Malta during a period of bad weather and did not have the opportunity to venture out into the Maltese countryside. Food in restaurants was also described simply as GOOD. No accolades here, although there were some comments about the lack of local dishes on offer. A visitor fron Tallinn, Estonia even described

it as very good. Having sampled the food in Estonia, I can understand his classification! But we’re definitely a long way from Michelin stars. VERY GOOD, GOOD and FAIR were the ratings given to service by staff in hotels and restaurants. Despite apparently going downhill in this sector in recent years, it seems the Maltese have still retained their natural friendliness and helpfulness, Long may it continue… Public transport came in for a bit of a bashing, with most respondents ticking FAIR or BAD. Very few ticked GOOD, and only one, an Italian, surprisingly enough ticked VERY GOOD. A couple of respondents described it as interesting, and cheap. Which it certainly is. On both counts. Prices in general were described as being ON THE HIGH SIDE or, at best, REASONABLE. Again, it seems we are out-pricing ourselves, especially in the restaurant sector. When will we ever learn? Friendliness of the Maltese. On this one we win hands down, with all respondents unhesitatingly describing the natives as VERY FRIENDLY.

“We thought the transport would be better. Also, some clubs in Paceville are restricted from after-hours partying.” “It exceeded our expectations. Practically no open countryside, except for Gozo.” We decided to leave this gem for last…

“We consider Malta an island of peace.” Very obviously, these visitors were not in Malta in the days preceding the general elections! catering news issue 4 • 9

catering news features

catering news also gleaned the views of a number of tour operators regarding some very pertinent points. The ones we spoke to all agreed that the quality of service provided by local tour operators was GOOD. Not EXCELLENT, not BAD. Likewise, they all agreed that the present world economic crisis would have a negative effect on their business, with a number of international conferences already being cancelled, and with demand for their services dropping by anything from 15 to a whopping 50 percent. Asked to compare available local facilities for tourists with what is available in neighbouring countries, again the general comment was that local facilities were best described as FAIR. What is missing, and what can be improved upon? 3-star services, particularly when compared with similar services on offer in neighbouring countries; the upkeep of the infrastructure; general maintenance; no concerted effort to keep the island clean.

Another general comment was that it is felt government should inject more funds into this industry. What can be done to attract more visitors to our islands? For a start, more campaigns within the industry to stress the importance of tourism for everybody; proper branding of Malta as a well proven destination; tourist sites to be made more attractive and interactive; more control of the timeshare industry; a dramatic improvement in local transport; more creative excursions for visitors; an improvement in standards of accommodation – some places described as farmhouses, particularly in Gozo, are a joke.

providers across the board to strive to give a better service and be more proactive. It’s definitely going to a difficult year, judging by the drop in requests. Malta will definitely feel the pinch, particularly as the UK is one of the island’s main markets. Well, there you have it. One thing is certain, we just can’t sit back and relax. Government, the MTA and the service providers simply have to put their heads together and improve the product. How about it?

Finally, we asked for personal forecasts for Malta for the tourism industry in 2009. In line with the rest of the world, Malta will feel the crisis. In times like this, it is up to the service

catering news issue 4 • 11

Let’s Talk Dirty

Setting the Foundation for the future of Serviced Dust Mats & Matting Most people would never consider having to check the entrances of their offices for dirt brought in by their daily flow of visitors. In wet weather the amount of unwanted sludge, mud and other unwarranted spread is unbelievable. Effectively, Entrance Matting Barrier Systems are therefore an essential part of a service that can be provided to eliminate all the unwanted dirt from being carried into the building. How does it make you feel when you are paying a maid to do a job efficiently, only to have to ask the cleaner to repeat the process? Pamsco Limited specialise in the provision of QualityServiced Dust Mats & Matting. They have developed a management and service style that has the potential of making them leaders in this industry. A comprehensive range of mats means that whatever the floor and no matter how challenging, Pamsco Limited will have a solution. From simple Entrance Barrier Mats to bespoke Fitted Mats supplied in one’s own choice of Shape, Colour and Design. Pamsco Limited can provide the following services; Health & Safety: A complete range of Health & Safety Mats for entranceways, bars, industrial

complexes and clean rooms. Leisure Mats: Wet area mats with a freedraining system to provide an excellent level of anti-slip protection whilst comfortable for bare feet, as well as being bacteria-resistant. Industrial Mats: Specifically designed to provide a safe working floor surface by allowing debris and oil to pass through the structure of the mat, providing an effective anti-slip surface, as well as some antifatigue properties. Bar & Catering: Specially designed mats to cope with the rigours of such environments. Specialist Mats: Special Matting products to cater for places like high voltage areas, cleanroom or critical environments or even places like warehouses with the rigours of forklift trucks in daily use. Anti-Fatigue Mats: Designed to encourage foot movement so stimulating blood circulation and changes to posture which help reduce lower back,

as well as leg pain. In return this increases efficiency, concentration and productivity.

Pamsco Ltd. ‘Tri Crest Hse’, Triq is-Salib ta’ l-Imriehel, Birkirkara Tel: 2146 2250

catering news features


The famous Sagrada Familia church - still under construction...

Max Martin

Max Martin is the pseudonym of a gentleman of leisure who has been residing in the Ibrag area for some years. Mr Martin loves Malta, but travels abroad whenever the opportunity arises.

Well, I finally made it. Truth to tell, I had been thinking about it for quite some time, and I had been toying with the idea of planning something for an April/May break, but when the opportunity arose in December, I decided to go for it. And I don’t regret it one bit. Readers will probably wonder what I’m talking about. I’ll let you into the secret. I decided to visit Barcelona, about which I had heard and been told so much, most of it exciting enough to make me want to visit. To be quite honest, I would have preferred my trip to have been made later on in the year, when the weather would have been more or less guaranteed. And I did have some misgivings about a January visit. But I was lucky, as not a

drop of rain fell during my five-day visit, although we were there when Barcelona experienced what was apparently one its worst windstorms for years. Yes, we were right there, in Plaza Catalunya, and we lived to tell the tale! Readers having nothing better to do may wish to read my random ramblings about this trip, right from booking the flight and hotel, through to getting back to my island home. The age of the computer makes everything so easy,it’s literally child’s play.


As Julie Andrews is so fond of saying, let’s start at the very beginning. When my son told me, sometime in December, that he had decided to relocate to Barcelona in January to teach English

after completing successfully a TESOL course at a local college, I made a snap decision to go along for the first few days. We booked our flights via the RyanAir website. Nothing could have been easier, and it gives the lie to all the bad things one often reads about this much-maligned airline. I say Thank God for low-cost airlines. I can’t imagine our dear KM taking me to Barcelona and bringing me back, at reasonably convenient times, for the paltry sum of sixty Euro, which translates roughly at twelve Malta Liri each way. Including taxes and anything else they usually add on. At this price, RyanAir doesn’t serve meals or hand round “free” drinks during the flight. My quotes, as I learnt early in life that absolutely nothing is catering news issue 4 • 15

it pays to advertise with

catering news refer to page38, for more info..

catering news features ever given for free. However, having left Malta at the excellent hour of 9.30am, I had enjoyed a good breakfast at home, and a bar of chocolate in my anorak pocket sufficed for a quick nibble during the short flight. I had read complaints about the seats on RyanAir not tilting back. True, but so what? No big deal. The leg room was adequate for normal-size passengers. And it’s only a two-hour flight, so let’s not be too fussy. For thirty Euro each way, I would willingly have hung on to a strap suspended from the ceiling. After leafing through a flight magazine, I apparently nodded off, as is my wont on most flights, and I missed the goodies on offer – at a price, of course. No matter. We landed at Girona airport bang on time, and I have to say that RyanAir have an excellent record for arriving and departing on schedule. In fact, we arrived back in Malta well before the scheduled time, and I ended up having to wait for about 20 minutes for a friend to meet me. From Girona, it’s a short 75-minute coach ride to Barcelona coach station. After purchasing a return ticket from a booth inside the airport, we stowed our luggage in the coach and relaxed in the very comfortable seats. We could do with some of these coaches over here. A quick word about the hotel reservation. Never having been to Barcelona, I had to rely on my son’s knowledge gleaned from his previous visit, during which he had stayed in a hostel close to La Rambla, where it all happens. Again thanks to the internet, I spotted a reasonably priced establishment going by the name of Hotel Ingles, which offered a twin room, complete with bath etc, heating, telephone and whatnot, at a mere 300 Euro for five nights – per room, not per person. We made our reservations through a company called, and got a confirmation by return. We arrived at the coach station, and made our way to a Government Tourist Information Booth, where a couple of young ladies with beaming smiles were dispensing information, maps, brochures and coach/train/metro tickets. We were told we could either walk to the hotel, a fifteen-to-twenty-minute journey, or take the metro. Having decided to purchase five-day tickets which allowed us free travel on all forms of public transport, plus free or subsidized entry to numerous exhibitions and museums, at my insistence we opted for the metro, as I did not relish the thought of a lengthy walk dragging a piece of luggage and holding some hand luggage as well. The Barcelona metro is a joy to use. Having

Beautifully groomed horses taking part in an equestrian parade.

been under the mistaken impression that the residents of this country are a mañana race and tend to take things easy, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the metro not only ran on time, but that each platform sported an “elapsed time” clock giving a countdown to the next train, usually a matter of not more than three or four minutes, often much less.

to pay up front for the duration of our stay, or we could opt to pay pro rata, on a daily basis. Not being used to this, I paid up front, thinking that I must have had a shifty look and was not being trusted. Upon reflection, I realized that the establishment must have adopted this policy after being taken for a ride by some absconding guests. One lives and learns.

My only complaint about the metro system is that, for some reason, escalators are few and far between, and one often has to walk for considerable distances and take numerous stairs when changing lines. Whoever designed the connections must have been a right twit!

Having said that, I would be more than happy to go to the same hotel on my next visit, and preferably would ask for the same room. The Reception staff were very friendly and helpful, they all spoke English, of sorts, and our knowledge of Italian ensured reasonably easy communication.

Anyway, we finally reached our stop, Liceu on the indicated line, and walked out into bright sunshine – remember, this was shortly after 2pm (same time as ours) – right onto La Rambla where, as my son dutifully explained, it all happened. A helpful elderly flower stall owner directed us to the Hotel Ingles, which was in a narrow road just 50 metres off the main thoroughfare. It didn’t look much from the outside, but any misgivings I may have harboured were quickly dispelled when we registered and went up to our room on the third floor. Having read some visitors’ comments on their website to the effect that one should avoid rooms on the front, because of the early morning noise, and having forgotten to ask for a room at the back, we were delighted to find we had been allocated a spacious room with a small terrace, right at the back overlooking an old church, very quiet and far enough away from the lift to ensure a good night’s undisturbed sleep. On registering, we were told that we either had

No breakfast in this place, but one could purchase a breakfast ticket at 5.50 Euro, entitling one to a continental spread at a restaurant literally next door, by arrangement. We opted for morning coffee and croissants at one of the many cafes along La Rambla. Being an early riser, I usually had to hang around until some of them opened for business, usually not before 8 or 8.30. La Rambla is a wide thoroughfare, with traffic lanes on both sides and an equally wide walking promenade in the middle, starting from the famous Plaza Catalunya at the top and going down to the sea at the other end, past the Columbus statue. The promenade part reminded me of our Ghar id-Dud in Sliema, except that theirs is wider and studded with kiosks selling all kinds of everything, and tables and chairs belonging to the establishments across the road, with waiters having to cross the main road to deliver the goods. At no risk to life and limb, however, as the driving is extremely civilized and the drivers most courteous. Reminded me of Switzerland. catering news issue 4 • 17

catering news features The establishments included newspaper kiosks selling souvenirs, some decent stuff and the inevitable kitsch, numerous flower and plant stalls, Tourist Information Booths and – funnily enough – a number of glass booths selling all kinds of birds and animals. Budgerigars, parrots, finches, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, Chinchillas, pigeons, chickens, squirrels.. you name it, they had it. And everything scrupulously clean. Absolutely no animal odours at all. Dogs aplenty, but all very well behaved and, it being a tad chilly, most of them sporting coats of various hues. All on leads, and apparently very well trained, as I never managed to spot one cocking a leg or depositing some nasty offering.


And bang in the middle of La Rambla is the famous La Bouqueria, a fantastic food, meat, fish and vegetable market offering an unbelievable variety of goods, where the locals buy their stuff and the visitors walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds. I have to admit that I spent many happy hours in La Bouqueria, it being just five minutes from the hotel, until my son usually dragged me away. Meat stalls and delicatessens offering arrays of beautiful salamis, the cleanest tripe I ever saw, their oh-so-delicious jamon serrano, fish stalls with the freshest fish, shellfish, crabs, squid, king-size prawns and other marine offerings, fruit and vegetable stalls with fresh produce, some of which was new to us, piles of freshly baked baguettes, stalls offering freshly squeezed concoctions of fruit and vegetables in unheard-of but very refreshing mixes at one Euro per cup… I could go on for ever. And in the middle of it all, stalls offering beer, coffee, tapas and other comestibles. La Bouqueria is a fantastic place, definitely worth more than one visit. I did have one rather annoying experience at La Bouqueria. A female of unknown origin, possibly Chilean or Peruvian, was selling all sorts of chocolate confectionery from a stall heaped high with the stuff. Wanting something to nibble after our meal, we made enquiries and were told chocolates were selling for 65 Euro per kilo! For the love of God, you don’t pay that sort of price even for premier Belgian chocolates! Anyway, wanting to sample the goods, I pointed to one each of three chocolate-covered biscuits with something resembling rice crispies on top. The items were put into a paper bag and duly weighed, and I was asked to pay no less than nine Euro fifty, which worked out at just over three Euro per biscuit. When I politely told the lady the price was over the top, she became very annoyed as she had already punched out the chit. On a far better note… on the way out of this

lovely place, we always purchased a handful of jamon nibbles, being pieces of beautifully cured ham, from the stall near the entrance, at 1.70 Euro for a hundred grams. Lovely stuff. Kept us going for a couple of hundred yards…


The area we were in had a variety of eateries, including the ubiquitous MacDonalds and KFC. I’m sure you’ll understand if I say I didn’t exactly seek them out! The main road was full of the usual tourist traps offering set menus, very much on the lines of what we get locally. We tried to avoid these places, knowing the fare would be indifferent, at best. We did get taken in, however, when we decided to have a beer and some tapas at a smart place on the main La Rambla promenade. Having chosen five different tapas, which were served up in small deep saucers accompanied by two halfpints of excellent beer, we got the shock of our lives when we were presented with a bill for fiftyseven Euro. Pure extortion, but it was entirely my fault as I had not asked for a price list. I actually tried complaining to the Tourist Information Office the next morning, but was told that I was partly to blame for not checking the prices beforehand, and anyway, I HAD apparently chosen one of the most expensive eateries on the Strip. On the other side of the coin, while trying to find a launderette in a side street off the main area, we chanced upon an unpretentious restaurant going by the unlikely name of POLLO CAMPARO (whatever that means!), with a menu written on a board outside, and in biro on a piece of paper inside. Using sign language we managed to convey our intentions, and were immediately served with two big plates of tripe and jamon in a delicious soup, followed by a sizeable portion of liver for me and an equally sizeable portion of cod (bakkaljaw) for my son. This, accompanied by a cool beer and some fruit for dessert, set us back the princely sum of eighteen Euro. On another occasion, we chose a restaurant along the street surrounding La Bouqueria, being literally too tired to walk any further. Again, we opted for a lovely, warming soup with tripe and other bits of meat, and I chose sardines and the son and heir preferred a plateful of chunky bits of pork, both with the usual accompaniments. Dessert was a big waffle covered with chocolate and with cream on the side. The lot, including some beer, came to just twenty Euro. continued on page 25 ... My advice, if youAdo decide tomain visit the place, iswalkway on La Rambla. view of the pedestrian catering news issue 4 • 19

catering news features

Arena Laundry Ltd,

Malta’s foremost in the laundry and

Established in 1906 and founded by Concetta Arena, the services initiated as an in-house laundry in Valletta, were later taken over by her son Anthony. To date Arena Laundry and Dry Cleaning, has developed into a distinguished professional company, and administered by William and Joseph Arena born in the laundry Industry. Arena Laundry & Dry Cleaning is equipped with high capacity machinery maintaining a high output with a short turnaround time. Due to the recent expansion project, the company performs its operations from a 5300 sq.m factory situated B38 Bulebel Industrial Estate, Zejtun. The company provides a high standard of hygiene to leading hotels and individual personnel, under the supervision of Seitz, GmbH from Germany.

catering news issue 4 • 22

Thanks to their representatives twice yearly visits, Seitz perform continuous monitoring, auditing, as well as overall supervision concerning the maintenance of all wash cycles. All imported chemicals come under EU regulations and standards. Analysis on materials is carried out at an independent laboratory in Germany to check whether there is any deterioration in the washing process. The company has made a lot of investment since September of 2005 to further enhance the quality and efficiency of Arena Laundry Limited. The plant consists of a REVERSE OSMOSIS, three P45 continuous batch washers with a maximum output of 3500kgs per hour distributed in eighteen dryers. Three flatwork-ironers/finishers & folders plus a stack and fold produce an average of 1800 sheets per hour. In addition,

they also handle another 3000 items consisting of pillow cases and table linen for the same duration. Arena Laundry operates five towel folders with three different folds simultaneously. Two dry cleaning machines, eight presses, three iron hand finishers, two Hi-tech Trouser finishers and two Jacket/dresses finishers. Arena Dry-Cleaning employees are trained and experienced in their respective fields. Specialised duties are professionally distributed to skilled individuals working in the suede and leather cleaning and garment dyes departments. Wedding dresses and other delicate materials are given priority with all our esteemed clients. Moreover, the company is also performing onsite professional carpet cleaning by Dry Fusion UK, without doubt a unique and effective carpet cleaning and maintenance system in the world.

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dry-cleaning industry.

The company also provides LINEN RENTAL SERVICES to most leading hotels and restaurants throughout Malta & Gozo. Customers have a choice of service from; same day, next day or 48 hours and Arena Laundry will meet their needs. Online booking can be obtained from our website on It is yet another convenient source from your home or office. Collection and Delivery is FREE.

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to make sure you know the approximate price before you even start pulling out the chair to seat yourself. One good thing about eating out in Spain. The locals tend to go out to restaurants rather late in the evening, as I had discovered during a previous visit to Madrid. Unless patronized by visiting tourists, most restaurants often remain practically empty until about 9.30, sometimes even later. Which, for visitors like me who like to spend the day moving around, is ideal as it allows us to go back to our hotel, with enough time to rest before venturing out to eat. Funnily enough, this contrasts sharply with the eating habits of the Germans, who seem to prefer to sit down at table much, much earlier. It is not unknown for an evening meal to start as early as 6pm.


If one avoids the main tourist areas, one comes across places selling goods at very reasonable prices. The roads behind our hotel were a maze of alleys selling the most amazing and varied array of goods. We found lots of craft outlets selling quality goods from places like Ecuador, clothes shops with reasonably priced goods, shoe shops offering well-known brands at markeddown prices, and a small tobacconist selling my favourite brand of cigars at less than I pay for them locally. The main La Rambla road is chock full of souvenir outlets selling some good stuff and also some awful material. T-shirts with the usual stupid inscriptions, cheap items, pricey Lladro’ and Nao ware, it’s all there. What I liked is that if one goes into a shop asking for some particular item and they don’t happen to have it, they will gladly direct you to a rival establishment close by which they think might also stock it. You wouldn’t get that sort of service over here. Another good point about Barcelona, and I imagine, the rest of the country as well. Most establishments stay open until 10 every evening, and can be seen merrily serving customers right up to the moment they roll down their shutters. These include supermarkets, boutiques, clothing establishments, souvenir outlets, internet cafes and computer stores. What’s more, the staff don’t bat an eyelid if one walks in ten minutes before closing time, even though they would have been on their feet from God knows what time. We could do with this attitude in Malta, particularly in Valletta, which still needs livening up, despite the occasional Notte Biancas and Notte Magicas.

We discovered an internet café about ten minutes away from our hotel, offering internet service at one Euro per hour, which is roughly half of what is charged locally. Two days later, we came across a wi-fi establishment right behind our hotel, where one could just walk in with one’s laptop and get to work. No charge. In return for which one was expected to purchase something from the food counter – coffee, juices, freshly made sandwiches, croissants, pastries. Even beer, but NOT for consumption on the premises. I also noticed that these people seem to have a fetish for pharmacies, as there seems to be a pharmacy – including some all-night establishments – every seven or eight doors. All right, I may be exaggerating, but you do come across more than a fair share of green crosses. The beer, lest I forget to mention it, is something to die for. It is served beautifully cool, and is incredibly excellent stuff. The best we ever tasted was a Peroni Doppio Malto at an Italian pizzeria just opposite the Sagrada Familia church. Pure nectar…

One wonders why? Do they keep them all locked up? Sadly, my time was soon up, and I caught the flight back from Girona at 6.45am. Not very convenient, but then, not too early either. I still managed to get some sleep, and it was only a short distance by taxi from the hotel to the coach station for the comfortable trip to the airport. I’ve fared much worse with regular airlines. I particularly remember a flight to Munich… but that’s another story. Lovely return flight. Landed before schedule. When I cleared Customs and was about to leave the airport, I remembered a rolled-up print which I had left behind in the overhead locker. A charming RyanAir young lady promptly contacted the cleaning staff, and I got it back within minutes. Thank you, RyanAir. Thank you, Barcelona. I intend returning in the coming months. You can bet on it.

While you’re there, do take a walk down to the sea where the boats and yachts are. We went at night, and strolled into the Mare Magnum, a sizeable shopping mall which apparently remained open until late, with establishments offering rather pricey branded goods. We sampled the goods at Starbucks, namely a lovely cold caramel concoction. One thing I noticed, and found rather curious. During our entire stay, I did not see one single priest, monk or nun which, in a country as Catholic as Spain, struck me as rather curious. catering news issue 4 • 25

launched a skin packaging option for their T200 & T-250 tray sealers. With the latest launch of the R-175 CD skin packaging compact thermo former in March 2008 Multivac have completed the range of equipment available for skin packaging.

It has now been 15 years that the very first Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines were first seen in Malta. Indeed these machines transformed our food packaging practices and these days vacuum packed hams, cheeses, meats and fish are found in most food stores. The prepacked food culture has brought food items conveniently into shops that would otherwise not be able to trade them. The vacuum technology, built for the large food industries, was made accessible to butchers, fish mongers and deli’s.

A.G. Packaging once more strongly believes that this form of packaging is ideal for the Maltese Islands and shall be promoting it with the major players in the food packaging industry. The top web is sealed seamless with the tray surface with the tray rim and free areas of the tray’s interior side and its base.

The full surface, seamless sealing prevents the leaking of product fluids and provides optimal shelf life.

15 years on and Multivac’s 100% German Made chamber machines are probably the most expensive in the market, but by far the most reliable. A.G. Packaging has retained exclusive full support for Multivac products which are mostly found in the larger local food processing facilities. Multivac have now

Multivac Skin packaging gives meat and seafood processors a tremendous advantage not just in package appearance, but often in a significantly extended fresh shelf life. While other manufacturers may tout their ability to create “skin packaging,” only a genuine Darfresh® packaging system from Multivac is capable of rendering a flawless skin package above the web line – and without the telltale extra “webbing” around the base of the product.The versatile Multivac R 175 CD offers smaller, growing processors the opportunity to compete with larger rivals with this same highly effective packaging for a very economical price.


taking the world by storm

When iced tea was launched on the market several years ago, it took the world by storm. It became popular overnight, and is today still available practically everywhere, in various flavours from the obvious to the more exotic. Numerous beverage producers jumped on the bandwagon, including some international names, and the beverage still retains a considerable popularity wherever it is on offer. This despite competition from similar beverages. We move with the times, and iced coffees are well on the way to achieving the same popularity, particularly as some of the products on offer are made with real brewed coffee. Foremost among these is the Vitality brand, which also uses non-fat dry milk and other quality ingredients and comes in the more popular flavours which include French vanilla, Mocha and Espresso Latte. The main advantage of serving Vitality iced coffees is that purveyors don’t need to make this delectable beverage from scratch, as the product is available on tap. In fact the Express Beverage System, exclusively from Vitality, is the operator-preferred dispenser for serving cold non-carbonated beverages. This completely closed, post-mix dispensing system is known for its reliability, speed, hygienic qualities and flexibility. In fact, the Express dispenser and proprietary Express Pak cartridge can accommodate Vitality’s frozen and shelf-stable concentrates in a variety of flavours. The Express system is also perfect for serving an exciting assortment of Vitality beverages, which include everything from traditional drinks like orange juice, lemonade and citrus peach, to other new beverages like enhanced flavour waters, iced coffee and teas. The Express Switch-a-Brix feature allows for the quick change out of flavours. Operators can serve high quality Vitality juices in the morning, and then easily change to other flavours like iced coffees and flavoured waters later in the day. The space-saving Express dispenser is unbelievably easy to use, and is available in 2-drink and 4-drink models. All the Vitality concentrates are packed in 3-litre cartridges for exclusive use in this dispenser.

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Back to coffee… Vitality’s on-demand coffee system couples this very efficient dispenser with a variety of delicious, rich coffee blends. Perfect for serving consistently fresh coffee without the hassle and waste of actually having to brew it. And operators can choose from a wide variety of blends, including 100 percent Colombian, decaffeinated varieties, and Vitality’s bold new French Roast. Vitality’s coffee and juice machines are exceptionally reliable partners for the breakfast service, as they are efficient, stable in quality, very fast and easy to clean and prepare for service. In this regard, our numerous clients, particularly in the four- and five-star category, are our best promoters. Vitality’s top-of-the-range coffees and juices have in fact been served regularly to discerning guests at some of Malta’s leading five- and four-star hostelries, providing satisfaction and leading to all-round appreciation of these first-class products. As for service, Deco’s professional technical staff are on hand to look after the installation and setting up of the equipment, and to provide after-sales service whenever they are called upon to do so. Deco considers its clients as its most valuable asset, and guarantees to sort out any problem within 24 hours. Furthermore, service via our website is in place for the placing of stock orders, general enquiries and reporting of possible faults. Vitality Foodservice, Inc. with headquarters in Tampa, Florida, is a leading provider of beverage solutions to the food service industry worldwide. However, what sets Vitality apart is its ability to provide complete beverage programmes including innovative dispensing equipment, a wide assortment of beverages, and a dedicated service network. With thousands of Vitality dispensers in use world-wide, millions of consumers enjoy the company’s products every day. In fact, over one BILLION glasses of the company’s beverages are served each year.

Vitality Foodservice, Inc. is represented in Malta by

Deco Group

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Genuinely Maltese Camel Brand GENERAL MERCHANTS eese

d Ch e t a r G



But d e t l a


ed Ol Stuff


ated V





Camel Brand. Co. Ltd. GENERAL MERCHANT E.M.S. Stores, Triq P.P.Mifsud, Zebbug ZBG04

T. 2146 6292 F. 2146 3807 E.

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Camel Brand Co. Ltd. Camel Brand Co. Ltd. of Zebbug, Malta first started out in business in 1960, under the name of Emanuel Micallef & Sons Ltd. Initially, the company’s main line of production was the ever-popular Helwa tat-Tork, a confection which has been popular in these islands and abroad since time immemorial. In 1995 the company expanded and moved to bigger premises in Zebbug, at the same time re-branding under its present name of Camel Brand Co. Ltd. The expansion was the result of a diversification of business, and Camel Brand is now a direct importer of olives, a wide range of cheeses and also packaging material. In line with its policy of upgading, Camel Brand has recently invested in new and modern machinery. Camel Brand is fully compliant with EU hygiene and safety regulations.

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Plastic and Paper Cards for you. Blues Limited specializes in high quality (litho / offset print) pre-paid scratch-off cards highly equipped with personalization. These cards are mostly intended for telecommunication companies and mobile operators; however we also provide all other type of cards for different users – transport companies, financial and health care services, hotels, food chains, brick ‘n’ mortar as well as Internet stores etc.

Main Cards Benefits

Cards represent an extremely effective marketing medium for all kinds of businesses. The main advantages of these cards are that they:

• • • • • • •

Enhance customer loyalty Encourage repeated business and increase in sales Give the opportunity to personalize marketing and promotional information Generate more sales Are easy to carry - heightened sense of security and easy of payment Enable higher control of the funds prior to the delivery of any merchandise or services Enhance corporate image

Type of Cards

What types of cards we produce?

Standard Cards • Loyalty cards • Purchase cards • Customer cards • Hotel keys with a magnetic stripe • Gift certificates • Luggage tags and calendars • Business cards • Other advertising cards Pre-paid and Scratch off cards (PVC or paper cards/vouchers with PIN, bar code and further personalization, mostly wrapped in transparent foil) • • • • •

Cards for fixed lines Re-charge vouchers for mobile operators Internet calling cards Recharge cards for satellite companies Lottery tickets

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Contactless Cards • • • • • •

ID Cards Loyalty Cards Electronic wallets City transport and Travel Entertainment Cards Gift Cards

IC / Smart - Contact Cards • • • •

SIM Cards Phone Cards Key Access Cards Ski passes

Encrypting Access Cards • Other Security Cards

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Personalization • Encoding of Magnetic stripes (LoCo, Meco, HiCo) • Application of Scratch-off panels • Ink – jet printing or numbering • Embossing • Thermal printing (text, numbers, bar codes, photographs etc.) • Application of Signature panels • Hot stamping of holograms 2D/3D All types of mentioned cards can be made from multiplayer PVC (both side laminated or varnished), PVC, polyester (polystyrol), paper or paperboard cards.

For phone cards: Most cards are made of multilayer PVC. Prepaid cards are made from paper and polystyrene and phone contact chip cards are made from varnished ABS.

Scratch-off fields: Scratch-off fields consist of special layer that covers printed data on a card (mostly code numbers). Prepaid fields are used in particular for prepaid cards in the telecommunications field. There are basically three types of scratch-off fields - holographic (use as standard), metallic and latex colour. All types of mentioned cards can be made from multilayer PVC (both side laminated), polystyrene, G plastic, paper or other materials. Even if plastic cards are more expensive than paper ones, we can recommend them for their flexibility, time and temperature durability. Cards can be produced in standard “ISO” size (86 x 54 mm) or as “Key tags Cards”.

Packing: Production of plastic cardsWe can pack individual cards or various groups in the form of folders in transparent (clear) plastic (similar to phone cards). Groups of cards, individual packs or boxes can be packed in spring foil.

Direct mailing: So that it is possible to send cards to individual users along with flyers or other printed papers we make sure that the printing of these materials and their completions is done alog with cards. On the basis of marketing requirements from our customers we make sure that cards are sent individually either to the direct mailing address of the customers or to respective post offices according to the post-code-for any marketing scheme.


Scratch-Off fields:

The most laminated cards are made of multilayer PVC. Chip cards are made from ABS as well.

Special layer for the covering of printed data on a card (mostly code numbers), used in particular for prepaid cards in the field of telecommunications

Thickness: The common size of laminated cards produced are 0,30 / 0,40 / 0,50 / 0,76 mm (0.60 mm are also produced as exception), 0,80 through to 0.84 mm for chip cards.


Holographs: To secure cards and their authenticity, 2D/3D holographs are used, either Auto adhesion or Hot Stamping. There is budget price for a minimum of 10,000 pieces.

UV offset (Litho)

Thermal Printing:

We usually use CMYK or direct colours according to Pantone. Screen printing - all area printing of special, metallic colours and signature fields. Special lamination foil with adhesive is used in case of “bleeding”.

Colour or monochromatic printing is used for small editions of cards

Digital printing Although it is slightly lower quality, digital printing reduces the production costs of cards.

Magnetic tapes: • LoCo (compactness 300 Oe, lower resistance against the effects of external magnetic fields), • MeCo (compactness 2750 Oe, is only used as a new standard for VISA bank cards) • HiCo (compactness 4000 Oe, is highly resistant against the effects of external magnetic fields)

Embossing: Relief stamping of selected symbols (names, numbers, special symbols) Card tipping - colour accentuation of character tops (most common colours used are black, silver and gold; however various colour shades can be used both in gloss and matt).

Coding: We provide coding for all three tracks types: LoCo, Me-Co and Hi-Co magnetic cards.

Signature fields: Are printed by screen-printing, this is the standard (white, coloured or transparent). Paper roll-on editions of up to 5,000 pieces can be made for a lower price.

For more information contact

• Monochromatic printing is used for bar codes and other variable data • Resolution: 300 DPI maximum

Hot-stamping: Hot Stamping of all types of holograms or text and logo stamping through special metallic foils as well as signature field and scratch-off field stamping.

Blues Ltd. 104 Ground Floor Dingli Street Sliema MALTA tel 2133 5272/3 mob 7986 8165 email

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Ozosystem Ozosystem is a unique International cleaning system, and has been available in Malta since 1995. This system is ideal for carpets, curtains, sofas and other upholstery, soffits and marble.

Carpet Cleaning - For the best results in carpet cleaning, a technology using ozone is being operated. The ozone generator is applied while cleaning with Ozosystem to eliminate all microbes, bacteria, fleas, dust mites etc. Ozosystem cleans deep down into the fabrics using ionization and magnetism which removes all dirt and leaves the carpets clean and bacteria- free. The system eliminates over 98% of all known stains. Sofa Cleaning - Sofas can be washed and disinfected with Ozosystem, which will remove all types of fleas, microbes, dirt and 98% of all stains, leaving sofas 100% clean and restored to their original colour. With a drying time of approximately two hours, this treatment can be applied to any upholstery, including car seats and interiors.

25, Triq il-Merill, St. Maria Estate, Mellieha, MLH 2572 - Malta Tel. 21 523 286 Fax. 21 521 567 Mob. 79496445, email. web.

ice cream




Curtain Cleaning - Likewise, curtains can be cleaned and disinfected with Ozosystem, an environmentally friendly cleaning system, to eliminate all impurities and dirt. The cleaning process is done without any disturbance, and there is no need to remove the curtains from where they hang.

Soffit Cleaning - The system can vacuum, wash, rinse and dry soffit ceilings simultaneously. Ozosystem will also remove nicotine stains. The right machinery is available to handle any type of soffit, including those very high and unreachable soffits at conference centres, cinemas, and hotels. No water or mess is left on the floor. Marble Polishing - Ozosystem can help to bring the shine back to dull marble. Tiles or marble surfaces can be polished, restored and crystallized without any water or mess. This process can be carried out during normal working hours, without creating any disturbance or interruption.

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catering classified

Beverage Importers Deco Groups Holdings Ltd B8A Industrial Estate Bulebell Zejtun 21692576/7, 21695936 N.M Arrigo 44/46 old Bakry street, Valletta 21225039, 21239452, 99421957

Cafeterias /Bars

Commercial Vehicles Muscat’s Motors Ltd

Rue D’Argens Gzira, 23264504, 23264592, 99012155

Dry Cleaning Arena Laundry & Dry cleaning Ltd

21894981/2/3/4 Pamsco Ltd Tri-Crest House, Triq is-salib talimriehel, Mriehel 21468219, 21462250

Electronic Cards

Maestro e Fresco

Blues Ltd

8/9 South Street, Valletta 21220357

2133 5273/ 786 8165 104 Ground Floor, Dingli Street, Sliema

Trabuxu 1, strait street, Valletta 21223036

Catering Equipment Baketech Supplies & Services Ltd Valletta Road, Qormi QRM 3619 2144 6908 / 7940 6908

Cleaning Products GDL Trading & Services Ltd

Electronic Equipement Electronic Products Ltd. 47, Old Railway Track(Psaila Str) St.Venera 21445194, 21445188, 99496645

73, Msida Road St.Venera 99998808

Food importers & distributors Camel Brand

EMS stores, P.P Mifsud str Zebbug 21466292, 21463807, 79423978 Rimus Trading Agency B41 Bulebell Ind.Estate Zejtun 21693781-4, 21693786 Tat-Taljan Ltd M2C Cannon Road St.Venera 21470642/3, 79702704

Importers World Wide Imp.Exp.Ltd ups Valletta Road, Qormi QRM 05 21447904, 21492913


Brandon fisheries 44, Assuption str Marsa 21226353, 21226353, 79273083

Zammeats Giuseppe Calleja Str, Swatar, Msida 27405205, 27405205, 79405205

Packaging Services AG Packing Systems Ltd Mill Str, Qormi 22792123, 22792118 99470972

Refrigirators & Maintenance AMG Cold Stores Abbatoir Square Marsa 21233148, 21244524 Polar Services Ltd Mimosa Street Hamrun 21248523, 99451933 Dentrade 25 Triq il Merill 21523286, 21521567

Meat Importers

Tal-Handaq cold stores Ind Est Handaq 21499941, 21498412, 79472680

4 Triq Luqija Ta l-Ibragg 21382448


14 - 15 Wenthworth Court Triq il -Kittien San Andrea Estate San Gwann SGN 05 21383805,21383806

85/89 St.Pauls’s Street Rabat 21459735, 21459909

Azzopardi Fisheries

Pace Course Str, Mosta 21232916/7, 21241340, 99007733


Double R Meats

Fish Importers & Cleaning Services distributors 2133 5273/ 786 8165 104 Ground Floor, Dingli Street, Sliema


I.V.Portelli & Sons Ltd

70 Cross Road Marsa 21248240, 21245658, 79604570

Blues Cleaning Services

Quality meat products Ltd

J&C Pisani co Ltd Pastoral House, Prince Albert Str, Albert Town, Mosta 21344794, 2134479 Jolly Bacon Ltd A52 Ind Estate Marsa 21244726, 99491262

Ozo System Int Franchise Vira Buildings Triq Il-Ghajn Mriehel 21472552, 21472553, 79475184

Safety equipment Fire & Security Engineering 51 Marina Milling Complex, Marsa Ind Est Marsa 21225956/21227746 21226182, 79494233

Structural Maintenance Blues Handy Squad 2133 5273/ 786 8165 104 Ground Floor, Dingli Street, Sliema

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catering news advertising rates

LAYOUT 1 issue 2 issues 3 issues 4 Issues EURO Lm EURO LM EURO LM EURO Lm Front Page 1,001.63 430 978.34 420 955.04 410 931.75 400 Back Cover 768.69 330 745.4 320 722.11 310 698.81 300 Inside Cover 652.22 280 628.93 270 605.64 260 582.34 250 Full Page 512.46 220 489.17 210 465.87 200 442.58 190 Half Page 302.82 130 279.52 120 256.23 110 232.94 100 Quarter Page 209.64 90 186.35 80 163.06 70 139.76 60 Double Spread 931.75 400 908.46 390 885.16 380 861.87 370 Cost for Artwork: Full Page E104.82 Lm45 Half Page E69.88 Lm30 Quarter Page E46.59 Lm20

Published Quarterly Distribution Hotels in Malta & Gozo Aparthotels Guest Houses Restaurants Night Clubs Snack Bars Bars Canteens Bakeries Confectioners Butchers Supermarkets And Other Businesses associated with the catering trade

Circulation 10,000 copies quarterly mailed through Maltapost

for further information please contact us on 2133 5272/3 or 7986 8165 Blues Ltd, 104,Ground Floor, Dingli Street, Sliema MALTA Telephone 2133 5272/3 Fax 2133 5271 Mob 7986 8165 Email


s e c i v r e S g n i n a le C d n a e c n a n Mainte



2133 5273 / 7986 8165

Blues Ltd, 104 Ground Floor, Dingli Street, Sliema •



2133 5273 / 7986 8165

Blues Ltd, 104 Ground Floor, Dingli Street, Sliema •

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