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This entry was posted on May 19, 2014 by admin. Enter email address

Anastrozole has been in the news a lot over the last couple of years. This is due to the advancements it has shown in research at helping avoid breast cancer in test subjects that are prone to the disease. Scientists have been able to learn a lot about how this enzyme works recently, which may open up new research opportunities in the future in breakthroughs for breast cancer treatment. Here is some information on how Anastrozole has come into the spotlight.

What Exactly is Anastrozole? Anastrozole is a drug that is currently being studied to see how effective it is at reducing the amounts of different hormones within female test subjects. The focus is currently surrounding hormones that are typically responsible for reproduction in female test subjects, and how those hormones can be inhibited or stopped altogether. There has been a significant link found between higher hormone levels and increased risk for breast cancer, so scientists are trying to focus their experiments on test subjects that have gotten past their reproductive years, but there is also a lot of promise being shown in subjects that are also undergoing other types of cancer treatment. What has been found so far is that the inhibiting factor that comes with consistent doses of Anastrozole is lowering the growth potential for certain types of tumors that are often a part of a breast cancer diagnosis. When Anastrozole is not given consistently, the test subjects are not seeing the same type of progress or decreases in tumor size, but a standardized dose has not yet been discovered. Researchers are working mostly on female rats at this point in time, but the research has shown a lot of promise at helping scientists map out what these tumors need to grow successfully.

How Does Anastrozole Work? So far research has shown the most promise in female test subjects that are beyond their reproductive years. It works specifically by reducing the production of female hormones, which are thought to be one of the main contributors to breast cancer in older female subjects. Anastrozole is given in different dosages depending on how large the animal is, and has shown promise in keeping breast cancer cells from forming. This is especially true in those who have some sort of predisposition or genetic predilection to cancer before the trials began. Anastrozole also inhibits how much of the hormone that is left in the body is able to be absorbed by the body. So far, this has shown scientists that breast cancer tumors are not able to grow as quickly or as large. This has led to additional types of research where scientists have been trying to see what happens to the cancerous tumor if more types of hormones are removed or decreased from the bodies of test subjects. This is helping researchers map out the requirements each type of tumor has in order to flourish.


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Anastrozole has the potential to teach scientists a lot about how breast cancer forms and what types of cells and hormones it requires in order to take over the body of a test subject. The more research that is able to be done on different test subjects, the more potential information scientists could come up with for battling the disease on a larger scale. Warning: Peptides are never intended for any type of human consumption, and could be dangerous if used improperly. Peptides are solely intended for scientific research, and should not be used in any fashion other than how they were intended. Care must be taken to avoid exposure, including but not limited to protective eyewear and clothing, and proper research techniques.

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Learn What is Anastrozole and How Does it Work?  

Anastrozole has shown a positive results in helping avoid breast cancer in test subjects that are prone to the disease. Scientists have been...

Learn What is Anastrozole and How Does it Work?  

Anastrozole has shown a positive results in helping avoid breast cancer in test subjects that are prone to the disease. Scientists have been...