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We do not believe in boxes, approaches or structures. We don’t preach the big THEs and the big IFs.

WE SIMPLY DELIVER. Tangible solutions that match


WE COLLABORATE. WE PARTNER. WE SHARE. The deal is about “shared entrepreneurship.” We know it. Our clients know it.

We are a full service, fully Integrated advertising agency which refuses to slot itself as a

360 degree advertising agency.

360 PLUS


BRAND PLANNING All about valuable business conversations BQ's brand planning team believes that building successful brands means building valuable conversations with clients. Our team cares about every aspect of the client's business mandate and translates the same into meaningful brand engagements. Brands built by BQ's IQ have a personal mandate of achieving relevance, interest and sustenance. All the time, weaving the invisible thread of connect between brands, consumers and our client's business goals. We know and our clients know that empathy and integration not only creates good will but also builds businesses.

CREATIVE CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Exclusively ours. Inspiringly yours An open canvas just about sums up the exotic, almost surrealistic minds of BQ's creative team. Untainted by the world, this exclusive coterie of writers, artists, animators, technologists, photographers, videographers and graphic designers marvelously come together to create brave and fascinating new worlds. In the process, offering clients inspiring creative thoughts and solutions across communication platforms which include print, digital, social networking platforms, online solutions, apps...its unbounded. Really.

DESIGN Our visual playground Design is “matter�. And its what matters to brands. Artful, sensitive, exclusive and exceptional, BQ's design team always finds possibilities of visual interpretation that elevates and enhances the brand print.

USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN Chassis building expertise BQ's User Experience Design team is the scaffold upon which all digital communication is built. The DNA of enabling technology and presenting it to our clients begins here. A representation of a hybrid of thoughts and technology, this team delivers the complete online experience while optimizing the best consumer brand engagement and creating an unforgettable brand expereince.

FILMS Coterie of creative recluses The human eye and its brain interface - the human visual system - can process 10 to 12 separate images per second, perceiving them individually. BQ's audio-visual team can process ideas and interpret the same on celluloid infinitely faster. Combine this with expertise in sound engineering, editing and CG and you have a group of people for whom creating magic through films is all in a day's work.

SOCIAL INFLUENCE & PR Image is everything The eye sees the world through a combination of light refracted dots to form images. BQ's PR team is our retina - capturing the nuances of PR and creating images, perceptions and a holistic impression through various PR and social influence strategies. From traditional PR approaches and tactic to enabling meaningful social conversations, content development, community building, blogging, integrated analytics, SEO and more...

TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL PRODUCTION Living the future right now Technology represents the collective human consciousness in real time. The BQ technical and digital production team innovate for the internet; leveraging the potent medium and evolving technologies to create the "wow". Micro sites, mobile apps or simply building tools, this team represents the future, now.

Founded in January 2013, by a team of unflinchingly original, uncompromisingly premium, chai addicted creative fanatics, we specialize in converting

‘ASPIRATIONS‘ into an outrageously talked-about ‘BRANDS’.



Brands & Communications

Strategy & Planning



Client Relationships


...supported by a team of go-getting, commitment- loving, original-thinking, absolutely exceptional people.

We are a hybrid of


We are always there doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways that deliver tangible results and perceptible shifts in mind-set.

Just like the Blue Quill. It’s all at once the angler’s ideal bait for a prize catch. It’s a feather. It’s a writer’s tool. Its a plume of an exotic bird. It is everything... unbounded, yet impacting.

All we are saying is that together, we can do fascinating things that will be written about‌


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Blue Quill Advertising - Corporate presentation  

Blue Quill Advertising is an integrated advertising agency, with an emerging presence in India and UK. Backed by a rich team of highly exper...

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