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In your hands you hold the summer issue of Blueprint Magazine. Blueprint is a creative endeavour by the students of Wilfrid Laurier University and members of the greater community. To the incoming students who have received this issue in the mail, I hope you enjoy this slice of our campus’ culture, and use Blueprint as a tool to orient yourself to the few months of pre-university life you have left.

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CONTRIBUTORS David Paul Borcsok, Laura Carlson, Sarah Colleen Dillon, Luigi Di Gennaro, Eric Hanson, Sarah Illman, Emmanuel Xerx Javier, Yusuf Kidwai, Nick Lachance, Rachel Lehman, Carly Lewis, Hayley Lewis, Ashling Ligate, Chris Marc Read, Maeve Strathy, Nuno Teixeira, Wade Thompson, Keegan Tremblay, Steph Yates

ADMINISTRATION President Bryn Ossington General Manager Angela Foster Production/Advertising Angela Taylor Chair of the Board Jordan Hyde Vice Chair Erin Epp Treasurer Tarun Gambhir Director David Goldberg Corporate Secretary Vacant Distribution Manager Kari Singer

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Upon reviewing the submissions contributed for this issue, I found that most had a tendency towards waxing nostalgic. Many dealt with the telling of childhood stories, or recollections of a simpler time. It seems that among the memories we hold to ourselves, we cling most steadfastly to those of our youth. The fleeting nature of our childhood makes these memories all the more valuable. Youth is, indeed, a precious commodity. These interpretations of youth are largely dependent, however, on exactly how far one is looking back. Students are faced with the responsibilities and planning expected of adults, but with a safety net of immaturity and carefree idealism that can act as a fall back. Adults face a full onslaught of obligation and duties, while the elderly are both revered as wise and derided as useless and ineffectual. Esteem varies based on one’s age, but in our youth, we are blessed to be unaware of these external perceptions. To be young is to be innocent and untroubled by the ills of our world. But youth is also a time of ignorance, where growth is a necessity for social and physical development. One must be aware if their memories of youth root them in the midst of an uncertain future, or force them to be bound to an idealized past. Morgan Alan Editor-in-Chief

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COLOPHON Blueprint is the official student magazine of the Wilfrid Laurier University community. Started in 2002, Blueprint is an editorially independent magazine published by Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications, Waterloo, a corporation without share capital. WLUSP is governed by a board of directors. Content appearing in Blueprint bears the copyright expressly of their creator(s) and may not be used without written consent. Opinions in Blueprint are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Blueprint’s management, Blueprint, WLUSP or WLU. Blueprint is created using Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.5 using Adobe Creative Suite 4. The circulation for this issue of Blueprint is 6000. Subscription rates are $20.00 per year for addresses in Canada.

NEXT ISSUE Monday, September 2nd on the theme of “Orientation” Submissions due August 23rd



ART BY Joel Hentges The cover is a collection of memories and moments from summers as a child. It is the very vivid memory of exploring the forest near my grandmother’s cottage, and seeing hundreds of fireflies light up for the first time. It also includes moments from my favourite books and my first doodles collected, mixing as memories of childhood do.

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The Young Issue  

Volume 10 Issue 1 Summer 2010

The Young Issue  

Volume 10 Issue 1 Summer 2010