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Stardust: A Tangent EMILY SHARMA

At one point, there was nothing. I’m talking black void-no-planets-not-somuch-as-a-grain-of-sand nothing Until There was a very big SOMETHING And this SOMETHING seemed to be pretty popular, because from him came all these smaller somethings Like bright balls of fire

...and dust But this dust started clumping together And suddenly there were all these rocks floating around Now let’s take a closer look at one of these rocks We’ll call it my favourite rock If you zoom in real close You’ll see tiny, moving things Fast forward a bit and they learn to swim in these bigger things Let’s call them oceans But they get bored, and, stubborn little things they are, they grow lungs And legs And our scaled friends walk up onto land Fast forward again and some drop the scales for fur And some of the furry things drop four legs for two Then fur altogether So then we have hairless, two-legged people


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