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The Girl Who Drank The Stars STEPHANIE SILVA


here once was a girl who ensnared the world in her gold-spun locks of hair. Though beautiful indeed, behind the aurelian mask she wore for a face the girl was hollow. The lusterless masses of her kingdom and beyond tried in vain to please their insatiable princess. When she asked for riches beyond that of any man, they showered her in coin and drew her baths of molten gold. When she sought power greater than that of the greatest king they stacked the thrones of all the kingdoms so that she might sit upon them all. The girl was even given whole hearts of the whole-hearted to taste for breakfast, but there was nothing and no one on earth that could satisfy her. Her gilded eyes were transfixed only by the stars. Perhaps, thought the girl, drinking those glorious, luminescent orbs might be enough to fill her empty core


with fire. And so she climbed up earth’s greatest peak and commanded the brightest star to fall down for her. However, so great was the girl’s beauty that the entire heavens bowed. Like a black hole of desire, she ensnared them in her gold-hammered teeth and engorged on the endlessness that was the cosmos. The girl rapidly filled with everything and beyond, and yet all she felt were the empty spaces between the stars. With the whole universe inside of her, she could never again see the sun rise and fall or hear the pure, endless beating of a human heart. The lonely girl desired to return to how she once was, but she could not for she had grown infinite to stretch thin around infinity. Light your eyes upon the sky and the girl’s hollow belly can still be seen in the empty spaces between the stars.

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The Wonderland Issue