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WELCOME Thank you for your interest in our products These days, running a care home successfully could be compared to compleng a complex jigsaw puzzle on a daily basis. Looking aer your residents, managing your employees, keeping the resident’s families happy and the inspector sasfied. Making sure your policies are followed and your care plans are up-to-date, ensuring that everything is recorded properly and all within budget. As you will know yourself, the list goes on and on and being a care home owner or manager is a very challenging responsibility. We may have the missing piece you’ve been looking for! At Blue Parrot Soware, we understand what is involved in running a care home and we believe that our products can ease your daily dues, improve your residents care and help you achieve or maintain the highest possible rang whilst making sure your fees are paid on me. Our flagship product presented in this folder is the award winning Everyday Care System soware, a dedicated care management system for the care industry. Due to the rapid success of the Everyday Care System, we have established several partnerships with companies to integrate the system with some powerful add-ons. These products not only enhance the system’s features and efficiency, but also provide you with an opportunity to equip your care home with the latest technology. Try before you buy…. We are so confident about the funconality that ECS will deliver, we offer a ‘try before you buy’ opon. You can run the system for a 30 day period at no charge to ensure it is right for you. For your free 30 day trial of ECS please contact us on 0844 593 0070 or email us at enquiries@blueparrot-so

EVERYDAY CARE SYSTEM What is the Every Day Care System?

The Everyday Care System (ECS) is an advanced care management soluon for residenal and nursing care homes. ECS will look aer your resident’s care plans, assessments, contacts, medicaons, care notes as well as your employee’s records, rota, me and a"endance, training and qualificaons, and also policies and procedures, quality assessments…and much more. In order to save you and your staff me, there are many interacve secons such as pre-wri"en care plans that only need to be allocated to a resident when required, pre-set quesons and answers to several care assessments, customisable prewri"en care notes …etc. ECS is now in use in hundreds of care homes around the UK and Ireland. As commented by some of customers, it has helped several care homes achieve a higher star rang while saving considerable me and paperwork, minimising mistakes and keeping all the staff fully informed.

So, why choose ECS? Most soware companies will claim that their soware is easy to use, however, it is only when you install the system that you realise how complex it is going to be. By taking into account the fact that most care home staff have only basic computer skills, we can genuinely claim that we have an easy to use and colourful system that people love to use. You only need one look at the Everyday Care System to see how friendly it is!

ECS — OVERVIEW The heart of ECS comprises of three core modules, in addion to the modules there are interfaces to a number of other systems. Module 1—Residents The key features of the residents module are:  Personal details secon  Contacts, Next of Kin and Relaves secon  Resident’s documents storage facility  Medical and Social History  Extensive Care Assessments from memory to foot-care  Care Plans with pre-wri)en generic care plans  Interacve Dependency assessments  Moving and Handling assessments  Risk assessments  Interacve Pressure Sore Assessments and care  Medical records such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight…  Resident’s diary with reminders  Communicaon book  Care dues records  Care notes records with pre-wri)en care tasks  Doctors and key worker notes  Menus and meals records  Extensive accounng secon with room accounts  Integraon with Sage Accounts Module 2—Staff Management  Personal details secon  Next of kin and contacts  Rotas  Time and a)endance  Training and qualificaons  Employee document storage facility  Accidents  Integraon with Sage Payroll

Module 3—Office Management  Set up of care home including rooms, rates, menus  Policy and procedures  User set up  Database se.ngs

ECS ADD-ONS Since the release of ECS, Blue Parrot Soware has become a well known name in the care industry. Not only because we are one of the UK’s leading care management soware providers, but because we also offer a range of complementary products (add-ons) unique to the industry that no other care soware provider will offer you. We have sourced some of the best products available to bring the latest technology to your care home. All our add-ons work to complement the ECS soware. The graphic below demonstrates how a combina+on of products linked to ECS can enhance the quality of care that your employees deliver to your residents and allows you to sa+sfy the CQC inspector that your care home fully complies with the latest regula+ons and has all the records required in place.

For more informa+on or pricing on any of these products please contact us on 0844 593 0070 or email us at

ECS ON THE MOVE When administering care to residents, you need a soluon that can run your ECS system and keep up with your acve, fast-paced workday. ECS on a mobile device allows you to do everything you normally do during your shi such as administer medicaon, record care notes and take pictures using one single device. Conversaons with your residents and their families become much more personal when you can find a report or discuss care plans and assessments straight from your mobile device. At the bedside, allow your resident to view images or read about their diagnosis. However you use the mobile device it will instantly make the resident care experience more personal, and in turn more valuable. Moon C5 With Intel® Centrino® mobile technology and high-speed wireless connecvity, the C5 integrates key funcons that Nurses and Care Assistants require to be producve during the course of the day. Take it with you while doing care rounds, no ma*er where your work takes you, view informaon on your screen clearly—in bright lights during day shi, or low lighng condions during the night shi with Moon’s oponal View Anywhere® display. Designed to handle the rigorous demands of the healthcare environment, the durable C5 helps you implement your exisng resident safety processes for cross contaminaon prevenon without slowing you down. Its LCD screen is finished with a splash-proof seal, and the enre system is easily wiped off to enable disinfecon. Use the C5, wipe it off to disinfect, and keep working confidently knowing that you are helping maintain a sanitary healthcare environment. Apple iPad2® With a dual core processor and 10 hour ba*ery life the Apple iPad2® is the ideal tool for bringing ECS to the point of care. Using Wi-Fi or 3G the Apple iPad2® will instantly update clients or employee details in the ECS system. Along with a ruggedized cover and the famed ‘ease of use’ the Apple iPad2® provides a cost effecve soluon to mobile compung.

CL900 The Moon CL900 Tablet PC is a rugged, lightweight and powerfully equipped tablet PC that has been designed, developed and built expressly to support mobile business requirements. The tablet will stand up to the most challenging environments while enabling real-me collaboraon and access to informaon. The CL900 Tablet PC is designed for the challenging condions faced by mobile users every day and is more durable than any other comparably priced tablet. For more informaon and pricing on any of our mobile soluons, please call us on 0844 593 0070 or email

INTEGRATION ECS integrates with a number of other systems to enable you to run your care home successfully and to enhance the quality of the care you provide. We have sourced some of the best products available and each system compliments the Everyday Care System.

DP 4500 Biometric Sensor A biometric sensor is a reliable and extremely secure way to login to ECS or clock in and out your employees. The biometric sensor simply analyses the user fingerprint and uses a highly secure algorithm to convert it into a unique code. The fingerprint itself is never stored and can never be recreated back from the stored code. This allows the system to fully comply with Data Protec$on laws.

Courtney-Thorne—Nurse Call System ECS is fully integrated with one of the largest nurse call systems in the UK. By retrieving the Courtney-Thorne call system history and linking it to the resident’s room, ECS allows you to view all calls made by each of your residents, the type of call and response $me with data going straight into your care management system. This not only saves you $me, but allows you to centralise all your resident’s informa$on in one easy to access loca$on. Niko Bloom Fusion Care registra$on becomes much easier with bloom since the bloom Sta$ons – installed in the resident’s room – are integrated with ECS. With the twist-and-push dial on the bloom sta$on, the carer gains access to the client’s care history and the scheduled tasks, which are shown on screen. The real-$me connec$on with ECS ensures the care ac$vi$es that were provided are immediately relayed to ECS, along with the dura$on of the task. Reducing the need to manually update the clients records in ECS.

Sage Accounts and Payroll Specifically designed for small and growing businesses, Sage 50 accounts helps you manage your customers and suppliers and day to day finances, including VAT returns and year-end accounts. It helps you stay in control of your finances and share informa$on with your accountant, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. Integrate your ECS invoicing to transfer the data to with Sage 50 Accounts. Sage 50 Payroll is accredited by HM Revenue & Customs and is on of the UK’s favourite ways to pay staff. Sage 50 Payroll so3ware is ideal if you wish to bring your payroll in-house or have more than 10 employees on the payroll. Integrate your ECS staff rota and clocking in system to transfer data to Sage 50 Payroll. For more informa$on or pricing on any of these products, please contact us on 0844 593 0070 or email

LICENCING OPTIONS The Everyday Care System is compevely priced to enable any size organisaon to enjoy the rich funconality offered by the package. The pricing for monthly subscripons or outright purchases include all the core features of ECS, such as integraon with Sage Payroll and Accounts. Monthly Hosted Service The ECS monthly hosted service is the ideal and trouble free way to take advantage of this powerful system. We host the applicaon on our secure servers and you don’t have to worry about anything – just log in and run your business. The key advantages are: Daily data back-ups are automac  Firewall and an-virus so)ware included  80 gigabytes of addional data storage  Updates are automac and included in the monthly fee

 Support included The hosted service provides you with total peace of mind, you get on with running your home and let us take care of your ECS so)ware.

Monthly Subscripon The ECS monthly subscripon service allows you to use ECS without any up front licencing costs, you simply pay for the so)ware in advance on a monthly basis. You will receive all the features of the so)ware and included in the monthly fees are:  So)ware updates  Support service.

Outright Purchase You may prefer to pay for your licences outright and up front—not a problem. You will sll be able to take advantage of all the features of the so)ware. However to be eligible for any new versions and support, you will need to also take a support package.

For informaon on our pricing structure for these licencing opons, please see the separate price list included in this folder or contact us on 0844 593 0070.

PRICE LIST Everyday Care System Pricing Structure The Everyday Care System is compevely priced to enable any size of organisaon to enjoy the rich funconality offered by the package. Which ever licencing opon you choose you will benefit from the core funconality of ECS as well as integraon with Sage Payroll and Accounts (Sage Licences required at addional cost). The monthly fee basis licence automacally includes all support and new versions of ECS. Monthly Hosted Subscripon - Price per month 1. One user £85.00 2. Two users £115.00 3. Three users £135.00 4. Four users £150.00 5. Addional users (each) £15.00 For example 8 users would be £210.00 per month Monthly Subscripon Non-hosted—per month 1. One computer £55.00 2. Two computers £75.00 3. Three computers £95.00 4. Four computers £110.00 5. Addional computers (each) £15.00 For example 8 computers would be £170.00 per month. Outright Purchase 1. One computer 2. Each addional computer

£495.00 £445.00

Maintenance Service for use with outright purchase Monthly charge £25.00 or Annual charge £264.00

All prices listed include VAT at the current rate of 20%

Implementaon and training To get the best out of ECS you need to invest in a package of implementaon and training. The good news is ECS is very easy to install and even “IT wary” staff can soon start using the highly intuive and friendly system. The system can be configured remotely by Blue Parrot specialists and we can provide training either remotely or on site. The remote training service offers a highly cost effecve way of ge<ng started. We provide a customised training and implementaon package to suit individual needs. Prices are on applicaon. Other Products and Services Blue Parrot also provides a very wide range of hardware as well as consultancy services. As hardware prices fluctuate please contact us for a quotaon. The full range of products and services is available on our website at www.blueparrot-so>

ECS Brochure 2011  

Latest release of the ECS Brochure and price list

ECS Brochure 2011  

Latest release of the ECS Brochure and price list