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case in point ! Cloud Partnership Opportunity Analysis Service : Market Intelligence Industry: Technology Project Year: 2012

Introduction and Challenge Cloud computing is inarguably one of the hottest technology trends in recent years and cloud-based technologies have been powering exciting innovations that touch almost all areas of our lives. Almost all major IT organizations have either already created a solid footprint, or are looking to venture aggressively, into the cloud market space. They are launching products that either cater directly to the market or enable adoption of cloud-based services. The cloud market is also witnessing a rise in strategic partnerships amongst cloud service providers in order to provide innovative and customized solutions that drive maximum efficiency at minimal costs. Due to increased adoption, the marketplace is becoming cluttered with big and small players offering a plethora of cloud-based products and services. Hence, identifying a suitable cloud vendor to develop a strategic partnership with can be a daunting task within this extremely complex and fragmented market. blueocean market intelligence was asked to conduct a deep dive analysis of one such major cloud vendor and identify partnership opportunities for our client.

Approach Using with the 360O DiscoveryTM approach, blueocean market intelligence gathered information from the cloud vendor’s website, and supplemented it with information from syndicated reports from IDC, Gartner etc., publicly available information and other existing research shared by the client. Based on all the information collected, a detailed profile of the cloud vendor was created next - focusing on company strategies pertaining to products, services, channels, segments, sales and marketing, go-to-market, etc. Information related to the vendor’s sales and marketing spends, brand perception, marketing campaigns, existing partners, level of engagement and more were also included to provide advanced intelligence. Finally, the team conducted a detailed SWOT analysis of both the client and the cloud vendor, in combination with the above analysis. This helped identify various opportunity areas for products and services, partnerships and marketing where the client could strategically work with the cloud vendor. All the findings and research were later enriched using powerful visualization techniques and a comprehensive report was presented to the client.

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case in point !

Insights and Outcomes

blueocean’s detailed analysis helped the client identify significant opportunities for open technologies to avoid lock-ins, achieve smooth integration, and provide interoperability, easier migration and support. The outcome also revealed that the client and cloud vendor could partner to offer the greatest chance for customers to enable “anywhere, anytime, any device and secure access.” The analysis report was distributed across the entire client team, and leveraged to extend and improve the partnership with the cloud vendor. Based on the research, the client also commissioned blueocean to conduct a similar partner assessment studies on seven other major cloud vendors.

About blueocean Winner of a 2013 Bees Award (the first international social media competition honouring communication and marketing professionals) for its proprietary Social Media Effectiveness (SEI) Index in the category of Best Social Media Marketing Theory, blueocean is a leading global services organization with a deep focus on Social Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Market Intelligence, all uniquely delivered under one roof by 700+ professionals with deep domain expertise. Our blended offshore/onshore delivery model, coupled with our vast experience in scalable delivery, enables us to deliver richer, more actionable insights very cost-effectively and with the speed and quality that today's business climate demands. In addition, our 360 Discovery™ process insures the comprehensive utilization of all available structured and unstructured data sources, enabling us to bring the best to bear against each and every project that we execute.

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Cloud computing is inarguably one of the hottest technology trends in recent years and cloud-based technologieshave been powering exciting...