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case in point Title: Dynamic Dashboards for Capturing Consumer Pulse Service: Analytics Country: UK based multinational


The Challenge The client wanted business insights about product category: • Capture the consumer pulse for the product categories for various consumer segments • Competitive and comparative study for product and brand level performance • Capturing awareness, familiarity and purchase drivers and barriers

Approach • Product tracker providing detailed drill down of category/ product/ brand level performance • Enhanced and speedy decision making in terms of which markets to focus and how to improve products • Behavioural and functional parameters of the brands/products depicted or formulating marketing strategies

Result • Segment of less preferable customers is formed based on the recursive partitioning of data. • Out of 3000 customers we identified a list of 450 customers with • low sales, low profit margins and • low sales/profit per order • potential for growth | 1

About blueocean blueocean market intelligence is a next-generation services organization with a deep focus on analytics, market intelligence and social intelligence, all uniquely delivered under one roof by 750+ plus professionals with deep domain expertise. Our blended offshore/onshore delivery model, coupled with our vast experience in scalable delivery, enables us to deliver richer, more actionable insights very cost-effectively and with the speed and quality that today's business climate demands. In addition, our 360 Discovery™ process insures the comprehensive utilization of all available structured and unstructured data sources, enabling us to bring the best to bear against each and every project that we execute.

Contact: Durjoy Patranabish Senior Vice President, Analytics

Vrindavan Tech Village Building 2A, Ground Floor, East Tower Sarjapur Outer Ring Road Bangalore, 560 037 INDIA Phone: 91.80.40578100

2889 152nd Avenue NE Building 12, Suite D Redmond, Washington 98059 USA Phone: 425.615.7474 Fax: 425.296.2110

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Dynamic Dashboards for Capturing Consumer Pulse | Blueocean MI  

Blueocean Market Intelligence case study on capturing the consumer pulse for the product categories for various consumer segments and also c...

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