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Madawaska Messenger Your Guide to Greater Madawaska

June 2012

In This Issue Mayor’s message Municipal office contact information Letter from the CAO Office staff and what they do Your taxes 2012 waste site user fees Facility rentals Building permit applications Emergency planning Backyard composting What to recycle

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Waste site hours Clear bag program 2012 public works plan Waste & recycling article Library Municipal properties and community facilities Schedule of Events in Greater Madawaska Zoning By-Law pertaining to trailers Calabogie community rink OPP corner Fire safety

Support Your Local Businesses. Shop Local.

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Mayor’s Message Welcome to the “Madawaska Messenger”! Your Municipal Council is excited to present this new publication designed to give all our full time residents and cottagers all the latest information about our great community. It highlights the services and events offered. It also outlines the progress we have made on a variety of issues. “The Messenger” is your source of information about all our departments and services. Take time out of your hectic life and stay in touch with everything we have to offer. You will find out about our energetic and capable volunteer fire department, information on waste diversion and recycling, about the exciting projects your committees are working on to improve all aspects of your Township life and all the contact information you need at the Township Office. The Township of Greater Madawaska offers something for everyone - treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of our many restaurants or luxurious accommodations in a local resort or B & B, or just enjoy the great outdoors in one of our well-known campgrounds. Visit an art gallery or explore a wellness and spiritual experience available for all ages and interests. We are home to a number of annual festivals, special events, our top-class trails and fishing help make Greater Madawaska the ideal tourist destination for a day trip or a weekend. Invite your family and friends to discover “so much more to explore” and why not rediscover it yourself: our trails, our lakes, our amazing hospitality. Check out the many events our energetic volunteers and community groups present for your entertainment during the summer months. Visit the Canada Day events, the church suppers, the arts events and spend some time with the many unique characters in our community. Newcomers and visitors to Greater Madawaska may wish to join one of our many service groups or organizations. Consider meeting them and forming a relationship between your home group and our community group. Don’t forget to, “Buy Local”, with an excellent variety of stores, specialty shops, restaurants, accommodations and service businesses, who provide high quality unique products and personalized service there is no need to look elsewhere. We are very proud of our specialized businesses. Ride the track, run the rapids or just kick back, relax and recharge at one of our many quiet spots. If you are a visitor and are looking for a place to settle down or if you are looking for a place to start your own business, talk to the Municipality about planning and location. We welcome entrepreneurs interested in developing a business on a local or regional basis. We invite you to visit our community and to experience the people, the hospitality, uniqueness and vibrant beauty of our safe and affordable community. We believe that you will see it as an ideal place to raise a family or to bring friends and family for a visit. Once you visit, you will always keep us in your memories and start planning for the next visit! Whether you are a resident, student, visitor or investor, the Township of Greater Madawaska is an amazing place with a lot to offer. We are proud to call it our home. On behalf of our Municipal Council, I invite you to experience all our great area provides. Spend a day indulging in our exceptional experiences, start or grow your business in our unique business setting or become a permanent member of our extraordinary Municipality. Remember to stay in touch. Keep this guide close as a reference and don’t forget to visit our website for the latest updates. Peter Emon, Mayor Township of Greater Madawaska

We Need to Hear from You................. .......The Messenger needs to grow and develop to meet your needs... The Messenger is a work in progress and will be initially produced twice annually. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and develop to become a valuable information and resource document produced by the Township. What you find within is not perfect and has room for improvement but it is a good start. The theme of this Messenger is to convey important information about the operations and structure of your Township and entice everyone to shop locally. The importance of shopping locally can’t be stressed enough as a healthy and vibrant community is built by a balance of both residents and businesses (local places of employment). In order to help us design this communication document so it better meets the needs of the community, we need to hear from you. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it, so we as a team, are committed to continuous improvement.

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So with that said, we need your ideas for future issues. Areas to consider are: •What would you like to see in the way of content? •Where can we improve? •Would you be willing to list your Community events in the paper? •What would you like to see more information on? •How can it better serve the needs of the community? •Question and answer page. •Other ideas..... Please send your ideas, thoughts, comments to: Email: Fax: 613-752-2617 Mailing address: P.O. Box 180, 1101 Francis St., Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0 Phone: 613-752-2222 Your local councillor: municipality/council-and-staff/ councillors/ The Messenger Team......

MADAWASKA MESSENGER SURVEY Location Age: Gender: Survey Would you like to receive the Messenger Quarterly



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Tell us what you would like to see. Describe:

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Madawaska Messenger on the Web: The Township also offers this Newsletter online. If you are interested in reading the online version you can go to:

Municipal Office 1101 Francis Street Telephone: 613-752-2222 Fax: 613-752-2617 www.

CAO Mark Urbanski

Treasurer Allison Holtzhauer

Deputy Clerk Michael Nilsson

Finance Clerk Jenn Fleming

Planner Julie Stewart (Tuesday and Thursday)

Chief Building Official (Monday,

Wednesday and Thursday mornings only) Dennis Fridgen 613-752-2222 ext 225

Receptionists Cathy Appleyard and Teena Kelly

The office is open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We do not close for lunch. Closed on Statutory holidays.

Michael Nilsson, Acting Deputy Clerk, Teri McDonald, Public Works Clerk, Jamie Doering, Public Works Manager, Jenn Fleming, Finance Clerk, Allison Holtzhauer, Treasurer, Cathy Appleyard, Receptionist, Julie Stewart, Planner, Mark Urbanski, CAO, Missing from Photo Teena Kelly (Receptionist), Dennis Fridgen (Chief Building Official), Meriah Caswell (Librarian) and Betsy Sayers (Fire Chief )

Letter from the CAO/Clerk As a Corporation that is focused on providing excellent value to citizens and exceptional customer service, we will consistently strive for a cost-effective, efficient, open, accountable and accessible local government. Council’s Vision, Values, Goals and Priorities provide the focal point for our efforts, ensuring that departmental resources are aligned with corporate objectives. The Township of Greater Madawaska provides a number of important services with a competent and professional staff. Included in this Community information Guide (The Madawaska Messenger) are most of the services that the Township is responsible for. The Township encompasses a large geographic area that has many valuable attributes and is able to provide a wide variety of leisure opportunities. The Township relies heavily on a committed volunteer base that helps

Public Works

Calabogie Garage 12470B Lanark Road 613-752-2214

Griffith Garage

25991C Highway #41 613-333-1197 (staff not always on site)

Public Works Manager Jamie Doering

Foreman Jack Norton Lead Hand Steven Inwood Machine Operators Daryl Leclaire, Danny Cameron, Harold Vernick and Adam Reddy Public Works Clerk Teri McDonald Summer Hours 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Winter Hours 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Website: www.greatermadawaska. com/municipality/departments/ public-works email:

provide recreational services such as: trails, outdoor rinks, minor sports programs, parks and special events. Township staff members are a key component to making sure that the services provided are as efficient and effective as possible. The Township will adopt a Long-Term Financial Plan, which contains financial planning, new life cycle and monetary requirements. In addition, the Township participates in Province-wide performance measurement programs to identify best practices and seek continuous improvements. The 2012 budget was recently passed by Council at a Special Council meeting on May 29, 2012. The objectives of the 2012 budget are to maintain programs and services, minimize tax increases for local services, pay down unfinanced capital and fund new capital projects.

The budget has various challenges such as the ongoing infrastructure deficit and unfinanced capital projects. The tax levy approved to be raised through taxation is $1,853,900, which is an increase of $178,435 over the 2011 Tax Levy. The overall tax rate, which includes school boards, county and municipal level, decreased 2.06%. A copy of the budget document presented to Council is available on our website: The 2011 financial statements were approved by Council at a Regular Council meeting on May 24, 2012. A copy of the statements will soon be available on our website. Have a safe and happy summer season. Chief Administrative Officer / Clerk M. Urbanski

Office Staff Receptionist – Cathy Appleyard and Teena Kelly •Greets Public •Addresses general enquiries Finance Clerk – Jenn Fleming •Works closely with Treasurer •Involved in the majority of tax and finance functions of the municipality Deputy Clerk – Lindsay Taniwa (Michael Nilsson) •Assists the CAO on an ongoing basis •Performs a number of tasks not related to the Clerk’s Office such as maintaining the website Treasurer – Allison Holtzhauer •Officer Administrator & Information Technology advisor •Oversees all aspects of tax and finance Thanks to Michael Nilsson for all his hard work, as his last day is in early July

Council encourages residents both permanent and seasonal to support your local businesses. Page 3


A Building Permit Application and associated forms must be completed prior to obtaining a building permit. Building Permit Application packages are available at the Municipal Office for pickup or Online.

Your Taxes Tax payments can be made at the Township office (cash or cheque only).

2012 WASTE SITE USER FEES Appliances (not certified) $20.00/item Tractor Trailer Truck $450.00/load Furniture $3.00/item Roll-off Bins $300.00/load Propane Tanks (decored) $5.00/item Pick Up Truck & Trailer $30.00/load Pick Up Truck or Trailer $15.00/load Single Axle Truck $200.00/load Single Axle Trailer $50.00/load Double Axle Trailer $100.00/load

On-line payments are also available by adding Township of Greater Madawaska as a payee and the account number is your Roll Number starting with 4706. Payments may be made at your financial institution. For more information please contact your branch.

Tandem Axle Dump Truck $300.00/load Tractor Trailer $450.00/load Tri Axle Truck $400.00/load ** If the landfill/transfer station is requested to be open outside of normal operating hours, an additional $50.00 per hour will be charged for staff and pick up truck. HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE Can be deposited at the Town of Renfrew Waste Site (613.432.0731) at 376 Bruce Street — May 15 to August 18, 2012

Township Facility Rentals Contact Township office 613-752-2222 ext. 221

We also have a monthly Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. Forms are available at the Municipal Office or on our website on the Finance Page.

Community Hall

Tax Bills will be going out the week of August 27. The due date for final tax bill payment is September 25.

Funeral Receptions/Lunches: No charge for residents.

Local Community Groups $30.00 for 1st 3 hours, $15.00 for each hour after. Full Day (and after 5 pm) $300.00 Full Day (before 5 pm) $150.00

Barnet Cottage (May long weekend until September long weekend)

Local Community Groups $300.00 per day / $500.00 per weekend. Residents of Greater Madawaska $300.00 per day / $500.00 per weekend. Non residents $800.00 per day / $1,000.00 per weekend. Confirmation of Rental Deposit – 50% of anticipated rental cost (non-refundable). Damage Deposit - $200.00 (refundable after facility inspection). Local Community Groups may be eligible for 6 free times per year for either location.Based on approval by Council.

Subscribe to the Township Website:

To receive notice of updates to the township website, click on subscribe located at the top right of the website Home Page. Page 4

Rental forms are available at the Township office or on our website

Shop Locally.....Find a local business in the CABA Business Directory. See Page 5

Waste Management BACKYARD COMPOSTING How To Compost First, assemble your composting area. You’ll need: •About three square feet of space in your backyard where the composter won’t be disturbed. •A composter •A tool to stir the compost (a pitchfork works well). •A sealable container to collect ingredients for compost in your kitchen. Second, collect the right composting materials: Browns~ are dry, carbon-rich organic materials which include dry leaves, straw/hay, wood chips, sawdust, napkins, dryer lint, and vacuum cleanings. Greens ~ are fresh, moist, nitrogen-rich materials which include grass cuttings, fruit and vegetable peelings/scraps, tea bags, pasta, coffee grounds, stale bread and eggshells. DO NOT add meat, fish, bones, oil, grease, dairy or weeds that have gone to seed. Third, keep the compost healthy by adding oxygen and maintaining the right level of moisture: •Maintain a mix of the Browns and Greens to create the right nitrogen/carbon balance in your composter. •Keep the compost moist like a wrung out sponge, but not soggy. •Turn the contents of your heap with a pitchfork or shovel to work air into the compost pile. Do this at least twice a month to help break down the contents and prevent odour.

WHAT TO RECYCLE Paper Recycling Material Accepted: Advertising Flyers (bond & glossy) • Boxboard Clean, corrugated cardboard • Computer paper Egg cartons • Envelopes • File folders • Greeting cards Hard cover books (covers & bindings removed) Junk mail • Magazines • Mixed office paper Newsprint • Packing paper • Phone books Shredded paper (in a clear plastic bag) Soft cover books • Wrapping paper

Requirements: •Paper recyclables must be deposited loose inside the transfer station bins. •Paper in plastic bags is not acceptable with the exception of shredded paper.

Composting Tips

•Shredded paper can be in clear plastic bags or grocery bags.

•The composting process works best when the materials are small. Shred weeds and trimmings.

•Paper must be kept as clean and dry as possible.

•Don’t add thick layers of any one kind of waste. Grass should not be more than 6 cm deep, leaves up to 15 cm deep (cut or chop or dry and crumble them). If you can, let grass dry first or mix it with dry, coarse material such as leaves to prevent compacting.

•All paper recycling can be mixed but must be kept separate from container recyclables.

•You can add materials to your composter all winter long. The breakdown process slows down or stops when the pile is frozen, but it will start up again in the spring. Thorough turning in the spring will reactivate the pile. Empty the composter in the fall to make plenty of room.

Coffee cup lids, Empty aerosol

and paint cans, Milk & juice cartons, juice boxes, Non-refundable glass bottles and jars, Plastic food and beverage containers (with #’s 1,2,3,4,5,7) • Plastic bags, Pop and water bottles •Small scrap metal items • Steel cans and lids, Styrofoam packing (packing pellets are garbage), • Styrofoam cups and plates

Requirements: •Container recyclables must be

deposited loose inside the transfer station bins. •Plastic grocery bags are acceptable with container recycling. Stuff all grocery bags inside a larger bag and tie. •All container recycling can be mixed but must be kept separate from paper recyclables.


Container Recycling Material Accepted:

•Juice pouches & foil food wrappers •Plastic household items & toys •Chip & sandwich bags •Plastic wrap •Home health care waste, •Plastic tubing, IV bags •Glasses or dishes •Salt, fertilizer, soil & wood pellet bags •Plastic food packaging (Bacon, hot dog, pizza wrappers)

•Aluminum pop cans • Cardboard cans (with metal ends)

These items can be placed in with your regular garbage.

•Cardboard boxes should be flattened.

WASTE SITE HOURS Norway Lake Transfer Station

574 Norway Lake Rd Wednesday & Saturday 8 am – 4 pm Sunday 10 am – 6 pm May long weekend to Thanksgiving weekend Sunday 10 am – 8 pm • Holiday Monday 12 pm – 8 pm


Griffith Site, 6 Finns Road Wednesday 3 pm – 5 pm Saturday 1 pm – 5 pm Sunday 1 pm – 6 pm Holiday Monday May to Oct: 12pm – 6 pm 613-333-9514

Mount St. Patrick Site

134 Flat Road Wednesday 12 pm – 2 pm Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 12 pm Holiday Monday Closed 613-649-0220

IDENTIFICATION CARDS Township I.D. Card is required to be presented to the attendant at any Township landfill site. Page 6

Page 7

WASTE & RECYCLING In 1981 a pilot program test involving handing out a box to a selected group of households to separate their recyclables began in Kitchener Ontario. Many colours were considered for this box but in the end, it was agreed that blue would stand out against the snow, the dark colour would minimize container deterioration as the result of ultra violet rays and best of all, “blue box” was memorable and rolled off the tongue. In 1983, Kitchener introduced the first city-wide Blue Box Program. In 2010, 887,242 Tonnes of residential Blue Box material were marketed and 4,935,182 households had access to the Blue Box Program in Ontario. Waste Diversion Ontario reported 223 municipalities participated in the Blue Box Program. The 223 recycling programs serve 394 of the 444 municipalities, as well as 15 First Nations, in the Province of Ontario.


to collect organic household waste and our municipality has a contract with the Town of Renfrew allowing our residents to drop off household hazardous waste at the Renfrew site. These programs are provided free of charge. With the involvement of our residents of the Township, our recycling program has generated a 25% diversion rate in 2010. Our goal is to divert 50% of household waste by the end of 2016. To assist our residents in achieving this goal we are partnering with Calabogie Home Hardware and the TIM-BR Mart Griffith Building Supply Inc to offer two programs. The two initiatives we will focus on at this time are a Clear Bag Program and a Backyard Composting Program.

The Backyard Composting program will begin this fall. Backyard Composting is a convenient way to dispose of organic materials, without having to make a trip to the Transfer Station to use the MOLOK

PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT The Clear Bag Program will be implemented Saturday PLAN November 3rd, 2012 WORK 2012. In June, Signage will be erected at Calabogie all three sites as a reminder of this date. LOCATION This is an initiative WORK PROPOSED DESCRIPTION Hardware in which it will be Home the management and

Recycling and waste to be disposal of household waste have always January Brydges Rd mandatory for all household Brushing brought to the Transfer Stations in clear beenFebruary important issues to theBrydges Township Rd bags. The use of clear bags Brushing for household of Greater Madawaska. We are a partner waste supports waste diversion in several February Halliday Creek Rd Brushing in the Electronic Stewardship program, ways. Clear bags serve as a prompt. If March Brushing allowing us to collectMatawatchan computers, Rd people forget to separate recyclables tv’s and electronic April various otherAirds Lake Rdfrom the garbage, theyBrushing are reminded by equipment. We are a partner with the April Juniper Rd the clear bag because Brushing they can view its Tire Stewardship program allowing us to contents. Clear bags prompt people New/Renovated Sitealso Development collect April tires. MOLOK containers have Admin to reflect on their waste disposal habits Building been installed at all three transfer sites

April May May May

and encourage them to consider waste diversion options. Also, using clear bags helps the waste site attendants monitor what is being put into the waste stream that should be put into recycling. In order to address privacy issues, we will permit a small opaque bag (i.e. grocery bag) in each clear bag, referred to as a “privacy bag”. Clear bags of various sizes may be purchased at most stores, including Calabogie Home Hardware and the TIM-BR Mart Griffith Building Supply Inc.

Matawatchan Road Matawatchan Road Stubinski Lane Barnet Cottage LOCATION Griffith Rink Mt. St. Patrick Rd Flat Road Maloney Mtn Rd All Township Roads All Township Roads Murphy Rd Windle Lane Windle Lane Ferguson Lake Rd Ferguson Lake Rd New/Renovated Admin Building Ferguson Lake Rd Maloney Mtn. Rd Lower Spruce Hedge Rd McHugh Rd

Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Parking & Septic

Brushing Brushing Manitou Trail Parking Brushing WORKBrushing PROPOSED Road Reconstruction Road Reconstruction Brushing Roadside Grass Cutting Roadside Grass Cutting Culvert Replacement Road Construction Road Construction Road Construction Road Construction Site Development

Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Adding Parking Area Clearing for Safety DESCRIPTION Clearing for Safety Resurface Wear Course Resurface Wear Course Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Remove and Replace Realignment & Widening Realignment & Widening Realignment & Widening Realignment & Widening Parking & Septic

Road Construction Brushing Brushing Brushing

Realignment & Widening Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety Clearing for Safety

containers. Approximately 40% of all household waste is compostable, which could make a huge difference in our diversion rates. In September 2012, a Waste & Recycling Questionnaire along with three vouchers will be sent out with tax bills. The questionnaire will assist us in auditing the number of households using the transfer stations as well as their recycling habits etc. The vouchers are for a discount on a blue box, a backyard composter and a kitchen composting container redeemable only at Calabogie Home Hardware and the TIM-BR Mart Griffith Building Supply Store Inc. Thank You For Helping Us Make A Difference

TIM-BR Mart Griffith Building Supply Inc.



June June June June July July July August August September September October October November December

Note: This 2012 work plan does not include regular maintenance operations. Please refer to the web site for update and/or changes on work plan.

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If you enjoy your stay support our economy by shopping local.

20 free things to do at the Library As librarian I am surprised at the number of first-time patrons that exclaim: “I’ve been coming here for years and didn’t know you were here.” To all full-time residents and cottagers who are reading this and thinking the same, I would like to personally invite you to visit our library. Here are 20 reasons why you will be glad that you did. 1. Chilton’s Manual- does your car need a tune-up? We’ve got you covered! Available through the library’s website, this database has thousands of manuals, diagrams, and recall notices that will help you fix your car with confidence. 2. Learn a new language with our online language learning resources. Languages include French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and many more. 3. Free Ebooks and audiobooks are available for download at home or in the library. 4. Public Computers – stay up to date with your email and social networking accounts, or update your resume on one of our six public computers. 5. Wifi in the parking lot – when you can’t make it to the library during open hours. 6. Magazines- Consumer Reports, Canadian Gardening, Martha Stewart, and more. We also have great magazines for kids. 7. Beach reading- Cross some items off your “to read” list. The library has great new books for all ages coming in every week.

11. Storytime – Every Thursday morning at 10am. Crafts, songs, stories and fun! 12. Museum passes- looking for something fun to do with the family? Check out some free family passes to Ottawa and area museums. 13. Programs and events for all ages are always happening at the library. Check our website for details. 14. Ancestry Library Edition is available on the library’s public computers. This is a powerful tool for anyone interested in researching their family history. 15. Job Searching, and finding career and educational information is easy at the library. Come in for a personal career matchmaker quiz. 16. Children’s research is a snap with our easy and fun databases. 17. Children’s audiobooks and picture books are available for free through our website! Stories are interactive and fun. Have a story read to your child in the comfort of your home. 18. Children’s Computers at the library come pre-loaded with literacy and numeracy games that will help your child learn while having fun. 19. With our fax machine, photocopier, print, coiling and lamination services, you won’t need to travel far to do business. 20. Interlibrary Loans – If we don’t have the material you are looking for, we can get it!

Visit the Greater Madawaska Public Library this summer and sign up for a card. Let us surprise you with our summer programming, exhilarate 9. Air conditioning- take a break you with our electronic resources, from the heat this summer and and fascinate you with our fiction. visit the library- take an hour You’ll be glad you came. 8. Local history- Greater Madawaska has a rich and vibrant history. We have the records to prove it.

or two to find a great book, check your email, and chat Meriah Caswell, with your friendly librarian. You can tell your family you’ve Librarian/CEO been hard at work. We won’t Greater Madawaska Public Library tell. (613)752-2317 10. Novelist- available through the library’s website, this resource is the best answer to the question “what do I read next”?

Municipal Properties & Community Facilities Municipal Community Centres Barnet Cottage 5179 Calabogie Road 613-752-0132 (no staff on site)

Community Hall - Calabogie 574 Mill Street 613-752-0164 (no staff on site)

Griffith Community Hall 25991B Highway #41 613-333-1423 (no staff on site)

Fire Halls Calabogie Fire Hall #1 12470A Lanark Road 613-752-2485 Griffith Fire Hall #2 25991C Highway #41

Library Greater Madawaska Public Library 4984 Calabogie Road 613-752-2317

Municipal Offices Brougham Office 145 Flat Road (No staff on site)

Ginza Park Playground 15 Ginza Street Tourist Booth 12517 Lanark Road 613-752-2100

Public Works Yards Griffith Garage 25991C Highway #41 613-333-1197 Calabogie Garage 12470B Lanark Road 613-752-2214 Sand/Salt Shed 3568 Matawatchan Road 613-333-9497

Rink Facilities Calabogie Rink 574 Mill Street 613-752-0164

(staff on site when operational)

Griffith Rink 15 Ginza Street 613-333-1569

(staff on site when operational)

Waste Sites Former Black Donald Waste Site 34 Hydro Dam Road

Calabogie Office 1101 Francis Street 613-752-2222

Griffith Waste Site 6 Finns Road 613-333-9514

Griffith Office 25991A Highway #41 No staff on site

Former Matawatchan Waste Site 3508 Matawatchan Road

Playgrounds & Tourist Information Booth Calabogie Playground 574 Mill St. Barnet Park Playground 5179 Calabogie Road

Mount St. Patrick Waste Site 134 Flat Road 613-649-0220 Norway Lake Waste Site 574 Norway Lake Road 613-752-1871

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Schedule of Events in Greater Madawaska Calabogie Seniors Club: Don Strachan 613-752-2853. Meet every last Thursday of the month at 5:00pm. Social hour, dinner, business meeting, special events, games and cards. Denbigh Griffith Lions Club: Bingo Every second Tuesday 7:00 pm Barry Dicks, President (613-333-1485) denbighgriffithon Calabogie Lions Club Bingo Every Wednesday at 7:15 pm at Calabogie Community Centre.

Mark Your Calendar CANADA DAY IN GREATER MADAWASKA Calabogie Canada Day Breakfast: at 8:00 a.m. at Calabogie Community Centre sponsored by the Calabogie Snowmobile Club 613-623-3311

Every Wednesday May 30 to August 29 at 6:30 - Summer Ball in Griffith at the Griffith Ball Field on Highway 41 All ages welcome – Sponsored by Township Recreation

Art Show – Silent Auction: 8:00 to noon at Community Centre and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the United Church sponsored by the Canada Day Committee 613-7522576

June 30 to September 1: Matawatchan Community Market from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Every Saturday morning. Lunch is served at 11:00 a.m.

Bike Parade – Decorate your Bike and join the parade: At 3:45 p.m. at the Community Centre, sponsored by Township Recreation.

July 7: Bass Fishing Derby (Adult & Juniors) 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Barnet Park in Calabogie sponsored by Calabogie Fish & Game Club 613-7520453

Madawaska Street Events: At 4:00 p.m. onwards on Madawaska Street and sponsored by Canada Day committee 613-752-2576

July 14: The Kid’s Annual Fishing Derby at Holleran’s Hideaway in Matawatchan, sponsored by the Griffith & Matawatchan Fish & Game Club

Mega Yard and Bake Sale, Entertainment and B B-Q: August 2, 2012 on the grounds of Most Precious Blood Church, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

July 14: Kid’s Survival Night at 3941 Matawatchan Road (Wayne Swayles), sponsored by the Griffith & Matawatchan Fish & Game Club Wednesday July 18 at 7:00pm in the Griffith Lions Hall Community Appreciation Night Sponsered by the Denbigh and Griffith Lions Club. Guest Speaker: Mary Cook July 28: Community Day – Treasure Hunt, Games, Live Entertainment and Children’s movie, at 2:00 pm to 6:00 m at the Matawatchan Community Memorial Hall; sponsored by Township Recreation. Bake & Rummage Sale Saturday August 4, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm St. Andrew’s United Church, Matawatchan

August 4: Annual Pig Roast from 4:00 p.m. onward at Pat & Cliff Holleran’s, Hutson Lake Road in Matawatchan, sponsored by the Griffith & Matawatchan Fish & Game Club August 11: 50/50 Take Bass Fishing Derby, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Centennial Lake Boat Launch,

sponsored by the Griffith & Matawatchan Fish & Game Club

Anniversary / Summer Social Sunday August 12 St. Andrew’s United Church, Matawatchan August 17 to 19: Blues & RibFest at Calabogie Peaks, sponsored by Calabogie Peaks Resort and DAWG FM, contact 613-752-2720 and

Fabulous Fireworks: At dusk on Madawaska Street.

Dacre Canada Day Celebrations: Barbecue & refreshments /

Children’s games / Horseshoes / Cards / Fire works. At the DACA Centre

Matawatchan Saturday June 30

Market 9:00 am - noon Lunch 11: am – 1 pm John A. MacDonald, Antique covered wagon exhibit, knife throwing, Bands, music, BBQ. 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Saturday August 25 at 10:00am to 3:00pm Show and Shine Car Show (Rain Date Sunday August 26) Lions Hall – HWY 41 - Griffith. Sponsered by the denbigh and griffith lions club. August 25: Imagine! End of Summer Party for Ages 3 to 12– Hand out awards / Ice cream sundae creations / Sidewalk Chalk games from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm at The Library in Calabogie, sponsored by the Library. August 25: Softball and Volleyball Tournament at the DACA Centre in Dacre and for more information Kristie Coulterman 613-649-0115 Friday August 31 Lion’s Toll Road Event in Griffith. Sponsered by the denbigh and griffith lions club.

September 3 (Labour Day) to October 8 (Thanksgiving): Chairlift Rides from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Calabogie Peaks September 29 & 30: Festival of the Senses from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm in and around Calabogie, sponsored by CABA. September 29: Sense of Soaring (Kite making and Flying) from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Highlands Golf Course, sponsored by Township Recreation September 29: Thanksgiving Party for Ages 3 to 12 with Games & Crafts from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm at the Calabogie Library Harvest Supper Saturday, September 29, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm St. Andrew’s United Church, Matawatchan. October 7: Pancake Breakfast at 8:00am to noon at Calabogie Community Center Sponsored by Calabogie Lions Club During October: Heart Wise Exercise Walking Program on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 at the DACA Centre in Dacre. For information contact Betty Frost 613649-2668 DACA Centre In the Fall DACA will be starting up Bingo again in October – Thanksgiving Bingo. Dates will be posted in the local newspapers and radio stations October Roast Beef Supper St. Andrew’s Church, Calabogie October 27: Kids Dance from 9:00pm to 12:00pm (tentative) at Ginza Rink / Lions’ Hall in Griffith, sponsored by Township Recreation. October 27: Halloween Party for ages 3 to 12 - Show up in costume for –costume parade?/Mask making / spooky story reading and cupcake decorating at the Library. October 27: Christmas Craft Show at the Calabogie Community Centre

Challenge to residents.....check out five local businesses this summer to see what they have to offer. Page 10

The Calabogie Community Rink The Calabogie Community Rink Committee has been actively pursuing phase II of the rink renovation project. In the fall of 2010, the community at large came out to support the rink committee in completing the first phase of the renovation project which entailed a new gravel base, a concrete footing for the boards and new boards and fencing. These upgrades have resulted in a huge improvement in the quality of the ice on our community rink. The committee is now in position to make the concrete slab a reality. At the completion of phase II, the rink will become a four season, fair weather recreational facility. At that time, the committee will turn its attention to raising the funds necessary to cover the community rink with a steel roof structure. This will require aggressive fundraising but it will turn the rink into a true venue for year round recreation. If you would like to make a donation to the rink project or you would like to volunteer to help at our next work party, please contact Darren Matthews (613-752-0440).

Zoning By-Law 22-2003 Pertaining to Trailers Please be advised that our By-Law Enforcement Officer in the near future will be enforcing / educating regarding section 3.19 of our Zoning By-Law 22-2003 pertaining to Trailers, which reads: “Trailers are not meant for human habitation and can only be stored on lots with a primary/seasonal residence.” Please note this does not infringe on Trailer Parks For further information in this regard please contact the CAO/ Clerk by phone 613-752-2222 or email cao@greatermadawaska. com. Please see: polices-by-laws/bylaws/ for Zoning By-Law 22-2003



In 2011 the Greater Madawaska Fire Department responded to 36 fires, 15 accidents, 5 false alarms, 2 medical emergencies and four other incidents. In Ontario, brush fires must be less than 2 meters by 2 meters and burned only at night. They must be guarded at all times and not lit if it is windy. April 1 to October 31 is Ontario’s FIRE SEASON. Permits are required for all fires bigger than 1 meter x 1 meter Applications are available: for download from:; For pickup at: for pickup at: the GMFD Fire hall mailbox in Griffith; in person: at the Township Office, Calabogie and by emailing:

Burning garbage is illegal! Call 613-433-2545 BEFORE YOU BURN! The Greater Madawaska Fire Department needs you. JOIN NOW ($14.31/hour)

OPP Corner Renfrew Detachment127 Raglan St. South, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 4M3Tel (613) 432-3211

May 23, 2012 To the Residents of Greater Madawaska I am grateful for the opportunity to address the community of Greater Madawaska through this inaugural resident communication newsletter. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is committed to providing efficient and effective policing services to meet our public safety mandate. Crime prevention initiatives, investigative excellence, and saving lives and reducing crime on our highways, waterways and trails will remain the core focus of the OPP. Through strong partnerships with our community stakeholders we strive to provide policing services that meet the

and readily available and that they carry the required documentation individual needs of each community. as outlined in the Transport Canada As we move into the summer season Safe Boating Guide which is available of 2012 with increased recreational at the township office or online at activities, the Renfrew Detachment . will adjust our response to meet the Community safety is everyone’s subsequent increased demands. As responsibility and communities in previous years, traffic and marine such as Greater Madawaska have the patrols will be conducted throughout capacity to resolve issues that threaten your community to ensure that their safety, security and well-being everyone can enjoy a safe and happy and to ultimately reduce the need summer. for police intervention. Doing your With the increased traffic, drivers are reminded to slow down and to drive responsibly and attentively. Impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving and seatbelt non-compliance remain the leading causes of injuries and death on our highways, and will be the focus of traffic initiatives for the OPP. Boaters are reminded that there must be enough lifejackets of the appropriate size for each occupant on board your boat. Boaters must ensure that they have all of the required safety equipment on board

part by being a respectful neighbour will help everyone enjoy the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of your community. The OPP vision of “Safe Communities” and a “Secure Ontario” is well within our reach. Through Ontario’s Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing we are connecting with our community partners to achieve this goal.

I encourage you to take a moment to stop and engage with these officers. Take this as an opportunity to provide feedback to the officers on what we are doing right or wrong within your community. While the most recent Community Satisfaction Survey results indicate that 91.3% of the respondents were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of police service provided by the OPP, there is always room to improve. I wish to thank you for the opportunity to police within your community and look forward to continuing our work together to make it a safe community for residents and visitors alike. Colin M. Slight Staff Sergeant #10560Detachment Commander

In the coming months, members of the Renfrew Detachment will be working throughout your community. Page 11


Madawaska Messenger  

Your Municipal Council is excited to present this new publication designed to give all our full time residents and cottagers all the latest...

Madawaska Messenger  

Your Municipal Council is excited to present this new publication designed to give all our full time residents and cottagers all the latest...