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What is Cobalt chloride used for ? Cobalt chloride, guidechem, 7646-79-9 Cobalt chloride, also known as cobaltous chloride and cobalt dichloride, is a chemical compound. It contains cobalt in its +2 oxidation state. Its chemical formula is CoCl2. It contains cobalt and chloride ions. Cobalt chloride hexahydrate is the most common form of this inorganic compound which is a deep rose color in the hydrated form. The dramatic color change of blue-purple Cobalt chloride to the rose color when hydrated makes Cobalt chloride an excellent indicator for water in dessicants. Cobalt chloride(CAS NO:7646-79-9) is normally found in the red (or pink) form. The red form has water in it. It can be heated to turn it into the blue form, without water. The blue form will absorb water from the air and turn red again. Cobalt chloride reacted with hydrochloric acid. The pink form is just cobalt chloride. The blue form is the color that it gives with some hydrochloric acid. The green form is cobalt chloride reacted with a lot of hydrochloric acid. A different blue form is made when cobalt chloride is reacted with a chemical compound that has chloride in it. Hydrochloric acid works the best, but sodium chloride can be used too. When it is heated, it turns more blue than when it is cooled. It is used to place cobalt into other chemical compounds. It can be used to make other cobalt compounds. It is the most common cobalt compound in the lab. As an inducer of HIF-1 production, Cobalt chloride has been used to study apoptotic effects in HepG2 cells. Also reported as a stabilizer for reconstitution of the radiopharmaceutical technetium-99m exametazime. It has been used in studies to examine heat shock protein expression of inflamed skin. Cobalt chloride can be used to make invisible ink. Chemistry teachers Barker North and Norman Bland explained the procedure as long ago as 1920. If you dissolve cobalt chloride in water and use the substance to draw or paint on a sheet of white paper, the markings will be almost invisible when the substance dries. To make the markings visible again, you simply have to warm the paper in front of a source of heat. Cobalt chloride(CAS NO:7646-79-9) is used in the T.R.U.E. test, or Thin-layer Rapid Use Epicutaneous Test. Allergic contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that can occur when people come into contact with a substance to which they are allergic. These substances, which include foods, plant pollens and metals, are called allergens. The T.R.U.E. test is a patch test used on contact dermatitis sufferers to determine the causes of the inflammation. Guidechem provide the most convenient conditions for the international buyers and let these leads benefit all the business people. If you need Cobalt chloride or any other chemicals you can access

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What is Cobalt chloride used for ?