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Give you the detail information of Benzyl Chloroformate Benzyl Chloroformate, guidechem, 501-53-1 Benzyl chloroformate is the benzyl ester of chloroformic acid. It is also known as benzyl chlorocarbonate is an oily liquid who color is anywhere from yellow to colorless. It is also known for its pungent odor. Benzyl chloroformate if heated turns into a phosgene and if it comes in contact with water it produces toxic, corrosive fumes. Benzyl chloroformate(CAS NO:501-53-1) is used in organic synthesis for the introduction of the carboxybenzyl (Cbz or Z) protecting group for amines.The newly formed Cbz protecting group can be removed under reductive conditions. Typically hydrogen gas and activated palladium on carbon is used. Formula: C8H7ClO2 Molecular mass: 170.6 UN #: 1739 EC #: 607-064-00-4 EINECS #: 207-925-0 CAS #: 501-53-1 RTECS #: LQ5860000 Synonyms: Benzylcarbonyl chloride; Carbobenzoxy chloride; Formic acid; chlorobenzyl ester Exposure and First Aid Inhalation:Cough. Shortness of breath. Sore throat. Laboured breathing. Fresh air, rest. Half-upright position. Artificial respiration may be needed. Refer for medical attention. Skin: Skin burns. Remove contaminated clothes. Rinse skin with plenty of water or shower. Eyes: Watering of the eyes. Severe deep burns. First rinse with plenty of water for several minutes (remove contact lenses if easily possible), then refer for medical attention. Ingestion: Burning sensation. Abdominal pain. Shock or collapse. Do NOT induce vomiting. Give one or two glasses of water to drink. Refer for medical attention. Spillage disposal Collect leaking and spilled liquid in sealable containers as far as possible. Carefully collect

remainder. Then store and dispose of according to local regulations. Personal protection: complete protective clothing including self-contained breathing apparatus. Chemical dangers Decomposes on heating. Benzyl Chloroformate phosgene. Decomposes on contact with water. Benzyl Chloroformate toxic and corrosive fumes including hydrogen chloride (see ICSC 0163). Attacks many metals in the presence of water or moist air. The substance can be absorbed into the body by inhalation and by ingestion. A harmful concentration of airborne particles can be reached quickly on spraying.Lachrymation. Benzyl Chloroformate is corrosive to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Corrosive on ingestion. Inhalation of the aerosol may cause lung oedema. See Notes. The effects may be delayed. Medical observation is indicated. Notes The symptoms of lung oedema often do not become manifest until a few hours have passed and they are aggravated by physical effort. Rest and medical observation is therefore essential. Immediate administration of an appropriate inhalation therapy by a doctor or a person authorized by him/her, should be considered. Want to learn more information about Benzyl Chloroformate, you can access the is just a place for you to look for some chemicals. Guidechem provide the most convenient conditions for the international buyers and let these leads benefit all the business people. Guidechem chemical B2B network provides information on china and global chemical market quotation and relative chemical Information. Guidechem Chemical Network providing the most complete information of the chemical industry.

Benzyl chloroformate  

Benzylchloroformate(CASNO:501-53-1)is usedin organicsynthesisforthe introduction ofthe carboxybenzyl(Cbz orZ)protectinggroupfor amines.Thene...