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ARE YOU BEING SERVED??? At a recent meeting between the Hazelbrook Association, elected representatives, and officials from the Road and Transport Authority, the RTA conceded that its community consultation process regarding the new pedestrian bridge at Hazelbrook “hadn’t been effective” and apologised.

“.... the RTA conceded that its community consultation process regarding the new pedestrian bridge at Hazelbrook “hadn’t been effective” and apologised...” At the latest Round Table meeting on Wednesday 20th July, Ian Allen from the RTA faced Association members who pointed out that no change to the bridge had been publicly discussed between 2006 and earlier this year.

The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

Councillor Chris van der Kley added the RTA had “never mentioned to us the changes to the design of the bridge.” Mr Allen conceded “our project manager endeavoured to get that across, and obviously he hasn’t done that effectively.” Further, pointed out Roza Sage MP, “the RTA has not been doing proper consultation and the whole process through Hazelbrook as it’s been discussed… we have had all these plans and nothing’s been noted or brought forward. So it’s just not good enough and some of the planning is not good… So can we make a strong note that this shouldn’t happen again?” continued page 3


Colourful local identity Noel Pope decided that after several years of riding the Careflight Woodford to Glenbrook Mountain Bike race he would put some effort into fundraising for the 2011 event. The Woodford to Glenbrook is an annual event which attracts up to 700 riders each year and serves a major fundraiser for Careflight. Careflight provides communities with much needed medical support including helicopter transport and rescue assistance to those in medical emergency. With an initial goal of $250 and the promise of riding in a skirt if he reached his goal, the popular local found donations started to flood in. Not only did people want to support Noel with his fundraising efforts but they also wanted to see him keep that promise and ride the event in a dress... continued on page 2.

August 2011


The Echo

Bullaburra to Linden Managing Editors Melanie Parry and Sean Greenhill PO Box 7035, Leura, NSW 2782

Phone: 4757 4378 NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE 24 August 2011

Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire)


Katoomba Police Station 4782 8199 Springwood Police Station 4751 0299 Lawson (Hwy patrol part time) 4759 1087 Police Assistance Line 131 444 Lifeline 24-Hour Counselling 131 114 WIRES (Wildlife rescue) 4754 2946 Graffiti hotline 4759 2592 Churches Anglican Church Lawson

4759 1024

Central Mountains

4758 8778

Baptist Church Catholic Church Our Lady Of The Nativity

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4784 2085 4739 1446 4751 7715

Uniting Church Presbyterian


The Father’s House Christian Healing Centre Quakers Jehovah’s Witness Ansari Sufi Order

4759 1151 4758 8705 4782 4400 4758 9085

Community Groups Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre 4759 2592 Mountains Community Resources Network 4759 3599 Lawson Chamber of Commerce and Industry 4759 3285 Bullaburra Township Committee 4759 1114 Hazelbrook Association 4758 6263 MM Historical Society 4759 2647 MM Community gardens 4759 2592 Brook Community Theatre Group Blue Mountains Ukulele Group 0412 228 326 Scouts Girl Guides 4758 7393

BM Bridge Club

Sports Clubs BMX Bowls Lawson Bowls Hazelbrook Cricket Club Hazelbrook Soccer Mid Mountains Netball Tennis Woodford Tennis Hazelbrook (keys for courts) Indoor Sports Centre Netball


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This is where things got a bit out of hand... The dress turned into a full Marilyn Monroe outfit, hair, makeup and as Noel put it “Frilly Knickers”... the result, however disturbing, was a whopping total in excess of $2700 being raised for Careflight. With the event fundraising total sitting at just on $29,000 , the efforts and generrosity of the people of Lawson and all others who donated to Noels effort was just under 10% of all donated funds raised.

Noel credits the generosity of his local community for the success of this years fundraising “People just got behind it”, said Noel. “I see alot of people in the Newsagency, it started with a dress and just got crazy from there”. As an added bonus - all contributors received a colour picture of “Marilyn” as a momento. Rumour has it that Lady GaGa is sitting at high odds to make an appearance in 2012. If you have any better suggestions - dont be afraid to let Noel know! Donations close on 30th July, if you didnt get to donate and would like to - donations can be made at the Lawson Newsagency. You may even be lucky enough to score one of the last colour pics of Marilyn!

4782 7415

4758 7173 4759 1417 4758 6240 4758 6218 4758 9537 4758 6573 4758 7222 4758 6281 4759 2333 4758 7929

The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

August 2011



ARE YOU BEING SERVED??? continued from page 1 For the future, Angela Lougheed, President of the Hazelbrook Association, commented that the RTA “had a lot of trust to rebuild” and pointed out two specific issues that had arisen as a result of the bridge construction process. Firstly, she said, “we’ve got problems with things not looking how … the community were lead to believe they were going to look. We’ve got people double checking things that should or should not have been done… Unless we want to have a problem with everything that is done at every turn of the books, we have to find an equitable solution for this community to understand what has happened to them & why… The point is they need to be able to trust that what they are told is what is going to happen.”


riters wanted

Secondly, she pointed to the effects on RTA workers. “A lot of our community works for the RTA… and they are embarrassed to say they work for the RTA... The actual damage that this has done is far more

reaching than ‘well there’s not really anything we can do about it now’.

...The actual damage that this has done is far more reaching than ‘well there’s not really anything we can do about it now’...” “It’s the fact you still have to work in this area and complete your project.” Angela continued. Mr Allen acknowledged this and offered to speak at the Hazelbrook Association’s next General Meeting if it helped, and in the meantime “the missing blanks” would be filled in via briefings from Council’s urban design staff, as well as release of plans and artwork depicting how the bridge and surrounding landscape will look when all work is complete. The surrounding landscaping work- not just in Hazelbrook but in other areas of the Mountains subject to highway works- was generally agreed to be well done and fitted the local environment well. Sean Greenhill

Do you have a talent for writing?

The Echo Newspapers in the Upper and Mid Mountains are looking for writers to join our team. Writing projects include: • • • • •

feature writing articles interviews profiles reporting

Details of new writing projects are made available each week and payment differs for each project. For information please call Melanie 02 4757 4378

The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

August 2011


COURSES &ListCLASSES your course here from just $25 per month..

List your health service here $59 for 3 months includes artwork! P: 02 4757 4378 CARER SERVICES





Julie Newbury

BEd Grad Dip Soc Sc, Grad Dip Psyc Grad Dip Ethical & Legal studies

0427 038 364 Personal & Family Counselling, Mediation, Anger Management, Child Counselling, Education Counselling, Advocacy, Legal Counselling, Grief & Loss Counselling


Clinical Hypnotherapy


Caring & Confidential EmotionalLEGAL & Physical issues SERVICES Smoking, Weight, Phobias, Relationships James W-Mercer Reg. Nurse Dip.CHt. NLP, EFT.

Accredited CMAHA • Medibank Provider 29 Parke Street, Katoomba





Lyn Midgley

Massage Journey Practitioner

Remedial, Pregnancy and Aroma Massage Reflexology and Journey work. Health rebates

Clinics - 11 Benang St, Lawson 122 Katoomba St, Katoomba

0421 484 473

Farmstead Cheese making Workshops Fetta / Soft Cheese: 27 August, 24 September. Camembert / Blue Cheese: 28 August, 25 September. A max of 8 students in each workshop will meet and milk the goats (!) then take their milk and turn it into cheese. When: Workshops run from 9am and conclude about 4pm. Workshops run for one or two days. Cost: One Day Workshop $165.00, Two Workshops $300.00 Where: Delivered on location at Farmstead Cheese and includes Morning Tea and Lunch and the opportunity to taste Leaning Oak’s range of Cheeses and Wines. Contact: Cheese at Leaning Oak or Call - Gloria on 0420 744 810 or 02 6373 3814 The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)


♥ Pregnancy Yoga and Mums & Bubs Yoga ♥ Corner Clan William St and Prince George St, Blackheath

Bookings essential Contact Peita 0405 719 812 • August 2011


Protect our native wildlife Be a responsible cat owner Unlike owning a cat in a metropolitan or country area, responsible cat ownership in the Blue Mountains is about more than avoiding unwanted kittens, preventing disease, or protecting your cat from fights and injuries caused by other animals. Responsible cat ownership in the Blue Mountains is also about the need to protect our native wildlife.




Put simply, domestic cats and native wildlife do not mix. Cats are instinctive hunters and if allowed to roam, they can locate wildlife easily. They don’t need to be hungry to hunt. With their strong senses of smell and hearing, cats can easily find sleeping or hiding animals. This poses a serious threat to native wildlife in the Blue Mountains, particularly urban wildlife that lives in and around residential areas, parks and reserves. As a responsible pet owner, there are three simple things you can do to keep your cat out of trouble and our native wildlife safe: * Keep your cat indoors, particularly at night and around dawn and dusk. If you’re thinking of getting a cat, choose a breed suited to indoor living. The RSPCA has some hot tips to help you select and train a kitten or cat to live indoors. * Place a suitable collar, tag and multiple bells on your cat. (But remember, bells don’t always work in the long-term. Most cats eventually figure out how to muffle the bell and silently stalk their prey.)




* Care for your cat’s health. De-sex your cat, keep your cats indoors at night and feed your cat indoors or clean up any remaining cat food outdoors to avoid attracting feral or roaming cats that may transmit serious life threatening diseases such as Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) or give your cat abcesses.

Sunday 25th March 2012

Did you know? Cats which are kept inside a safe and loving house tend to live a longer and healthier life than cats whose owners allow them to roam. So keep your cat safe inside. Be a responsible cat owner. And help protect the native wildlife that calls the Blue Mountains home.


Proudly supported by:



The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

August 2011


Mediocre is the Key to Success! As a graduate accountant I asked a Partner at a big city accounting firm “what was the key for businesses success?” He just laughed! I decided then that once I discovered the secret I would share it. After 20 years as an accountant and business advisor I now know you don’t have to build a perfect business to be successful, but there are a few critical things you just have to get right.

“You don’t have to build a perfect business…but there are a few things you have to get right. “

What are the Key Success Factors in your business? If you can’t boil your business down to those 2 or 3 key areas to focus on then all the strategic, marketing and business plans aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Planning for Retirement Getting smart about retirement and optimising your available superannuation is easy when you know how.

This is what a financial planner can help you with. If you are nearing retirement To get focused here are some questions and want to maximise your retirement to ask yourself. “What am I very good potential - planning is better than at?”, “What do customers want and what pondering.... are the willing to pay for?” and “How can Adam Mondy from Mondy Walpole I make a profit out of it?” Lee Douglas, Financial Services gives some examples Principal Douglas & Associates below of how you can use what you Katoomba have in a smarter way to create more for when it matters. Adam is also offering a complimentry Transition to Retirement analysis to Echo readers on mention of this article.

It fascinates me how old timers can boil down the complexity of their business to 2 or 3 key areas. They have an intense “focus” on what they do and who they do it for. Focus on those two or three (no more) vital areas is exactly what is required for success.

With a little bit of planning John saved an additional $76,000. John at 55 …… John, aged 55, was earning $80 000 a year with a current superannuation balance of $100,000 and should retire with approx $274,000 in super.

These Key Success Factors, unique to every business, are the primary determinants of success. If your business is excellent at those activities and mediocre at everything else, your business will be successful. Yes, mediocre at everything else!

With the help of a Transition to Retirement plan, John’s final super balance would be $350 000. That’s an increase of $76 000 over a ten year period. This strategy is tailored to each individual person and has many advantages. “The key in this example” said Adam, “is that John is not taking any extra risk with his money - his super is in the “Growth” portfolio and would stay in that portfolio, he can rollback and stop this process at any stage and it is was relatively inexpensive to set up” Adam continues “On top of this John maintains exactly the same take home income he had before the strategy.” Once John turns 60 the benefits of this strategy are even greater, as nearly all of the superannuation is in a tax free environment. Please note- This information is of a general education nature and should not be acted on. Individual financial circumstances vary and a tailored solution, specific for your financial situation, should be developed in consultation with your financial planner.


Mention this article to receive a complimentry “Transition to Retirement” analysis. The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

August 2011


Artists get together for Cancer Help Seven Blue Mountains artists have conspired to put together an amazing exhibition of local art, and all for a great cause. The Kaleidoscope Exhibition will open with a meet the artists day on Saturday 13th August where special guest Robyn Yates of Blue Mountains Cancer Help will be present. Artists Sue Gasser, Liisa Guisma, Jane Lennon, Karen Maber, Rebecca Wansey, Jenny Mosher and Christina Frost Clayton will all have works on display at the Open Studio Art Exhibition in Woodford. The exhibition is a fundraiser for Blue Mountains Cancer Help and will feature between the 13th and 28th of August from 11am to 3pm. Entry is by gold coin donation and each artist is donating 25% from sales throughout the exhibition to Blue Mountains Cancer Help. For more information on the exhibition please contact Tina on 0414 962 812 or visit

Momentum builds for Inaugural Exhibition. Sculpture at Scenic World was initiated out of the desire to create a unique exhibition experience. As the first event of its kind in the mountains, this outdoor exhibition will provide local, national and international artists an exciting opportunity to exhibit their works within the natural splendour of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. Held at Scenic World Katoomba, works will be displayed on the stunning valley floor and will highlight the natural beauty of the ancient rainforest. A walk along the elevated Lillipilli Link will give visitors the opportunity to view up to 55 world class sculptures in an unparalleled setting. The exhibition will be held between the 16th of February and 11th of March 2012. It is estimated that 60,000 international and national visitors will view Sculpture at Scenic World. Aside from the visual spectacle and experience of such a unique exhibition, Artists will vie for a $20,000 Scenic World Acquisitive Award with award trophies designed and made by internationally acclaimed and local glass artist Keith Rowe.

Winter Tales Stories to warm you from the inside out. WestWords (the Western Sydney Young People’s Literature Project) is proud to present Winter Tales, a family celebration of story featuring some of Australia’s leading storytellers, writers and illustrators for children: Tohby Riddle Louise Pfanner Storyteller Lee Castledine and very special guest star Emily Rodda Children aged 9 years and older will enjoy a creative workshop with cartoonist, illustrator and writer Tohby Riddle, while their younger siblings will enjoy stories and pictures with Lee Castledine and Louise Pfanner. After afternoon tea, everyone will come together to meet Australia’s best-loved children’s author, Emily Rodda.


National Trust has joined the ABC campaign to provide “wraps”. knitted by volunteers, to be distrubuted to disadvantaged people across Australia and throughout the world. Woodford Academy will host a knit - in on Friday 5th August from 10am. Enjoy the ambience of the oldest remaining building in the Blue Mountains and hear the history of this historic site. Donations of 8 ply knitting yarn can be left on the verandah for collection each day. Refreshments available. Groups welcome. Bookings and Enquiries please contact Marilyn on 02 4758 7809.

When: Sunday August 7 1 pm 4 pm Where: Wentworth Falls School of Arts Who: Kids and families Cost: Free, but bookings essential: Phone 4758 6811 or email The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

August 2011


WINTER WEEDS WORKSHOP Slow Food Blue Mountains will present a workshop on the ‘wildside’ with an emphasis on food security, identification of edible ‘weeds’ and great food using some of these ‘weeds’ as ingredients. Susan Girard will give a presentation on weeds of the Blue Mountains , followed by a discussion on ‘wonder weeds’ Chickweed and Dock, commonly-found in our gardens. Taste-testing of some foods featuring these weeds will follow. Refreshments provided during this workshop. Mid Mountains

Graffiti Hotline

Winter Weeds Workshop Sat 13 Aug, 11.30-1.30

4759 2592

$12.50 / $10 (SFBM Members) RSVP: 47827376 or

Help create a graffiti-free community by reporting all graffiti in Woodford, Hazelbrook, Lawson and Bullaburra

More details, membership & other great events:

A Hazelbrook Association and Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre Volunteer Community Program

Considering the Broader Ethics of our Food Choices The lifestyle choices we make matter greatly. In the past decade or so it has become clearer just what an impact our choices have made on the planet. Whether we choose to buy our food at a food cooperative, farmers market, small corner store, green grocer or large multinational corporation has an impact on the planet, people and animals along the way. Many issues influence, how, why and when we buy our food. Finances, culture, ethics, location, time, education and personal beliefs and we all try to do the best we can with the resources we have. Whether you do all your shopping at the Co-op or buy a few items now and again, you can vote with your dollar and send a powerful message to producers. For the consumer, making ethical buying decisions requires some research. Just because something says it is ‘organic’ doesn’t make it green. Some questions to consider: Where was it grown? How were the people, animals, environment involved in the production of that product treated? What state did the growing and making of the product leave the environment in? What’s the life cycle of the product? Has it got excess packaging? How does the business operate that sells that product? Are the workers paid fairly and treated well? Is the information about the product transparent? There are plenty of broader ethics to consider when buying that apple or loaf of bread. Considering these kinds of questions and re-thinking what we buy The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

means we can decide where our money goes and what type of industries we support. Is buying that big family block of mass produced chocolate the best option? Could I buy the small block of fair trade organic chocolate and eat less but know that I’m supporting a fair system? Also avoiding out of season fruits and vegetables can be another way to save money and expand your awareness of other fruits and vegetables. Suggested Reading: All titles are available at Blue Mountains City Library. E c o l o g i c a l Intelligence -how knowing the hidden impacts of what we buy can change everything-Daniel Goleman. The Ethics of What we Eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason, The Life You Can Save- Acting now to end world poverty – Peter Singer, The Legacy by David Suzuki, The Green Guide by David Suzuki by Amanda Quinn

August 2011


Motto Hazelbrook Your Say Have B

lue Mountains City Council as part of their signage program has asked the Hazelbrook Association to let them know if the current motto for Hazelbrook “Jewel of the Mountains” is still popular or if another motto is preferred. One suggestion is Hazelbrook “Village of Waterfall Walks”. If you would like to put in a suggestion or give your opinion then call into Hazelbrook Health Foods shop.


azelbrook emory Park Reconstruction

World War 1 Veterans List

he Hazelbrook Association is T requesting that the names of defence personnel who were engaged

in the World War I conflict be placed in Memory Park when it is re-landscaped. If you wish to check the list we have for accuracy, please look at the display copy in the Hazelbrook Health Foods shop and let Angela know of suggested changes.

Local transport information - The Blue Mountains Transport Guide Where can I get information about local transport options? What bike or walking groups can I join? How can I access community or medical transport? What groups are active on transport issues? The Blue Mountains Transport Guide, is a new resource to assist local residents with information about current transport options, services and groups. The Getting Around in Community project based at Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (MMNC) has produced the first edition of the guide with the support of Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC). Future editions will be updated with new transport information, services, initiatives or groups. Hardcopies will be available from mid August, from a range of health, community services and businesses. Including, Neighbourhood Centres, Blue Mountains City Council, medical centres, libraries and bicycles shops. We welcome your inclusions and feedback.

Mid Mountains Local Produce Stall Do you ever have excess fruit & vegies in your garden.? Is food security important to you? The Mid Mountains stall needs you!! Come & share your garden produce & skills with the stall. There will be a meeting at the August stall to plan for the spring & summer. The Local Produce Stall is a place you can share/ sell that excess and get to know other growers and people who want to buy local produce. You can find the stall at the Magpie Markets (3rd Sunday of the month). If you want to find out more about how the stall works you can find a link to the Local Produce Stall blog on the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre website www.mmnc. under Sustainability Links.

New inantthetomountains? get to know W people? Do you like gardening and would like some help with your garden and help others with their gardens as well? Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre has just the thing for you, Gardening Circles. This is where you join with a group of other people to take turns working on each other’s gardens. You may meet monthly or more regularly. The person who garden it is usually provides morning tea. If you’d like to know more or to join a circle contact Maeve at Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre on 47592592 or

Free Tax Help!! Do you earn less than $50.000 and need help with your tax return? If so, you could be eligible for FREE tax help. The Service runs from July to October at Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre in Lawson. It is run by volunteers trained and accredited by the Tax Office to help clients with straightforward tax affairs. It is available for low income and disadvantaged people in genuine need of assistance or help in completing their 20102011 tax return. For appointment details please call the Centre on 4759 2592

Electronic copies can be downloaded from the BMCC website sustainableliving/ or the MMNC Website html The Getting around in community project welcomes community involvement in planning activities and workshops that will lead to local sustainable transport options. Contact Suzan Mehmet Ph 4759 2592 Website transport.html or Email

The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

August 2011


Woodford Presbyterian

Family Playgroup Wednesday 10am - 12 (During school term) Please bring morning tea for your child (no nuts please).

Woodford Presbyterian Church, 88-89 Great Western Highway, Woodford (next to Woodford Academy) Phone 4751 7715

The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)

August 2011






Sainsbury Air Solutions


• Sales, Service & Installation of Ducted & Split Systems • 6 days (Mon-Sat) • All Areas

BOBCAT, EXCAVATOR & TIPPER HIRE Rockhammer & Auger, Land Clearing, Yards Levelled, Driveways, Slashing, Rubbish Removed, Filling Supplied

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Call David on 0424 945 859

4757 1560 or 0414 541 560





Lic No. 211838c AU21673


All Mechanical Repairs - MTA member Authorised Inspection Station All makes and models Lawson Tyre Centre: 4759 2084 40 - 44 Christabel Street, Lawson



Reflections To Share, Celebrancy Services

Weddings Namings Celebration of Life: Funerals

0447 778 870

‘Ensuring you a personal and sincere service’



PHOENIX RESTORATION Carpentry, Furniture repairer, Flat pack assembly,General maintenance Pensioner Discount No job too small • Free Quote

Phone John

4759 1236 • 0414 186 097 HEALTH



Simply the best BI NS

Simply the best BINS

2m³- 6m³ 7 days pick up and delivery

Free call

1 800 50 2468 VET

Lyn Midgley

Massage Journey Practitioner

Remedial, Pregnancy and Aroma Massage Reflexology and Journey work. Health rebates

Clinics - 11 Benang St, Lawson 122 Katoomba St, Katoomba

0421 484 473


DESIGN • INSTALL• MAINTAIN • Lighting & Power Points • TV & Phone Outlets • Smoke Alarms • 3 in 1 Heaters & Ceiling Fans • Stove & Hot Water • 24 Hr Emergency Service Available Visit our website for detailed information about our services

Call 4737 9990 or 0423 877 630 Lic No 205620C

Seniors Card accepted! The Echo (Bullaburra to Linden)


1300 650 806 Factory/Showroom

Unit 2/17 Pullman Place, Emu Plains * New Systems

* Service & Repairs

August 2011


Club Hazelbrook ‘The Friendliest Club’

Bonnie View Avenue, Hazelbrook Tel: 4758 6240

CLUB BISTRO NEW Management NEW Menu We are here!



Lester Ave

Saturday 27th August 8-12 pm VACANT SEA Pub/Rock Band

s Rd

Hazelbrook Bowling Club

Bonnie View Ave


d La



Glendarrah St

Great Western Hway

Thursday 6.30 pm Sundays 5:30 pm


Take a Virtual Tour We practise responsible service of alcohol. Is gambling a problem for you? G-line is an anonymous and free counselling service (freecall) 1800 633635


The Echo (Bullaburra to



Back to the Future Friday 7th August 8pm till late August 2011

Mid Mountains Echo August 2011  

Bullaburra to Linden

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