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Welcome to the fourth issue of Bluemoon! The bad news is most of us are stuck with looming coursework deadlines and the fear of exams is in the air! The good news is Bluemoon is here to distract you from all of that. So pop the kettle on have a sit down and flick through our pages. We’ve got reviews coming out of our ears this issue, so have a look at what the UHSU Drama society has been up to, check out what games we’re anticpating and go to our music pages to see what’s been going on at the Forum Hertfordshire. Oh, and check out our interview with Henry Bird to find out about the up and coming open mic night! Good luck with the deadlines! Emma Stock

Words By Charlotte Jones Rihanna’s hair is a statement red and looks gorgeous on her skin tone. If you are pale, look for a toned down shade. Beware because it could make you look gaunt.

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If you don’t want to be a dare devil like Rihanna then look out for a colour like Cheryl’s. Her colour has a plum tone, making the red more subtle but still making that bold statement.

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The weather may not be getting warmer but spring is around the corner, which means the fashion world is working hard to update your look. We have picked the latest leather and geek looks that will change your winter wardrobe into a spring and stylish look.

Topshop £35 Tip: Tuck this sheer top into your leather shorts and trousers for the complete look. £20 Wear shorts with tights or if you don’t want to reveal your legs try these leather trousers from asos for £85. Beware! Leather trousers can be pricey!

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I took my seat in Prince Edward Hall, College Lane Campus, expecting to see the same old classical re-telling of Aladdin... but I didn’t get that. Instead, the UHSU Drama Society put on their own absolutely fantastic version of Aladdin with a very entertaining modern twist! There was Jasmine searching for love in Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger and Aladdin rapping and break dancing. The pantomime had the whole room roaring with laughter as the characters danced and sang along to Pussy Cat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’ and Kanye West’s ‘Goldigger’. All the performances where brilliant, but for me the Dame and the Genie were my favourite characters. The Australian Genie definitely looked the part with an empty Fosters can tied to her

belt and the Dame was in true pantomime spirit a camp crossdresser in an almost glamorous yellow dress, shouting the memorable catchphrase (which

was able to be set free to pursue her career as a comedian. Lovely! Coming to watch this pantomime I didn’t expect to laugh so much. I was even able to buy a mince pie

“Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton! Who cares?.. it’s all made in Bangladesh!” I still can’t get out of my head): “Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton! Who cares?.. it’s all made in Bangladesh!” Also in the true spirit of pantomime we, the audience, participated with booing when those nasty “baddies” were behind our hero Aladdin, and finishing off with “Oi, oi, oi!” to every “Oggy, oggy, oggy!” that was bellowed on stage. But one of the highlights for me was the third wish which caught my heart as one of my favourite characters- the Genie

for 30p... which was the cherry on the top of my night. The UHSU Drama Society did such a fantastic job, and they exceeded everyone’s expectations, I left the hall buzzing with excitement. There was a mixture of all ages in the audience and no one had a bad comment to say. It just goes to show, this modern twist to Aladdin is just perfect for all ages! I just can’t wait to see what the UHSU Drama Society put on next! Words By Emily Mangiza

Yes! An Open Mic night has started. Do you want to know the best thing about it? Well, aside from awesome music, and living room atmosphere, the entry is totally FREE! Leaving you with more money to spend wisely on some drinks! I spoke to Henry Bird, creator of the Open Mic Night at Club De Hav, to tell us more about the night and what we should expect.

play are playing for the first time. It’s good to give people the confidence to play. Although I’m sure the offer of free alcohol to play does entice quite a few people!

Well, it’s much the same as any other Open Mic Night, but recently the music styles are becoming more varied. From Rap to Acapella to well known covers. At the last night we even had some Russian folk. It’s a broad spectrum and there’s always something for all music tastes. At a lot of open mics the standard is very high and I think that intimidates people. But at De Hav, it’s pretty laid back, a lot of people who

So what bands do you highly recommend we check out?

What made you decide to start an Open Mic night and how did you do it?

Last year I went to all of the acoustic nights. At the beginning Is it just student bands that of this year only two acts turned play or local bands too? up out of the five which were meant to play. So I got roped in A lot of students do play, but to try to get people to play. After we get a blend of locals in as that night I said we should run it well. De Hav is a student and as an Open Mic night and from members only bar so not a lot then on that’s how it’s been! It’s So, first of all tell us a bit about of the locals know about it. But going from strength to strength, the Open Mic night at Club De we are trying to work on that! so much so that it’s now fortHav. We’d love the lowdown! nightly instead of monthly.

We mainly get solo artists in, however we had a band called Korda Marshall play, they were really good; the drummer used a shoe box for percussion so what’s not to like? In terms of solo artists, if you haven’t then you should check out Lindie de Jager.

That’s brilliant! So what do you get for all your hard work? I get free beer like all the other performers except I just get more of it! On a more serious note it’s good to meet other musicians and to get people playing for the first time! It’s a good laugh and I’d probably do it for free, but don’t tell them that! Words by Emma Stock

When given the opportunity to interview Missing Andy, a Brit-rock band from Essex/London, I was pretty excited. After seeing them on ‘Must be the Music’, a contest on Sky 1, I’d become a fan and jumped at the chance to see them perform live at The Forum, Hertfordshire.

Where did the name Alex: You can’t play your own Missing Andy come from? music on The X Factor; if I wanted

to sing karaoke, I would! But they Alex: My dog Andy, he went contacted us first after looking for local bands. I didn’t want to go, it missing! was Rob’s suggestion. We didn’t even go to the first audition.

What was the inspiration for your song, ‘The way How did it feel performing we’re made: Made in to the judges? England?’

Alex: Everything that’s around us, our lives, our experiences We arrived to see the band doing growing up in England. It’s about their sound check in The Attic, your nationality, where you’ve and after hearing a snippet of my grown up, that’s why everyone favourite song I knew the gig was from everywhere can relate to it. going to be good. Once they were finished, Alex- the lead singer- led us to the dressing room where After we met Elliot and Steve, relaxing being selected before their performance with by the judges and a few drinks, some crisps and then voted for by the chocolate! Halfway through the interview we were joined by Rob public, Missing Andy made it and John, which completed the all the way to the live final of band. ‘Must Be the Music’, coming When I said they were probably sick of being asked the same questions, Alex challenged me to ask them something different...

second to soloist ‘Emma’s Imagination’.

Alex: No different to anyone else. It was performing at Wembley that was cool; the noise was incredible, you get a buzz from the sound of the crowds, 10,000 people singing along. But the judges were great; Sharleen came up to me and said, ‘I absolutely love your song.’ They’re musicians just like us.

What’s the ultimate goal for Missing Andy? Alex: To still be enjoying the music, performing, and not to have all fallen out! Steve: Yeah, get our music out there. Alex: It’s like the 70s and 80s

How has‘Must be the Music’ when music meant something, What’s the craziest fan changed your career? we want to bring music back to experience you’ve ever that. People 14-50 like our songs had? Alex: Not a lot to be honest; it and relate to them; we want to got us a booking agent but we’re Alex: We were doing a gig on tour just carrying on doing what in Ipswich when we overheard a we’ve always done, touring and stalker-off! performing. Though people are more aware of us since being on Steve: Yeah, they were outside the show. our van and it was like, ‘I’ve got their ringtone...well I’ve got their Why did you audition song as my alarm clock...Well I’ve for Must be the Music as got three of their t-shirts...!’

opposed to The X Factor?

get our music out to more people.

Finally, what do you do in your spare time? Alex: We don’t get any! To be honest, I wouldn’t want any free time. Words by Valentina Terrinoni

When anyone over the age of 18 hears the word Disney, they immediately think of brilliant classic animation - Lion King, Beauty and the Beast...need I continue? Apart from Toy Story, Disney seems to lose their edge when it comes to CGI. Needless to say, I

princess locked in a tower who also has magic healing hair and thinks the evil witch who locked her there is her mother. Twisted? Perhaps. Inspired? Definitely.

make a classic Disney fairytale in 3D animation you ask? Well, according to Glen Keane, the directing animator on Tangled and animator for Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid and countless other At first, the concept of the magic Disney classics, he always inhealing hair seems a bit of dodgy tended that the film looked and extra Disney magic thrown in for felt like a traditional hand-drawn film... but in 3D. Therefore he brought in 50 Disney animators (both CGI and traditional artists) to discuss the techniques used in each style and how to, in his words:

Tangled is the brilliant re-imagining of the Rapunzel fairytale watched Tangled expecting to be disappointed. Even though Disney was doing what it does best, a fairytale, after the waste of 90 minutes that was The Princess and the Frog, I thought Disney was scraping the barrel on the storyline front... I couldn’t have been more wrong!

“funsies” but it actually becomes integral to the story and gives a reason for the witch, Mothel Gothel, stealing Rapunzel in the first place- something we don’t get in the original tale. Gothel herself is a hark back to the old Disney villains that used to scare the crap out of us as kids but the fact that Rapunzel believes Tangled is the brilliant re-imag- the witch to be her mother beining of the Rapunzel fairytale, lieves her into her own league of where Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) creepy. isn’t just a stolen princess locked in a tower, but rather a stolen But how did they manage to

“bring the warmth and intuitive feel of the hand-drawn to CGI.” This may seem excessive, but the outcome is a look that satisfies both me, a sad 20 year-old Disney fan, and my three year old niece, who liked the look of the film so much she preferred to remove her 3D glasses and watch the film without the effects – to each their own! Words by Chloe Satchell

Words By Jack Hart Bioware have been teasing us with this anticipated sequel throughout the end of last year. When the first preview trailer was released, showing a wartorn London with giant robots blasting Big Ben, my excitement hit the roof. If it’s anything like its predecessors, we’re talking huge space battles, a variety of customisation for your character, and ample choice in both communication (which the series specialises in) and choosing specific characters to take on missions with you. As far as futuristic RPG/Third Person Shooter hybrids go (ok, so they aren’t in an abundance), the Mass Effect series is at the top of its game. Ok, so the Zelda series. I guess you could say that with all the games announced for this year, it’s a bit of a surprise that this has made it in, after their poor performance of ‘Twilight Princess’. Like ITV’s Daybreak, its constantly trying to live up to what came before it, and in Zelda’s case, ‘Ocarina of Time’ on the N64 was the pinnacle of the action-adventure title. However, I do have a feeling Nintendo are going to pull out all the stops. We’re talking motion-plus support, an upgraded graphics system, a fresh outlook on classic aspects like the map and potion system, and even new weapons, I have a feeling this will go down as one of the series’ finer moments. It’s all rumours and whispers at the moment, and let’s face it, it will probably change a hundred times. What’s being said at the moment is that Infinity Ward, the lead developers behind the previous two Modern Warfare titles, are back at the helm. However, Sledgehammer Games are supposedly helping them create the single player and Raven Software (the studio behind last year’s highly underrated FPS ‘Singularity’ , HMV in the galleria have it on the cheap, I urge you to check iit out!) are helping out with everyone’s favourite part- the multiplayer, which even I’m excited about. I’d say keep an eye on this, but I’m sure you already are.

Right, this might be a little bit biased of me as I’m a huge fighting game/comic book/ Capcom fan but this is one any fan of...well, fighting games, comic books, or Capcom should be interested in. With a larger roster than the previous two cult classics, and more advancement on aspects such as special attacks, 3-D graphics as opposed to the classic pixelated sprites of the last two instalments. Also revamped is the control system, now opting for a Street Fighter-esque three button simple control system while (Capcom hopes) still retaining the strategy seen in their other fighting titles.

Facebook rapes, coming to the end of your student loan, seeing a drunken guy eat an inanimate object, procrastinating during deadlines... This sounds all too familiar in the student bubble and so has began exposing them all - so we can have a good old laugh!

laugh at a drunken guy eating a Andrew at stockypotty@gmail. napkin and then watch another com and feel educated from a TED talk or RSA animate video.” Oh and lastly you might interested to know that the The website also allows students website is at war. Yes war. Student to expose themselves creatively Antics is currently fighting with (no not in that way). students across the UK against Mr Graves. For starters there’s the ever Student Antics is a community/ expanding band platform. The Mr Graves being a visual entertainment site full of sketch band platform on the website representation of all the bad comedies, popular online videos, articles, forum discussions, Student Antics community/entertainment site full student bands and student of sketch comedies, popular online videos, articles, deals. Not only is it a website forum discussions, student bands and student deals. designed to entertain us, for us to procrastinate with instead of allows student bands to put their things about university, his army doing that horrible essay, but it profile and their music up onto consisting of bad hangovers, also can help us. the site for viewers to see. deadlines and career confusion are battling to make your student The creator of the website, As well a band platform there’s life a living hell. Sounds like a former student Andrew Stocker, also a chance to get involved in douche right? To find out more explained how “the material for some pretty cool video making. about Mr Graves and how you the website comes from real Andrew urges students to get can earn points to combat him, student experiences. Therefore stuck in, so if you’re sitting on a visit the site! there’s a range of genres available good article or series you would on the site, by watching the like to write for Student Antics or popular videos on the site you feel like you would want to get could feel inspired by someone’s behind the production side of achievement, watch another and the sketches or acting email Words By Emma Stock

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