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Welcome to the BlueMoon Solutions Newsletter keeping you up-to-date with the latest IT news, views and issues affecting your business. Check out the Case Study: Backup or Bust and what we really think of the newly released Windows 7. …Enjoy! The BlueMoon Solutions Team



1. Software Licensing, check you’re purchasing in the most economical way You can make savings by buying through a manufacturers licensing scheme and be aware of licenses you have, don’t discard or repurchase existing software unnecessarily. 2. Take advantage of free IT reviews Shop around taking advantage of free IT reviews offered by experts to assess your existing set up. Take advantage of preferred supplier purchasing arrangements and bulk discounts that specialist IT suppliers enjoy. 3. Save money by switching off equipment when not in use A single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost over £50 a year. switching it off out of hours and enabling standby features could reduce this to £15 a year each and prolong the lifespan of equipment. 4. Partners expertise. Build a strong partnership with a reputable support provider... one that adds value to the relationship.

CONTENTS • Save by Outsourcing your IT • Want to update your own website? • FAQ: How much does a support contact cost? • Case Study: Backup or Bust • Spotlight on: Sean Savoy • HOW TO… save time and money with Sage • Ask the Expert • Thought of the Day

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12/11/2009 17:08


BY OUTSOURCING YOUR IT If you need to save money and time in the current climate then outsourcing elements of your IT support could be the answer. Outsourcing can allow you to reduce headcount, improve efficiencies and access specialist expertise. We provide a flexible, ‘pick and mix’ service offering; you choose the services you need. These can include anything from support and helpdesk packages, to hardware maintenance and systems monitoring.


WANT TO UPDATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE? Are you tired of paying somebody to update your website every time you want to add news or a new product to your website. Worried your website isn’t optimised as well as it could be for search engines? If the answer is yes to any of these questions talk to BlueMoon. We offer a cost effective content management system that allows anybody to update their system – no technical skills needed. It is as easy as using word, Call 0845 0043202 today to find out more.

HOW MUCH DOES A SUPPORT CONTACT COST? For a basic support contract £20 per user per month which includes remote and onsite support cover and quarterly visit and service review. BLUE_M_A5_42.14_K.indd 2


BACKUP OR BUST Knowing that if disaster struck and not having his system available immediately would cost their business dearly, a client approached us to help. They needed to get their critical data backed up to an offsite location and also find a way to bring the system online and accessible to staff, who may be send home to work if something happened to their business premises. Speed was vital as was remote access but they were concerned about cost and that they would have to buy a separate server that would sit there as a standby. We had the solution. The system was used by clients with similar concerns and it was cost effective in keeping with our “Low Cost for Small Business” ethos. Daily backups of critical data would be automatically taken offsite, combined with our own existing virtualised hosted servers, providing an area where the clients system can be brought up in very quick time and could be accessed remotely from any location. The customer was over the moon, not only because the only additional cost incurred would be for the offsite backup solution, but because they now knew they could still recover the business, very quickly, should a major disaster occur.

IT support for growing businesses SOLUTIONS

12/11/2009 17:08



SAVE TIME AND MONEY … WITH SAGE Name: Sean Savoy Job title: IT Technical Consultant Nickname: Shorty Who do you admire most? Jeremy Clarkson. Getting paid to drive all those fast cars. How would you like to be described by your colleagues? As the younger looking one who really knows his stuff What would you do if you weren’t in IT? Well I originally qualified as an Accountant, got involved in Sage Accounting software consultancy which paved the way for my career in IT. So I would probably have to say Audit and Accountancy if I wasn’t in IT. What’s your favourite drink? Coffee. I love it and can’t work without it.

If you have Sage and still print and then post quotations, orders or invoices to your customers you are costing your business… wasting time, paper, print and postage costs. What could be the next big thing in IT? For SME’s the next big thing that’s just hitting IT is Small Business Server 2008 and Windows 7 Desktops. There really are some great new features in both that would benefit most SMEs. Who or what do you hate the most? Software companies who move around the menu icons, change the icon pictures and then push customers into purchasing the upgrade. What’s your greatest luxury in life? Sitting by a lake with my fishing rods ready to land the next big fish.

Instead you can integrate Sage with Microsoft Outlook which means that when a quote, order or invoice is created in Sage it is then emailed automatically to the customer. Recently we set up this system for a client and they now save 15 minutes per quotation and average £2.50 per quotation, order, invoice cycle.

Call us now on 0845 0043202 to see how much time and money you can save.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: “BlueMoon Solutions have provided us with refreshingly efficient IT support over the past six months. They are organized, unpatronising andabove all, obviously know their stuff.


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We have had plenty of disappointing experiences with other large and small IT companies in the past and I can wholeheartedly recommend BlueMoon Solutions above all others.

IT support for growing businesses SOLUTIONS

12/11/2009 17:08

ASK THE EXPERT …IS IT WORTH UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 7? Richard Foster replies: No - unless you are getting a new desktop or you want to align all your desktops to a single operating system, or unless there are some features that come with Windows 7 that you want to ensure are available to all your users. But if you asked me – is it worth embracing Windows 7 with new desktops purchased to replace your older ones – then oh yes! Windows 7 appears the most stable and efficient yet, with Microsoft having learned lessons of the past, getting it working right and then releasing an absolute rocket of an operating system.

STOP PRESS… BlueMoon is now officially a Sage business partner. We are delighted to offer discounted rates on products and services, so call us for your Sage requirements.

Thought of the Day: To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

ITIL ® The key to Managing IT Services BLUE_M_A5_42.14_K.indd 4

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Stability – It doesn’t only look and feel stable and reliable, it is. After upgrading a laptop from Vista to Windows 7, it now gets shutdown and restarted when I want it to and not when Windows forces me to Efficient – Most desktop hardware, certainly by branded suppliers such as Dell, are 64Bit ready meaning they are built to be faster and more powerful. Windows 7 is built to run on that hardware allowing you to make use of that additional power Features – New features that can increase business efficiency such as “Snap” which allows you to very quickly compare windows / documents “Side-by-Side” without the need to waste time resizing windows. Combine the enhanced “Windows Search” and the new “Jump Lists” mean you can find and open recent documents quicker, more efficiently It is also worth noting that desktops purchased with Vista after 26th June 2009 may qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 7. Email us at and we will send you the link.

The greatest compliment we can receive is when you refer our services on to other businesses. So if you know anybody who would benefit from our services please do pass on our details. We will look after them.

Tel: 0845 0043202 Fax: 07092 871371 12 Spencer Road,Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2QB

IT support for growing businesses SOLUTIONS

12/11/2009 17:08

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