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Theme based events enriches the clubbing experience With the change in time the club experience in U.S is taking a new approach to attract the customers and making them their loyal followers,

Clubbing is the best night out option for the relief after the office working hours. This period plays a role recharging your body and brain after a day long working. Accompanied with your loved one and friends on the dance floor spicing up with smashing music and chilling drinks makes the mood refreshed. But if the same thing is repeated every now and then, it becomes boring. Some of the clubs have started new strategy that can delight and attract the customers. They organize special events and parties that can add flavor to the experience. Many of the clubs have defined their weekly event list like Mondays for Dj party and discounts for service industry people. For Tuesdays rock heavy metal parties, Wednesdays Girls night out discounts and same way other events for the other days of the week. This makes the clubs to focus a particular type of customer a better way. Even for the particular hours in the week day they give huge discounts and special offers. Some of the high end clubs have become the place for launching new books and collection. Corporate companies prefer this type of place so that they can attract a huge number of people and enrich their media presence. Recently a company launched its designer calendar at one of the famous night club Florida. Corporate companies even keep their annual get

together party in clubs that provide a facility for private parties and events that can act as a perfect place for dance and drink. Charity events also take place here that are kept for some noble cause. Recently a famous club chain hosted a similar event with a motive to spread awareness about cancer grouping cancer hospitals in more than 11 cities. Theme parties are one of the most exciting events kept by the night clubs there are many famous days that are been taken as a theme like the Halloween party which is quite fancy and every thing in the club is been decorated as per the same, this is one of the most awaited party in the town. This type of other theme parties includes Ego party, A Little black party, Pink Party and many more such theme party. There are many prices that are given by the clubs for different interesting contests.

This type of new and interesting activities has made clubbing experience the best night hangout place where one can have a refreshing time with friends and family.

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