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september 2013

Issue 12 • June 2012

From the CEO.... It’s not uncommon to be asked, “What makes Blue Line Arts special?” It happens every day. Visitors, staff, donors--everyone wants to know. For me, what makes it special is the people involved. From our talented artists, to our dedicated weekly volunteers and volunteer board of directors to our enthusiastic interns and staff, and of course our donors, sponsors and visitors, Blue Line Arts has a strong community.


Staff TONY NATSOULAS Exhibitions Consultant KATHLEEN MAZZEI Operations Manager KATIE CURLER Education Coordinator LORI CARDOZA Membership & Development Coordinator

As we closed our annual membership exhibit celebrating our artists, we open with another fabulous show featuring local professional artists Lee Kavaljian, who celebrates his 56th year as an educator from CSUS and CSUS MA Graduate and MFA Standford University Graduate, Brenda Louie. In clay and paint, each offer a colorful viewing selection not to be missed. As well, in our second gallery our Bold in Black and White Exhibit features a simple palette with strong diversity from over 20 artists. If music is something you would enjoy, I invite you to see our first musician in our music series, classical guitarist, Celia Linde from Sweden on September 13. Celia’s music is absolutely magical, and tickets are only $10 for members. As a way to support our programs, each year, we feature two fundraisers. This year, we’re premiering Starry Starry Night on September 27 on the rooftop of Blue Line, featuring America’s Got Talent contestant and star, David Garibaldi. Please see him perform, enjoy the food and beverages of the evening, emceed by board member, and columnist from the Sacramento Business Journal, Ed Goldman. It’s a night to remember. Once again, Blue Line Arts offers something for everyone, won’t you join us? Sincerely, Julie Hirota CEO - Blue Line Arts

2 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President JULIE FIELDER CEO, AyurNomics President Elect DAVE COOK RCH Group Secretary

HOLLY TICHE Placer Ranch Treasurer GEORGE PHILLIPS Phillips Land Law

Directors RAZEIH BAGHERI Rima Boutique JENNIFER CRISOLOGO New England Financial KRISTA FENSKE Sticky Graphics ED GOLDMAN Goldman Communications, Inc. DEANNE GREEN Brookfield Residential WILLIAM ISHMAEL Artist JEFF JONES WestPark Associates RASHIDA LILANI CPF 速, Lilani Wealth Management KELLY PETERSON Layers of Color SUSAN ROHAN Mayor of Roseville JOHN SINCLAIR Sinclair, Wilson, Baldo & Chamberlain CINDY STRICKLAND Art Consultant

C onnect with us

Stop & Sm ell th Rose e s Sho w!

Share! #starrystarrynight S pecial T hanks to ou r cont r ibuto r s

Article Contributions



Julie Hirota Katie Curler Zoran Peshich Lang Lew

Kathleen Mazzei

FEatures 2 CEO Letter 14 “Just Do It” By Katie Curler 22 “Its Art, but not as we know it “ By Zoran Peshich 30 Town Square Grand Opening 41 Calls To Artists What’s Happening 6 Current Exhibits 8 Upcoming Exhibits 18 Starry Starry Night 24 Celia Linde Performance 26 Holiday Sale 28 Lottery for the Arts 32 Family Arts Festival 33 Roseville Animation Festival

ys a d y n Su em r e cad p Su rt A A

Educational 12 Resident Artist Workshops 34 Home School Program 36 Super Sundays Art Academy 37 Fall & Winter Art Camps Special Thanks 4 E-Zine Contributors 40 Kingsley Art Club Lecture Series 42 Donors and Sponsors Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 5

CURRENT sHOWS Coker Family Gallery Lee Kavaljian and Brenda Louie August 30th – October 5th

WestPark Workshop Gallery Bold In Black & White August 30th – October 5th

Eli & Edythe Broad Children’s Gallery Art in the Middle (Students from Cooley Middle School) July 18 - Extended 6 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

WOW,” says Marie Dixon.

Civic Center Lang Lew

Roseville Chamber of Commerce

August 16 - October 25

Rita Gordon July 12- September 20

Paramount Equity Julie Garcia

Roseville Downtown Library

September 3 - November 8

Extraordinary Photographs

Oracle Bill Reed

by J.B. Thompson, Donna Bentley, & Chuck Borelli Sept 14 -Oct 16

July 23 - November 22 Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 7


Coker Family Gallery

Lottery for the Arts R U YO Y U T? B OU TS YE Y DID TICKE

October 9 - October 12

WestPark Workshop Gallery

Lottery for the Arts October 9 - October 12

Eli & Edythe Broad Children’s Gallery

Lottery for the Arts October 9 - October 12

8 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Love the black and white photos of the black and white exhibit,” said GRoger Streff.

Nice show!” says,Civic MattCenter Dennis Carol Quinn Rhoades.

Roseville Chamber of Commerce Jennifer Woods

October 25 - January 3, 2014

September 20 - November 29

Paramount Equity

Roseville Downtown Library

Brenda Bowles

Dia de los Muertos

November 8 - January 17, 2014

October 19 - November 13

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 9

2013 Visiting artist lAURa rOSS-pAUL Oct 15th - Nov 5th 2013

ABOUT LAURA The vivid shapes in Laura’s paintings and monotypes symbolize the point at which the internal and external forces combine. They also bridge abstraction and realism. Abstraction represents the intellectual and spiritual for her; realism is the material and scientific. The figures hover between an emotional world and the real world. She balances multiple dualities with vibrant color, translucent layers of oil and wax, and glimpses of the natural environment. -VITA

10 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

This event is sponsored by the Susan CooleyGilliom Artist in Residence and Teaching Program at the Placer Community Foundation. To learn more visit

For Free Lecture Dates

click Here

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 11

Lauren Ross-Paul “Celebration”

WORKSHOP #1 Investigating the Live Figure (Beginning) WHEN: Oct 25, Oct26, and Oct 27, 2013 TIME: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Availablity oday Member Price: $300 Limited r Spot T Non-Member Price: $330 ve You


Using a variety of mediums, students will practice their drawing skills with a nude model as their subject. Various drawing studies will be covered with the goal of creating a drawing style that incorporates line, value and color, which can be practiced and refined into an “empty” drawing book that each student will create during the first class. Day One will cover how to approach the figure through gestures. Emphasis will placed be on line, movement and color theory. Various static poses, objects and movements will be explored. Day Two continues the drawing studies into subject matter moving into other objects: a clear glass of water with an object inside. Diving into the basics of seeing the 3-D world and replicating it in 2-D form. Day Three will be working with our empty books and rolling pens. Students will use different materials to experiment. Encouraged to emphasizing their own approach, students will finish the workshop with a review explaining their skills and how they will incorporate them in their creative work.

Register here 12 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

WORKSHOP #2 Investigating the Live Figure (Advanced) WHEN: Nov 1, Nov 2, and Nov 3, 2013 TIME: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Availablity Member Price: $300 imited r Spot Today L Non-Member Price: $330 You



The goal of this workshop is to enforce the basics of figure drawing and painting using proportion, figure/ ground relationships, color theory and the exploration of combining materials. Day One includes gesture drawings with short poses that increase in length. Simple figure/ground relationships will begin with spatial relationships to the paper’s edge, value gestures in black and white, overlapping/contrasting color and finally, incorporating color. Day Two will begin with a focus on the figure in specific portions (face, hand and feet) and finally a longer clothed pose emphasizing compositional flow. Day Three includes a focus on combining materials that reflect transparency and opacity. A specific demonstration on overlapping wet materials over dry for a unique effect will encourage experimentation. A review and peer critique will be scheduled for the last half of the day.

Register here

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 13

“Just Do it” Look into 2013 Visiting Artist In looking at one of her artworks, it should come as no surprise that Laura RossPaul is inspired by the people around her as the subjects for her paintings, though it is the particular facial expressions and body language of these people that stand out to her. She looks to a common device—her cell phone—to hone in on those attributes that may lend themselves well to one of the figures in her paintings. Ross-Paul processes these observations by scrolling through her endless supply of photos, translating the poses and expressions she sees into emotions on her canvas. 14 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Ross-Paul’s process is one unique to her artwork, first beginning by painting with watercolors, then covering the entire surface in a mixture of wax and resin. The overall effect when she completes this process is one of luminosity. Ross-Paul describes the end product as “ephemeral,” which she tries to contrast by adding painterly brushstrokes over the surface after the wax has dried. This final touch creates paintings that are bold without being brash. Her process is one that took her a while to get down and one that she still tries to improve. She explores technical changes in her process, which in the end motivates her painting style and keeps things from getting stagnant.

Laura Ross-Paul’s knack for painting was fostered from a young age, as she was recognized as a painter in elementary school and given the proper guidance and environment to nurture her gift. She went on to receive her BFA and MFA from Portland State University, where she later taught as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Painting at Portland State University, retiring after a 25 year period. Of her teaching style, Ross-Paul says she is a proponent of live demonstration, recognizing that her students, as artists, are visual learners. While leading by example, she also tries to pass along her enthusiasm for painting to her students, believing it is contagious. When students reciprocate with the same amount of enthusiasm for the act of painting and express their desire to learn more, Ross-Paul counts that as a success, stating that her respect for that desire to learn is her best teaching asset.

Lauren Ross-Paul “Detail Light Up”

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 15

16 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Lauren Ross-Paul “NIght Lights”

Katie Curler

Laura Ross-Paula

Ask Ross-Paul what advice she has for young artists and you’ll be met with a simple answer: just see and just do. When it comes to finding inspiration for your artwork, Ross-Paul urges young artists to saturate themselves with images from other artists. While visiting as many museums and galleries as possible is most advantageous, viewing art via books or the Internet is acceptable. Either way, the techniques and styles you take in from looking at art are bound to resonate with you. When it comes to creating one’s art, she advises not to wait to join a class; rather you should gather your supplies (nothing more than a pencil and sketchbook is necessary) and doodle every day. Don’t stress about executing a specific idea, just get them out on the paper. In short, Ross-Paul can sum up her advice using the old Nike slogan, “Just do it!” -Katie Curler, Education Coordinator Blue Line Arts

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 17

LOOK WHO IS COMING TO Downtown Roseville!

$60 per person $95 per couple

18 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

6-9 PM Roof Top



*Special Guest Host

Ed Goldman, Sacramento Business Journal Columnist


Local eateries will be featuring their signature entrees & desserts along with cocktails & beer served by our local roseville firefighters!


Enjoy art inspired by children and scholarship the next generation of creators! No to mention live auction of the artwork created night of by David Gatibaldi.

*50/50 Raffle

Either an arms length for $20 or body length for $50 of tickets. At the end of the night a lucky ticket buyer will recieve half the pot collected!

*Wine Wall

Wine bottles valued from $20-$100 donated from local outlets. Where for $30 dollars guests can select any of the wine on display at random! Feeling thirstly? bottle openers will be available. Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 19

T hank Y ou to ou r F O O D S ponso r s

20 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

T hank Y ou to ou r E vent S ponso r s

Bartlett Flowers & Gifts Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 21

“It’s Art, but not as we know it Jim!” Having survived the British Art School system in the sixties and actually graduating, I would like to share some of my thoughts. Trying to understand what art ‘is’… like walking through a minefield blindfolded. Yet as artists, we constantly struggle to make sense of ‘it’ while the real Die-Hards even try to live from ‘it’. Art is a human activity that is full of ‘Authorities’ and ‘Critics’ however; most know little about the subject, but like the ‘Modern Politician, ride the public opinion ticket! Remember, opinion is not ‘FACT’! And facts are hard to come by these days, opinion apparently becomes fact! 22 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

When you take the modern financial system, or the ‘Ponzi’ scheme as I call it, Art becomes just another commodity to be traded like a junk bond by the ‘Gnomes of Zurich’…….It’s at this point that the normal person’s vision blurs and the art authority syndrome kicks in,…. Consequently, the whole subject of art becomes pear shaped as the new normal. Art becomes this huge imponderable, we have to call in more Experts, Authorities and Critics to help us understand what we ‘are’ as artists! Good P.R. so I’m told……now that’s funny! Art is any one’s guess…… that’s the point, brilliant work can be ignored and weird rubbish gets rave reviews with misled punters lining up to buy the stuff! Why is that?

Well it’s probably because art in modern times has been packaged, created and sold as this enormous unknown, only a few ‘in the know’ are allowed to see, feel, smell, touch, deal and pass judgment on it. All of us are at liberty to challenge and discuss the wider purpose of art. Even Charles Saatchi, when not strangling his wife Nigela, understands the power of authority and patronage. As an Ad man who worked on the ‘brand’ of the two main political parties in Britain, ‘he’ of all people, knows the toxic mix of money, authority and above all ‘mystery’ and used it to create his own legacy as the leading force behind British Contemporary Art! Does art have to be any good to succeed?...... Probably not……. Zoran Peshich. Dip AD. SRD. FSIAD.

walking through a minefield blindfolded”

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 23

Guitarist Celia Linde comes to roseville

Friday Sept. 13 Doors Open 6:30 PM NOn-Member $15 per person NOn-Member $30 couples click here for a sample of her music

24 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

BIO In 1982 Celia Linde was selected to participate in a master course with Andrés Segovia at “Concervatoire de Musique de Geneve”. The legendary guitarist predicted a distinguished international career. He described Celia as a guitarist with true musicianship at her disposal, able to cover all of the difficulties and beauties of serious music. Born of turkish/swedish parentage, in Sweden Gothenburg, Celia presently resides in Malmö. She studied under professor Per Olof Johnson at the Malmö Academy of Music where she earned her Diploma and Master of Arts. Celia then continued her studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and earned a Master Soloist Diploma with highest Honors. After graduating in 1984, Celia arrived in New York to specialize in South American music with Brazilian guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima at the Manhattan School of Music. In 1988, Celia Linde entered the international concert circuit with a brilliant US debut to a sold-out house in the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. She presented the premier of the renowned American composer Bobby Scott, “Vera Cruz Incident”.Celia is often the featured artist on National Swedish Radio-Television and has also been profiled on the BBC, and international radio stations.

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 25

Holiday Sale 2 0 1 3

We are very excited to invite you to our 1st Annual Holiday Sale! Starting now until August1, 2013 Blue Line Arts will be accepting applications for a gallery wide sale on Saturday Novembor 16th & Sunday November 17th, 11am- 5pm! 4’X6’ booths will be available throughout the galleries.

Accepting all Fine Art Crafters in the following mediums: jewlery, wood, pottery, & fiber art. Please NO drawings, photographs, or paintings.

For applications and inquiries visit exhibits/call.html or email 26 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •



*CALL TO ARTISTS final DEADLINE SEPT. 23rd 28 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

The Lottery for the Arts is a fundraising event that provides art collectors with an opportunity to acquire original works of fine art, while supporting a non-profit organization and community of artists. EVERYBODY WINS during this exciting evening event. Every ticket holder will take home an original piece of quality art (valued at $250 or more) produced and donated by artists from the Northern California region and beyond while supporting community arts programs. Special thanks to our event sponsors: Brookfield Residential, WestPark Associates, North Valley Bank, Sutter Health Medical Center, & Style Magazine. Tickets: 2 Admissions + 1 Lottery Ticket = $150 Admission Only (no lottery ticket) = $100 Thank you to these early deadline artists! Stanley Bollinger, Karen Burns, Kellen Dyer, Margaret Eldred, Darlene Engellenner, Vicki Foote, Colleen Giorgi, James Hirschinger, Mair Host, Shannon Hulley, William Ishmael, Elma Jella’, Ursula Johnson, Jim Klein, Mya Louw, Michele McCormick, Jim McMahen, Zoran Peshich, James Phillips, Klaus Pinter, Bobbie Powell, Frances Quinzon, Jacinto Rivera, Anthony Rogone, Nancy Salerno, Jan Schnurr, Chris Stevens, Heather Stobo, Joe Strickland, Rachel Weissberger. Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 29

TOWN SQUARE Opening Thank you to the follow artists & volunteers for helping make the day one to remember. Caricature Artist: Karen Fulk, “Capture the Day” Artist: David Peterson, Sketching Instructor: Jeanette Smart, Shannon Hulley, Brittany Baron, NCL ladies, & Donna Sangwin from reCREATE.

Photos by lANG lEW

30 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 31

Performances by

Roseville Community Concert Band

Around 20 different stations will be set up with engaging, creative activities for all ages right here in downtown roseville! Booths are hosted by community organizations and stores ready to make your saturday adventure one to remember. Interested in be a booth vendor for FREE contact 32 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Join us for the 2nd Annual Roseville Animation Festival celebrating the diversity of styles in the ever-emerging field of Animation. Attendees will experience a selection of art and animated works from around the globe at the historic Tower Theatre in downtown Roseville, culled from independent artists and major motion picture companies. Friday Sept 27th 10pm: Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted (Rated R, no one under 17 admitted without an adult). Sat Sept. 28th: Family Fun Festival in Roseville’s brand new Town Square, featuring performances and activities for all ages from 10am to 2pm. Events will move to the Tower Theatre after 2pm. 2:30 PM: Family Animation. A selection of classic to contemporary animation fun for the whole family. 4:00 PM: International Film Competition, awarded in Best International Animation and Best California Animation. 6:00 PM: Art Institute of Sacramento’s “48 Hour Animation Challenge.” 8:00 PM: World’s Funniest Animation. Animation celebrated as gut-bustingly funny from around the globe.

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 33

For pricing + registration click Here

Fall Dates: Every Wednesday Sept. 11 - Oct. 30, 2013 Ages 5-9: 1PM - 2:30PM Ages 10-16: 3PM - 4:30PM Members: $125 Non-members: $135 34 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Programs are free or discounted for members. Not a member yet? Join today and start saving on fun for the whole family.

Teaser Project

*Draw a Free Form shape and fill in the back-ground using geometric shapes. Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 35

SUper Sundays Art Academy If your child has a hectic schedule this fall, but still wants to squeeze time in for art, consider Super Sundays at Blue Line Arts. A featured theme each month and every sunday will be filled with awesome projects. Don’t worry your child will still have time to finish their homework!

Out Of This World Art Art projects based on the amazing beauty of the solar system, constellations, and stars will have your child shining brightly as we create a new project that is completely out of this world! Sept. Dates: 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th (1PM - 4PM ) **First Sunday free!** Members: $15/monthly or $6/per day Non-Members: $20/monthly or $7/per day Register Here

36 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Instructor Emily Swinsick recently received her Masters of Art from California State University, Sacramento. As an artist herself, she has exhibited in numerous locations throughout Sacramento and Roseville, including the Robert Else Gallery, Beatnik Gallery, and right here at Blue Line Arts. Swinsick has also earned multiple awards for her artistic merit, including the Award of Merit from the California State Fair two years running. This will be her first time teaching at Blue Line Arts.

s p m a C r e t n i W Fall & Available! Now

Here Comes The Holidays! Ages: 5-12 Mon. Nov. 25th - Weds. Nov. 27th Full & Half Day Options available. Monday Fundays Ages: 5-12 Dec. 23rd and Dec. 30th Full & Half Day Options available. Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 37

18th annual premier food and beverage event

SATURDAY, SEPT. 14TH 6:30 — 10p|roseville Aquatics Complex | 3051 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.

All Inclusive Tickets: $60 single | $99 double (available prior to Sept 6) $80 single (after Sept 6 & at the door) Tickets available at | 916.783.8136 Printing sponsored by

Thank you to the following artists for supporting this community event. Danielle Rossetti, Donna Sangwin, Doreen Irwin, Emilie Righetti, Erica Patchin, Jennifer Pickering, Jill Squire, Maria Wecker, Pearl Nicolino, Rita Gordon, Shannon Hulley Timonthy Mulligan, Tommie Moller 38 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Please join us on September 20th from 6:30pm - 9:00pm for the September Soiree hosted by KOOLFIRE Magazine! This free event will be celebrating the one year anniversary of KOOLFIRE, and honoring the community supporters of the publication. Unique art from the KOOLFIRE creative team will be on display, including pieces from publisher Nichelle Galloway, local author Elizabeth Cheryl, and photography by Nikole Greer. Complimentary refreshments will be provided by Chef Jan of Catering by Design and Silk Road Soda. A silent auction benefiting Wellness Within will include a dinner and show package from Famous Mo’s, jewelry from Reinvent Clothing Boutique, and much more! Garments from Trixie’s Boutique, Reinvent Clothing Boutique and Sei Boutique will be on display. Bring your friends and meet the faces behind KOOLFIRE Magazine! For more information, contact KOOLFIRE at 916-663-7060 or

Ad w ver it t Cl h i ic s k us e he f r or e Ra te s

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 39

120 Years of Art Education Are you interested in the visual arts? Would you like to learn more about the art world from professionals in a wide variety of art fields? If so, please consider joining the Kingsley Art Club. The 2012-13 Lecture Series begins in September. Scheduled speakers include:       

9/18/2013 Scott Shields: The Art of Curating 10/16/2013 John Pugh: Conceptual Trompe L’Oiel: Creating a Sense of Place 11/20/2013 Nancy Mee: Evolving Process and Materials in Service of Ideas 1/15/2014 Jack Alvarez: Images Past and Present 2/19/2014 Doug Dertinger & Nigel Poor: Photography at San Quentin Prison 3/19/2014 Amy Ellison: Recent Work 4/16/2014 Yoshio Taylor: Transforming Clay: A Three-Story Mural of 5,000 Pounds of Clay

Dues also support the following educational programs:    

An Annual Merit Awards program for Community College students An elementary school Art Docent Program , including beginning art and art history lessons and field trips to the Crocker Museum. A Regional Juried High School Art Show The Crocker-Kingsley @ Blue Line, a juried art exhibition for emerging California artists held every two years

Lectures are held at 1:15 PM in the Crocker Art Museum Auditorium, 216 O Street on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Ticket Information:

Membership includes:  

7 Lectures Offers of field trips to various Northern California locations to attend art exhibitions and other art activities

40 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Season Tickets: Individual membership: $50 Couples (two at one address): $75 To order season tickets, visit our website at or send e-mail to Individual Tickets: may be purchased through the Crocker Museum: Adults: $10 Students: $5 Visit or purchase tickets at the Crocker ticket counter

Calls to artists

Click on the titles for more details The Music Within From Classical masterpieces, to soulful Jazz melodies, to the latest hits playing on the radio, we’ve all had the experience of being touched by a piece of music. When you close your eyes while you’re listening to these songs that move you, you can almost see them come to life. ‘The Music Within’ is your chance to share your visual adaptation of a composition, song, or lyric that has moved you.* Deadline: September 16

“Stop and Smell the Roses” Deadline: 7th Oct

‘‘30 x 30” (Group of artists who have completed 30 artworks in 30 days)

For your submission to the ‘30 x 30’ exhibit, please include up to 5 images (you may upload more than 5 images for a fee of $5/each) that you feel best represent your style as an artist and that best represent the 30 pieces you will be creating for display. 20 artists will be chosen based on their style, and then given a period of 30 days to create their 30 artworks.

Deadline: October 7

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 41

T hank you to ou r membe r s

Blue Line Society ($1000+)

Benefactor ($500+)

CarMax Foundation David & Dolly Fiddyment Deanne Green Dick & Louise Wiesner Emily Leff Folsom Lake Bank Granite Bay Development Hampton Inn Helen Taylor Jeff Jones Jennifer Crisologo John Allard John Norman Julie Hirota Morgan Stanley Smith Barney North Valley Bank Placer Community Foundation Placer Valley Tourism Sierra Rock & Landscape Star 106.5 Steve Pease Sue Garcia Susan Rohan Sutter Roseville Medical Center Taber Creative Group Thunder Valley Casino & Resort Union Pacific Foundation US Bank Wells Fargo Westfield Galleria Westwood Family Cellars William Ishmael

Aldo Pineschi and Lesli Goto Dave and Janice Cook David Attaway Eric Struck First Northern Bank George and Jen Phillips Gray Allen Gretchen & Pat Tobin John and Julie Fielder Kelly Peterson Linda Brown Marcus LoDuca Marcy Friedman, Monica Crooks Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs Roseville Auto Mall Roseville Kiwanis Sammy’s Rockin Bar & Grill Sandor and Holly Tiche Susan Mansfield Suzanne Gazzaniga

42 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Please welcome our newest Blue Line Artist ($70) members! Joyce Currie Leah Florence Norah Lee Jenni McGuire Elinor Rosen Kristina Sazaki

T hank you to ou r membe r s Patron ($250+)

Contributor ($100+)

Alexander Low

Afie Royo AJ Trombetta Amanda Broadhurst Annette de Bellefeuille Barb Brass Barbara Newell Clifton Johnson Edward Chaney Edward Goldman Elizabeth Kamrar Eric & Paige Stauss Evelyn Broyer Fred & Linda Mitsch Gayle Streff Geneva Parker George Hargrave Gina Garbolino Greg McGovern Helen Phillips Irene Lester Inger Price Jack Powell Jana Nakase Lee Janet Roberts Janice Metrogen Jeff Ronten Jim & Florence Smith John and Mary Lathrop John Johnson Jon & Darlene Engellenner Karen Kaplan Kathy Metzger Kelly Karas Kevin Lockhart Leonard Davis Lew Fellows Marcia & Cameron Murray Marilyn Festersen Marvis & Jim Smith Mike Madrid Nancy Glatt Pam Herman Pat Abraham & Norm Van Huff Paul & Lisa Joiner Priscilla Richter Ricco & Susan Ches Robyn Slakey Roopal Shah Roseville Rotary Samual Bassett & Pepe Pool Sandy Sharon Shimo Susana Watson Theodore and Anthula Natsoulas Yuko Carson

Andrew Klonecke Barbieri Commercial Brokerage Catherine Vollmer Chris & Sharon Steele Christina Richter Community 1st Bank Darla Yetter Darren Siegel David & Marybeth Knoll David Breninger David Kelly Denio’s Roseville Farmers Market Denise Fiddyment Diane Williams Erica Matney Heron Pacific, Wildlands Integral Financial Management Jack Duran James & Mary Beth Montgomery Janet Dick Janet Wagner Jim & Diane Williams John Johnson John M. Sinclair Joy Westrup Judi & Dwight Stickney Katherine Bryant Katy Schardt Kim Silvers Laverty & Chacon Layers of Color Lilani Wealth Management Lion’s Club Roseville Marge Dobrowolski Mary Shaw Michael & Kathy Metzger Michael Ziegler Molly Maid of Placer County Mourier Land Investment Group Paul Padilla Razeih Bagheri Sandra Smoley Sarah Reilly Sierra Vista South Placer Art in Public Places Stephen Martinez Steve Pease Taber Creative Group Ursula Johnson Virginia Amick Williams + Paddon Zoom Imaging Solutions Inc.

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 43

September Issue  

Blue Line Arts, is an active community resource established over 45 years ago to promote the arts. Blue Line Arts showcases the works of reg...

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