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october 2013


From the CEO.... Once again, the participating artists for the 5th Annual Lottery for the Arts have surpassed themselves! The art donated this year is truly amazing. We’re so proud to have such esteemed artists support Blue Line Arts once again. I cannot wait to see what transpired from the Lottery on October 11. I hope you have purchased a ticket!


Staff TONY NATSOULAS Exhibitions Consultant KATHLEEN MAZZEI Operations Manager KATIE CURLER Education Coordinator LORI CARDOZA Membership & Development Coordinator

As we look forward to the fall season and the next month, we’ll showcase another grouping of wonderful artists. Gong Yuebin will fill the gallery with his ceramic warrior statues-a new dynamic from his installation last year at the Crocker Art Museum-don’t miss this chance to see this amazing work. It’s quite stunning! As well, the WestPark will feature several artists for a diverse collection from the theme “The Music Within.” Music inspires so much creativity, and it certainly shows in this remarkable selection. Once again, we’ll host the Susan Cooley-Gilliom Artist in Residence Teaching program with resident artist, Laura Ross-Paul presented by the Placer Community Foundation. Don’t miss her two workshops featuring instruction and technique in acrylic with tension added elements. Live models help create the tension Laura embodies in her work. This opportunity is offered only once a year, make sure you sign up today to learn something exciting and new! A special thanks to everyone who helps support the art efforts in the region. If you’d like to offer additional support, or consider Blue Line Arts in your planned giving this year, please let us know. Your legacy of arts support is an important part of your community. Sincerely, Julie Hirota CEO - Blue Line Arts

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS President JULIE FIELDER CEO, AyurNomics President Elect DAVE COOK RCH Group Secretary

HOLLY TICHE Placer Ranch Treasurer GEORGE PHILLIPS Phillips Land Law

Directors JENNIFER CRISOLOGO New England Financial KRISTA FENSKE Sticky Graphics ED GOLDMAN Goldman Communications, Inc. DEANNE GREEN Brookfield Residential WILLIAM ISHMAEL Artist JEFF JONES WestPark Associates RASHIDA LILANI CPF速, Lilani Wealth Management KELLY PETERSON Layers of Color SUSAN ROHAN Mayor of Roseville JOHN SINCLAIR Sinclair, Wilson, Baldo & Chamberlain CINDY STRICKLAND Art Consultant

C o n n ect with u s

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Julie Hirota Zoran Peshich Mikko Lautamo Lang Lew

Kathleen Mazzei

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24 David Burgess Performance 42 Holiday Sale 30 Lottery for the Arts Educational Resident Artist Workshops 10 36 Super Sundays Art Academy 38 Fall & Winter Art Camps 40 Adult Workshop Series Special Thanks 4 E-Zine Contributors 29 Kingsley Art Club Lecture Series 44 Community Events 46 Donors and Sponsors Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 5

L ottery for

the A rts T op 3

jim Klein ‘Mike’s Barber’

lincoln rogala ‘wrap drawing on white’

CURRENT sHOWS Coker Family Gallery


Lottery for the Arts October 9 - October 12

WestPark Workshop Gallery

Lottery for the Arts October 9 - October 12

Eli & Edythe Broad Children’s Gallery

Lottery for the Arts October 9 - October 12

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T op 1 0 Alexa Garbarino ‘Pierce Point Farmhouse‘ Bobbi Mercouri ‘Bloomin in the Moonlight’ Shirley Hazlett ‘Infrastructure’ Carol Hodgson ‘Autumn Colour’ Victoria Weller ‘Tree Silhouette’ Jon Gariepy ‘Tool of the Oligarchy’ Georg Kickinger ‘A Day In The Mountains’

Joe Strickland ‘Mason Street’

Civic Center

Roseville Chamber of Commerce

Lang Lew

Jennifer Woods

August 16 - October 25

September 20 - November 29

Paramount Equity

Roseville Downtown Library

Julie Garcia

Dia de los Muertos

September 3 - November 8

October 19 - November 13


Peg’s Glorified Ham ‘n Eggs

Bill Reed

Pat Scott

July 23 - November 22

September 13 - November 22 Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 7

UPCOMING Upcoming EXHIBITS Curators Corner Remember kids,

documentation of your artwork is almost

Coker Family Gallery

Gong Yuebin

October 17 - November 9

as important as the work itself. More people will see your artwork on the internet

WestPark Workshop Gallery

The Music Within October 17 - November 7

than in real life. Make sure you have nice clear crisp images with nothing in the background to distract and good exposures. 8 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Eli & Edythe Broad Children’s Gallery

Visiting Artist in Resident Laura Ross-Paul October 15 - November 5

G Civic Center

Roseville Chamber of Commerce

Carol Quinn

Michelle McCormick

October 25 - January 3, 2014

November 29 - February 7, 2014

Paramount Equity

Roseville Downtown Library

Brenda Bowles

Group Collective Show

November 8 - January 17, 2014

November 16 - December 5

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Lauren Ross-Paul “Night Lights” 10 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

2013 Visiting artist lAURa rOSS-pAUL Oct 15th - Nov 5th

ABOUT LAURA Nature and urban life intermingle in the northwest, and our proximity to nature can lead to a utopian viewpoint; I think of it as a state of Northwestopia. My goal is to echo our humanity with the patterns and rhythms of nature; to find that “aha” moment when we are swept away by the beauty around us, in a state of flux, focused, but unable to take it all in.

This event is sponsored by the Susan CooleyGilliom Artist in Residence and Teaching Program at the Placer Community Foundation. To learn more visit

Free Lecture October 19th 5:30PM at Blue Line Arts

-Northwestopia, 2008 Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 11

WORKSHOP #1 Investigating the Live Figure (Beginning) WHEN: Oct 25, Oct26, and Oct 27, 2013 ity l b TIME: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM aila v A ot p d S e t Member Price: $300 our Y Limi e Non-Member Price: $330 Reserv ay Tod

Using a variety of mediums, students will practice their drawing skills with a nude model as their subject. Various drawing studies will be covered with the goal of creating a drawing style that incorporates line, value and color, which can be practiced and refined into an “empty” drawing book that each student will create during the first class. Day One will cover how to approach the figure through gestures. Emphasis will placed be on line, movement and color theory. Various static poses, objects and movements will be explored. Day Two continues the drawing studies into subject matter moving into other objects: a clear glass of water with an object inside. Diving into the basics of seeing the 3-D world and replicating it in 2-D form. Day Three will be working with our empty books and rolling pens. Students will use different materials to experiment. Encouraged to emphasize their own approach, students will finish the workshop with a review explaining their skills and how they will incorporate them in their creative work. Register Here 12 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

WORKSHOP #2 Investigating the Live Figure (Advanced) WHEN: Nov 1, Nov 2, and Nov 3, 2013 ity l b TIME: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM aila v A ot p d S e t Member Price: $300 our Y Limi e v Non-Member Price: $330 eser ay R


The goal of this workshop is to enforce the basics of figure drawing and painting using proportion, figure/ ground relationships, color theory and the exploration of combining materials. Day One includes gesture drawings with short poses that increase in length. Simple figure/ground relationships will begin with spatial relationships to the paper’s edge, value gestures in black and white, overlapping/contrasting color and finally, incorporating color. Day Two will begin with a focus on the figure in specific portions (face, hand and feet) and finally a longer clothed pose emphasizing compositional flow. Day Three includes a focus on combining materials that reflect transparency and opacity. A specific demonstration on overlapping wet materials over dry for a unique effect will encourage experimentation. A review and peer critique will be scheduled for the last half of the day. Register Here Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 13

“We know it’s art, but is it any good?” Some people tell me I should stop ranting about politics, and all the shenanigans that go on in the art world! That if I paint more I would get better!?... True, but get better at what? The more I look around at the current art scene, the more I see and read, I see a growing disconnect from the general public... What I see is a departure into a form of esoteric patronizing behavior from the top of the art food chain. Somehow the art has lost that innate beauty and rhythm, only to be replaced by an anarchic outpouring of emotion, mixed with misconceptions, like dark cerebral meanderings of lost souls, looking for that special meaning! 14 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Couple that with PR and classic misdirection, and you land in the center of a great explosion. One thing is for sure, one has to be good because that alone has great impact, but one’s own message, [whether simple or complex] is even greater in value, that is what the viewer will remember I’m guessing! This viewer’s mind will follow yours and create his/hers own universe and meaning. That’s what I call good art, like a time capsule, the image is physical, frozen in time, but it completely re-creates itself when viewed in a new unit of time.

Like a window into some moment of pleasure that needs to be experienced again and again, but different and fresh in some way every time.

Some art today will stand the test of time, some will just make money and be soon forgotten. As artists we make the choices in the end, “Who do we believe and trust?” Ourselves of course! A buddy of mine from way back, a very successful writer, Neil Gaiman told me to be good at what I do and have fun, he said the old paradigm, the model, or mantra has gone, the old ways of doing business in the arts are over, be prepared for the new digital age of distributing art! Like a modern-day Pre-Raphaelite, I look for an escape from modern-day psychological claptrap that pervades art today… Lots of PR, lots of sterile emotion, little aesthetics, and loads and loads of hot air... Sigh. More later…Zoran Peshich.


Friday September 27th, 2013 6-9pm

From everyone at Blue Line Arts, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the outstanding volunteers who made Starry Starry Night happen! The night turned out beautifully and we couldn’t have done it without you! I would especially like to thank the following volunteers for their continued devotion to Blue Line Arts and their hard work on the day of the event: Shannon Hulley, Alex Breen, Milanna Meyers, Kiley Bales, Tony Castro, Rona Getty, Lynne Pearce, and Mikko Lautamo. You’re all amazing and we’re lucky to have you as a part of our team! -Katie Curler, Education Coordinator 16 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Photos by lANG lEW

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 17

T ha n k Y o u to o u r F O O D S po n sors

T ha n k Y o u to o u r W i n e W all C o n trib u tors


T ha n k Y o u to o u r E ve n t S po n sors

Bartlett Flowers & Gifts

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 19

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Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 21

“Starry Starry Night Review” An evening atop Blue Line’s three-story parking structure could not have been more pleasant. The asphalt was transformed into an open-air bistro atmosphere with an incredible view of downtown Roseville. As the sun set and the stage lights rose, everyone in attendance was treated to the exhilarating performance paintings of Sacramento’s own David Garibaldi. Even if, somehow, giant technicolor portraits of iconic musicians and famous personalities are not your raison d’être, it’s impossible to stay jaded as an upside-down Einstein comes to fruition over the course of just a few short songs. 22 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

The two-fisted, rhythm infused performance is something entirely different when seen in person rather than on America’s Got Talent, and it all went to provide scholarships for the youth of the North Roseville REC Center. An excellent event all around. Other highlights include seeing folks in their best evening duds light up the night with electronic LED hats and sparkly bracelets from the Illumination and Hydration Station set up by Cooper Oates Air Conditioning. Great food from Roseville ensured that people happy while the City of Roseville Firefighters kept everyone’s glasses full. If you were lucky enough to get the best bottle from the random Wine Wall, I’m sure you went home smiling.

But, what I will most remember about that evening is the auction: CEO Julie Hirota and Ed Goldman from the Sacramento Business Journal kept things light with clever banter as generous audience members shouted bids for Garibaldi’s paintings. When the artist took the mic again to answer a question about his Jimi Hendrix painting, you could tell he really cared about his work, and is dedicated to making a difference through performances. Events at Blue Line are a big part of what makes it more than just another gallery. If you missed Starry Starry Night, make sure you buy a ticket to the next big bash at Blue Line Arts. These events are always enriching, and tremendous fun for everyone involved. -Mikko Lautamo

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 23

David Burgess comes to roseville

Friday Nov. 1 Doors Open 6:30 PM NOn-Member $15 per person NOn-Member $30 Per couple click here to sample his music

24 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

BIO Praised by musicians and critics worldwide, David Burgess is recognized as one of today’s outstanding guitarists. His international appearances as a soloist and chamber musician have taken him to concert halls throughout North and South America, Europe and the Far East. First prize winner in the Andrés Segovia Fellowship Competition in New York City, he has also won top honors in the Ponce International Competition in Mexico City, the Guitar ‘81 Competition in Toronto and the 31st International Music Competition in Munich. Mr. Burgess began studying guitar at the Estudio de Arte Guitarrístico in Mexico City with the renowned Argentine guitarist Manuel López Ramos. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music at the University of Washington, and later earned a Diploma di Merito, while on full scholarship at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy where he studied with Oscar Ghiglia. From 1984-1987 he periodically received classes from the great Spanish maestro, Andrés Segovia. Through his extensive travels in both Spain and Latin America, Mr. Burgess has explored traditional guitar styles, along with many popular and folkloric types of music. He has acquired one of the largest collections of Latin American guitar music in the U.S., from which he often draws interesting and unusual works for his programs.

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 25

Celia Linde Performance Blue Line Arts and the Review Sacramento Guitar Society teamed up to bring Celia Linde to the gallery on Friday 13th. In what proved to be an auspicious start to the Music Series at Blue Line, Linde’s raw virtuosity paired well with the art on offer.

mosque, of lost ice cream and music sheets that drifted on the wind to join the ‘Highway to the Pacific’.

I often found myself contemplating the myriad lines, swirls, and dots of Brenda Louie’s ‘The Rivers United Series’ while listening to the sometimes frantic, sometimes lilting pace of Linde’s guitar.

The playfulness of her stories and the soulfulness of her music made me think of the contrast between Lee Kavaljian’s quirky “spirit houses” and Brenda Louie’s monumental paintings the key advantage of the art gallery as a music space is this kind of seamless blending of the arts.

When she stood to speak and introduce the next segment, Linde told delightful stories of an absent-minded musician almost forgetting his duty to call worshipers to prayer in a remote mountain

It felt as if a concert were going on throughout the gallery where two members of a trio were giving a silent, but nonetheless palpable performance. Of course, the space was not without its disadvantages.

26 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

The stage was set up for an intimate performance, offset in a corner; it seemed like more than twice as many people as expected showed up, driving the late arrivals to the back of the allotted space. There were some acoustical difficulties: it was hard to hear from the back rows. I suspect this was just a case of the event staff experimenting with the space and trying to find the best setup for music at Blue Line. All the same, if you are interested in hearing serious guitar and you missed Celia Linde in September, I suggest you get a front row seat for David Burgess on November 1st. -Mikko Lautamo

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 27

120 Years of Art Education Are you interested in the visual arts? Would you like to learn more about the art world from professionals in a wide variety of art fields? If so, please consider joining the Kingsley Art Club. The 2012-13 Lecture Series continues in October. Scheduled speakers include: • • • • • •

10/16/2013 John Pugh: Conceptual Trompe L’Oiel: Creating a Sense of Place 11/20/2013 Nancy Mee: Evolving Process and Materials in Service of Ideas 1/15/2014 Jack Alvarez: Images Past and Present 2/19/2014 Doug Dertinger & Nigel Poor: Photography at San Quentin Prison 3/19/2014 Amy Ellison: Recent Work 4/16/2014 Yoshio Taylor: Transforming Clay: A Three-Story Mural of 5,000 Pounds of Clay

Dues also support the following educational programs: • • • •

An Annual Merit Awards program for Community College students An elementary school Art Docent Program , including beginning art and art history lessons and field trips to the Crocker Museum. A Regional Juried High School Art Show The Crocker-Kingsley @ Blue Line, a juried art exhibition for emerging California artists held every two years

Lectures are held at 1:15 PM in the Crocker Art Museum Auditorium, 216 O Street on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Ticket Information: Season Tickets: Individual membership: $50 Couples (two at one address): $75 To order season tickets, visit our website at or send e-mail to Membership includes: • •

7 Lectures Offers of field trips to various Northern California locations to attend art exhibitions and other art activities 28 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Individual Tickets: may be purchased through the Crocker Museum: Adults: $10 Students: $5 Visit or purchase tickets at the Crocker ticket counter



Ad w ver it t Cl h i ic s k us e he f r or e Ra te s

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 29

limited Number of tickets available! 30 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

The Lottery for the Arts is a fundraising event that provides art collectors with an opportunity to acquire original works of fine art, while supporting a nonprofit organization and community of artists. EVERYBODY WINS during this exciting evening event. Every ticket holder will take home an original piece of quality art (valued at $250 or more) produced and donated by artists from the Northern California region and beyond while supporting community arts programs. Special Thanks to Amador county Shenandoah Vintners Association for stocking our Wine Wall full! Click to Buy Tickets: 2 Admissions + 1 Lottery Ticket = $150 Admission Only (no lottery ticket) = $100


T ha n k Yo u to the e A R LY d E A D L I N E a R T I S T S

Karen Burns, Kellen Dyer, Margaret Eldred, Darlene Engellenner, Colleen Giorgi, James Hirschinger, Mair Host, Shannon Hulley, William Ishmael, Elma Jella’, Ursula Johnson, Jim Klein, Mya Louw, Michele McCormick, Jim McMahen, Zoran Peshich, James Phillips, Bobbie Powell, Jacinto Rivera, Anthony Rogone, Nancy Salerno, Jan Schnurr, Chris Stevens, Joe Strickland, & Rachel Weissberger.

T ha n k Yo u to a R T I S T S that co n trib u ted two pieces

Don Antram, Chris Stevens, Michele McCormick, Anthony Rogone, & Barbara Noble.

T ha n k Y o u to the co n trib u ti n g a R T I S T S

Jill Allyn Stafford, Karen Fenley, Don Antram, Sandra Beard, Jeffrey Beckerleg, Robert Beers, Jerry Bell, Joseph Bellacera, Paula Bellacera, Ed Blackburn, Celeste Budd, Karen Calden Fulk, Tom Caswell , Shimo Center for the Arts, Michael Corlew, Sandy Delehanty, Pam Dixson, Chris Foster, Alexa Garabino, Jon Gariepy, Anthony Maki Gill, Susan Goodmundson, Barbara Greenlaw, Don Hall, Ruth Hall, Shirley Hazlett, Carol Hodgson, Maru Hoeber, Doreen Irwin, Nora Marie Jackson, Lucinda Johnson, John Johnson, Craig Johnson, Paul Jones, Lee Kavaljian, Charleen Kerley Pflueger, Georg Kickinger, Maxim Komissarchik, Felicia Lamb, Joan Landry Lasak, Tim Lazer, Lang Lew, Mary May-Yuarn Fong, Maggie McGurk, Bobbie Mercouri, Meech Miyagi, Jack Mix, Jeanette Morrow, James Mullen, Timothy Mulligan, Tony Natsoulas, Jeff Nebeker, Barbara Noble, Ron Oshima, Leslie Philpott, Adam Pierce, Michael Radoff, Ina Rankin, Bill Reed, Stephanie Rococha, Lincoln Rogala, Gayle Roger Streff, Laura Ross-Paul, Diane Ruhkala Bell, Jeanne Schmidt, Robyn Slakey, Suzy Smail Pierce, Michael Smith, Andrea Stone, Randy Thacker, Henry Trucks, Deidre Trudeau, Cathy Volmer , Victoria Weller, Maureen Wetteland, Jenny Williams, Maria Winkler, Jennifer Woods, Nancy Woody, Judy Yemma, & Maija Peeples-Bright. 32 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

T ha n k Y o u to o u r E ve n t S po n sors

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 33

Roseville Community Concert Band

Thank you to our festival sponsors: Kaiser Permanente, Advantage Roseville California, & Extreme Java Jungle. Let’s not forget the following organizations that provided amazing art projects for the visiting 200 families to create! Roseville Piano Studio, KidzArt, Roseville Animation Festival, Alpha Fired Ceramics Arts, reCREATE, Roseville Singers Company 34 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 35

SUper Sundays Art Academy

If your child has a hectic schedule this fall, but still wants to squeeze time in for art, consider Super Sundays at Blue Line Arts! A new theme will be revealed each month and new, awesome art activities will be held every Sunday from 1-4pm. Don’t worry, your child will still have time to finish their homework! Super Sundays Art Academy has been extended for the rest of the year. Upcoming themes: November: Math + Art = mARTh December: Creative Writing, Inspired Art

Program Sponsor

36 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Good Enough to Eat Students will explore the world of food! Delicious desserts and confectionery creations, edible and artistic, will be on the menu. We’ll serve up Wayne Thibaud-inspired cakes, sushi, and candy paintings among many other artistic delicacies! Oct. dates: 13th, 20th & 27th (1PM - 4PM ) Members monthly fee: $20/per day fee: $6 Non-Members monthly fee: $30/per day fee: $8 Register Here

Programs are free or discounted for members. Not a member yet? Join today and start saving on fun learning opportunities. Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 37

Winter Camps Here Come The Holidays!

Ages: 5-12 Mon. Nov. 25 - Weds. Nov. 27, 2013 9AM - 3:30PM

1/2 day all week options available for this camp: AM session (9am-12pm) or PM session (12:30-3:30pm)

Give the gift of art this Thanksgiving! We’ll be preparing for the holidays in this camp, where kids will create a wide range of gifts for friends and families while also making something a little special for themselves. Members Pricing: All 3 Days Price: $95 One Day Price: $35 One 1/2 Day Price: $25 Non-Members Pricing: All 3 Days Price: $110 One Day Price: $40 One 1/2 Day Price: $30

Register Here

38 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

m o r f e r a c s r u o h After pm after camp 3pm-6 ach day. e Program Sponsor

Wonderful Winter Workshop Sat. Dec. 7 Ages: 4 - 8 10AM - 2PM Sun. Dec. 8 Ages: 9 - 13 10AM - 2PM Kids are invited to enjoy some hot cocoa, listen to the tale of the Polar Express, and build amazing gingerbread houses! Awards will be given for outstanding creations. *Pre-registration required Members Pricing: $30 per child Non-Members Pricing: $40 per child (P.S. Mom and Dad, you can use this time to get your holiday shopping done!)

Register Here

Monday & Friday Fundays Ages: 5 -12 Dec. 23, Dec. 27, & Dec. 30, 2013 9AM - 3:30PM Half day options available this camp: AM session (9am-12pm) or PM session (12:30-3:30pm)

Join us this holiday season to get a taste of every kind of art medium. From string painting to bubble painting and all kinds of art in-between, kids will get a little bit of everything this winter! Members Pricing: Full Day Price: $35 Half Day Price: $25 Non-Members Pricing: Full Day Price: $40 Half Day Price: $30

Register Here

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 39

adult workshop Series Sketch by Imagination: Chinese Ink Drawing with Gong Yuebin Join renowned local artist Gong Yuebin to create inspired and beautiful brush paintings. View his latest ink paintings and watch him demonstrate his acclaimed brush technique, while learning the history of Chinese ink drawing. Students must provide the following materials: -Large ink brush -Newspaper-sized ink rice paper (10 pieces) -Bottle of ink -Newspaper-sized fleece -White plate Saturday October 19th 10:00AM-3:00pm Member: $50 Non-Member: $55 Register Here

40 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Professional Artist Series photography workshop with Lang Lew (BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!)

Whether you are an artist trying to sell your work or submit to exhibitions, photographic technique will often be called upon as an integral part of your job. Getting a good photo of your 2D/3D artwork can often mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. This workshop will demonstrate the basic techniques to capture and edit quality images with a digital camera. Students must provide the following materials: -Digital camera -Tripod if available -1-3 sample art works to photograph. Saturday November 9th 11:00AM-2:00pm Member: $30 Non-Member: $35 Register Here Programs are free or discounted for members. Not a member yet? Join today and start saving on fun learning opportunities.

click Here Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 41

Click here for a slideshow highlighting Holiday Sale Vendors!

42 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Calls to artists

Click on the titles for more details Art in Public Places Created to give the Roseville and Sacramento community more exposure to the visual arts. Blue Line has partnered with the Roseville Civic Center, Paramount Equity Mortgage, the Downtown Roseville Library, Peg’s Glorified Ham n’ Eggs Restaurant, and Oracle to provide ongoing art exhibitions featuring established and emerging local artists. Each venue has varying amounts of artwork they are able to display. Please refer to the following list for the quantity of two-dimensional artworks needed: *Roseville Civic Center: 20-30 pieces *Paramount Equity Mortgage: 4-5 pieces *Downtown Roseville Library: 10-20 pieces *Peg’s Glorified Ham n’ Eggs Restaurant: 15-20 pieces *Oracle: 5-10 large pieces

Deadline: Rolling Basis Items for Gift Gallery

We are looking for new items to add to the Gift Gallery at Blue Line. We will consider any bath products, greeting cards, children’s toys, kitchen items or any other handmade items for this holiday season. We aim to sell pieces in the Gift Gallery for $100 and below; most items are priced between $15-$65, with the most popular jewelry items selling from $15-$35.

Deadline: Rolling Basis

Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 43

44 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Built in R-Town Mural Design Contest

Share Your Vision of Roseville!

A new mural design will replace the old rose mural at 102 Lincoln Street. The space or canvas size is 100’x15’ and can be seen prominently as you drive down Vernon Street in downtown Roseville. We’re currently calling for visual design ideas for the mural. This is a great opportunity to show off your artistic talents and vision of R-Town while getting involved in sharing city pride. You don’t have to be a painter to submit a design! We’re exploring multiple mediums. So send us a digital rendering of your vision! All Submissions must be received by December 31st!!! Theme: Built in R-Town To submit a design, please read all of the guidelines and instructions at To be considered, your design must feature the following:

• The phrase “Built in R-Town” as its main theme. • The words “Roseville, California” featured as well. • For consideration, submit a png, jpeg, pdf, of your design idea to the Built in R-Town website

• Questions or comments, please email: A group of finalists will be selected and displayed for public feedback at a later date. Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 45

T ha n k yo u to o u r members

Blue Line Society ($1000+)

Benefactor ($500+)

CarMax Foundation David & Dolly Fiddyment Deanne Green Dick & Louise Wiesner Emily Leff Folsom Lake Bank Granite Bay Development Hampton Inn Helen Taylor Jeff Jones Jennifer Crisologo John Allard John Norman Julie Hirota Morgan Stanley Smith Barney North Valley Bank Placer Community Foundation Placer Valley Tourism Sierra Rock & Landscape Star 106.5 Steve Pease Sue Garcia Susan Rohan Sutter Roseville Medical Center Taber Creative Group Thunder Valley Casino & Resort Union Pacific Foundation US Bank Wells Fargo Westfield Galleria Westwood Family Cellars William Ishmael

Aldo Pineschi and Lesli Goto Dave and Janice Cook David Attaway Eric Struck First Northern Bank George and Jen Phillips Gray Allen Gretchen & Pat Tobin John and Julie Fielder James and Imi Hirschinger Kelly Peterson Lang Lew Linda Brown Marcus LoDuca Marcy Friedman, Monica Crooks Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs Roseville Auto Mall Roseville Kiwanis Sammy’s Rockin Bar & Grill Sandor and Holly Tiche Susan Mansfield Suzanne Gazzaniga

46 • Blue Line Arts Magazine •

Please welcome our newest Blue Line Artist ($70) members! Christine Muratore Bobbie Powell Maria Michanie Jeff Doyle J Randall Smith Ken Heiden James Lee Cathy Marcom Irena Orlov

T ha n k yo u to o u r members Patron ($250+) Alexander Low

Andrew Klonecke Barbieri Commercial Brokerage Catherine Vollmer Chris & Sharon Steele Christina Richter Community 1st Bank Darla Yetter Darren Siegel David & Marybeth Knoll David Breninger David Kelly Denio’s Roseville Farmers Market Denise Fiddyment Diane Williams Erica Matney Ed Goldman Heron Pacific, Wildlands Integral Financial Management Jack Duran James & Mary Beth Montgomery Janet Dick Janet Wagner Jim & Diane Williams John Johnson John M. Sinclair Joy Westrup Judi & Dwight Stickney Katherine Bryant Katy Schardt Kim Silvers Laverty & Chacon Layers of Color Lilani Wealth Management Lion’s Club Roseville Marge Dobrowolski Mary Shaw Michael & Kathy Metzger Michael Ziegler Molly Maid of Placer County Mourier Land Investment Group Paul Padilla Razeih Bagheri Sandra Smoley Sarah Reilly Sierra Vista South Placer Art in Public Places Stephen Martinez Steve Pease Taber Creative Group Ursula Johnson Virginia Amick Williams + Paddon Zoom Imaging Solutions Inc.

Contributor ($100+)

Afie Royo AJ Trombetta Amanda Broadhurst Annette de Bellefeuille Barb Brass Barbara Newell Clifton Johnson Craig Burress David Peterson Edward Chaney Edward Goldman Elizabeth Kamrar Eric & Paige Stauss Evelyn Broyer Fred & Linda Mitsch Gayle Streff Geneva Parker George Hargrave Gina Garbolino Greg McGovern Helen Phillips Irene Lester Inger Price Jack Powell Jana Nakase Lee Janet Roberts Janice Metrogen Jeff Ronten Jim & Florence Smith John and Mary Lathrop John Johnson Jon & Darlene Engellenner Karen Kaplan Kathy Metzger Kelly Karas Kevin Lockhart Leonard Davis Lew Fellows Marcia & Cameron Murray Marilyn Festersen Marvis & Jim Smith Mike Madrid Nancy Glatt Pam Herman Pat Abraham & Norm Van Huff Paul & Lisa Joiner Priscilla Richter Ricco & Susan Ches Robyn Slakey Roopal Shah Roseville Rotary Samual Bassett & Pepe Pool Sandy Sharon Shimo Susana Watson Theodore and Anthula Natsoulas Yuko Carson Blue Line Arts Magazine • • 47

October Issue  

Blue Line Arts, is an active community resource established over 45 years ago to promote the arts. Blue Line Arts showcases the works of reg...

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