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Correction: Broadcast Taping One Day Only!

• In Celebration of African American History •

• Radio • Television • Challenge News Magazine

‘The Truth Network’ ‘Heard and Viewed 24/7 ~ On-Demand Around the Universe’

Rev. Harold E. Bailey Founder and President

*Chinta Strausberg *Geri Patterson *Pastor Lottie Woods-Hall *Howard Saffold and John Davis • Along with other star personalities •

• The PCConnection Network will broadcast special events from the community • Celebrate Black History in the African-American Community... at Josephine’s Cooking!

‘Josephine’s Cooking’ (formerly Captain Hard Times—436 East 79th Street) Correction: PCC Network Taping—One Day Only February, Wednesday 12, 2014 Free Admission!

Taping Hours: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

While enjoying historical broadcasts, please purchase a delicious meal at Josephine’s Cooking!

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