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B L U E K I T E PRESS | WH O L ESA L E CATA L O G 2022-2023

Growing up near Philadelphia, I visited the Franklin Institute science museum every year on school trips and family outings. I was fascinated with the walk-through Giant Heart and loved to spend hours exploring the other exhibits that ended at an enormous statue of Ben Franklin in the rotunda. I loved the jubilating feeling of discovery and enjoyed watching my sons experience it, too, as they happily raced through the heart and explored the rest of the museum. Years later, I felt that feeling of exploration and discovery again as I began designing artwork and patterns to create a collection of illustrations that could be used to decorate tea towels and mugs. I remembered those happy visits to the Franklin Institute. I realized that Ben Franklin and his kite experiment was an excellent metaphor to remind us that anything is possible when you approach each day with creativity and curiosity.

Dana Lynch Owner & Illustrator, Blue Kite Press

BLUE KITE PRESS WHOLESALE 2022-23 HOUSEWARES Enamel Mugs Enamel Keychains Tote Bags Serving Trays Tea Towels

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STATIONERY Every Day Cards


Blue Kite Press is a creative studio in Boston

Every Day Cards Boxed Sets


that designs bright and colorful illustrations to decorate

Happy Birthday Collection


housewares, stationery, and gifts. Our goal is to create functional, everyday objects with a hint of nostalgia to make people smile. We’re inspired by the creativity and curiosity of Ben Franklin and his kite experiment.

Holidays Collection 11 Mini Note Cards 12 Notepads 13 Stickers 14 TERMS & CONDITIONS


All work is © Blue Kite Press, all rights reserved. Do not reproduce, use, or alter any work without permission from the artist. Please credit Blue Kite Press in the product description of merchandise sold online. Blue Kite Press reserves the right to change the products, prices, and terms without written notice. Actual product colors may vary from printed colors in our catalog or website.

Enamel Mugs 12 oz Enamel Dipped Stainless Steel | Lightweight, Durable and Heat-Resistant Dishwasher Safe | Not Safe for Microwave Use | Mugs Individually Packaged in a Kraft Box $12.50/4 Minimum

Bright Bird Enamel Mug EMBB-0001

Butterfly Enamel Mug EMBF-0001

Cherry Enamel Mug EMCH-0001

Chickadee Enamel Mug EMCK-0001

Flamingo Enamel Mug EMFL-0001

Pink Tiki Enamel Mug EMPT-0001

Seaside Enamel Mug EMSS-0001

Boston Skyline Enamel Mug EMBS-0001

Happy Birthday Enamel Mug EMHB-BL01 Blue

Happy Birthday Enamel Mug EMHB-PI01 Pink

Happy Birthday Enamel Mug EMHB-OR01 Orange

Happy Birthday Enamel Mug EMHB-PU01 Purple

Be Mine Flamingo Enamel Mug EMBM-0001

Congrats Graduate Enamel Mug EMCG-BW01

4 • •

Enamel Keychains 1.5” Cloisonné Charm on a 1.25” Silver-Plated Split Keyring Packaged on Card Stock in a Clear Cellophane Bag $8.00/4 Minimum

Bright Bird Enamel Keychain KCBB-0001

Butterfly Enamel Keychain KCBF-0001

Chickadee Enamel Keychain KCCK-0001

Boston Skyline Enamel Keychain KCBS-0001

Tote Bags 10 oz Recycled Cotton | 13.5”W x 15.5”H x 5.5”Gusset (Bottom and Sides) $14.00/4 minimum

Bright Bird Tote TBBB-0001

Butterfly Tote TBBF-0001

Chickadee Tote TBCK-0001

Boston Skyline Tote TBBS-0001

Seaside Tote TBSS-0001

Be Mine Tote TBBM-0001

Birthday Tote - Available 4 Colors TBHB-BL01 Blue

Graduation Tote TBCG-0001 • •


Tea Towels 100% Cotton Flour Sack Towels Sized 16 x 24” Made from Globally Sourced Materials | Towels Finished & Screen Printed in the USA | Individually Folded with Belly Band $9.00/4 Minimum

Bright Bird Tea Towel TTBB-WH01 White

Bright Bird Tea Towel TTBB-NA01 Natural

Butterfly Tea Towel TTBF-NA01 Natural

Seaside Tea Towel TTSS-WH01 White

Boston Skyline Tea Towel TTBS-WH01 White

Chickadee Tea Towel TTCK-WH01 White

Be Mine Tea Towel TTBM-0001 White

6 • •

Serving Trays 10 x 14” Oval Tray | Made of an Oven-Safe Resin Material | Made in the USA Non-Melamine/BPA-Free | Microwave Safe | Dishwasher-Safe | Retail Kraft Box Available on Request $21.00/4 Minimum

Bright Bird Serving Tray STBB-0001

Butterfly Serving Tray STBF-0001

Cherry Serving Tray STCH-0001

Seaside Serving Tray STSS-0001

Christmas Serving Tray STCR-0001

Hanukkah Serving Tray STHK-0001

Pink Tiki Serving Tray STPT-0001 • •


Everyday Cards 4.25”x 5.5” (A2 size) Card with White Envelopes Printed on 100 lb. Recycled Matte Cover | Made in the USA $2.75/6 Card Minimum

Bright Bird Card GCBB-0001

Butterfly Card GCBF-0001

Cherry Card GCCH-0001

Chickadee Card GCCK-0001

Flamingo Card GCFL-0001

Pink Tiki Card GCPT-0001

Seaside Card GCSS-0001

Boston Skyline Card GCBS-0001

Congratulations Graduate Card - Black and White GCCG-BW01

8 • •

Everyday Boxed Card Sets Set of 8 Cards with White Envelopes in a Kraft Box | A2 Size Cards Printed on 100 lb. Recycled Matte Cover | Made in the USA $8.00/4 Set Minimum

Bright Bird Card Set NCBB-0001

Butterfly Card Set NCBF-0001

Cherry Card Set NCCH-0001

Chickadee Card Set NCCK-0001

Flamingo Card Set NCFL-0001

Pink Tiki Card Set NCPT-0001

Seaside Card Set NCSS-0001

Boston Skyline Card Set NCBS-0001

Congrats Graduate Card Set NCCG-BW01 • •


Happy Birthday Collection Greeting Cards – $2.75/6 Card Minimum

Happy Birthday Card GCHB-BL01 Blue

Happy Birthday Card GCHB-PI01 Pink

Happy Birthday Card GCHB-OR01 Orange

Happy Birthday Card GCHB-PU01 Purple

Boxed Card Sets – $8.00 for 8 cards/4 Set Minimum

Happy Birthday Card Set NCHB-BL01 Blue

Happy Birthday Card Set NCHB-OR01 Orange

Happy Birthday Card Set NCHB-PI01 Pink

Happy Birthday Card Set NCHB-PU01 Purple

Mini Note Cards – $3.00/6 Set Minimum

Birthday Blue Mini Note MNHB-BL01

Birthday Pink Mini Note MNHB-PI01

Birthday Orange Mini Note MNHB-OR01

Birthday Purple Mini Note MNHB-PU01

Stickers – $1.50/4 Minimum

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-BL01 3x3" Square 10

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-PI01 Pink 3x3" Square

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-OR01 Orange 3x3" Square • •

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-PU01 Purple 3x3" Square

Holidays Collection Greeting Cards – $2.75/6 Card Minimum

Christmas Pattern Card GCCR-BRPI

Christmas Bright Pattern Card GCCR-BRGR

Hanukkah Pattern Card GCHK-0001

Hanukkah Bright Card GCHK-BR01

Boxed Card Sets – $8.00 for 8 cards/4 Set Minimum

Christmas Card Set NCCR-0001

Christmas Bright Card Set NCCB-GR01

Hanukkah Card Set NCHK-0001

Hanukkah Bright Card Set NCHK-BR01

Mini Note Cards – $3.00/6 Set Minimum

Christmas Mini Note MNCR-0001

Christmas Bright Mini Note MNCB-GR01

Hanukkah Mini Note MNHK-0001

Hanukkah Bright Mini Note MNHK-BR01

Gift Tags – Set of 4 for $6.00/4 Minimum | Sticker Sheet – $1.50/4 Minimum

Christmas Gift Tags GTCR-0001 2x3.5" Tag

Hanukkah Gift Tags GTHK-0001 2x3.5" Tag

Christmas Sticker Sheet SKCR-4601 4x6" Sticker Sheet • •

Hanukkah Sticker Sheet SKHK-4601 4x6" Sticker Sheet 11

Mini Note Cards 3 x 2.5” (#17 size) Card with White Envelopes – Set of 8 Cards Printed on 100 lb. Recycled Matte Cover | Made in the USA | Packaged with Kraft Paper Band $3.00/6 Set Minimum

Bright Bird Mini Note MNBB-0001

Butterfly Mini Note MNBF-0001

Cherry Mini Note MNCH-0001

Chickadee Mini Note MNCK-0001

Flamingo Mini Note MNFL-0001

Pink Tiki Mini Note MNPT-0001

Boston Skyline Mini Note MNBS-0001

Seaside Mini Note MNSS-0001

Congrats Graduate Mini Note MNCG-BW01

12 • •

Notepads 3 x 8” Lined Notepad | 50 Sheets in a Pad | Packaged in Cellophane Bag 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White Paper | Made in the USA $6.00/4 Minimum

Bright Bird Notepad NPBB-0001

Butterfly Notepad NPBF-0001

Cherry Notepad NPCH-0001

Chickadee Notepad NPCK-0001

Flamingo Notepad NPFL-0001

Pink Tiki Notepad NPPT-0001

Seaside Notepad NPSS-0001

Boston Skyline Notepad NPBS-0001

Boston Skyline Ceramic Ornament OMBS-0001 $10.00/4 Minimum • •


Stickers Premium White Vinyl Stickers Individual Stickers $1.50/4 Minimum | Sticker Sheet – $3.00/4 Minimum

Bright Bird Circle Sticker SKBB-0001 3x3" Circle

Butterfly Sticker SKBF-0001 3x2" Die Cut

Chickadee Sticker SKCK-0001 3x2" Die Cut

Boston Skyline Sticker SKBS-0001 3x2" Oval

Flamingo Oval Sticker SKFL-0001 3x2" Oval

Flamingos Sticker SKFL-0002 3x3" Square

Seaside Sticker SKSS-0001 3x3" Square

Congrats Graduate Sticker SKCG-BW01 3x3" Square

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-BL01 3x3" Square

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-PI01 Pink 3x3" Square

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-OR01 Orange 3x3" Square

Happy Birthday Sticker SKHB-PU01 Purple 3x3" Square

Christmas Bright Sticker SKCB-GR01 3x3" Square

Hanukkah Bright Sticker SKHK-BR01 3x3" Square

Christmas Sticker Sheet SKCR-4601 4x6" Sticker Sheet

Hanukkah Sticker Sheet SKHK-4601 4x6" Sticker Sheet

14 • •


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Enamel Mug, Notepad, Tea Towel and Keychain from the Boston Skyline collection.