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Anissia Beard- Jones 02/18/2011 Block2 Parrots Aren't Always As They Seem

“Mom I can’t believe you gave my dog away.” “Timothy I have told you a million times to wash the dog, feed the dog, bathe the dog and you still don’t listen, so he had to go.” Hi, my name's Timothy Richard Potter. I am fifteen in the tenth grade and I live in Altadena, California. I have curly hair, light brown eyes, I’m in pretty good shape and I love the woman. My mom is a pain in my ass but hey I learn to deal with her. Any way what I’m about to tell you, no one else knows. This story will change your life forever. I know it changed mine.

It was a nice summer afternoon. June 10th 2011. I had just got home from school when my mom tells me Jr., my dog, was given to my Uncle who lives somewhere up North. Man if only Dad was still alive I would’ve had my way, but he was killed in a drunk driving accident except he wasn’t drunk. So anyhow I decided to go to Brandon’s house to cool off. “Mom I’ll be back around 10:00.” and without another word I slammed the door and left.

“Hey Bro what’s up”. “Hey I’m sorry to here about your dog” said Brandon. “Its OK I guess I’ll get another one eventually”. “So what’s up with you and Stacy” I said. “Oh well I broke up with her today”. “Man are you crazy she was so hot.” “Na bro Guess who

asked me out”. “Who?” I asked. Veronica weathers that chick from England, she's so fine and dam I cant believe she’s mine.” “Yea me neither can I but congrats on yet another fine ass female.” I said. For the next few hours we played madden 2010 and Army of two. We ordered some pizza and after I decided to head back home. On my way back a car pulled up to the curb and dropped something out there window and sped off. Curious I went to go check it out.

It was a a red feathered parrot in a cage. Poor guy I thought, so I decided to take him home. Once inside my house I ran straight to my room and closed the door quietly. I put the cage on my desk and began trying to talk to him. Are you Hungry. Polly want a cracker. He wouldn’t answer me so I gave up and called it a night. I was awakened to someone talking . But it wasn’t someone it was the parrot. “What did you just say?“ I asked. “If you ever tell anyone what you saw I’ll kill you..” said the parrot”. “Yea and I’m suppose to be freaked out now, well it’s not happening night”. I said, “If you ever tell anyone what you saw I’ll kill you.” I decided maybe he had a bad dream or was just messing with my head, so I went back to sleep. “ Timothy wake up.” said mom. It was time for her to go to work and I had to get ready for school . So I got a up took a quick shower skipped breakfast and ran to school. School went pretty slow. All I could think about was if what the parrot told me was true. What if he had witnessed a murder. Why did those people throw him out the car? Are they they the ones who murdered someone? Did he say it to them and they freaked out and got scared? My head was buzzing with thoughts so I passed the time by listening to my ipod. Finally school was over and it was the weekend. I was excited I didn't have any projects and I had pretty good grades. So I went home and tried to talk to the parrot some more.

But he wasn't moving. He was dead. I didn't know what to do. Was this some kind of sick joke? Did Brandon pull a trick on me? I didn't want to eat dinner that night. I stayed in my room pacing the floor and thinking about everything that had just went down. Thinking am I going crazy or maybe I'm having a nightmare. But in the back of my mind I knew this was real. I went to sleep and woke up to the nose of barking. My mom had surprised me with Jr. Happier then the last few days, I decided to forget about everything that happened and focus on keeping Jr.

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