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KEEP IN TOUCH Vol. 30 No. 1 • Summer, 2018

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The 2018-2019 RTAM Board of Directors

Contents President's Report....................................................................................... 3 Isabella Dryden........................................................................................... 5 2018 AGM Financial Summary Report.......................................................... 5 ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DES ENSEIGNANTES ET DES ENSEIGNANTS RETRAITÉS-CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED TEACHERS (ACER-CART)............................................................................. 6 MTS 100th Anniversary Committee.............................................................. 6 Manitoba Seniors' Coalition........................................................................ 7 Executive Director’s Report.......................................................................... 7 Reports of the RTAM Standing and Ad Hoc Committees............................... 8 RTAM Chapter Reports.............................................................................. 13 Meeting with Wab Kinew, Leader of the Official Opposition........................ 23 A Great Event........................................................................................... 24 Retired Women Teachers’ Association Spring Outing................................... 25 RTAM AGM 2018 Photos........................................................................... 28 In Memoriam............................................................................................ 31

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RTAM KIT Summer 2018

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P Rosalie Bornn RTAM President 2017-2018



reparation for AGM 2018 is an opportunity for RTAM to look back over the past year and to assess the progress that has been made. Our membership has increased to over 9,700. Our board of directors of 17 members and our part time Executive Director and Membership Services Coordinator worked hard to fulfill the Mission Statement of our organization which is “to serve and advocate for retired teachers.” Here is a snapshot of the past year:

• RTAM continues to be a member of the Manitoba Seniors' Coalition which has broadened our advocacy efforts for all seniors in Manitoba. • Our affiliation with the national ACER-CART organization helps keep us apprised of advocacy efforts for both retired teachers and seniors in general on a national level. • On June 28, 2017, the TRAF Board submitted a proposed regulation to government which upheld the joint RTAM/MTS agreement to the disbursal of the $27 million that was • Our first year of Strategic Plan accumulated over the term of Bill 45 implementation, with the five pillar in the Restricted Surplus Fund of goal alignment and success indicators, the Pension Adjustment Account. has provided the structure to link The TRAF proposal provides for the committee project budgets and Restricted Surplus to be distributed expenditures to the short and long over a five-year period commencing term direction of the plan. July 1, 2018. We have been informed • RTAM’s change in governance that the proposal currently rests in direction from a working board to the hands of the Treasury Board for the incorporation of the Executive final decision and enactment. RTAM Director position has moved forward continues to monitor progress. with increased office staffing added • RTAM has been informed by TRAF through the member services that the Consumer Price Index for coordinator position. For the first Canada increased 1.87% during time, there is consistent coverage for 2017. Accordingly, the July 1, 2018, six hours a day, Monday to Friday. cost of living adjustment (COLA) is RTAM continues to monitor and 1.15% to TRAF Pensions. assess the alignment of staffing needs • In January 2018, after a three-month to its services provision. interim trial period, the board • The RTAM Policy Manual passed a motion to restore increased underwent a complete review executive function to the officers and re-affirmation by the RTAM committee. board, with a concerted attempt to • By invitation, two RTAM sanctioned address the change in the governance representatives continue to serve structure, as well as to clarify the on the MTS 100th Anniversary language in the document. Committee. It is suggested that the Continued on page 4


PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2018-19 Chapter Initiative Grants could be aligned to focus on the 100th Anniversary of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society. • RTAM sponsored Pre-Retirement Seminars were organized and scheduled for Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson. • Board and staff of RTAM participated in a January 16, 2018, Meeting Effectiveness Workshop facilitated by Volunteer MB. • MTS and RTAM worked collaboratively to develop a joint response to the preliminary recommendations of The Pension Benefits Act Review prior to the February 21, 2018, submission deadline. • Additional staffing hours were approved for allocation to improve the operation of the RTAM website. • RTAM requested and received observer status authorization from MTS for RTAM Directors to attend MTS Regional Meetings in Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg and Thompson for the purpose of information sharing on critical matters currently affecting the members of MTS. • As a non-profit organization, RTAM is examining its compliance responsibilities under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act. • As part of its 2018-19 budget deliberations for the 2018 AGM, RTAM has for consideration at AGM 2018 an intensive proposal to modernize the RTAM membership list with the added potential to support all aspects of membership data, to renew the RTAM website and to support modern communication strategies. • In February, 2018, RTAM representatives met with the Honourable Ian Wishart, Minister of Education and Training with a set agenda. At that meeting it was affirmed that: 1. Disbursement of the restricted surplus funds in the Teachers’ Retirement Allowances Fund (TRAF) Pension Adjustment Account. • We were informed that the recommendation submitted by TRAF is currently under review by Treasury Board. Government is working to address a resolution.

2. End of Bill 45: What does Government plan for retired teachers going forward? • Confirmation was received that, at this time, there are no plans to extend the provision for restricting the TRAF Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) implemented in 2008 which has now expired. The calculation of COLA reverts to the provisions in place prior to 2008 as per subsection 10(7) of The Teachers’ Pensions Act. 3. Appointment of an RTAM representative to the TRAF Board. • Minister Wishart indicated that he was open to receiving recommendations regarding future appointments to the TRAF Board from RTAM. RTAM also agreed to undertake an inter-provincial research study regarding teacher pension board composition and share those results with government. 4. The Pension Benefits Act Review: • Minister Wishart was informed that RTAM had collaborated with The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) in developing a joint RTAM-MTS “Response to the Consultation Paper The Pension Benefits Act Review.” • Discussion regarding the impact of the recommendations of The Pension Benefits Act Review confirmed that the changes would not impact the defined benefits provisions of The Teachers’ Pensions Act. • Furthermore, we were informed that legislative changes to The Teachers’ Pensions Act would be required to change the defined benefits provisions of that Act and that at this time, there is no plan in place to do so. • In March 2018, RTAM met with the leader of the NDP Official Opposition party and the leader of the Liberal party to discuss a similar agenda of concerns. • By invitation of MTS, the RTAM March 21, 2018 board meeting was held Next page >

4 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2018

Isabella Dryden Congratulations to Isabella Dryden on the announcement that the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada will be awarding the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. “An official Canadian honour, this medal recognizes exceptional volunteer achievements from across the country or abroad in a wide range of fields.”

Passage: Gudrun Valdina (Valdine) Johnson: 1923 / 2018 1989 - 1990: Valdine was a Member at Large on the first RTAM executive 1990 - 1991: RTAM President: 1991 - 1992: Past-President Condolences to family, friends and colleagues

2018 AGM Financial Summary Report • The Auditor’s Report for the 2016-2017 fiscal year was received. • No change to the RTAM membership fee. • An annual allowance of $50/year per Board member for computer related consumables, used in relation to RTAM business, was approved. • No change to rates of reimbursement for personal travel expenses. • The Reserve Fund for 2018-2019 is set at 111,886 (25% of the 2017-2018 budget). • The 2018-2019 RTAM budget was approved with revenues of $460,589, expenses of $520,024 and a transfer of $59,435. from surplus • The approved 2018-2019 budget included one-time project funding to support study, research and recommendation toward the implementation of an integrated membership management system and website solution for RTAM. Going forward, it is expected that funding for the upkeep and maintenance of such system improvements can be found within existing operating budgets.

President's Report . . . (continued)

at McMaster House where members were also treated to a tasty lunch. The directors were encouraged to view the impressive and nostalgic photo and information display that has been assembled to showcase the decades of the 100 years of MTS. • On April 10, 2018, RTAM hosted an informal Meet and Greet event for all MLAs in order to better get to know, to pay tribute to and to

exchange information with the elected representatives of our provincial government. These are a snippet, but certainly not all of the “happenings RTAM” from the past year. I strongly encourage members to read carefully all of the AGM 2018 reports and documents for a more in depth focus on the year’s accomplishments.



The priorities of ACER-CART for 2017- 2018 have been: Develop strategies and produce resources for retired teachers and seniors featuring the advantages of defined benefit plans both to the economy and to the individual. Continue to work on being a significant voice for retired teachers and seniors at the national level, maintaining co-operation with other groups on issues of common concern. Develop strategies and produce resources for retired teachers and seniors supporting a one Canadian purchaser national pharmaceutical formulary. Investigate and develop strategies to produce resources for retired teachers and seniors to counter elder abuse. Therefore, during this 2017-2018 year, through ACER-CART: 1. There continued to be reaction to the precedent setting Bill C-27 and its implications for defined benefit pension plans. Information and a draft letter to petition MPs were distributed. 2. ACER-CART responded to the relevant items addressed in the 2018 Federal budget,




6. 7.


including pharmacare, dementia, pension and income security. In recognition of Motion M-1, passed at the 2017 AGM, President Kenny encourages RTAM to support the strengthening of the Health Accord and the developing of health care strategies for aging Canadians. ACER-CART, in conjunction with the Canadian Labour Congress, is supporting the circulation of a petition for the government to initiate a national Pharmacare program. We are pleased to have the Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security, with whom ACER-CART is affiliated, provide a submission in response to the provincial Pension Act Reform recommendations. RTAM contributed to the Western Zone ACER-CART meeting in Edmonton in November by Wally Stoyko’s presence. Reports from RTAM were submitted to Gerry Tiede, the Western representative, for the quarterly CART Director’s teleconferences. Registrations for the ACER-CART AGM from May 31 to June 3 for delegates JoAnne Hoyak and Rosalie Bornn have been sent.

MTS 100th Anniversary Committee RTAM Representatives: Beth Smith, Dauphin; Pat Lewicki, Winnipeg

Celebrating MTS 100 years in 2019 • Kick off will be at the August, 2018, MTS Summer Seminars. • The committee is working with the Winnipeg Labour Council (WLC) to coordinate with activities that celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 1919 General Strike. • Art work and photography of each decade of its 6 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2018

existence is showcased in McMaster House. • The slogan is “A Century of Solidarity." • Grants for MTS Local Associations to promote anniversary activities are in place. RTAM Chapters are invited to work with an MTS Local on this initiative. To this end, the 2019 RTAM Chapter Initiative Grant may be used to celebrate 100 years of MTS.

• The Manitoba Teacher will be publishing articles to celebrate the occasion. • The central event is on May 24, 2019, in Winnipeg. There will be significant capacity and tickets will be available for a modest price, • Concurrent celebrations throughout Manitoba and Canada shall be encouraged.

Manitoba Seniors' Coalition Respectfully submitted by Peggy Prendergast, Winnipeg


TAM Representatives: Peggy Prendergast, Winnipeg, Chair, Educational Advocacy and Wellness Committee; John Sushelnitsky, Portage la Prairie, Chair, Political Advocacy Committee The Manitoba Seniors Coalition (MSC) is made up of representatives from: A&O: Support Services for Older Adults, Active Living Coalition for Older Adults, Transportation Options Network for Seniors, Manitoba Association of Senior Centres, Fédération des aînés francomanitobains, Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba, RTAM and the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres. The MSC was established from the Seniors Vote Coalition that focused on issues relevant to seniors that were found to be common to seven different senior organizations during the last provincial election. The pillars of concern are modelled after those used in the last federal election by the Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER-CART). The coalition believes that “If the world is right for seniors it is right for everyone.” Meetings are mainly sharing information about the general workings of the organizations involved and any issues that are timely and of interest to the Coalition as a whole. Three meetings were held during the 2017 - 2018 year. Topics included a National Health Strategy for Seniors and the high dose flu vaccine for seniors 65 and older.

Executive Director’s Report Respectfully submitted by Mary-Anne Slegers Executive Director


his year has focused on building administrative capacity to support the board and committees with the transition to a new governance model. Work previously done by committee chairs and members is gradually shifting to paid staff. To support this transition, fiscal and program accountability reporting and administrative services have been improved. Of particular importance was the development of the Strategic Plan and the hiring of the Member Services Coordinator. Fiscal improvements have included budget pools for Committee Meeting Expenses and Project Initiatives. These pools allowed the board to make informed decisions about the fiscal impact of requests for project funding and for projects, the linkage to the goals and success indicators of the Strategic Plan. The budget is now more stable with solid historical data serving as the basis for future expenditure projection and close monitoring throughout the fiscal year. Moving forward, it is critical that improvements to member information, communication strategies and the website be planned for now, to meet the future needs of an organization that will soon reach 10,000 members. Ye Olde Rusty Golf Tournament

Ye Olde Rusty Golf Tournament will be held Tuesday, September 4, 2018, at Oak Island Golf Resort, Virden, MB For entry form and registration information, please visit Oak Island Golf website and follow links, to news, events and calendar of September 4, 2018. Entry forms will not be available until June 15, 2018. If you have any questions or require assistance please e-mail bobnorma@mts.net or phone 204-748-3890, Bob Cochrane, Virden, MB We look forward to a great day of golfing, reminiscing, good food and fellowship! See you there!


Reports of the RTAM Standing and Ad Hoc Committees AGM and Elections Respectfully submitted on behalf of Wally Stoyko, Winnipeg, Co-Chair AGM Members: Guy Lacroix, Lac du Bonnet, Co-Chair, Elections

Planning and preparation for the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) began shortly after the 2017 AGM. The RTAM Board approved Winnipeg as the location for the 2018 AGM at its first meeting. The Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport West was selected as the AGM venue following a selection process that included pricing, facility, service and suitability of accommodation to meet member needs. Much of the work for the AGM is done by RTAM staff, working closely with the AGM Co-Chair and President. Guy Lacroix, Director, will be handling the election duties at the AGM. Benefits Respectfully submitted by Guy Lacroix, Chair (Lac du Bonnet) Members: Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg), Judy Olmstead (Brandon), Doreen Sage (Neepawa), Dianne Snider (Winnipeg)

As in past years, the main task of this year’s Benefits Committee was to meet and consult with our broker, Johnson Inc., to renew the Extended Health Care plan, the Dental plan and the Premier Travel plan. Johnson Inc., in turn, represents our interests to the insurer, Desjardins Financial Security/Les Assurances Desjardins. In so doing, Johnson Inc. analyses the insurer’s opening request of premiums for the upcoming year and prepares the counter proposal on our behalf. This year’s negotiations have again been trying as the claim experience has been high and fanned by a weakened Canadian dollar, many if not most claims being paid in American funds. The insurer’s revised position at December 2017 was an increase in premiums for Extended Health Care of 31.4%, an increase for Dental of 9.6% and 8 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2018

an increase for Premier Travel of 12.8%. The committee decided to subsidize the increases in the Extended Health Care and Dental plans with half of our accumulated rate stabilization fund or $85,730. The resulting increase for the 2018-19 year for the Extended Health Care plan was 19.9% and for the Dental plan the increase was 5.0%. In looking at the Premier Travel plan, the plan experience showed that many more claim dollars were spent on the supplemental travel plans. A true reflection of the claims to loss ratio costs would result in a 9.5% increase on the base plan premium rate for 62 days and a 36.4% increase on the supplemental plan premiums. This breakdown provided the 12.8% increase overall in the Premier Travel plan required by Desjardins Financial. The committee remains concerned that the trend of the past two years may continue and is examining alternative plans, options, and initiatives. One of these is a program called THRIVE which is yet in its design stage. The Benefits Committee also hosted a seminar for itself and the RTAM board on insurance underwriting in March, and provides information at pre-retirement seminars. The committee appreciates the feedback that it receives from our members and its strong working relationship and support from Johnson Inc. Bylaws and Policy Respectfully submitted by Joan Dawson, Chair, Thompson Members: Charles Clifford, Portage la Prairie; Vel McAdam, The Pas; Ray Sitter, Brandon; Beth Smith, Dauphin; Wally Stoyko, Winnipeg

Committee communication and collaboration throughout the year consisted of three committee meetings, with e-mail and phone communication between meetings and amongst members. The implementation of the Strategic Plan

was the main focus of this year with the goal of addressing the changes recommended for the 2017 - 2018 year as well as identifying policies that needed updating or clarification. This process will continue throughout the next four years of the five year Strategic Plan. Once the 2018 Policy Manual is ratified at AGM 2018, the Bylaws and Policy Committee will work to review and update the Bylaws manual and also go forward with addressing the second year’s Strategic Plan goals. The first two committee meetings were to evaluate which areas of the Policy document would be updated. In January, the whole committee met, changes were reviewed and suggestions from all of the RTAM committees and RTAM member, Dorothy Young, were incorporated. The document was reviewed at both the February and March Board meetings. At the March meeting the Board voted to recommend to the 2018 AGM the ratification of the 2018 RTAM Policy Manual. Due to the number of updates and changes to the Policy Manual the AGM delegates will be asked to ratify the document by an omnibus motion. Delegates received a copy of the document via post/email prior to the AGM so that they had an opportunity to review the document prior to the AGM. Communications Respectfully submitted by Carol Pelton, Winnipeg, Chair Members : Jack Fraser, Winnipeg, Website Chair; Doreen Sage, Neepawa. KIT Chair; Ken Malcolm, Dauphin, Public Relations Chair

The committee reviewed the policy manual for the mandate of the communications committee and the three committees related to communications. The strategic plan has three objectives under the Communications pillar: a. to improve KIT (Keep in Touch) magazine; b. to improve the website; c. to facilitate new member participation on RTAM committees. The committee attempted to outline the

editorial process for KIT. Still outstanding is clarification from the Committee/Board establishing RTAM’s editorial philosophy for both KIT and the website. Moving forward, the Communications Committee needs to look at the editorial policies and process of other retired teachers' publications and use it to strengthen RTAM's policies. In addition, further research on an updated website needs to continue. Keep In Touch (KIT) Submitted by Doreen Sage, Chair and Editor, Neepawa Members: William Taylor, Brandon; Vaughn Wadelius, The Pas; Joan Dawson, Thompson; Joan Goble, Thompson; Heather Emberley, Winnipeg; Joan Rink, Neepawa; Judy Oldstead, Brandon; Gwen Watson, Matlock, (deceased).

It was a tragic year for the Editorial Committee as we suddenly lost one of our members, Gwen Watson. KIT, the newsletter/magazine of the Retired Teachers' Association of Manitoba, is published four times a year, in full colour. All material is emailed to the Editor by RTAM Committee Chairs, by RTAM Chapters, by individual RTAM members and various other sources. Since RTAM's very secure website, with necessary firewalls and protocols in place, has been upgraded, KIT is now available to all mobile devices, anywhere, any time. KIT is also available via eblast, which means that you can have the current copy sent directly to your device and have your land mail address removed from the print mailing list. This eblast list is stored securely and used only for the eblast of KIT. Hoping to engage more RTAM members, KIT is now holding a photo contest twice a year. Response has been interesting and some great photos have been entered. Thank you to Joan Dawson and Judy Olmstead for organizing and getting this contest judged. The Strategic Plan RTAM adopted this year directed KIT to give more space to chapter reports. Therefore, all chapter reports received are printed in the Summer issue. To accommodate this, all reports from committee chairs and chapters were to be no more than one-half page RTAM.MB.CA n 9

in length. KIT is also planning on featuring a chapter in each upcoming issue, as space permits. All communication among committee members and the editor is done by email. Thank you to committee members for comments, suggestions and editing skills. Thank you to committee chairs, RTAM chapters and individuals for submitting excellent material and photos. These are what makes up KIT and makes it what it is. Website Respectfully submitted by Jack Fraser, Chair (Winnipeg) Members: Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg), Barbara McDole (Winnipeg), Carol Pelton (Winnipeg)

Educational Advocacy and Wellness Respectfully submitted by Peggy Prendergast, Chair (Winnipeg) Members: Joan Dawson (Thompson), Alison Logan (Winnipeg), Connie Newman (Winnipeg), Maureen Recksiedler (Stonewall), Joan Rink (Brookdale)

Nine committee meetings were held from June 2017-March 2018. The Educational Advocacy and Wellness Committee, in conjunction with the Winnipeg Foundation has responsibility for the annual administration of the RTAM Endowment Award Program. This fund was established in 2013 with a $50,000 deposit to the Winnipeg Foundation to fund an RTAM Student Award Program. This year five students graduating from Grade 12, sponsored by a relative who is an RTAM member received $600. Next year there will be enough money in the fund to award four awards of $700. An outreach “Senior Advocacy Forum” held in Selkirk on November 8, 2017, was organized by the committee, MASC (the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres), the Gordon Howard Centre, and the local health authority. It was modeled on events previously offered in Thompson, Dauphin, Portage la Prairie, and four in the city of Winnipeg. An integral part of the success of these past events has been the much appreciated work, commitment, support and cooperation of the chapters involved. There was no working RTAM chapter in this area. The committee recommendations are on the RTAM website. Two afternoon Wellness Seminars, one in Neepawa in October and one in Winnipeg in March at our Board office were offered this year. The topic for both seminars was: “Your Health Directive – ERIK Kit – Power of Attorney – Wills - HELP.” Sharon Tod, a lawyer who specializes in this topic, is always appreciated for her time and the expertise she volunteers to RTAM.

The website committee is charged with oversight of the design and maintenance of our website. Maintenance of the website has been a challenge this year, but as the RTAM year draws to a close, we are now current in our postings. The long-range plan has been to have the office take on the daily editing of the site. The Board has been exploring the options and the implications of this. Please visit our website regularly. • We are working on keeping our “Upcoming Events” current and relevant. • KIT is readable on line on your mobile devices. (It can also be sent to you via email.) • We are encouraging chapters to post news and their current information. If chapters have items to contribute (Chapter Revisions/Upcoming Events/Volunteering Opportunities etc.) please contact the Office at office@rtam.mb.ca. • We post highlights of our Board Meetings • If you have suggestions regarding the content or functionality of the Website, please email: Website Committee Chair in care of office@rtam.mb.ca.

Membership and Chapters

The website continues to expand with input from many different people and organizations. We need YOU to help us move forward with this endeavour. We are only as good as our contributors make us.

The total number of RTAM members, as of March 31, 2018, was 9,737.

10 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

Respectfully submitted by Beth Smith, Dauphin, Chair Members: Pat Bowslaugh, Brandon; Joan Dawson, Thompson; Joan Goble, Thompson; Audrey Greenhill, Winnipeg; Ray Sitter, Brandon

• Chapters were sent a welcome letter in the Fall of 2017 with information on the Chapter Initiative Grant, a copy of the RTAM Strategic Plan and “Meeting Ideas.” • Nine Chapter Initiative Grants have been approved as of April 15, 2018. • An advertisement was placed in the Manitoba Teacher to inform active teachers of Pre-Retirement Seminars in Winnipeg, February, 2018, and Brandon, March, 2018. Ads were placed on the RTAM website and in KIT magazine, which is distributed to all schools. The Pre-Retirement Seminar for Thompson is in the planning stages. • 2017 AGM Activities: a. What can RTAM do to encourage new membership? What can RTAM do to better serve its members? These two activities were compiled into the following document: “RTAM AGM ACTIVITY, MAY 2017, AND HOW IT RELATES TO THE RTAM STRATEGIC PLAN.” This document has been distributed to the various RTAM committees for their consideration and implementation. b. What advice would you give active teachers about retirement? What do you wish someone had told you about retirement? These two activities were compiled into the following document: “RETIREMENT FROM A RETIRED TEACHER’S PERSPECTIVE.” This document has been distributed to Chapters, Board members, Local Teacher Associations and posted on the RTAM website. Officers Respectfully submitted by Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin, chair Members: Joan Dawson, Thompson; JoAnne Hoyak, MacGregor; Carol Pelton, Winnipeg

The Officers Committee met as necessary in coordination with the monthly RTAM Board Meetings. Committee consultation and

collaboration also often occurred by email or telephone. When deemed necessary, the Executive Director, Mary-Anne Slegers, was asked to attend meetings with ex officio status. From the beginning of the year, the officers largely dealt with the mandate of the 2017 RTAM Policy Manual which referred to matters of staff, office and finance. At the October, 2017, RTAM Board Meeting, under the Governance pillar of the Strategic Plan, a motion was passed to increase executive function of the Officers Committee on an interim trial basis, with evaluation to occur at the January 2018 Board Meeting. At that meeting, a motion was passed to restore increased executive function of the officers on a permanent basis. The Bylaws and Policy Committee was tasked with developing the new committee mandate as a part of its current policy document review in advance of the AGM. The rationale for the new mandate was to improve effectiveness of RTAM decision making by supporting increased transparency of the process. Pension Committee Respectfully submitted by JoAnne Hoyak, Chair, MacGregor Members: Peggy Prendergast, Winnipeg; Julian Hoyak, MacGregor; Bill Caan, Winnipeg; Alison Logan, Winnipeg; Rudy Peters, Winnipeg.

Six committee meetings were held during the 2017 - 2018 year. Major issues on the pension agenda included: 1. Reaction to the Pension Commission’s recommendations for reforms to the Pension Benefits Act. The Pension and the Political Advocacy committees jointly with MTS submitted a response to the government. 2. Continued vigilance and opposition to the Federal government’s Bill C-27 which may set precedence and impact existing pensions and the defined benefit security they offer now. 3. Monitoring the status of the joint agreement with MTS and accepted by the TRAF Board as to the dispersal of the restricted surplus. TRAF has sent it to the government and it is, RTAM.MB.CA n 11

4. 5.



at present, in the hands of the Treasury Board. Appointment of a RTAM member to the TRAF Board. The protocol for the selection process has been initiated by the committee. Continued communication with senior support groups such as the Manitoba Seniors Coalition and the Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security with whom ACER-CART is connected and who submitted a brief to the Manitoba government in opposition to the Pension Commission Reform recommendations. Concern regarding the status of the COLA going forward now that Bill 45 has ended. Minister Wishart gave his assurance that the situation would simply revert to that of pre Sale report days. The COLA as of July , 2018 is 1.15%. Continuation of the tradition of meeting with our provincial representatives to keep our issues current and at the forefront: Education Minister Ian Wishart in February, NDP leader Wab Kinew and Education critic Matt Wiebe in March and Liberal leader Dougald Lamont in March.

Political Advocacy Respectfully submitted by John Sushelnitsky, Portage la Prairie, chair; Members: Pat Bowslaugh, Brandon, Ralph Cibula, Gladstone, Guy Hansen, Winnipeg, JoAnne Hoyak, MacGregor, Julian Hoyak, MacGregor, Connie Newman, Winnipeg.

The first activity of the Political Advocacy Committee was to join in the observance of the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, October 1, 2018. Chapters were encouraged to engage in activities which would highlight the talents and the contributions of its seniors to their communities. The fifth Meet and Greet event with the Members of the Manitoba Legislature was held April 10, 2018, at the Legislative Building. This event is primarily social in nature and is intended to encourage communication and contacts between the MLAs and RTAM. It has been successful in initiating better relations with the 12 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

people who make laws affecting us. The Committee has continued to study the issue of Electoral Reform and submitted an article to KIT. The fate of our pension was a prime concern of the Committee. At the federal level there was Bill C-27 and at the provincial level there was review of the pension schemes and the recommendations leaning towards defined contributions instead of defined benefits. Our preference for defined benefits was made clear to the provincial government, both in documents and in conversation, with the Minister of Education and Training. Public Relations (PR) Respectfully submitted by Ken Malcolm, Chair (Dauphin) Members: Bill Cann (Winnipeg), Ralph Cibula (Gladstone), Guy Hansen (Winnipeg), John Sushelnitsky (Portage la Prairie)

We had a great year and truly worked hard on many ideas such as RTAM promotional items, a “branding slogan", and many ideas “FOR THE GOOD of RTAM” members including endeavoring to encourage a much higher percentage of new retirees to join our organization. This year we obtained quality tote bags c/w RTAM branding, RTAM logo'd pens as well as useful Dry Erase Memo Boards for use on fridges, etc. We really wanted to keep our RTAM logo visible to our current membership. We explored promotional RTAM coffee mugs but decided the idea was an idea that “had passed its prime”. In addition we developed a “Borrowing Protocol “for our Upright RTAM Banner, our Parade Banner and our flags. One of the committee members has had a sturdy shipping box built so that our upright banner can be safely shipped out to local RTAM Chapters. He also constructed a long tube type container for shipping of our flags and parade banner. Our promotional flags and banners can now be shipped safely and securely We also worked on the “hospitality room” for AGM members and potential committee members to get better acquainted in the evenings after their arrival at our 2018 AGM. We had a good year and as PR Chairperson, I have to say it was a pleasure to work with

members who used their lifelong experiences to make this committee work so well. They were very accepting of each other’s' very diverse ideas and backgrounds. These people are who really make RTAM such a smooth running machine. Ad Hoc-Distance Technology Respectfully submitted by Carol Pelton, Winnipeg, Chair Members: Ralph Cibula, Gladstone; Jack Fraser, Winnipeg

The Ad Hoc-Distance Technology Committee was established to facilitate the implementation of internet technology to accommodate long distance audio-visual communication at any RTAM activity. The committee has continued to seek information and develop an understanding of the many technologies available. At this point, there is no clear solution that would accommodate the various needs of RTAM. Focus has been on gathering information to enable distance communication for meetings originating from the RTAM office. There are many contributing factors in recommending a solution. The work of the committee remains ongoing.

Brandon Pre-Retirement Seminar By Judy Olmstead


n RTAM pre-retirement seminar was held in the afternoon on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at Central Community Center in Brandon. The event was advertised in the Manitoba Teacher, RTAM website, Westman school divisions and the Brandon schools. Eighteen people, at least half from communities around Brandon, came to hear the presentations by RTAM committee members. Ray Sitter (Membership and Chapters Committee) spoke on “Financial Issues” in retirement and the trials of downsizing. Judy Olmstead (Benefits Committee) presented power point information on the RTAM Benefit Program for retired teachers on the Health, Dental and Travel Plans sponsored by Johnson Inc. Pat Bowslaugh (Membership and Chapters Committee) spoke on “Life after Retirement” and topics to consider during the transition from working to retired life. Attendees had many questions for the presenters and responded positively to the workshop. Everyone enjoyed coffee/tea and cookies and received a cloth bag and folder filled with valuable information. Draws were made for several door prizes to conclude the afternoon.

RTAM Chapter Reports Boyne Chapter of Retired Teachers Submitted by Bob Kowalchuk, Secretary Treasurer

The Boyne Chapter has 25 members. We have no designated President, but someone volunteers to chair each meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer is Bob Kowalchuk. The breakfast meetings are held the last Friday of each month (September to May) at a local Carman restaurant. For our May meeting, we alternate travelling to Elm Creek or Miami and have our breakfast in their community. The fee is $10 per year to cover any expenses and to provide a scholarship to a Prairie Rose graduate entering a program of learning. The meeting opens with the singing of O’ Canada. The sharing

of information regarding upcoming activities in Carman and surrounding communities is a highlight of each meeting. In April of 2017, a group rented the Carman Handi-Van and arrangements were made to tour the Human Rights Museum. Everyone had an enjoyable day and kudos to our guide. In September, 2017, Carman hosted the Old Rusty. This is a retired teachers’ golf tournament and it is held each year on the first day of school. Many of our members were on the organizing committee, and we welcomed retired teacher golfers from many areas of Manitoba. After a day of golfing, a banquet was provided to the participants at our clubhouse. RTAM.MB.CA n 13

One of Carman`s big projects is the expansion of the Boyne Regional Library. One of our members is on the expansion committee and he provides a monthly update on the architect`s plans and on the fundraising progress. Many of our members are involved in local activities in their community. Some of the highlights include the annual spring variety concert which takes place at the Carman Active Living Centre. The choir is directed by Audrey Myers and it has over 30 singers. A performance by the Carman Ukulele group was an added attraction. One of our members organizes the Alzheimer Awareness Ukrainian Dinner. This year, 300 people attended and they enjoyed a traditional Ukrainian meal and entertainment was provided by the band Revival. Once the business part of the meeting concludes, one never knows where the conversation will lead to—members often share accomplishments of their grandchildren; health concerns; the recent Olympics; classroom incidents from years ago. Someone always provides a humorous anecdote and we always adjourn with a smile on our face. Calgary & Area Chapter of RTAM Respectfully submitted by Penny Hogan

On behalf of the Chapter committee: Dennis Kozak, Jan Campbell, Penny Hogan, Lillian Kozak, George Takashima. Of 62 RTAM members on our ‘Chapter Contact List’, 25 members, some accompanied by a spouse, attended at least one meeting in 2017. A second indicator of continued interest in the Calgary Chapter is the number of members who take time to send regrets if unable to attend a meeting. In consideration of the wide dispersal of our members, we continue to alternate four yearly meetings between locations in South and North Calgary. While the majority of members are Calgarians, some individuals travel from High River, Lethbridge, Cochrane and Canmore to attend our luncheons. Attendance remains 14 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

consistent from year to year. A 2017 Chapter Initiative Grant, received in February, 2017, facilitated the opportunity to host speakers at two of our four gatherings. Thanks to Jan Campbell, who arranged for the speakers, members had the opportunity to understand the changes in Calgary’s library system, and then within our personal spaces. At the March 2, 2017, luncheon, Ellen Humphrey, Calgary Public Library Deputy CEO, was our guest speaker. Her presentation, “Not your Grandmother’s Library” began with a historical overview of Calgary’s library system, and continued with an overview of the architecture, and designated spaces of Calgary’s new Central Library, scheduled to open in November 2018. On November 23, 2017, Cindy Beaudet, President, Destinations Seniors’ Downsizing’ presented an informative and entertaining talk on moving to smaller spaces for seniors. An effort is made to keep in contact with all RTAM members in the Chapter, whether or not they have attended a meeting. Invitations and follow-up information are mailed to the small, and decreasing, number of members who do not use email. The majority of members are notified through email regarding upcoming events. Information following each event is distributed, in the hope that new faces will continue to appear at our meetings. Since the initial meeting in May, 2014, of twenty individuals connected only by their RTAM membership, the Calgary Chapter looks forward to the collegiality of meeting with friends in the coming year. Dauphin Area Retired Teachers’ Association (DARTA) Submitted by Yvonne Lillie

Meetings DARTA continues to be a very active group of teachers and other MTS members. We have a full slate of 77 paid members and meetings continue to have 25 - 30 attend. Our monthly Tuesday meeting format has changed for a trial of having breakfast, lunch and two potluck supper meetings

at a variety of locations. We are currently settling on one location and one time. Members are regularly contacted via email and telephone for agendas, minutes and important RTAM information. Activities/Events • Our September meeting was held at our Golf Clubhouse overlooking Lake Dauphin. We welcomed new members and their breakfast was paid for by DARTA. • October was busy volunteering for the Terry Fox BBQ, the Run itself and at the local school run held at the Credit Union Place walking track. • We held an Alzheimer Coffee Break at the Dauphin Mall with many volunteers offering baking and time. We successfully raised $525.05. • We sponsored and presented a wreath at the public November 11, 2017, ceremony. • In November, several members decorated the Watson Art Centre for Christmas. • In November and December, many members plus spouses and friends provided monitoring at Dauphin Kings Hockey games. This is a great service to the community. • Our annual Christmas Cheer & Chat was held with baking and good conversation. • Many members attended free events at the Dauphin Regional Library and DARTA made a donation to support the library. • Several members worked with some new immigrant families in our community with language and understanding of life in Canada. We supported two families that were working on developing a small food business and we attended a luncheon where they offered many dishes from their culture. They then offered home delivery of many items. A very successful event. • Many members, spouses and friends worked a weekend for the Parkland Cup Hockey Event. We organized and ran the Registration Desk at two rinks.

• Our Sunshine Rep continues to deliver cards of sympathy, thinking of you, illness, member weddings and birth of new grandchildren. • We continue to provide Honour Guards to member funerals, upon request. • As spring approaches, we are very busy planning DARTA’s 25th Anniversary on April 25 with a Wine and Cheese evening. • We are planning a trip to a unique restaurant in Winnipegosis and our year end BBQ. • Our AGM will be held in April and look forward to a full Executive for the 2018 2019. DARTA will continue to advocate for its members. Éducatrices et Éducateurs manitobains à la retraite (ÉMR) RAPPORT DU PRÉSIDENT 2018

Le conseil exécutif des Éducateurs & Éducatrices Manitobains.es à la Retraite (les ÉMR) a comme objectifs principaux d'organiser des activités qu'on espère vont plaire à tous les goûts; vont susciter intérêt d'y participer; mettre l'accent sur l'aspect social et francophone. Nous prenons l'occasion lors de notre AGA en avril de demander à nos membres de nous partager rétroactions sur les activités passées ainsi que prendre note d'idées et suggestions pour l'année à venir. Les membres siégeant au Conseil exécutif des ÉMR sont demandés d'organiser un minimum d'une activité prévue durant l'année. Par la suite le membre du Conseil doit afficher & annoncer l'activité prévue par le biais de notre site web www.lesemr.org. La liste de membres des ÉMR se chiffre à tout près de 200. Ces membres ont œuvré soit comme enseignant /enseignante ou administrateur / administratrice, dans des Conseils scolaires francophone, immersion et anglophone Le défi, comme dans tout organisme, est au niveau d'engagement et de participation des membres actuels et recrutement de nouveaux membres. La RTAM.MB.CA n 15

Retired Teachers' Association of Manitoba (RTAM) nous a octroyé des fonds à cette fin. Les membres du Conseil exécutif des ÉMR pour 2017 - 2018 sont: • Guy Gagnon, président • Raymond Bisson, vice-président • Denis Clément, président sortant • Evelyne Beaudoin, trésorière • Patricia Thibodeau, secrétaire • Denis Gautron, conseiller • Guy Lacroix, conseiller et membre au Conseil d'administration RTAM • Alma Vincent, conseillère Je les remercie très sincèrement por leur collaboration et leur engagement. Nous formons bonne équipe. PRESIDENT'S REPORT

Members of the Éducateurs - Éducatrices Manitobains à la Retraite (les ÉMR) executive council plan their yearly activities with the following mandate in mind. It's our intention that planned activities focus on the social as well as the francophone dimensions of our gatherings. With this in mind, we ask our members at our April AGM to provide feedback & suggestions for the upcoming year. Members of the executive council are asked to organize one or more of the yearly activities by: publicizing it on our web site: www.emr.org informing of the date, time and location. During the get together, a member is assigned to take pictures which are later downloaded on our web site including a short summary and number of participants. This is part of our marketing and recruitment strategy to get members involved & has proven successful. Thanks to an RTAM chapters' grant in 2017, we have continued with our efforts in recruiting new members. We presently have a list of close to 200 members. These members have taught or been school administrators in the Francophone, Anglophone & Immersion systems. Many members continue to be actively involved in political, social and educational issues either 16 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

though our organization or various others within the francophone community. The 2017 - 2018 ÉMR chapter's Executive council members elected for a one-year term are: • Guy Gagnon, president • Raymond Bisson, vice-president • Denis Clément, past president • Evelyne Beaudoin, treasurer • Patricia Thibodeau, secretary • Denis Gautron, council member • Guy Lacroix, council member & member of the Board of Directors of RTAM • Alma Vincent, council member • Gérard Massé & Norma Lacroix-Gagné, ÉMR web site On behalf of the ÉMR membership, I wish to thank the executive committee members for their initiative and cooperation. We make a great team. Hanover Association of Retired Teachers Submitted by Brian Gadsby

Once again, we are in a state of flux, as we look to see what the future holds for our chapter. The old executive has volunteered to stay on as we figure out our next move. We continue to have breakfast meetings once a month. The attendance varies, depending on the time of year, with good attendance once the snow board season is over. Interlake Retired Teachers’ Association (IRTA) Submitted by Nancy Phillips

President, Nancy Phillips; Vice President, Gail Peterkin; Past President, Darlene Dufily; Secretary, Joie VanDongen; Treasurer, Cathy Yurick Directors: Joan Main, Barbara Lindquist, Nancy Drad and Cindy Grabowecky The membership of the Interlake Retired Teachers' Association has not grown over the past several years but is being maintained. The executive encourages participation/membership

with activities such as guest speakers, luncheons, a Christmas Party and field trips. IRTA holds four executive meetings and four general meetings throughout the year. In September, 2017, there was a luncheon at Bel Acres Golf Course with guest speaker, Sharon Todd. This is our second time having her speak to our group on senior legal issues. December, 2017, the annual Christmas Party in Balmoral was well attended. Our AGM was on April 19, 2018, where the Board of Directors was elected for the upcoming year. In June, a "Night at the Races" is being organized at Assiniboine Downs. Those of us who are on the executive enjoy meeting days. We always go for lunch prior to the meeting. It's very social but at the same time we get the business done. Intermountain Retired Teachers’ Association Ron Landry, President

At our fall meeting our group decided that because of our dwindling numbers we will now only get together once a year for a social evening. This will occur in the fall. We will keep in the know by reading our KIT. Louis Riel Retired Teachers’ Association Respectfully submitted by Jack Fraser and Lynda Baxter

The Louis Riel Chapter includes the retired staff from the legacy divisions of St. Boniface, Norwood, and St. Vital. • All our Chapter’s major activities have a fundraising component and are run and organized by our Activities Co chairs, Jerry Ilchyna and Ron Koskie and their subcommittee of executive members: Edith Alexiuk, Lydia Lewko, Francis Lemieux, Marilyn Surbey, Gerry Ilchyna, Jo-Ann Koskie, and Frank Prouten (BC Rep). Our principle activities include our annual spring and fall luncheons and our annual September golf tournament. This year marks 26 years for the luncheons and 22

for the golf tournament. Local business owners, former students, and former staff donate the prizes for our silent auctions and draws. Funds raised support our bursary fund. The connections made to our external donors have been forged and maintained over the years and generate an ongoing positive contribution of community support to public education. The team’s work is invaluable in that respect. The donors’ willingness to give and their testimonials about how teachers have positively influenced lives are indeed heart-warming. In light of RTAM’s focus on ‘volunteering’, this kind of volunteerism also needs to be recognized and acknowledged for the contribution that it is. • Carol Pelton, RTAM Treasurer, brought greeting to our spring luncheon on behalf of RTAM President, Rosalie Bornn. Our luncheons are a great contributor to our Chapter’s social and communication needs. These events are a great time to get together, renew acquaintances, get caught up on travel and family news, and win a few prizes. Through the much-appreciated support of the Louis Riel School Division, tickets are sold on our behalf at the reception desk in the Board Offices. Both luncheons are held in the space provided in the Division’s Legacy Centre. Doors open at 10:15 for visiting to begin, lunch is at noon and visiting and activities go well into the late afternoon. • Our newsletter is bi annual, so that leaves us with a communication time gap with our members. The Chapter established an electronic mailing list to provide timely information to 200+ of our over 900 members between newsletters. The e-List is growing. • Our chapter membership is open to all retiring staff of the Division. We value this diversity in our group, and the Division is also proud to be in touch with all their retired staff. The retired teacher membership component of our chapter is a ‘sub group’ with respect to activities that RTAM.MB.CA n 17

are of specific interest to teachers. We have an excellent working relationship with the superintendent, and the Division supports our luncheons, our bursary, and our communication in a number of ways. The Chapter appreciates the support it receives. Our last year’s golf tournament’s bursary contributions topped over $1000 for the fourth time. This is in no small part due to the tireless work of the activities co chairs and their team, but also to the ever increasing support from our donors. The upcoming nine hole, shotgun start tournament will again be held at the Lorette Golf Course in September. For the past 11 years the tournament has been sold out in two weeks. Because of our fundraising, this past year we were able to provide a total of $4000 in bursary monies to be distributed among students from all eight of our high schools. This will be the 17th anniversary of our bursary fund. It is wonderful to be able to use the funds we generate to contribute to young people in our amalgamated division. As of June, 2017, we will have awarded 84 bursaries in the total amount of $34,000. The following is a quote from one of our activities co chairs: “Education is ongoing and we know that retired teachers and support staff still wish to be involved in its future.” The Louis Riel School Division has recently incorporated a charitable foundation called RIEL-EVATE. Representatives of our chapter sit on the board and members have volunteered to support activities such as their clothing and school supplies drives. We did not apply for the RTAM $250 Chapter Initiative Grant this year, but will for the next year.

Neepawa Area Retired Teachers’ Association (NARTA) Submitted by Joan Rink and Pat Cibula

President, Joan Rink; Vice President, Vacant; Past President, Ralph Cibula; Treasurer, 18 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

Richard Kulbacki; Secretary, Pat Cibula; Program Director, Wendy Denbow; Communications, Judy Roe • June, 2017 - A meeting and barbeque was held at the Old Schoolhouse in Neepawa, attended by 23 people. • June, 2017 - NARTA student bursary of $200.00 was presented to a Grade 12 student at William Morton Collegiate, Gladstone. • NARTA applied for and received an RTAM CHAPTER INITIATIVES GRANT of $250.00 which was helpful in enhancing NARTA activities. • NARTA September 11, 2017, outing - 15 people attended a morning tour of the Neepawa Museum followed by lunch at the Neepawa Golf Club. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a tour of the Neepawa Farmery Estate Brewery. • October 4, 2017 - NARTA hosted an RTAM Wellness Seminar which was a tremendous success. • November 27, 2017 - NARTA held a meeting and a Christmas dinner attended by 25 people and enjoyed by all. A presentation on "Christmas in the Philippines" was given by two ladies from the Philippines who are now residents of Neepawa. • NARTA has tried a new format with four meetings/get togethers per year and wish to extend an invitation to recent retirees to join our Chapter. Northeastman Chapter Submitted by Linda York, President

This report is about renewal. Due to sickness, death and travel, our executive has not met for the last year. Over the next months, we are planning to meet with the Sunrise Teachers’ president to share RTAM information with practising and retiring teachers. We are hoping to get an interview with the local newspaper to reintroduce our chapter and RTAM to the public.

After the RTAM AGM, we will call a meeting to share the information we have collected. Our goal is to elect a new executive and pursue the option of splitting our chapter into two geographically accessible units. I will be seeking advice on this course of action at the AGM. Okanagan Chapter Respectfully submitted by Nancy Kostiuk, Secretary

April 6, 2017: Annual General Meeting at Two Eagles Golf Club, 19 Okanagan Grill, West Kelowna, BC. Attending were 18 members and guests. August 12, 2017: Annual Summer Barbecue and Pot Luck in Oyama, at the lakeside home of Carol and Peter Rykszynski. Attending were 21 members and guests. December 5, 2017: Christmas Luncheon held at the Sunset Ranch Golf Clubhouse, Kelowna, with 22 attendees. March 29, 2018: RTAM – Okanagan AGM held at Moxie’s, Kelowna, to elect the executive and plan future activities; 22 members and guests attended. Current membership is 55 with members from Salmon Arm to Oliver and points in between. Thank you to RTAM for facilitating our Okanagan outreach through the Chapter Initiative Grant. RTAM – Okanagan Executive 2018 – 2019: Co-Presidents: Lorne Lisik - lornelisik@gmail.com Lorna Rothwell - lrothwell@shaw.ca Vice-President: Ken Ferg Treasurer: Roy Lycar Secretary: Nancy Kostiuk Members-at-large: Susan Forsyth, Glenda Waugh Portage la Prairie Retired Teachers’ Association Submitted by Charlie Clifford, President

The year, 2017 – 18, was expected to be a

year of growth for our chapter. Although we have seen some encouraging activity, it has not been consistent. We are trying some different approaches to our meetings; looking at the luncheon and dinner format instead of just breakfast meetings. We have tried not to be too political, which is one of the excuses people give for not attending. We have about 130 RTAM members in the Portage area which could be a powerful resource for our community if it were utilized properly. We tried a Christmas luncheon with a singsong and found it quite successful with 56 members coming out. It did require a very extensive phone campaign. We will continue to look at ways to involve our members and get them excited about what RTAM can do for them and what they can do for RTAM. We have three radio stations, an online station, and a newspaper that is printed twice a week, that are very community minded. We need to look at ways of involving all of them more. Many of our members are very involved in the community as individuals or through other organizations. It may be a possibility of using our organization to help our members serve our community, as they have done for so many years in the past. The pool of talent, creativity and, yes. energy has so much potential for keeping us healthy and living very fulfilled lives. We realize that growth may be slow but it will come! Many of our younger retirees continue to work, which seems to be a trend. We will continue to make RTAM more inviting to them. Retired Women Teachers’ Association Respectfully submitted: Cécile Alarie-Skene, President

Now in our sixty-sixth year, the Retired Women Teachers’ Association membership currently stands at 264 regular and 9 life members, who are aged 90 years or over. In the 2017 – 2018 term, the executive met five times to plan activities and the four luncheons for the year. Our first luncheon, on September 28, was highlighted by our annual Fashion Show. Northern Reflections provided fashions for our RTAM.MB.CA n 19

members to model and afterwards many of us went shopping for a “new” wardrobe. At our Christmas luncheon on December 14, we were entertained by Neil Keep with his singalong medleys and impersonations of some of our favourite singers. Mrs. Claus rewarded some of our members who owned up to being “Naughty” with a lump of coal and our “Nice” women with a suitable gift. On February 22, members were entertained by the Raging Grannies with their “rants” and we were pleased to be invited to write and present some of our own rants. Many members wore their most “Outrageous” hat at this time as well. This year our generous members provided a recordbreaking amount of food items and money for Winnipeg Harvest at this luncheon. Our AGM will be held at the April 26 luncheon. We will be entertained by the Ron Paley Band. RTAM president, Rosalie Bornn, has been invited to this luncheon to bring RTAM greetings. We continue to hold our luncheons at the Masonic Centre at Corydon and Osborne where our delicious and varied meals are prepared by WOW Catering. Guests are always welcome. Donations of toiletries for women’s shelters and used eye-glasses for the Eye Bank continue to be collected at each luncheon. As well, donations to our Angel Baskets allow us to recognize our shut in members with small gifts at Christmas and Easter and cards on other occasions. We invite all former and newly retired women teachers to join RWTA in 2018-2019. We gratefully acknowledge the grant received from the RTAM which will help our recruitment drive. Annual membership fees remain at $8.00. My first year as RWTA president has been interesting and fulfilling thanks to the support and dedication of our executive and RTAM. St. James-Assiniboia Chapter Submitted by Lynn Land, chairperson

Officers 2017 - 2018 Chairperson, Lynn Land; Past Chair, Connie Newman; Vice Chair, Shelley Herbert; 20 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

Treasurer, Emily Williamson; Secretary, Brian Head; Membership, Emily Williamson; Communications, Dorothy Young Members at Large: Marj Bilous, Rudy Peters, Will Peters, Linda Scott, Carol Szuminsky Membership as of April 30, 2018 is 318. The main objective of the St. James Assiniboia Chapter of RTAM is to promote the economic interests of its members and other retired educators; and to support the Provincial RTAM Board in its endeavors to that end. The Chapter shares information with its members all across Canada. In turn, members share the information with friends, family, and colleagues still actively teaching in Manitoba. The Chapter held a very successful Harvest Moon Coffee House on Saturday, October 21. The singing was led by guest guitarist Armando. The crowd sang along with all of the tunes. Some members didn’t even need to look at the words on the song sheets because the songs were so familiar to them. Coffee, tea, water and homemade apple crisp with ice cream were enjoyed by all those in attendance. We thank Marj, Mary and Shelley for making the delicious crisp. We thank RTAM for the financial support for this event. It was really appreciated. Our Annual General meeting will be held in the spring in conjunction with another social event. Southwest Assiniboine Chapter of Retired Teachers Submitted by Ben Veselosky

The following is a brief list of our activities : 1. We held three luncheon meetings this year. a) April: Presentation by pharmacist on Medication Safety b) September: Quiz and prizes for Canada Day c) November: Attendance – App. 40. We sang Christmas carols. 2. We support the community Food Cupboard by collecting food products at our meetings. 3. We financially support some festival programs at the school level. 4. The Friendships and Visiting Committee

send our greetings and get well cards to those in need, as well as visitations; they also send cards of sympathy. Pat Wolfe is in charge of this need. 5. We assess membership dues. Glen McKinnon is our treasurer. 6. Our Travel Committee organizes trips to areas of interest. This year, over forty retired teachers went to see, “Mamma Mia” at Rainbow Stage on Sunday, August 13. We are very thankful to Kelvon Smith for organizing this trip and being the contact person. Kelvon also applied for and was successful in receiving a $250.00 grant from RTAM which was used to help cover the cost of the trip. The teachers involved thank the RTAM for the grant. Swan Valley Retired Teachers Submitted by Ed Richenhaller

additional attractions were the reconstruction of a number of pioneer buildings and old machinery and, of course, the mascot dog. We concluded our tour by crossing the swinging bridge across the Valley River to a delicious lunch at the Gilbert Plains Golf Club. On November 11, we laid a wreath at the Legion Remembrance Day Service. Also, in November, our Chapter judged the Legion sponsored Literary and Poster Contests. In December, we invited retired school board and retired school support staff to a brunch at the Westwood Inn. The comments of attendees were so positive that this may result in an annual event. In February, for two weeks, our Chapter delivered Meals on Wheels. In March, our AGM and luncheon was held at Zinkiews. Our membership has increased to 28 members. The Pas Retired Teachers' Association Respectfully submitted for Vel McAdam, President

President: Barb Plumb; Secretary, Sheila Kelbert; Treasurer, Henry Barkowski; Past President, Ed Richenhaller The Swan Valley Retired Teachers had an eventful year beginning with our first hosting of the RTAM AGM. Our Chapter is appreciative of the $250 grant from RTAM. This was used to create interest and help offset the cost of attending the social. Hosting the AGM made us aware and appreciative of all the work involved in organizing this annual event by the Executive, Board and Staff of RTAM. In June, 2017, SVRT was invited to attend the Swan Valley School Division retiring teachers and services banquet. Here we were given the opportunity to encourage the retiring teachers to join the SVRT and RTAM. In September, some members and guests toured the lighthouse and windmill tower constructed by Robyn and Reba Meyers on their farm on the bank of the Valley River just West of Gilbert Plains. This 50 foot high structure was mostly constructed of stone. New energy surfaced as we climbed the inside to the top of the windmill. The

President, Vel McAdam; Vice-President, Vaughn Wadelius; Secretty-Treasurer, Elaine Bollman As our community has undergone some significant financial pressures in the last two years, many retirees are opting to leave the community, or stay in teaching a bit longer. We are trying to continue to relay news of important activities of RTAM and ACER-CART to all of our members. Another activity has been to be aware of the provincial government intrusions into teacher pension issues. We have communicated with the local Kelsey Teachers’ Association to express our willingness to dialogue with and offer support to them on these critical issues should they call a local meeting. So far no reply. As usual, our chapter members have many volunteer commitments that keep them active and reflect on the community's view of The Pas Retired Teachers' Association. These include: The Pas Community Choir, The Pas Hospital RTAM.MB.CA n 21

Auxiliary, The Sam Waller Museum Board (and fund-raising), Citizens on Patrol, the Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees, The Pas Rotary, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Women's League and the Order of the Eastern Star, to mention a few. All of these local organizations rely on teacher leadership and support. These hours devoted to community work mean many of our members find little time to devote to association meetings. We plan to conduct an annual end-of-the-year picnic, hopefully at Clearwater Lake in June, assuming our massive snowfall amount in 2017 -18 has melted! Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE) Submitted by Joan Goble, President

Our small group meets about ten times a year and usually over a meal. We vary the days and the time of day so that those who substitute, have other jobs, volunteer, or travel may attend at least some of the meetings. Our theme this year revolved around Wellness. May • The Kids Plant Project at the Library has been quite popular so it happened again: D., Barb M., Dianne D., Grace B. and Sue M. were involved in organizing and carrying out this popular project. • Pre-retirement Seminar for TTA members. Our presenters were Joan D, Marg and Joan. June • Filled the planters at the Library and a local restaurant then went for coffee. Mature Drivers Program (sponsored by MPIC) is an excellent presentation! Free driver testing is also available upon request after taking this program. The results only go to you, the driver. Bottled water was provided for each participant. • Rice Krispie cakes were delivered to two elementary classrooms whose teachers were retiring. 22 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

July • Pot Luck supper at a member’s cottage September • To Hell with the Bell breakfast on the first day of school October • Exercise class with Katie Kirkwood Armstrong, a local Senior Fitness Trainer. November • A lawyer from Law North talked to us about wills, power of attorney, health care directives and then answered many questions posed by the group. Coffee and dainties provided. February • Darren King from Clarke’s Pharmacy presented a very informative session on seniors and drugs. He spent over two hours in discussion with the group answering many questions .Coffee and dainties provided. • Thompson 2020 Committee invited interested TARE members to meet them at the Northern Boreal Centre to brainstorm ideas. March • AGM dinner and meeting at Paint Lake Marina. Joan Goble will remain as President. Dorothy Smith is the Vice President and the Secretary-Treasurer is Kate Roth. VanIsles Chapter Irene Hilchey, President; Jim Reid, Treasurer; Patti Dobroski, Secretary

The Vancouver Island chapter has over 100 members located in various cities and towns throughout our island. Our Annual General Meeting was held on April 12 in the Satellite Bar and Grill at the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club in the community. Our guest speaker for the event was Pamela Thompson, a life skills coach and motivational speaker. She spoke on learning the difference between a life change and a transition. She also presented some effective strategies for enhanced health, happiness, fulfillment and inner peace.

Our fall meeting was held at the residence of Gerry and Rosalene Saleski in Victoria. They hosted a lovely barbeque in their backyard. We had 16 members in attendance as well as two RTAM guests visiting from Manitoba. It was a fun event especially all the stories that were shared by attendees and of course the great food. Our 2018 AGM will be held on April 12, 2018, at the same venue as last year’s AGM. Westman Retired Educators’ Association

President: Darlene Wilkinson Past President: Judy Olmstead First Vice-President: Ron McPhail Second Vice President: Vacant Secretary: Rick Oakden Treasurer: Mavis Johnston Directors: Pat Bowslaugh, Ray Sitter, Peggy Wojnarski Members: 37 paid members and 7 life members. All this year’s meetings took place at Shriners’ Hall and included a catered luncheon, short program and business meeting. Door prizes were part of our routine and tubs were set out for donations to Westman YWCA, Westman Animal Shelter and Samaritan House. At the September 12, 2017, meeting, there was a presentation by representatives from the Ombudsmen’s Office. WREA made a donation to the Brandon School Division Youth Revolution group as part of our 25th anniversary celebration. Two representatives from WREA attended YRs fall kick-off event on October 13, as invited guests. Twenty-five members volunteered to work at the session doors at Brandon LIFT on October 20. Six members had stuffed envelopes earlier that week. Ray Sitter continued our recently established tradition of placing a wreath at the Westman Remembrance Day Service. At our November 14, 2017, meeting, Ray Sitter did a presentation on tax regulations for TFSA beneficiaries, prior to the luncheon, for those members who were interested. This proved to be so

successful that we have decided to use this format in the future for informational sessions that would be of interest to some but not all members. There was no actual program that day so the members in attendance were able to devote considerable time during the business meeting to a discussion about what kinds of events and activities are important to us. The February 23 meeting included short thankyou presentations by Karen Peto of the YWCA and Traci Munn from the Brandon Animal Shelter. Members in attendance found the stories of each of the speakers very moving and agreed that we have chosen charities that are doing very fine work. Discussion about the Manitoba Pension Review took place and a motion was made to have representatives of WREA meet with local MLAs Reg Helwer and Len Isleifson to share our concerns. The executive met on March 2, along with three guests and planned a process for that meeting and again on March 6 to further consolidate plans. A meeting with the MLAs took place March 9 and a statement was then issued to the membership sharing the results of that meeting. The AGM will take place on April 10, 2018, and will include a presentation by a member of the local genealogical association.

Meeting with Wab Kinew, Leader of the Official Opposition

RTAM Meets with the Official Opposition. (From Left) Wab Kinew, Leader of the Official Opposition, Rosalie Bornn, RTAM President, JoAnne Hoyak, RTAM Vice President and Chair, Pension Committee, Mary-Anne Slegers, RTAM Executive Director, Beth Smith, Director and Chair, Membership and Chapters Committee and Matt Wiebe, Opposition Education Critic


A Great Event Pat Bowslaugh, Political Advocacy Committee


n Tuesday, April 10, 2018, your RTAM Board plus several RTAM Committee members hosted a "Meet and Greet" event in the Golden Boy Room at the Leg'. Just like they were reporting on time for school, a significant number of 34 MLAs accepted our invitation and arrived promptly after their regular sitting of the Leg' session. Our office staff had busily prepared name tags for both MLAs and RTAM members to smoothly enhance the "getting to know you" process. Also available was a professionally designed hand out with a "Coles' Notes" version of RTAM's history and purpose. And thus our event began . . . Located in the centre of the room was a delicious array of food which attracted those present to move forward thus precipitating a true mix and mingle. Each of the MLAs appeared to be on a genuine mission to make meaningful connections with as many people as possible. The word "meaningful" entailed questions around topics such as "So, where did you spend your teaching career?" and "How does your membership in RTAM support you in retirement?" plus "Can you tell me about the request of having a retired teacher serving on the TRAF Board?" Many of our guests sought out members of our organization who were

24 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

from their constituency or who they had known through various interactions such as "Oh, I see my old (former) teacher over there!!!" Gentle background music by John Sushelnitsky provided ambiance prior to him transferring to the role of MC. Our President, Rosalie Bornn, welcomed our guests with an amazingly scripted presentation that delivered RTAM's current areas of focus. She peppered her presentation with quips and quotes that thoroughly entertained our guests as indicated by their smiles, chuckles and animated applause! The first guest speaker to honour us was Minister of Education, Ian Wishart, who immediately identified John as being his former teacher! (Small world!) Leader of the NDP Party, Wab Kinew, also reflected on a teacher who had impacted him positively during his formative years. Newly appointed Liberal leader, Dougald Lamont, also brought greetings. Our event gradually drew to a close after two great hours of interaction. On a personal note, my perception is that this was a fantastic investment in networking, the extent of which we may never thoroughly realize except that by next morning there were two great postings on Facebook! Such is the power of relationships and technology!

Retired Women Teachers’ Association Spring Outing Louise Burton

Join us for a guided tour of the Steinbach Mennonite Heritage Village and a Mennonite Lunch. Date: Thursday, June 21, 2018 Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Cost: $50 per person (includes bus, entrance fee, lunch, taxes, and gratuities) Bus: Meet at Grant Park Shopping Centre and park on the east side of Applebee’s (in the three rows under and east of the light standard, not the two rows closest to Applebee’s). Departure: 8:30 a.m. sharp (Please be on time) We need to leave by 9:00. Guided Tour: 10:00 a.m. Lunch: 12:30 p.m. (Free Time to shop or explore on your own: 1:15 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.) Boarding: 2:30 p.m. promptly. Please meet at the entrance. Arrival at Grant Park: 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Only mail-in registrations will be accepted. Please make cheques payable to Retired Women Teachers’ Association (no post-dated cheques, please) Mail cheques by May 31, 2018 to: Louise Burton 3 Watson Crescent Winnipeg, MB R3R1S5 (My telephone number is 204-897-0579 if you need to contact me.)

It may be possible to accommodate guests who are not members, so please indicate if you would like to bring a friend. Please be advised that there will not be any refunds of registration fees unless a substitute can be found to fill the vacancy created by the cancellation. You will receive confirmation via telephone or email by June 7. There will be no morning or afternoon coffee breaks. Please have a good breakfast and bring water/coffee and a snack if you wish. Please advise me if you need assistance to take the tour in order for us to make the necessary arrangements with the museum before arriving. Regardless of the weather we will be going. Bring umbrellas if necessary. Our lunch will be an authentic Mennonite lunch. It will consist of: • Cup of Komst Borscht - soup (made from meat broth), cabbage, onions, potatoes, pieces of chicken flavoured with dill) • Foarma Worscht - lightly seasoned smoked pork sausage • Two Vereniki smothered in Schmaunfatt - boiled pockets of soft doughfilled with cottage cheese (served in cream gravy) • Coleslaw • Slice of stoneground whole wheat bread • Plautz - cake-like dessert with a crust, fruit filling and a crumb or streusel topping • Tea/coffee

It is very important that each of us be prompt for the bus departures so we can all enjoy a pleasurable outing.

June 21, 2018 RWTA Day Trip Name License Plate No. Phone or E-mail Check if you would like to bring a guest ❏ Guest's Name:





The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) awards annually up to four (4) post secondary STUDENT AWARDS of $700.00 each for relatives of RTAM members.



Criteria for selection: (The applicant must be) 1) A relative of a RTAM Member 2) Involved in school and community activities 3) A Grade 12 Graduate 4) Entering the first year of a post secondary education program.


First name: Last name: Mailing Address: Postal Code:


Phone Number:

Cell Number:

E-mail Address: School (Graduated from Grade12): School Address: (Street)

Year Graduated: (City)

(Postal Code)

Post Secondary Plans Program




I confirm that the applicant __________________________, has the following relationship to me ___________________________ RTAM Member’s Signature:

Phone No.:

Applicant’s Signature



THE DEADLINE FOR 2018 APPLICATIONS IS JULy 31, 2018 If further information is required, please contact RTAM at: office@rtam.mb.ca or www.rtam.mb.ca or #206 – 1555 St. James Street, Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B5 Phone: 204‐889‐3660 / 1‐888‐393‐8082 Phone messages may be left at any time The RTAM office normal hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Check website for changes.)

Office/Voicemail Phone: 1-204-889-3660 Manitoba Toll Free: 1-888-393-8082 Fax: 1-204-783-2011

SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 1. Application Form 2. Applicant’s description of school and community activities (one page) 3. Letter of reference/support from a non-family member (one page) 4. Final Grade 12 official high school transcript of marks (copy only)

Email: office@rtam.mb.ca Website: www.rtam.mb.ca

206 - 1555 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B5

Open to eligible children and grandchildren of members and employees of the Retired Teachers' Association of Manitoba (RTAM)*.

Johnson Inc. is proud to offer 50 scholarships, valued at $1000 each, to students completing high school in 2018 and starting post-secondary education in the fall. Application Deadline: August 31, 2018

For eligibility criteria visit johnson.ca/scholarship

scholarshipfund@johnson.ca 1-866-544-2673 Johnson Insurance is a tradename of Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”), a licensed insurance intermediary, and operates as Johnson Insurance Services in British Columbia. Home and auto policies underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (“RSA”) in Quebec and primarily underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company (“Unifund”) in the rest of Canada. Auto insurance not available in BC, SK or MB. Home and auto insurance not available in NU. Johnson, RSA and Unifund share common ownership. Eligibility requirements, limitations, exclusions or additional costs may apply, and/or may vary by province or territory. *Eligible children and grandchildren of members and employees of RTAM are those who are Canadian residents, completing high school in 2018, and enrolled full-time for Fall 2018 at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution or Cegep. Must apply online by 11:59 pm EST on August 31, 2018. For additional details, visit https://www1.johnson.ca/ scholarship. 0175_0418


Holiday Inn Winnipeg - Airport West Photos by Judy Olmstead

Note: Because of space constraints, the rest of the photos can be viewed at rtam.mb.ca

Mr. Roland Stankevicius, Assistant General Secretary, brought greetings on behalf of MTS

Wayne Ewasko (Lac du Bonnet constituency) brings greetings on behalf of Progressive Conservatives

Jeff Bennett and Jessica Simpson present the Johnson Inc. prize to Ben Veselosky at the evening reception

From left: Jeff Norton presents the TRAF report to RTAM members at AGM meeting; Brenda Venuto of TRAF presents member statistics at AGM; Chair of TRAF board, Bryton Moen, brings greetings to AGM delegates

Ian Wishart, Minister of Education and technology brings greetings to delegates at the reception held Tuesday evening. Retiring directors Guy Lacroix (Lac du Bonnet), Judy Olmstead (Brandon), and Wally Stoyko (Winnipeg) 28 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018

Thank you to Joanne Hoyak for her term as vice-president

Joan Dawson (president-elect) makes presentation to Rosalie Bornn for her years of service as president of RTAM

Chapter presidents and delegates attending RTAM AGM 2018

Dauphin delegates attending AGM

Dorothy Young conducting meeting

Rosalie presents Distinguished Service award for Marvin Krawec to his wife, Connie Krawec at the reception. Thompson teachers attending AGM 2018

George Takashima, (Calgary) and Joan Veselovsky (Virden) winners of door prize from Holiday Inn Door prize winners of gift cards.

Nicole and Mary-Anne manage registration desk RTAM.MB.CA n 29


Photography CONTEST Summer 2018 Photo Contest

The KIT editorial committee announces a photo contest. The two categories are: • Summer: What does summer mean to you? Take a picture of your favourite summer view or activity. • My Best Shot: Everyone has a wonderful photo that came out better than all of their other pictures. Enter it in our contest and let us admire it too. All entries to be sent by mail, email, fax or delivered to RTAM no later than 3:00 p.m. October 3, 2018. Full contest rules and entry forms are found at http://rtam.mb.ca/index.php/2018-photo-contest-rules or at the RTAM office. RETIRED TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION OF MANITOBA (RTAM)

Summer 2018 Photo Contest Official Entry Form





CATEGORY ❏ Summer ❏ My Best Shot



DECLARATION I agree to abide by the RTAM SUMMER 2018 PHOTO CONTEST RULES as set forth by RTAM and posted on www.rtam.mb.ca. and in KIT. I also agree that RTAM and its officers, directors, and employees shall not be liable, without limitations, for any claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy. I also confirm that I am a member in good standing of RTAM. I confirm that all information given by me in connection to the photography contest is true and correct. SIGNATURE __________________________________________ DATE________________________ All entries to be sent by postal service, courier or hand delivered to: RTAM WINTER 2018 Photo Contest, 206-1555 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B5 Or emailed to: info@rtam.mb.ca ENTRY DEADLINE: 3:00 p.m., OCTOBER 3, 2018 30 n RTAM KIT Summer 2018


A copy of this form must be attached to the back of each entry submitted by mail or filled in, signed by photographer and mailed to the RTAM office where it will be attached to the emailed photo

In Memoriam January 2018 John G. Dyck, Winnipeg, MB G. Adriana Sabbadini, Mississauga, ON February 2018 Steven L. Banera, Selkirk, MB Sheila Ann Bates, Winnipeg, MB John W. Bilowus, Winnipeg, MB Cecile B. Brown, Aurora, ON Horace T. Carrington, Winnipeg, MB Ronald Leslie Chalmers, Winnipeg, MB Ernestine Fenny, Winnipeg, MB Margorie L. Goodwin, Victoria, BC Paul Floyd Havixbeck, Winnipeg, MB Cecil Hopko, Winnipeg, MB Gordon Kehler, Morden, MB Alfred H. Kroeker, Winnipeg, MB Barry James John Kuly, Lockport, MB Barbara Jane McGillawee, Calgary, AB Hartmut Oskar Oppermann, Winnipeg Beach, MB Joe Reimer, Winnipeg, MB George Zahirney, Winnipeg, MB March 2018 Ina Irene Benson, Winnipeg, MB Lenore Denise Berscheid, Winnipeg, MB Mary Bunting, Regina, SK Linda Mary Alberta Butler, Morden, MB Irene E. Crofts, Winnipeg, MB Emil A. Gillies, Winnipeg, MB L. Terry Hutcheon, Winnipeg, MB Audrey E. Jones, Winnipeg, MB George Kroeker, Winnipeg, MB Doris F. Line, Winnipeg, MB Elizabeth Hunter McGuire, Winnipeg, MB Angela Patricia Tina Moodie, Winnipeg, MB John Olfert, Winnipeg, MB Clarence Victor Pettersen, Flin Flon, MB Tony Semchyshyn, Dauphin, MB William Ted Stoyko, Winnipeg, MB

Life Members November 2017 Lillian I. Hirst, Headingly, MB Peter Melnyk, Winnipeg, MB Grace Moore, Chilliwack, BC Mary Revel. Teulon, MB Henry Visch, Winnipeg, MB December 2017 Elsie A. Jackson, Brandon, MB Mary C. Lutes, Winnipeg, MB Leontine M.F. Tessier, St. Pierre Jolys, MB January 2018 Margaret Bergen, Winnipeg, MB Jean Brown, Winnipeg, MB Helena Gibbons, Winnipeg, MB Margorie L. Goodwin, Victoria, BC Leota M. Nelson, Brandon, MB Phyllis I. Olson, Starbuck, MB John Y. Schur, Winnipeg, MB

NOTICES & COMING EVENTS Reunion social for teachers and students who were at Transcona Collegiate from 1958 - 1972

June 2, 2018 . . . 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Canada Inns Destination Centre, Transcona Tickets $20.00 per person. For more info and to order tickets visit the web site: TCISIXTIESREUNION.CA


14Th annual reunion Viscount Gort Hotel, 670 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB. Thursday, July 12, 2018, 9:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. For further information, contact Edith Alexiuk, registrar 204-256-6484


Retired teachers in the Winnipeg area for part time tutoring over the summer and the upcoming school year for Grades 1-10 Language Arts, Maths and Science. Email resume to Partners for Learning at pfl1@mymts.net.



Up to $8,000 trip cancellation, interruption, and delay benefits Up to $5 million in emergency medical coverage Up to $1,500 ($3,000 for family coverage) for lost, stolen or damaged bags Access to coverage regardless of age or health status2

Additional 5% savings on Home Insurance3 through Johnson Insurance

Johnson.ca/rtam As of May 7, 2018, our new location will be: #100, 17203 – 103 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5S 1J4

Johnson Insurance is a tradename of Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”), a licensed insurance intermediary, and operates as Johnson Insurance Services in British Columbia. Home policies primarily underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company (“Unifund”). MEDOC® is a Registered Trademark of Johnson. This insurance product is underwritten, and claims handled, by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (“RSA”) and administered by Johnson. The eligibility requirements, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, *(including but not limited to trip duration and intra-provincial trips), which apply to the described coverage are as set out in the policy. Policy wordings prevail. For a trip to be covered for Trip Cancellation, MEDOC® coverage must be in effect on the day of booking your trip or purchased, a) within 5 business days of booking your trip, or b) prior to any cancellation penalties being charged for that trip.


A 90-day Health Stability Clause applies to pre-existing medical conditions and other restrictions may apply.


Home insurance discount applicable to principal residence only and only on policies underwritten by Unifund. Eligibility requirements, limitations and exclusions apply.


Johnson, RSA and Unifund share common ownership. Call 1-877-989-2600 for details.


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RTAM KIT Summer 2018  

RTAM KIT Summer 2018  


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