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NEW RTAM BROCHURE The RTAM Board has developed a new brochure, which was introduced at our May Annual General Meeting. Entitled JOIN US, it is a promotional brochure designed to recruit new members. General information, about RTAM and the benefits of belonging, is outlined. Brochures are available at the RTAM office, and will be posted on our website. The Board will be developing a plan for distribution. In the meantime, the new brochures have been supplied to TRAF for distribution to prospective retirees. As well, at our AGM, many chapter presidents took some brochures to distribute to active teachers in their communities.

NOTICE OF MOTION for AGM 2012 Bylaws Article 6- Board of Directors 6.04 Election and Term of Office b) The term of office for a Board shall be from July 1st to June 30th.

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PRESIDENT'S REPORT for the year 2010-2011

Richard Benoit


am most grateful to the membership for having elected and supported me during this second year as president of the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM). It proved to be another experience in learning and leading a very important organization of members who contributed immensely to Manitoba and the Canadian fabric in the past, and who now, as retired members, must be afforded the respect, gratitude and dignity that is rightfully owed to them. Retired teachers should and must be entitled to relaxation, enjoyment of family and friends and the opportunity to do what they have always dreamed of doing. They must be able to attend to their wellness, pursue activities they have always enjoyed and be empowered to continue growing psychologically, spiritually and as responsible citizens, with much to offer to the development of youth today - the leaders of tomorrow. To help those who so wish to participate, RTAM, in cooperation with Johnson Inc., strives to offer insurance benefits of many kinds to provide security and financial support in times of need. To assist in accomplishing all of the above, retirees should be ensured that their pensions will be fairly indexed so as not to lose spending and purchasing power; this element being crucial to all retirees and certainly retired teachers. Summer 2011

is report is not intended to be a Th repetition of the work and highlights of our committees. All have functioned well and have put forth much effort and time to further the objectives of these committees. I encourage you to read these reports carefully, to analyze them and to seek further information, if required. Rather, this report will highlight certain innovations, current happenings of importance and the necessity to continue our involvement in the provincial election to be held on October 4, 2011. Recruitment continues to be a high priority for RTAM. We now have approximately 8000 members and this number must continue to grow. Numbers carry much importance in political lobbying and the offering of services. To reach out to potential retirees, the Membership Committee has organized an effective Power Point presentation which has already been used twice this spring, once in Winnipeg and once in Brandon. There were approximately thirty participants in Winnipeg and twelve in Brandon. These pre-retirement seminars were very successful and will be made accessible to all in the province. Some chapters, such as the Retired Teachers of Winnipeg, have also organized successful pre-retirement seminars and RTAM commends them for this. urthermore, our first brochure, F Join Us, which is visually appealing and of high quality, was ready for distribution at AGM. It will be circulated widely to TRAF, chapters, divisional offices and to as many other venues

as possible. A second one will follow shortly on Benefits; we thank Johnson Inc. for their cooperation and contribution. e Benefits Committee has met on Th numerous occasions during the year, as well as last summer, to work on the various programs RTAM offers in cooperation with Johnson Inc. Our travel health plan still is the Cadillac of the nation and many of our other plans are very competitive. No plan will change until a thorough review has been conducted and completed before March, 2012. The insurance business is a very competitive one and therefore requires much attention, effort and work. Again this year, our COLA will not reflect what we had been led to believe by Tim Sale in his report and recommendations. COLA continues to be an issue of prime importance to all of us. It is rather sad that the treatment allotted to RTAM is inferior to similar groups such as the Civil Service Superannuation Plan (CSSP) and the Health Employees Pension Plan (HEPP). The Pensions Committee continues to conduct high quality research so as to enable RTAM to put forth the strongest arguments possible, to convince the powers that be to redress this situation. I commend this committee for its work and we all are convinced that improvements are not an option. Fairness and long term funding must be obtained. Educational Advocacy Committee cooperated with the Manitoba School Boards Association (MSBA) to print RTAM KIT • 3

additional copies of the most popular booklet, A Child's Message to My Parents. It has also written to the Manitoba Teachers' Society to offer our support as they respond to four of the Department of Education and Training's recent proposals in the Educational Review proces. ellness and Travel organize very pertinent and interW esting seminars in their fields of activity. You are urged to truly take advantage of these informative and recreational days. Membership and Chapter Formation is also reaching out to areas where we have no chapters so that they can also benefit from the positive contributions of chapters. e Bylaws and Policy Committee has worked mainly Th in revisions to policy regarding issues referred to it by the Board. The thorough study and rationale for changes are most appreciated. ommunications constitute the backbone of every orC ganization. This committee is really trying to reach out to you through a greatly improved website and our quarterly newsletter-magazine, KIT, which deserves to be read from cover to cover, for it outlines for all members the highlights of the previous quarter, the important issues and changes in the life of RTAM and reports from chapters or other groups focusing on their activities. The Public Relations Committee strives to improve the image of RTAM. Media Watch provides valuable reading outlining highlights in the business and financial world which often times leads to possible comparisons with retired teachers and how we fare in similar contexts. This year, I have been most fortunate to visit many chapters, especially in the rural and northern areas. I am amazed at the camaraderie, the socialization and the work carried out with great enthusiasm and generosity by the members. You are vital to RTAM. You are the local arms, hands and faces. Upon you also rests the all important responsibility of communication and liaison. Continue to be active! Continue to stimulate interest in RTAM. Please be very involved at the provincial political level this fall; we need you! We can also be very helpful to you in this political involvement! Therefore let us ensure a high quality dialogue with politicians. Special congratulations to the Retired Women Teachers’ Association which celebrated in pomp, ceremony and conviviality its 60th anniversary. As we all know, liaison with the government, political parties and the MTS constitutes an important RTAM obligation. Since the fall, we have twice met with Minister Allan, accompanied by some of her senior officials. The 4 • RTAM KIT

second visit with her in April was a rather cordial one. We were informed that Pensions and COLA are an “active” issue for the government and that she is aware of our concerns. Only time will reveal what concrete measure, if any, will be taken. We also discussed representation on TRAF and the Teachers’ Pension Task Force. There possibly is some light at the end of the tunnel on this issue but again . . . time will tell. We also had fruitful meetings with Conservative Education Critic Cliff Cullen. He also spoke at one of our Board meetings. We believe he is aware of our concerns and issues as is Dr. Jon Gerrard with whom we also met. Our Pensions Chair and I met with MTS President Pat Isaak and Henry Shyka regarding a pension matter that their 2010 AGM had asked them to consult with us regarding our opinions. The meeting was a relaxed one with some frank exchange of opinions. I have had the opportunity of dialoguing informally with Pat Isaak at a few events. We continue to benefit from the utilization of their meeting rooms and some secretarial services such as photocopying, which we sincerely appreciate. We look forward to working with their President-elect Paul Olson and his new executive. It must be said that relationships between many local chapters of RTAM and local MTS divisional associations are positive. It is hoped chapters will all continue to foster these relationships for these benefit both RTAM and the MTS. As stated earlier, October 4, 2011, is an important day for Manitobans and for RTAM. The Political Action Committee has already organized a provincial forum to help organize meetings between MLAs and members of local chapters. These meetings focus on informing MLAs of our concerns, of the present flaws in the Pension Plan and possible ways to correct these. While RTAM is non partisan, we must make our issues known to the candidates and the public. Hopefully, many future meetings will be held with all candidates and Political Action is willing and ready to assist you in organizing and providing information for these meetings. Elections come only in four year intervals. NOW is the time to act. NOW is the appropriate time to let our views be known at town hall meetings, debates and when candidates visit at our home. PLEASE HELP US HELP OURSELVES! In conclusion I wish to thank the contributions of all members of the Board who, each in their own fashion, are most committed to RTAM and its success. Your many hours of work and travel have led in one way or another to a better, more effective organization. To those of you Summer 2011

who are retiring from the Board, I sincerely and profusely thank you for your work, your effort and your support. Your colleagues wish you well in all your future endeavours and we know you will always keep a special place in your heart for RTAM. The next edition of KIT will carry a short tribute to each of you on your unique contribution to RTAM and retired teachers in general. This report would not be complete without thanking our Administrative Assistant, Carol Gillis, who is dedicated,

flexible and a most competent assistant. Carol, we appreciate your diligence, your work and your smile. Thank you to the AGM Committee and the Hanover Association of Retired Teachers (HART) for hosting this convention and demonstrating genuine hospitality. Finally, thanks again for your encouragement and support during this last year! May provincial Election Year 2011 be a successful one for RTAM in its quest to inform voters and legislators about our plight. May the post-election period also contribute to a better COLA and quality of life.



he Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (CART) is the national association consisting of member retiree associations from all provinces in Canada. Based in Ottawa, it is an active association which works to improve the benefits, interests and welfare of retired teachers that fall under federal jurisdiction. CART also provides valuable support and information to all associations and their members. It is able to conduct valuable research which we, as individual associations, could not do. The executive Director, Norbert Boudreau, and all members of the Board are very accessible and do make it a point of providing the information requested. D uring the past year, the Association representing the retirees of francophone Quebec school boards withdrew from CART, which is unfortunate because the Quebec views and issues will no longer be shared and we are losing a member of our family. Quebec is still represented by two smaller English associations of retirees representing approximately 500 members. In regards to matters of national concern, CART’s contributions to the prevention of elder abuse; federal pension programs and legislation; health Summer 2011

Project Overseas Update Richard Benoit and prescription drug costs and retiree quality of life are impressive. In cooperation with other similar organizations CART meets a considerable degree of success. Its data base also assists member organizations to compare and consequently, if needed, communicate with the local association in question. is year the AGM will be held in Th Ottawa from June 2 to June 4, 2011. Last year, Manitoba was represented by Mary Pankiw, Vice-President and me as President. This year both the newly elected President and VicePresident will attend. e AGM is always extremely well Th organized. The quality of discussion and exchanges is of high calibre. It is interesting to learn of the successes and challenges at both the national and provincial levels. Innovative ideas and procedures can provide food for thought to Manitoba so as to ever improve the operations of our organization. CART is a valuable asset to RTAM and I am pleased to report that the relationship between both levels is positive. Vaughn Wadelius, one of our former presidents, has been President of ACER-CART since 2009 and we value his contributions.


lthough CIDA did not agree to a re-evaluation of the CTF 2010-15 Proposal, we can certainly say that your voices contributed to a recent positive development resulting in the review of our long application review process. CIDA has now agreed to a short extension of the 2005-10 agreement with funding that will end September 2011. This extension will allow us to sustain, build or wind down partner activities in a meaningful way and fulfill all Project Overseas elements for this summer. Meanwhile, we are preparing a proposal for CIDA’s new competitive project process, and hope that it will continue support beyond September. Although we are clearly disappointed that our five-year proposal for international development work has been rejected, we welcome this shortterm funding. CTF 's international role will continue despite the obstacles and challenges that will arise. As such, we are applying for funding for projects under the new CIDA application rules. The Canadian Government has acknowledged that the teachers of Canada have a role to play as part of Canada’s commitment to international development. CTF has a highly respected 50-year legacy with respect to improving teaching and learning in developing countries and has evolved to meet changing needs around the world.


REPORT OF THE PENSION COMMITTEE Anne Monk, Chair A. JULY 1, 2011 COLA For the information of members, the RTAM Pension Committee annually prepares analysis of the cost of living adjustment (COLA) granted by TRAF. 1. COLA Analysis The cost of living adjustment to the base pension, effective July 1, 2011, is 0.98 %. The increase in the consumer price index (CPI) for Canada for December, 2010 over December, 2009 was 2.35 %. Therefore, inflation protection provided is 41.7 % of CPI. •C ost of living adjustment -

0.98 %

• Consumer Price Index


2.35 %

• % of CPI


41.7 %


1.57 %

• Maximum 2/3 COLA • No 2/3 COLA • No surplus reserve

2. Examples of Dollar Increases (pre-tax) in COLA Basic Pension $

Annual Increase $

Monthly Increase $

$ 10,000

$ 98.00

$ 8.17



















Average base pension (approximate) $ 25,500



B. TRAF COLA: Bill 45 Aftermath Bill 45 did not fix the COLA problem. Its funding change (in the method of interest crediting to the COLA account) was helpful, but it was only a modest funding measure. It has resulted in only modest improvements in COLA. It was mere tinkering.


Summer 2011

COLA Results:

*1.33% COLA resulting from Bill 45 provisions

Some observations regarding the COLA results to date:

• In aggregate, Bill 45 has resulted in an improved COLA, albeit modest. • However, even in a period of relatively low inflation, the COLA account has not so far been able to finance the Bill 45 reduced maximum COLA of 2/3rds of CPI. • Mr. Sale told the RTAM Board that his recommendations would result in a 2/3rds COLA in the first three years of the ten-year deal. Mr. Sale’s prognostications were wrong. RTAM, based on consultation with professional advisors, expressed strong skepticism about the Sale predictions. No such results have occurred in the first three years, and the pattern has continued into the fourth year of the deal. • With the pattern of less than 100 % CPI COLA grants since 1999, retired teachers’ purchasing power has diminished. With the TRAF Actuary’s estimated 0.8 % future COLA projection, the purchasing power “hole” of retirees will continue to deepen. C. RTAM Advocacy The COLA problem is still with us. More significant funding - lump sum and/or a plan - is needed to provide for long-term funding to sustain financing a fair COLA for retired teachers. Accordingly, RTAM continues to advocate: • Fair and equitable treatment of retired teachers • A long-term fix and substantive funding measures for a fair COLA resolution • Involvement of retired teachers in decision-making • The Province to make funding of COLA a priority

D. Provincial Election

In the upcoming provincial election, speak to the candidates in your riding, and tell them about our unresolved COLA problem. Since the civil servants’ and nurses’ pension plans have had significant funding measures to support improved COLAs, it’s reasonable for us to say it’s our turn for significant funding.

Summer 2011


Reflections and Research from a Retiree: So What Is the Cost of Living? Part 2


Donna Goodman, Pension Committee member

n our last instalment we reflected on whether official pronouncements about the cost of living jived with our own perceptions as seniors and consumers. Since then inflation news has moved from the back pages to headlines. Even so, does the Consumer Price Index reflect the “reality of the checkout counter?” Here we consider the impacts and causes of inflation and research the methodology in calculating the CPI.

were added to the 760 items in the basket. There still remains the significant problem of time-lag in adjusting for changes. The US Bureau of Statistics recently admitted to Business Week that its method of canvassing consumers is increasingly “out of touch” in the age of computers and cellphones. An economist who tracks over five million items sold on the internet concludes that inflation is “much higher” than officially reported.

The Prolonged Punch of Inflation

Some prices bounce up and down. Stats Canada acknowledges that “transitory fluctuations” and “temporary movements” led to the invention of what is called core CPI. Core CPI excludes “volatile components” in the CPI basket; presently fruit, vegetables, gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, mortgage interest and intercity transportation. Prior to May 2001, the Bank of Canada calculated core CPI by simply excluding all food and energy. This led to the saying that inflation was no problem – except, of course, if you had to eat, drive a car or heat your home.

Inflation means that money loses its purchasing power. Money becomes literally worth less. Lulled by the low numbers of recent years we tend to overlook the cumulative effects of price increases. But a centenarian First World War veteran, interviewed a few years ago by the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times had "lived through the invention of airplanes, televisions, interstate highways and cell phones. But the biggest change? 'Money has decreased in value,' he said.” What costs over $100 now could be bought for $3.00 a hundred years ago. Most of this price increase has happened since the mid-60s. In case, as the old joke goes, you have trouble remembering the 60’s, here's a prompt: in 1965 a new car cost $2650, the average rent was $118 and loaf of bread was 21 cents (US stats). Canada Statistics encourages us to forget past prices by the readjustment of the “base year”, assigned a value of 100, against which it measures increases. The base year is currently 2002; the next reference point will be 2012.

What’s in the Basket and When?

Back in the 70’s, the Free Press published a monthly update for the grocery portion of the CPI, showing the fluctuations in the price of a pound of pork chops, etc. Now, with such a plethora of dietary choices and shopping venues, can any sampling be typical? Can it be manipulated? The CPI basket of goods and services is also adjusted from time to time to reflect changes in consumers’ habits, lifestyle and technology. The CPI numbers used in TRAF’s recent COLA calculations were based on the 2007 version of the CPI basket, which was derived from a 2005 household survey. Adjusting for changes in consumer patterns cannot be easy. At one time, for example, the average telephone cost was a landline rental. How does one now determine a typical user’s cell phone costs? Last month Stats Canada updated its shopping basket. Photo developing was out while dried lentils and smart phones


The Americans initiated this kind of adjustment to their CPI in the mid 70’s, a time of galloping inflation. After oil prices quadrupled in 1973, energy costs were removed from the Consumer Price Index. The rationale for this was the Yom Kippur War, a temporary outburst. As food prices lurched upward these too were removed from the CPI calculation. The disappearance of anchovies off the coast of Peru was cited as the cause of temporary food inflation. (I am not making this up.) In time too, according to one source, the “Federal Bureau of Statistics discarded used cars, children's toys, jewelry and housing…costs consumers battled in their daily struggle with rising prices.” Allan Greenspan is sometimes credited with initiating “reforms” to the US CPI in the early ‘80s as a way of reducing the government’s tally for Social Security.

“Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” …???

Besides eliminating items or adjusting for weather and seasonal variations how do statisticians achieve the supposed sleights of hand that make the CPI reflect less than the prices we pay? • Substitution - when steak, for example, becomes too expensive people are assumed to consume more hamburger. Hence the cost of beef purchases is virtually unchanged. • Geometric weighting - if the price of something goes up then it is made to account for less of the CPI relative to other things. When the price comes down, it counts for more.

Summer 2011

• Hedonics or quality adjustment - this is when there is deemed to be no price increase on new car models, etc. because of added ‘standard equipment’ i.e. more bells and whistles. It would take an advanced degree in statistics to master inflation calculations. The purpose here is just to inform you that a debate exists. We consequently ask: is the Canadian CPI, be it the all-items, sometimes called the headline variety, or the core calculation, accurate? The Bank of Canada admits that: “Because of the difficulties of measuring price changes due to changes in quality of products as well as other variables, the CPI may contain a certain measurement bias that prevents it from getting a completely accurate picture of inflation.” It hastens to add that we are getting a deal: “Recent studies of this bias suggest that the CPI may overstate inflation by about half a percentage point.” Angry American economic commentators are not so sanguine. They use words like “corruption”, “malicious manipulation”, and “Orwellian” to describe the acrobatics by which rising prices, and the accompanying depravations, are understated. Recently, Canadian James Wanstall, CFO of Blumont Capitol, told Business News Network: “CPI is a lie propagated by government to rob us of our wealth by devaluing our money.” In 2010 the influential US core inflation rate rose only 0.8%, the smallest increase since recordkeeping began in 1958. According to economist John Williams, however, the annual CPI increases would be much higher if calculated by the original method, based on a fixed basket goods, quantities and qualities unchanged: up to 10% if the methodology of the early 1970’s were used, and around 4% by the methodology of the 1990’s. (The mainstream media has been cautious in endorsing his ShadowStats Alternative CPI, which is not without its detractors and debunkers.) Do all of the calculations and convolutions matter? You bet. The CPI is central to labour contract negotiations. Canadian governments use the CPI to adjust old-age security, CPP and tax deductions. Our TRAF pensions Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), until 2017, is capped at no more than two thirds of the CPI – if the plan is able to afford that. In 2009, this yielded an increase of 0.80% and, in 2010, 0.98%. The Bank of Canada uses the core CPI as a guide to policy decisions about the money supply and interest rates. And, because low core CPI rates relate to low investment interest rates, pension plans like TRAF are unlikely to be able to afford more generous payouts.

Inflation - Then and Now

Nowadays we assume that inflation is an irrefutable fact of life. Not so back in the days of gold and silver currency. Society then took changes in the value of money very seriously. Unscrupulous folk who debased the currency, melted it down, mixing in lower-cost metals, or who clipped the currency, shaving off bits of precious metal, faced horrendous executions - except, of course, if it were the government debasing the currency to better enable it to pay its debts. This notion brings us back to

Summer 2011

the present time. As a means of trying to jumpstart a failing economy the American government employed ‘quantitative easing’ (QE), sometimes described as letting the money printing presses run wild. When money is worth less, massive government debt is easier to pay back. Will this phenomenal increase in the money supply cause the lid to be blown off the inflationary kettle?

Fears on the Horizon

Fuelled by emerging market demand, weather calamities, and the trillions flooded into the market by monetary stimulus, prices have recently skyrocketed for commodities such as cotton, copper, coffee and wheat. These increases are now being passed on to consumers in what has been describes as “death by a thousand cuts.” What is to happen to the value of our money? Experts disagree. Some predict hyperinflation, urging us to take to the hills with our guns, gold and bottled water before blood is spilled on the streets. A few forecast the opposite - deflation – falling prices, especially in real estate, and, consequently, a contracting economy as has happened in Japan. Canada’s fate might be stagflation, little movement in employment, interest rates and wages - unions have little power in a global market place - but rising prices on fuel and food. Canadians supposedly spend, on average, only 10% of after-tax income on food (I must be more hungry than ‘average’), and some commentators glibly assume that price bumps will pass unnoticed. But, in the words of researcher Evan Fraser, “for those at the lower end of the income distribution, so called subtle hikes will feel like a wallop.”

Impacts of Inflation The fact is that inflation does not hurt everyone equally. Those who fly first class often have someone else picking up the tab, indirectly subsidized by us, the consumers and taxpayers. The unemployed or underemployed, on the other hand, relate to the misery index, the total of the CPI and the unemployment rate. Those with modest wage gains and without perks feel the pinch. Those with fixed incomes, with little or no increases in their pensions, surely experience more pain. Last November the Globe and Mail reported a “25% spike in the number of seniors in poverty” and that “economists say women make up as much as 80% of the increase in seniors’ poverty.” A large portion of retired teachers are women, who often made lower salaries, because of family responsibilities and fewer opportunities for educational and administrative advancement. One financial advisor and author advises that: “there are so many distortions to the CPI that one is better off to assume the consumer price index is rising 5% to 10% a year and to adjust one’s life (and investments) accordingly.” For those on fixed incomes, this means not saving more but sacrificing more.


Life never was fair, and the same may be said of sacrifices in retirement years. An investment banker, with possibly suspect scruples, is rewarded with obscene bonuses; the outstanding teacher is rewarded with thank you notes and a disappearing COLA. You can’t take thank you notes to the bank. Let us not neglect, nevertheless, to speak out against injustice.

Our End is the Conclusion

For most of us retirement means less money to spend and more time to spend it. Faced with tempting splurges we debate

whether we are here for a long time, or for a good time. We experience a loss of purchasing power - from rising prices, from stock market meltdowns, and at present, miniscule interest rates. These, like death and taxes, are certainties. The ultimate uncertainty is how long we are going to live. So how much we need for our retirement years is unknown. The one certain thing, though, is that the undertaker will hike his charges to reflect a cost-of-living adjustment. As the ad for a local funeral establishment so chirpily declares: “When the price of living increases … so does the cost of dying!”

Retired Women Teachers Association Phyllis Kalinsky meet the different levels of ability. Some of the exercises involved balance, focusing on muscle strength and stability. She also demonstrated the kind of equipment that she uses, such as tubing and a variety of tools and resistance equipment. She also suggested “cross-trainers” runners as appropriate footwear when working out. Candace explained the benefits of doing these activities. As people age, we need to take advantage of the newest ideas to accommodate our abilities.


n Thursday, February 17, 2011, 109 retired teachers participated in the third program for the 20102011 year at the Masonic Temple in Winnipeg. Candace Swick, a leading practical expert on fitness for the older adult population, presented ideas and strategies for Active Aging Fitness. As owner of Bee-Well Fitness and the Older Adult Health and Fitness Specialist at the Rady JCC, she specializes in exercise programs for those with different health issues faced by the older adult. Candace is a co-author to the Can-Fit Pro Older Adult certification manual. She is certified in the areas of: fitness, water, rehab and any specialty programs related to older adults. She is a regular presenter on older adult topics across Canada. She holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, is a Rehab Therapy Therapist for Older Adults, and is very well known in her community. Candace continues to write articles, create programs for those in need, and trains others to teach programs to older adults of all levels and functions. She was recently nominated for an Active Living award at the Reh-fit Centre. 10 • RTAM KIT

I believe the teachers who attended this program acquired many excellent ideas to strengthen their body.

Candace began her presentation with a 20 minute workout involving all the teachers. She demonstrated many of the activities she does in her classes. The members of her classes range from 45 to 92 years of age and are at different levels; including people who use canes and who are in wheelchairs. She presented a variety of activities that

If you are interested in participating in one of Candace Swick’s classes, she can be reached at the Rady JCC centre (for members and non-members). She also sets up personal programs. Her website is www.beewellfitness. com A special thank you to photographer Louise Burton. I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the teachers who contributed non-perishable food items and cash donations ($170) for Winnipeg Harvest. Summer 2011



Norbert Boudreau

id you know that thousands of seniors are being repeatedly abused or neglected in Canada? What’s most shocking is that they are being mistreated by someone close to them. Can you imagine a relative, a caregiver or any persons in a position of trust maltreating citizens unable to help themselves! What’s most interesting as well is that this exploitation often goes on unnoticed and regrettably unreported.

There are many ways of physically or emotionally mistreating elders, but the most common form of elder abuse is of a financial nature. What can be easier than misusing bank accounts, credit or debit cards when one has a Power of Attorney over the affairs of a parent. Having a joint account with a loved one is a rather simple way to abuse too. Trusted unscrupulous individuals can steal from a vulnerable senior almost at will. This is not to say that all trusted persons are crooks. In most cases having free reign over the affairs of a parent, for example, is a necessity and is quite beneficial to the elderly person who is unable to pay their bills for example. Fortunately, there are often signs of elder abuse. Unexplained bruises, ongoing tension on the part of elderly seniors, including loss of weight, untreated rashes and sores should be investigated. An elderly person dressed in dirty clothes, especially when you know that this person would never want to be seen in public, in such a state, needs to be checked. Being withdrawn or even depressed are often signs of elder abuse. Preventing and protecting our loved ones against senior abuse is of prime importance. Seniors are urged to get their financial affairs in order with a trusted lawyer while they are still of sound mind. This includes preparing a will and naming an honest and trusted individual with appropriate Power of Attorney. Relatives and friends can help as well by visiting regularly loved ones in private or public senior’s residences. It doesn’t have to be a long visit, but it would be useful to be done at different times of the day to get a better perspective of how the residence is run. Finally, it is important to recognize elder abuse and to know what you can do to protect the dignity and the safety of citizens that can’t help themselves. If you suspect abuse, a simple call to the police is in order. Show the world you care about ending elder abuse and neglect by wearing something purple on June 15, 2011 as we observe the 6th annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD).

Summer 2011

What is elder abuse? Any action or lack of action by a person in a position of trust (most often a family member) that causes harm to an older person. The harm may be physical, emotional or financial. You are not alone. Here in Manitoba it is estimated that between 4 and 10% of older adults have experienced one or more forms of abuse or neglect. That translates to 6,000 to 15,000 seniors! It can happen to anyone. Older adults of all ages, cultures, economic backgrounds and physical or mental status have experienced abuse and neglect. Elder abuse should never be ignored. Only 1 out of 5 cases will come to the attention of a service provider or authority, therefore, it is extremely important for community and family members to recognize the possible signs of abuse. No one deserves to be mistreated. There are many theories as to why elder abuse happens. Ageism, discrimination, stereotypes and negative attitudes towards older adults and aging can be important factors that lead to the mistreatment of adults in later life. There is help. In Manitoba call the Seniors Abuse Support Line at 1-888-896-7183 to learn about the resources that are available to help.

Stop the Presses! John Sushelnitsky Chair, Public Relations Committee


erhaps it is too melodramatic a way to announce that Media Watch came to a conclusion on May 2nd with its 100th issue. Since November 23rd, 2010, 61 issues have been put out by the Public Relations Committee. In addition to giving information of an economical and social nature, the intent of Media Watch was to keep RTAM’s presence in the minds of its members, politicians and the general public. It was never intended to compete with KIT or to replace people’s reading habits. To the extent that it was interesting, we are satisfied that it filled a void. All the piles of newspapers and magazines that provided fodder for the activity have been put into the recycling bin and many more “free” hours have been added to the editor’s life! Thanks for the kind comments that have been sent our way and for the constructive comments. RTAM KIT • 11

RTAM Policy Change Rosalie Bornn, Chairperson- Bylaws & Policy Committee

The following interim policy changes were approved by the membership at the May 2011 AGM of RTAM in Steinbach: MOTION (AFFIRMED) That SECTION 2 – PRINCIPLES OF RTAM be included in the Policy Manual as follows: SECTION 2 – PRINCIPLES OF RTAM 2.01 Liaison with MTS RTAM advocates: a) That it be represented at the AGM of MTS. b) That the RTAM representative(s) there have the right to speak to any motion that might affect retired teachers. c) That the Association may submit resolutions to the AGM of the Society for consideration. 2.02 Representation on the TRAF Board RTAM advocates: a) That RTAM be represented on the TRAF Board. b) That any member representing RTAM be named by RTAM. c) That any representation on the TRAF Board and its committees be proportional based on TRAF pension assets. 2.03 Role of ACER-CART RTAM advocates that ACER-CART: a) Take a leadership role in the public discussion of national issues. b) Speak for all retired teachers on national issues affecting them. c) Facilitate and promote liaison and mutual assistance among its member organizations. d) Promote the interests of its member organizations. e) Develop strategies for joint action on matters of common concern to member organizations. f) Co-operate with other organizations on matters of common concern. g) Promote and support public education. 2.04 Representation with Other Agencies RTAM advocates: a) That it be represented on any Provincial Government or MTS committee whose objectives affect the economic welfare of, or services to, RTAM members. b) Co-operation with other organizations on matters of common concern. 2.05 Health Policy RTAM advocates: a) Support of the following general policy on national health care: i) Acceptance of the five core principles of the Canada


Health Act ii) Adherence to national standards iii) Establishment of a funding formula iv) Meeting the demands for home care v) Supporting a national Pharmacare program vi) Providing accessible, affordable and timely health care to the elderly and b) Opposition to any legislation that would introduce user fees for medical care. 2.06 Retirement Income RTAM advocates: a) That a teacher is entitled to receive adequate retirement income. b) That inflation protection be provided to enable retirees to maintain their standard of living. c) That full inflation protection be the goal of the TRAF Cost of Living Allowance. 2.07 Five Year Pension Averaging RTAM advocates: a) That teacher pensions be based on a five-year average for both active and retired teachers; b) That the following be the basis of calculations for those with service prior to 1980: i) Active teachers who bought back to achieve a five-year average shall receive reimbursement of the cost of buy-back plus accrued interest. ii) Retired teachers whose pension is based on both a sevenyear average and five-year average shall receive a pension based on a five-year average. iii) Retired teachers who bought back their pension to achieve a five-year average for all years of service shall receive an actuarially based pro-rated amount of the cost of the buy-back plus interest. 2.08 Pension Surplus RTAM advocates: a) That, in decision-making regarding the use of teacher pension plan surplus, RTAM is recognized by government as the representative of retired teachers. b) That the Teachers’ Pension Act contain provisions for determining allocation of pension plan surpluses. 2.09 Pension Fund Investing RTAM advocates that: a) The first principle of management objectives should be to seek maximum returns for the benefit of the pension plan. b) Investment portfolio management decisions should be based solely on economic merit. 2.10 Advertising in RTAM Print and Electronic Publications

Summer 2011

a) RTAM and Chapter sponsored events may be promoted free of charge. b) Not-for-profit organizations that wish to place public service announcements, school or teacher reunion notices, or information on volunteer opportunities with service groups may do so free of charge. These may be promoted at the discretion of, and for a period as determined by, the Editor and/or Webmaster, based on criteria developed by the Communications Committee and approved by the Board. c) Commercial advertising that does not compete directly with an RTAM program or service may be included at the discretion of the Editor and/or the Webmaster at rates suggested by the Communications Committee, approved by the Board and published in RTAM print and electronic media. d) All advertisers should be informed that RTAM does not endorse or promote any products, services, or events presented in paid advertisements, the announcements, or other sections of its publications unless specified. e) The Editor, Webmaster and/or Board of Directors of RTAM accept no responsibility or liability for failure to insert an advertisement for any reason. In such instances, a full refund will be given. f) Where space permits, classified advertisements may be accepted. MOTION (AFFIRMED) That Policy 3.01 c) be amended to read: When in the discretion of the Board of Directors of RTAM, it is consistent with the interests, aims and objectives of RTAM to cooperate with an external or commercial venture in distributing information to RTAM members then, where practical and with all costs being borne by the requesting group, such information may be distributed through 1) RTAM print and electronic media or 2) a bonded mailer to which RTAM will provide a single-use mailing list. MOTION (AFFIRMED) That the following change be made to SECTION 6 – BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the Policy Manual, with appropriate re-numbering. (6.02 will become 6.03). Add: 6.02 Duties of Directors a) Each director shall be a member of at least one standing committee. MOTION (AFFIRMED) That the following changes be made to SECTION 8 – COMMITTEES of the Policy Manual, with appropriate renumbering: i) That Policy 8.02 read: 8.02 Committee Formation An Ad Hoc Organizing Committee consisting of the President, Vice President and Past President shall: a. Be established each year at AGM soon after the elections have been completed.

Summer 2011

b. Be responsible for recommending to the first meeting of the Board the membership of Board committees as well as their chairs. c. Make these recommendations from a list of names gathered by the AGM and Election Committee by inviting applications from the Board, from readers of KIT and the Website, from Chapters and from attendees at AGM. d. Give consideration to committee membership diversity where possible. MOTION (AFFIRMED) ii) That Policy 8.02 be re-numbered as 8.03 and be amended to read: 8.03 Committee Make-up and General Responsibilities Each standing committee shall: a. Consist of a chair and a maximum of five (5) members (exclusive of the President), a majority of which shall be directors, appointed by the Board of Directors at the first meeting of the Board from a list recommended by the Ad Hoc Organizing Committee. Additional members, if required, may be added by resolution of the Board. MOTION (AFFIRMED) That Policy 10:02 (5) c) be added to read: Board members and Chapter representatives traveling from outside of Manitoba to attend RTAM approved activities shall be reimbursed at the approved reasonable rates for the portion of their travel within Manitoba. MOTION (AFFIRMED) That Policy 10.02 (6) be re-numbered as 10.02 (7) and that 10.02 (6) now read: When on RTAM business out of Winnipeg, and when accommodation rates exceed the approved RTAM rate, all reasonable accommodation costs will be reimbursed. MOTION (AFFIRMED) That in response to the motion passed at AGM 2010 with respect to the study and report of the future need for receipts for all meal expenses, the Board recommends to AGM 2011 that RTAM continue with the current practice regarding reimbursement of expenses. BYLAWS NOTICE OF MOTION for AGM 2012 (AFFIRMED) Bylaws Article 6- Board of Directors 6.04 Election and Term of Office b) The term of office for a Board shall be from July 1st to June 30th.


Teaching after Retirement – What are the Rules?

Submitted by TRAF


f you return to teach in a Manitoba public school after you retire, you should be aware that there is a limit to the number of days, and when you can return to teach, before it affects your TRAF pension. These rules do not apply if you are teaching outside of the public school system or if you are over the age of 65 with 15 qualifying years of service in the TRAF plan. Returning to teach within 90 days of retirement:

These rules apply to general or term teaching contracts where TRAF contributions are normally required, but excludes substitute teaching. If you return to teach under contract within 90 days of retirement, you will no longer be considered retired according to The Teachers' Pensions Act (TPA). TRAF is therefore required to cancel your pension and you must resume contributing to TRAF as an active member. You will also have to repay TRAF the pension you received to this point. Once you retire, your pension will be calculated on your total service as if you had never applied for pension. Limited number of teaching days in a school year: These rules apply to general, term AND substitute teaching contracts where TRAF contributions are normally required. If you return to teach under contract and work more than 120 full days* in 14 • RTAM KIT

a school year, legislation requires your pension to be “suspended”on the 121st day and you must again contribute to TRAF. You will not have to repay TRAF the pension you received up to the 120th day. Any pension paid beyond the 120th day must be repaid to TRAF. • IMPORTANT: Teaching more than 50% of a day is considered to be a full day of work. Anything up to 50% is considered to be a half day. It is possible to teach more than 50% of a day in one morning or afternoon. Check with your school division to be sure. Once your pension has been suspended you must terminate your contract to reactivate your initial pension (regardless of age and qualifying service). You will need to apply for your second pension benefit based on your additional earnings and accrued service. Depending on how long you

continue employment, the second benefit may be paid as a lump sum or as an additional pension. You will once again be subject to the rules of returning to teach within 90 days of your most recent retirement date. How to proceed: You are required to notify your school division that you are receiving a TRAF pension. You are also required to track the number of days you teach during the school year, and to notify your school division and TRAF when you expect to reach 120 days. This is especially critical if you are teaching in more than one school division. Your school division is also required to notify TRAF in writing when the number of days taught is expected to reach 120 days. Tracking your working days after retirement: Summer 2011

To help you determine when you reach 120 days: • c ount all paid days • include all substitute days • if you work more than a half-day, count it as a full day • if you work less than or equal to a half-day, count it as a half-day • working an afternoon or morning could be more than a half-day • you should count the number of hours you work to determine whether the day is to be counted as a half or full day. Prep-time in your schedule counts towards this time • TRAF may request a copy of your working schedule/time table to determine when you have reached 120 days

• D ays are counted on a 'school year' basis (SeptemberJune) Other considerations: Remember, tax is deducted based on your TRAF pension income only. If you work after retirement, you may want to increase the amount of tax deducted throughout the year. If your pension is suspended, special arrangements may be necessary for Blue Cross, Manulife, and Johnson Group benefits as well as RTAM membership fees that are deducted from your TRAF pension. Contact those organizations directly to determine what steps you should take to continue your coverage.

leaving the rtam board

(Back row) Pat Bowslaugh (Brandon), Maureen Recksiedler (Stonewall), Rosalie Bornn (Dauphin ), Guy Hansen (Thompson), Ray Sitter (Brandon). (Front row) L-R Rita Warrian (Dauphin), Vel McAdam (The Pas). Missing: William Taylor (Brandon).

Summer 2011


2011 AGM FINANCIAL MOTIONS Auditor's Report 1. Malik/Warrian 2.Malik/Warrian Reimbursement Rates 3.Malik/Warrian 4.Malik/Warrian 5.Malik/Warrian 6.Malik/Warrian 2010-2011 Budget 7.Malik/Warrian Membership Fees 8.Malik/Warrian 9.Malik/Warrian


That the RTAM AGM 2011 receive the Auditor's Report for the fiscal year 2009-2010. CARRIED. That Goossen Accounting of Gilbert Plains, MB be appointed as auditors for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. CARRIED. That the rate of reimbursement for mileage be $ 0.49 per km beginning July 1, 2011. CARRIED. That the rate of reimbursement for meals be $42.00 per diem and that the lunch rate not exceed $15.00, beginning July 1, 2011. CARRIED. That the rate of reimbursement for hotel be up to $ 130.00 per day beginning July 1, 2011. CARRIED. That the accommodation with family or friends in lieu of hotel may be claimed at a rate of up to 50% of the hotel rate per day beginning July 1, 2011. CARRIED. That the RTAM budget proposed by the RTAM Board of Directors be approved. CARRIED. That the Regular and Associate membership fees be $27.00 for the fiscal year 2011-2012. CARRIED. That the membership fee for the Life Members be waived. CARRIED.

Summer 2011

They promised us that our stamps would become valuable!


hen I was ten years old, I sent a dime to the Littleton Stamp Company in Littleton, New Hampshire. The advertisement in my comic book promised a free stamp collection and an album to hold the stamps. All I had to do was agree to receive “approvals” that the company would mail from time to time in the hope that I would buy more stamps for my collection. Finding a U.S. dime was no problem because we lived only a mile from the boundary and frequently went to the U.S. to shop or to go to the movies. It was amazing! The approvals matched the pictures of stamps printed in the small, staple-bound album. You got a discount if you bought an entire envelope full of approvals. At first the entire set was one dollar but as you progressed the value went up. The approvals came at regular intervals. By studying the ads in various comic books I learned that a lot of important people collected stamps, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and even King George V who had staff members, called the Keepers Royal, in charge of the king’s collection. In 1904, he acquired, at an auction, the famous 2d Mauritius, which may be one of the rarest stamps in the world and of which he was very proud. Even today his grand daughter Elizabeth II, has a royal collection but she is said to be less enthusiastic about collecting than George V. Furthermore, I learned that old stamps were treasured by collectors and some stamps were extremely valuable. The 1954 United Nations Postal Administration’s 3c and 8c mother and child stamps (Human Rights Issue) catalog over $12 for a mint set and $5 for used. Just think, you bought the stamps for 11 cents and

Summer 2011

Nick Andrusiak they were worth 100 times as much. A story was told of a collector who bought a sheet of each of these stamps when his daughter was born and sold them for enough money to pay for her wedding twenty years later. Obviously, if we collected stamps our collections would become valuable and we would be rich in our old age. So, in the 1960s and 70s we were told to save entire sheets of Canadian commemorative stamps (50 or 100 stamps per sheet) putting them away carefully. Many of us did just that. Too many of us. After the millennium turned over, many collectors pulled out their fortyyear-old hoards of mint sheets and headed to their local stamp dealer believing that they would be gratefully received and their stamps would be highly demanded by hordes of budding young collectors. They felt that they were doing stamp collectors a public service. Besides, it was time to get a return on their investment. What is the reality? To a typical collector’s great surprise, the reception at the stamp dealer is lukewarm at best. The dealer offers the collector seventy per cent of face value for the stamps, that is, for every $100 spent thirty or forty years ago the collector is offered $70. The dealer doesn’t really need the stamps but if he turns away too many accumulations, word will get out that old stamps are not valuable and stamp collecting would be in disrepute. After all, old stamps are worth only what someone is willing to pay for them and if no one wants them what good are they? Without dealers there would be no catalog values. Why are the old stamps not in demand? There are relatively few young stamp col-

lectors. Kids are glued to the electronic games that they play on their computers and haven’t got time for stamps. The serious stamp collectors want mint copies that have no hinge marks and are perfectly centered. Many of the sheets sold at local post offices were poorly centered. Besides, what other hobby has the expectation of any increase in value. Not golf nor match book collecting. An idea struck me about six years ago. I mail a lot of magazines for a railway historical association and find that copies sent to the U.S. and other countries seem to get more rapid mail service if the postage is paid for by real stamps instead of meter impressions or postal permits. And the people who read historical journals appreciate getting the historic stamps. I went to a local stamp show and made some arrangements with several dealers. They sell me their unused Canadian stamps at between 85% and 90% of face value and I use them for postage. As long as I buy several hundred dollars worth of stamps at one time any dealer is happy to get rid of the stamps which he bought at 70%. Be prepared to use five or six or morer stamps per large envelope. They are very colourful. Therefore, I am making 10% or more on my investment since I get 100% of postage value for stamps that cost 90%. I am having the enjoyment of working with old stamps and I am probably driving up the value of the remaining unused stamps. And the return on my investment takes place in a matter of a few weeks. If your organization does any mailing I suggest you contact several of your local stamp dealers and see if you can get a similar bargain. This story may turn out to be the best investment advice you will ever get. Nick Andrusiak lives and sorts old stamps in Winnipeg.


Reports of Standing Committees (Reprinted from the AGM Booklet) Bylaws and Policy Respectfully submitted by Rosalie Bornn, Chair Committee members: Rosalie Bornn (Chair), Jag Malik, Dr. Mary Pankiw, Ray Sitter, Rita Warrian The committee held four meetings during the year. Additional extensive and ongoing committee collaboration once again took place by phone, by email and by Canada Post. A priority for the committee was to complete the fine tuning of the Principles of RTAM as listed in the 2010 Policy Manual that was affirmed at the May 2010 AGM. The principles have been consistently written as advocacy statements of RTAM. The committee also completed tasks that were assigned by Board motion throughout the year. As a result, Section 2- Principles of RTAM and several interim policy motions are on the agenda for this AGM. Please note that the Code of Conduct for RTAM meeting participants as adopted by the Board this year will be appended to the Policy Manual. A preliminary committee operating manual as required in current policy was also developed. This brings to an end the multi-year task of the complete review of the bylaws and policies of RTAM. However, since bylaws and policies are considered living documents that need to meet the evolving needs of an organization, this committee recommends that the following tasks be addressed by the 2011-2012 Board with input from the Bylaws and Policy Committee: 1. The advisability of setting term limits for Directors, with a recommendation to AGM 2012 2. Function of the Officers Committee 3. The operating year of the RTAM Board of Directors (Notice of motion re Bylaws) Thank you to all directors who supported our work by offering feedback as requested. I extend my sincere appreciation to all committee members for their dedicated hard work throughout the year. *** EDITORIAL Respectfully submitted by Doreen Sage, Editor MEMBERS:  Editor, Doreen Sage, Neepawa; Proofreaders: Vel McAdam, The Pas; Joan Goble, Thompson; William Taylor, Brandon   MEETINGS:  Two meetings are held with the publisher prior to each issue.   ACTIVITIES:  All material is sent to the Editor by email, some photos arrive by Canada Post.  This material is forwarded to proofreaders/committee members, by email.  All material is kept track of with a numbering system. Committee members proofread and send corrections/ suggestions, etc., back to the Editor.  This corrected material is then emailed to the publisher.   At the first meeting with the publisher, all material is checked to see that it arrived.   The next meeting with the publisher takes place after the publisher has set up the copy.  Final proofreading is done,


placement is checked, ads are checked, number of pages decided upon. Number of pages must be in multiples of four.  For the spring 2011 issue, another committee member attended the meeting.   The publisher forwards a final copy to the printer and within two or three days, the final copy is returned to the publisher for a final proof.  Copy is then sent back to the printer for processing, which includes sending all copies to Canada Post.   The number of copies required for mailing and the mailing list is emailed from the RTAM office.   The Editor sends out receipts and a copy of the issue to all who have paid for advertising.  Several copies are delivered to the RTAM office for use there.    Undelivered copies are returned to the RTAM office or to the Editor. ***  Educational Advocacy Respectfully submitted, Vel McAdam, Chairperson Committee Members: Vel McAdam (Chair), Pat Bowslaugh; Dr. Mary Pankiw, Peggy Prendergast It has been a quiet year for Educational Advocacy.  We have assisted in making contact with active teachers, through MTS, to offer our services in any way that would be deemed appropriate, in reacting to the Department of Education’s most recent policy pronouncment regarding:      * student report cards; * student retention; * late assignments;                          * professional development   We await their response. *** Elections Respectfully submitted, Pat Bowslaugh, Elections Chair Upon the closing time of nominations, Thursday, April 7th at 4:00 p.m., the following 15 nominations were received. Nominees: President/Director Richard Benoit and Dr. Mary Pankiw; Vice President/Director: Wayne Hughes; Secretary: No nominations received; Treasurer/Director: Jag Malik Nominees for Director: Guy Hansen, Dolores Hebert, Ron Kalinchuk, Carol Pelton, Barb McDole, Ted Poulter, Anne Monk, Norman Wiebe, Peggy Prendergast, Doreen Sage, John Sushelnitsky Please remember, candidates may be nominated from the floor of AGM provided their nomination is supported by ten RTAM members, who also are present at the time of elections at AGM. Bylaws state that the Board must consist of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 people. The following Board members from 2010 – 2011 will not be returning as members of the RTAM Board. Pat Bowslaugh; Rita Warrian; Rosalie Bornn; Vel McAdam; Maureen Recksiedler; Ray Sitter; William Taylor On behalf of our 8000+ members, we thank them for their conscientious efforts over the years that they served on the Board.

Summer 2011

*** Group Benefits Respectfully submitted by Pat Bowslaugh, Group Benefits Chair Members: Pat Bowslaugh, Chair; Maureen Recksiedler, Jag Malik, Bill Taylor, Brian Paterson and Gerry Melnyk Having assumed the position of Chair of Group Benefits following the 2010 AGM, it has proven to be a very busy year. Due to the unfortunate illness of our usual Johnson, Inc. contact, Shannon Patershuk, we began the plans for the 2010/2011 packages with Perry Dorgan.  Several meetings took place during the 2010 summer months with Perry accompanied first by Cherri Burdeney and then by actuary John Krauss.  Perry Dorgan offered us great assistance in addressing the issues that were challenging the Benefits Committee.  Namely, the three issues included: a) in the Extended Health Care Plan the $1000 and the $1250 prescription drug plans were no longer viable unless there were huge increases in premiums b) many Extended Health Care participants wanted unlimited coverage for prescription drugs, and c) the opportunity to increase/improve coverage on the Travel Insurance. These were tall orders! Following extensive deliberations, it was decided to eliminate the $1000 and $1250 Extended Health Care Plans and to move those participants to the Extended Health Care Core Plan with 80% coverage of prescription drugs up to $500.  The Committee then deliberated with Johnson actuary John Krauss to design an Enhanced Plan which, due to the numerous requests, did offer the unlimited prescription drugs up to the point where Pharmacare becomes effective.  The annual maximum is your Pharmacare limit or up to $10 000 for prescription drugs in the Enhanced Plan.  The rates, which appeared to be expensive, were designed to make the coverage for drugs viable while also offering enhanced coverage for the ten paramedical services pus various other supports.  The members who have taken advantage of this plan are able to see that their premium is realistic considering their needs. The Travel Plan received numerous valuable enhancements while maintaining a very reasonable annual premium.  Travelers are now able to have as many trips of 62 days as desired and trips of more that 62 days can be serviced with multiple 15 day extensions by contacting Johnson, Inc before departure. Our Travel Insurance now has a $2 Million limit and trip cancellation has been increased from $6 000 to $7 000.  In addition, there is now coverage for lost or delayed luggage. To guarantee our coverage, any medical event must be “sudden and unforeseen”.  That means people can not expect to be covered if they have had a recent medical intervention; one’s health must be that of stability.  Please check with Johnson if you have any questions.  Their contact number is 1-877-989-2600. In the event of a sudden and unforeseen event such as a fall or sudden illness you must contact Sigma Assistel FIRST.  They will assist you by directing you in what to do. In addition to Travel and Extended Health Care, RTAM is pleased to be able to offer other Insurances as requested over the years.   These include: Dental Insurance - Long Term Care   - Guaranteed Life Insurance   -   Home Insurance Term Life Insurance   - Stand Alone Trip Cancellation/

Summer 2011

Interruption/Baggage Insurance One of the last items to be negotiated was the change of the renewal date; henceforth it will be April 1 of each year.  It is deemed that this will coincide with the Pharmacare year and will provide for reasonable transition time for the Benefits Committee to negotiate any changes to the plans. As part of the process of implementing these plans, several Chapters invited the Benefits Committee to bring forth information.  Sincere thanks to Neepawa Area Retired Teachers, Boyne Chapter, Northeastman, Southwest Assiniboine, The Pas, Thompson and the Westman Chapters, as well as those who attended the presentation at the MTS building in October.  Please note that whenever you have questions you are invited to phone our RTAM office at 1-888-393-8082 and the search for an answer will begin. Many thanks to the members of the Group Benefits Committee who have spent countless hours in the quest to offer our members viable plans *** Membership and Chapters Respectfully submitted by Membership & Chapters Committee members: Rosalie Bornn, John Solomon, Ron Kalinchuk and cochairs Ray Sitter, John Sushelnitsky 1. There has been progress in the creation of RTAM seminars to inform prospective members in the current teaching profession of the advantages in joining RTAM when they retire. In the past, RTAM representatives were allowed to be present at MTS preretirement seminars to distribute RTAM information materials. At some point, the MTS decided to not allow this practice to continue. As a consequence, Membership took up the task of writing new, updated brochures and of exploring avenues to make them available to teachers. 2. Last year, the RTAM Board reviewed the six brochures and gave an ad hoc committee the task of revising them. This year, the report of the ad hoc committee was reviewed and further revisions were suggested. A second ad hoc committee was tasked with the production of two brochures. 3. In the meantime, the Membership Committee blended the two versions of the brochures into a single power point presentation, which was presented to the Board and approved. 4. The delivery of the power point presentation was facilitated by co-operation with the provincial school superintendents’ organization. Information about the presentation was first distributed to a provincial meeting and then they were asked to distribute the information to all schools in their division. 5. As a result, two seminars were organized to present the power point and to have a following question and answer panel. The first seminar was at the Caboto Centre in Winnipeg on April 23, 2011; the second was at Crocus Plains Secondary School in Brandon on April 30, 2011. 6. As this is the first attempt on RTAM’s part to approach current teachers with its own information session, we are confident that much will be learned in the organizing of such events. 7. There was ongoing concern with the status of associate membership. Because of the advantages of RTAM membership


with regard to emergency travel insurance, there have been “borderline” requests for associate membership. They have been decided on an individual basis according to the guidelines of RTAM Policy. 8. In reports from Chapters at Presidents’ meetings, it is clear that there are two main motivations for retired teachers meeting on a regular basis. In some Chapters, mainly rural, the social aspect is highly valued and participation remains very active. In other Chapters, mainly urban, participation is tied to the political necessity of improving the Pension COLA and involvement ebbs and flows according to the political climate. *** Pensions Respectfully submitted by Anne Monk, Chairperson Committee: Anne Monk (Chairperson), Peggy Prendergast, Wayne Hughes, Bill Cann, Lynn Land, Donna Goodman Meetings: The committee has met 12 times during this board year. Activities: 1. COLA – We have continued our work on the TRAF cost of living adjustment (COLA) problem as follows: • We have continued to keep abreast of current TRAF information regarding COLAs and other relevant pension matters, including tracking the impact of Bill 45 on COLAs. We monitored pension developments at the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, in other provincial teacher pension plans and in other Manitoba public sector pension plans. Pension issues in general were monitored • We have continued to prepare reports regarding COLA/ pension information and analysis, and have updated some COLA materials previously prepared by the committee as required. • Consideration of options for future COLA directions, both positions and strategies, is ongoing. • Support to the Board and its committees and to chapters on COLA/pension matters was provided. 2. MTS Pensions Policies – We reviewed the Manitoba Teachers’ Society proposed revised pension policies and provided advice regarding RTAM’s perspective. The chairperson assisted the president in a consultation meeting with MTS regarding the proposed policies, held because of a 2010 MTS AGM resolution supporting consultation with RTAM. 3. Representation – We are in the process of developing recommendations regarding a board process for RTAM’s nomination to the Minister of Education for the minister’s appointment of a representative of retired members of the Plan to the TRAF Board. 4. Lobbying Meetings – We provided advice and support materials for meetings held with the Minister of Education and the Opposition Parties to advocate for a resolution of the COLA problem. The chairperson acted as a resource at these meetings. 5. KIT - Reports on pensions were submitted to KIT. Future Directions: Work will continue on the COLA problem and other pension matters, including a review of pension-related policies.


Many thanks are extended to the committee for its time and effort during this past year. **** Political Action Respectfully submitted, Wayne Hughes, PAC chair Committee Members: Wayne Hughes (Chair), Guy Hansen, Marvin Krawec, Dick Marshall, Anne Monk, John Sushelnitsky The Political Action Committee (PAC) continues to be a very busy and committed group of volunteers. Over the past year we have had ten (10) regular monthly meetings as well as four (4) all day working or workshop meetings. Last year, it was reported: “We are planning for the participation of RTAM members to hold a constituency meeting with their MLA that uses a four-step approach that: 1. identifies MLAs to be approached 2. selects and trains RTAM members from the appropriate constituency 3. uses a consistent message as developed by RTAM (Pension, PAC and PR Committees) 4. follow-up with MLAs.” 5. The report went on to say, “If RTAM is to be successful in getting our message out, we need a broad based approach across the entire province.” The 2011 Political Action Committee has devoted their efforts to the plan put forward at last year’s AGM. The fall was taken up with many hours of preparation and planning, where we were able to identify our membership by constituency. We then had three all day working meeting to develop the message to be passed on to chapter teams who would begin meeting with MLAs across the province. In November, a presentation was made to the Chapter Presidents asking for their support in identifying 3 to 5 members willing to attend a workshop that would prepare them to meet with MLAs. Although we were prepared to have two separate workshops in Winnipeg and Brandon, the number of participants who volunteered allowed us to have one session in Winnipeg. On February 9, 2011 a very successful workshop was held for 25 members, where the central message of increased long term funding and fairness was presented. The participants began meeting with select MLAs in March and early April. Feedback from the meetings has been very positive and seems to show a continued need to meet with and inform MLAs of the ongoing concerns of retired teachers across the province. PAC also recommends that the MLA meetings and message be repeated in September and early October for all candidates in the provincial election as RTAM’s non-partisan approach to having all parties address the long standing problems with our COLA. Thank you to all who have worked so hard on these issues and we look forward to your continued support and commitment. **** Public Relations Respectfully submitted by the Public Relations Committee Committee: John Sushelnitsky, Chair; Vel McAdam, Guy Hanson, and Ron Kalinchuk 1. In the third year following Bill 45, RTAM has been monitoring

Summer 2011

the economic results of the COLA and has been keeping a low public profile while letting members know of the limited improvement the Bill has made. Consequently, there have been no public press releases as in previous years. However, there has been a request from the PR committee for Board discussion on the need for more specific guidelines on when press releases should be undertaken. To date, that discussion has not been taken place.

Links to two of our Chapter Websites (The Pas and EMR) have been revised and refurbished, as they seemed to have been lost in the shuffle somewhere down the line. Of course, any other chapters that have created websites are welcome to contact us for inclusion in our links to your websites. Anyone wishing to establish a website can find much information on the web about doing so. We can help by giving you space on our web server or offering suggestions about getting started.

2. As a consequence, to keep RTAM’s presence in the minds of members, the government, the MTS and the general public, the Public Relations Committee resurrected the Media Watch project started last year. It is an activity whose focus is on changes in the news media affecting retired teachers, retired seniors and the general public. The issues have been primarily economic, health and social changes.

We did experiment with adding a blog comment system that worked quite well, but after vetting the idea through a lawyer, the board decided that it was better to remove that aspect of the website as there was potential for inappropriate content being posted to our site. We felt, as an association, that we did not want to be held responsible to any comments that might be scandalous or libelous. An individual blog would be one thing, but a corporate one like this has its own problems to contend with. The tracking and “censoring” of such a blog, to protect the association, was considered quite prodigious.

3. It was a very efficient tool in keeping members abreast of developments in a timely manner as it was issued three times a week. It re-opened on Nov. 23, 2010 with issue #40 and had issue # 100 on May 2nd. Feedback has been positive. 4. Guy Hanson headed the Committee’s task of purchasing promotional items for RTAM activities. *** TRAVEL Respectfully submitted by Maureen Recksiedler, Chair Committee: Maureen Recksiedler, Chair; Dr. Mary Pankiw, William Taylor, Carol Pelton Throughout the year the travel committee submitted information of interest to travellers for inclusion in KIT. One article featured websites where … 1. you can discover if a visa is needed when you travel to new country; 2. it offered information on working on organic farms around the world; and 3. it provided information for disabled travellers.   We organized a seminar for May 4, 2011 at the M.T.S. building. Those who attended last year’s seminar were very interested in information on volunteering vacations. So this seminar featured Jean Robson and Maureen Barchyn presenting their experience of volunteering on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Our second exciting presentation was given by board and travel committee member, Bill Taylor. Bill told us about his adventures on the Mongolian Express as it travelled through Russia. **** Website Respectfully submitted by Ron Kalinchuk, Webmaster The RTAM website continues to be an ongoing process, involving content about the goings on of RTAM as a board and as a provincial organization. The new design has been established and is occasionally refreshed with new background designs and formats. I hope this is not confusing or disconcerting for any using the site. Several sections of the site remain to be updated, like the KIT archive pages, but, rest assured, they are being attended to. Very few new links have been added to the LINKS page, but any suggestions are always welcomed. We have tried to keep pace with new activities as they occur, such as the recent Travel and Wellness days that have been held in Winnipeg.

Summer 2011

Continually changing content includes things like Approved Minutes from board meetings, special activities like Travel Fairs and Wellness Days, Media Watch articles, President Reports, KIT pdf files and other content that may be appropriate and of interest to our members. Sometimes the changing of this content is a matter of time commitment and sometimes a matter of availability of material or technical problems to be overcome in posting it. We hope to improve the timeliness of these items as much as possible. Any suggestions or ideas that you would like to see added to or deleted from the Website would be considered. Please feel free to contact the Board Office or the Webmaster with any of your ideas. *** Wellness Respectfully submitted by Peggy Prendergast, Chair Committee: Peggy Prendergast, Chair, Winnipeg; Maureen Reckseidler, Stonewall; Barbara McDole, Winnipeg; Lydia Heshka, Winnipeg, (Non Board Member) and Faye Hansen, Winnipeg (Non Board Member) Meetings: Four committee meetings were held. Seminars: Two seminars were held at McMaster House from 9:30am to 2:30pm on: Wednesday October 21, 2009 – Manage Life Creatively Make Money Wednesday April 20, 2010 – Stay In The Game Activities: As a committee we believe that older adults experience a higher quality of life by becoming personally responsible for their personal wellness. By providing a number of activities that deal with the following six recognized dimensions of wellness – emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and vocational health, it is our hope to promote development in those key areas and thus integrate wellness into the daily lives of our members. The Wellness Committee took on the responsibility of having lunch brought in at RTAM Board meetings. We tried to establish an atmosphere at lunch that encouraged a relaxing social atmosphere so members could converse easily and get to know one another. We provided a variety of healthy menus within our budget line.


RTAM Chapter Reports (Reprinted from the AGM Booklet)

Boyne Chapter Retired Teachers Association – 24 members Respectfully submitted by Bob Kowalchuk, Secretary/Treasurer Executive: President: Clarice Gilchrist Secretary/Treasurer:   Bob Kowalchuk   The Chapter meets for breakfast the last Friday of each month from September to May at a local restaurant.. The meeting always begins with the singing of ‘O Canada’.   The September meeting is a very informal gathering, with members sharing stories about their summer.  One member, Joan Johnston, represented Manitoba in golf at the Canada Senior Games and she shared many humorous stories.  Another group of retirees talked about being at the Rusty Golf Tournament.  One group mentioned they were in the Pembina Valley Challenge over the Labour Day Weekend.   Pat Bowslaugh attended the October meeting and she gave a presentation on the RTAM Benefit Plan. Some areas highlighted were the History of the Plan; what is covered by Johnson in the Extended Health Care Plan and the Travel Plan.  There were many questions asked and a very informative discussion followed.   In November, one of our members, Lois Reimer, talked about the Johnson Health Care Plan and she shared personal experiences about travel insurance and the extended health care with Johnson.  A worthwhile discussion followed.  Meeting ended with the distribution of Christmas shortbread cookies and the sharing of Christmas plans.   In January, President Clarice Gilchrist highlighted areas from the November’s RTAM meeting.  The members also discussed the political action campaign to be undertaken by RTAM.   In February, Past Boyne Chapter President, Lana Rinn, reported on the political awareness training workshop that was organized by RTAM.  Five members volunteered to meet with their local MLA and talk about the COLA issue and how to fix it.   In March, our local MLA Blaine Pederson, attended the meeting and he shared what it was like to be a MLA.  Blaine outlined some of the provincial and community projects that he is involved with and also informed the group of the new boundary changes in the upcoming Provincial election.   In May, the chapter hopes to do a ‘road trip’ and attend the Canadian Fossil Museum in Morden.   Each meeting concludes with dates of coming events in Carman that would be of interest to the group:  fundraising events, variety concerts, and movie nights. *** DAUPHIN AREA RETIRED TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION (DARTA) – 47 members Respectfully submitted by Ken Malcolm- President 2010-2011 Officers- 2011-2012 President: Rita Warrian; Vice President: Rosalie Bornn; Secretary: Dan Shtykalo; Co-Treasurers: Gerald Shewchuk and Steve Stasiuk


Breakfast meetings were held the second Tuesday of each month at Smitty’s Restaurant with attendance of 20-30 members. Through regular phone contacts and the emailing of meeting agendas and minutes we endeavour to keep our members -local, distant and shut-in, as well as other RTAM groups - apprised of our plans and activities. As a result of school division amalgamation, we now encompass many surrounding communities. We are always encouraging area retired teachers to attend our meetings as well as provide us with their email addresses so that we can stay in touch and share info. (As well as staying socially active and healthy!) Our March meeting was special! We were honoured with the attendance of RTAM President, Richard Benoit and Mountain View Teachers’ Association President, Yvonne Lillie prior to a Norwex Canadian Distribution Centre field trip planned by the Social Committee. At the meeting President Benoit acknowledged that our offer to host AGM 2013 had been accepted by the Board and our members are planning ahead with enthusiasm!! Our Social Committee has indeed been very busy this year. A fall Car Rally was organized for the Gilbert Plains area (Did you know there is a BOOT HILL Cemetery in Manitoba?). The December Cheer & Chat Coffee Party was well attended, in spite of extremely blustery weather. In January, our breakfast meeting included member “Show ‘n Tell”. Featured members’ items included, among other things, souvenirs of the Zipper Club and a very ancient bison skull. Future social events are still being planned. A large complement of members and spouses gathered with the local Mountain View Teachers’ Association for their Annual Winter Dinner and Dance. We have, once again, been invited to join MVTA for their Retirement Social, on June 9th, to pay tribute to their retiring members. Other activities were many. Our volunteer RBC Cup ushering services were noticed by Hockey Canada. As a result, this year we were again requested to usher at a Mid-Season MJHL Talent Showcase Tournament, held in Dauphin, as well as the Sherwood Division home play-off games of our Dauphin Kings. In support of our Kings, DARTA purchased two hockey ticket season packages. The tickets were then used as DARTA meeting door prizes throughout the hockey season. We are currently organizing the DARTA team for the June RELAY FOR LIFE Cancer fundraiser held at the beautiful Selo Ukraina site in honour of all cancer victims, cancer survivors and their families. Constant updates on COLA issues and health issues were provided throughout the year. Most of the membership knows to apply for CPP, but it has been discovered that some have not applied for OAS at age 65, because they deemed themselves ineligible. They may have thought that they were ineligible because of their pension(s) but the level for clawback is actually quite high. Furthermore, some people don’t realize they have to apply for it before they turn 65 or as soon as possible, afterwards. There is NO recovery of missed benefits if a person applies after turning 65; they get the OAS after they apply. Fellow member, Jean Kustra and I represented DARTA at the February Political Action seminar in Winnipeg. We have been politically active by encouraging retired and active teachers and their families to speak to their MLA re fair COLA pension provisions. We are still waiting for a response from our MLA to our request for our small group meeting.

Summer 2011

In closing, I would like to wish every retired teacher good health. Have fun traveling, while you can, and enjoy every day to the utmost!! *** Éducatrices et Éducateurs manitobains à la retraite (ÉMR) Soumis par Gérald Dureault, président Notre assemblée générale annuelle aura lieu le jeudi 28 avril, donc nous n’avons pas encore élu notre Conseil de direction pour l’année 2011-2012. Nous avons des candidates / candidats pour combler nos postes vacants. Merci à Aimé Campagne et Norma Lacroix-Gagné pour leurs dix ans dans le Conseil. Membres du Conseil de direction qui continuent en 2011 - 2012 : Président - Alfred Phaneuf; Trésorière - Evelyne Beaudoin; Secrétaire et webmestre - Antoine Gagné; Conseillers - Denis Clément Bernard Gagné; Président-sortant - Gérald Dureault Réunions en 2010-2011: 3 Le 6 mai 2010 à Saint-Vital, Winnipeg Le 9 avril 2011 à Saint-Vital, Winnipeg Le 28 avril 2011 ( AGA) au Canad’Inn du parc Windsor, Winnipeg Membres : 108 actifs; 1 décès; 24 ont cotisé dans le passé; 67 autres contacts pour fin d’information . Activités : L’année fut marquée par la présence de nombreux membres à nos six activités : quatre activités en ville et deux en campagne. Nous devons un grand merci aux organisateurs et hôtes. Nous cherchons à mieux faire connaître notre groupe dans nos communautés. Ceci fera l’objet de nos projets dans l’année à venir. *** Hanover Retired Teachers’ Association (HART) – 200 members Respectfully submitted by: Brian Gadsby   Meetings. : We meet every second Friday for breakfast. These meetings average around 15 people attending. We have our annual supper AGM the second week of September with around 50 people attending. We are not big on the business side of things but we believe that the social aspect of getting together is very important. *** Interlake Retired Teachers’ Association (IRTA) - 68 Members Respectfully submitted by Joie Van Dongen Executive 2011 - 2012 Joie Van Dongen, Past-President Darlene Dufily, President Lois Alpers, Treasurer Directors: Nancy Phillips Bob Weller, Ray Harkness, Maureen Recksiedler IRTA General Membership ‘gathers’ four times per year. The Executive meets prior to each gathering. 1. June 2010, we enjoyed lunch at D-Jay’s in Winnipeg and learned about “Get Better Together: a free province-wide program designed to help Manitobans with ongoing health conditions. 2. September, we welcomed 12 new retirees and relaxed over lunch at the Bel Acres Golf and Country Club. Ken Pearce, General Secretary of MTS, spoke of his mandate to establish

Summer 2011

respect of retired teachers and develop a good working relationship between ourselves and MTS. 3. Our annual Christmas Pot-Luck Lunch was held in Warren in December . A member of the RCMP Stonewall Detachment gave us examples of Scams and Frauds and how to avoid getting taken in. 4. On April 27, we met in Stonewall for our Annual General Meeting and got caught up after a long and snowy winter. *** The Intermountain Retired Teachers (IRTA) Respectfully submitted by Ron Landry, President The I.R.T.A. held its annual general meeting on May 24th, 2010, in Gilbert Plains. 19 members were in attendance. A lunch was served and the business meeting followed. The same slate of officers as last year was voted in by acclamation. Executive: President: Ron Landry; Vice President: Ed Boguski; Secretary: Jeanine Landry; Treasurer: Joe Tysarski; Directors: Gilbert PlainsJean Hamilton; Grandview- Sonja Boguski; Roblin- Betty Paley A fall social was held October 14th, 2010, in Roblin. We enjoyed a tasty dinner, which was followed by an evening of Court Whist. Our A.G.M. for 2011 is May 3rd, at the Drop In Centre in Roblin. * * * Neepawa Area Retired Teachers Association (NARTA) – 48 members Respectfully submitted by Joan Rink, President Executive: President: Marge Marciski; Secretary: Ruth Hanke We have 48 members, with an average attendance of 25 members at our meetings. Our meetings, in 2010 – 2011, were held: May 10, June 14, Sept. 13, Oct. 4, Dec. 6, Jan. 10, Feb. 14, Mar. 14 and April 11. Activities: 2010 – 2011 . Delegates attended AGM in Winnipeg . Lunch and local pharmacist as speaker . Barbecue and June gathering . Guest speaker, Pat Bowslaugh of RTAM’s Benefits Committee, concerning insurance plans available and some forthcoming changes . Lunch meeting at Gladstone golf Course with Mayor Eileen Clark as guest speaker . Christmas dinner followed by entertainment by music students . Lunch meeting at Chicken Corral with Richard Kulbacki giving a presentation . Lunch meeting with local members announcing a committee is planning for the September Retired Teachers’ Golf tournament . Lunch at the Library with speaker on health, wellness and nutrition in the schools . Annual General Meeting - - lunch at Chicken Delight with guest speaker, Ivan Traill. He spoke about Access 2 Books – our local second-hand book store. . Presented Nickels for NARTA to Salvation Army . Presented cheque to Library for magazine subscription *** Northeastman Chapter President, Rudi Klassen There is no report submitted.


North East Winnipeg Retired Teachers of Winnipeg (NEWRT) Respectfully submitted by Lorraine Forrest, President On April 21, 2010, the executive met and decided to take a hiatus for the 2010 to 2011 year. Due to health concerns, the executive has not met this spring. Hopefully, 2011 – 2012 will bring us all good health and we can once again become an active chapter.    Lorraine Forrest and Marj Grevstad did attend the training of members to meet with M.L.A’s.  Marj Grevstad followed up by meeting with one of our M.L.A.’s. A report was sent to Wayne Hughes, Chair, Political Action.   I wish you all well at your Annual General Meeting in Steinbach. *** Okanagan Chapter of RTAM – 42 Members Respectfully submitted by Susan Forsyth, Secretary As our third year draws to a close, we have a bank balance of $154.00, having sustained expenses for postage, name tags, and banking fees. Our third annual general meeting was held in The Yellow House Restaurant, Kelowna, on April 12, 2011. At that meeting, we reviewed past social activities, and discussed future gatherings. The members voted that the executive for 2011-2012 remains the same as in previous years. Co-presidents: Lorna Rothwell and Lorne Lisik, Vice-president: Ken Ferg, Treasurer: Roy Lycar, Secretary: Susan Forsyth, Member-at-large: Glenda Waugh. Throughout the past year, various social events were organized, which always included a chance to dialogue about issues concerning RTAM, and rendered even more lively when discussed over a glass of wine. After all, this is Wine Country. On April 22, 2010, we visited a heritage classroom housed within Central School of Kelowna. It was definitely a trip down memory lane to sit in the old desks with ink wells, peruse the old basal readers, atlases, and a vast amount of memorabilia from bygone days, which some of us recalled, with mixed emotions. No computers or dry erase boards were in sight, never mind those new fangled ball point pens! On September 23, 2010, all OK-RTAM members were delighted by unexpected surprises, during a tour of the Summerhill Pyramid Winery - expertly conducted by one of our own members. While enjoying a delicious lunch in the Sunset Bistro, we received our initial surprise - a visit from Stephen Cipes himself, the owner of the winery, who was quite impressed to learn that we were all retired teachers from you-know-where. He then toasted us by offering everyone a sampling of an award-winning Ice Wine valued at more than $100 per bottle. Well, we’re all worth it, aren’t we? On December 6, 2010, we were invited to attend the CORTA luncheon. (Central Okanagan Retired Teachers Association) Needless to say there were more than two hundred people present with representatives from other provinces filling out the roster. We stood and graciously accepted the applause when our province was announced. On December 10, 2010, our Christmas celebration was held on the veranda of the historical Guisachan House Restaurant. Following the four course meal, we entertained ourselves with a re-gifting exchange. Some members are already plotting their revenge for next year’s (think tacky) re-gift exchange. If you are in the area, please make a point of joining us. We always have a great time, thought- provoking discussions, and have plans for future frivolities.


Possible upcoming events not to be missed: • bocce challenge and picnic at Gellatly Nut Farm (not a joke) in West Kelowna • lunch at the Old Vines Restaurant and a tour of Quail’s Gate Winery *** Portage la Prairie Retired Teachers’ Association – 63 members Respectfully submitted by Leslie Porteous Executive: Marvin Krawec, President Leslie Porteous, Secretary-Treasurer Evelyn Rheaume, Social Convener Joyce Tomchuk, Sunshine Director John Sushelnitsky. Director; also Director, Provincial RTAM With the leadership of Ray Hooper, in November of 2000, we received our Charter with approximately 80 charter members but were soon able to increase this number to about 130 retirees over the next few years. We developed a name, address, phone number, and later, an e-mail address list. However, over the last number of years, due to moving to other places, frequently, to be closer to families; illness; traveling; or just “forgetting”; a number of deaths, and various other reasons; our paid up members are now only 63 retirees. We meet at Altos Restaurant at Canad Inns for breakfast, the last Friday of most months, except for July and August. This year, our numbers are dwindling, sometimes to less then 20, from the previous years of 20-30 retirees. We sometimes phone members to help them remember about our breakfasts. On the RTAM Board of Directors is John Sushelnitsky, who has also been a stalwart local director. John sometimes brings his guitar and accompanies us in a sing song which is most enjoyable. Norman Wiebe, another of our members, is also running this year for provincial RTAM Director. It has always been our custom to send one of our directors, lately Evelyn Rheaume, to urge our upcoming retired school teachers, at the Divisional Spring Banquet, to be informed of our local RTAM and encourage them to join. Last year, 6 teachers retired. We frequently have our members tell us of their enjoyable travels. In February, Jean Hannah gave an interesting account of the accomplishments and travels of her grand-daughter who is now off to China for two years. Also, her son Don, has recently published a book called “Prairie Wool”, stories of his life growing up on the prairies. His website is www.wholly hanna. com. We also try to intersperse our breakfasts with a few jokes. Joyce Tomchuk informs us of the cards that she has sent out for members who have been ill, or to bereaved family members. Leslie Porteous and Marvin Krawec gave a summary of the provincial board meetings, while John Sushelnitsky fully informs us of the latest provincial issues. In January, we presented to our members the Political Action Committee handouts of the “Meet Your MLA Campaign” and the accompanied charts in which our COLA has not met the requirements of the Sale Report or Bill 45. It was mentioned that 3-5 members from each chapter are going to attend a teaching lesson on the points to deliver. All will have the same message to the candidates in the upcoming October 2011 provincial election. Leslie Porteous, Barry Bills, and Norman Wiebe, met our new PC candidate, Ian Wishart, and fully informed him on our ongoing concerns about Bill 45 and left him with the video of The Ed Schreyer Tea at the Legislative Buildings. In February, Donna Lynn Barrett, MTS Portage Chapter President, presented a summary of all the changes and innovations that have and are about to change in the division. She claimed that there have been many; and all seem to be working successfully.

Summer 2011

In March, Karen Braden, Executive Director of Portage District Foundation, spoke to us on the operation of the foundation. The foundation’s goal is to help individuals and groups who are trying to make a difference in our community. We were each presented with a portfolio, that included the 2009 annual report, which was dedicated to the late teacher, John Rennie, who was a strong supported of the Arts Smart Program. In March, we are expecting to have a presentation Street Volunteers and then, in June, a tour of the Simplot Potato Plant. *** Retired Teachers of Winnipeg (RTW) – 101 members Respectfully submitted by Dick Marshall, President Executive for 2011-2012: As our Annual meeting will be held in May, 2011, the new executive will be published in the next KIT. The executive of the Retired Teachers of Winnipeg (RTW) ended June 2010 by delivering a welcome package to all approximately 100 new retirees, who were former members of MTS’ Winnipeg Teachers’ Association, the WTA. This was done without the help of the WTA. The executive started, in the fall of 2010, by phoning every new RTAM member in the Winnipeg area, to alert them to possible changes to RTAM’s medical/health insurance plans. This was done with the excellent support of RTAM. We continued to monitor and keep our members up-to-date about RTAM’s sponsored health/medical plan changes. The RTW executive and a member met with the RTAM Board on September 16th, 2010, and attended an RTAM information meeting presented by Pat Bowslaugh, RTAM Benefits Chair, on October 9th, 2010. We followed, and answered questions about this issue, throughout the year.   During the year, we had several luncheons and breakfast meetings throughout the city. Various people hosted these in various places. Since the President shuffled off south for five months, there were fewer newsletters this year. This model is not an indication of organizational health. Fortunately, the wintering in Winnipeg RTW executive members took up the slack.   A seminar for potential retirees teaching in the Winnipeg School Division #1 was organized for April 6th, 2001. Forty-one attended and presentations were given by Anne Monk, RTAM Pension Chair; TRAF; and various retired RTW members. A survey was distributed, and associate member status was offered to all, for free, until April, 2012. The feedback was very, very positive. There was a complaint that this ‘should have been done earlier’. This was arranged without the support of the WTA, but with the cooperation/aid of the Winnipeg School Division #1.   We started negotiating with the WTA last April 30th, 2009, on a number of issues. There have been follow-up phone calls, an additional letter on November 16th, 2010, citing our three main requests, and a clarifying e-mail on December 16th, 2010. At this writing, no decision has been received from the WTA. The RTAM political action meeting with MLAs is to be a future endeavour. We started out the year with some 73 members. We end this first year with 101. We continue to be concerned about the long-term health of our RTW.   The president gratefully thanks the RTW Executive for all their hard work.

Summer 2011

RTW Executive for 2010-2011: President: Dick Marshall; Secretary-Treasuer: Terry Clifford; Members-at-large: Margo Foxford; Doreen Pruden; Vic Pruden  ***  Retired Women Teachers’ Association (RWTA) – 400 members Respectfully submitted by Dr. Mary Pankiw, President Executive Past President  Dr. Mary Pankiw; President Delores Hebert; VicePresident Diane Bewell; Recording Secretary Pat Opalko; Corresponding Secretary Cecile Alarie-Skene; Treasurer    Hazra Khan; Club Notices   Diane Bewell, Ruth Hartnell Membership Emily Williamson; Pensions and R.T.A.M.   Peggy Prendergast; Pianist Bernice Giesbrecht; Archivist Jean Leighton; Visiting Ruth Hartnell, Lee Bilodeau; Club Notices Diane Bewell, Ruth Hartnell; Tickets  Birdielyn Gray, Kathleen Parums; Social Committee: Bessie-Marie Hill, Louise Burton, Phyllis Kalinsky, Dolores Tutkaluk, Lynda Tunny, Deb Scott Objectives • To provide opportunities to meet with former colleagues; • To provide for social interactions; • To present programs that inform and enlighten members; • To keep members informed of issues that affect their welfare, such as COLA, pensions and health benefits. On special occasions, cards, flowers and gifts are sent, and visits are made on special occasions. Cards of condolences are sent to members on the death of an immediate family member, or to the next of kin, on the death of a member. Donations to the Angel Baskets, at the Christmas luncheon, help to provide funding.   Executive Meetings Four executive meetings were held at the Manitoba Masonic Centre: September 2, 2010; November 4, 2010; January 6, 2011; and March 3, 2011. The AGM Meeting was held May 5, 2011, at The Wildwood Club.  Activities Luncheon meetings were held at the Masonic Centre on the following dates: September 30, 2010 - Buffet luncheon and Sixtieth Anniversary Fall Fashion Show. December 2, 2010 - Served luncheon and Christmas songs by the Honeycomb group (a part of Sweet Adelines International).  February 17, 2011 - Buffet luncheon and Candace Swick, Rady Centre, Exercise Program: “Active Aging Fitness”.  April 14, 2011: Sixtieth (Diamond) Anniversary: Out of the 12 living Past Presidents, 10 of them, who were present, were honoured. Soloist: Heidi Toews. Outings: September 23, 2010 – Fall trip to Wawanesa and Carberry. June 23, 2011: A Day Close to Home in St. Claude, Manitoba   Our appreciation and thanks are extended to two retiring Board members: Berry Brownlee (11 years of continuous service) and Claudia Jaresh (our logo designer and five years of service) for their commitment, dedication and contributions to the Retired Women Teachers’ Association of Manitoba. We wish them both health and happiness. The President extends appreciation and thanks to all executive members for their time, efforts and contributions. ***


Riel Retired Teachers’ Association Respectfully submitted by Ted Poulter, President The RIEL Chapter has been a somewhat dormant chapter for several years. After I was advised I had become the President several months ago, I have been in the process of attempting to find people who would be interested in forming an executive. I am making progress, although somewhat slowly. A general chapter meeting will be held in May where I hope to establish a committee that will become more active. We need to establish a constitution and pick up on activities from the provincial annual meeting. Hopefully we will have a more substantial report for next year. *** St. James Assiniboia Chapter – 231 members Submitted by Connie Newman, Chairperson Proposed Executive:  2011 – 2012 (May 4, 2011) Chairperson – Connie Newman; Vice Chair – nominated from the floor; Secretary/Recorder – Brian Head; Treasurer – Pat Robson; Membership Chair – Emily Williamson; Member at Large – Jo Davis; Communications Co-chairs – Dorothy Young and Mary Starodub; Political Action Co-chairs – Tom Carlyle and Lynn Land Activities:   The aims and objectives of our Chapter continue to be: 1) To promote the economic interests of the members and other retired educators; 2) To maintain a liaison with the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba, hereafter referred to as RTAM Other activities and on-going activities   • The membership has received, on a regular basis, Media Watch; thank you to John Sushelnitsky • Questions, comments and concerns, with respect to our benefits, have been forwarded to the appropriate person in RTAM, Johnson Insurance, etc • Connections to active teachers with respect to the pension plan are ongoing • A subcommittee was struck and meetings with be held with select MLA’s to discuss o Funding issues o Fairness for teachers and retired teachers o Contribution increase of 2% o Diminishing purchasing power of teachers’ pensions o Obtaining a seat for RTAM on the TRAF Board o Obtaining a seat for RTAM on the Pension TaskForce • Our Annual General Meeting on May 4th will give members and their families the information needed to prepare for the provincial election *** Southwest Assiniboine Chapter – 45 members Respectfully submitted by Bob Chalmers, Past President Executive: President Jerome Brockman, Reston; Vice President T.B.A.; Secretary; Kay Kristjanson (Virden); Treasurer Glen McKinnon, Virden. Meetings September 14, 2010: Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Virden November 30, 2010: Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Virden April 123, 2011 (AGM): Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Virden Membership There are approximately 45 members with many other interested persons at the luncheons. Activities • Luncheons are held before the business meetings. The


retired teachers bring items for the food hamper in support of the Virden and Area Food Cupboard. • June, 2010, a group of approximately 50 retired teachers and guests toured sights in Russell, Inglis, Roblin, Grandview, Gilbert Plains, Dauphin, Ste. Rose and Neepawa. The trip was organized by Ed Arndt, Louise Downing and Alice Olive. • At our September 2010, business meeting, Pat Bowslaugh made a presentation about the changes in benefits through RTAM including the Extended Health and Travel coverage provided by Johnson Inc. • The Virden Collegiate Choir performed for the retired teachers at the November 30th luncheon. • Jerome Brockman entertained the retired teachers at the April 12th luncheon with a wonderful photo history of his recent trip to Europe. • Donations were made to the Virden, Deloraine, and Birdtail Music and Arts Festivals as well as the Westman Youth Choir. • Kelvin Smith has taken over the chair of the Travel Committee and has planned a bus trip for retired teachers on June 15, 2011. The trip will include tours of Brandon, Shilo and surrounding areas. *** Swan Valley Chapter of Retired Teachers (SVRTA) – 45 members Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Joy Solomon.             Total membership of retired teachers listed – 110 with 45 paid membership Executive: President  John Solomon; Vice-President  Barb Plumb; Past-President  Jake Warkentin; Secretary  Joy Solomon; Treasurer Bill Schaffer; Social Committee    Joy Solomon; Program Committee  Jean Keillor         Our Chapter held four regular luncheon meetings (May, September, November, January) following the Annual General Meeting on March 4, 2010.  Average attendance for meetings is 33.5 members.  Annual  membership fee is $5. Activities: May 2010  - acknowledged necrology with 1 minute of silence visited a greenhouse operation in Mafeking -two members attended AGM of RTAM in Winnipeg June 2010           -several members attended Divisional Service Awards banquet September 2010 -celebrated our 20th Anniversary at Swan Valley Golf & Country Club -gave tribute to late John Kastrukoff and acknowledged 3 surviving Charter members with plaques (Anne Booth, Bernice Nowak, Myrtle Vermeulen) November 2010 - laid wreath at the community Remembrance Day Service - assisted local Legion with their annual Remembrance Day poster judging, both at the local and Provincial levels January 2011       - enjoyed PowerPoint presentation on the ‘Holy Land’ February 2011    - two members attended MLA Campaign workshop in Winnipeg March 2011          - three members met with MLA Wowchuk to emphasize government’s need to financially support retired teachers’ COLA shortfall - held Chapter’s Annual General Meeting - sponsored a ‘Spring Garage Sale’ - assisted local Elks and Royal Purple with judging their Healthy Choices/Positive

Summer 2011

Choices/Positive Lifestyles poster contest entries Throughout the term, we continued to send cards of sympathy, get well, thinking of you, birthday and anniversary wishes to Chapter members/families *** The Pas Retired Teachers’ Association Respectfully submitted by Vel McAdam, President The Pas Retired Teachers” Association held two meetings to date this year.   Our first meeting, held on a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon, was attended by RTAM President, Richard Benoit and his wife, Lucille.  Richard brought greetings from the south and encouraged the record crowd to be ever vigilant and supportive regarding the many matters of concern to retirement.   Our second meeting, our Christmas Meeting, was a delicious luncheon, organized by our secretary, Elaine Bollman.  Fun, fellowship and fine food were the order of the afternoon and everyone enjoyed the draws for some interesting “Christmas” presents.   Several of our members will be involved on Election Day (May 2).  We look forward to our Spring Meeting, which, of course, will be our AGM, at which time elections will take place for the 2011-12 “political” year. *** Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE) – 35 members Respectfully submitted by Bea Shantz Officers for 2011 – 2012 President: Joan Goble; Vice-President: Barbara McIntyre; Past President: Bea Shantz; Secretary/Treasurer: Joan Dawson; Directors: Carol Pelton, Sue McCartney, Grace Bindle As stated, there are 35 members, plus 15 associate members Events: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Executive meeting to outline year’s events / plans. May 11 - 12, 2010, RTAM AGM Carol Pelton and Bea Shantz represented TARE. Thursday, May 27, 2010, Breakfast at Chicken Chef with 8 people attending. Information from RTAM AGM was presented. June 11, 2010, Several people attended the TTA retirement dinner where Bea was asked to give greetings from TARE. Monday, June 14, 2010 Pizza lunch at Rotary Place with Margaret Hukulak representing Thompson Seniors’ Resource Council as guest speaker. “Just-retiring” teachers were invited to join us. About 15 people attended. Sunday,July 25, 2010, Potluck Supper at Juanita Smith’s cabin at Setting Lake with more than 20 members present including some of the summer gang Tuesday, September 7, 2010, Breakfast at the Burntwood with 10 attending - a time to welcome new retirees. November 10, 2010, Supper at the Burntwood with RTAM President, Richard Benoit, and his wife Lucille, attending. The TTA president, Anne Lindsay and TTA benefits chair, Diane Wicks were guests as well. Soon to retire teachers were also invited to attend. About 20 people attended and Richard Benoit spoke. Nov. 30, 2010, President Bea attended the Presidents’ meeting in Winnipeg. December 16, 2010, Supper at the Paint Lake Marina with 15 people attending a fun evening of trivia quizzes and prizes January 25, 2011, Breakfast at Chicken Chef - 7 attended

Summer 2011

March 3, 2011, TTA 20 & 30 year teachers were recognized and TARE members were invited to attend March 29,2011, Breakfast at Chicken Chef - 8 attended April 5, 2011, AGM and supper at the Burntwood Hotel Here in Thompson we have a good relationship with the active teachers (TTA) and are invited to many of their social activities. Those preparing to retire know teachers who have already retired and so there hasn’t been a need for our group to organize a special seminar. Some of our members live in southern Manitoba and only come to Thompson in the summer. Others leave for several months in the winter so attendance at events varies a great deal. Carol Pelton has offered to work on the Political Action Committee to prepare for the fall election in Manitoba. *** VanIsles Chapter - 136 members Respectfully submitted by Valerie Davies and Jim Reid, CoPresidents Executive for 2011-12 Co-Presidents Valerie Davies and Jim Reid; Vice-President Gerry Saleski; Secretary Patti Dobroski; Treasurer Roy Richmond; Victoria Area Director Charles Moody; Nanaimo Area Director Victoria Olchowecki; Parksville-Qualicum & North Director Mac Taylor Our third Annual General Meeting of the VanIsles Chapter was held in a spectacular setting at Arbutus Ridge north of Victoria, overlooking the Gulf Islands, in April 2010, with 32 members in attendance. That kicked off another fine year for this unique chapter of RTAM, far from Manitoba and spread over more than two hundred miles and three islands. We also are a muchtraveled group, with many of our numbers off exploring the world at any given time, so our gatherings typically include only a portion of our membership. But we know how to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, when we do congregate. A primary function of this VanIsles Chapter of RTAM is to ensure a flow of information from the provincial office, and we have circulated a number of items of information, over the course of the year. One of the new components of this information flow has been periodic “Media Watches” produced by the PR Committee of RTAM, and John Sushelnitsky in particular. Hopefully our members have found the “information pipeline” to be of interest and value. The social event of the year for our chapter was a backyard salmon barbecue hosted in Victoria by Elizabeth Kozak, and her partner Brian Klassen. It was a resounding success with many attendees bringing salads and desserts; and Elizabeth and Brian delighting our taste buds with wonderful sockeye salmon, barbecued to perfection. The weather was very good to us, and the 40 people at the gathering had a terrific time. During the current year, our Chapter has had an influx of 13 members. They are: Jim and Brenda Harvey (joined at the last AGM), Gail and Roy Crawford, Peter Cruse, Lloyd Fisher, Bill Gorda, Sylvia Maddocks, Ernest and Jan Molgat, Edith Strocen, Cliff Wilde, and John Zubatiuk. Our fourth Annual General Meeting was held in early April of this year, and 36 of our members came together at Arbutus Ridge Golf Course in Cobble Hill for lunch. Shannon Patershuk, of Johnson Inc., attended to provide information about the travel insurance available to us through RTAM’s group plan. Including five new members who joined at this year’s AGM, the VanIsles Chapter has 136 retired Manitoba educators or associates in its active membership list, and we will be enjoying


more opportunities to get together as they present themselves, and will continue to benefit from our connection to the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba. **** Westman Retired Educators’ Association (WREA) – 75 members Respectfully Submitted by Rick Oakden, President Executive: Past President – Rick Oakden; President – Pat Bowslaugh; Vice President – Peggy Wojnarksi; Treasurer – Mavis Johnston; Secretary – Judy Olmstead; Director – Bill Taylor This has been an eventful year for WREA, beginning with our lunch and General Meeting in September, 2010, with 48 members in attendance. Our General Meeting in November saw 45 members who enjoyed another catered meal, a social activity, and our business agenda. Our full membership for the year was 75. The Social Committee organized an outing for a group of sixteen, who attended a dinner-theatre event in Carberry, in November. A ‘Winter Travelogue’ in February, 2011, provided great entertainment for 27 members who enjoyed hearing travel tales; and seeing photos and video from Italy, Ethiopia and Ireland. Following the results of our survey of members’ interests in April, 2010, a group met to investigate a possible trip to Churchill in the fall of 2011 – the discovery of prohibitive travel costs eventually caused a change in plans! At the RTAM Chapter President’s Meeting in Winnipeg in November, we were requested to form a local committee to

Invitation to be a Committee Member It is an RTAM policy that RTAM members at large may serve on a committee of the Board. Therefore, we ask you to please submit your name to indicate your availability and areas of interest. We will endeavour to accommodate your offer within the parameters of Bylaws and Policy. Most Committees meet once a month, usually with the exception of July, August and December unless there are emergent circumstances.

pursue RTAM’s goal of contacting local MLA’s before an expected provincial call in 2011. Brian Paterson, Joan Lawrence, and I formed our WREA Election 2011 Committee. On February 11th, Brian and I attended the RTAM ‘training session’ to prepare us for the meetings that we subsequently had with Rick Borotsik, MLA for Brandon West (PC) and Drew Caldwell, MLA for Brandon East (NDP). These talks were designed to address RTAM’s concerns that the Manitoba government make retired teachers’ pension COLA fair, improve the funding of the COLA account, and actively support change to the restrictions of Bill 45. At our lunch and general meeting in February, the Social Committee was made ‘permanent’ and had members complete a short survey on safety concerns to help in the selection of topics and presenters for future meetings. Next year, we will provide members with information regarding avoiding scams and fraud, power-of-attorney and wills, the identification of elder abuse, and secure investment approaches. Members continued to gather for breakfast on the first Wednesday of the month at Trails West Restaurant in Brandon. Fifteen to twenty people always enjoyed the leisurely meal and lively conversation! Bridge players met for their Thursday afternoon cards sessions at Valleyview Community Centre and offered training to the ‘newbies’ who attended. Richard Benoit, President of RTAM, attended our Annual General Meeting in April and reviewed RTAM activities for the fifty-two members present.

In Memoriam

Ethel Buchanan

Former President of RTAM 1996-1997

The following are the Standing Committees: 1) AGM and Elections; 2) Benefits; 3) Bylaws and Policy; 4) Communications; 4 a) Keep In Touch Newsletter (K.I.T.); 4 b) RTAM Web Page; 4 c) Public Relations; 5) Educational Advocacy; 6) Membership and Chapters; 7) Officers; 8) Pensions; 9) Political Action; 10) Travel; 11) Wellness Name Phone No.


Home address My interests would be for the following committee(s):


Jack Forsyth

Former RTAM Board Member

Summer 2011

We remember these RTAM colleagues for their years of educational service to Manitoba's children and youth. The list covers names received as of March 1, 2010 to April 27, 2011 from TRAF.

Archambault, Jeannine E, Winnipeg Barnes Eileen I, Brandon Barrett, Mildred E, Edmonton Barton, Winston S, Lorette Battershill, G W, Winnipeg Bergen, Hilda, Steinbach Blanchette, Leo J L, Winnipeg Blatz, E. Elaine, Winkler Block, Henry Peter, South Surrey Borody, Melvin, Winnipeg Boulet, Francoise B, Winnipeg Braddell, David L, Winnipeg Braun, Jacob J, Brandon Broatch, Phyllis, Carberry Buchanan, Ethel R, Winnipeg Cameron, Margo Ann, Winnipeg Cannon, James Allan, Winnipeg Connell, Cameron L, Winnipeg Cooper, Jenny F, Portage La Prairie Cox, A Merle, Winnipeg Cullen, June W, Winnipeg Curtis, Ruby H, Winnipeg Dance, Marjorie G, Winnipeg Davidson, Ruth O, Birtle Desilets, Salome I, Winnipeg Dewar, Marjorie A, Winnipeg Dinelle, Arthur H, Brandon Easton, James Andrew, Boissevain Enns, George H, Winnipeg Enns, Paul Ernest John, Winnipeg Ens, Henry G, Winkler Faris, A Geraldine, Winnipeg Farley, Kathleen, Calgary Forsyth, John G, Hartney Friesen, Bert, Winnipeg Friesen, David P, Winnipeg Gaborieau, Antoine, Winnipeg Gabriel, Evelyn L, Portage La Prairie Garten, Wolfgang, Winnipeg Gibb, Rowena M, Portage La Prairie Giesbrecht, Arla Elizabeth, Chilliwack Gillingham, Jean Mary, Winnipeg Gordon, Alma Ruth, Winnipeg Graham, Derek A, Winnipeg Gushuliak, John William, Winnipeg Summer 2011

Halpenny, Ronald R, Selkirk Hanna, Alice Emily, Winnipeg Hardy, Margaret J, Winnipeg Harper, Glen W, Winnipeg Henry, Jean M, St Anne Hildebrand, Margaret, Grunthal Hill, Alvin J, Brandon Hoffman, Lena, Steinbach Holloway, Grace B, Cloyne Hurlburt, Patricia Helen, Winnipeg Johnston, E Louise, Carman Kaleta, Marie E, Dauphin Kastrukoff, L. Byron, Grandview Kehrstephan, Barbara Sofie E, Portage La Prairie Keillor, Percy Angus Riddell, Hadashville Kenaschuk, Vivian E, Morden Kerr, Thoranna, Winnipeg King, Andrew, Edmonton Klassen, Jacob M, Winnipeg Klym, Stephen J, Winnipeg Kraemer, Valerie Diane, West St.Paul Lamb, Evelyn C, Regina Land, Robert B, Winnipeg Lorimer, Wesley C, Coquitlam Maksimow, Verna V, Winnipeg Mazur, Michael J, Winnipeg Mccaffrey, Valerie Marlene, Winnipeg Miazga, Frank F, Portage La Prairie Moolchan, Keith Barry Raymond, East Selkirk Moran, Barbara, Victoria Motheral, Elva A, Winnipeg Mozel, Mary A, Winnipeg Mungham, Lois R, Winnipeg Ouellet, Suzanne Marie, Bic Peach, John W, Victoria Penman, Irene, Portage La Prairie Peters, Jake F, Winnipeg Pettapiece, Ronald K, Winnipeg Phillips, A Thomas, Ottawa Phillips, Stephanie, Winnipeg Popeski, Susan Joan, Winnipeg Pries, George D, Winnipeg Purdy, Georgia, Winnipeg

Popeski, Susan Joan, Winnipeg Pries, George D, Winnipeg Purdy, Georgia, Winnipeg Purvis, Stephanie C, St. Andrews Ramsden, Madeleine M L, Kelowna Rautavuori, Sylvia Irene, Ile Des Chenes Reece, Philip Michael, Winnipeg Reid, E Pearl, Winnipeg Reynolds, J Edna M, Brandon Rogers, Barron, Winnipeg Roth, Tina, Winnipeg Ruston, Enid, Treherne Ruta, Paul, Winnipeg Saddington, Harold R, Victoria Saunders, Jessie H, Winnipeg Scrupa, Sharon Lynda, Neepawa Selver, P G Frances, Winnipeg Shwaluk, Anne B, Oakburn Siemens, Lloyd, Winnipeg Single, Ernest C, Winnipeg Sloan, Ethyl M, West Vancouver Solar, Melvin S, Winnipeg Speer, Kathleen J, Winnipeg Stanbra, Donna R, Winnipeg Stefanson, Ann, Arborg Stefanson, Dennis N, Gimli Stoyko, June, Winnipeg Tachinski, E Joyce, Buffalo Pt Taylor, Margaret, Rivers Thomas, Barbara Joan, Winnipeg Thunberg, Marjorie E, Calgary Toews, John, Macgregor Topping, Elizabeth M, Calgary Turner, Helen J C, Calgary Turner, Robert John T, Winnipeg Vermeulen, Myrtle H, Winnipeg Walker, Harvey Lloyd, Neepawa Wall, Agnes, Winnipeg Walz, Kathryn, Winnipeg Watson, Audrey H, Surrey Wery, Isabelle, Port Moody Wilson, Brian, Thompson Wilson, Hildur I J, Winnipeg Wilson, Milton, KeloWna Zimmerman, Maxine, Winnipeg RTAM KIT • 29


CLASS of 1952 - 1953

Plans are underway for the Class of 1952 - 53 to celebrate our 58th year reunion Canad Inns, Polo Park September 12, 13 & 14, 2011 Monday, September 12 Registration / Meet & Greet Tuesday, September 13 Activities, visit & lunch at the old Normal School Banquet & Dance in evening Wednesday, September 14 Farewell Brunch Bessie-Marie Hill: (204) 477-4580 / bmhill@mts.net or Eileen (Swan) Sokalski: (204) 885-9654 / blumer1@mts.net Contact your friends. More details later. River East Collegiate 50th Anniversary Reunion June 24 and 25, 2011. Tickets available at www.rec50.ca Two-day event: a Gourmet Meet and Greet, at the Victoria Inn, on Friday, June 24; an Open House, at the school, from 1 - 3 Saturday afternoon; and a Gala Dinner and Dance, with the Ron Paley Orchestra, on Saturday, June 25, at the Convention Centre. MCs for the evening are: REC alumni Sylvia Kuzyk of CTV and FAB 94.3's Tom Milroy. Early bird ticket prices are available until April 30.


DR. LOUISA LOEB SEVENTH ANNUAL REUNION PERMIT TEACHERS of MANITOBA Where: Viscount Gort Hotel When: Thursday, July 14, 2011 Time: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration begins at 10 a.m. All teachers who taught on PERMIT are welcome to attend. Further information to follow Contact Keith Boughton at 204.253.4262 1) This year's Topic: "A student from Permit teaching days, who excelled in life." 2) If you wish pictures, please bring your cameras.

NORMAL SCHOOL REUNION CLASS of 1956-1957 55th Reunion Friday, June 22 & Saturday, June 23, 2012 Canad Inn, Portage la Prairie at 2401 Saskatchewan Avenue, WEST Registration: Friday, June 22 at 6:00 pm. Meet and Greet Activities: 6 to 9 pm. Registration and Luncheon: Saturday, June 23, 2012, 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. Cost of Luncheon: $ 25 payable at time of registration. No cheques. Preferred room rates at the Inn. Phone 1-888-332-2623 and quote Group #147764 Inquiries: Janice Kelly (McGregor) 204 252-2124; Les Porteous (Portage la Prairie) 204-3184; Gloria Wilton (Winnipeg) 204 487- 6432

MANITOBA NORMAL SCHOOL Class of 1953-1954 will be celebrating our 58th year reunion on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in Brandon, Manitoba at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall 560-13th Street East For information contact Marg Cullen: mcullen@wcgwave.ca or 204-727-8833 Information and registration forms will be sent in June, 2011 to all members whose address is known. To report any changes in your mailing address, phone number or e-mail contact: Matt Kawchuk: mrmatt1@mts.net or 204-728-8432 DEER LODGE SENIORS CURLING LEAGUE is seeking curlers for the upcoming 2011/2012 season. The season runs from October to March, approximately 40 games, every Tuesday and Thursday, 11:15 AM to 1:15 PM. Fees are $150.00 for regular memberships and $100.00 for spares. For further information, contact Jim at 837-6900 or Dennis at 261-8790. Ecole Bannatyne School 100th Anniversary Celebration Formerly Bannatyne School 363 Thompson Drive St. James Assiniboia School Division #2, May 4 and May 6, 2012 Save the dates as celebration plans are underway! More information to follow.

Summer 2011

CLASSIFIEDS CUBA AND COSTA RICA ESCORTED SMALL GROUP CULTURAL TOURS OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (SINCE 1995) CUBA: Discover Cuba’s culture, nature, and history on one of our unique itineraries. Meetings with Cubans where they work and live make up the fabric of our custom designed tours. “Clearly I found Cuba and the tour more than interesting. I think the diversity of experiences was the real strength of the tour." - Edith Kampen, Winnipeg COSTA RICA: Travel to areas less visited as well as the “must see” regions. Walk on suspension bridges, hike in a rain forest, see an active volcano and spot exotic fauna PLUS visit historical sites, farms, a school, and even take a casual cooking class! “Very well organized and run. Well paced. Not an ordinary vacation.” - Sharon Ife, Burlington, ON Tour dates: Central Cuba Nov 13-27 , 2011, Jan 22-Feb 05, 2012 Eastern Cuba Feb 20 – Mar 5, 2012 Western Cuba Feb 12 – 26, 2012 Costa Rica Feb 18 – Mar 03, 2012 PAID AD Create your own group! We also do custom itineraries. Visit www.cubadiscoverytours.com, www.costaricatours.ca Brochure available. Book early. Limited to 21 people. McPhail Travel, 435 Rosser Ave, Brandon, MB 204-727-2305 or toll free 1-800-417-0250 CUBA – ‘Spanish Studies in Cuba’ (Havana), $2,500.00 Can. for 4 wks. Hotel with breakfast and dinner, tuition fee. (Air fare not included). PAID AD 250-478-0494 ssic@telus.net FOR RENT VICTORIA, BC: lovely 3 bedm home, UVic area, Dec.1-Feb.1, slugedwards33@hotmail.com Summer 2011

Ye Olde Rusty Classic

Neepawa Golf & Country Club 369 Broadway Avenue, Neepawa, MB (1/2 mile east of town) F or Retired Educators And Their Significant Others Tuesday, September 6, 2011 egistration: 11:00 A.M. Shotgun start at noon R Texas Scramble – 4 Flights Enter as a foursome, or individually E ntry Fee: $85 per person, $340 per foursome (Includes green fees, shared riding cart, buffet dinner, and prizes) Entry limited to the first 144 registrants (36 foursomes) who submit their registration form and fee by mail. Come and enjoy a day of fun, fellowship and golf with your retired colleagues at “Western Manitoba’s Must-Play Course.” uestions or concerns may be directed to Q Bill Fraser at: bfraser2@mymts.net

Ye Olde Rusty Classic Registration Form 1. _________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________ One Email & one telephone no. per group. Email contact: _________________________________ Telephone contact: ______________________________ Please make cheque payable to “Ye Olde Rusty Classic,” and send cheque and registration form to: Bill Fraser, Box 893, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0


Coming Events October 26, 2011 - Wellness Seminar Winnipeg May 8, 9, 2012 - AGM Winnipeg May 7, 8, 2013 - AGM Dauphin

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Free Public Service Announcements: Not-for-profit organizations who wish to place public service announcements, volunteer opportunities with service groups, school or teacher reunions are encouraged to do so. Submissions are printed free of charge. Advertising on the RTAM Web Site: Membership reunions and Chapter events may be promoted on the RTAM web site at the discretion of and for a period determined by the Webmaster. There shall be no fee for posting these events. The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba does not endorse or promote any products, services or events presented in paid advertisements, the Announcements or Volunteer Opportunities sections unless specified. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to print, reject and/or edit for clarity, all materials received.

The Editor of KIT Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba Box 252 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0






All materials for the next issue of KIT must be typed and e-mailed to dsage@mts.net and received by 5:00 pm August 15, 2011 Materials published herein do not necessarily represent the policies nor the views of RTAM.

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