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October 12 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Wellness Seminar at McMaster House with one of the sessions on Real Estate, Options for Transitions, Do’s and Don’ts in Real Estate transitions with Sharon Tod.

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RTAM KIT Summer 2016

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RTAM Insurance Benefits Update - May 2016.........5 Seniors Vote 2016 Campaign - A Huge Success!.....7 AGM 2016 Material...............................................21 Rotary Work in Ethiopia “Teachers for Teachers” .....................................22 Photography Contest Winners...............................30

Protecting Your Assets - Power of Attorney.........................................................7 Money Matters and Mindfulness........................................................................8 The Great Gathering of Manitoba’s French Speaking Communities:.................18 Le Grand rassemblement des États généraux de la francophonie manitobaine....................................................................18 Real Estate Transitions......................................................................................19 Seniors Vote 2016.............................................................................................24 Tribute To Mr. K.................................................................................................25 IN MEMORIAM.................................................................................................26 Mary-Anne Slegers............................................................................................27 Brandon Chapter AGM......................................................................................27 Retired Women Teachers’ Association...............................................................28 WREA Chapter Initiative Grant ........................................................................29 Okanagan Chapter AGM...................................................................................29 CLASSIFIEDS......................................................................................................31


WREA at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights


The Bear Clan and RWTA of MB joined hands in the Friendship Dance

Seniors Vote Your RTAM KIT is now mobile-readable! Visit rtam.mb.ca for details. Contact the RTAM office if you want to receive the digital version instead of the printed copy.


The Seniors Vote 2015 Coalition held its third media press conference





The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) awards annually up to four (4) post secondary STUDENT AWARDS of $500.00 each for relatives of RTAM members.



Criteria for selection: (The applicant must be) 1) A relative of a RTAM Member 2) Involved in school and community activities 3) A Grade 12 Graduate 4) Entering the first year of a post secondary education program.


First name: Last name: Mailing Address: Postal Code: Phone Number:

Cell Number:

E-mail Address: School (Graduated from Grade12): School Address: (Street)

Year Graduated: (City)

(Postal Code)

Post Secondary Plans Program




I confirm that the applicant __________________________, has the following relationship to me ___________________________ RTAM Member’s Signature:

Phone No.:

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THE DEADLINE FOR 2016 APPLICATIONS IS JULY 15, 2016 If further information is required, please contact RTAM at: rtam@mymts.net or www.rtam.mb.ca or #206 – 1555 St. James Street, Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B5 Phone: 204-­‐889-­‐3660/ 1-­‐888-­‐393-­‐8082 Phone messages may be left at any time The RTAM office normal hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Check website for changes.)

Office/Voicemail Phone: 1-204-889-3660 Manitoba Toll Free: 1-888-393-8082

SUBMISSIONS TO INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 1. Application Form 2. Applicant’s description of school and community activities (one page) 3. Letter of reference/support from a non-family member (one page) 4. Final Grade 12 official high school transcript of marks (copy only)

Email:rtam@mymts.net Website: www.rtam.mb.ca

206 - 1555 St. James St., Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B5

RTAM Insurance Benefits Update - May 2016


he following information is being provided to RTAM members who are currently covered by RTAM’s benefit plans as well as those who may be considering enrolling in the plans: • “Know Before You Go” – Check Your Travel Insurance Coverage • RTAM offers three travel plans. Which one do I apply for and how much lead time do I need? • One Last Thing-Check for Travel Advisories!

“Know Before You Go” – Check Your Travel Insurance Coverage

Summer is a popular time for travel. In the last issue of KIT, you were advised to “Know before you go!” Before selecting travel insurance for your next trip, double-check to ensure that the appropriate activities and events are covered. A checklist was provided to help you with your purchase decision, including trip duration, age pre-existing conditions, emergency transportation, extreme activities and trip cancellations. You were also advised to familiarize yourself with the policy exclusions & limitations as they apply to all policyholders.

1. Premier Travel Plan (available to Full Members only):

• 100% Emergency Travel Coverage of eligible expenses with no evidence of good health required on the FIRST application. The Premier Travel plan covers multiple annual trips up to 62 days duration (per trip) with a lifetime maximum of $2,000,000 coverage for sudden and unforeseen eligible emergency medical travel expenses. Supplemental trip extension coverage is available for purchase for single trips lasting longer than 62 days. Medical coverage begins the day Johnson Inc. RECEIVES your application. Theoretically, you could apply for coverage the day you are leaving on a trip, and Johnson Inc. will fax or email you a copy of your travel cards containing the travel emergency contact numbers, and your plan member details. • Up to $7,000 of non-refundable expenses for Trip Cancellation/ Interruption/Delay Insurance per insured person, per trip. For Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Delay coverage under the Premier plan, coverage will take effect the day Johnson Inc. RECEIVES your application. Coverage is effective even if you have booked a trip prior to enrolling in the Premier Travel Plan. However, coverage is only effective if you are unaware of any known reason why you would need to use coverage at the time you book your trip. 2. MEDOC® Travel Plan (available to Full and Associate Members):

The following are frequently asked questions about RTAM’s travel and trip cancellation insurance options. RTAM offers three travel plans. Which one do I apply for and how much lead time do I need? The best RTAM Travel Plan for you to apply for depends on your Member status (Full or Associate Member) as well as your travel needs. Below is a summary of the RTAM Travel Plans and features to be aware of.

• Coverage includes up to $5,000,000 per trip for eligible expense emergency medical coverage (subject to 90 day stability prior to departure). This Plan is attractive for those who travel for shorter durations with a Base Plan that covers multiple trips up to either (1) 17-days per trip, or (2) 35-days per trip. However, supplemental coverage is available to purchase for single trips longer than 35 days. Medical coverage begins the day Johnson Inc. RECEIVES your RTAM.MB.CA n 5

application. Coverage details can be sent to members immediately by fax or email, and hardcopies of the documents are sent out via regular mail the day applications are processed. Please note Canada Post can take up to two (2) weeks to deliver mail throughout Canada. • MEDOC® covers up to $8,000 of nonrefundable expenses for Trip Cancellation/ Interruption Insurance per insured person, per trip (subject to 90 day stability prior to booking).For a trip to be covered under the Trip Cancellation portion of the plan, MEDOC coverage must be in effect on the day of booking your trip or purchased within 5 business days of booking your trip or prior to any cancellation penalties being charged for that trip. • Coverage is guaranteed regardless of age, health status, or date of application. Standard rates apply without completing a medical questionnaire. However, a health questionnaire must be completed for Optimum or Preferred rate discounts. It is important that you provide accurate and complete medical history on your applications and medical questionnaires. If you have questions about your health or medical history while completing your questionnaire, you should always contact Johnson Inc. who may recommend you consult with your doctor. 3. Stand Alone Trip Cancellation / Interruption & Baggage (available to Full and Associate Members):

• This gives you coverage for a variety of scenarios that may lead to trip cancellations, such as delays or interruptions you might face, even flights cancelled due to inclement weather, or a delay that causes you to miss a connecting flight. • For Members who already have third-party travel insurance, but wish to add annual trip cancellation, or increase their existing amount of annual trip cancellation coverage. • Note: Premier Travel includes $7000 of trip cancellation insurance. MEDOC® includes $8000 of trip cancellation insurance.

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RTAM KIT Summer 2016

• Covers up to $6,000 per insured per year for trip cancellation before departure and trip interruption after departure. Coverage is effective the date applications are received in the office. At the time of booking, members must indicate they know of no reason for them, family member, or travel companion to seek medical attention and that their travel companion and their self are deemed fit to undertake and complete any covered trip as booked. A pre-existing medical condition can be covered if it has been stable for 12 months prior to the date of purchase of your travel arrangements. It applies over the age of 60 to you, the insured member’s immediate family member, travel companion(s), travel companion’s immediate family member, or the host at destination. One Last Thing – Check for Travel Advisories!

As you prepare for your upcoming vacation abroad, the excitement builds. Your flight is booked and your bags are packed. There’s just one last thing – check for travel advisories. While there is no way to predict an event such as tsunami, earthquake, or disease outbreak, it is important to be as informed as possible. Before planning or leaving for any trip abroad, you are encouraged to contact the Canadian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade at www.voyage.gc.ca or 1-800267-6788. There you’ll find access to destination specific travel advisories, safety and security issues, local consular offices, and more. “No matter where in the world you intend to travel, make sure you check your destination country’s travel advice and advisories page twice: once when you are planning your trip, and again shortly before you leave. If the region or the country you will be visiting becomes subject to a travel advisory, your travel health insurance or your trip cancellation insurance may be affected.”¡

Seniors Vote 2016 Campaign - A Huge Success! John Sushelnitsky, Co-Chair, Political Advocacy


on’t you just love it when a plan comes together! Back in October 2015, the Political Advocacy committee presented the Board with a series of “talking points” that could be used when talking to candidates in the April 2016 provincial election. The RTAM Board directed PA to confer with the Pension Committee to update the data. A series of four meetings in November, December and January expanded the focus of RTAM to include a coalition with other senior groups. With a document of facts and questions written by Peggy Prendergast and Connie Newman , the coalition touched on six pillars of concern. Their document was abridged for KIT but was given in its entirety to all major political parties with their responses to be printed in KIT. In addition, the coalition grew to five members and used the professional expertise of Adam

Dooley who arranged for three press conferences in Winnipeg and several others outside of the city. He also provided press releases to radio, television and newspaper media. According to the tracking data, our message was given to the public thirtyfive times between February and April. To say that we got good coverage is a great understatement! The hub around which all the spokes were attached was a dynamo named Connie Newman. She knew all the players in the organizations, now grown to seven, and her almost daily emails and phone calls kept every organization in the loop. Connie is a no nonsense lady, having been a teacher and the president of the St.James Retirement Chapter-RTAM, and she was a brilliant confrere with Adam to keep the Seniors Vote 2016 wheel rolling. When Premier Brian Pallister announced his reduced Cabinet, it is with great satisfaction that Continued on page 8

Protecting Your Assets - Power of Attorney Lydia Heshka, Wellness Committee Member


he RTAM boardroom was filled to capacity on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 16, to hear Sharon Tod enlighten us on POAs, Wills and Health Care Directives. Sharon is a partner at St. Mary’s Law on St. Mary’s Rd. She can be reached at 204 947 6801 or stod@stmaryslaw.com. We appreciated all her informative anecdotes. They certainly made believers out of us. We will be very careful whom we choose as our Powers of Attorney. As she said, “It’s a crappy job.” You must trust completely the person you choose as your POA. As you are still around, your POA can/will make decisions which can/will affect your well being directly. Your executor’s job begins after your death, with no direct consequences re: your well-being. We learned that there are various types of POAs, some better than others, and that there are different approaches to preparing a will: kits,

holograph wills, and/or lawyer assisted. Formal requirements for a non-holographic will were addressed. Money saved by doing your own will, POA, etc. can become very costly if not done accurately for legal purposes. Probate exists, and costs 7% per $1000, which is not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. Formal requirements for a will were addressed. A couple of requirements: Two witnesses must be present when the will is signed. Witnesses cannot be beneficiaries or the spouse or commonlaw partner of a beneficiary. For your peace of mind and for your wellbeing, it was recommended that you consult a lawyer when naming a POA and preparing a will. Planning for your future now will ensure your wishes are followed, and will save your family extra expense and aggravation in the long term. ¡ RTAM.MB.CA n 7

Money Matters and Mindfulness Lydia Heshka, Wellness Committee Member


TAM’s Wellness Committee has tapped into BALANCE, an MTS program dedicated to providing wellness resources to MTS members. (www.mbteach.org/balance). Our first collaborative RTAM – MTS workshop was held on April 26, 2016, at McMaster House on Harcourt Street at Portage Avenue. Brian Denysuik of Creditaid (bdenysuik@ creditaid.ca) was our morning presenter. According to him, too many Canadians are financially stressed. It doesn’t help that almost everything is done electronically: direct deposit, direct withdrawal, debit cards, credit cards, lines of credit. Gone is the day of the cheque and the transaction page, where you kept a record of every financial transaction. You could see your balance each and every time a transaction occurred. To see your balances today, it’s all about passwords. To prevent identity theft, you should use different passwords for everything! Brian uses ‘Data Vault’, an app which will store your passwords. (I, Lydia, use paper!) There was discussion about how many credit cards you need: Two will do. Number of bank accounts? Personal choice, but don’t spread them out all over the place. According to Brian, virtual banks such as Tangerine can work for certain people. Most people prefer “bricks and mortar” banks and credit unions. We were given a handout, which included tips for good banking practices, shopping tips and a six-point plan for more successful money management. After an excellent hot lunch, where we met new retirees and were reacquainted with others, we returned for a presentation by Keith Macpherson (www.keithmacpherson.ca). The afternoon topic was MINDFULNESS: Dealing With Stress – Making Sense of Mindfulness. Keith began the workshop with his song “Mindfulness.” We then went through the five stages required to achieve BALANCE of the mind, body and spirit. 1. “What’s your dream?” Everything begins

8 n

RTAM KIT Summer 2016





with an inner dream. We’re always dreaming. Thoughts become things/actions. “Expose the saboteur” – the self-doubts, excuses, worry, negativity, tension. They all wear you down. Name the saboteur – out loud! “Open your mind.” Dr Wayne Dyer suggests, “We all have a mind that’s open to everything and attached to nothing.” We practised the Hawaiian ‘HA’ breathing technique. “Be Mind–Fully Aware.” We use the 10% of our mind that is our conscious mind all the time. It makes decisions – What do I want? What do I do next? The 90% of our mind that is our unconscious mind holds all our memories; it is the ultimate hard drive. Within the unconscious mind is the higher self, the creativity, the synchronicity, the oneness. It’s the experience part of your mind. “I AM.” We were asked to answer these halfsentences: Work is... Money is..., The world is..., Love is ..., Life is..., My kids are ..., I am... ¡

Seniors Vote . . . (Continued from page 7)

we saw there was indeed a Minister of Health, Seniors and Healthy Living . . . all three concerns embodied in our campaign. The seven organizations met after the election, on April 29, to debrief and consider whether they should continue to educate and advocate for seniors in the post-election era. The unanimous consensus was affirmative and each organization, including RTAM, will have to get authority to continue the effort to approach the new Minister and cultivate a good relationship so that positive legislation will benefit all seniors in Manitoba. ¡

President’s Report 2015 - 2016

Respectfully submitted by Marvin G. Krawec Before I go any further, I should like to acknowledge the Board Members and their committees for the invaluable contribution to the success of RTAM. Success comes when there is a co-operative effort on the part of everyone. The business of RTAM is on the increase. As a result, there is an ongoing re-organization of office protocol. The executive director has been hired to spearhead all aspects of the office work. There are now three parttime employees. The RTAM boardroom has received some technological updating. A sound system, that is supportive of the hearing impaired, has been installed. A smart board and a projector (Bright Link Pro) have also been installed. It is a state of the art piece of equipment. You can draw on the smart board with pen or finger and you can import content from a connected device directly to the smart board. There are multiple other procedures that could be carried out using the smart board. The equipment has certainly improved efficiencies and has alleviated a lot of frustration. I want to acknowledge Johnson Inc. for their substantial contribution to the purchase of the smart board and projector equipment. The RTAM website has received a makeover and is now more user friendly and informative. An amicable relationship has been re-established with MTS. It was initiated last year. Members of RTAM have met with the MTS President and some of the executive members on four different occasions. The discussion centered on pensions and the restricted surplus, as well as other common issues. We have agreed to form a joint committee for the purpose of resolving the restricted surplus. RTAM was invited, and attended, the MTS Presidents’ Council meeting in January. RTAM has been invited to

participate in planning the 100th anniversary of MTS. Three members of RTAM met with the Minister of Education and Advanced Learning to review the Sale report recommendations. Suffice it to say, that, four of the eight recommendations have not been implemented. As in other years, the Minister took our discourse under advisement. RTAM, along with six other seniors groups, formed a coalition for common cause issues. We sought the advice of Adam Dooley, Communications Consultant, to draft a Communication Strategy and to promote the goals of our mission, values and principles, as well as suggest procedures for the development of a higher profile. You will have seen some of the press conferences on television, or, you may have read about the issues in the press. As in previous years, two members from RTAM, the president and vice-president, will be attending the ACER-CART AGM in Ottawa the first week of June. Since this is the last issue of KIT until the fall, I want to take this opportunity to wish all of our members a pleasurable summer. Happy Gardening!


The Annual General Meeting of ACER-CART will be held from June 2 - June 4, 2016 in Ottawa, ON. This year, the RTAM reps registered to attend, as per RTAM policy, are: Rosalie Bornn, ACER-CART Director (RTAM Vice-President) and Marvin Krawec, Observer (RTAM President).   Wayne Hughes (RTAM Past-President) will also attend on behalf of the ACER-CART organization as their Western Regional Representative.  Wayne has been nominated by Marvin Krawec for re-election to the Western Regional Rep. position for the 20162017 ACER-CART year.   RTAM.MB.CA n 9

ACER-CART has undertaken a Strategic Planning initiative for their organization and in the process has sought input and feedback from its retired teacher organization stakeholders, including RTAM. ACER-CART has collaborated with 50 other groups to plan a celebration of the October 1, 2016 United Nations International Day of Older Persons. As an affiliate group of ACER-CART, RTAM has been requested to offer continued collaborative support of this planning initiative which goes under the name, Seniors Voice. The Seniors Vote pre-federal election initiative of ACER-CART was used as a model for RTAM’s SENIORS VOTE Coalition Pre-Election Strategy for the recent April 2016 Manitoba Provincial Election.  Advance polling had strongly predicted that Manitobans were seeking change, and change overwhelmingly happened.  RTAM can now continue to use the pre-election document as a report card to evaluate how the incoming government, going forward, responds to the concerns of the RTAM coalition.


Respectfully submitted by Wayne Hughes, Chair (Winnipeg) Member: Barbara McDole (Winnipeg) Our year began with the selection of the Norwood Hotel for our Annual General Meeting. Throughout the year, we have worked closely with the Norwood staff finalizing the many details related to holding the event in a new venue. As Committee Chair, I was very appreciative of the continued involvement of Barb McDole as the previous chair and Carol Gillis our former Executive Assistant. Our new Executive Director Mary-Anne Slegers has also been unbelievable for her foresight and attention to detail and creative suggestions. Thank you to all. 10 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

We put out a call to rural chapters to host the AGM in 2017. We were very pleased to receive two offers from Swan River and Brandon chapters. Thank you to both chapters for the offer. While the final responsibility of selecting the site for next year is one of the first tasks of the new Board, we are recommending that Swan River be the site for AGM 2017. Stay tuned for confirmation


Respectfully submitted by Judy Olmstead, Chair (Brandon) Members: Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg), Brian Paterson (Brandon), Doreen Sage (Neepawa) The purpose of the RTAM Benefits Committee is to provide RTAM members with the best possible coverage for each plan at competitive rates. Each year the Committee strives to do this. Our efforts are concentrated on the Voluntary Retiree Extended Health Care, Dental and Premier Travel group insurance plans. RTAM also offers Medoc Travel, Home, Life, and Long Term Care insurance for RTAM members. As Chair of the Benefits Committee this year, I learned that the work begins long before the first Committee meeting in September. This spring, our Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc., is conducting a Voluntary Benefit Plan survey of RTAM members to determine in which areas members would like improvements in coverage. The results are tabulated during the summer to aid in decision making on future Plan design changes. Johnson also reviews the plan experience. Initial meetings between Johnson Inc. and our Extended Health Care insurance carrier, Desjardins, have taken place before the Committee meets in September. In the fall, the Benefits Committee reviews the survey results, and uses relative value analysis data to determine how our benefit plans compare to other benefit plans available to retired teachers. With Committee input over the next few months, Johnson

Inc. continues negotiations with the insurance carrier until a renewal position is achieved for each plan. With Johnson negotiating with the Plan carrier on behalf of RTAM, final premium increases are much lower than initial proposals from the insurers, and in some cases, enhancements are made to the plan with no increase in premium. The Benefits Committee strives to keep premiums as low as possible and maximize coverage improvements, for the long term stability of the plans. During the winter, members of the Benefits committee present information about our plans at “Pre-retirement Seminars” in Brandon and Winnipeg to teachers considering retirement. Any Chapter may request a seminar for their area, and materials are available for presenting the benefit plan information. A committee member may be available to assist with the presentation. Throughout the year, RTAM receives calls or letters from members, who have experienced problems with their claims, requesting assistance. Their concerns are referred to Johnson Inc. who are able to work toward a resolution with the insurance carrier. Also this year, the committee developed a Protocol for Groups Seeking Sponsorship from Corporations and /or Local Businesses for events. 1. Chairperson and committee member names are to be sent to RTAM. 2. Participants must be RTAM members or Associate members, or partners of members. 3. All requests to Johnson Inc. for donations or sponsorship must be approved by the RTAM office. 4. A write-up and photos of event, including names of sponsors, are to be forwarded to editor of KIT. 5. The organizing committee is to send a letter/card of thanks to any sponsors of the event. Credits to the sponsors should also be given at the presentation of prizes or wind-up of the event. We would like to express our appreciation to Johnson Inc. for their willingness to listen and respond to our concerns and suggestions. Their contribution to the new Epson BrightLink Collaborative Whiteboard/

Projector for the RTAM Board Room is much appreciated. Feedback from Plan members, both positive and negative, is important to the committee as it helps to build better plans for the membership. I have enjoyed my work on the Benefits Committee serving RTAM members.


Respectfully submitted by Joan Dawson, Chair (Thompson) Members: Ralph Cibula (Gladstone) Ray Sitter (Brandon) Committee communication and collaboration throughout the year occurred mainly online by e-mail and a few times by phone. No Bylaw or Policy amendments are being brought to AGM 2016 The committee dealt with issues concerning the Privacy of Information Act. RTAM has policy in place (see below) that addresses the issue of the members’ privacy of information pursuant to the Privacy Act and has as its Privacy Officer, our President. RTAM understands the importance of its members’ privacy and the sensitivity of personal information. The committee is aware that there are many issues that need to be explored further to ensure that member information is secure. The committee has researched several bylaws and policy manuals to find good examples of privacy of information policies including most provincial retired teacher associations’ manuals. The issue of an inclusive privacy of information policy is huge. Issues include proper security for the storage of information, where it will be stored, how long we keep the information, what information is gathered, who will have access to the information, how the information will be used, a statement of our policy for the website, KIT and for use on any documents generated such as membership application forms, and whether or not we should have a privacy pledge such as the one that the YWCA uses. Some of these issues may be more appropriate for an RTAM.MB.CA n 11

operating manual but we do need a lot more work on this complex issue. What we have has been working for us and is simple to interpret. Additional policy would ensure that we are doing everything possible to safeguard member information and should include policy that covers our employees as well. More work in this area should include input from the President, the Vice-President, the chairs of the communications committees, the Executive Director, and the Administrative Assistant. The Bylaws and Policy Committee look forward to a very busy year next year as it explores the Privacy Act issues and prepares motions to upgrade our existing policy, incorporates the job description of the new Executive Director into the Policy Manual and completes the 5 year review of the Bylaws and Policies manuals. Thank you to the Board of Directors for their valuable input and support of the work of the Bylaws and Policy Committee. Thank you to the committee members for their hard work and efforts throughout the year. Their mentorship has been extremely helpful and made the year proceed smoothly. Working with you has been a pleasure.


SECTION 3 – MEMBERSHIP 3.01 Security of the Membership List Pursuant to the requirements of the Privacy Act: a) The membership list shall be used only in the pursuit of the interests, aims and objectives of RTAM and shall remain confidential to the President. b) Under the direction of the President, the Administrative Assistant shall manage the membership list. c) When, in the discretion of the Board of Directors of RTAM, it is consistent with the interests, aims and objectives of RTAM to cooperate with an external or commercial venture in distributing information to RTAM members then, where practical and with all costs being borne by the requesting group, such information may be distributed through 1) RTAM print and electronic media or 2) a bonded mailer to which RTAM will provide a single-use mailing list. 12 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

7.01 President (2014) The President shall:…. f) Be the Corporation’s Privacy Officer.


Keep In Touch (KIT) Respectfully submitted by Doreen Sage, Chair and Editor (Neepawa) Members: Rosalie Bornn (Dauphin), Joan Dawson (Thompson), Joan Goble (Thompson), Beth Smith (Dauphin), William Taylor (Brandon), Vaughn Wadelius (The Pas) KIT, the newsletter/magazine of the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba, is published four times a year and in full colour. Material is emailed to the Editor by RTAM Committee Chairs and by RTAM members. Since the website has been upgraded, KIT is now available to all mobile devices, anywhere, any time. With the idea of engaging more RTAM members, KIT held a Photo Contest this past year. Entries will be printed in KIT. This also gives us more material to use throughout the year, instead of buying material. KIT mailing: RTAM & non TRAF members, 9,346; Less deletions (duplicates removed), 430; Local Teachers’ Associations, 41; Complimentary, 46; Manitoba Public Schools, 730; Funded Independent Schools, 69. All communication among committee members is done by email. Thank you to committee members for comments, suggestions and proofreading skills. Thank you to committee chairs and RTAM members for your excellent submissions.  These are what make KIT an interesting read. Public Relations Respectfully submitted by Guy Hansen (Winnipeg) and John Sushelnitsky (Portage la Prairie), Co-Chairs Members: Karen Boughton (Winnipeg), Pat Bowslaugh (Brandon), Bill Cann (Winnipeg), Ralph Cibula (Gladstone)

Activities: Our overall goal was the implementation of the Adam Dooley Report. Adam had been hired last year to provide an outline to direct RTAM Public Relations. Our goal was to better relate to: 1. Politicians, 2. MTS, 3. Our members 4. The Media 5. The Public. One ongoing event, the Senior’s Vote 2016 campaign, accomplished all five objectives. Guided by, and cooperating with RTAM Political Advocacy Committee, as well as other Manitoba Senior organizations, we have had a stellar year. Politicians and voters of Manitoba have all watched our SENIOR’S VOTE 2016 campaign unfold. As this report is being written a letter has gone to each party asking that a Minister, with STAND ALONE PORTFOLIO, be appointed for SENIORS affairs. Replies have been requested. Apart from this, our committee also moved somewhat closer to MTS, put in place a Thank a Teacher Day format, to be implemented this spring and continued to lobby for beautification planters in local communities. The planters have proven very successful, with accolades coming in. We purchased PR bags for AGM and similar events, also a portable pull-up RTAM banner for any further events/press releases. We maintained direct contact with individuals from each of the three larger political parties of Manitoba. Website Respectfully submitted by Jack Fraser, Chair (Winnipeg)

on mobile devices. We also now can support the chapters who wish to use their “chapter” site as their own mini-website. They can use the site as a bulletin board to showcase their upcoming events or post pictures and announcements. We now can do mass emailing’s to our membership as well. In order for the website to be appealing, effective, and current, the website needs to be maintained almost daily. People stop coming to stale websites. In the spirit of this, we are asking committee chairs and chapter presidents to submit accurate, brief, pertinent and proofread information in a timely fashion. More professional assistance and training for office staff and committee member will be required to move forward and provide up-to-date maintenance. Our website no longer deals with RTAM information exclusively. We are gradually partnering with other organizations. The new website has been an interesting and pertinent place to come: It has provided information on numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics: health, wills, estate planning, winter driving, active living, downsizing and housing issues, and using homecare- to name a few. The workshops are pertinent to all seniors’ not just retired teachers. The “Events” section features workshops, information of interest from outside bodies, opportunities for senior employment, volunteer opportunities, reunions…

Members: Carol Pelton (Winnipeg), Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg) The website has transitioned to a new server platform. The webmaster remains Gayl Punzalan, from Blue Ink Media. The new look of the site is now more professional, modern, and fresh. There are some growing pains, but we continue to work out the kinks.

Front page banners have featured interesting, timely and important information for members and seniors in general. “Seniors Vote” is an example. It linked the responses from political parties in the last provincial election to RTAM’s questions on issues affecting retired teachers and seniors. This was primarily in partnership with MASC (The Manitoba Association of Seniors’ Centres.) Another banner featured information on optimal aging in conjunction with McMaster University. A third featured volunteerism and an RTAM member’s contribution.

The new website platform provides us with additional capabilities. We now support the reading of KIT

The website continues to expand with input from many different people and organizations. We need RTAM.MB.CA n 13

YOU to help us move forward. I want to thank my committee for their hard work and to thank all those who have contributed to the website this yeardirectly or behind the scenes.


Respectfully submitted by Peggy Prendergast, Chair (Winnipeg) Members: Rosalie Bornn (Dauphin), Lorraine Forrest (Winnipeg), Connie Newman (Winnipeg), Wally Stoyko (Winnipeg) The Educational Advocacy Committee held 6 meetings this year. Much of the on-going communication and work was shared and carried on by electronic means. Student Awards In collaboration with The Winnipeg Foundation, a $50,000 endowment fund was established in October 2013 to fund an ongoing award program. As part of its mandate, the Educational Advocacy Committee, with The Winnipeg Foundation, will continue to have responsibility for the annual administration of the RTAM Student Award Program. At this time, four awards of $500 each are available to four students who are relatives of RTAM members. Any RTAM member may sponsor a student who is a relative and graduating from Grade 12. The committee started work on September 5 to select the winners of the 2015 RTAM Student Award Project from the 43 submitted applications. Four winners received RTAM awards of $500 each using the manual detailing the process involved for the administering of these awards. Senior Advocacy Modeled on seminars previously offered in Thompson, Dauphin and Portage la Prairie, the committee organized two outreach information sessions. The retired teachers of St. James hosted a “Seniors’ Advocacy Forum” at the St. James Civic Centre for ALL seniors in the west end of Winnipeg. There is another such event planned and supported by the Louis Riel Chapter for all seniors 14 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

in the southeast end of the city for April 27, 2016 at the Dakota Community Centre. Based on positive feedback from the participants’ session evaluations, the Educational Advocacy Committee recommends extending this project to other host communities/ chapters next year using the program format established. An integral part of the success of these events is the much appreciated work, commitment, support and cooperation of: the chapters involved, the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres (MASC) and the Healthy Aging and Senior Secretariat who also value the “Seniors’ Advocacy Forum”. The more RTAM works with the other helping organizations in the community and provides the education to the community of what services are available for the community to provide “healthy aging” for all, the less our health care will cost.


Respectfully submitted by Beth Smith, Chair (Dauphin) Members: Rosalie Bornn (Dauphin), Pat Bowslaugh (Brandon), Joan Dawson (Thompson), Ray Sitter (Brandon) and John Sushelnitsky (Portage la Prairie) The committee met primarily on the afternoon before the board meeting. Communications also occurred through email and telephone discussions. Each chapter president was sent an email in September 2015 to inform them that they can contact the committee for any help they may need over the year. Two articles were also sent with the email: “Why Join RTAM?” and “Chapter Meeting Ideas” (66 ideas for chapters to implement throughout the year, if they so wish). These articles were also placed on the RTAM website. Membership in RTAM over the past year, April 2015 to March 2016, has increased by 299 members. Six Chapter Initiative Grants have been approved over the last year. Vice-President, Rosalie Bornn; Membership and Chapters Chair, Beth Smith; and President of Dauphin

Area Retired Teachers’ Association, Charlene Purdon travelled to Swan River on September 18, 2015 to help Swan River celebrate their 25th Anniversary at a delicious luncheon at the Westwood Inn. Advertisements were placed in the Manitoba Teacher, December and January/February editions, to inform active teachers of Pre-Retirement Seminars in Brandon and Winnipeg. Ads were also placed on the RTAM website and in our KIT magazine, as it is distributed to every school in Manitoba. Three Pre-Retirement Seminars were held for active teachers: • Brandon hosted the first Pre-Retirement Seminar with 19 attendees from Brandon and surrounding area. • Winnipeg hosted the second Pre-Retirement Seminar with 70 attendees from Winnipeg and surrounding area. • Thompson hosted the third Pre-Retirement Seminar with 15 attendees from Thompson and surrounding area. All three seminars had three common information sessions: “Pension and Financial Issues”, “An overview of RTAM’s Voluntary Group Benefit Plans” and “More than Money – About Planning for a LIFE in Retirement”. Some comments generated from these sessions: “Great mix of practical and spiritual/emotional – lifestyle choices and advice.” “Hold these for younger teachers, as well”. “Best session – common sense.” “They have provided more applicable information in 3 hours than I learned from anyone else.” Committee members contacted all chapter presidents by telephone to check in with them and inform them of the upcoming AGM in May 2016, to remind them to apply for a Chapter Initiative Grant, and advise them to check their chapter information on the website to make sure it is up to date.


Respectfully submitted by Rosalie Bornn (Dauphin) and JoAnne Hoyak (MacGregor), CoChairs

Members: Julian Hoyak (MacGregor), Ken Malcolm (Dauphin), Peggy Prendergast (Winnipeg), Ray Sitter (Brandon) Special Advisor: Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg) Due to extenuating circumstances, the Pension Committee was not activated until later into the operating year. The committee held five physical meetings and carried on additional dialogue/work by electronic means. Once again, RTAM was fortunate to receive solid support from the TRAF organization. In February, CEO, Jeff Norton and plan actuary, Tim McGorman attended a meeting of all interested and available RTAM Directors to share information enclosed in the 2015 Actuarial Valuation of the Pension Adjustment Account Report. It was noted that as a result of positive investment returns and a low inflation rate, for the fourth time in the history of the Bill 45 directive, surplus funds were available to add to the accumulated Restricted Surplus Fund. The presenters also outlined four possible options for dealing with the eventual dispersal of the accumulated restricted surplus. The RTAM organization will use the information to move forward with developing an RTAM official stakeholder response on behalf of retired teachers to the eventual dispersal of the Restricted Surplus Fund after the 10-year Bill 45 directive ends. An additional restricted surplus in the amount of $9,072,000 has been added to the PAA bringing the current total Restricted Surplus amount to $20,477,000. RTAM has made a commitment to meeting collegially with the Manitoba Teachers’ Society to work towards a mutually acceptable solution to the eventual dispersal of the Restricted Surplus Fund.  The restricted surplus may be used only for determining COLA after 2017 in accordance with the regulations made for such purpose. The 2015 PAA Valuation Report also indicates that the December over December 2015 CPI for Canada increased by 1.61% allowing a maximum 2/3 COLA of 1.07% to TRAF RTAM.MB.CA n 15

pensions that can be granted July 1, 2016. The Pension Committee recommends continuation of close monitoring of the results of the Bill 45 directive until the conclusion of the 10-year mandate. Thank you to the members of the committee for their support, along with sincere appreciation to special advisor, Wayne Hughes for generously sharing his expertise with Pension matters.


with volunteer opportunities. Members were also requested to send in their “bucket list” ideas. Articles were placed in KIT and on the web site and further articles will be submitted. RTAM travelers are being requested to send in their travel stories to KIT. Keeping the policy of sharing the benefits with all participants from an RTAM sponsored trip in mind, the investigation of how this can be put in place and what group trips would be of interest to members has continued.

Respectfully submitted by Ralph Cibula (Gladstone) and John Sushelnitsky (Portage la Prairie), Co-Chairs Members: Conrad Artibise (Winnipeg), Pat Bowslaugh (Brandon), Guy Hansen (Winnipeg), JoAnne Hoyak (MacGregor), Julian Hoyak (MacGregor), Ken Malcolm (Dauphin)

Travel displays are being set up at the AGM in Winnipeg.

The Political Advocacy Committee met ten times this year. With the addition of two new Board members to the committee, the year began with a review of the mandate given to it in the RTAM by-laws and Policy Handbook. The monitoring responsibilities were assigned to Committee members and reports were made, where necessary, at each meeting.


The Meet and Greet event was a priority with committee members as we believe that a face to face social gathering with our provincial politicians remains important to continue an effective advocacy role with those who make our laws. Advocating for improvements with items of governance and the declining purchasing power since 2000 are constant goals of RTAM. Unfortunately, there were several conflicts of timetables and the Meet and Greet event will have to be held over to the next year. With a new slate of MLAs at the Legislature, the Meet and Greet will be even more important and we are working towards having it in November.


Respectfully submitted by Carol Pelton, Chair (Winnipeg) Member: Sharon Pekrul The travel committee followed up the volunteer study survey by asking members if they combined travel 16 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

A travel fair, organized for October during SAGE, is being recommended, in addition to, having travel displays at the AGM.

Respectfully submitted: Peggy Prendergast, Chair (Winnipeg) Members: Joan Dawson (Thompson), Lydia Heshka (Winnipeg), Judy Olmstead (Brandon), Maureen Recksiedler (Stonewall) Meetings Two committee meetings were held during the 2015/2016 year using conference calls to access the out-of-town members. Much of the committee work was done through the extensive use of emails. The Wellness Committee believes that older adults experience a higher quality of life by becoming personally responsible for their personal wellness. By providing a number of activities that deal with the following six recognized dimensions of wellness – emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and vocational health, it is our hope to promote development in those key areas and thus integrate wellness into the daily lives of our members.


Two seminars were held from 9:30am to 2:30pm on: Wednesday October 14, 2015 More Magic of Herbs

at Assiniboine Park Herbal essential oils and their benefits Photography of flowers Planting and using herbs Tuesday April 26, 2016 Money Matters and Mindfulness Hints on Emptying “This Full House” Foot Care at its Finest – Canadian Diabetes Society The Wellness Committee had their first Seminar at the beautiful classroom at Assiniboine Park on a lovely fall day. This was our second visit for a seminar in the Park. Not only were the classes informative and hands on learning but the walk in the English Gardens was a beautiful addition to lunchtime. The ongoing changes in the Park were also part of a photography lesson on flowers. The second seminar to be held this year on April 26 is entitled “Money Matters and Mindfulness.” The presenters are part of the MTS Balance Program. We are very pleased to be included in this program this year. We are grateful to MTS for sponsoring these excellent speakers. Three Mini Seminars were held this year in the new RTAM office Board Room. The first one entitled “Extreme Winter Driving Conditions” was held on January 22 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Twenty five people attended this workshop presented by Bill Ward. “Wills and Power of Attorney” was held March 16 from1:300 pm to 3:30 pm and the second, entitled “Real Estate Downsizing” was held March 30 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. These workshops were presented by Sharon Tod, a well-known Winnipeg lawyer. There was a waiting list of 18 for the last seminar. Sharon Tod, a lawyer, does these presentations as her community service. The committee strongly recommends continuing this practice. The Wellness Committee continued the responsibility of having lunch brought in at RTAM Board meetings. We tried to establish an atmosphere at lunch that encouraged a relaxing social atmosphere so members could converse easily and get to know one another so the business of the Board could run smoothly. A variety of healthy menus within the budget line was provided.

As Chair, I want to recognize the work of this committee. Lydia Heshka looked after the registration for the three mini seminars and did the write-ups for the seminars that you read in KIT. Maureen Recksiedler looked after the registrations for the seminars held at McMaster House. We use conference calls for our meetings so as to include Joan from Thompson and Judy from Brandon. We are all involved in the planning and delivery of the seminars and would like to expand to assisting any chapter who would like to get involved, either with monetary assistance or with help in planning for your own area. Ad Hoc-Executive Director Marvin Krawec, President   A motion approving the hiring of a half-time Executive Director was passed at the 2015 AGM. With this approval, the officers met in November to set procedures and a timeline for hiring. The position was advertised in the Winnipeg Free Press and on the RTAM web-site. The applications for the position were reviewed by the officers and interviews were held in February 2016.   Mary-Anne Slegers was hired as the Executive Director effective March 1, 2016. ¡ RETIRED TEACHERS’


Is your chapter interested in RETIRED TEACHERS’ facilitating a pre-retirement seminar for active teachers in your area? ASSOCIATION OF MANITOBA

Would you like help preparing your presentation? If so, contact the following three people who have already run such seminars and are willing to share their experiences and materials. Ray Sitter - rsitter@mts.net Joan Dawson - joanldawson@gmail.com Beth Smith - bxssmith@mts.net RTAM.MB.CA n 17

The Great Gathering of Manitoba’s French Speaking Communities:

Le Grand rassemblement des États généraux de la francophonie manitobaine



“États généraux de la francophonie manitobaine”

he Société franco-manitobaine (SFM) had received, at its AGM of 2014, the mandate to consult the French-speaking communities on the state of the French language in Manitoba. From December 2014 to September 2015, the Francophone and Francophile populations of Manitoba were extensively consulted in small and large groups across the province. The primary aim of the “Citizens’ cafés” was to gain a better understanding of identity paths, values, challenges and aspirations of the province’s highly diverse French-speaking population in order to better support its development. In all, 146 citizens’ cafés and 42 online surveys generated 1,533 mostly oral testimonials from persons of all ages, areas and walks of life. Participation was: 32% under age 20; 22% between ages 20-39; 20% between ages 4054; 26% aged over 55; 45% were from rural areas and 55% from Winnipeg; and 62% of participants were women. RTAM’s French chapter, the Éducatrices et Éducateurs manitobains à la retraite (ÉMR), held their own Citizen’s café / ÉMR at the Canad’Inn in Windsor Park on Wednesday June 3, 2015. The evening was filled with lively discussion in an ambiance of good humour and commitment. The 17 participants shared with eloquence, and sometimes with emotion, their pride, their personal concerns, their optimism and their dreams for the future of Manitoba’s Francophonie. A team of researchers from the Université de Saint-Boniface then transcribed, classified and summarized the testimonials, and gave its written report to the SFM. On Saturday April 23, 2016, 357 persons gathered at the Centre scolaire Léo-Rémillard to receive and further discuss this report. The Continued on page 28

18 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

a Société franco-manitobaine (SFM), lors de l’AGA de 2014, avait reçu le mandat de consulter les membres de la communauté francophone au sujet de l’état de la langue française au Manitoba. Entre décembre 2014 et septembre 2015, les populations francophones et francophiles du Manitoba furent grandement consultées en petits et larges groupes à travers la province. L’objectif principal des «Cafés citoyens» était de mieux comprendre les parcours, les valeurs, les défis et les aspirations de la francophonie manitobaine dans toute sa diversité afin de mieux soutenir son développement. En tout, 146 cafés-citoyens et 42 sondages en ligne ont généré 1,533 témoignages, dont la plupart était à l’oral. La participation était divisée ainsi: 32% de moins de 20 ans; 22% entre 20 et 39 ans; 20% entre 40 et 54 ans; et 26% de 55 ans et plus; 45% étaient des régions rurales et 55% de la ville de Winnipeg; et 62% étaient des femmes. Les Éducatrices et Éducateurs manitobains à la retraite (ÉMR), qui forment la section française de la RTAM, ont tenu leur propre Café citoyen / ÉMR au Canad’Inn du parc Windsor le mercredi 3 juin 2015. La rencontre s’est déroulée dans une ambiance de bonne humeur, d’entrain et d’engagement. Les 17 participantes et participants ont partagé avec éloquence, et parfois avec émotion, leur fierté, leurs préoccupations personnelles, leur optimisme et leurs rêves pour l’avenir de la francophonie au Manitoba. Une équipe de chercheurs de l’Université de Saint-Boniface a transcrit, classifié et fait une synthèse des propos recueillis, puis a donné son rapport à la SFM. Le samedi 23 avril 2016, 357 personnes se sont Suite à la page 28

Real Estate Transitions Lydia Heshka, Wellness Committee Member


haron Tod drew another capacity crowd to the RTAM boardroom on Wednesday, March 30. The topic was Real Estate Transitions. A wide range of subjects was covered. Buying and selling a home has changed somewhat since most of us bought our homes. A disclosure statement by the vendor is now required. ‘Have you had water in your basement?’ ‘Has the roof leaked?’ Home Inspectors are a good idea BUT Home Inspectors are not licensed in Manitoba. Buying and selling a condominium is similar to buying and selling a home, except for the reams of documents required under the Condominium Act and the seven days allowed a buyer to examine the documents. Selling real estate, be it a house, a condo or a cottage, can have tax implications. There is an exemption from capital gains tax on your primary residence. We are allowed one principal residence be it a house, a condo or a cottage. Trying to avoid capital gains taxes requires knowledge of the taxation system. Consult with professionals before considering joint ownership. There are many potential pitfalls. Sharon’s anecdotes about ‘normal but dysfunctional families’ had us all examining our own ‘normal but dysfunctional families’! Any change in ownership incurs a land transfer fee. Fees are $1737 including the basic transfer fee of $87 on a $200,000 property and 2% on anything above that. Your million-dollar lake-front cottage will cost $17,737 in transfer fees. Do not act in haste. Consider life insurance specific for capital gains tax, land transfer fees, and probate fees. As Sharon said, “There is no right answer for when

or if to sell, or to transfer titles because we don’t know when we’re going to die.” A couple of other options to consider in later years are renting or Life Lease. Leases are legal documents. Life Lease is a complex rent/own living space agreement. There are complicated legal documents, a cooling off period, a down payment and rent payments. In many instances there are more disadvantages than advantages. Do get expert advice before deciding. Rental insurance for your contents and for liability should not be forgotten. Another relatively new topic in real estate is the reverse mortgage. As seen on TV, Home Equity Bank will give you money now and collect later when you sell or die. This does not come free. Again there is lots of paperwork and a requirement by law to get independent legal advice. Rates charged are higher than at regular banks or credit unions. There are many fees to acquire your reverse mortgage. At best, reverse mortgages should be used for home repairs or travel. They are not a good vehicle to give money to your children because of too many pitfalls. Instead of a reverse mortgage, consider a second mortgage, a loan or a line of credit. Lastly, we discussed ‘not real banks’. They exist, but they aren’t bricks and mortar institutions. Sharon’s recommendation was to use ‘real banks’ or credit unions. This is a brief summary of a very complicated topic. As there was a waiting list for this seminar, we will have Sharon do another one in the fall. If this topic is of interest to you, please remember to sign up ASAP. ¡ RTAM.MB.CA n 19

Past Presidents of RTAM in attendance Terry Clifford, Peggy Prendergast, Phyllis Hunter (Moore), Pat Bowslaugh, Wayne Hughes

Former Thompson teachers reconnect at AGM. Back row, L-R: Judy Olmstead, Albert Vermette, Gary Davis. Middle: Bea Shantz, Guy Hansen, Carol Pelton. Front: Linda Davis, Joan Goble, Joan Dawson, Sue McCartney, Fay Hansen

Mary-Anne Slegers, new Executive Director, being introduced to RTAM members

Lana Rinn ( talking to Connor)

Mr. Bill Kristjanson, the teacher who inspired Connor, and Connor Derraugh

David Asselstine and Brenda Venuto of TRAF present their annual report to RTAM members. 20 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

The New Board of Directors, 2016-2017

New Director Guy Lacroix from Lac du Bonnet EMR chapter

New Director Vel McAdam The Pas chapter

AGM 2016 Photos by Judy Olmstead

President Marvin Krawec addressing the members with secretary Joan Dawson

Winner of the Johnson door prize of an Ipad mini was Lorraine Scott of Southwest Assinniboine Chapter being presented by Shannon Patershuk and Jeff Bennett of Johnson Inc.

Guy Gagnon from St. Agathe and Guy Lacroix from Lac du Bonnet delegates at the Chapter Presidents’ meeting.

Norm Gould, President of MTS bringing greetings and presenting RTAM with a cheque for $3000 for our AGM expenses.

Dennis Kozak and George Takashima from the Calgary Chapter at RTAM AGM and Chapter Presidents’ meeting.

James Bedford, Vice-President of MTS, explaining to RTAM members about the 100th Anniversary celebrations of MTS in 2018-2019 and noting that Beth Smith is our RTAM representative on their planning committee.

Shannon Patershuk and Jeff Bennett of Johnson Inc with RTAM’s new banner. RTAM.MB.CA n 21

Rotary Work in Ethiopia “Teachers for Teachers” Dave Bennet, Rotary Member, Neepawa


rom October 16 to November 24, 2015, eight retired teachers from MB and SK and one public health nurse from MB participated in a Rotary International Mentorship program in Ethiopia. The Vocational Training Team (VTT) which worked as resource personnel and mentors with teachers in schools in Bahir Dar was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Prince Albert, SK and was received by the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West in Ethiopia. The Canadian group included the Team leader, Rotarian Chris Clinton from Prince Albert, Linda Johnstone, Lynda Richard and Nancy Cosway from Winnipeg, Bill Taylor and Al Razzaghi from Brandon, Betty Arscott from Saskatoon, and Jane Parrott and Jack Phalen from Prince Albert. All team members found it to be a very challenging but also a very rewarding experience.

Rotary District 5550 is planning to send another VTT (Vocational Training Team) this time to Guatemala. Again it will be an educational mentoring program which is being planned for February 2017 and will involve 4 teachers (retired or active) and a Rotary team leader. Language experience in Spanish would be an asset. Applicant deadline is June 17, 2016. Contact VTT Chair Gailmarie Anderson at (306) 752-5870 or (306) 921-9788 (cell) or Email: melfort.museum@sasktel. net for further information. If you receive your copy of KIT after this deadline you may contact the Chair to see if applicants may still apply. Below is part of the report by one of the VTT Ethiopia participants. Some others will appear in future issues of KIT.

I was able to arrange for several contacts in Bahir Dar with women who are interested in becoming involved in the production, education and distribution of locally made kits - a wonderful sustainability solution.

22 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

Report by Nancy Cosway - Public Health Nurse - Winnipeg

This report is a summary of my activities as one member of the nine member VTT team. There were challenges throughout the project duration, yet I feel that I accomplished the task which I was set out to achieve. My focus was on the WASH club and menstrual hygiene at three schools, and responsibility for the distribution of 80 “Days for Girls” kits with soap. After a brief assessment of the water and toilet situation at all three schools, the following activities were implemented. Dilchibo School - Grades 5 to 8

I met with the WASH club advisor, Mr. Amsalu, and provided bars of soap brought by the team, that could be hung at the hand washing facility at the school. On his initiative, a plastic container with a tap was placed outside in the area of the main taps and a bar of soap tied with a cord to the tree so that the children could use the soap when washing their hands. After the first day this soap disappeared, so a mechanism to monitor the use of the soap was put in place. Future plans include putting plastic washing stands at the girls’ and boys’ latrines as there are no washing facilities there. I worked with four Physical Education teachers to provide educational interventions on WASH with Grades 5 to 8. The focus was on disease prevention and critical times for hand washing. I used word search, making a poster, demonstration and discussion and games to provide the instruction. I interacted with 15 classes with

a total of 791 students, and attended the Girls Club meetings with the teacher, Ms. Meserat. We discussed the issues the girls are facing –a lack of washing facility, lack of privacy, lack of supplies, no safe space for girls, etc. I had visited a rural school earlier and encouraged the teacher to consider a similar space for girls at Dilchibo school. Ms. Meserat assured me that something would be done very soon. Days for Girls Activities (www.daysforgirls.org)

The distribution of the “Days for Girls” kits was very exciting. I was able to arrange for several contacts in Bahir Dar with women who are interested in becoming involved in the production, education and distribution of locally made kits - a wonderful sustainability solution. Felege Abay School - Grades 1 to 4 and a Special Needs class. The water supply was at one side of the school property and the latrines were at the other side. There was no tap water available. Soap was provided to the principal to distribute to the teachers for use by the children. I interacted with Grade 4 classes on hand washing, and provided English teaching aids to Ms. Genet, the teacher, who was going to translate them into Amharic and make posters. I observed the Special Needs Children washing their hands with soap before eating. I also was involved with the ten female Special Needs students and talked to them and their mothers about care of the body. ¡


Seniors Vote 2016


n April 14, 2016, The Seniors Vote 2015 Coalition held its third media press conference at the Barbara Mitchell Resource Centre at 51 Morrow Ave., Winnipeg. The coalition consists of the following organizations: • Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba • Manitoba Association of Senior Centres • Active Living Coalition for Older Adults in Manitoba • Transportation Options Network for Seniors • The Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP) – West Winnipeg • The Federation des Aines Franco – Manitobans Inc. (FAFM) • Long Term and Continuing Care Association Manitoba

24 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

The first speaker was Jim Ewanchuk of the Active Living Coalition. He was followed by Peggy Prendergast of RTAM. The third speaker was Tom Farrel of the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres. The script, strategy and organization details were crafted by Adam Dooley who introduced the speakers. These speeches were featured in both the Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun. Other media attending were the CBC and CTV and the University of Winnipeg. Even some politicians were there, with the election to follow in five days! All in all, the press conference was a very effective platform to project our concerns for seniors. ¡

Photos by John Sushelnitsky

John Sushelnitsky, Co-Chair, Political Advocacy

Tribute To Mr. K. Connor Derraugh

Photo by Judy Olmstead


went to Charleswood Junior High and in Grade 9 I had to make a decision on what High School I would go to. Shaftesbury was my catchment school and Oak Park was also close by, but I had met Mr. K. when he helped out at Charleswood and really enjoyed the way that he taught. I went to the open house at Vincent Massey and visited with Mr. Kristjanson. After we talked, I told my parents that I don’t need to go to the other open houses, Massey was where I wanted to go. Ever since Grade 7, I wanted to be a U of M Jazz Studies student. In my Grade 9 year, 7 of the 15 students accepted into the Jazz program were from Vincent Massey. I knew that it was because of Mr. K. I couldn’t wait to learn from him and be in his program. Three months later in May, 2010, I went in for a routine day surgery to repair a deviated septum in my nose. Something went wrong and I ended up having a brain hemorrhage, which left my right side paralyzed and left me in the hospital for a month instead of one day. When I came home from the hospital, I couldn’t make a sound on the piano with my right hand. I thought my future was shattered. When I went to Vincent Massey that fall, I didn’t know anyone. I was at a new school in a new neighbourhood. I was 15 years old, scared, lonely and lost, trying to deal with a new disability. I could only play the piano with my left hand, but Mr. K. still placed me in the Senior Jazz Band. I was shocked! Mr. K. said that he put me in the Grade 12 band for three reasons. The students were more mature and would treat me better. The rehearsals were during regular school hours so my day would be shorter and less tiring. But the big reason was because he thought that musically, that’s where I belonged. Mr. K. believed in me, and because he believed in me, I started to believe in myself. Mr. K. told me that the band room at Massey would become my second home, and it was. It was where I felt safe and accepted. It even became my

locker! Every day I just threw my backpack and sax beside the piano and sat down and started playing. I didn’t know where my actual locker was for all of high school! Mr. K. kept a watchful eye over me all through high school and helped me to regain my confidence and my right hand. In Grade 10, I would be playing piano with just my left hand, and Mr. K. would walk over and place my right hand on the piano and say, “You can do this”. He couldn’t have been more kind and supportive to me. One month into Grade 12, Mr. K. got sick and had to have surgery himself. He was not at school for several months. We all really missed him. While he was gone, I wrote a song for him titled, “All You Need is the Letter K.” I rehearsed it with the jazz ensemble at school, and when he came to our Christmas jazz concert, we played it for him. He was very surprised and honoured. When I graduated from Massey, Mr. K. invited me back to volunteer and help out with the jazz program. I loved it! It was another great chance to work with my favourite teacher in my favourite room. I still go back and help at Massey in May and June when University is over. I just finished my third year of Jazz Studies at the University of Manitoba, and I have a very special person to thank for getting me there, Mr. Bill Kristjanson. Mr. K. helped me heal and made me a better musician. But above all, he made me a better person. People often talk about that special teacher that inspired them and changed their lives. For me, that special teacher was Mr. Kristjanson. ¡ RTAM.MB.CA n 25

IN MEMORIAM We remember these RTAM colleagues for their years of educational service to Manitoba’s children and youth. The list covers names received from TRAF as of April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016. Ettie Ackman, Winnipeg Jean (Dulcie) Anderson, Carman Marion R. Bachman, Victoria, BC Raymond R. Bailey, Winnipeg Eric Bartz, Winnipeg Eveline L. Berube, Winnipeg Ronald M. Bodner, Winnipeg Russell F. Bodnar, Winnipeg Ernest D. Boguski, Roblin Jane Bosace, Winnipeg Albert D. Brady, Winnipeg Douglas E. Bridge, Winnipeg Richard N. Burkett, North Saanich, BC Arthur Buss, Victoria, BC Elizabeth A. Caldwell, Winnipeg Henri P. Caron, Winnipeg Barbara Chapman, Erickson William D. Chapman, St. Claude Jeannette I. Charbonneau, Winnipeg Claudia Cheslock, Selkirk Joyce E. Coulson, Sandy Lake Gerald M. Curle, Carberry Beverly Anne Dalman, Winnipeg Joseph G.A. Degen, Winnipeg J.A. Bertrand Delaquis, Winnipeg M.A. Russell Denton, Winnipeg Stanley A. Didkowski, Winnipeg Barbara Linda Drouin, Winnipeg Aline M.E. Duval, Winnipeg Tina Dyck, Winnipeg Thomas A. Edwards, Neepawa Sarah Fehr, Winnipeg William G. Fernie, Winnipeg Daniel R. Filipowich, St. Andrews Anna B. Firman, Winnipeg Frances Fredette, Winnipeg Elizabeth Friesen, Winnipeg Alison A. Glassco, Winnipeg Neil Goertzen, Gladstone Cesar S. Gonzales, Brandon Ruth Hallonquist, Winnipeg Olga Hanchar, Calgary, AB Betty E. Helgason, Ashern Faye Lynn Henoch, Winnipeg Marjorie K. Hindley, Bridgewater, NS Frank J. Horner, Calgary, AB Eleanor M. Ingalls, Oakville, ON

26 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

Thomas J. Irwin, Petersfield Elizabeth M. Irwin, Winnipeg Isabel M. Jeffery, Winnipeg Helen Johnson, Watrous, SK Paul Kereliuk, Winnipeg Edith M. Little, Eriksdale Nicholas Kohuch, Winnipeg Linda M. Kohut, Winnipeg Eleanor H.A. Kowalewich, Winnipeg Annemarie Kramer, Winnipeg Benjamin P. Kubrakovich, Gimli Albert G. Labun, Winnipeg Margaret Sue Lafreniere, Cartier M. Eileen Laing, Morden Janis Lamb, Winnipeg Paul Andrew Laval, Souris Rowena M. Lawrence, Winnipeg Helen Letkemann, Winkler Victor Loewen, Winnipeg Helen Logan, Winnipeg Constance L. Lyman, Grandview Beatrice M. MacKenzie, Winnipeg David D. Maharaj, Winnipeg Leslie May Malcolmson, Winnipeg Donna P. Manahan, Winnipeg M. Jean McConnell, Brandon Frank McKinnon, Calgary, AB Alan McKnight, Killarney Marion Mills, Winnipeg Jeannette T. Morgan, Qualicum Beach, BC Surinder Mullick, Steinbach Evangeline Mundell, Brandon Ida Irene Murdoch, Winnipeg John I. Naherny, Mission, BC Deirdre P. Nancoo, Winnipeg Elisabeth Nash, Winnipeg Ann O. Nazeravich, Winnipeg Ellen Jean Neelin, Stonewall Kay Lynne Neubuhr, Flin Flon Eleonore G. Neufeld, Winkler David A. Osborne, Winnipeg Ernest Pankratz, Winnipeg Ida J. Patterson, Edena, MN Emily Pawlyk, Winnipeg Hardy J. Penner, Winnipeg Peter F. Penner, Winnipeg

Phyllis A. Popham, Duncan, BC Guenter Poschadel, Winnipeg Asa L. Reid, Portage la Prairie A. Irene Rempel, Winnipeg Waldemar Rempel, Steinbach Barbara Ann Rhind-Harrison, Portage la Prairie M. Jean Robinson, Winnipeg J. Elizabeth Ruby, Winnipeg Beach Shirley M. Rypp, Winnipeg Carl J. Safnuk, Kelowna, BC Sylvia Samuel, Winnipeg Steven Scrupa, Neepawa Irvin Sera, Winnipeg Diana E. Shapiro, Calgary, AB Audrey J. Simon, Neepawa Mohindar Singh, Winnipeg Valentine L. Smyth, Winnipeg Elizabeth S. Sneesby, Neepawa Dorothy J. Spalding, Whitehorse, YT Herbert M. Spencer, Winnipeg Dorothy J. Stewart, Dominion City Robert E. Still, Winnipeg Kenneth J. Stobbe, Dauphin Lawrence P. Suchar, Oakbank Walter D. Suderman, Sooke, BC Nancy J. Tardiff, Winnipeg Verna F. Taylor, Winnipeg Eric D. Taylor, London, ON Barbara A. Thompson, Winnipeg Leona J. Tomchuk, Winnipeg Mary E. Toombs, Winnipeg John R. Topping, Camp Morton Iris S. Torfason, Calgary AB Pamela A. Tottle, Winnipeg Joe W. Tysarski, Grandview Lynda D. Unrau, Winnipeg L. Jean Walker, Winnipeg H. Marlene Websdale, Winnipeg Ellen E. Wherrett, Winnipeg Jean S. Williamson, Winnipeg Alice Winia, High River, AB M. Frances Winters, Okotoks, AB Michael W. Witt, Winnipeg Leslie B. Wrightson, Parksville, BC

Mary-Anne Slegers

Brandon Chapter AGM

RTAM Executive Director

Meryl Orth


ary-Anne Slegers accepted the position of Executive Director, RTAM effective March 1, 2016. As the Executive Director, a position new to RTAM, Mary-Anne will be working with the President and the Board of Directors as the organization defines its future direction and develops a strategic plan to direct growth. She will be responsible for managing, developing and implementing the administrative and operational systems necessary to support the Board. Mary-Anne comes to RTAM with a wealth of work experience and skill in the areas of planning, policy development and implementation and fiscal, organizational and administrative management, complimented by a Bachelor of Education with an Accounting major. Mary-Anne is excited to be joining RTAM in the new position of Executive Director at a time when the organization is growing and expanding in its role as a strong voice for retired teachers in Manitoba. ¡


Alyce Budinsky, Winnipeg Sheila Calof, Winnipeg Irene E. Crofts, Winnipeg Paul Moroz, Winnipeg Frank Senkow, Arborg MARCH, 2016

Anne M. Bazan, Winnipeg Kathleen Major, Victoria, BC APRIL, 2016

Anne Boschman, Abbotsford, BC L. Joyce Cawston, Virden Eleanor M. Sparling, Calgary, AB


estman Retired Educators’ Association (WREA) April Meeting with guest Marvin Krawec, President of RTAM. We were delighted to welcome RTAM President Martin Krawec to our April Chapter meeting and AGM. Chapter President Meryl Orth welcomed and presented Mavin with a memento of appreciation from WREA members. We then all listened as Marvin explained what is currently happening with RTAM in the province. He spoke on financial issues as well as the importance of RTAM members with respect to volunteerism in the community and how we help do millions of dollars of work for free. Wow, was that ever astounding to learn. After a delicious home cooked meal, prepared by our caterer, Shirley Shwaluk, we forged ahead with our AGM. Important issues, such as our donation boxes, laying a wreath at Remembrance Day Services and door prizes, were discussed and voted on. We happily elected Judy Olmstead as our 20162017 President. We had a brief discussion on our Chapter Initiative Grant event which is a bus trip in to Winnipeg. Then 25 members are going on a guided tour of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. There,we will take some time to explore all that The Forks has to offer before beginning our long trek home! We ended our meeting with a presentation by Bill Taylor on his recent trip over to Ethiopia Africa, with Rotary International VTT Program, where he shared pictures and his experience over there. This was an eye opening presentation where we learned what the conditions are in the educational system over there. It is a real privilege to be a teacher here in Brandon. ¡ RTAM.MB.CA n 27

Retired Women Teachers’ Association Ruth Hartnell


’d like to invite all women retired teachers to join our organization.The RWTA has been active for 65 years with the goals of dealing with problems concerning the welfare of our members and providing an opportunity for them to continue social relationships. Our lunches held four times a year, are a good means of meeting new people and reconnecting with our retired friends/colleagues. The lunches are held at the MASONIC CENTRE, 420 Corydon Avenue, (Confusion Corner) Winnipeg. For more information, please contact CECILE ALERIESKENE –phone 204-256-6176 or email caskene@mymts.net. We look forward to welcoming you on the following lunch dates; SEPTEMBER 29, 2016, DECEMBER 8, 2016, FEBRUARY 23, 2017 and APRIL 20, 2017 These dates include a delicious meal and entertainment for $20, and as our annual membership is only $8.00, one of the best bargains in town. We hope to see you there! ¡

It’s all about friendship. The Bear Clan and the Retired Women Teachers’ Association of MB joined hands in the Friendship Dance at a recent members’ event. All retired women teachers are invited to join in fun and friendship for RWYA’s 65th anniversary luncheon. SAVE THE DATE! SEPTEMBER 29 at the Masonic Temple, Corydon Avenue at Osborne St. To reserve your place ($20.00) for this special get together please call Brenda by September 20 at 204-284-1437.

The Great gathering . . . From page 18

Le Grand rassemblement . . . de la page 18

meeting was videotaped and another 360 persons followed the discussions live via the website of La Liberté, the French newspaper. Many and various concerns were identified both in the report and at the gathering, where suggestions and concrete actions were also requested and offered by participants. These will be reviewed and an action plan will be proposed at the next AGM of the SFM on October 13, 2016, at the Université de Saint-Boniface. An English version of the full report, “Des voix qui rassemblent: parcours identitaires, défis et aspirations de la francophonie manitobaine”, can easily be found at the following link: www.sfm.mb.ca. ¡

rassemblées au Centre scolaire Léo-Rémillard pour recevoir le rapport et en discuter. La rencontre fut filmée et 360 autres personnes ont pu la suivre en direct par webdiffusion sur le site de La Liberté. De nombreux défis furent identifiés au cours de la journée, et des suggestions d’actions espérées et possibles furent offertes par des participants. Tout ceci sera étudié et un plan d’action sera proposé à la prochaine AGA de la SFM le 13 octobre 2016 à l’Université de Saint-Boniface. Une version complète du rapport «Des voix qui rassemblent: parcours identitaires, défis et aspirations de la francophonie manitobaine» se trouve au lien suivant: www.sfm.mb.ca. ¡

28 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

WREA Chapter Initiative Grant – Trip to the Canadia Museum for Human Rights Meryl Orth

Photo by Judy Olmstead


he Westman Retired Educators’ Association (Brandon) Chapter chose May 5, 2016, to go and tour the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. What a day to choose! The hottest day of the year, with temperatures soaring above 35 degrees! We began the journey on a bright 8:30 a.m. meeting at the Wal-Mart parking lot, where Judy Olmstead took a photo op of the event. We boarded the bus and were on the road by 9 a.m. Taking a bag lunch, we ate on the bus and upon arriving at the museum, we were ready for our tour. The 60 minute tours turned out to be almost 120 minutes; the guides were kind enough to add on additional sections, with lots of information for us to absorb. We saw 6 out of the 7, galleries. We could choose to tour the Tower of Hope. The tour guides helped us understand the Museum’s mandate: “to explore the subject of human rights with special, but not exclusive, reference to Canada, in order to enhance the public’s understanding of human rights, to promote respect for others and to encourage reflection and dialogue.” The architecture of the Museum is not just beautiful – it’s full of symbolism. We found out what the architect’s vision was and also the significance of the site was, as well as “the raw power” of the building’s design and materials. After the tour, many felt that though much was explained in the galleries, further visits would be

necessary to really explore every gallery in detail. We, interestingly, discovered that the galleries change approximately every six months, except for the Holocaust Gallery and Indigenous Perspectives. It was so interesting to learn about the design and structure of the museum and that the private sector had raised the largest amount of money in Canada for the building of this museum. We were told how the museum is always observant of what is occurring in the world in terms of human rights and always changing to incorporate any other events or situations involving human rights. We ended the day by taking a quick trip to The Forks, where everyone enjoyed choosing their supper from the marvelous assortments offered by the many restaurants. A very satisfied and happy group boarded the bus for home. ¡

Okanagan Chapter AGM

L. to R. Roy Lycar, Jim Patterson, Nancy Kostiuk, Ken Ferg, Sue Forsyth, Lorne & Sue Lisik, Gene Ferg, Mary Fabris, Lorna Rothwell, and May Botterill. RTAM.MB.CA n 29



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ateg et C s n nier e-Su Plac n Kush 2nd Ja


o teg Ca d w a no ste e-S Olm c a l t P Judy 1s


teg Ca w no Reid e-S lac rbara P Ba 2nd

The Editorial Committee of RTAM has decided to involve readers by holding a photography contest. Here’s how to enter: • Photo, in colour, must have been taken by a RTAM member • Print Size: no smaller than 5” x 7” and no larger than 8” x 12”, mounted on material no thinner than a file folder. A scanned or original copy from camera must be E-mailed to rtam@mymts.net • Categories: a) Heat, b) Festivals • Entries to be judged by qualified photographers. Prizes: first, $25.00, second, $15.00, in each category

• All entries to be sent or hand delivered to RTAM no later than 3:00 p.m., October 15, 2016

30 n RTAM KIT Summer 2016

CLASSIFIEDS 65th Annual Reunion

of the 1950 - 1951 Normal School Class June 6, 2016, Viscount Gort Hotel 1670 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB 11:30 - 2:30 Contact: P. Challis

Habitat for Humanity - Cycle of Hope

July 1 - 16, 2016 2 - 3 Food support volunteers needed for a 2 week commitment 31 - riders will cycle 1600km from Kansas City to Winnipeg. They will raise enough through donations to build one home. Transportation, food and accommodations provided for volunteers. Food support prepares breakfast, lunch and snacks for 2 weeks. Contact Donna Korade 204-235-2181 dkorade@habitat.mb.ca

CUBA – ‘Spanish Studies in Cuba’ (Havana), $2,870.00 CAD for 4 wks. Hotel with breakfast and dinner, tuition fee. (Air fare not included). 250.478.0494 ssic@telus.net http://spanishstudiesincuba.ca

Normal School Class of 1955 - 56

60th Anniversary June 11, 2016, Winnipeg, MB For more information contact: E-mail:normalschool56@mymts.net or write 60th Reunion 330 Montrose Street, Winnipeg MB R3M 3M8 Please send your address, e-mail and information on other class members. More information will be mailed out in Fall 2015

Changing Roles of Women During the 1st World War

Step back into the past where you will see a Living History of Costumed performers provide a hands on experience at the 1914 Ralph Connor House located at 54 West Gate Tours available September through June the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Call the office at 204-954-7880 or email at uwc@mymts.net for further information.


The final national DND overseas teachers reunion will be held in Trenton, Ontario Sept 2-5 2016. For further information, registration forms etc., please go to facebook DND schoolies/the order of the stammtisch or contact Stu Colt at stucolt@cogeco.ca

Normal School Graduates of 1951-52

64th Anniversary to be celebrated June 10, 1916 Victoria Inn, Winnipeg, MB If any grad has NOT received the information letter to register, please contact 204 773 2578, Barbara Cochrane. Box 969, Russell, Manitoba R0J 1W6 OR email ShirleHogue@hotmail.com

Dr. Louisa Loeb Permit Teachers of Manitoba

12th Annual Reunion Viscount Gort Hotel, 670 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB. Thursday, July 14, 2016 / 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration: 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. For further information, contact: Edith Alexiuk, Registrar: 204-256-6484

The retired members of the Winnipeg Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association WPVPA Retirement Dinner June 7,2016, 5:00 PM Cocktails, 6:00 PM Dinner Location: St Boniface Golf Course, 100 Youville Street Cost- $30.00 for WPVPA members and retired members $35.00 for Non-Members Cheques payable to WPVPA ( sent to Lloyd Rana, Treasurer, WPVPA@ Strathcona School ). R.S.V.P. to Lloyd Rana @ Strathcona School by May 30, 2016, lrana@wsd1.org

CUBA, COSTA RICA, NICARAGUA Also featuring Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with National Geographic Tours Discovery Tours by McPhail Travel Brandon Small Group Cultural Tours - Fully Escorted We personally design our tours with you, the traveller in mind. • Small group size • Leisurely paced staying 2 to 4 nights in each area • Reasonable daily start and end times, with time to relax • Balancing culture, nature and history • Specially arranged visits with local people • Fully escorted by a Canadian tour director and local guide • Departures January to April 2017, all 2 week tours For more details visit www.thediscoverytours.ca or call 1.800.417.0250 Monday through Friday, 9 - 5 We specialize in Small Group Travel and River Cruises – ask us about the difference!

Scottsdale, AZ, weekly and monthly rental two-bedroom condo. Kathy Robins (Goldman). www.29desertsunescape.com; 519-720-0267


Profile for Blue Ink Media

RTAM KIT Summer 2016  


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